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Bhava of Shani

Rashi - Gochara - Bhava - Graha - Ratna - Nakshatra - Amsha - Varga

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OM sham shanaishcharaye namah

AUM eim hreem rahuve namah

Lord Regulator of




residing in the Twelve Bhava

role of labha-pati

also applies to the ruler of

the emotionally associative, community-linking, economically fruitful, revenue-regulating, friendly, participatory, goal-oriented, socially-networked [11th-from-Chandra]

communities * networks * gridworks

ecologies * economies

QUOTATION from 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika B. V. Raman, 300 Important Combinations

BVR's comments on Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yoga

" A perusal of astrological literature bearing up ''Wealth" reveals clearly that

  • in order to become rich,

  • one should have in his horoscope combinations

  • which comprehend a point of contact between lords of Lagna, 2nd, 11th, 5th and 9th.

Permutations and combinations of these lords give rise to

  • a stupendous number of Dhana Yogas " [end quote]

During Vimshottari Dasha periods of the Vriddhi-pati

  • one tends to be gainful, by various means
  • income arrives via friends, via networks of association
Economy and Community

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso

An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life , edited by Nicholas Vreeland, afterword by Khyongla Rato and Richard Gere

"The slice of bread we eat had to be baked by someone. The wheat had to be planted by someone else and, after irrigation and fertilization, had to be harvested and then milled into flour. This had to be kneaded into dough and then baked appropriately.

It would be impossible to count all the people involved in providing us with a simple slice of bread. In many cases machines do a lot of the work; however, they had to be invented and produced, and must be supervised.

Even our personal virtues, such as our patience and ethical sense, are all developed in dependence upon others. We can even come to appreciate that those who cause us difficulty are providing us with the opportunity to develop tolerance.

Through this train of thought we come to recognize how dependent we are on others for all we enjoy in life. We must work at developing this recognition as we go about our lives after our morning meditation sessions. There are so many examples of our dependence on others. As we recognize them, our sense of responsibility toward others develops, as does our desire to repay them for their kindness.

We also contemplate how, because of the laws of karma, our selfishly motivated actions have led to the difficulties we confront on a daily basis. As we consider our situation we see how pointless our self-cherishing ways are and how selfless actions, devoted to helping others, are the only logical course. Again, this leads us to the most noble of all actions: engaging in the process of attaining the state of Buddhahood in order to help all beings."

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-1]

[Surya-Vanika] [nīcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-1]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-1]


  • A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf [disguising-eruptive Mriga-4]


[Mangala-Makara-Draco] [uchcha] [Ruchaka Yoga]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-1] [dikbala]


[Budha in Vṛścika]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-1] [dikbala]




Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-1]




  • Lights Out 1968-2023 singer Lisa Marie Presley [ceremonial-dramatic Pūrvāṣāḍhā-1]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-1]




Vriddhi-pati-11 in Tanu Bhava-1 = dhanayoga

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 1st-from angle, look into the 3rd to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

fruits of cohort teamwork ensemble and mentalized activity:

  • best profits = word-smith: talking, writing and all forms of commercial business

  • gains from group events, conferences, seminars; travel industry, planned holidays

  • planning, short journeys such as business trips, communications media, team process, small group discussions, siblings,

  • All types of business administration, reports and announcements, and making announcements, including sales, advertising, public relations etc.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies Tanu bhava, the native = socially identified with participatory networking and community development.

Earns from one's own physical appearance, personality shell, embodiment, and social-attributes identity.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava-1 = Vriddhi-pati-11 in the reporting, announcing, writing, evangelistic, message-carrying 3rd from svakshetra

  • message carriers in the social network

  • conversational affiliations

  • agency in the marketplace of goods and ideas

One who is a connector, developer, community-builder, goal achiever.

Earns from:

talking, going to meetings, having conversations

a network of conversational friendships

community development discussions

perpetual development of interconnected, talkative, mutually involved, mutually gainful relationships in the marketplace of goods and ideas

  • POTUS-pair-42 + USA Secy State 1947- Hillary Clinton [preaching Arcturus-1] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] HRC has been involved in social-participation community politics [Surya] since her college years

Under certain circumstances, Vriddhi-pati-11 in the radical lagna can creates a spectacular dhanayoga

  • UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2 [calculating Dhaniṣṭha-2 [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Guru-nicha-bhanga] [uchcha-Kuja-1 parivartamsha Shani-11] QE controled one of the single largest financial treasuries in the earthly realm.

  • Realm of Light 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich [visionary-guiding Uttaraphalgunī-4]+ [Guru-yuti-Surya] Roerich was born into a financially privileged bourgeois family in St. Petersburg in 1874. A tireless social networker and producer of 7000 paintings, NR also had many supporters and sharp commercial instincts. He left a substantial estate.

Gifted Fundraisers

Prizes and Awards for Work Accomplished

Vriddhisthāna-11 indicates prizes and awards for notable accomplishment. Vriddhi-pati-11 = indriya-lagna = often a substantial prize-winner who receives public honor for social-material achievement.

A socially and materially achieving profitable lifetime.

  • Banker to the Poor 1940- microcredit Muhammad Yunus [Guru-yuti-Shani] [nīcha] * of Bangladesh showed the genius of Vriddhi-pati-in-1 when he created a completely new type of mani-money-lending economy focused upon the needs of the extremely ignorant and poor = [nīcha] Shani

One sets material goals and meets goals both personal and community-wide, on a regular basis.

It is the nature of this individual's life routine to conduct and facilitate networking communication patterns.

  • TM 1917-2008 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Budha] built and international network of teaching centers which sold meditation training [Budha] and personalized [1] mantra phrases [Budha]. HNWI.

Socially affiliated with non-hierarchical organizations, non-governmental organizations, social change and social participation movements.

All of these large groups are entirely lawful but distinguished by the prominent goal of mutually supported advance toward a material development goal.

Much material achievement and steady, productive marketplace earnings. Awards for work accomplished

  • Savitri 1872-1950 revolutionary poet Shri Aurobindo Ghose + [Surya-yuti-Shukra] considerable recognition for his literary accomplishments during his lifetime, deeply engaged with the social-progressive Independence movement in India

Often Vriddhi-pati-11 in lagna produces an enormous network of associates and the personality is socially identified with community development projects.

Lagnesha-11 = " I am my network of associations, my profit-earning skills, and my personal achievements."

Networks = massive, rule-driven systems; interlocking communities, marketplace, global connections, electronic networking, gain of personal wealth,

  • POTUS-01 American Revolution 1732-1799 George Washington [Shani occupies champion Purvabhadra-1] [Shani-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] GW is ranked as the most capitalized POTUS of all time. Washington knew everyone and was well-liked. He was the only president to have been unanimously nominated and elected.

  • POTUS-15 Oregon Treaty 1791-1868 James Buchanan was a career diplomat who started in politics at age 23 and "knew everyone" in the legislative world. As a gay man he enjoyed a double network, both professional and personal, that extended through his diplomatic assignments in Russia and Britain. He was never without a portfolio - always connected - until retirement from the 15th USA presidency at his age 70.

  • POTUS-23 National Forests 1833-1901 Benjamin Harrison was known for belonging to numerous fraternities and social organizations which he used skillfully as networks for social outreach during his long career in local, state, and national politics

Social identity is infused with the qualities of large assemblies and gatherings, mela and fayre, guidance from older friends and siblings,

Associations of friendship, commonwealth , goal achieving, philosophical idealism, future hopes, concentric circles of interconnection, international organizations.

Earnings from the iconic embodiment appearance and its ability to represent the vitality of innovation, competition, nobility, energy, movement, conquest. Earnings derived from the way one looks; body-form is symbolic.

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush [political-dramatizing Chitra-1] [Somana-yuti-Guru] [Chandra-1 parivartamsha Budha-11]

  • Iran-Shah 1772-1834 Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar was said by foreign ambassadors to his court to have been a sharp, smart young man who deteriorated into decadent avarice in his later years. His lasting achievement (11) appears to have been neither leadership nor diplomacy (important decisions were made by others while he pleasured) but rather his remarkable physical visage, which was preserved in gorgeous paintings in the Persian courtly style then popular.

Earnings from uniquely identifiable characteristic appearance, movement, ability [1]to Energize the Setting

Special case of high dhana yoga:

Vriddhi-pati-11 and dhanapati-2 for Simha indriya-lagna = Budha; Budha-1 attracts material treasury to the vitality-movements of the physical appearance

Vriddhi-pati-11 and dhanapati-2 for Kumbha indriya-lagna = Guru; Brihaspati-1 attracts material treasury to the vitality-movements of the physical appearance

Style of community and method of engagement with the interlocking networks of association will depend on the vriddhi-pati-11 .

If Shukra, they are luxurious including many women

social participation movements, steady increase in earnings =

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-2]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-2]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-2]

[Mangala-Karkata] [nīcha]

[Dhanayoga = Mangala-2 rules-11]

  • USA-Sen-Calif 1964- Kamala Gopalan Harris [protective-defensive Aśleṣa-4] [Chandra-11 parivartamsha Kuja-2-nīcha]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-2]

[Budha-Kanya] [uchcha]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-2]



[Shukra in bhava-2] [svabhava]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-2]

[Dhanayoga Shani-2 rules 11]

[Shani-Mesha] [nīcha]


Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-2

= Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in [2nd-from-Chandra]

a powerful dhanayoga = Capitalization

Dhana Bhava-2 = gainful 11th-from-4th boundaried properties

[Dhanayoga = graha-in-2 rules 11]

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 2nd-from angle, look into the 4th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies dhana bhava, the native earns richly through accumulated family capital, quality of education and from vehicles.

wealth from family, voice-face-songs, recordings, knowledge of history and languages, second marriage

fruits of property and roots, education and mother:

  • Accumulated wealth of all kinds including

  • money, knowledge of history and traditions, language,

  • speech and song, art and music,

  • art collections, banking, food storage,

  • any material object or idea that is socially invested with value.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava 2= in protective, maternal, customary 4th from svakshetra and in dhanabhava-2

The key to this financially prosperous yoga is understanding that the person highly values community, ecology, and distribution networks.

The benefits accrue [2] when most precious value [2] is social connection [11].

This combination produces a powerful dhana yoga that provides ability to store material wealth collections, and empowerment to build treasuries of knowledge. The empowerment may be used for any purpose from greedy to noble, depending upon the conditions in 11 and 2.

  • POTUS-11 Manifest Destiny 1795-1849 James K. Polk was a plantation owning slave-holder whose investments in 'human capital' produced his wealth (However, his Vriddhi-pati-11 in 2 was Shani providing slow growth with numerous setbacks)

particularly helpful for matters of the local folkways, national culture, land-based habits such as farming, and ethnic identity (4)

  • Raja Yoga 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda was a tremendous fundraiser for charitable causes, particularly attending to the dispossessed classes of India

Economic gains (11) and friendships linked (11) via

family lineage holdings

banking and currency economics [2] bring revenue [11]

treasuries of knowledge / genetic memory / language / [2] bring revenue [11]

  • Cogito-Ergo-Sum 1596-1650 logic Rene Descartes was not only a philosopher; he was also a capable financier. From following the advice of his father, a well-placed government official, Descartes became a modestly wealthy and socially well-connected man. For five years Descartes pursued a brief military career that received a substantial pension due to his father's patronage = vriddhi-pati Guru patronage + Rahu + pitrikaraka Surya-2. Then, Descartes assembled all of his assets including inherited lands from his father and military pension, converted them into bonds, and was able thereby to enjoy financial support as a writer for the remainder of his life. Colleagues recount that Descartes was socially well-liked; he was often invited to sojourn in the castles of wealthier patrons who wanted to talk (2) about philosophy.

  • Aquero 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes [announcing Purvabhadra-3] [Atmakaraka] [Guru-yuti-Mangala] clairsentient messaging using the familiar dialect

face-mouth-eyes-hair [2] bring revenue [11]

  • La Pucelle d'Orléans 1412-1431 St. Jeanne d'Arc [political-demonstrating Pūrvāṣāḍhā-1] [Budha-2 parivartamsha Guru-11]


singing [2] brings revenue [11]

speaking [2] brings revenue [11]

Second marriage. The second life-partner (if any) may be goal-oriented and gainful (11).


  • Shambala 1939-1987 Tulku Chogyam Trungpa [profitable-systematic Uttarāṣāḍha-3] spoke (2) on topics of death and dying to a community (11) of networked devotees

teeth and mouth, the eyes, face and hair, voice and speech, musical performance, recordings. Often a highly popular face.

Public speaking figure, earnings from speech-face-eyes-hair-voice

gain from use of language (2) knowledge of history (2) and family lineage (2)

  • Aquero 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes [announcing Purvabhadra-3] [Atmakaraka] [Guru-yuti-Mangala] Although s. Bernadette took no personal profit, as she took a vow of poverty when entering her convent, nevertheless he father and her village realized great gains from the immediate flow of pilgrims into the grotto of Lourdes.

collections of art and values,

banking, long-term investment, and storage.

extraordinary capitalization (2) from missionary activities

The family lineage values-fulfillment = gainful in the marketplace.

family history

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava 3

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-3]


  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Zedong [defensive-customary Mūla-4]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-3]

[Chandra in Vṛścika] [nīcha]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-3]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-3]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-3]


[Guru-Karkata] [uchcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-3]

[Shukra-Kanya] [nīcha]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in Bhava-3]


[Shani-Mithuna] Karmesha

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Sahaja Bhava-3 = 11th-from-5th


Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in the emotionally motivated evangelical communicative cohort instructive descriptive team-working administrative managerial announcing publishing reporting explanatory conversational lyrical messaging 3rd-from-Chandra

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 3rd-from angle, look into the 5th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies Sahaja bhava, the native earns from communications media, from managing one's family's money, from business administration, and from one's own mentality.

fruits of creativity and procreativity

  • Earnings from from publishing, media-image, advertising, commerce

  • Gains from speculation and winnings = self-made financial well-being .

  • Gains from children include creation of sibling groups and neighborhoods.

  • Gains from literary, theatrical, and gaming performance

Vriddhi-pati-11 in the creative, intelligent 5th from svakshetra = excellent profits from commerce

Earns by writing, selling, making announcements, producing reports; publishing, documentation, media-messaging

Strengthens power to earn from:

the media-communication products of one's own creative intelligencer.

profits (11) from connecting the community (11) and marketplace via methods of communication and meeting:

Earns (11) from Communications media, newspapers, advertising, books, magazines, cinema, radio-television-internet, writing

  • Publisher 1960-1999 attorney JFK-Jr

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey built a communications empire = cinema, video, television, books, radio, magazines

  • Secret Doctrine 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Hahn Blavatsky [Chandra-yuti-Shukra-nīcha] virtually all of her income derived from either writing and book publishing (3) or small-group meetings (3)

Conferences and seminars

short-term travel-tour planning = holiday travel, business travel, performance tours

entrepreneurial and administrative skills

lectures, conferences, and seminars

editing and publication

commerce and transactions, buy-sell

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin [uchcha]

  • Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie + [uchcha-Shani]. Known for his often frenetic buy-sell enthusiasm. Vriddhi-pati-11 + dhanapati-2 Budha in bhava-3 [svabhava] provided a constant supply of commercial transactions and abundant capitalized-assets.

  • VPOTUS Military Weapons Contracts 1941- Dick Cheney * [nīcha-Shani-yuti-Guru] * agent of the military industrial complex, weapons lobby, information manager, conducting power meetings

profits from the cohort, from siblings-cousin

Patents, instructions, and legal descriptions

Earns from *the hands *

writings including scriptwriting + songwriting

announcements, advertising

narrative production

technical musicianship and handcraft

arms, hands, shoulders

  • Golf 1975- champion Tiger Woods * media advertising and product endorsements deriving from TW's naturally cheerful, populist, hand-arm skillful club-wielding persona * Budha-Kumbha

Vriddhi-pati-11 = Budha earns from greenish things

instruction, explanation, description

mercantile sales

planning and discussions,

team-work, management accomplish large-scale systems distribution

  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover [profitable-connected Aryaman-3] [Brihaspati-yuti-Shukra-nīcha] HH managed a colossal-scale of food distribution throughout Europe following the devastation of WW-2. Brihaspati-yuti-Shukra occupies his Kanya-3 displaying his capacious management of large-scale charity [Guru] to the victims [nīcha] Shukra]

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt [political-entitled Chitra-1] [Atmakaraka] [Rahu-yuti-Shukra-nīcha] ER was a powerful advocate for economic improvement (11) of poor women [nīcha-Shukra]. ER organized cohorts (3) of society-ladies into effective anti-poverty service corps. Later ER became an effective global-community activist, recognized by world governments, spearheading the alleviation of suffering of victims of the horrors of WW-2. [nīcha] Shukra's attunement to miseries of women is much intensified and made more ambitious by over-reaching Rahu.

via siblings and meetings

via communications media such as cinema, television, and internet.

Excellent for earnings from self-owned business

It is also a political placement, which connects the network of associations into the individually charismatic personality (5th-from)

  • POTUS-06 American System 1767-1868 John Quincy Adams [secretive-emerging Mriga-4] [Surya-yuti-Shani-karmesha] JQA's political career began when he was a schoolboy accompanying his father on European financial-diplomatic missions. Like dad, JQA was also a legal writer [3]. He focused on pragmatic applications of social policy into making laws[Shani-3 practical application] JQA wrote a vast number of position papers and legislative proposals [3]. Suffering from the typical Shani-3 depression, JQA spent little time at home [Shani occupies 12th-from-4] . He worked until the day he died on the floor of the Congress meeting hall.

  • POTUS-28 The State 1856-1924 Woodrow Wilson [Shani-3 in visionary-conceptual Arudra-4]

  • POTUS-pair-13 Libraries 1798-1853 Abigail Powers Fillmore [Shani-3 parivartamsha Budha-11]. As First Lady, she supported women's education and obtained funding for a Whitehouse Library collection.

  • UK Queen 1819-1901 Empress Victoria-1 + [Kuja-yuti-Rahu] (3) ++ [nīcha-Guru-1 parivartamsha Shani-3] radiating her royal visage through photographs, drawing, sculpted busts, and other portraiture, QV symbolized the rule-governed [Shani], military-enforced [Kuja] hierarchical, often rapacious [Kuja], opportunistic [Rahu] economic distribution networks, ; sun-never-sets-on-it, British Commonwealth.

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey [Budha-3 occupies theatrical Dhaniṣṭha-1] [Atmakaraka] [Budha-yuti-Shukra] + [Surya-yuti-Rahu] earns from her television and media empire; substantial political involvement in the campaign of POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King + [Guru-yuti-Ketu] [Chandra-3 Kahala-parivartamsha Kuja-11] SK earns from his writings, films. After entering the ranks of HNWI, SK supported environmental and social-justice compassions [Guru].


Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-4]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-4] [dikbala]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-4]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-4]

[Budha in Vṛścika]



  • Egypt-Sudan King 1920-1965 Faruq al-Awwal [bargaining-contractual Dhaniṣṭha-3]

  • USA-Sen-Tenn VPOTUS Climate Change 1948- Al Gore [historical-oratorical Purvabhadra-2]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-4]

[Guru-Urisha] [Dhanayoga]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-4]

[dikbala] [Malavya Yoga]


[Shukra-Meena] [uchcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-4]



Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bandhu Bhava-4 - 11th-from-6th

= Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in 4th from Chandra

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 4th-from angle, look into the 6th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies bandhu bhava, the native earns well from schools, real estate, vehicles, foundations and groundworks, from patriotism, parenting and via one's ethnic folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms.

fruits of conflict and imbalance:

Social stability (4) = the ability of an ethnic people to remain in its land and develop its culture = the fruit of managing social conflict (6)

  • earnings from homeland patriotism, motherhood, folk culture and properties, emotions

  • Gains and profits from mother's siblings; practice of medicine; inherited debt and exploitation of others.

Profits from argumentation and analysis, testing, litigation, accusations, arguments, war , famine, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, medications, usury, poverty and disease.

  • Gain of property through servants and employees

Homeland and homestead produce a profit via victims, by keeping animals and servants,

Gain from professional management of social conflict, divorce attorney, physician * especially public health * police and militaryr.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in the grounded, sheltering foundational, nationalistic customary, rhythmically habitual bandhu-bhava-4

Profits from real-estate, vehicles, farms, lands, properties

The networking, community-web intelligence of bhava-11 enters the roots culture environment of bhava-4.

Often one finds the source in earnings (11) within the root culture, in the form of real estate, housing, shipping, pathways of transportation, farming, schooling and other familiar rhythmic activities in the place of settlement.

Due to the 6/8 angle between 11 (economy, community) and 4 (cultural foundations, homeland) there can be challenges with this placement in regard to both the community of association (11) and the ethno-cultural base (4). There may be a need to reinvent, rebuild, rejuvenate, or recycle the homeland habits, and while one seeks stability there is often potential for catastrophic change in the most basic elements of life.

Earnings and achievements via

folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of the ethnicity

real-estate , agricultural lands, owned-stewarded properties,

  • POTUS-02 Thoughts on Government 1735-1826 John Adams [Shukra-Tula labhapati] did not gain wealth from his political activities but rather via the accruing value of his family's lands including farms and houses.

Vriddhi-pati-11 Budha in bhava-4 earnings via commercial real-estate, building schemes, public-works construction

  • Egypt-Sudan King 1920-1965 Faruq al-Awwal [bargaining-contractual Dhaniṣṭha-3] inherited an enormous portfolio of agricultural lands and tax-free estates

Vriddhi-pati-11 Shukra in bhava-4 [dikbala]

  • Syriana 1961- drama-activist George Clooney [Shukra inspirational Revatī-1] GC owns beautiful properties [uchcha-Shukra-4] which he uses to make social connections [11]. GC's goals include providing support for displaced African communities [11] in Darfur, and refugee populations globally. His friendships within the political, legal, and commercial networks are cemented by invitations to enjoy his numerous gracious homes, and most of his revenue flows from holding valuable real-estate [uchcha-Shukra-4] [dikbala] [communicative 3rd-from-Chandra].

vehicles and land-transportations

via shipping and water-transpori

parenting and home-care

  • drama-commerce 1978- Katie Holmes is a working actress, but she earns the majority of her income from parenting (via child support)

products for the home, homewares

agriculture, plantings

the homeland

security business

school-teaching, indoctrination of cultural literacy

teachers and their business needs such as educational materials and teacher-training.

An exponent of the folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of one's people

Farming and fishing

The larger world order (11) enters the narrow, parochial, tightly secure homeland.

one may be an ambassador representing one's homeland to the outside world, but also one brings the greater marketplace of goods and ideas on the return trip into the ethnic-habitual bubble of sheltered bhava-4.

Excellent placement for an educator of physical science or social science, especially economics.

One's home may be a gathering place for a widely networked group of like-minded people.

Deeply devoted, rooted, anchored, habitual fan-base


QUOTATION -- Das comments

  • " The lord of the 11 is in 4
  • or the lord of the 11 is in 9
  • or the lord of the 11 is in 11."

" The lord of the eleventh house of gains is well placed

as it occupies the ninth, the fourth, or the eleventh house.

  • The comforts of nice dwellings and fine vehicles shall be known to you in some way." [end quote]


Tlingit totem pole and community house in Totem Bight State Park, Ketchikan, Alaska

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-5]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-5]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-5]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-5]



[Budha-Meena] [nīcha] [potentially nicha-bhanga]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-5]




Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-5]



** -

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-5]



  • POTUS-34 Interstate Highways 1890-1969 Dwight D. Eisenhower [bargaining-contractual Pūrvaphalgunī-3] [navamsha-Shani-Tula-uchcha]


Vriddhi-pati-11 in Putra Bhava-5 * Vriddhi-pati-11 in the gainful 11th-from-7th

= Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in 5th-from Chandra


To assess the gainfulness potential of any 5th-from angle, look into the 7th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies putra bhava-5, one earns from creativity, literature and performance art, games and other pursuits of courtly leisure, speculative ventures, authorship, celebrity, and entertainments.

fruits of contracts, marriage, alliances, advising relationships

Performance art = politics, theatre, artistic charismatic performance, games, and other human channeling of divine intelligence (5) = the fruit of establishing and maintaining legal (10th-from-10th) agreements (7)

  • earnings from politics and dramatic entertainment performance

  • most famous fruit of the marriage contract = children.

  • economic gains from getting good advice, realizing good matches, from all types of harmony and balance,

  • Gains as a result of fair dealings and effective collaboration with others.

  • Gains from resolution of conflict that is achieved via the law courts and business agreements such as stock investments.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava 5

Vriddhi-pati-11 in 7th from svakshetra

Lord of 7th-from-5th resides in bhava-5

Earnings from creative intelligence = literature, original thought , stage performance, romantic idealism, drama, political thought and activity, fashion, celebrity, and the realms of adolescence

earnings (11) from radiating creative charismatic self-expression (5) in politics, performance arts , stage drama, literature, celebrity, royalty, fashion (5)

Ruler of Shani's svabhava-11 provides polarized conditions of revenue (11) and politics (5)

One gains economically from political or theatrical endeavors.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-5 is much easier than karmesha-10 in bhava-5. vriddhi-pati-11 " carries in" the energy of goals and ambitions, marketplace mobility and gainfulness. In the Bhava of children and divine intelligence, the goal-setting graha can stimulate formation of important associative relationships, membership in groups of like-minded folks, and other community involvement.

In contradistinction to dhanapati-2 in bhava-5 + Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-5 would result in the larger community having a dominating influence on one's childhood, while influence of family or siblings would fade somewhat into the background (unless bhratru-pati-3 and dhanapati-2 are also in bhava-5).

The childhood might have been quite communal, upbringing in a large religious community, or one 's sporting or club activities very influential in development.

One's own children would similarly be part of a large network of associations. One's own goals and achievements can overshadow the importance of the children, especially the need for gainfulness.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-5 * Earnings via:

political royal and celebrity charisma (5)

theatrical talent, stage-performance

drama and literature

  • Flowers of Evil 1821-1867 symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire [dramatizing-ceremonial Andromeda-1] [Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Guru-yuti-Shani] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha- nicha-bhanga ] (5, poetry)

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda [pioneering-innovative Mūla-1] written for a lay audience with a welcoming everyman style [11] SY's classic text has been continuously in print for decades

  • Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 linguist J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Cogito-Ergo-Sum 1596-1650 logic Rene Descartes wrote in 1641 the treatise Meditations on a First Philosophy; it remains a standard college methods textbook today, nearly four centuries later

speculative finance * venture capitalism

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava 6

Daridra Yoga

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-6]


[friendly-gainful vriddhi-pati for Tulā indriya-lagna] bright center of sanctuary and dreams

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-6]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-6]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-6] [svabhava]



  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs [algorithmic-defensive Śrāvaṇa-4]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-6]

[Guru-Karkata] [uchcha]

[Guru-Tula] [Sarala Yoga]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-6]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-6]



Vriddhi-pati-11 in Ari Bhava-6 = 11th-from-8th

Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in [6th-from-Chandra]

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 6th-from angle, look into the 8th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies ripu bhava, gains from domestic animals and servants; medicines and clinical care; policing and credit lending. Also gains from usurious loans to the poor, prostitution, exploitation and illegal actions, disease-discomfort, war, pollution, and famine.

fruits from: secret knowledge, healing of trauma; in-laws; speech and values of the spouse; profitable tax situation.

economic gain via ministries of service, problems , unfaithfulness, disease-discomfort, class-conflict, matters of accusation and war

  • Although it is the worst dushthamsha, Ari Bhava is also gainful in matters of disproportion, servitude, exploitation, and disease

  • Native enjoys a beneficial tax situation by utilizing hidden tax information.

  • profitable for physicians, druggists, weaponers, litigious attorneys

Gain and Profits from Servitude of Labor, class conflict, Drugs, Divorce, Disproportion, War

11 = material gains, profit, social and conceptual networks, large regulated systems, social participation movements

Profit-maker Vriddhi-pati-11 migrates into the 6th Bhava

gains from military, misery, medicine, marginalization, ministries of service

gains from enemies, fighting, conflict

gains from criminal acts, slavery, starvation, murder

gains via medicines, potions, drugs, phisick

Marketplace profits (often seen only in retrospect) from illness, broken agreements, prostitution, exploitation, and crime

every divorce or accusation, however painful, results in a "step up" creating new linkage in the network of association

Potential for Gains from aggressions, violent conflict or mental torture, verbal accusation or marital violence; or from war, including 'culture wars'

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock [Guru-yuti-Chandra] AH crafted movies on themes of fear-inducing physical and psychological violence. In the 1960's, Hitchcock earned $US15 million from his "Psycho" film, and millions more from his many other successful productions.

  • PlayBoy 1926- publisher Hugh Hefner = large profits from publications in "culture war" re: sexual morality

Sources of income include

  • poverty, illness, exploitation, disagreement, dispute, accusation, blame, conflict, war, litigation, divorce, toxicity, jealousy, imbalance, drugs, servitude

also, a ministry of community-11 service-6 such as community fundraising for social participation (11) causes

one possible outcome =

criminalized profits; theft; marketplace crimes; unfair labor practices; anti-unionism; worker revolt

another (more common) outcome = attempts to earn marketplace income place an unbalanced (6/8) strain on one, such that over-working in order to earn can create worse problems such as marital disagreement, dispute, or disease

Ari Bhava is also shad-ashtaka 6-8 from svakshetra

There is ALWAYS the potential for this negative placement to be fully corrected via dedication to a ministry of service to the denizens of bhava-6. Seva offered to the drug addicts, the generationally poor, those suffering a chronic narrative of victimization [being eaten] s, victims of war and exploitation, the desperately and ill, those crushed by debt and usurious loans... etc.

It is a placement calling for great wisdom of application and knowledge of the corrective power of Seva. Else, considerable karma accumulates here.

Often an overall-meritorious combination of great ministries of service combined with great loan debts

Vriddhi-pati-11 in 6/8 from svakshetra = mainly disguised (8) until a severe transit e.g. Sade-Sati or Shani ashtamsha exposes the criminalized profits

Earns from

  • secret sources and confidential information
  • occult or tantrik knowledge
  • disasters, accidents, eruptions, and emergencies
  • cycles of destruction and rebirth * Taylor, Rasputin, daVinc i
  • surgery and transformation of appearances

If Vriddhi-pati-11 Budha in bhava-6 [svabhava] = potential for petty theft, pilfering, shoplifting, urge to profit, may fuel manual crimes

If a malefic+ Vriddhi-pati-11 in 8th-from-svakshetra is bad for friendships but good for profit from secret dealings in negative relationships and materials.

An isolated individual who has polarizing catalysis related to making social connections, unless Vriddhi-pati-11 receives helpful drishti.

one is not well-liked. He finds what few friends he can, in the pariah environment of bhava-6. Thus he consorts with materialistic, greedy and suspicious types who can hardly repay acts of true friendship.

daridra (drA) =

  • roving, strolling; poor, needy, deprived of; a beggar

B.V. Raman writes, "104. Daridra Yoga

" Definition:

  • The lord of the 11th in the 6th, 8th or 12th will give rise to Daridra Yoga.


  • one will contact huge debts, will be very poor, will suffer from auditory troubles, will be mean and will commit sinful and criminal deeds.


  • The yoga is a simple one and is quite common. Therefore, one should not rush to ascribe all these results to a horoscope in which Daridra Yoga is present." [end quote]

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-7]

[Surya-Mesha] [uchcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-7]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-7]


  • War and Peace 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy [argumentative-helping Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2]

  • Way of Zen 1915-1973 radio philosopher Alan Watts [analytical-strategic Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2] + [Surya-yuti-Budha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-7]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-7]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-7]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-7]


[Shani-Tula] [Śaśaka Yoga]

  • Esoteric Astrology 1925-2005 Jyotiṣika Bepin Behari [pioneering-initiating Viśākha-1] [navamsha Shani-Mesha-nicha] [Shani-7 parivartamsha Shukra-10]

  • USA-Gov-FL 1953- offshore finance Jeb Bush [secretive-eruptive Chitra-4]

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Kalatra Bhava-7 = 11th-from-9th


Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in 7th-from-Chandra


To assess the gainfulness potential of any 7th-from angle, look into the 9th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies yuvati bhava, gains from the spouse and business partnerships, profitable outcome of law suits.

fruits from: wisdom, sacred doctrine, dharma * theories of reality * philosophical viewpoint, and good guidance of the spouse-partner

  • economic gains from marriage, consulting and advising;alliances, deals and contracts

  • profit from the father, the guru, from judgeship, professorship, religious instruction, longer journeys and extended studies.

  • the greatest gain of philosophical awareness and moral practice is a harmonious marriage.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava 7 = fortunate, wise 9th-from-svakshetra

auspicious for marketplace earnings, success in social mass movements, and achievement of personal goals

Marriage alliance is gainful.

Splendid placement for an attorney, mediator, or broker.

Well-connected = ruler of 11 occupies 9th-from-11th = key connectors = partners + father (9th)

  • POTUS-10 Annex Texas 1790-1862 John Tyler was born into a monied plantation family of colonial Virginia. Both JT and his prominent father served as Governor of Virginia. In days of small Euro-population, the aristocratic Tyler family knew everyone. Using his extensive connections, attorney Tyler obtained a lifetime of political appointments, holding every top state and national position from state-senator to POTUS-10. JT hosted great parties (11). Yet, despite the income produced by Vriddhi-pati-11 Mangala-7, the presence of Ketu-4 signals absenteeism on his farms. Mangala drishti to Rahu-10 overpowered his public roles while at home, Tyler's over-seers were unreliable. JT was often in financial straits.

Earns from:

crafting of contracts and agreements

  • England-King 1491-1547 Henry-8-Tudor [Chandra in economic Revatī-3] By rewriting of the historic contracts which granted extensive lands and properties rent-free to the Roman Church, HT was about to create a substantial stream of economic income (11) for the English government. Most of his advisors (7) were friendly to him (11).

negotiations and bargaining, deal-making and brokerage

marriage and avowed unions, economic gains via the spouse * husband (7) = a substantial earner (11)

  • Political publicist 1966- Calista Gingrich * husband (7) = a substantial earner (11)

activities of conflict resolution, mediation, and law-court settlements. If the yuvati-pati is excitable (for example, influenced by Mangala or Rahu) one may earn from aggressive or extraordinary litigations.

diplomatic relations and balancing actions

Loyal (7) economic and community support (11)

decorating and arranging to harmonize environments

Spouse and allies = gainful and well-connected socially

  • Political publicist 1966- Calista Gingrich married a partner who was 23 years her senior. He had already built a national political career network with superb funding (note her [uchcha] Rahu-11 + Guru)

Often one gains incrementally, earning a profit from each marriager.

Vriddhi-pati-11 in yuvatisthāna-7 often marries gainfully, and typically more than once.

This is a subtle process:

upon each subsequent marriage or important contractual agreement, regardless of other forms of happiness within the union, one's earning powers and social network will increase, due to advice and support from the spouse or partner

  • England-King 1491-1547 Henry-8 Tudor's first wife Catherine of Aragon was a valued and friendly advisor to the very young king for the first 20 years of their marriage. However once he began the divorce-and-remarriage process at the onset of Vriddhi-pati-11 Chandra Mahadasha, Henry realized substantial gains. Ironically, most of those gains were produced by property gained from the Roman Church during his battle for the right to remarry.

  • "Ringo" Beatle Richard Starkey married firstly a teenage hairdresser, and secondly a recognized dramatist with international credentials. As an aspiring actor and cinematic producer, his network (11) expanded greatly after the second lifepartnership resulting in much higher rate of incoming marketplace revenue.

  • POTUS-10 Annex Texas 1790-1862 John Tyler married twice. Despite his family money, JT's first marriage occurred in a social milieu that required extensive careerist entertaining. His second marriage coincided with the purported end of his political career, and thus, the end to compulsive overspending for parties. Able to focus on his plantations in retirement, and married to a lifepartner with her own trust-fund, Tyler finally saw his profits improve.

In a masculine nativity, another and more specific indication of multiple mates = the number of graha yuti Shukra *

  • Top Gun 1962 cinema producer Tom Cruise [atmakaraka Vriddhi-pati-11 Budha-yuti-Mangala in yuvati bhava]. TC Shukra yuti Chandra yuti Rahu, suggesting three unions. Each of his marriages has increased his career visibility and business income.

Lord of 5th-from-7th occupies bhava-7

  • Spouse is friendly and well-networked,

  • spouse is engaged in large gatherings and social participation movements .

  • Spouse's speculative and romantic activities, even rough gambling, will benefit one .

Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-8

Daridra Yoga

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-8]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-8]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-8]


[Mangala-Makara-Draco] [uchcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-8]


[Budha-Meena ] [nīcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-8]

[Guru-Kanya] [dhanayoga Guru-8 rules 2 + 11]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-8]

[Shukra-Karkata] [Harsha Yoga]

  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata [secretive-discovering Pushya-4]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-8]

[Shani-Tula] [uchcha] [Vimala Yoga]

[Shani in Vṛścika ]

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Randhra Bhava-8 = gains via 11th-from-10th


Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 8th-from angle, look into the 10th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies randhra bhava, profits may appear to be destroyed but more likely they are hidden. One may or may not be aware of the resources embedded in Bhava -8. Gains from in-laws, spouse's money, spouse's speech, death or divorce of spouse, father's imagination.

fruits of responsibility and public leadership:

  • economic gains from mysteries and intrigues, hidden funds

  • it may not be immediately obvious, but the 8th Bhava is very gainful!

  • hose who accept the social management burdens of karma-bhava learn extraordinary secrets which are highly empowering.

  • his confidential information is available only to the leadership elite.

  • As a significant benefit of accepting symbolic, highly visible, public positions, the governing elite earns access to privileged knowledge.

  • Gains from victory, winning of wars. (Karmaa bhava is 5th-from-6th.)

Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-8

Vriddhi-pati-11 in 10th-from-11 = community (11) respect (10) for one's occult identity (8)

Sudden upheavals and catastrophic, unexpected changes produce reborn community networks and surprisingly effective economic earnings .

Effective, socially orderly 10th-from angle. One is networked into a community (11) of those who participate in revolutionary identity change (8), and one's ability to achieve material goals (11) depends upon the degree of volatility and the intensity of the force of the rejuvenating cycle of death-and-rebirth as characterized by the labha-pati-11 in 8.

The labha-pati should be strong to produce material earnings and materially measurably achievements within the lifetime.

The ruler of 11 is the ruler of 8th-from-4th which enforces the next-step cycle removing a person from their habitual shelter (4) and propelling one (with propulsive force depending upon the graha) into a new environment. When this home-spinning, reaching-to-new-homeland agent labha-pati-11 occupies bhava-8, there may be must danger in the movement. However, the ruler of 11 in 8 also imposes the governing order of the 10th-from angle, Therefore, the travels However, arduous are beneficial for the social order.

Fundraising (11) may have undisclosed features.

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [systematic-gridworked Uttarāṣāḍha-3] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] spearheaded ongoing fundraising campaigns for Israeli universities

Earnings from cycles of destruction and rebirth (both social and personal) yield surprising economic gains. The old must die and the new should be struggling with the pangs of rebirth.

Earnings from:

hidden and confidential sources

  • Ethica ordine geometrico 1632-1677 Baruch Spinoza [Chandra-yuti-Rahu] spinoza lived frugally. After extricating himself from the demands of his family business, he needed time and a safe place for writing. His lifestyle was supported by secret donations from friends (11). The works that he ws writing were deeply controversial philosophically and likely to destroy the reputation of anyone associated; Therefore, the friends' support had to be kept hidden.

managing powerful unseen forces

mystical, tantric, occult knowledge

transformative empowerments in art, music, medicine, religion, politics, or governance

spouse's assets * treasury and position of one's in-laws

knowledge-treasury of the spouse

metaphysical, mysterious, occult or tantrik knowledge

disasters, accidents, eruptions, and emergencies, including political revolutions

surgery and transformation of appearances

Recovery after catastrophic identity change

avoidance of taxation (hidden monies)

Special for [Shukra in bhava-8] [Shukra-Karkata]

[Harsha Yoga] [excitement, arousal] prevents crushing harm from engagement with cruelty, criminality, pollution, or dehumanizing exploitations. Instead, socially reinterprets the misconduct into blameless acts of service. Even when accused, No jail.

  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata [secretive-discovering Pushya-4]


Special for [Shani in bhava-8] [Shani-Tula] [uchcha]

[Vimala Yoga] [stainless, nothing-wrong] prevents permanent harm from imprisonment or isolation, instead expanding the inner guidance in contemplative peace.

BPL notes: Generally Daridra yoga = contradictory since most Vriddhi-pati-11 in 8 folk have good income - it is however often from hidden sources or the outcome of secret investments. Money-laundering or the transformation or obscuring of the source of the income is a typical mechanism for Vriddhi-pati-11 in 8.

daridra (drA) =

  • roving, strolling; poor, needy, deprived of; a beggar

QUOTATION from 300 Combinations, by B.V. Raman

104.Daridra Yoga

Definition: The lord of the 11th in the 6th, 8th or 12th will give rise to Daridra Yoga.


  • one will contact huge debts, will be very poor, will suffer from auditory troubles, will be mean and will commit sinful and criminal deeds.


  • The yoga is a simple one and is quite common. Therefore, one should not rush to ascribe all these results to a horoscope in which Daridra Yoga is present.

  • When the Lagna is strong and the 11th lord is in the 6th, Daridra Yoga exists nominally.

  • Because, such a disposition whilst rendering the person mean and inclined to pursue sinful activities, will not make him very poor.

  • Criminal intentions are not the sole monopoly of the poor. The rich are equally culpable to such a tendency because the richer a person the more avaricious he becomes to gain his selfish ends.

  • Generous instincts and the tendency to * worth-ship * worship mammon are indeed poles apart."

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-9]

[Dhanayoga income from publishing]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-9]

[substantial Dhanayoga]

[Chandra-Urisha] [uchcha]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-9]






Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-9]





Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-9]




  • Pucci Prints 1914-1992 fashion Emilio Pucci [rhythmic-patriotic Śrāvaṇa-4] [Atmakaraka] [nīcha]

  • Sophie's Choice 1949- drama Meryl Streep [imaginative-guiding Uttarāṣāḍha-4]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-9]

[Shukra-Simha] [Dhanayoga]

[Shukra-Meena] [uchcha] [Dhanayoga]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-9]


[Shani in Vṛścika ]



  • UK-Duchess of York 1959- Sarah Ferguson [communicative-publicizing Mūla-3]

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Dharma Bhava-9 in the 11th-from-11th

= Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in 9th-from-Chandra


To assess the gainfulness potential of any 11th-from angle, look into the 11th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies dharma bhava, income through priesthood, temple, sacred ritual, long-term higher studies, distant journeys, moral guidance, transmission of higher knowledge, university teaching, religious instruction.

Super-gainful = fruits of community and networks

  • economic advance via from religion, preacher-teacher, inspiration, public performance of rituals, dogma

  • gains from "who you know" .

  • Gains of fellowship, participation in the marketplace, profit from networking physical, financial, and social.

  • Gainful orthodoxy, ideology and theory

  • Profit from the elder sibling and from the father's younger brother.

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung [aligning contractual Pushya-3] connected professionally via numerous organizations, aiming to promote the new practice of psychotherapy. Communities included [Guru inclusive] women therapists, led partly by his wife, Swiss psychoanalyst, Emma Rauschenbach [Guru occupies 7th-from-Chandra = lifepartner]

Significant Dhana-yoga

Vriddhi-pati-11 dhana-yoga * 11th-from-11th = Bhava 9 = social networking, economic-distribution, goal-achieving 11th from svakshetra

Vriddhi-pati-11 in dhamrasthāna-9 sangha (sangiti, the reciters)

Often signifies an empowered community of believers, and strength in one's role as a community agent

  • Miracle Roses 1207-1231 St. Elizabeth of Hungary [Kuja in traditional-heritage Hasta-2] was a beloved medieval Christian saint and queen, whose iconic personality became the inspiration for an active community of lay religious practitioners that is still in operation 800 years later.

Awards [11] for work accomplished

  • Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore [Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] [combines the rulers of 2 + 4 + 9 + 11] + [Budha-yuti-Surya] + [Budha-yuti-Shukra] RT was awarded the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature, for English translation [Budha] of a section of his Gitangali collection of traditional Bangla songs. RT became an internationally connected [11] literary author of drama, lyrical verse, and devotional music.

RULER of 11th residing in 11th from 11th = splendid earnings * a significant Dhana Yoga that indicates strong economic income;

also generally a community-builder who is exceptionally well networked.

Vriddhi-pati-11 = Surya in bhava-9 * dhana-yoga * earnings from father, doctrine, drama, politics, creativity, and charisma in pursuit of community

Vriddhi-pati-11 = Chandra in bhava-9 * dhana-yoga * earnings from use of emotions, security, patriotism, parents, and landed properties in pursuit of economic linkage

Vriddhi-pati-11 = Mangala in bhava-9 [major dhana-yoga] earnings from vigorous promotion of philosophical teachings, economic principles, worldview, ideology, beliefs, doctrinal convictions

Vriddhi-pati-11= Budha in bhava-9 [dhanayoga] earnings from speech , writing, students, youth in pursuit of social interconnectivity

Vriddhi-pati-11 = Guru in bhava-9

dhanayoga* earnings from humanism, theory, first principles, doctrine in context of social participation and network expansion

Vriddhi-pati-11= [Shukra in bhava-9]

dhanayoga involves dhana-karaka = often splendid treasuries * earnings from financial arrangements, women, diplomacy, perfumes, ornaments, fine textiles, art, music and beauty in the interest of economic associations

Vriddhi-pati-11 in [Shani in Bhava-9]

dhanayoga * earnings from philosophical order and systematic rules, applied effort in pursuit of marketplace profits. Although there is substantial economic gain, nevertheless one perceives this profit to have been earned with significant lawful effort. Often must endure the restrictions of class, rank, status-imposed behaviors.

Earnings related to setting a principled standard (9) for a community

Earnings related to socialite activities within a networked social community

  • POTUS-15 Oregon Treaty 1791-1868 James Buchanan [masking-recycling Bharani-4] [Atmakaraka] [uchcha-Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Budha-yuti-Ketu Although raised in abolitionist Pennsylvania and elected to represent northern citizens, JB cultivated friendships with wealthy Southern pro-slavery planters. JB's lifepartner Senator Wm. King hailed from slave-state Alabama, and the pair socialized there.

Earnings related to distribution networks according to ideological convictions

  • Wikileaks 1971- Julian Assange= ideologically motivated free-information-distribution (11) activist, international network

Earnings related to world travel for purpose of fundraising or community-building

Earnings related to celebrity status, entertainment creativity, showmanship

Earnings related to politics and political ideology

Earnings related to doctrinal activities, especially within a network of believers

The father, the patrons, and their philosophy are materially gainful, enabled to set and reach their goals.

Earnings from children and grandchildren, and from the father


one of the Nam-gyal placements

Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies Bhava 10

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-10]

[Surya-Karkata] [dikbala]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-10]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-10] [dikbala]



Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-10]




Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-10]


  • 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika B. V. Raman [arranging-dealing Anuradha-3]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-10]



[Shukra-Kanya] [nīcha]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-10]


Vriddhi-pati-11 in karma-bhava-10 = 11th-from-12th


Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in 10th-from-Chandra

To assess the gainfulness potential of any 10th-from angle, look into the 12th to discover the productive sources of fruitful gains and achievements.

karma-bhava-10 represents performance of public responsibilities, lawful conduct, and leadership duties.

As 11th-from-12th karma-bhava produces gainfulness which originated within invisible activities undertaken in seclusion (12), private relationships opaque to the public (12), spiritual guidance obtained during meditation and sleep (12), and acts of the imagination (12) as well as many other phenomena of 12th-angle representing intuitive guidance and private affairs.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies karma-bhava, gains from accepting executive leadership positions and assuming high authority.

fruits of reflection, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, and dreaming

Earnings arise from Leadership capability and public respect

  • economic gain from leadership, institutional governance

  • = ability to make productive, regulated, lawful executive decisions which affect a significant underlying base

  • = the fruit of reflection and meditation upon the messages of the ancestors (12); the fruit of intuitive guidance (12)

Vriddhi-pati-11 in the draining, dissolving 12th from svakshetra

Executive duties and the stress of high-visibility public roles can drains the economic income. One may recede from participatory marketplace commingling, losing friendship opportunities to the demands of public leadership.

  • Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini [political Surya occupies hidden-power Pushya-4] [Surya-yuti-Budha] vriddhi-pati-11 Surya-Karkata in 10. BM rose to power on economic declarations made to the land-bound peasantry [Karkata] .BM promised the downtrodden Italian electorate a glorious [Surya] empire in which they would colonize [Karkata] vulnerable peoples and live like kings [Surya].

Symbol of economic community

  • UK Queen 1819-1901 Empress Victoria-1 [financial-heritage Aśvini-2] [Budha-yuti-Shukra] She cared mainly for her own self and immediate family. She traveled only to the homes of relatives in western Europe [France, Belgium, Prussia] Yet, stout and black-clothed QV became the singular symbol of Britain's Economic Empire, her image displayed in every outpost of the Commonwealth, on postage stamps, calendars, busts, and printed wall paintings.

May bring a particular commercial intelligence to the administrative tasks any leader faces, and a sensitivity to the interconnectedness of all the activities he supervises. Yet, while professionally engaged in looking for ways to connect people and goods, one is less of an active participant in the marketplace, and optimal gains are thus reduced.

Earns from:

marketplace actions (11) in executive leadership roles (10)

  • Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel= de facto head of EU

social participation movement, regulated (10) expansion of economic (11) participation

high-profile, super visible public roles

Earns (11) from holding iconic and symbolic station (10) in life

providing an orderly, lawful path to networked participation through institutional governance

Due to the draining effect of Vriddhi-pati-11 in 12th from 11, the native is generally not as financially achieving (11) as they could be nor as magnificent an income (11) as the public might imagine (12).

Heavy schedule of public-icon time spent on social leadership duties dissolves the opportunity to focus upon materializing gains in the marketplace.

The drain can be corrected via parivartamsha yoga of Vriddhi-pati-11 + karmesha-10

Vriddhi-pati-11 in 12th-from-svakshetra can place a drain on the income. One is consumed with management responsibilities in large institutions, corporations, and government. There is so much order-imposing and rule-production work demanded of one that one is deprived of opportunity to travel socially in the market place making connections.

Reduced marketplace mobility generally produces reduced profits; some implication of social isolation also with this placement. because 10 is 12th-from-11, it is a truism hat governance laws (10) drain the vital energy from economic networks (11) .

One may earn well from other configurations in the nativity but this item of Vriddhi-pati-11 in 10 is notorious for creating an orderly environment via social responsible leadership roles to the exclusion of permitting achievement of personal, social, material goals. Not an income-generator.

earns from governance and executive duties

  • POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama [nīcha- Guru-yuti-Shani] BHO earns from books and speeches recounting his work in public roles. Accepted governance responsibilities during the 2008 global economic crisis.

many leadership role over a lifetime career of government service = reduced personal income

Public Figure Examples

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-11]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-11]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-11]




Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-11]


Budha-Kanya] [uchcha]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-11]


[Dhanayoga Guru-11 rules-2]

  • Das Kapital 1818-1883 economics Karl Marx [contractual-brokering Pūrvāṣāḍhā-3]

  • A New Earth 1948- philosopher Eckhart Tolle [pioneering-innovative Mūla-1] [mūlatrikoṇa]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-11]


  • Israel-PM 1898-1978 Our Strength Golda Meir [visionary-guiding Krittika-4] [navamsha Shukra-Meena-uchcha]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in bhava-11]


  • Duino Elegies 1875-1926 mystical poet Rainer Maria Rilke [ministering-complaining Dhaniṣṭha-2]




Vriddhi-pati-11 in Bhava 11 svakshetra

Income * Goals * Prizes * Awards * Achievements

Community * Economy * Friends * Fans

The main source of social-material gain = ability to connect with one's own communities of interest.

Economies are interlinked. It is one's ability to connect people with each other as well as * especially for Surya * to represent the community in some iconic fashion which ultimately generates the achievement-awards and the marketplace income.

  • 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso [Vriddhi-pati-11 Budha in bhava-11] + [Surya-yuti-Ketu] HH has long served as spiritual [Ketu] icon [Surya] of international multicultural youth [Budha] communities (11)

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna + Ketu = nightclub audiences worldwide

Yet, Vriddhi-pati-11 in 11 may be reclusive and not socialize physically.

Via the connecting modalities of printed word, via films or recordings, internet, or out-of-body meditations one may become the living link which continues to connect and collect from its communities of practice.

Earns gain of income from

  • socializing on any plane (physical, financial, mental, spiritual, verbal)

fundraising , large-group assemblies, social participation movements

  • Puttarpathy 1926-2011 Sathya Sai Baba [rhythmic-customary Aśvini-4] [Mangala in bhava-11] [mūlatrikoṇa] famed for his charismatic capability to energize massive fundraising for community projects [11], primarily via small humble donations on a massive scale [Kuja rules 6, humble class]

helping people to reach their personal goals

  • connecting people to other people, creating social networks of mutual interest

  • participation in various economies of valuable goods and conserved knowledge; expertise in economic matters

  • facilitating the development of communities through highlighting points of mutual interest, shared goals and concerns

  • interconnected systems : computer internet, networks of conceptual scientific knowledge, systems of philosophical principle

Fan-base, fandom, fan-club communities

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland [Shukra-yuti-Budha] earned most of her adult income from singing (Shukra-Budha) in nightclubs and larger venues. She developed a cult following of gay men who crowded into her sold-out performances, bought her musical recordings, and accepted her frequent cancellations as a fact of her tragic personality (Chandra in [Mūla] 5 entertainment activates-12 disappearances). Without this specific fandom audience, Garland's singing career would likely have ended when her cinema celebrity expired (in her early 20's). Yet due to their appreciative [Shukra] buying [Budha], JG was able to earn continuously from performance touring (Shukra-Budha) until her untimely death age 47.

Powerful social identity with communities, particularly with networks of treasuries marketplace earners or social-progress activists.

May be active on the fundraising circuit in a positive way. Natural socializer. Effective networker.

Exceptionally well-connected in society, but ironically is rather standoffish unless working immediately for a cause.

Adequate rates of income financially but specific income amounts will vary depending on the condition of the vriddhi-pati-11 .

Vimshottari dasha of the Vriddhi-pati-11 is definitely gainful, both for marketplace reveneue and for achievement of personal life goals.

  • If Vriddhi-pati-11 = Surya [Tula indriya-lagna] one may become the figurehead or iconic representative of a networked community, and earn thereby

Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in the emotionally associative, community-linking, economically fruitful, revenue-regulating, friendly, participatory, goal-oriented, socially-networked [11th-from-Chandra]

Vriddhi-pati-11 in 11 = dhanayoga

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-11]

one whose unique charismatic confidence is at the center of earnings capability

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-11]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-11]

one whose unique wisdom is at the center of earnings capability

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-11]

one whose financial and diplomatic aesthetic is at the center of earnings capability

  • Israel-PM 1898-1978 Our Strength Golda Meir [visionary-guiding Krittika-4] [navamsha Shukra-Meena-uchcha]

economic gain from connectivity, economies of knowledge and commodities exchange, friendships, distribution and extension of opportunity, from community-networks, social movements, markets, fund-raising

  • fruits of the physical embodiment and appearance; gains from individuality and personal identity

Network empowerment

  • POTUS-pair-06 Adams Family 1775-1852 Louisa Johnson Adams [caretaking Chandra occupies maternal Puna-4] LJA was said to have offered many delightful salons and pleasure-entertainment evenings during her husband's presidency. Before that, she maintained a decades-long social network via letters of correspondence and organizing large-scale events (Chandra resides in 11-socializing).

= regulated advance of social-progressive movements, regulated advance of scientific theories, increase in marketplace gain via salary, dividends, rents, royalties etc.

= the fruit of establishing and maintaining a presence within the interconnected associations of person with similar future goals.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies labha bhava+ Vriddhi-pati-11 = svakshetra.

Shani is an especially pragmatic, successful distributor of goods or ideas. (Rashi of 11 will indicate what is being distributed.) One earns well through the practice of connecting people and ideas.

One gains through marketplace relationships; through social and conceptual networks of all kinds.

Strong placement for advance of scientific and social participation development. However, generally, there is a strong emphasis during the period of Vriddhi-pati-11 upon materialization of personal income and achievement of personal goals.

  • If Vriddhi-pati-11 = Surya, one may be at the center (Ravi) of several interconnected organizations. Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau + vigorous anti-slavery proponent, associated with several activist groups in New England

  • If Vriddhi-pati-11 = Shani, the native works tirelessly to increase marketplace participation opportunities for the lower classes.

  • If Vriddhi-pati-11 = Mangala, exceptionally competitive and will build a fortune.

  • Rahu in 11 is very powerful for global marketplace profits (G.W. Bush, oil.) and for bringing foreign elements into the earnings portfolio

QUOTATION Das comment

"The lord of the 11 is in 11,

and the lord of the 11 has at least one beneficial placement attribute."

" You will flourish well and be very rich." [end quote]

Public Figure Examples

Daridra Yoga

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Surya in bhava-12]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Chandra in bhava-12]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Mangala in bhava-12]

[Mangala-Urisha] [Harsha Yoga]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Budha in bhava-12]



  • POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford [profitable-distributive Aśleṣa-3]

[Budha-Tula] [Sarala Yoga]


Vriddhi-pati-11 [Guru in bhava-12]

[Guru-Mesha] [Sarala Yoga]

  • Syria-Pres-pair 1975- banker AsmaAl-Assad [champion Asvini-1]

[Guru-Makara] [nīcha]

  • Yogaville 1914-2002 Swami Satchidananda [ministering-complaining Dhaniṣṭha-2]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shukra in bhava-12]


[Shukra-Vṛścika] [Harsha Yoga]

Vriddhi-pati-11 [Shani in Bhava-12]


  • 49th Nizari Ismaili Imam 1936- Agha Khan-4 Karim al-Husseini [champion-challenger Purvabhadra-1]


  • Russ-Soviet 1878-1953 Man-of-Steel Josef Stalin [dramatizing-ceremonial Andromeda-1] [Shani-12 parivartamsha Guru-10-nīcha]

Vriddhi-pati in Bhava 12 = Vriddhi-pati-11 in 2nd from svakshetra

Vriddhi-pati-11 in bhava-8 is often claimed to produce Daridra Yoga associated with insufficient earnings.

Typically, the earnings (11) are directed into banks warehouses storage containers or collection vessels (2nd-from) that are opaque to the public eye. Although dissolved from tangible view, the earnings are rarely lost. This yoga does not harm the economic profits and social-material goals, but rather tends to make those profits and goals less invisible to the public.

Profits tend to be conserved as savings or collected assets which are stored in distant lands, in enclosures, or housed in dreamlike containers.

However, if the vridhhipathi-11 is less easy to manage (malefic) the daridra yoga thus formed can indicate the dissolution (12) of earnings (11)

If the labha-pati is benefic, can produce Earnings from:

works of the imagination

  • Sound and Fury 1897-1962 novelist William Faulkner [secretive-explosive Pūrvaphalgunī-4] [Somana-yuti-Shukra] Faulkner created a completely imaginary settlement and populated it with mixed childhood memories. He developed extraordinary conversations between these denizens. Although he suffered financial insufficiency throughout his life (not only ruler of 11 in 12 but also Ketu-11) nevertheless during a period of Chandra Vriddhi-pati-11 he earned the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature, and the monies from this prize made the final 12 years of his life easier to survive.

travel in distant lands

imaginative character acting

private bedroom relationships or clandestine back-room political arrangements

ashrama, monastery, hospital, holiday retreat, mediation or healing spa

spiritual guidance

Not generally a major profiteer so far as the public knows. Those graha which are born into bhava-12 tend to have their external-manifesting powers dissolved. Earnings can increase considerably However, if bhava-11 contains empowered graha.

It is also possible to earn via the private sanctuary business (such as holiday resort, retreat center, spa, monastery, and hospital) as well as earnings from the bedroom

Particularly if parivartamsha Vriddhi-pati-11 + ruler-of-12 , earnings from foreign investments

the task of maintaining networks of friendships and ideas involves exhausting (12) travel to distant lands, via the physical embodiment or via conversations and mental interactions or via dreams and meditations upon other worlds.

Vriddhi-pati-11 from Chandra in 12th-from-Chandra

Vriddhi-pati-11 in Vyaya Bhava-12 = Vriddhi-pati-11 in 12th-from-Guru

  • 11th-from-2nd = voice-face

Earnings from distant lands, prayer, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, illusions, dreams, divination, the bedroom, the meditation hall, hospital, sanctuary

economic gain from distant lands , private affairs, clandestine relationships, enemies of the marriage, meditation and prayer, dreams and fantasies, art-studio

natural fruits of death and history

  • the greatest achievement of all spoken traditions is meditation and prayerful communion with the divine.

  • the final resolution of all stored wealth is dissolution and loss.

  • the earnings are reduced, but what is available will be gained through speech and song; history and tradition; death.

If Vriddhi-pati-11 occupies Vyaya bhava, profit from contributions of those in distant lands, works of the imagination, interpretation of dreams, research, funeral business, spa and therapeutic sanctuary, monasteries and hospitals, prisons and enclosures, long foreign journeys, pilgrimage, and work in the science of dissolution of identity.

  • 49th Nizari Ismaili Imam 1936- Agha Khan-4 Karim al-Husseini [champion-challenger Purvabhadra-1] KH receives the religious tithes of millions of devoted followers throughout Asia and Africa

daridra (drA) = roving, strolling; poor, needy, deprived of; a beggar

QUOTATION from B.V. Raman

"104. Daridra Yoga .


  • The lord of the 11th in the 6th, 8th or 12th will give rise to Daridra Yoga.


  • one will contract huge debts, will be very poor, will suffer from auditory troubles , will be mean and will commit sinful and criminal deeds.


The yoga is a simple one and is quite common. Therefore, one should not rush to ascribe all these results to a horoscope in which Daridra Yoga is present.

  • When the Lagna is strong and the 11th lord is in the 6th, Daridra Yoga exists nominally.

    Because, such a disposition whilst rendering the person mean and inclined to pursue sinful activities, will not make him very poor.

    Criminal intentions are not the sole monopoly of the poor. The rich are equally culpable to such a tendency because the richer a person the more avaricious he becomes to gain his selfish ends.

    Generous instincts and the tendency to * worth-ship * worship mammon are indeed poles apart."



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