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  1. Guru-Meza
  2. Guru-Urisha
  3. Guru-Mithunaya
  4. Guru-Karkata * uttama
  5. Guru-Simha
  6. Guru-Kanya
  7. Guru-Tula
  8. Guru-Vrizchika
  9. Guru-Dhanuzya * Mulatrikona 0-13
  10. Guru-Makara * nichha
  11. Guru-Kumbha
  12. Guru-Meena * svakshetra

  1. Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala
  2. Guru in bhava-2
  3. Guru in bhava-3
  4. Guru in bhava-4
  5. Guru in bhava-5
  6. Guru in bhava-6
  7. Guru in bhava-7
  8. Guru in bhava-8
  9. Guru in bhava-9 * svabhava
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  12. Guru in bhava-12 * svabhava


OM gram grim graum sah gurave namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

Professor Guru

Brihaspati * Saptarishi

resides in


Dhanus * Taukshika * Toxotis


Dio-petous * Dies Pater* De-us

Ze-us * Xenios

Enlil * Marduk * Her-wepes-tawy

Iuppiter * Jove * Thor


Sagitt-arius * Arrow-Shooter

expansion of doctrine

Guru Mulatrikona = 0-13 degrees of Dhanavana


The Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab

Public Figures

Guru in bhava-1 * Hamsha Yoga * multiple social attributes (protective) * dig-bala *

Guru in bhava-2 * multiple voices, many stories


Guru in bhava-3 * multiple businesses * many announcements


Guru in bhava-4 * Hamsha Yoga * multiple settlements, multi-roots

Guru in bhava-5 * multiple intelligences- entitlement, politics

Guru in bhava-6 * multiple service ministries, imbalanced expansion

Guru in bhava-7 * Hamsha Yoga * multiple alliances, much diplomacy

Guru in bhava-8 * multiple secrets, many identity-changes

Guru in bhava-9 * multiple doctrines

Guru in bhava-10 * Hamsha Yoga * multiple social responsibilities

Guru in bhava-11 * multiple goals, many sources of earnings

Guru in bhava-12 * multiple sanctuaries, many intuitions


Belief in Human Development via Philosophical Dogma and World Travel

  • professorial, priestly, patriarchal, preaching rashi of Dhanushya = a natural environment for priestly Brihaspati

  • Saptarishi sees Dhanushya-pati Guru as Self

  • Landlord Guru sees tenant Guru as Self

  • results depend largely upon Guru's bhava

Past-life carry-forward wisdom about humanistic philosophies and belief s, ritual priesthood, universities and temple-based learning centers, great truths and their application to human life, teaching and profession of faith.

Believes in human potential and embraces all varieties of opportunity for expansion and development. Sees oneself in a educational, coaching, or priestly role.

  • High enthusiasm for human development potential, particularly and perhaps exclusively when human nature is shaped by performance of religious rites and explication of sacred scripture

  • Theologian, preacher, professor, ideologue

  • In any social role, sees oneself as a priestly guide

Optimistic, confident, surging with positive expectation for development via religious and philosophical indoctrination. Believes in advancement of human civilization through authentic moral development.

Splendid placement for religious missionaries and indoctrinators.

  • Sincerely believes in oneself and one's destiny.

May easily embrace a philosophical vision and a cause.

  • POTUS-02 Thoughts on Government 1735-1826 John Adams * Guru in bhava-51 * Guru-Dhanuzya * spoke extensively on matters of Enlightenment principle (Guru-Dhanuzya) at the Continental Congress political gatherings (5) where the US Constitution was being written. His political philosophical writings on the role of kings (5) and the power of revolution (8) were powerfully influential in the early decades of the New Republic.

With strong roots in customary, rhythmic bhava-4, the nativity hosting Guru-Dhanuzya can produce a preaching parochial ideologue to the extreme of xenophobia.

Yet, Brihaspati's underlying humanism normally provides a softening and generous influence.

Usually well-liked educators and promoters who infuse their cultural environments with trust in positive growth through moral improvement. However, arrogance and self-satisfaction are often the downside with Guru and this position is a case in point.

Doctrinaire Guru-Dhanuzya can become so infused with one's own enthusiasm that one may rendered unable to hear the wisdom of other doctrines.

For this reason Guru-Dhanuzya operates best within a culturally established religion or a homogeneous belief-culture.

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Armada Elizabeth-1 was a remarkably high-achieving, politically charismatic woman who lived during times of severe patriarchy (aeon of Meena).

  • Professor Rahu's social-mobility empowerments can generally override cultural limitations. The enchanting, instrumentalist personality Rahu-the-Rule Breaker in Simha enjoys Mutual-Drishti with her empowering Hamsa yoga indicated by svakshetra Guru-Dhanuzya -1.
  • In addition, both Rahu and Guru cast drishti upon her regal Chandra-Meza-5. This remarkable arrangement propelled her to the heights of political power.
  • She presided over a booming economy with an abundant national treasury acquired mainly via maritime piracy. She enjoyed a number of relationships with men of notable intelligence but also notable promiscuity, such as the handsome seafaring pirate Sir Francis Drake.

If Guru occupies bhava-6 in Dhanuzya rashi, Harsha Yoga applies.

Excellent for success in

  • teaching of medical arts

  • import-export business (esp. teaching materials)

  • work in foreign lands,

  • service work in temples

  • teacher-preacher to the impoverished, ill, conflicted, and oppressed.

QUOTATION Das commentary = Guru-Dhanushya

"Serious, sincere, and simple;

  • lovable, helping, fortunate, successful,

  • much independent thinking and leadership,

  • dominating, enterprising.

Gain after marriage, through legacy.

  • Loss through speculations and games of chance.

One marriage but many affairs."


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