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Sample Gem Recommendations

Traditional Jyotishavidya remedial  MANI in support of graha-and-upagraha
  1. Surya-ratana = Manika = Ruby
  2. Chandra-ratana = Moti = Pearl
  3. Mangala-ratana = munga = Red coral
  4. Budha Parya = Paryana * Panna = emerald
  5. Guru-ratana = Pukha-rajaratana = Yellow Sapphire
  6. Zukra-Ratana = Azira * Hira = diamond
  7. Shani-ratana = Nilamani * blue sapphire
  8. Rahu-ratana = Gomedha * Hessonite quartz * Orange Zircon
  9. Ketu-ratana = Vaidurya * Cats-eye, chatoyant chrysoberyl


Rashi * Gochara * Bhava * Graha * Ratana * Nakshatra * Amsha * Varga


Presentation of the Shyamantaka jewel to Krishna.

Artist unknown: Mathura, 1525 CE. manuscript illustration from the Bhagavata Purana. Victoria and Albert Museum =

(chintaa-mani = the thought-gem which is supposed to produce the effects of all desires for its possessor )

"The rays of the celestial bodies, striking the crystallizing influences of the lower world, become the various elements. Partaking of the astral virtues of their source, these elements neutralize certain unbalanced forms of celestial activity and, when properly combined, contribute much to the well-being of man."

~~ Manley Hall, Secret Teaching of All Ages

BPL statement on using Traditional Jyotishavidya Remedial Ratana

As one of the six ancient components (vedanga) of the vast body of traditional Vedic wisdom, Jyotishavidya is called “the eye of the Veda.” Jyotishavidya is a vehicle of perception =  an eye. The samayavidya offers a perceptual toolkit that is designed to facilitate understanding. However, this divine science is not designed for fortune-telling.

How Do Traditional Ratana Work?

According to the historic interpretive principles of Jyotishavidya, remedial ratana do not possess unnatural power to attract magical wonders or divert misfortune. Rather, flawless sacred jewels that are properly energized by mantra can provide clarity and support for a self-directed program of intentional change.

These precious stones use a refined energetic conductive capacity to reinforce intentionally chosen ideas, preferences, expectations, and beliefs. When properly aligned to the chakra points on the subtle body, traditional ratana can function as psychic signal-repeaters similar to radio crystals.

Naturally, the real utility of the sacred jewels does not originate in the stones. Ratana are merely refined-energy signal repeaters. The authentic power to direct the unfolding of the field of experience originates within one’s own beliefs and expectations. Ratana have been used for millennia as healing tools to increase higher awareness. A capable Jyotishi may identify which planetary configurations within the Jyotisha nativity may best benefit from magnification with the designated pure and appropriate traditional healing ratana.

Instructional Rays of the Graha

Each earthly incarnation follows a detailed educational curriculum that is delivered via the rays of the graha. To amplify and enhance the characteristic narrative instructions generated by the subtle rays of each of the classical Jyotisha graha, specific gems are matched to each of the planets.

Each graha operates through a network of chakra points within the human body. The planetary instructions pulse outward, from the teaching cores of the primary chakra throughout the gridwork of the body’s subtle electro-magnetic field. From their teaching cores, the primary graha send pulsating message sequences throughout the energy body at regular intervals.

Why Enhance the Psychic Signals?

The educational curriculum delivered by the rays of the graha is never incorrect, and does not need to be altered. Yet often there is a perceived deficiency in one’s own ability to clearly apprehend the messages. With sufficient spiritual attention, a properly attuned ratana may aid in strengthening one’s awareness of the pulses. As if tuning more precisely into a radio station, one may hear less static and more meaningful inner guidance. One may feel more inspired, more aligned, more supported, more protected, more focused, and more empowered to reach the desired life goals.

Social Agreements vs. Individual Change

The sacred power of initiatory intent, when matched with properly applied crystals, has been known since ancient times. It has long been taught that the pre-seeded mandates to act and react in a fixed fashion on a fixed schedule, often called karma, can be changed at any time through the agency of concentrated, reflective intention.

Still, every earth-birth involves a complex variety of social agreements. One must adhere to the pre-agreed family, cultural, and national beliefs. If those group agreements involve adherence to the victim-narrative, one may disbelieve in the possibility of change. Fear of isolation from the group is deeply binding. Therefore, most people retain their default negativities and continue sleepwalking.

For those willing to pursue conscious life improvement, the ratana can create a powerful intervention into that fabric of cause-and-effect beliefs which creates reality. Those rare persons who seek a consciously changed outcome may discover that, when combined with personal intention, Jyotisharatana are highly effective to promote inner clarity.

Signal Boosting, Clairaudient Listening

The subtlest particles of human thought have a very fine-granulation. In busy daily life, humans are not normally aware of this very fine wave-patterned mist of repeating ideational pulses. Yet, this controlling pulse-pattern of imagery and instruction operates constantly, day-in and day-out.

Similar to the way a radio crystal picks up a radio signal, pure untreated Jyotisha gems have the power to pick up these subtle waves and magnify their instructional content.

Properly selected crystalline stones can be attuned to the electro-magnetic grid which surrounds and interpenetrates the earth. Layers of this embracing grid also surround and interpenetrate each individual creature. Once attuned, via intention and mantra, the sacred stones can so dramatically magnify specific thought-signals so that one feels a new vibration.

Even against the relentless static of daily life, the boosted signals are often easier to hear clairaudiently. They sound like a background voice of intuition or inner counsel. At first, the inner voice may have a buzzy, unclear quality. Yet continued attention to this voice (or choir of harmonized voices) may yield a daily dose of profoundly valuable personal guidance.

One may begin to naturally prioritize the positive suggestions that are emitting from the attuned inner voice. After the vibration begins to hum securely at the preferred frequency, then thought-emotion seed-complexes begin to attract the experiences which match that frequency. The preferred psycho-material outcomes then begin to occur in the perceptual environment.

Importance of ritual preparation

Even after careful selection of ratana, it remains necessary to apply proper intention, proper energizing of the jewel, and correctly aligned timing of the first wearing. These ritual preparations are not superstitious. They engage the subtle energy frequencies of the precious ratana, similar to tuning an automotive engine. The rituals also reinforce the all-important clear intention to follow the higher instructions.

Chakra Points and  Psychic Fabric

Strategically positioned at sensitive points along the human body's psychic nerve system, at the finger joints, torso, or forehead, remedial ratana can strengthen and repeat selected elements within the higher perceptual field.

The perceptual field may be understood as a psychic textile. This psychic fabric is composed of filaments which are interwoven into pattern of thinking and believing. Using electro-magnetic vibrations, a correctly positioned ratana can subtly adjust and gradually reweave the fibers in this over-determining, paradigmatic pattern.

Conscious Goal-Setting

Before using a Jyotisharatana, it is essential to define the both the problem and the goal. What is the unsatisfying condition that one is seeking to improve? What is the specific desired outcome? How large is the gap between expectation and outcome?

Without personal commitment to realizing the target improvement, Jyotisharatana may remain energetically dormant. As with any request for spiritual assistance, a personally affirmed, dedicated intention to align one’s life with the highest virtues is a key component of the process.

What can be changed?

Each graha controls a specific area of antecedent belief, which can be adjusted via ratana messaging prioritization and signaling emphasis:

1.     Surya dramatizes beliefs about divine creativity, entitlement, and intelligence.

2.     Chandra reflects beliefs about nurturance, emotional rhythms, shelter, and belonging.

3.     Mangala energizes one’s subconscious expectation regarding movement and vitality.

4.     Budha articulates beliefs about one’s logic, mentality, messages, and thoughts.

5.     Guru develops the deepest convictions about abundance, generosity, and expansion.

6.     Shukra balances beliefs about peer relationships, pleasures, and material wealth.

7.     Shani imposes certainty about material survival, social law, karma, and Time.

8.     Rahu expresses expectations of excitement, opportunity, ambition, and desire.

9.     Ketu carries expectations regarding forgiveness, break-ups, and spiritual surrender.

Philosophy of Ratana Prescription

       1-5-9 * Graha which rule angles of 1-5-9 tend to support positive expectations of innovation, intelligence, and wisdom

       6-8-12 * Graha which rule angles of 6-8-12 tend to be associated with unexamined fears

       4-7-10 * Graha which rule angles of 4-7-10 tend to support cultural foundations, fair contracts, and social dignity

       2-3-11 * Graha which rule angles of 2-3-11 represent food, finances, family, and friends

Anukula vs. Pratikula Method

The pratikula school of Jyotishavidya practice recommends bombarding the psyche with loud psychic instructions from naturally malefic papagraha – typically, the rulers of 6-8-12. In the pratikula school of thought, this harsh negative treatment is believed to be an effective method of reversing karma.

However, because this method tends to exacerbate the unexamined fears, the sudden increase in awareness of life’s difficulties can increase anxiety. In practice, it can make people feel so overwhelmed that they lose spiritual confidence in their inherent ability to their chosen psychic learning curriculum. The pratikula method is therefore not used in this prescription.

Only the anukula method is used in this recommendation.

According to the anukula philosophy, it is beneficial to strengthen the instructions emanating from the pleasantly placed, geometrically harmonious sukhagraha. The anukula method emphasizes signals that are vigorous, cheerful, and fortunate.

Planetary rays governing the 1-5-9 angles are first prioritized and then pushed to flood the nadi channels, while the less desirable signal patterns remain untouched. Furthermore, in order to focus resources upon the candidate rays which most benefit from magnification, only weak benefics are chosen for strengthening.

Word to the Wise ++ Inspiring photos of sacred Jyotisha jewels

Sadly, it is not recommended to purchase ratana in India nor from unverified sources anywhere in the world. For an explanation of why sacred gems are often mishandled, please see

Several reputable Jyotisha ratana jewelers have websites that depict attractive remedial gems in settings for both men and women.

       Jay Boyle = shows some lovely examples of single and combined remedial ratana settings. is a highly reputable company which has been in business for many years. They stand behind their products and services with full integrity. Located in Iowa, USA.

       Ron Ringsrud = = worldwide expert specialist in Emeralds.

       Richard Shaw Brown = shows many examples of Jyotisha-ratana and other cultural valuables to inspire the imagination.

Proverbs 20:15

"Gold there is,

and rubies in abundance,

but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel."

(gnostic) Gospel of Thomas

  • 19
  • trans. Blatz
"Jesus said:

Blessed is he who was before he came into being.

If you become disciples to me (and) listen to my words, these stones will minister to you.

For you have five trees in Paradise which do not change, either in summer or in winter, and their leaves do not fall.

He who knows them shall not taste of death."

Ezekiel 28: 12-13-14 28:12 Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord God; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.

28:13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

28:14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

Book of Ezekiel 28: 12-16 "You were the model of perfection,

full of wisdom and exquisite in beauty.

You were in Eden, the garden of God.

Your clothing was adorned with every precious stone -

red carnelian, pale-green peridot, white moonstone,

blue-green beryl, onyx, green jasper,

blue lapis lazuli, turquoise, and emerald -

all beautifully crafted for you

and set in the finest gold.

They were given to you

  • on the day you were created.

I ordained and anointed you

as the mighty angelic guardian.

You had access to the holy mountain of God

and walked among the stones of fire.

You were blameless in all you did

from the day you were created

  • until the day evil was found in you.

Your rich commerce led you to violence,

and you sinned.

So I banished you in disgrace

  • from the mountain of God.

I expelled you, O mighty guardian,

from your place among the stones of fire."


  1. Surya-ratna = Manika * Ruby

  2. Surya-uparatna * Red Garnet

  3. Chandra-ratna * Moti = Pearl

  4. Mangala-ratna * munga = Red Coral

  5. Guru-ratna = pushkarajaratna * pukhraj * Yellow Sapphire

  6. Budha-ratna * Panna = Emerald

  7. Budha-uparatna * Aquamarine

  8. Zukra-ratna = Hira Azira = White Diamond = white sapphire

  9. Shani-ratna * Nilamani= Blue Sapphire

  10. Shani-uparatna * Lapis L'Azuli * lapis-lazuli

  11. Shani-uparatna * Amethyst

  12. Rahu-ratna * Gomedha * Hessonite Quartz

  13. Ketu-ratna * Vaidurya * Chrysoberyl * Cat's Eye

  14. Ketu-uparatna * Peroja * Turquoise Turkois

  15. Nava-ratna * Nine Jewels for Nine Planets

  16. Uparatna

  17. Rudraksha

  18. Chart of Planetary Gemstones

  19. Sample Ratna Recommendations

Correct the electro-magnetic initiating thoughts which are unconsciously driving the behavior, *then* apply the stone as a reinforcement to the vow

Will a Jyotishavidya reading, combined with a gem or yagya prescription, aid my journey through a difficult Shani bhukti ?

What is a benefic *subha-graha for gem remedy purposes?

What makes a planet weak" or"strong ?

Gemstones Can Heal

Personal Responsibility in the Karmic Rebalancing Process


A word to the wise:

Jyotisha prescription jewels are expensive.

Remedial ratna are prone to tampering by unscrupulous merchants, and while beautiful ratana are not sensible for every lifestyle.

Seva is guaranteed effective even when a gem will not work or a ratana is not realistically affordable.

Seva offers a useful option to improve the life experience.

The healing power of crystals

Quotation from

The Ra Material (Elkins, 1984)

29.30 Questioner: But can you tell me precisely what the entity would do with the crystal to use it for the purpose of seeking the intelligent infinity?

Ra: I am Ra. The use of the crystal in physical manifestation is that use wherein the entity of crystalline nature charges the regularized physical crystal with this seeking, thus enabling it to vibrate harmonically and also become the catalyst or gateway whereby intelligent infinity may thus become intelligent energy, this crystal serving as an analog of the violet ray of mind/body/spirit in relatively undistorted form.

29.31 Questioner: Is it possible at all for you to instruct us in specific uses of crystals?

Ra: I am Ra. It is possible. There are, we consider, things which are not efficacious to tell you due to possible infringement upon your free will. Entities of the Confederation have erred in this in the past. The uses of the crystal, as you know, include the uses for healing, for power, and even for the development of life-forms. We feel that it is unwise to offer instruction at this time as your peoples have shown a tendency to use peaceful sources of power for disharmonious reasons.

58.18 Questioner: Then the pure crystalline shape, such as the diamond, you mentioned as being frozen light— it seems that this third-density physical manifestation of light is somehow a window or focusing mechanism for the third distortion in the general sense. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically correct. However, it may be noted that only the will of the crystallized entity may cause interdimensional light to flow through this material. The more regularized the entity, and the more regularized the crystal, the more profound the effect.

Common English Names of the Manual Digits = Hand Fingers

(thanks to Ranjana for sending)


Jyotisha Gem photos

  • Vendors

Several reputable Jyotisha ratna jewelers have websites that depict attractive remedial gem settings for both men and women.

Sanskrit Vocabulary for Ratna remedial gemstones = "stones of fire"


  • A gift, present, goods, wealth, riches

  • A jewel, gem, treasure, precious stone

  • the nine jewels are :

    • pearl, ruby, topaz, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli, coral, sapphire, Gomeda

    hence = name for the number 9; but accord. to some 14

    Anything valuable or best of its kind

  • A magnet, loadstone

  • water

Jataka Parijata

  • Nature of the Planets and Their Properties,

  • Shloka 21

  1. "The ruby is the Sun's precious stone.

  2. A pure spotless pearl the precious stone of the Moon.

  3. Coral belongs to Mars.

  4. Mercury's precious stone is the emerald shaped like the bird Garuda.

  5. Topaz belongs to Jupiter.

  6. Venus owns diamond.

  7. Saturn's gem is the stainless sapphire.

  8. Agate and the lapis-azuli or turkois are said to belong to the remaining planets Rahu and Ketu respectively."

English vocabulary


  • (O.E. gim ), from Latin gemma = precious stone, jewel

  • originally "bud," from the root *gen-"to produce" (see genus).


  • article of value used for adornment, "anglo-French juel, Old French juel, jouel "ornament, jewel" ...

  • perhaps from M.L. jocale, from L. jocus "pastime, sport," in Vulgar Latin "that which causes joy" (see 'joke').

  • Another theory traces it to L. gaudium, also with a notion of "rejoice."

Personal Responsibility in the Karmic Rebalancing Process:

~~ Rohini Ranjan,

"Astro-remedies must not become a hermit crab's borrowed shell!

  • It is true that they can often very effectively shield one from pain and loss while increasing insight and wisdom, but the seeds of karma often remain unaltered unless they are faced head on and understood, the pain felt and released so that true healing may begin.

  • Fasting, volunteering ones services and charity are basically statements of ones intent to voluntarily experience pain, deprivation, hardship, so that one can resolve issues.

  • Unlike the eye for an eye misconception, karma is no mindless executioner. Any remedial must not be indulged into as a 'trade' or barter with God. It must be carried out as a recognition of personal responsibility, at some level of ones existence, for what is happening and as a means of atoning for it.

One must always remember that today's karma was yesterday's act of free-will!"

from Paramahansa Yogananda , Autobiography of a Yogi

Chapter 16, Outwitting the Stars

"Astrology is the study of man's response to planetary stimuli.

The stars have no conscious benevolence or animosity; they merely send forth positive and negative radiations. Of themselves, these don't help or harm humanity, but offer a lawful channel for the outward operation of cause-effect equilibriums which each man has set into motion in the past.

  • "A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma . His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results. But the natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by men of intuitive wisdom: these are few."

The message boldly blazoned across the heavens at the moment of birth isn't meant to emphasize fate - the result of past good and evil - but to arouse man's will to escape from his universal thralldom.

What he has done, he can undo .

None other than himself was the instigator of the causes of whatever effects are now prevalent in his life. He can overcome any limitation, because he created it by his own actions in the first place, and because he has spiritual resources which are not subject to planetary pressure.

"Superstitious awe of astrology makes one an automaton, slavishly dependent on mechanical guidance. The wise man defeats his planets - which is to say, his past - by transferring his allegiance from the creation to the Creator . The more he realizes his unity with spirit, the less he can be dominated by matter.

  • The soul is ever-free;

  • it's deathless because birthless.

  • It can't be regimented by stars.

"Man is a soul, and has a body. When he properly places his sense of identity, he leaves behind all compulsive patterns . So long as he remains confused in his ordinary state of spiritual amnesia, he will know the subtle fetters of environmental law .

"God is harmony; the devotee who attunes himself will never perform any action amiss. His activities will be correctly and naturally timed to accord with astrological law. After deep prayer and meditation he is in touch with his divine consciousness; there's no greater power than that inward protection."

"Then, dear Master, why do you want me to wear an astrological bangle?" I ventured this question after a long silence, during which I had tried to assimilate Sri Yukteswar 's noble exposition

"It's only when a traveler has reached his goal that he is justified in discarding his maps. During the journey , he takes advantage of any convenient short cut. The ancient rishis discovered many ways to curtail the period of man's exile in delusion. There are certain mechanical features in the law of karma which can be skillfully adjusted by the fingers of wisdom.

"All human ills arise from some transgression of universal law. The scriptures point out that man must satisfy the laws of nature, while not discrediting the divine omnipotence. He should say: 'Lord, I trust in you, and know you can help me, but I too will do my best to undo any wrong I've done.' By a number of means - by prayer, by will power, by yoga meditation, by consultation with saints, by use of astrological bangles - the adverse effects of past wrongs can be minimised or nullified

  • "Just as a house can be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning,

  • so the bodily temple can be benefited by various protective measures

Ages ago our yogis discovered that pure metals emit an astral light which is powerfully counteractive to negative pulls of the planets. Subtle electrical and magnetic radiations are constantly circulating in the universe; when a man's body is being aided, he doesn't know it; when it's being disintegrated, he is still in ignorance.

Can he do anything about it?

"This problem received attention from our rishis; they found helpful not only a combination of metals, but also of plants and - most effective of all - faultless jewels of not less than two carats. The preventive uses of astrology have seldom been seriously studied outside of India

One little-known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, or plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured, and unless these remedial agents are worn next to the skin."

  • "Sir, of course I shall take your advice and get a bangle.

  • I'm intrigued at the thought of outwitting a planet!"

"For general purposes I counsel the use of an armlet made of gold, silver, and copper. But for a specific purpose I want you to get one of silver and lead." Sri Yukteswar added careful directions.

"Guruji, what 'specific purpose' do you mean?"

"The stars are about to take an unfriendly interest in you, Mukunda. Fear not; you shall be protected. In about a month your liver will cause you much trouble. The illness is scheduled to last for six months, but your use of an astrological armlet will shorten the period to twenty-four days."

  • I sought out a jeweller the next day, and was soon wearing the bangle.

  • My health was excellent; Master's prediction slipped from my mind.

  • He left Serampore to visit Varanasi.

Thirty days after our conversation, I felt a sudden pain in the region of my liver. The following weeks were a nightmare of excruciating pain. Reluctant to disturb my guru, I thought I would bravely endure my trial alone. But twenty-three days of torture weakened my resolution; I entrained for Varanasi. There Sri Yukteswar greeted me with unusual warmth, but gave me no opportunity to tell him my woes in private. Many devotees visited Master that day, just for a darshan.

Ill and neglected, I sat in a corner. It wasn't till after the evening meal that all guests had departed. My guru summoned me to the octagonal balcony of the house."You must have come about your liver disorder." Sri Yukteswar's gaze was averted; he walked to and fro, occasionally intercepting the moonlight."Let me see; you've been ailing for twenty-four days, haven't you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Please do the stomach exercise I've taught you."

"If you knew the extent of my suffering, Master, you wouldn't ask me to exercise." Nevertheless I made a feeble attempt to obey him.

"You say you have pain; I say you have none. How can such contradictions exist?"

My guru looked at me inquiringly. I was dazed and then overcome with joyful relief. No longer could I feel the continuous torment that had kept me nearly sleepless for weeks; at Sri Yukteswar's words the agony vanished as though it had never been. I started to kneel at his feet in gratitude, but he quickly prevented me.

"Don't be childish. Get up and enjoy the beauty of the moon over the Ganges." But Master's eyes were twinkling happily as I stood in silence beside him. I understood by his attitude that he wanted me to feel that not he, but God, had been the healer.

I wear even now the heavy silver and lead bangle, a memento of that day - long-past, ever-cherished - when I found anew that I was living with a personage indeed superhuman.

On later occasions, when I brought my friends to Sri Yukteswar for healing, he invariably recommended jewels or the bangle, extolling their use as an act of astrological wisdom.

I had been prejudiced against astrology from my childhood, partly because I observed that many people are sequaciously attached to it, and partly because of a prediction made by our family astrologer:"You'll marry three times, being twice a widower." I brooded over the matter, feeling like a goat awaiting sacrifice before the temple of triple matrimony.

"You may as well be resigned to your fate," my brother Ananta had remarked."Your written horoscope has correctly stated that you would fly from home toward the Himalayas during your early years, but would be forcibly returned. The forecast of your marriages is also bound to be true."

A clear intuition came to me one night that the prophecy was wholly false.

I set fire to the horoscope scroll, placing the ashes in a paper bag on which I wrote:

  • Seeds of past karma can't germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom."

I put the bag in a conspicuous spot; Ananta at once read my defiant comment."You can't destroy truth as easily as you've burnt this paper scroll."

My brother laughed scornfully. It's a fact that on three occasions before I reached manhood, my family tried to arrange my betrothal.

Each time I refused to fall in with the plans, and knowing that my love for God was more overwhelming than any astrological persuasion from the past.

"The deeper the self-realisation of a man,

  • the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations,

  • and the less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux."

These words of Master's often returned inspiringly to my mind.

Occasionally I told astrologers to select my worst periods, according to planetary indications, and I would still accomplish whatever task I set myself. It's true that my success at such times has been accompanied by extraordinary difficulties.

But my conviction has always been justified: faith in the divine protection, and the right use of man's God-given will, are forces formidable beyond any the"inverted bowl" can muster.

The starry inscription at one's birth, I came to understand, isn't that man is a puppet of his past. Its message is rather a prod to pride; the very heavens seek to arouse man's determination to be free from every limitation. God created each man as a soul, dowered with individuality, hence essential to the universal structure, whether in the temporary role of pillar or parasite.

His freedom is final and immediate, if he so wills; it doesn't depend on outer but inner victories ."

Philosophy of Gem Recommendation


The remedial ratna prescriptions offered here are designed to strengthen weak benefics . If a graha has good qualities which could benefit from a little boost, I believe that under appropriate circumstances (proper intention, proper energizing of the gem, correct timing of application) a gem can help.

  • An uttama-graha does not need to be strengthened unless it receives hostile drishti.

There is a school of Jyotisha practice which philosophizes that strengthening a naturally malefic graha is an effective method of reversing its karma. I do not agree with this school of thought.

  • My understanding is that the remedial power of gemstones consists in the ability of a pure, flawless, non-heat-treated gem to conduct and amplify our subconscious expectations.

  • Our most subtle thoughts transmit from the subconscious in a very fine-granulation medium.

  • We are not normally even aware that we are repeating a fixed pattern of thoughts and expectations constantly, day-in and day-out.

However each graha in the nativity is constantly broadcasting a signal pattern thru one's conducting channels (na-di moon-sun channels which constitute the psychic nerve network).

The subtle pattern of imagery and instruction emitting from each of the nine graha is pulsing through the awareness (and the sub-awareness) at all times.

  • The power of the gems is to pick up these subtle instructions and magnify the signal to make it stronger and more vivid and intelligible.

  • The gems work on a subtle level similar to the way a radio crystal picks up a radio signal, then amplifies that signal so we can hear it.

  • Without the radio set, it is almost impossible to distinguish the hundreds of signals pulsing through the airwaves at any one moment.

However, with the benefit of a radio signal"tuner" one can focus on a particular wave pattern and thus hear a single frequency much more clearly. A properly"tuned" jewel functions exactly this way.

  • Naturally if the stone is damaged through heat-treating, having flaws, being dyed, or not having been psychically cleared with proper puja (mantra cleansing and re-energizing) as well as errors in location (must be positioned properly on the body's nadi system) or setting (needs proper precious metal setting) -- then the tuning power of the stone may be damaged or nil

Yet a flawless and properly applied gem can be a very effective psychic tuner. There is a reason that kings and queens of old were draped in jewels, designed to touch their key chakra points on head, heart, hands, and feet. They were seeking spiritual guidance from higher powers, to support their leadership and care of their people, transmitted through exquisite, perfectly crystallized jewels of Earth.

Each graha has its own program of thoughts and instructions carried over from parallel lives into the current life. I believe it is beneficial to strengthen the instructions which come from subha-graha, but it is never beneficial to strengthen the instructions which are emitting from the papa-graha. It is recommended to strengthen functional and natural pleasure-giver subhagraha only.

Recommended: a practical, plain-English book which may assist in clearing out negative beliefs from the memory banks. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (PhD). ISBN-10: 0735204314

Upaye - Remedial Methods

  • Jyotisha tradition also prescribes additional methods to antidote planetary affliction = mantra "sacred sound"and yagya" sacred ritual".

  • Yagya and mantra can be highly effective if properly followed.

  • However, sacred stones are very beautiful, relatively low effort, and can be highly effective also if properly prescribed.

The method:

By increasing the person's sensitivity to their own body's psychic signaling, the stone will gradually alter a person's decision-making behavior. The person blessed by the proper gemstone starts making better, more energetically appropriate and more morally sound choices.

  • As one begins to act on the more subtle psychic information toward which the stone is "attuned" the person and might, for example, change residence to a more favorable climate, seek marriage counseling, or apply for a better job.

  • Benefits of the person receiving clearer psychic information include making more intelligent environmental choices which eventually (often quite quickly) will result in improved health. By improving the intuition through psychic"tuning", a and properly prescribed gemstone can teach an aware person to cure their own disease.

  • As those who work with colors (artists, psychologists, chakra healers) can attest, colored light has a specific effect on human emotional and mental response . If you have explored the wonders of sacred mantra or compulsively listened to your favorite love song a hundred times in a row, you will appreciate the massive"secret" healing power of sound.

  • Gemstones have the rare and powerful quality of focusing the healing properties of colored light intensely on a specific receptor-point (chakra, and of the body. However, gemstone healing is a tantric process requiring both color and sound.

Gemstone power is unleashed only in proper ritual method, at minimum by chanting the core mantra of the stone's planet 108 times to"set" the sound vibration and applying the stone at the proper vibrational time of day. Unless you are personally familiar with the gemstone application rules in detail, it is always recommended to receive professional instruction.

Gemstones can heal .

  • Gemstones raise your attitude, consciousness, and"vibration" if they are properly coordinated with your radix and navamsha planets.

  • Mantra with Gems combines Sound with Light to heal (repair, reinvigorate, clear) the chakras which are the central signal-transmission switches of the energy body. Properly applied, this is divine medicine.

  • Gemstones have been prescribed as healing and protective devices for millennia. Why do you think Kings and Queens are always dressed in glittering jewels? To clear their chakras and protect their auras, of course!


No Time to Lose: A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva

by Pema Chodron, p. 248

"Our true nature is like a precious jewel:

although it may be temporarily buried in mud, it remains completely brilliant and unaffected.

We simply have to uncover it."

The healing power of gemstones is not a superstitious effect.

  • The stone itself assists the person to pay closer attention to the subtle vibrational patterns all around them. She/he begins to sense their world more calmly and more clearly. Calmer, clearer communication with the inner self has many social and psychological benefits, not the least of which is becoming a better listener.

  • The person will start getting better information and treatment from their physicians. Listening to their body more closely, they begin to choose more healing foods. They will respond more calmly to emotional stimulus.

  • Ceteris paribus, as the psycho-emotional awareness improves, improved bodily health will naturally follow.

Prescriptive Method- Going with the Flow


  • against the slope or declivity

  • contrary, adverse, opposite, inverted, wrong, refractory, inimical, disagreeable, unpleasant

  • contrarily, against, in inverted order

  • acting adversely, inimical


  • Following the slope or declivity

  • favourable, agreeable; conformable to; friendly, kind, well-disposed

  • a faithful or kind and obliging husband

  • (in poetry) narrative of calamity leading finally to happiness.

How does it work?

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

Jyotisha ratna can function as "signal repeaters " which can correct energy channel transmission weakness in The chakras.

Anukula method works by strengthening basically good planets that are not functioning at maximum .

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

No graha rules two trines from radix lagna.

  • (However a graha may rule a trine from radix lagna and a trine from Chandra lagna, which is a very good remedial ratna choice normally.)

For example, a graha may be naturally auspicious yet moudhya-dosha combust ion

  • Or an otherwise well-placed graha which generates positive thoughts may receive the enervating drishti of a negative-narrative enemy; such a graha might benefit from the shielding effect of a jewel which offers a supplemental psychic protection.

A flawless gemstone of minimum 2 carats set in the appropriate pure metal delivers a steady little boost to one's own native energy patterns.

Combine a beautifully vibrating protective gemstone with a devotional attitude in life, and often the result will manifest as increased enthusiasm and prosperity based on stronger trust in the Divine.

Q: I'm concerned that I might be misunderstanding all the rows of periods in the Vimshottari dasha timeline. Can you tell me exactly which day and which"line" is the correct day to apply the ratna? I'm afraid to make a mistake with this expensive ruby. A:


Generally, remedial gems are best applied near the beginning of a friendly bhukti period, but as a matter of practice it is OK to apply the gem almost any time during the recommended bhukti o long as the gem is initially applied on the day of the week that is sacred to the graha and the proper mantra of the graha is recited with sincerity (and without superstition).

It is really not possible to make a"mistake" since the power of the gem comes from the thoughts that are inside the person's own mind.

Gems help to support and amplify good thoughts.

They have no independent power; they only work as transmitters when they are hooked up to the thought-field.

Anukula method supports weak benefics.

This system finds the "weak benefic" = the graha having the most inherent goodness in proportion to its "potential to improve".

A weak benefic owns one trinal bhava (1, 5, 9). Presumably with gem enhancement the other less desirable bhava which it owns will gradually get"improved".

Trine lords are always benevolent.

  1. A gem for a graha which owns domains 4, 10, or 11 may be prescribed during its major periods, but only if that graha occupies swakshetra or holds the uttama or nichha-bhanga status.

  2. A graha which has no weaknesses cannot be improved since it has no deficiencies.

For example, a swakshetra or uttama-Surya vidyapathi-5 for Mesha lagna or Dharmesha-9 for Dhanuzya lagna, which is receiving no inimical drishti, will not be improved by its ratna Ruby. Therefore manika is not prescribed for a trikona pati in this (unusual) case.

However, despite lacking remedial Jyotisha powers in this circumstance, a Manika can certainly be worn and enjoyed for its beauty only, with no uncomfortable consequences.

Trine lords which normally always receive their remedial ratna:

Shani = Dharmesha-9 +karmesha-10 Yogakaraka for Vrishabha lagna.

9 is dharmic; 10 is dignified but still karmic so bhava-10 needs support for the work.

Shani = also bandesha-4 +Vidyapthi-5Yogakaraka for Thula lagna.

5 = bhagya and dharmic (9th from 9th).

4 is secure and grounded, but 4 is not a lucky trine so 4 can use some extra energy from the ratna.

Kuja = vidyapathi-5 [trine] and karmesha-10 [kendra] Yogakaraka for Karkata lagna. 5 is bhagya and dharmic (9th from 9th); 10 is dignified but still karmic so needs support for the work.

  • Karkata lagna natives would receive the best quality munga : red coral or carnelian.

Shukra = Vidyapthi-5+karmesha-10 Yogakaraka for Makara lagna. Similarly for Kumbha lagna, Shukra owns 9 and 4.

  • Therefore, Makara and Kumbha natives receive hira : diamond, white sapphire, or extremely pure clear quartz crystal.

Surya-Chandra can be considered a single planet.

In the case of Vrizchika lagna, Chandra-Surya = Dharmesha-9 +karmesha-10 Yogakaraka.

  • 9 is dharmic;

  • 10 is dignified but still karmic so needs support for the work.

Similarly for Mesha lagna, Chandra owns 4 whilst Ravi rules the auspicious 5th. 5 is bhagya and dharmic (9th from 9th). 4 is secure and grounded, but 4 is not a lucky trine so 4 can use some extra energy from the ratna.

  • A combination of best possible flawless ruby or garnet set with a pure natural pearl in a mixed base of gold and silver, would be prescribed to Vrizchika and Mesha natives.

Ratna of 1-5-9 can be prescribed as lifetime gems, with various adjustments due to Chandra-lagna and alternating gems during the suitable or unsuitable periods of the VImshottari dashaa.

  • Mithuna lagna = 1-panna (emerald) with 9-Nilam(blue sapphire) and often the 5-Diamond as well.

  • Kanya lagna = 1-panna (emerald) with 9-hira (diamond). But, because Shani = rogesha-6 , less benefit from Nilam(usually).

  • Dhanuzya lagna =1-pukha-raja (yellow sapphire) with 9-manika (pure ruby) and often 5-mungaas well.

  • Meena lagna = 1-pukharaja (yellow sapphire) with 9-munga(pure red coral) and usually the 5-manika (pure ruby) too.


  • Traditional Jyotishavidya Remedial ratana can only amplify signals. The jewels as radio amplifier receiver-transmitters cannot reduce the pre-programmed psychic signals that provide a constant stream of instruction from the Higher Self.

  • Ratna cannot reduce the power of polarizing catalysis for agraha that has been crafted to produce exactly the required polarization One has planned this polarizing catalysis intentionally and it would be counter-productive to destroy this uncomfortable empowerment.

  • Gemstones definitely should not be appliedto reverse the evil effects of a malefic planet ("pratikula" method)

    • added power from a gem will only strengthen the evil.

    Therefore, gemstones should be used only on"weak benefics ".

Rules for gemstone healing are very strict

Typically the gemstone application area is a high nerve-ending concentration zone such as a finger, ear, or heart center.

There are also some important rules for the stone itself. A pure Vedic prescription gemstone must never be heat-treated. It must be cut properly, according to ancient technique. It must be placed in a pure precious metal setting (almost always gold or silver, but sometimes iron for Shani) by a Vedic jeweler.

The gem must be put on your hand, ear, foot, or chest at the ritually correct time, chanting with the first application the correct mantra in the right attitude of faith. Should all these steps be followed correctly and the recipient have a pure heart, a properly prescribed vedic gemstone can raise consciousness.

  • Unfortunately in the modern world where most gems are heat-treated to enhance color and mask flaws, gemstone healing is Almostimpossible to do properly. Caveat emptor - buyer beware. You must be very discriminating to locate a pure stone!

  • Perhaps you will be blessed to access a pure Vedic jeweler who can guarantee proper mining, cutting, shaping, setting, and application of gems in coordination with a vedic religious authority who can prescribe the correct sound waves (mantra) which make the body ready to receive the gemstone's high healing vibrations.

  • However, unless these rules are carefully followed, gemstones are just pretty decorations

  • For most of us, therefore, healing through direct prayer and self-forgiveness is MUCH more effective than using gemstones!

For an excellent and thorough presentation on astrological gemstones, please see Jay Boyle, Vedic Gemologist.

A typical" weak benefic" would be strengthened and improved in its life-effects via gem correction.

Surya fallen in Thula -12 for Vrizchika lagna

  1. Surya rules a comfortable bhava (10, where Surya receives dig bala) but Ravi-nichha Thula.

  2. and

    wearing Vedic Ruby DURING Surya bhukti ONLY could improve the frequency of the electro-magnetic initiating thoughts which promote a successful and positive public reputation, and as a consequence of positive expectations could get your international business out of the doldrums.

  3. If one had been falsely accused of low morality or underhanded dealings, this stone could help one's spouse, family, and the state think better of one

nichha-Zukra-Kanya/9 for Makara lagna

  1. Professor Bright Bhrigu is a natural pleasure-giver subhagraha and Yogakaraka ruling 5 and 10 but= nichha in Virgo

  2. wearing Vedic Diamond hira azira could support birth of first child (5) or get a better job (10)

  3. If there had been romantic polarizing catalysis with women in a professional setting, Hira could improve one's overall experience. For the female native in this situation, female competition and invalidation from other women which accompanies the nichha-Zukra would be reduced.

However, there are some gems which would strengthen negative thoughts or negative emotional predispositions. For example:

for Kumbha lagna, Chandra = rogesha-6 , a strong functional malefic whose portfolioincludes disagreement, debt, divorce, and disease. Kumbha native should not wear the flawless remedial pearl.

  • A possible but very rare exception to the no-mukta-for-Kumbha rule might conceivably be a medical research professional who wanted to amplify and intensify one's relationship to disease, in a context of skilled service in clinical or laboratory medicine.

  • There would have to be other supporting conditiothat graha which owns both a kendra and a trine housens in the nativity to ensure that the native oneself did not become a victim of disease or other conflict.

  • that graha which owns both a kendra and a trine houseIf the other supporting positive conditions are in effect, such as Chandra being strong and dignified, such an exceptionally well prepared native might wish to wear Pearl during the mahadasha of Chandra.

  • that graha which owns both a kendra and a trine houseOtherwise, no Kumbha native should dabble in pearls.

Similarly for Thula lagna,

  • if randhresha-8 Shukra = nichha in Kanya, despite the excellent auspice of the lagnesha, IMO it is better to not wear diamond - for this only makes matters worse. To have the harmonious-relationship planet fallen in the 6th-from-7th enemies-of-the-spouse 12th bhava is obviously uncomfortable . Yet better to have it weak.

    • To strengthen Shukra might attract more unsavory partners; irregular or adversarial love interests; possibly mental illness, and certainly marital stress.

    Seva = targeted to women with drug problems, victims of domestic violence, or other disorders of Shukra, can have a powerfully remedial effect. (And Seva is FREE while diamonds are ridiculously expensive.)

  • It could also be beneficial to strengthen ruler-of-12 Budha in this case, because Budha = Shukra's dispositor. Budha is a friend of the lagnesha Shukra and the auspicious lord of dharma bhava; for most Thula lagna nativities, Budha is a favorable graha and the Emerald is often prescribed.

  • Avoid Ruby because Vriddhipathi-11 Surya is a badhaka lord. There is an exception which is that during Surya bhukti , Ruby can help to increase earnings. Be careful though. The earnings may come at the cost of distress in relationships, due to outsiders with ego-membrane disorders who might try to oppress one's individual genius and damage one's self-confidence (badhaka Surya).

  • However for Thula lagna, if Moon - who is capable of providing important "ordering" leadership as Karmesha* nichha-Vrischika, one may expect from wearing a remedial Pearl to experience an increase in public respect by wearing a large pearl on a silver chain, to touch the skin at the 4th-chakra point, or for a woman on her left hand ring finger, or for a man on his right hand ring finger.

Nichha Chandra can be surprisingly effective for tantric and shamanic healing, visionary penetrating insight et-cetera.

Carat weights and a reputable vendor

White sapphire * Diamond * if you choose to use it should not exceed 2 carats.

Shukra as Daityaguru , teacher of the demons, ought not to be overly empowered. Just a little flawless diamond is more than good.

The pushkaraja, pukhraj (yellow sapphire) however gets better as it gets larger.

Yellow sapphire is normally prescribed at 3 carats and higher. IMO a smaller stone can give excellent results so long as you really like it. Similar for color - if one prefers a more champagne-colored yellow sapphire, just because it looks beautiful and really appeals to your sense of natural beauty, then this natural attraction * akarshana * should override the traditional objective of the brightest, most golden yellow glow. Successful remedial action depends tremendously on how the stone feels to you, intuitively.

  • Any weight from 1.5 carats and higher for yellow sapphire will be effective. Ideally the stone should be flawless and bright yellow. Above 3 carats is desirable. 4 carats is wonderful but getting too large for a woman's gold-set ring unless one has a very large hand (and enough servants to not need to cook or clean : ))

  • Over five carats is a very large stone that would be indeed efficacious as a remedial gem, but it would need to be worn as a pendant probably because it's too large for a normal finger in practical daily life .

  • In a traditional Jyotisha ring setting where the gem must touch the skin (ideally, the setting allows maximum contact with largest possible amount of skin), the amount of gold in the setting that is necessary to hold a large stone properly against the skin is quite expensive also, and the ring becomes very heavy to wear. especially for the gem of Guru, which must be worn on the index finger, such a ring could be awkward to wear in many professional settings.

  • For a woman's hand (to be worn on the right hand index finger) the stone should be sized = 2.5-to-3.5 carats max, but for a woman's pendant (if your budget will allow) the largest flawless sapphire one can afford, set in gold to touch the heart chakra, on a gold chain.

  • Naturally, deal only with reputable Jyotisha-trained gem providers.

Q:this is just a fantasy on my part since I could never afford to purchase these splendid and glittering gems! Still, can you tell me - just for amusement - what is the size of the three gems you prescribed for my Kumbha-lagna with Ardra Chandra?


The minimum carat sizes are listed in the quotations from Dr. Kapoor on the website and in the personalized ratna recommendations.

Minimum blue sapphire = 5 carats; minimum diamond = 1.5 carats; minimum emerald size = 3 carats.

For those who might wish to combine these three beautiful gems in a single platinum or silver setting, the blue sapphire which needs to be the largest at 5+ carats is often in the center of the triple setting; with a balanced pair of diamond and emerald of 3+ carats each, attached on either side of the Nilamani.

It goes without saying that a top-quality ensemble of Nilamani+ garudazman + hira in platinum metal can be stunningly expensive, and therefore its benefits are largely available only to the holders of treasuries.

For those of us who are dealing with the karma of limited resources, it's important to know that similar benefits of wearing a magnificent pure material stone can be realized by meditating on such a stone

It is not technically required to possess the gems in material form if one does possess the meditative skills to hold a long visualization of the gem and ask for its healing rays to penetrate the mind. In fact, the exercise of gem visualization-and-hold-image is potentially much more powerful than a buy-it and forget-about-it gem.

The mind is enormously powerful. For one who sincerely wishes to obtain the ratna empowerment, the mind is a much better generator of the rays than the physical stone.

Therefore if the gems seem out of reach financially there is no need to be disappointed, as the meditative skills needed, if not already in one's possession, can be acquired through diligent practice.

Sincerely, BPL

Q:when I get the gem report can you also recommend a place where I can get the gem you are advising?

A:Namaste, For USA folk, I often recommend Jay Boyle, who is a very reputable Jyotisha jeweler in Iowa. I don't know Jay personally but he's been in business consistently for decades and I've never heard any complaints.

Folks located outside the USA might want to consult as a good source for international Jyotisha jeweler recommendations.

In particular, Richard Shaw Brown in Bangkok has a background in sacred practice, and he's been in business for a long time. His work has a high standard.

[Bill returned to Source.]

For emeralds, try asking Ron Ringsrud at

Best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

General benefits of strengthening lagnesha-1 + Vidyapthi-5, and Dharmesha-9

Wearing the correctly applied planetary gems for the 1st, 5th, and 9th bhava lords is beneficial in a general way.

However, if these three bhagya lords are already strong and there are no truly adverse graha in the nativity, a ratna might not produce much change.

Usually a specific ratna is chosen to BOTH leverage a strength and compensate for a weakness.

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

Protection from harm?

Strong Mangala = randhresha-8 for Mesha lagna = perhaps the native is a shamanistic, hunter, police detective, military special forces, tantriki, or handler of secret weapons storage. Also in this case, Mangala would be well-disposed and the native might welcome the high-stress physical and psychological challenges which would result from ramping up the imagery of bhava-8.

If Mangala is well-placed in the nativity, perhaps the native is a professional surgeon, midwife, field medic, or emergency responder who skillfully handles events caused by the sudden turning of the wheel of birth and death. Such a person will be capable of strong and positive presence at moments of extreme trauma.

During periods of Mangala, such a native might be prepared to handle some serious danger. This native would be advised to wear a large munga(pure red coral) in order to amplify the speed and intensity of the Turning of the Wheel - with the full understanding that by doing so one might end up in the"emergency room" more than once!

By contrast, the Vrizchika native possesses a weakened Mangala - e.g., in Karkata, Kanya, or Mithuna -- the mungawould not be prescribed. In Karkata, the randhresha-8 will kill his father. In Kanya, the randhresha-8 will harm his elder sibling and mentors.

In Mithuna, it is dicey - the native may be extremely gifted in police detective and forensic work due to a certain charming conversational ability and a remarkable power to write - yet, this position is dangerously self-destructive. Therefore such a native would not be advised to wear he mungaeven in a period of Mangala.

To evoke the benefits of the auspicious house, without also enflaming the undesirable house, it will be necessary to use a non-gem method such as selfless service or mantra-puja which targets only one house.

Which ratna for me?

See the sample Ratna Recommendations.

Get the best purest gems you can afford

Buy only from a highly reputable Vedic jeweler. There is plenty of information on the internet re: praise and complaints for various fraudulent or honest Vedic-style gem sellers.

One part of establishing the psychic channel is to cleanse your gem in fresh organic milk and rinse it in purified water before wearing. Then, holding and concentrating on the gem, perform the mantra given 108 times.

Pendants are OK too - especially with certain gems like pearls that touch the heart chakra with Moon energy. However pendants give disadvantage of the gem swinging and not maintaining constant skin contact unless one's clothes are rather tight-fitting.

Most important is that the Gem touches skin to stimulate psychic nerve channels as much as possible.

Q :

Can I buy the gems I see advertised as Jyotisha or"Vedic" quality remedial stones, through the internet?

A : J ay Boyle in Fairfax Iowa has been in the Jyotisha-ratna business for decades and has an excellent reputation.

Ron Ringsrud at is a knowledgeable and reputable dealer of emeralds.

I personally am a satisfied customer of Jyotish Gemologist Bill Kent in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Bill provided me with a beautiful, nearly flawless yellow sapphire which he personally examined near the sapphire mines in Shri Lanka. after properly setting and purifying the stone, a member of my family who was the recipient had good remedial results from Bill's stone.

Unfortunately, it's necessary to be quite careful when selecting your Jyotisha gem provider, because heat-treated gems sell much better than boring old pure ones! Heat-treated gems are very much the norm in our world (heat-treating cures cracks and makes color more vivid) but heat-treating destroys the healing/balancing subtle powers of gems.

It's quite a challenge to find a non-corrupt dealer who can provide quality-controlled Vedic standard gems. There are several Jyotisha purveyors in the USA who claim to offer pure stones and very likely they are honest - however, one of the best indicators of their honesty is satisfied spiritual-aspirant customers. Be sure to ask for references. Another is the spiritual practice choice or character of the vendor. If the vendor has a spiritual practice they will usually be delighted to mention it!

Because of the obstacles often faced in obtaining a pure stone, I often say when clients ask me about gems:

"For most normal folks like you and me, Authentic prayer (prayers of gratitude not petitionary prayer) and compassionate acts of service toward others are quite reasonable and likely more effective replacements for gems."

And much more affordable : )

Planetary deities simply mirror karmic forces, emotions, and psychological traits that exist within us . There is no need to propitiate outside deities idols in order to gain control over our destiny. Superstition the belief that divine powers exist only outside of ourselves - is enslaving

Certainly, it can be very helpful to enter into spiritual communication with the deities in order to gain a mirror-image of our own internal self. But there is no benefit to purchasing a yagya, yantra, mantra, idol, or other talisman in the spirit of fear or intimidation. Gems, yantra, et-cetera are only reminders, accessories, which serve to jog our memory of our own natural healing powers

Gems in particular are only effective when the gem-wearing person has performed considerable mantra at the right hour in the correct frame of mind. This ritual purification process is designed to align the person's consciousness with the particular channel that the deity occupies , to enter into spiritual partnership with that deity

The diamond or sapphire or emerald or ruby is only serving as an energy conductor/transmitter. It' s nice to have the boost from the gem *after* one has entered the spiritual partnership - rather like having a good TV antenna - but increasing one' s commitment and concentration, primarily through meditation and serving others, will have exactly the same conducting/transmitting effect.

And prayer is much more affordable!

There are of course exceptions to the rule. There are marvelous astrologer-healers who do use gems and the even-more-potent gem-waters. But these are few and far between. and The best places to look for the pure gem dealers are within religious organizations. Unfortunately, I can' t recommend anyone to you.

Here is the Planetary Gemology Assoc page, which might offer you some further info re: the traditional Vedic gem remedies and some sample vendors: and You'll see that even this business association has a blacklist of supposedly Vedic gem vendors who sell improper stones. Oy. It' s just too tempting to profit on heat-treated or synthetic stones I' m afraid.

Enjoy learning!

Question from a reader who had received conflicting Jyotisha gem prescriptions:

Q: I've read your opinions on gems with great interest; it seems you speak frankly. Sincerely, after having already paid for two gem prescriptions, and noticing that these two very much conflict, I decided to research for myself.

I am still curious about the larger truth of Vedic gem therapy. Probably it is a special secret of Jyotisha? Perhaps some Jyotishi are not well educated in gem recommendations?

I've been recommended by one source to wear coral for Mars, topaz for Jupiter; another expert said sapphire or amethyst. I don't know what to think! Should I strengthen Jupiter or Saturn? and Is it ever beneficial to strengthen a debilitated Saturn? What is your opinion?


My own experience suggests that in place of gems, a modern person receives the most reliable benefits from:

  • practicing meditation

  • eating a clean diet

  • releasing hatred from the heart and worry from the mind

  • of fering selfless service to others and prayers of praise to the deity of your heart

  • enjoying every day as a gift from divine presence

Gems are undeniably lovely but their powers are hidden. Those lacking in tantric perception (e.g. most gem dealers) will find gem-healing powers difficult to understand. So why not follow the path of the peaceful heart and allow the karma to flow our naturally, through clean life and service?

However, if you enjoy the study of Jyotisha you might want to read these books on Jyotisha Vidya regarding gems.

  • Healing through Gems by N.N. Saha (1994)

  • Gems and Astrology by G.S. Kapoor (1994)

  • The"Gemology" chapter in Vedic Remedies in Astrology by Sanjay Rath (2000?)



Gems are undeniably lovely but their powers are hidden. Those lacking in tantric perception (exempli gratia, most gem dealers) will find gem-healing powers difficult to understand. So why not follow the path of the peaceful heart and allow the karma to flow our naturally, through clean life and service? However, if you enjoy the study of Jyotisha you might want to read these books on Jyotisha Vidya regarding gems

Question from readers, regarding gemstones for Ketu:


On your website, you mention that gemstones should be used only for strengthening a weak benefic.

For malefic benefics, they should never be worn.

So, why there is a gem for Ketu (which is always malefic)? When should its gem be worn?


Professor Ketu is certainly not always malefic. Remember that Ketu is a manifestation of Shri Ganesha! and

Shri Ketu may act favorably giving deep intuition, psychic sensitivity, compassion, and ability to merge with the divine due to His natural permeability. Ketu offers many spiritual advantages when comfortably placed and aspected. Ketu is a very desirable meditation indicator in an overtly spiritual chart.

The problem with Ketu is that He is very detached from the material plane, so He gives no advantage in the" real world". His psychic sensitivity in a less benevolent chart can give mental illness and other errors. His sensitivity is often an uncomfortable personality trait in business and government, where those who rise to wealth and power need hard shells and tough egos. Ketu gives spaciousness when favorable, but spacey-ness when poorly placed.

In India folks say, if you want to do well in business, acquire fame or cintamani * mani * money or other material-plane assets, then and certainly do not place statues of Shri Ganesha at your front door (as is the pious custom in many homes). Worship, instead, a more aggressive divine energy such as Shiva.

The same reasoning applies to Shri Ketu who is after all Ganapati Himself. If you desire deep meditation and clear instructions on how to escape this vale of suffering, if you wish to develop intuitive healing powers or psychic intuition, if you are an artist hoping to deepen your imaginative creativity, then a **well-placed** Ketu might very suitably be strengthened with gemstone or mantra or compassionate service.

Hope this is helpful to you in your study of Jyotisha!


Question from a reader regarding invocation of divine attention when applying a gemstone:

Q: When wearing it for the first time on the proper day and time, should you recite the proper mantra? even if you practice a different faith like say Islam?

o r should you say a small prayer in your faith before wearing the gem for the first time?

A: thanks for and your excellent question about applying a Jyotisha remedial gemstone.

Always stay and true to the form of divine love which you know in your heart

If you practice Islam, then yes please do address your prayer of gratitude for the fortune you have received in acquiring this gem, to the familiar name for divine intelligence which guides your Islamic Consciousness

If you practice a Christian tradition, please address your gratitude to the glory of the deities and saints who guide your spiritual awareness.

In the Jewish tradition, please address your prayer to the One who gives All.

In the Hindu/Indus/Saraswati/Vedic traditions, the proper mantra will be addressed to the guiding spirits identified in that diverse legacy.

One who knows the Ancestor Traditions will want to offer praise and gratitude for the beneficence of the guiding family ancestors.

Practicing Buddhists will want to shape their prayer of gratitude to match their highest awareness.

Those most suited to * worth-ship * worship within the Nature Traditions will invoke the deity of their heart.

As your spiritual awareness expands, you will learn to recognize the presence of many, many guiding forces that surround and protect us here on Earth.

However, there will always be One special, intimate relationship with a particular form of divine consciousness that makes us feel most deeply loved and cared for. In Sanskrit this special divine love partner is called the Ishta-devata" or the Divinity Within one's heart. Use the name of that divine protector whom you recognize most intimately

That is the name which safeguards you while it resonates warmly in your heart.

Q: Will a Jyotisha reading, combined with a gem or yagya prescription, aid my journey through a difficult Shani bhukti ?



I do sometimes recommend remedial gems, with the caveat that Vedic gems must be 'pure' and properly energized to have effect. I am less inclined toward yagyas, but if the person has a good relationship with a reputable priest in India I do not oppose the method.

Ultimately I prefer that the native accept personal responsibility for their situation, and commit to a healing practice of meditation and service to those less fortunate (" seva "). I believe that forgiveness and intelligent awareness of the power of one's own expectations, shaped by childhood experience and education, are more reliable tools for remediating life karma.

In particular I discourage superstition, which is a victim's choice to put the power outside oneself (super v= above, stit = position or standing). Many of us were raised or educated to view life as a process which happens "to" us; unfortunately this is a victim view. The correct view is that we are empowered creators of our own situation

We create every moment of our life experience through projecting our subconscious expectations upon the blank movie screen of our perceptions. Therefore, observing the intricate process of that projection will eliminate karma of powerlessness, victimization, stuckness, and enslavement very quickly. Superstition is the best way to sustain bondage to old habits, exhaustion, and fear.

Jyotisha readings can help outline the pattern of subconscious expectations and predict which expectation will manifest at points on the timeline. However, the power to change one's experience of this timeline lies entirely within the individual. Subconscious expectation is extremely strong and has built up through many lifetimes. The probability of our making massive, revolutionary changes to these deeply established patterns is relatively small. That's why Jyotisha is such an accurate predictor of what will happen "to" a person: the patterns are set over eons of incarnation, and the person is very much accustomed to allowing the patterns to play out without conscious interruption. However, if the person is spiritually inclined (rare, but possible) they might be interested in starting to make a few small changes.

The best way to start chipping away at the massive accrual of fear and resistance which characterize any Shani bhukti , is to accept responsibility for managing one's own mind. It is indeed very difficult to drive a wedge between the mind and its expectations

Probably the single best method for getting empowerment during a Shani bhukti is not a gem or a yagya, but rather doing service for the less fortunate. Ideally, choose a service practice directed toward those who are only slightly less fortunate than oneself - not too different from oneself, who are suffering the same type of oppression as oneself, only slightly more intense and disabling.

For example if one is having problems regarding cintamani * mani * money (typical of Scarcity Shani) then it makes sense to choose to serve those suffering a worse experience of scarcity - and observe how their negative expectations (fears) cause them to make the same scarcity-ensuring choices, repeatedly

Shani sends a fearful signal from the reptile brain which says "there isn't enough!" It is possible to interrupt that signal, but only after one has seen objectively how it operates in other people. So, choose to serve some dramatically poor people and watch their repeating habits!

If one is having relationship or connection problems (another hallmark of Shani) choose to serve those who are more lonely, more isolated, or more paralyzed. Observe how they are afraid to make connections, then claim that some outside force (excessive duty or busyness, low rank, ugliness, some form of unapproachability) blocks their power.

Shani is about power blocks, negative expectations, fear. It is not easy to release habitual fear but it is *possible,* mainly through self-awareness and accepting responsibility (not guilt!) for one's own projections.

It seems very unlikely that any type of superstitious practice, in which one grants the remedial power to an outside person or object (priest, magical diagram, or gem) will remove deeply embedded personal subconscious fears. Only consciousness can take charge of the mind and begin to manage it.

However, during the management skills training process, I do believe that a practice of"reminding" oneself of Shani's presence will be helpful

Wearing dark blue clothes, and

wearing jewelry of lapis lazuli or blue topaz set in silver (ritually empowered or not, remember these are mental-note type of reminders not magical objects) and

writing with dark blue ink and

decorating the responsibility wall of one's home (according to Feng Shui rules) with dark blue (almost black, but still blue) and

enjoying deep, dark blue religious images in any religious tradition:

  • And visual images of Shri Krishna in His darkest-darkest blue complexion;


  • sacred calligraphy painted with lapis-azuli pigments in mosques

  • deep blues robes of Christ, Virgin Mary, or the Saints

  • darkest blue Bhaisajyaguru Medicine Budhha

  • deep blue textiles, paints, and glass tints in sacred Jewish environments

  • painted and infused blues in native, druidic, pagan, and indigenous traditions worldwide and

  • gazing into the deepest blue waters in your local natural environment (often a very deep pool in nature) and

... all of these and any other opportunities to choose beautiful, sacred or delightful reminders of Shani's presence , aid appreciation of Shani's power to create Enlightenment. (unburdening of our attachment to fear)

Ratana are useful where appropriate but only as an aid to consciousness

Selfless service is much more powerful to alleviate karmic struggle with fear than any other remedy. There is always someone struggling worse than oneself who can exemplify the habits we are at the moment, trying to break. This is why conscious service is so empowering for the person who undertakes it!

Jyotisha Jewelers in North America:

Metals for setting Jyotisha remedial ratna:


  • Because nickel is hard and strong and fairly inexpensive, it is used in many of the metal alloys that hold gems in rings and pendants.
  • The problem is that many people are allergic to nickel in gem settings. In excessive amounts, nickel can make the skin turn green.
  • In small amounts mixed with other metals, nickel can be very helpful to prevent brittleness and breakage of metal gem settings.

"925" Sterling silver - for Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire

  • In the US and some other lands, sterling silver is sometimes stamped".925", because sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.
  • In .925 sterling, copper could be replaced by another alloy, but usually .925 is majority silver + minority copper.
  • Sterling silver contains no nickel.


  • Non-nickel metal that is available to the consumer in a variety of colors, mainly purple and green but also many pinks and blues. Niobium gets colored by dipping it into an electrically charged bath.

"White Gold"

for Yellow Sapphire, Natural Pearl

sometimes used for Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire

  • Often contains nickel. 'White gold' = an alloy of gold (aurum) and other white metals such as nickel, copper, manganese or palladium.
  • Goldsmiths sometimes craft gold-palladium alloys for white-gold gemstone settings. They can add copper (cuprum), silver (argentum) or platinum to the base gold, for purposes of beauty or durability.
  • 90% gold and 10% nickel is a common formulation. It is pretty and strong. Adding copper brings warmer tone.
  • White gold is a term that is very loosely defined: ask your goldsmith what combination they are using for your setting.

Common Mixes

  • gold-palladium-silver alloy (whitening)
  • gold-nickel-copper-zinc alloy (whiten-brighten)


  • an electro-plate metal . Inexpensive, shiny, durable.

14-karat yellow gold

for Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral, Natural Pearl

  • 58% gold (aurum) + 25% silver (argentum) + 17% copper (cuprum).

"Surgical Stainless Steel" - for Blue Sapphire (Shani )

  • called 316L or 316LVM or SSS
  • used for body piercings; 316L is sterile
  • 316LVM is even more pure and allergy prone persons prefer it

Tungsten = Tungsten Carbide

  • Tungsten + Carbon = Tungsten Carbide. It is very hard; the only thing that can scrath Tungsten Carbide = Diamond! Naturally after it has been polished, tungsten will not get scratched.
  • grey color and extreme hardness make it suitable for Shani-ratna. However, it is quite expensive.
  • in the west, due to its masculine color and quality of durability-longevity-unbreakableness that represents the marriage vow = a favorite for men's wedding rings

Q: I heard that L2 and L7 are known as maraka graha, so would there be any problems in the future if I wear yellow sapphire because of my L2.

A: Maraka empowerment of gems

Despite what superstitious believers may fear, gemstones do not have the power to kill people.

However, negative electro-magnetic initiating thoughts do have the power to kill people

The graha which rulesbhava-2 treasuries and Hoards (dhanapati-2) also rules the House of Death (dhanapati-2) and the House of the family history(dhanapati-2). The dhanapati-2 graha represents a broad field of thoughts which affects the materialization of these outcomes and much more that is represented by dhana-bhava.

  • If a person's electro-magnetic initiating thoughts are positive and creative the dhanapati-2 can encourage the development of treasuries

  • If the person's thoughts are negative and frustrated, the maraka rules-2 can encourage the development of death.

Positive or negative character of the dhanapati-2 determines whether the ratna is prescribed

Your dhanapati-2 = Brihaspati = generally a positive, friendly, and gainful graha. Therefore IMO the Guru-ratna, a pushkarajaratna, "pukhraj" (yellow sapphire) is warranted

In some other nativity, the dhanapati-2 might be a difficult or dangerous graha, for example, Mesha-Shani. In that sort of nativity, it would not be recommended to wear the gem for the dhanapati-2 because the thoughts which fuel the manifestation of all the various outcomes associated with bhava-2 are predominantly negative per the nichha papagraha dhanapati-2.

Amplification of existing thoughts only

The power of the ratna is a psychic power similar to a signal-amplifier in a transmission station, such as a network router. The ratna only transmits, repeats, and amplifies one's existing electro-magnetic initiating thoughts

If the basic thoughts are good, the material outcome will be good

You are lucky to have some good thought-producing planets to work with!

Makara graha and fleshdeath timing and predictions

In Jyotisha prediction, the stronger one of the two maraka graha + dhanapati-2 or yuvatipathi-7 , is expected to provide the Vimshottari dasha timing for permission to leave this earthly vale

In your nativity, the highly gifted uttama-Zukra in vidyasthana-5 signifying the human radiant expression of divine intelligence is very strong. The Ketu/Shukra period your age 91-93 will double the effects of your yuvatipathi-7 Shukra, therefore age 91-93 is the time period that is most likely to signify the end of life

However, if you decide when you reach that honorable age that you still have more fun things to do here on earth, it is only a matter of concentrated thought to further extend the life toward a specific and positive purpose.

Q :

Hello Barbara, ... I know few things about my chart which was told by my family priest However I have no strong and effective remedies available to overcome these problems. Do you think, astrology has that power which can help us in reducing the effect of malefic planets and dosha? At the moment, I am struggling on every front in my life. Life is just one step forward and two backwards.

A: Namaste. Thanks for asking a very good question about traditional Jyotisha remedies.

The traditional material-object remedies of Jyotishavidya do not have the power to reduce the effect of so-called malefic graha. The testing graha have a job to do. They are educators and examiners. Preventing or diverting this learning sequence would be contradictory to the purpose of the learning curriculum.

Jyotishavidya is an interpretive framework through which the larger structure of the curriculum can be viewed. Jyotisha remedial technology is neither intended nor able to change the course of fate. Rather, skillful use of sacred stones, mantra, and other energy organizers can engage the attention and thereby improve opportunities for developing consciousness in regard to the perceived obstacles. With the help of Jyotishavidya, the learning objective may become better understood and perhaps more intelligently managed.

One's circumstances in life are the school. This school building can appear foggy, hostile, frightening, or delightful and glorious, depending on the eyes which are viewing it. As one learns and grows in wisdom, the school-of-life may become an interesting and friendly place. However, there are inevitable events of sadness, sorrow, and despair.

These dark realities are essential to learning. They are not to be prevented but rather understood. Therefore, in terms of material ability to change the mental objects which constitute so-called reality, Jyotisha remedies themselves cannot change anything. The remedies can influence

Jyotishavidya sacred-stone prescriptions similarly do not have the power to remove the effect of malefic graha, planetary"dosha", and purported curses.

How Pure Gems Work

Graha-ratna, in my view, possess a radio-crystal type capability to repeat subtle subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. Flawless gems, strategically placed at major junctures along the psychic nerve system (chakra points, nadi points, chi points, marma points) can function as signal-repeaters similar to a cell-phone transmission tower or a wireless internet router

  • The gem must touch the skin (which is the interface between the psychic and physical nervous systems) and it must be set in a pure metal such as gold, silver, or platinum, to realize its signal-repeating capabilities.

Karma * As Above, So Below

Humans, at birth, carry in a great deal of reactive baggage from parallel lives . This great bundle of historic (but largely unconscious) memory is commonly called karma * the obligation to perform action-and- reaction.

  • The Law (or map) of interactive Karma is represented by the map of the graha in our solar system * Ra (and perhaps beyond). As above, so below.

  • Therefore a Jyotisha nativity can be an accurate map of the thoughts, beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams, and expectations which a person brings into this life, and which dictate the course of one's life path.

Remedial Ratna * As Above, So Below

Flawless, properly energized through mantra and ritual cleansing, remedial ratna can amplify and clarify the esoteric signals emanating from the graha at a great distance, which are exactly matched by the thought-belief-signals emanating from one's own conscious-subconscious.

Awake or Asleep

The vast majority of human expectations and beliefs are subconsciously held. Very few people "wake up" during life to realize that one is generating one's own reality precisely according to one's own mental and psychic practices. Precisely according to the map of the heavens. But, luckily for us, there are a few in each generation who do wake up and they do guide the rest of us out of our foggy slumber...

  • In any case, whether the person is awake or asleep , remedial ratna can function as signal-repeaters to amplify and clarify the implicit and explicit beliefs and thoughts of the native . Certainly we would not want to amplify negative beliefs, which will then generate negative consequences on the material plane.

  • Therefore graha for temporal challenger papagraha are never prescribed, and for natural challenger papagraha remedial ratna are prescribed only when a natural challenger papagraha (such as Kuja) might be doing a very good job in the nativity (such as for Karkata lagna, when Yogakaraka Kuja could, in some placements, act in a beneficial way for leadership or war-heroism, etc.).

  • Ideally only gems for benefic graha should be worn, and those considered quite carefully before choosing.

Positive Flooding

  • Your question is about overcoming uncomfortable influences.

  • One possible approach is to "flood" the negative mentality with positive belief and expectation.

The power of flooding with prayer is well-known - the person simply prays constantly, with a single thought in mind, until that thought manifests. This works great if the person is not also in denial about holding the opposite negative thought. For example, declaring I want to be rich and then hating all rich people! Of course that boomerangs.

Think: I love and appreciate wealth, and I am filled with gratitude for The treasuries with which I have already been blessed.

The fastest route to material wealth starts from mental convictions. Inspect the paradigm of belief! Be careful mentally to avoid a tamasic tendency (which all humans have) to take things for granted. EVERYTHING has value.

Look around and take inventory of the extraordinary wealth that is already tangibly present in one's life. Make a list.

Material treasuries of family members, teachers, house and school, the spectacular blessing of a physical body, a balanced and healthy brain to operate it : ) books and oral traditions, internet and popular songs that tell stories, one's power of language,

cash cintamani * mani * money , vehicles (even the privilege to ride on a motorized vehicle is a big blessing and most people in the world get this rarely); animals and plants, food and drink...

The list is huge.

Puja: Make a list of nine items of treasure in one's life. Place the list upon one's altar and say 'thank you'. (Prayer of gratitude.)

Do this every day for nine days.

Malefic does not cancel Malefic, but rather increases it

One could try to negate malefic, evil electro-magnetic initiating thoughts such as jealousy and anger, by choosing a super-powerful benefic graha-ratna, and see good effects through flooding the psychic nerve system with positive signals.

However one cannot directly remove ignorance with ignorance, one cannot remove the karma of greed or hatred by wearing the stone for the planet which is the matching thought-generator for greed or hatred (probably Shani or Kuja). That is why I do not prescribe gems for the 'papa-graha' or for the lord of any dushtamsha. Such a malefic repeater would fill one's mind with dark thoughts and make things much worse.

Similarly, talismans and other superstitious objects (there are thousands to pick from) are all extremely false and misleading, since their power is claimed to ward off outside evil. For better or worse, evil does not originate 'outside' a person. All evil consequences are the direct result of one's own thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. Again, sadly, few people are much aware of the inventory of one's own beliefs, and most people live in a fearful and deluded state, believing that things happen"to" them, throughout life.

Value of talismans, other superstitious objects

I do think talismans, magic charms, relics of saints, golden statues et-cetera. - all the pretty jewelry of superstitious belief systems - are very good to use as REMINDERS. A lucky charm might be very handy as a reminder to keep a solemn holy vow, or to stay true to one's higher principles in a moment of hot temptation. My own house is full of holy pictures

But the native should never be tricked into believing that the object possesses any independent power, whatsoever. The only thing that has any power in this life is the Human Mind.

Releasing negative expectation

Ultimately, the person who wishes to reduce the effect of malefic graha in one's Jyotisha nativity must accept responsibility for having acquired the negativity in the first place. Usually it was acquired in parallel lives which are difficult to remember. Therefore, simply accepting responsibility in a general way, without needing to get back into the details of previous lives, seems to be the best approach.

Mature adult responsibility

Taking responsibility for one's own moral development is not the same as accepting guilt or living in sorrow for past actions

Actually, when one has karmicly matured to the point of being able to perceive that one's own expectations are indeed what is creating the unfoldment of karma, and nothing else - then -- the act of accepting responsibility for purifying one's thoughts is a moment of great liberation! Definitely not the bondage of guilt, or the slavery of superstition.


Sorry, that was rather a long answer to your simple question. The short answer is that no, gem remedies will not counteract subconsciously held negative expectations. However, graha-ratna, properly applied, will indeed amplify the positive, beneficial expectations which are matched by the rays of benefic graha.

Talismans, rituals, superstitious objects and practices, can never have any effect on evil. Evil arises only from negative expectations stored in a person's belief system.

Superstitious objects can serve as helpful and (if they are artistic) beautiful reminders of one's own committed intent to practice compassionate, moral behavior, with the ultimate aim of freeing oneself from karmic bondage altogether. However, usually, superstitious objects perpetuate the ignorant and quite harmful viewpoint that evil is something"outside" oneself.

Divine Intelligence - a conscious choice

There is only one creative power in life, and that is the power of Divine Intelligence which runs like healing water through the human mind. If the Divine Intelligence is given full conscious attention, evil thoughts (such as fear, worry, rage, jealousy) will be greatly diminished. Becoming a source of spiritual light by constant focus on good electro-magnetic initiating thoughts and well-wishing toward others, the person may find they become completely free of worry and want on the material plane.

  • Gems can be moderately helpful in amplifying that quota of positive beliefs and expectations imported at birth. But IMO, selfless service and sincere prayer, undertaken as a conscious adult, can have a deeper and more life-changing effect. Plus, seva is free!

Hope this viewpoint is helpful! If you are struggling personally (as most of us are!) this wonderful, plain-English book may assist in understanding the mechanics of creating reality: "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind " by Joseph Murphy (PhD). [ISBN-10: 0735204314 ]

All the best,

BPL, Jyotisha

Q: Namaskar: and do gems effect the person who wears it and simultaneously the partner of that person?

My partner has Yogakaraka hani, and blue sapphire is the best gemstone for her. For me, Shani-ratna is a dangerous gem. So when we are associated, will not the blue sapphire negatively affect me or the red coral I am wearing affect her?

A: Traditionally Gems worn by one person do not directly affect the bodies of their spouses or close companions.

The gem, having been properly purified with mantra and sunlight, placed on the body of the human at the correct time of the solar day, and worn with intention to live a holy life, will affect only the signals conducted through the psychic nadi channels of the energetic body of the person who is wearing the stone. The effective range of a 3-6 carat gem is very small, affecting only one chakra point of one human body usually

However, the re are some spectacularly large crystals which do have much larger auras or signal-repeating fields, and those large crystals do affect large groups of people.

Q : respected madam, first of all I would like to thank u from deepest core of my heart, for or help, advice and guidance, as u have written about me wearing flawless ruby and blue sapphire after oct 2009 .

i totally am convinced and looking forward to wear these gem stones,but I went online to see how much they cost,and I was stunned by the prices,my question is will I have that much money to buy these gemstones ever, going through very hard days of my life from last 9 to 10 years. nothing much.

Once again thanking you

A : Namaste. If the gems are too expensive (yes the cost is stunning!) that is no problem. Exactly the same beneficial results can be obtained through Seva, or charitable service. The results of offering service to those less fortunate are much better than with gems.

Your main financial strength occurs during Shani Mahadasha, beginning when you are 52 years old. You will be OK until then, but probably not a rich man until the Shani bhukti starts. So, Seva is the superior option for you. Anything that feels blocked in your life, look for those for whom it is blocked a little bit worse.

For example, if you feel that your career position is too low but you can't muster the energy to find a better job, consider offering job-finding service (such as preparing letters of introduction or recommendation) to those who have even lower positions and usually lack the skills to find a better job.

What happens is that one begins to see the lower people's negative thought patterns, which are actually preventing them from moving toward their goals. What they are doing in a big way, you are doing in a small way * and the good news is that once you can identify the problem in one's own thinking, by watching the mirror of those who have it worse * it is surprisingly easy to fix.

So, please do not be disheartened at the huge cost of gems. Seva is a much more effective method and easily available. Indeed, it is free except for the cost of your time.

All the best, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q : A s you can see from Chandra + Shukra in the ari bhava of my kundali, plus the notorious Rahu in radix lagna, I have been struggling with a flesh-weight issue in the physical body for a long time. Is there a gemstone or a puja that could help me to reduce the body weight? Should I be wearing a larger carat weight of gemstone proportional to my larger body size?

A Parashara : Chandra in Kumbha in bhava-6 yuti Shukra can lead to nervous disorders, in particular eating disorders motivated by Shukra' s sensual instincts to assuage the deep frustrations of life with easily available but naturally short-term sensual pleasures. Because Shani casts a regulatory drishti upon your nervous sixth house, application of a Nilam (blue sapphire) may increase personal discipline, allowing the native to accept some of the conflict which the mind is trying to numb.

Self-compassion and an attitude of non-blaming will be essential to success. In particular, since Kumbha rules both Chandra and bhava-6, acupuncture treatment may be successful with medical imbalances-seeking-a-remedy.

  • Size of gemstones is not related to the size of the physical body. Gemstones are astral signal-repeaters which work on the more subtle channels of the astral body. the outer boundary of the astral body for a normal person is about six inches past the end of the kinesphere" ", just past the fingertips when arms are spread widest side-to-side.

  • However, the aura (egg-shaped energy field of the astral body) of a person who is world-famous, and on the front page of every news media every day, is literally world-wide. Their Jyotisha prescriptions must be highly specialized. These world figures often need very large ratna. Luckily, in their high-profile positions, they can usually afford the tremendous cost of the world' s best gemstones.

BTW, if you choose to explore an acupuncture approach to body weight management (and this is likely to succeed due to Kumbha = 6) please remove any Jyotisha remedial ratna before receiving the acupuncture treatment .

After the acupuncture is finished for the day, put the ratna back on. Repeat this pattern with every treatment. The gems will probably work more effectively after your subtle electrical channels have been cleared by the acupuncture. The two therapies, remedial ratna and acupuncture, utilize the same subtle electrical frequency"bandwidth", and they can be paired to bring ultimately more beneficial results -- but do remove the repeaters ( ratna) while you are getting your channels cleared.

Q : (Both the native and his beloved aspire toward professional growth in the film/media entertainment industry.)

Venus and Moon together rule films and media arts. If I go through my D-9 chart, Venus is nichha there. Does this suggest the partner's struggle in getting film work? Correction of Venus by wearing a White Sapphire or Moon-stone help here?

A: nichha-Zukra

  1. correct the thoughts which are unconsciously driving the behavior

  2. then apply the stone as a reinforcement to the vow

Be cautious of trying to 'correct' nichha-Zukra via wearing of white sapphire.

Yes a diamond is the appropriate gem remedy, but the underlying psychological imagery is powerful, and the imagery should be corrected/acknowledged BEFORE applying the gem.

The nature of nichha-Zukra in the mind is that one cannot access one's own beauty due to excess mentalism in the wrong perceptual compartment. bantering Budha's critical, analytical intelligence has damaged Shukra's holistic, sensual apprehension of and beauty.

The visual and moral attractiveness is subject to prolonged and repeating lessons or it may be destroyed.

When Shukra is empowered, one's experience of being attracted to beauty occurs in the moment of perceiving a balanced whole. One with nichha-Zukra destroys the unified, balanced design of beauty by over-analyzing the whole into its component parts. The inappropriate, past-life baggage behavior is self-criticism and self-abnegation, which is really an insult to the divine love of beauty... especially the beauty of women. In some parallel life , being attractive got the native into a considerable amount of polarizing catalysis! One was too attractive, too beautiful (or so it seemed) and one said to oneself on the death-bed: "I will never allow myself to be or be seen as that much beautiful, ever again!" Of course this is over-reacting, but the mind has remembered it and the old thought habits will continue to repeat until they are consciously reverse.

Luckily this situation can be corrected with attention to one's own karmic action-reaction pattern and specifically a tendency to be frightened of one's own attractiveness and to mistreat women through criticizing their appearance.

FFor women, the lady does not believe she is beautiful/attractive, and she finds company with other women who also suffer low self-esteem and who engage in destructive criticism. There is a tendency to over-analyze toward the humiliating result of "sexual attraction * akarshana * is just about anatomical sex acts "and on that self-belief to slip into prostitution.

  • In severe cases only but the logic is clear: one has mentally reduced something exquisite and intangible. nichha-Zukra reasons that love, which is the wholistic perception of beauty and deep attraction * akarshana * between the partners, is nothing more than the sum of its mechanical parts (cintamani * mani * money , sex, hormones, pleasure-drugs). This faulty reasoning damages one's experience of human love and furthermore every glance into the mirror is an experience of low self-esteem and pain

For the man, he is attracted to women with anxiety about their essential beauty. Their low-self-esteem can drive them into prostitution, drug addiction, and harming other women.

The key problem is over-analyzing the perception of beauty. Each person is perfectly beautiful in their soul, and the body is the material image of the soul. Therefore, the tendency to criticize and break-apart the perception of beauty via mentalizing must be addressed behaviorally.

  • Feminine-figures take the consecrating vow to refrain from criticizing herself, and then to release any desire to criticize or destructively analyze the beauty of other women. She must commit to a state of neutrality in her mentalizing behaviors.

  • Masculine-figures take a sacred vow of never mistreating or belittling the value or attractiveness of a feminine-figure. He should know that he is karmicly attracted to women who suffer from low self-esteem, or women who are agents of dramatic polarizing catalysis, and that it is his own insecurity about his attractiveness which he is projecting upon the women in his environment.

If this level of awareness and commitment to manage the karma has been achieved, then the subconsciously negative images which are being transmitted through the signal-repeater function of the Hira will gradually transform into positive images.

If the vow is established, it becomes potentially beneficial to apply the white sapphire. Once the committed intentional changes in karmic action-reaction have been established, and the native is attending to one's karmic responsibilities, then the remedial gem can be applied.

On a Friday, set in silver, after the gem has been properly energized through mantra, and after meditation on Lakshmi-Saraswati-Parvati in request for their support in finding luxurious beauty, in this world.

Luxmi = luxury.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: How can I tell if this gem suits me? I've heard of a woman who uses an electric machine to gauge whether the gems are working or not. Reluctant to spend the money on a dud.

A: most people can tell without machinery whether or not a gem is personally suitable. The cut stone should have a specific vibration, a very subtle humming, that is unmistakable when the gem touches one's skin.

Although, if one has not felt that before, it is rather hard to describe. Perhaps like a tiny electrical shock, but a nice one. Most folks call it a state of enhanced well-being or something similar.

All crystals are signal transmitters but the fine gems are quite high throughput on a narrow-channel (analogous to 'fiberoptic') and one should be able to tell rather directly whether it is conducting the signal.

Some jewelers will allow gem returns under specific conditions if the gem is not working. I don't have a business relationship with any of these suppliers and don't therefore know their policies, but please do ask when you are making the purchase whether insured returns are permitted and under what conditions.

Colors for Clothing

Q: Hello and Happy New year!Ma'am

Concerning the trinal rulers from udaya lagna and chandra lagna,would it be beneficial to wear colored clothing associated with the graha of these houses?

SSay, saturn rules 5th house from Virgo rashi, so it will be good to wear black or dark blue?

Or for leo rashi,yellow since jupiter rules the 5th house.

Thank you for your time.

A: Namaste,

It would probably be much more beneficial to offer charitable service to those in need, to educate oneself so as to be able to lead others with dignity, and to maintain a spirit of gratitude toward the gift of life.

However, in a broad psychic sense, you are right about the colors. The colors of the clothing in which one generally looks best will correspond to the colors of the gems for the lords of the auspicious houses of the Jyotisha nativity. For example most of the monks who wear red-orange and orange robes have a strong placement of Guru, the graha of true religion.

Bhakta yogi types who and favor white clothes have strong placements for Shukra and Chandra.

I have a very strong Surya and I am a teacher upon whose visage and dozens of students must gaze, each day. Naturally I wear a good deal of red and other bright-bright colors. I know that my Jyotisha nativity supports the choice of bright red (and bright things in general, matching the brilliant energy of Surya.) Yet I steer away from orange, the color of Guru, because Brihaspati is the lord of the maha-dushtamsha in my nativity. Not surprisingly, and orange color looks ghastly and against my skin-tone.

of course, wearing auspicious colors, which make one feel happy and attractive, is fun! Yet, the main goal of choosing colors, gems, auspicious times, etc. is to perform well in service to others.

The main purpose of choosing clothing (presuming one has a choice) is to bring visual and psychic happiness to others. Dress respectfully in pleasant arrangements. It is recommended to choose colors for personal dress which are flattering to one's complexion and which bring a feeling of cheerfulness and grace into the social environment.

The colors which match the lords of the 5th-from any important lagna (including radix, chandra, and the navamsha lagna) will be beneficial. Color and design in costume can bring much pleasure to life, but and please do keep the ultimate purpose in mind.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: I have been told by some other astrologers not to wear any Jyotisha ratna on my fingers. Rather, I am supposed to wear them only in a pendant chain hung around my neck. Why?

A: Your Kanya-lagna kundali with an rogesha-6 Shani-Simha can signify a risk for heart disease, esp. stroke. It' s possible that the consulting Jyotishi is trying to maximize the heart-touching benefit of reducing some of the psychic hardness of your heart, due to past-life jealousy (6) or due to resentment of the creative intelligence of another.

  • Placing the pendant directly on the Anahata (4th) chakra at the heart-center is always a good idea, because the heart-chakra functions like a" switchboard" that dispatches sub-particulate astral signaling throughout the subtle nerve network of the astral body.

  • Also, in practical terms, many western men do not want to wear jewelry. Rings may interfere with their costume or job performance. in certain cultural settings, gemstone-jewelry may look too feminine. As a result, there is a broad habit of prescribing pendants for men in preference to rings, overall.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: If we adhere to the rules and regulations for wearing them do you think these will have a major benefic affect in the person's life?

A: the gems can function as subtle signal-repeaters similar to the repeater switches in cell-phone towers. The original signal is the person's thought. Since we are have many thoughts, there is a great deal of traffic in the mind.

We can choose to emphasize a particular positive thought in many ways.

  • Meditation upon a loving deity is an excellent method of bringing more love and wisdom into one's life. Mantra is extremely effective if regularly practiced. One may wish to remind oneself of higher values and support the spiritual practice of others by making donations to the less fortunate, and by tithing to temples. If consciously intentional, these methods will reinforce one's intention to live the most spiritual life possible.

  • One may also select a gemstone intentionally, coordinated with the Jyotisha nativity.

  • The gemstone will function as a signal-repeater and intensify the"pulse" of one's preferred electro-magnetic initiating thoughts. Also the visual reminder of the stone upon one's finger or other chakra point serves as a daily reminder of the intent.

The important thing is not the ratna; the important thing is the intention. The ratna are only one method, albeit a quite effective one, of intentionally amplifying a subset of one's thoughts in order to bring the most positive expectations forward into manifestation in this life.

Q: Can I wear a diamond for my Thula lagna while at the same time wearing the mungafor my Mesha Moon, during my Chandra Mahadasha ?

I found a beautiful red coral (it has actually been in my family for some decades) and would like to have the setting adjusted to fit me. May I know, your view on whether Zukra-ratna and Mangala-ratna can be worn at the same time?

A: It's a good idea to keep the diamond separate from the red coral. One way to do that is to wear the red coral as a pendant to touch the heart chakra, while the diamond may be better suited to wear as a finger ring.

  • Diamond channel is the cool lunar left side of the central nadi core,"ida" whereas Mangala-ratna channel is the hot solar right side "pingala".

  • Mangala and Shukra are mutually neutral graha so it's OK to wear both gems but they should be spaced -- e.g. diamond on left h coral on right hand, or diamond on hand with coral on heart.

  • This arrangement can produce quite comfortable and pleasing results when Shukra and Mangala are in mutual trines within the Jyotisha nativity.

Hope this is helpful,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

ganesha_black.jpgQ:: Thanks for your advice on size of the Diamond for my treasury house. I'm really trying to get the family business going after my family allowed it to languish for nearly a decade.

I understand the other prescriptions but I have a question about Vaidurya. A priest recommended that I should wear a Ketu-ratna. Do you think wearing Cat's Eye might be of any benefit to me?

A:: It depends what you want out of life. Ketu is a manifestation of Shri Ganesha, remover of obstacles. If you want to detach and disconnect from materialistic impediments to progress upon the spiritual path to merger with the divine, then Ketu ratna will be very helpful in surrender, detachment, and emotional abandonment of outdated relationships.

Ketu like His progenitor Shri Ganesha is an anti-materialistic force. If you want an increase of material income as noted above, then the graha which facilitates separation from material attachments is probably not a good choice.

Chrysoberyl is very good for spiritual studies, vows of poverty or celibacy, maintaining sannyas etc. Naturally, Ketu-ratna is Not good for accumulations of material value which are normally sought in business and marriage.

Q: It seems like every time I put on my favorite manika ring (which has been handed down the generations in my family) I suddenly start attracting lots of attention! People bring me gifts wrapped in red foil papers, I am invited to theatre events, and the flashbulbs start popping!

A: I myself am usually skeptical when folks report an immediate material result from the application of a remedial gemstone. I believe the effects are generally much more subtle, as the gemstones work on the psychic nerve network which itself reinforces existing psycho-mental imagery, and those images then propel the native toward a more confident execution of desired results.

Gems, similar to bhasma (sacred ash), are very subtle astral-image-enhancing agents. It seems superstitious to me to make a direct and immediate connection between a subtle originating vibration and a gross material action; since there are many intermediate phases which must be processed before a gem can produce a material outcome; and those steps normally take time.

Still, there's really no such thing as a random connection. Everything is linked (synchronicity). If you notice a connection, it might be that the Ruby (which as you say has a good deal of family energy in it, and your family are politically well-connected) is serving as a (subconscious) signal to you.

Donning the Ruby may be step-3 or step 4 of a process which started in your subconscious intentions. The very act of choosing to put on the Manika ring says that you are feeling celebratory and center-stage (Suraja) and the scope of your drama includes receiving red-foil wrap giftsand dining in see-and-be-seen clubs and restaurants.

In the end, it's the same analysis: the Ruby is helping to reinforce a personal image or intention which is already there.

It's not a superstitious kind of magic but rather the"ordinary magic" of acting out our clear personal intentions rather than trying to channel the energy of other people's thoughts and ideas. When we act with personal authenticity (Suraja) the creative intelligence is empowered and wishes become reality without obstruction.

Q: For the pendant, I understand the setting should be gold. Does the chain on which the pendant hangs have to be gold as well?


Namaste, yes,: ideally, the chain should also be made from gold. But more pragmatically, the chain should be strong enough to hold the pendant without fear of breaking apart, during your normal daily activities.

Ask your jeweler what the best metal mix would be for the chain to reliably hold the weight of the pendant that you design. It is essential to buy from a reputable Jyotisha-trained jeweler. (Be especially cautious of fraud in the Rahu-intensive lands of opportunity, India and the Indian diaspora) .

Q: If a ring is used, I noticed that there are differences in which finger to wear the combined gemstones (ex pearl and coral) and wondered what to do if it is combined in a 1 ring.

A: Yes, that's a good question. To adjudicate the finger-digit choice, consider which of the stones is stronger for your purpose. Red Coral is recommended for index (first) finger or fourth (pinkie) finger; whilst pearl is normally assigned to the"ring" finger which is third-from-thumb or second-from-pinkie.

  • For your purposes,, the Red Coral is most supportive for health and vitality. Therefore one of the Mangala fingers should be chosen.
  • Red coral = munga-ratana = tends to be larger in size, and they are rather less overwhelmingly expensive than most other Jyotisha primary gems so bigger often feels better. Therefore, the index finger is the best choice for this combination ring, in your case.

A Jyotisha-savvy jeweler can often help with these decisions as well. The main thing is to make sure that the jewels are pure and that the metal setting is comfortable, solidly constructed, and wearable throughout your normal daily activities.

Q: Regarding the day of week and time of day; if I wear 2 gemstones like pearl and coral; since each gemstone has a different day and time instructed, should I follow the instructions for 1 of the gems then set the second stone afterwards so that I can abide by the instructions of the 2nd gem separately.


Yes, same adjudication. The rituals are designed to prepare the mind. The precious stone itself will not be affected if the rituals are imperfect. It's the mind we're trying to calm and balance!

In the case of Mukta and Munga, mukta prep occurs on Moon-day, while munga prep occurs on Tiu's-day. (Tiu is the German god of war = 'tuesday'.)

Complete the mental preparations for Pearl on Monday. Then set the ring on your altar. Complete the preparations for munga on Tuesday. Then apply the ring on the Tuesday.

The same general reasoning applies to any combined gemstone ring or combined gemstone pendant. There is a minimum number of planetary mantra repetitions required to establish intent to connect with the psychic signal pattern that is amplified by the gemstone.

However, it is good to continue to repeat for many days the planetary mantra in their brief form = "Aum som somaya namah" for Soma and"Aum ang angarakaya namah" for Angarika.

Indeed, whenever you have a spare moment, before sleep and upon waking, repeat these short mantra"hello" greetings to the graha in order to re-establish the mind's intent to"listen" to one's own deepest inner voice that is amplified by the gemstones.

Q: In the case of the Pearl, it says that the weight should be 2, 4, 6, 11. When G.S. Kapoor states for example 2, does this mean any weight in the range of 2 carats, specifically 2.0 carats till 2.99 carats?

A: Yes, another great question. There have been throughout history many weighting systems applied to the measurement of gemstones."Carat" weighting in the European tradition is a rather approximate marketplace weight measurement (anciently based on the weight of carob seeds) that was standardized in the early 20th century =

  • 1 carat = 0.2 grams.

Jyotisha quality flawless Pearls mukta in particular are judged *not* by weight but rather by the number and quality of the concentric interior rings of nacre which must accrue organically in order to have subtle transmission power.

Carat-weight used to be a somewhat reliable method for measuring pearls when all pearls were natural -- before the introduction of beautiful 'manufactured' pearls (Rahu).

Historically, a pearl's weight was a good measure of the number of interior transmission layers a way of assessing the complexity and clarity of the signal repeating capacity of this natural dharmic stone.

But no longer.

These days, with the vast majority of pearls for sale being non-natural products, carat-weight is a very approximate and potentially misleading method of estimating the conductive capacity of a pearl.

Better to test a pearl by holding it in the central palm-chakra of the hand, or place it against the heart-chakra (anahata) to sense the resonance. If the Pearl is good for you, it will deliver a very subtle buzzing vibration which sounds faintly like a radio hum. A false pearl (However, beautiful) will deliver no sensation.

Dr. Kapoor's statement about the pearl weights-by-carat is still generally valid for natural pearls but don't get stuck on the scientific measurements. These days, a pearl must be touched and held to assess its Jyotisha remedial value.

Would the pearl have any influence on supporting stability of emotions and mind?

Yes, for those nativities in which pearl is associated with a trinal bhava (1, 5, 9) or when under some circumstance the mukhta would becomes a temporary benefic (such as occasionally for the Thula lagna and frequently for the Mesha lagna) the pearl can repeat a subtle stabilizing signal and remind one of the conscious intent to follow the natural rhythms of earthly life.

The Soma-ratna assists and supports a commitment to follow natural soothing calming behavior patterns and flow easily from one situation to the next without undue ego-membrane conflict.

Chandra governs all of the core rhythms of our life on earth: the huge oceanic and estuarial tides, the cycles of nourishment, the fluctuations of fertility, the parenting and child-raising repetitions, the habitual folkways, customs and cultural norms and paradigms of belief of a folk, and even the most minute and detailed emotional responses to conditions in the world.

When Chandra is functioning smoothly, the ebb and flow of emotion in daily life is greatly calmed, the meals are nourishing and regular, the shelters are safe and protective, and everyone in our environment benefits from our gentle compassion.

Q: Thanks for the information on the cautionary periods and the advice on how I can approach seva per planet.

I hope I have understood correctly that I would not be required to remove the Gemstone during the cautionary periods but rather just be extra alert during those periods.

A: Yes that's right.

Keep wearing the ratna during periods that form awkward angles.

Simultaneously, be extra alert in the knowledge that the subconscious mind is still producing a karmic (obligatory action) agenda and it expects to have action-item polarizing catalysis during challenging Vimshottari periods due to its "timeless " memory of a troublesome event at that same Vimshottari moment in parallel lives .

In general the polarizing catalysis will recur because the spirit wants to process a payback but the smart person uses the occurrence as an opportunity to transform ignorance and blaming into responsibility and acceptance. In other words, the polarizing catalysis is not caused by adversarial people or circumstances, but by one's own memories.

Knowing this in advance, it is possible to"seize the day"and effect the payback consciously calmly graciously and with compassion. That is a great triumph when it happens.

A remedial ratna can greatly aid the native who wants to *remember* one's commitment to make it happen consciously.

Yet even with the delightful support of a flawless Jyotisha ratna, a conscious decision to accept responsibility in the moment is always required.


Namaste, I am having the worst problems with the alignment of my teeth and I am wondering, as a last resort, whether a Jyotisha gemstone might help? Should I get a gem? Which One? Will it work (nothing else has). I've read a dozen books and seen a dozen therapists. Do people give you feedback that these jewwels actually create life improvement? you've done my readings before and I loved them - so informative and useful - just wondering what you think?


Namaste! First I can tell you that the standard Jyotisha gemstone would be the flawless natural Pearl, for a Karkata lagna.

Jyotisha gemologist (USA)

The gemologist whom I normally recommend (although I do not personally know this man) is Jay Boyle in Iowa, USA. Mr. Boyle has a long-running, high-ethics reputation and I never heard any complaint about his service.

Most of my clients in India and middle East have their own family jewelers, but for Americans Mr. Boyle is a good choice for quality assurance.

Good Candidates for Gem Remedies

With gems, the determining factor of whether one experiences improvement or not is actually one's belief system .

  • Folks who were raised in cultures that hold implicit beliefs in the power of flawless gems sometimes report extraordinary life improvements from the right gem. Sometimes so extraordinary that IMO they are being quite superstitious.

Drama of Expectation: a Shani-ratna Story

Not long ago, the older male lover of a young woman contacted me to report that within 8 hours of applying a very low-potency stone (lapis-lazuli) she was suddenly stricken with terrible indigestion and a severe vaginal infection. He and she, both coming from village backgrounds in India, attributed these ailments to the evil powers of a bad stone.

  • Given that the crystalline structure"lapis lazuli" (literally, the Blue Rock) has almost no subtle-wave repeating power, I personally found the stone-agency claim completely ridiculous.

  • Yet, their"expectations " were met and the stone did the job that they subconsciously wanted it to do.

  • The dark blue stones should channel thoughts governed by Shani, the prime agent of social conformity and law. The symbolism is quite well known in India.

  • The Shani-stone provided a perfect pretext for her to act out a drama of toxicity, insecurity, and her inability to 'digest' the personality of her boyfriend. It has been an illicit, concubine relationship, considered highly improper. Soon after the"bad stone" event, citing chronic infections from the 'evil gift', she left him.

So .. there is more to these little jewels than meets the eye! From a simple signal-repeater of fragile electro-magnetic initiating thoughts to a socially contextualized trigger for a life-defining drama, the stones can do it all!

The"stone alone" has no power

To prevent superstition from disturbing the mind, it is important to appreciate that the gem itself has no power. At a very subtle electrical level, when placed upon one of the known chakra points (there are hundreds of body chakra = marma = chi-points) of the nervous system, flawless and properly applied Jyotisha traditional gems are indeed capable of acting as signal-repeaters which can transmit and amplify the person's pre-existing expectations.

Illusion Image Magic

Because some of these expectations are lodged in the subconscious and are not directly known but rather known only by the effects they produce, it may seem sudden and magical how quickly a long-held expectation can manifest when it is hooked up to the amplification system by using a signal-repeater gem.

Nevertheless the original thought, even when subconscious, belongs to the person, is part of their historical inventory of beliefs and expectations, and is not the product of any outside force. There is no ground for superstitious belief regarding gemstones. The gems also have the sociological energy of being"props " for social drama due to their symbolic signification in many cultures. For those who were not raised in cultures wherein gems are known to have subtle powers, the proposition that a jewel of any quality laid upon the skin of the physical body could"cause"any life change whatsoever is strictly preposterous. It might be easier however to appreciate the way in which symbolic objects like jewels, precious metals, swords and chalices, etc. can trigger a dramatic event along the lifetime narrative path. Still, folks who don't believe in their powers will get rather little outcome from a gem.

Jyotisha remedies are not physical medicine

Having said all that, I would not in good conscience prescribe a Jyotisha traditional gem to treat a physical problem like teeth or cranial alignment.

Jyotisha gems certainly do not work directly upon the physical body.

Flawless non heat-treated gems can conduct old expectations and beliefs from the subconscious memory banks, and somewhat will amplify the conscious beliefs as well. However, the y work entirely upon the subtle, astral plane which consists of materially undetectable particles. They are not much effective on the gross-particulate level of fleshly truth.

Physical change = slow and careful

After a condition has fossilized into the physical body - after it has traveled through the thought-plane, percolated down to the emotional-plane, and finally landed in the slow-moving and change-resistant physical plane -- a remedial gem provides no direct utility.

Once a condition of imbalance-seeking-a-remedy has embedded itself into the physical body world, the only sensible and responsible approach to discomfort is physical medicine.

For long-intractable teeth problems, It would be recommended to explore licensed chiropractic or osteopathic medical treatment, perhaps complemented by massage therapy using the cranio-sacral specialty techniques.

Homeopathic remedies for teeth and jaw, when properly identified, can also help release the fog of subconscious resistance to getting the problem both psychologically and medically fixed.

Awareness speeds healing

It can speed up the fleshly healing process to be aware of the subtle particulate patterns which according to historic divinatory traditions are the ancestral causes for the resulting physical condition:

From a Jyotisha perspective, problems with teeth and jaw (2) are nearly always related (in deep memory) to problems rooted in the family history. Teeth express our ability to cut through life. (incisors) . Because you are presently in the period of lagnesha Chandra in 8, it is likely that there is a subconscious need (Chandra) to break free of a constricting relationship with the family (8th = 7th from 2nd) which is creating the misalignment discomfort.

In her splendid book You Can Heal Your Life (1984) Louise Hay writes

  • "teeth problems represent indecision. Long standing indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions." (p 217)

Probably there is some piece of information from the family history which is hard to 'cut through'. It is likely the father + younger sibling, due to Surya-yuti-Budha = lord of bhava-2 family.

But again, once the symptoms have established themselves on the material plane, only the skilled physicians can actively intervene.

Wishing you best success in Jyotisha studies, Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: How can I prepare the gemstones? Can I do it at home? A: You can do it at home on your home altar; you could also hire a professional pujari to prepare the gemstones, if there is one convenient to you.

I personally think it's better to energize one's own gemstones due to the purity of one's own heart being more important than mantra technicalities

But some people are concerned about the quality of their mantra recitations so they hire an outside pujari. In any case once the ratna is purified and tuned to your wishes, then allow it to rest for a few days near an image of a preferred deity (your ishtadevata is best) to ensure the psychic connection between the higher spiritual worlds and our lower material world.

Never rush to apply a remedial ratna, particularly the Neelamani (dark blue sapphire). Take your time and make sure that the ratna feels very good when placed in the palm of your hand (right or left; sometimes the left response is stronger.) It should feel harmonious with your well-being.

Q: I have decided to get my diamond and blue sapphire both in a silver pendant.

Now when i wear it on saturday after doing the proper shani mantra, do i have to take off an wear the pendant again on Friday for the Diaond mantra? Re: single pendant with multiple stones, in this case blue sapphire and dimond.


In the case of a diamond-neelamani combination set in platinum or sterling silver (how beautiful!) the middle zone between Friday-Sukrabar (day of Shukra) and Saturday-Shanibar (day of Shani) will be at midnight between Friday passing and Saturday arriving.

That is the proper time to apply this particular combination of hiraka-azira-diamond with Neelamani (dark blue sapphire)


During certain Vimshottari periods it looks as if I would benefit from wearing two or more ratna which are prescribed for the same finger.

For example, should I take off the Manika (ruby) I now wear in order to replace it with Red Coral (munga) or vice versa? When more than one gem is prescribed for the same 'ring finger' during the same bhukti --- how should I decide?


Gold Group

  • Ruby-Pearl, Yellow sapphire, and Red Coral are all internally compatible with each other. Ratna from this group should be set in gold.

Silver (or Platinum) Group

  • Similarly, Emerald, Diamond, and Blue Sapphire are all internally compatible with each other. Ratna from this group should be set in silver or platinum. (Shani-ratna can be set in steel.)

Ashta DhatuGroup

  • Chrysoberyl Vaidurya and Hessonite Quartz Gomedha may be set in silver or Ashta Dhatu. Rahu-Ketu-ratna certainly may be set in silver, However, it is worth looking for a jeweler who can produce Ashta Dhatu because R-K are quite unique in their transmission capabilities and the Ashta Dhatu = a bit more sensitive host metal.

Any one, two, three or four gems from Gold group may be joined together in a ring of gold.

Any one, two, or three gems from Silver group may be joined together in a ring of silver or platinum.

Any one or two gems from Ashta Dhatu group may be joined together in a ring of Ashta Dhatu.

Under special circumstances a skilled Jyotishi might prescribe R-K ratna to be joined in a silver setting with the ratna for Budha-Zukra-Shani, but this would be unusual and must be carefully thought through.

Any any one, two, three or four gems from Gold group may be joined together in a pendant set in gold.

Any any one, two, or three gems from Silver group may be joined together in a pendant set in silver or platinum.

Any any one or two gems from Ashta Dhatu group may be joined together in a pendant set in Ashta Dhatu.

As with a silver ring, R-K gems must be judiciously prescribed depending on individual configurations in the nativity.

Similarly, within any compatible group, gems may be worn in a split arrangement = some on a finger-ring and some on a pendant. Even the pendant can be designed to somewhat separate the vibrations of two gems.

Professionals who need to have hands free of jewelry may decide to set all of their compatible ratna in a single pendant. For example: surgeons, midwives, sterile-process handlers, and anyone who must constantly clean their hands on the job.

See some beautiful examples of pendants:

Q:I want to open a business. I have the financial support and the right ideas. I've done my market research and have worked in this industry long enough to believe I have good contacts and good skills. However, I am looking for a psychic boost too. What ratna-stone in Jyotisha will help me the most?

A: If the target is success in commercial business, then when possible the"3" (commerce) and"11" (income, gain) significators should be strengthened.

This is a general statement; you still must do the complete gem analysis to make sure that the 3-11 gems are compatible with your nativity overall.

Bhava-3 lord is Chandra; 3rd from Chandra = Budha ruled but takes drishti of Guru; and arudha lagna of the 3rd bhava is Makara while the 3rd navamsha = Thula. Bhava-11 is ruled by Guru; the emotionally associative, community-linking, economically gainful, profit-regulated, friendly, participatory, goal-oriented, socially-networked 11th-from-Chandra ruled by Shukra in a rashi of Guru; 11th arudha = Dhanushya and 11th navamsha ruled by Budha.

commerce involves so many skills. The communication centers, 3 and 11, should be in good condition. If so, the prognosis for success after hard work and careful planning can be very good. Although it is not a black-and-white decision, the lords of 3 and 11 may benefit business a bit more than the other stones.

As a final note, I would also encourage you to provide a regular offering of Seva, perhaps in the area of tutoring young students in basic business practices (3) or financially sponsoring a youth sports team (3). Seva has more power than gemstones and blessedly it is free.

Q:Hello, does the Navamsa have any say on what gemstones to wear?I am born in Kanya lagna where red coral is supposed to be harmful, however I am also born in Mesha navamsa. On a side note Mangal drishtis his own house (3rd) if that would help red coral for Kanya. Thanks for a terrific site!

A: Thanks for your compliments! The general and straightforward rule regarding gemstone prescription is that (1) a graha must rule a trinal house (1, 5, 9) for its ratna to be capable of giving good effects for the lifetime and (2) the graha must possess some gem-correctable weakness which merits the expense and ritual preparation time for the remedial gem.

A graha which is already naturally strong and lacking weakness has nothing to correct; the gem for such a perfected graha may be very beautiful to admire but it has no remedial powers.

In some cases, a ratna may be useful only during its own mahadasha. For example re:

Thula lagna+ Vriddhipathi-11 Surya does not rule a trikona. However Vriddhipathi-11 is associated with material goal achievement and marketplace earnings. Surya's earning powers are reduced because Suraja rules enemy-Shani's swabhava. During the mahadasha of Surya, it is OK for the Thula native to wear a properly set flawless Ruby (manika) for purpose of correcting (some of) Surya's deficiencies in matters of material goal accomplishment and marketplace earnings.

If Surya happens also to be rogesha-6 from Chandra (Meena Chandra) then the native would have to decide whether it was worth, in one's own estimation, exacerbating interpersonal emotional conflict (divorce, arguments, disagreements, criticism) in order to simultaneously enhance the material gains.

The Thula native with Kanya-Chandra would have to consider whether increasing the vividness of subconscious imagery regarding isolation and confinement (Surya = ruler-of-12 from Chandra lagna) was an acceptable price to pay for the option to also increase imagery of gainfulness in the marketplace of goods and ideas.

The Thula native with Simha-Chandra is likely to be a financially privileged person anyway.

The Three Jewels = Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso

  • The Buddhism of Tibet

  • trans-ed Jeffrey Hopkins, with Anne Klein, p.35

"The Three Refuges

What are the methods for causing one's own mind to become the practices?

  • Initially, one should take refuge and think about actions and their effects.

  • The refuge is the Three Jewels: Buddha, his Doctrine and the Spiritual Community.

[Buddha] When a sentient being purifies the taints of his own mind as well as their latent predispositions, he is free of all defects that act as obstructions. Thus, he simultaneously and directly knows all phenomena. Such a being is called a Buddha, and he is a teacher of refuge, like a physician.

[Dharma] The Doctrine jewel is the superior paths -- the chief right paths which remove the taints as well as their latent predispositions--and the absences which are states of having removed what is to be removed. The Doctrine is the actual refuge, like medicine.

[Sangha] The Spiritual Community jewel is all persons, whether lay or ordained, who have generated a superior path in their continuum. They are friends helping one to achieve refuge, like nurses.

The three refuges that have been achieved and presently exist in other beings' continuums are one's own causal refuge; one relies on a protector just as a weak person takes refuge in a stronger person.

The three refuges that one will attain in the future are one's own effect refuge.

One who relies on the Three Jewels from the point of view of knowing that he is to attain them, must cause them to be generated in his own continuum."



My nativity features Simha lagna and Mesha Chandra.

Wanting a quality gemstone to support my Rahu-Zukra bhukti , I sought advice from a Jyotishi.

This Jyotishi recommended that I purchase a"white pukhraj" with a yellowish or reddish quality, as well as another talisman containing a small ruby.

I'm confused, since you told me that a Zukra-ratna could not work properly for a Simha-Mesha nativity (unless Shukra was in Vrishabha-10 -- and my Shukra is not in own-sign).

Is there something special about this "white pukhraj" that makes it work for a kundali like mine that is really not benefitting from Shukra?

A: Well there seems to be some confusion about two features of white sapphire.

  1. White sapphire = sapphire

  2. White sapphire = white

Feature #1 = white sapphire = white corundum

  • Blue corundum = blue sapphire = "Nilam"

  • Red corundum = [red sapphire] = ruby = "manika"

  • yellow corundum = yellow sapphire = " pushkara-raja" -"pushpa-raag" -"pukhraj"

  • pink-orange corundum = "padparadscha" 'lotus blossom'

Corundum = aluminum oxide. It has a hard structure and when free of inclusions, and cut nicely, in any color, it really sparkles.

In Jyotisha, corundum are designated as the top-quality psychic transmitter gems for Surya, Guru, Shani, and near-top for Shukra.

Budha gets a beryl, Ketu gets a chrysoberyl, and Rahu gets a quartz. The two graha closest to Human birth - Chandra for Mother and Mangala for Movement - get concentric rings of nacre forming a round Pearl, and live-invertebrates-turned-to-stone, Red Coral.

Guru's yellow-sapphire pukhraj a yellow jewel-quality corundum. (Corundum that is too much included to become jewel-quality is used for industrial purposes like etching because it is so hard, almost as hard as diamond.)

Likely, the term white pukhraj clear sparkly white corundum= clear sparkly white sapphire. However, it is a mistaken term.


Pushkara = Pokhara = a pond or a lake which lies in a"pushed" depression of the earth, holding clear water which sparkles in the light.

Pushpa is a very similar image, of a bud-blossom opening, a bright heart unfolding.

Pushkara-raja, the king of pond-mirrors, is usually a term for Guru-ratna, the jewel-quality sparkling golden-yellow corundum.

However, the term"pukhraj' could be misappropriated to the other colors of corundum, so that it is sometimes said (not quite correctly) that there is a blue pukhraj and a red pukhraj too.

Traditionally the Raja of Pushpa, King of Heart-Blossoms, or the Raja of Pushkara, the King of sparkling lake-mirrors of Wisdom, is a title of Brihaspati.

Related to the concept of a sparkling pond, still-water gazing = 'hydromancy' = a reliable, economical, and quite wonderful method of divination known and practiced by the ancient Magi.

Feature #2 = white sapphire is white.

Diamond, which is not corundum but rather carbon, is also white.

Now here is where the conceptual problem might be occurring. Simha-Mesha nativities, as you know, normally accept support ONLY from the Ruby-Yellow Sapphire-Red Coral trine.

  • Maybe the idea of proposing a 'white pukhraj' is based on the conflation of two separate traits?

  • Being white a"white pukhraj" would match a white-Zukra bhukti ?

  • Being sapphire in crystalline structure and having a yellowish or pinkish tinge, it is somehow acceptable to the Simha-Mesha nativity?

This appears to be erroneous reasoning.

Being blue-white in its basis ( considering the tinge to have not determinative value), the Zukra-ratna white sapphire is incompatible with the red-yellow-orange group.

In the Jyotisha tradition, White Sapphire and Diamond (along with other sparkly clear-white uparatna ) are assigned to Shukra because they are WHITE or colorless.

NOT because they both sparkle, or because they both have the same mineral structure - which they don't.

Similarly, in the tradition, blue sapphire 'nila-mani' and lapis-lazuli are both assigned to Shani because they are BLUE.

NOT because they both sparkle (they don't both) or have the same mineral structure, which they don't. But because they are BLUE.

So.... whether dull or sparkly, bright or dark, transparent or occluded, quartz or corundum or carbon or beryl etc, ---

  • the Jyotisha ratna = assigned by their core color, not by the molecular structure and not by the surface tinge.

Similarly, lapis-lazuli will always belong to Shani; even if the particular blue stone has a huge amount of pyrite (yellow-brown) it still will not belong to Rahu whose color is brown.Wishing you every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Namaste Barbara,

Is the following stone good enough for jyotish. I can not afford a more expensive stone at this moment.

[vendor name withheld]

A: Namaste,

Unfortunately I have no expertise in the vetting of vendors of Jyotisha-ratna. I just don't know.

If the vendor permits you to keep a gemstone for several days to test the ratna before having it set in a metal ring or pendant, then it might be a good idea to take any purported Jyotisha ratna to a certified gemologist and ask them to verify that the stone has no major cracks and that it has not been dyed or heat-treated. This certification also will cost cintamani * mani * money to pay the inspecting trained gemologist.

If your main concern is finance, It would be recommended to forego a gemstone entirely and instead practice seva . Selfless service can be fully and completely effective for exposing the root and solution of perplexing problems. Seva should be offered on behalf of those who have problems similar to one's own problems but in a worse degree.

Seva is universally effective. It provides the double benefit of helping oneself whilst helping others. And, Seva is free!Wishing you every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Namaste Barbara,

Thanks for writing the traditional ratna recommendation prescription for my elderly parent. I deeply wish to aid my parent in regaining some of his lost energy which he suffered from a serious nerve disease and surgery to remedy this disease.

He is in a very weak condition and I want to offer him a gift of a traditional ratana as an expression of my love for him. Thanks for describing the options to me.

My concern now is how to properly prepare this jewel for my parent to use. Dad really cannot speak well due to infirmity so it isn't realistic for him to perform the energy cleansing mantra himself.

I have no purchased a truly beautiful pearl from a reputable vendor, but how can I ensure that the ratana is prepared effectively? BTW, I live in a far distant country from my parents.

A: Namaste,

You can perform the mantra energizing cleansing initiation preparing the stone for personal use or any qualified local pujari can do it. Usually a pujari from any local Hindu temple knows the rituals for preparing remedial ratana, and will perform the proper sequence of tones and postures, usually for a modest donation fee.

Some Buddhist monks in cultural areas which enjoy a strong Hindu-Buddhist syncretic element will also know the legacy rituals. Often in SriLanka, Thailand, Tibetan cultural areas of Nepal, old Sikkim, southern parts of Bhutan, sacerdotals are cross-trained.

Dad does not need to personally prepare the stone (pearl) but someone does need to do it on his behalf. Considerations:

Indeed the stone should be respectfully notified that it is now being placed into healing service. The stone is a living being with mineral-kingdom consciousness. It needs to be admired, praised, thanked, and instructed about what is being asked of it. Usually these First-dimensional stones are usually delighted to have been chosen for a special service assignment to a third-dimensional human, and if properly matched to the nativity the jewel-consciousness will do its utmost to serve fully. Serving as an etheric radio-crystal signal booster transmitter-receivers is a great honor for the stone, and this service offers a rare pathway for dimensional ascent. However, the ratana must be gratefully welcomed and formally asked to participate before it will activate.

As the son of the intended beneficiary, you can perform the standard cleansing mantra repetitions yourself -- if you have time. The energy of a son's heartfelt wishes for his father to have restored health and healing would add a great power to the initiation of the pearl. The mantra itself is simple but keeping a focused mind during the repetitions takes time and single-pointed attention. Many modern folks find themselves torn in so many mental directions that this amount of sustained concentration is not practical, but if you can do it that would be lovely. After the initiation was completed, you could securely ship the gem.

Another option is to have a local pujari perform the initiation. Perhaps there is a trustworthy local pujari near your parents’ home who can prepare the pearl. However, because the pearl has a high financial resale value, you may wish to take precautions. In traditional areas, the pujari is often invited into the family home, offered a meal and a donation while the family is able to watch over the jewel to prevent the pujari absconding with it.

Also often major USA cities have a Hindu temple with resident priests who can ritually prepare a remedial stone on fee-for-service. Naturally their credentials, reputation of the temple, and other safeguards should be checked before handing over the jewel for energetic cleansing.

Wishing you every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


A Vedic astrologer recently suggested I wear a black diamond ring for life both for Venus and Shani. Do you recommend it? I already ordered it, but I felt propelled to confirm if I should wear it.

A: Namaste,

For Simha radical lagna with Makara-Chandra, only a pure Ruby manika is recommended. Prescription = a ruby only; and the best investment would be the purest, highest carat Ruby set in gold that was reasonably affordable.

Always have any prospective jewel checked by a certified, licensed gemologist under a microscope to ensure that the gem has not been oiled, injected with resin, or heat treated. There may be some acceptable oiling of Emeralds.

A qualified trained gemologist can easily see any of these changes that are usually made to improve the visual appearance and thus the selling price of the gem.

JJyotishavidya remedial effects have little to do with the visual appearance. The psychic signal repeating capacity of the sacred stone is an organic quality of Earth that is invested by Her energy fields into Her surface minerals.

Natural black diamonds are formed by high amounts of graphite within the crystal. True black diamonds are extremely rare; and due to their rarity, natural black diamonds are exceptionally expensive. Most so-called black diamonds on the market have been heat-treated in order to deepen their color.

AAfter any sacred jewel has been heat-treated, or injected with oils or resins, it has little-or-no psychic efficacy as a Jyotishavidya traditional remedy. The heat damages its capacity for psychic resonance.

Unfortunately, no amount of puja can energize a fraudulent ratna.  However, if you like the appearance of the blackish ratna, it would be just fine to wear as a pretty ornament.

Wishing you every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,

Sincerely,BPL Jyotishavidya

14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso co-authored by Renuka Singh.

(2002). The Path to Tranquility .

"Buddha never mentioned that the problems we have encountered are the result of misconstruction of a house or starting a project or work on an inappropriate day or time.

Buddha always talked about the negative experiences as a result of having performed negative actions.

So for a good practitioner there is no new year, there is no good or bad day."


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