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Georg Pencz, Germany * 1528-1529; collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum


Flore des Serres et de Jardins de l'Europe 1850-1851

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OM hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah

OM bram breem broum sah budhaya namah




manage and personify [Kopā Avaṣṭabdhā]

Mercury the Merchant

Hermes - Thoth

Merx - Mark - Merch

sMargara - sMarjali - Marketa - Margareta

Enki - Nabu - Neba

Sabgu - Borsippa

Odin Woden [Wednesday]


Soule - Saul


Sun [Sunday]

Apollo - Paul

Sirius - Osiris


Utu - Ata - Aitha

Aten - Aton - OM - On

Amon-Ra - Aurya


Helios - Heli

Haul - Halo - Ha

Havar [havana]

Nyima - Nyayiru



Mercurius sol coniunctorum

Mercure conjonction Soleil

see also: Moudhya-dosha * Ashtangata * Combust Budha



B.V. Raman . [1992, 4th ed.] . A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, p. 48

Budha-Aditya Yoga

" This is another name for Nipuna Yoga. When Mercury and the Sun join in one Rasi, we have this yoga."


B.V. Raman , Three Hundred Important Combinations.

24. Budha-Aditya Yoga

[BPL note: Aditya meaning eternal no-limits indivisible is an honorific name for Earth's local Sun.]

" Definition.

  • If Mercury combines with the Sun, the combination goes under the name of Budha-Aditya Yoga.


  • Highly intelligent,
  • skillful in all works,
  • good reputation,
  • personal respect
  • and surrounded by all comforts and happiness.


Generally, any planet in association with the Sun becomes combust or Astha and loses its power to do good; perhaps Mercury is an exception.

It should not be taken for granted that irrespective of the distance between the Sun and Mercury, Budha-Aditya Yoga would be present.

On the contrary, Mercury should not be within 10 degrees of the Sun to give rise to Budha-Aditya Yoga. This combination is not, of course, rare. " [end quote]



[Kopā Avaṣṭabdhā]

[Budha-Mesha] yuti [Surya-Mesha-uchcha]


[Budha-Urisha] yuti [Surya-Urisha]

[Budha-Mithuna] yuti [Surya-Mithuna]

[Budha-Karkata] yuti [Surya-Karkata]


[Budha-Simha] yuti [Surya-Simha]


[Surya-Kanya] ++ [Budha-Kanya] [uchcha]


[Budha-Tula] yuti [Surya-Vanika] [nīcha]

[Budha in Vṛścika] yuti [Surya-Vṛścika]


[Budha-Dhanus] yuti [Surya-Dhanus]


[Budha-Makara-Draco] yuti [Surya-Makara-Draco]


[Budha-Kumbha ] yuti [Surya-Kumbha]


  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor + Kuja [8, identity-transformation]

  • Avant-gardiste 1933- Beatle-pair Yoko Ono yuti Rahu [5, celebrity, performance art]

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan + Mangala [2]

  • Lipstick 1954-1996 drama-model Margaux Hemingway + Shukra [7, contracts]

[Budha-Meena] yuti [Surya-Meena]

Surya_Budha_leaves.jpgamusing explanations

  • entertaining chatter
  • central roles in communication
  • confidently conversational
  • instructor of dramatic intelligence
  • bright messenger
  • sparkling clear descriptions
  • dramatic enunciation
  • theatrical instructional delivery
  • articulation of radiant certainty
  • political messenger
  • talkative father-figures

Smart and bright.

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Armada Elizabeth-1-Tudor + Surya-Kanya ++ [nicha-Shukra-yuti-Budha-uchcha]. Along with the cleverly imaginative Virgen Qwene narrative which endeared her to the peasantry [Shukra rules 12, imagination] ET focused her brilliant mind upon revenues [11] and social networks [11]. ET had friends all over Europe, and she enjoyed making connections to new marketplaces.

moudhya-dosha if Professor Budha is too close to Professor Surya.

" Too close" =

  • within 13 degrees,

  • if retrograde - vakri : within 11 degrees.

If Budha suffers asta burn-out , one remains clever but becomes distinctively self-focused. Literally, the mentality [Budha] trends toward a solipsistic expression in thought and word.

Prefers to talk about the Self, the Will, politics, drama, bright lights, genius. Conversation is self-referential.

Intelligence = inter-lect-ence [the spelling changed over centr. Inter = between, among ; lect = choose [elect, select, intellect] ; -ence is a noun suffix. Thus intelligence is the empowered ability to make discriminating choices.

  • My Fair Lady 1908-1990 musical theatre Rex Harrison famed singer-speaker in radiant [Surya] musical theatrical roles requiring specific articulation [Budha] of regional speech to be fully credible.

With Budha suffering a strong degree of ashtangata-harana * combustion, one may be fully intelligent [Surya] and mentally adaptive [Budha] with verbal fluency and quick response to five-senses stimuli.

Yet, one may be somewhat handicapped in the attempt to recognize the larger mentality at levels beyond the self [Surya] such as the narratives of other people, of a group, an ethnicity, a nationality, a planet, a galaxy, and other entities that are wider than the individual self. Likely one would not easily comprehend the perceptions and feelings of others.

  • An extreme illustration of combust-Budha is offered in the nativity of Germany-Nazi 1889-1945 Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler. First it must be noted that his emotional receptivity is reduced due to [Mūla] Chandra proximity to Ketu. But then consider his Surya-Budha in Aśvini-10 in very close contact. Surya 08-Mesha + ashta Budha 04-Mesha. As a youth, Hitler studied art and architecture. As a social leader, he reputedly showed capacity for detailed military planning [Budha-Mesha] . He was interested in medical science [Chandra-6] consistent with Aśvini. However, his messaging mode was simplistic, consisting of short bullet-like sentences [Mangala-yuti-Budha] Also Rahu-12 in 3rd-from-Budha. His wounded decisions reflected an autistic survival focus which produced a lack of humanism. [Chandra-yuti-Ketu Dhanus can become dehumanized]

The closer Budha gets to Surya, the more self-referential one may become. One's own experience is less integrated with the experience of others.

Solipsism is not always a bad thing for highly placed social leaders, whose duties may require a "full steam ahead" level of self-confidence unimpeded by the feelings or opinions of others. But for those located in the rank-and-file, such a person may be considered rather selfish or unaware.

If Budha is more than 13/11 degrees away from Ravi, highly intelligent and helpful, youthful appearance, works well with younger people, excellent teacher if other conditions support teaching/trainingr.

[Budha-Mesha] yuti [Surya-Mesha-uchcha]

[Budha-Urisha] yuti [Surya-Urisha]

[Budha-Mithuna] yuti [Surya-Mithuna]

exceptionally talkative and often a gifted writer, salesperson, or explainer


  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington + [Mangala-yuti-Ketu] [2] * legendary businesswoman, handling tobacco sales from her slave-plantations to the British market brokers. Through her commercial connections, MCW played a leading role in obtaining financing [2] for the Revolutionary War operations.

Managers, Schedulers, Planners


  • 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso + Ketu [abstract philosophy]

  • Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau + Chandra [9] natural philosophy, local environment, abolition of slavery

  • My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla + Shukra + Shani [aesthetics and structure of systems]

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 esoterica Alice Bailey + Ketu [abstract philosophy]

[Budha-Karkata] yuti [Surya-Karkata]

Defenders of the land, police, farmers, folks, agents of security and protection of the customary way of life

  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover + [Chandra-yuti-Kuja] [1] * anti-communism defender of democratic governance

  • POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama [4] * protection of the unprotected folk via health insurance and education

  • Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini * fascist binding of the folk to a single, customary way of life based on strongman leader-as-parent

  • Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell * bhava-3 * managed and personified the extensive radio-television holdings of his church, including the Old Time Gospel Hour which became a major political fundraising venue.

[Budha-Simha] yuti [Surya-Simha]

articulate, bright, charming, capable writers, performers in politics, entertainment

Budha-Kanya [uchcha] [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 16-20 deg] * yuti Surya-Kanya

Typically one is possessed of an exceptionally analytical mentality which naturally expresses via ministries of service such as medicine and military.

  • POTUS-34 Interstate Highways 1890-1969 Dwight D. Eisenhower was a career military officer who served as the top strategist. DDE masterminded decisive WW-2, battles of the Allied Forces, including the legendary D-Day invasions. As POTUS-34, Eisenhower spent eight years designing the world's greatest highway system . Budha-[uchcha] yuti-Surya-6 = tactical and strategic planning. The road grid was intended and financially justified as a warfare tool [Kanya] . The federal interstate highways were sized to accommodate large military tanks and aircraft-carrying trucks. In later use, this transportation-and-defense system became the backbone of post-WW-2 American mercantilism [Budha commerce] .



QUOTATION Behari commentary regarding Surya-yuti-Budha

" good for travel, changes, literary work, starting a new business, correspondence, interviews, writings and in short all those affairs in which active mind, diplomatic dealings with others, and adaptation to new and fresh surroundings or understanding are required .

  • A good time to plan for future. Dealings with lawyers, solicitors, Agents, literary persons will prove to be a success and advantageous.

  • If the Sun to be the significator, and Mercury well dignified, it is said to give great wit, learning and ingenuity.

  • It is the general opinion, that Mercury does not suffer like other planets by combustion, but is rather strengthened by it. Experience, however does not warrant this conclusion. The native will seldom have much propensity to learning."

  • [BPL, if Budha moudhya-dosha, one may lack objectivity, and tends to "reinvent the wheel" by presuming that all one's ideas are original. One, lacks a sense of history or understanding of the accomplishments of others.]

If Mercury be the significator, the effects will be nearly the same, as Mercury imbibes the nature of the planet he is joined with. He will be addicted to boasting, and be very deceitful.

  • If Sun is well dignified, it is said one will acquire either riches, promotion or favor with great persons but one is generally sick in youth, liable to fevers, burns and diseases not easily cured.

  • If in good aspect, with Jupiter, one will be more healthy, and if the Moon be in good aspect he will seldom be remarkable for learning .

One will be intelligent, clever, famous and happy. Endowed with wealth but will have less accumulation and fulfillment of hopes. Good rank. stout and fair body.

  • Mercury being a mental planet and in conjunction with Sun can cause conflict between individuality and intellect or reasoning . One may not be able to use reasoning or intellect for the benefit of self.

  • The aspect stimulates both the mind and the will to a high degree and the energy it produces, if harnessed, can be used to the benefit of native."

Budha + Chandra-yuti-Surya

Transformative Leadership stymied by age, fear, entropy

Sensitive, articulate, and intelligent but perhaps somewhat self-reflexive and unaware of the gap between one's own elevated awareness vs. The less attuned perceptions of others. Solipsistic. Much depends on the bhava.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury 1950- Rowan Williams [Chandra-yuti-Budha] [Chandra-yuti-Surya] [8-Urisha] Acknowledged as a brilliant poet, translator, theological scholar, and social philosopher, Williams nonetheless alienated a major portion of his Anglican constituency.

  • Emotionally, RW thrived on transformative identity change [Chandra-8]. Within the rigid social hierarchy of a hidebound, aging Church, RW's ability to interpret Christian principles into meaningful social justice action [Arcturus] was severely Shani-impeded [Shani-Simha-11 drishti into 8]

  • RW became locked into a resistance pattern which ultimately denied his 8-impetus for institutional change such as ordination of women bishops and ecumenical outreach to believers of other creeds. The elderly and anti-change congregants [Shani-11] responded to RW's energetic literary [Budha] intellectual [Surya] and compassionate [Chandra] intiatives [8] with fearful paralysis in the face of uncomfortable unfamiliar unsafe unknowns.

Budha + [Surya-yuti-Ketu]

One is intelligent and capable of sustained mental work. Yet, speech is less articulate, perhaps incomplete or vague.

Drishti of Shani can shackle the speech delivery and cause the native to sound inarticulate unless reading from prepared materials.

In common talking, the native sounds spacey and disconnected from oneself.

Ketu + Surya allows the native to shift identity boundaries easily, so the speech can change according to the identity engaged at the moment.

Favorable for stage-acting and other professions that require getting in and out of character.

[Budha-yuti-Surya] + Shukra

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro [1]

  • POTUS-pair-42 + USA Secy State 1947- Hillary Clinton [1]

  • Savitri 1872-1950 revolutionary poet Shri Aurobindo * [3] writing, organizing, group discussions ** freedom fighter of India

  • El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila * [nīcha] Budha + [uchcha] Shukra + Surya

QUOTATION Das + Behari commentary WRT the triple-cluster Budha-Shukra-Surya

"You become insatiable, talkative, intent on wandering, and subjected to grief on account of the opposite sex."

  • El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila- [nīcha] Budha + [uchcha] Shukra + Surya-Meena-bhava-9. She was a tremendous wanderer, criss-crossing the dangerous byways and trails of medieval Spain at a time when women rarely travelled.

  • Her pious message [lagnesha-Chandra-3] was a call to women [Shukra] to liberate themselves via spiritual ecstasy [Meena]. Announcing the opportunity and the method, Teresa declared the women's right to a beauty obtainable only in cloistered sanctuary of extreme poverty [she went shoe-less] ; profound service, and constant prayer with [not to] their "spiritual spouse" Jesu Christo.

[Budha-yuti-Surya] + Shani

Surya and Shani are not friendly. Duty vs. creativity = often in conflictr.

One may not be allowed to say what one needs to say, at least until certain very harsh conditions are endured or highly disciplined interior rules are adopted and consistently imposed.

The divine creative intelligence of Surya, which normally pours through the Surya-yuti-Budha pairing, is much constrained by Shani's law-and-order influence over "mouthpiece" Budha.

Social rules may compel the native to reduce one's speech to a lowest common denominator. One may need to write the truth rather than speak it; writing accommodates the slow, painstaking methods of Shani.

Strength of Budha propels a destiny to speak clearly and convincingly about severe oppression [Regulator Shani]

Example = spinal trauma educator and advocate

  • Superman 1952-2004 tetraplegia Christopher Reeve [uchcha-Budha] CR had a Learning Curriculum which required him to speak about a severe medical condition [Kanya] involving paralysis [Shani] and nearly constant pain.

Compare to SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela speaking and writing of the oppression of national-ethnic entitlements [Karkata-10 national governance].

Moudhya-dosha * ashtangata-harana * Combust Budha

[Budha] = combust within 13 degrees

Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini * zero degree of orb * Karkata

Superman 1952-2004 tetraplegia Christopher Reeve * 1 degree of orb * Kanya

Zanjeer 1942- drama-politics Amitabh Bachchan * 1 degree of orb * Kanya [10]

Shambala 1939-1987 Tulku Chogyam Trungpa * 8 degrees of orb * Kumbha

Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie * 9 degrees of orb * Vrishabha

Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein * 10 degrees of orb * Meena [10]

Nipuna Yoga

Combust graha lose their materializing strength; becoming brittle and dry from Surya's intense heat, they have less and less power to manifest physical outcomes as they get"crispier" more burned by the rays of Surya.

Professor Budha activates Logic. He suffers less and less power as He becomes more and more solipsistic because Surya the ego-membrane controls Budha's reasoning.

ashtangata Budha may experience reduced effectiveness in the communicative behaviors such as clear and objective argumentative thinking.

  • Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini- zero degree of orb * Karkata. Mussolini was an impassioned speaker whose emotional evocation of homeland and peasant roots created a mass movement for supreme Italia. However, his plans fundamentally lacked reasoning, and after Italy's nationalistic [Old Pathways Karkata] emotion was exhausted his scheme collapsed.

This is a very common situation and should not be over-weighted. However, in general the effect = a self-reflexive mentality.

  • the native simply does not notice the thoughts or ideas of others. Often one appropriates the intellectual property of others due to a sincere but self-focused logic. One's interior argument says that these new ideas are entirely one's own.

  • Were one to look outside oneself, into the broader culture, one would likely discover that most ideas are cultural not individual, and furthermore that even the most innovative ideas are generally produced by a group of similarly trained experts [such as simultaneous inventions in two countries, or by two scientists at the same time in the same land.]

  • However, the native with combust Budha suffers from a self-reflexive viewpoint and the habit of looking outside the self is not developed.

  • If retrograde - vakri , combust Budha requires three repetitions of the narrative. If both retrograde [vakri] and combust, three repetitions of a self-reflexive and self-referential narrative!

If dagdha Budha is severely ashtangata receiving drishti from Shani, one's failure to attribute proper credit to one's collaborators may cause polarizing catalysis such as a lawsuit.

Otherwise: solipsism, narcissistic anxiety, and self-reflexive thinking are unfortunately quite normalr.

If Budha is an uncomfortable influence e.g. for Mesha indriya-lagna , then burnt Kumara can create a positive outcome by reducing the capabilities of a negative agent.

"So Yeshua said to them, "The light is among you for a little while longer.

Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you.

The one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going."

~~ Gospel of John, 12:35


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