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Haw-thor * ath-thawr * Shora


OM gram grim graum sah gurave namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

Professor Guru

Brihaspati * Devapati


resides in


Vrishabha * Sthaurin * Staura

Jupiter * Dyus-pitr

Dies Pater * Dio-petous De-us

Ze-us * Xenios

Enlil * Marduk * Her-wepes-tawy

Iuppiter * Jove * Thor



Toro * Tavros * Oxen * Stirin * Stier *

Byk * Bika * Boga * Bos bovis

* ath-thawr * hathor * shor

expansion of the face, voice, eyes, and natural treasuries

priests and priestesses of the forest rite


Public Figures

Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala * multiple social attributes (protective)

Guru in bhava-2 * multiple voices, many assets

Guru in bhava-3 * multiple businesses * many announcements

Guru in bhava-4 * multiple settlements, multi-roots * many homes

Guru in bhava-5 * multiple intelligences * many charms, much genius

Guru in bhava-6 * multiple service ministries, imbalanced expansion

Guru in bhava-7 * multiple alliances * permission to bargain * many deals

Guru in bhava-8 * Harsha Yoga * multiple secrets, many identity-changes

Guru in bhava-9 * multiple doctrines, many father-figures * karako bhavo nashto


Guru in bhava-10 * multiple governance roles, icon of humanistic faith

Guru in bhava-11 * multiple goals, many earnings


Guru in bhava-12 * multiple sanctuaries, many intuitions, many private concerns

USA federal reserve chair, 2005-2013 Benjamin Bernanke

Belief in Human Development via Treasuries of Nature and Historical Knowledge

  • sensual, acquisitive, pleasuring rashi of Vrishabha = a somewhat hostile environment for priestly Brihaspati

  • Guru sees Vrishabha-pati Zukra as satrugraha = enemy.

  • Professor Zukra sees tenant Guru as samagraha = neutral companion.

  • results depend largely upon Guru's bhava and the character of Zukra

Guru 's expansive, inclusive behaviors develop valuable goods and conserved knowledge collections within the sensual, acquisitive territory of Vrishabha - Urisha.

Philosophical, ideological Brihaspati is bloated with sensuality in Vrishabha, expanding material-resource accruals but unable to develop much wisdom due to a materialistic focus on earthly enjoyments.

Past-life carry-forward wisdom about human-to-human relationships (Zukra), sense pleasures, affluence treasuries, and the arts of storage.

  • Harry Potter 1965- magical-fiction J.K. Rowling * Guru-yuti-Rahu-uttama-11. Extraordinarily (Rahu) popular and profitable series of books were developed (Guru) into cinema.

Zukra-yuti-Guru: Affinity for glass and diamonds; appreciates the beauty and abundance of Nature. Abundance (Guru) of accumulated treasure; multiple relationships (Zukra) with financially privileged accumulators, jewelers, bankers, stock-traders, rentier-class (Zukra)

stewardship of Natural Resources

sensual pleasure, lasting beauty of Nature, quality foods and wines, and the ultimate experiences of the five senses.

Committed to the good life, in the company of others with similar grand and expansive tastes.

May lose sight of others who are not yet so blessed in this life; tends toward conspicuous consumption and unintentional but real disregard for urgent but unpleasant matters and those in scarcer circumstances who are truly in need.

May give generously to charity, plan and attend gala events and sensual gatherings for charitable purposes.

In the end this placement is helpful. Indulgent, loves children and fine possessions, textiles, porcelains, wines, oils, money in the bank. Pleasure hounds.

Guru in Urisha rules 2 food, what goes in the mouth

  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt TR ate huge meals and drank a legendary amount of cows-milk (Urisha) at each meal. TR was a vigorously active man = Chandra intakes drishti from both Rahu and Mangala. Nevertheless, he ate far in excess of needs.

QUOTATION Das/Behari commentary upon radix Guru-Vrizabha in bhava-8

"You may have a contradictory character.

  • Behind a veil of respectability your sexual curiosity and desire to enjoy the pleasures of life will be strong, though you will feel guilt in satisfying those desires.

  • You will not enjoy a happy home life and, though you sometimes seem to be a great moralist, your life has not grown in a balanced way.

You will be sickly but long-lived." END QUOTE

Q: Hello Barbara, i'm writing from Chile. I'm a girl of 24 years old and recently graduate from fashion design. This year i start studing astrology, i'm not taking classes, i only learn in internet! that's when i came to your blog. I believe that is the most complete and profund of all the internet, seriosly.

I wanted to write since always but i never did, i don't know why, maybe because you are delicated from health. Sorry for my english jajajaajajaja.

I have a question that no one was able to respond...I have venus, mercury and sun in the 10th house in piscies. Mercury and venus 100 % combust. Jupiter in the 12th house in taurus with mars.

I just want to know, what venus and mercury are making for me? since they are combust?? are the creativity?

i have read so much and ask o much, every one is giving a different response that i don't know what to think since i'm not an expert.

i read your combust section for venus also but i don't understand very well.

i really want to thank you for what your doing, it is a light for everyone who is learning about astrology.

bye bye

Q: Namaste ,

One can learn important things about one's own nativity by studying examples of famous people.

Generally, moudhya-dosha graha enjoy less power to manifest their results on the material plane. The bhava which are rules by these ashtangata graha are less controlled by the ruler, and more controlled by the tenants.

therefore, if combust uttama-Zukra rules the Guru-Vrizabha-12, tenant Guru responds less to imaginative ruler-of-12 ruler Zukra and more to His own interests in bhava-7-10 = career.

However, their parivartamsha re-strengthens the relationship between Zukra and Guru, with the overall effect that all three things - art (Zukra) imagination (12) and career (Guru) are helped.

Only the karaka functions of Zukra (marriage, justice, business contracts) are reduced. So you have a great artistic career but you will always have to double-check the details of employment contracts, supply purchasing contracts, other agreements.

That is because the super-artistic or super-musical types of people (uttama-Zukra) tend to be less solid, less balanced, less reliable in your life, due to the weakened Zukra.

Look for public personalities with Mithuna lagna who have the same planetary configurations as yourself. They are born every 12 years during March-April, when Brihaspati returns to the Vrishabha rashi. Surya-yuti-Budha + Zukra = Meena is a common combination every springtime.

So look for people born in 12 years from you. There were a batch of Vrishabha-Guru people born in 2012, in 2000, in 1988, in 1976, in 1964, in 1952, in 1940, in 1928 ... Look for famous people born in March-April of those years to find examples of what happened in their lives.

Wishing you best success in studies,


Barbara Pijan Lama Jyotisha


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