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Mangala Main Page

  1. Mangala in bhava-1 [svabhava]
  2. Mangala in bhava-2
  3. Mangala in bhava-3
  4. Mangala in bhava-4
  5. Mangala in bhava-5
  6. Mangala in bhava-6
  7. Mangala in bhava-7
  8. Mangala in bhava-8 [svabhava]
  9. Mangala in bhava-9
  10. Mangala in bhava-10 [dik-bala]
  11. Mangala in bhava-11
  12. Mangala in bhava-12

  1. Mangala-Mesha [0-18 mūlatrikoṇa] [svakshetra]
  2. Mangala-Urisha
  3. Mangala-Mithunaya
  4. Mangala-Karkata [nīcha]
  5. Mangala-Singha
  6. Mangala-Kanya
  7. Mangala-Tula
  8. Mangala-Vṛścika [svakshetra]
  9. Mangala-Dhanus
  10. Mangala-Maraka [uchcha]
  11. Mangala-Kumbha
  12. Mangala-Meena


OM kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Professor Mangala






resides in



Danusu * Haya * Taukshika * Sarasana

Mars * Ars

Ares * Gugulanna

Nergal * Heru-deshet


Sagittarius * Toxotis


"Krishna Battles the Armies of the Demon Naraka"

Page from a Dispersed Bhagavata Purana

(Ancient Stories of Lord Vishnu)

Delhi-Agra area, India; date, ca. 1520 - 1530; The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Public Figures

Mangala in bhava-1


[Kuja Dosha for alliance-1]

[dramatic vidya-pati for Dhanus-Haya indriya-lagna] [[retreating vyaya-pati for Dhanus-Haya indriya-lagna]


Mangala in bhava-2 [energizing lagnesha co-ruler of Vṛścika indriya- lagna] [inimical rogesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

Mangala in bhava-3

Mangala in bhava-4

Mangala in bhava-5 [Yogakaraka for Simha indriya-lagna]


Mangala in bhava-6 [Yogakaraka for Karkata indriya-lagna] [inspirationally energized enemies] [fights-and-wins against doctrinal-ideological injustice]

Mangala in bhava-7

Mangala in bhava-8 [svabhava] [vimala yoga] Urisha indriya-lagna

Mangala in bhava-9

[energizing lagnesha for Mesha indriya-lagna] [mysterious randhresha for Mesha indriya-lagna]

Mangala in bhava-10 [dik-bala]

Mangala in bhava-11 [rules 3 + 10]


Mangala in bhava-12 [Kuja Dosha for alliance-1] [rules 4 + 11]

USA Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor

Mangala-Dhanus occupies 9th-from-Mesha moolatrikona and 2nd-from-Vṛścika.

Mangala-Dhanus is generally active in matters of higher philosophical doctrine and world travel; as well as accumulation-collecting of material wealth and historical knowledge.

Mangala in Dhanus-Haya = Sagittarius

rashi of friendly Guru

War of Philosophical Beliefs

Pro-active, competitive, or aggressive preaching.

Uses the philosophical, humanistic, and religious knowledge for pioneering pursuit of new conquests and experiences.

Builder-creator-producer of Active wisdom.

Builder of temples, universities, international humanitarian organizations.

Rider of horses, active in the equestrian world.

Military style of teaching, guidance, and conducting of priestly ceremonies.

Hitting the target [Dhanus]

  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt was an expert marksman (Dhanus the Shooter + Kuja). When he was NYC police commissioner, TR enforced target-shooting examinations for all NYC police.

Active international engagement.

Mangala-Dhanus in 9 = extensive world travels.

Pursues a direct, physical relationship with truth.

Competes to win the target or dominate the truth.

Philosophical crusader, explainer, messenger, missionary, envoy, apostle, guide

Theatrical Entertainer

Adventure explorer

  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt [Pūrvāṣāḍhā-4] famously conducted scientific expeditions to remote Amazon and African locations. Noted big-game hunter, cattleman, vigorously active adventure travel explorer, competitive political campaigns

  • In his capacity as a newspaper writer, Jungle Book 1865-1936 Empire Rudyard Kipling + [Guru-yuti-Shukra] + [Surya-yuti-Budha] (3). Through personal travels and then much more widely via fictional literature, Kipling explored the villages of northern India.

Police, Military Defense, or Transport planner, strategist

  • Rus-Pres 1952- First Person Vladimir Putin * Kuja-1 parivartamsha Guru-5

  • POTUS-34 Interstate Highways 1890-1969 Dwight D. Eisenhower * military strategist, transport planner

  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt [Pūrvāṣāḍhā-4] served as NY City police commissioner and Spanish-American War regiment leader

Interrogator, Media Programmer

Mars = healthy and vigorously energized for doctrinal and philosophical teaching in the friendly rashi of Dhanus, in the religious, academic, globalized, and highly fortunate 9th rashi.

Global evangelism, humanistic social philosophy

One receives social validation for making positive body choices that emphasize the human body's ability to connect through ritual with the presence of the divine.

This placement makes a wonderful coach, mentor, teacher-trainer. Especially supportive for the successful young athlete who matures into an enthusiastic, mature, fair-minded sports leader; and who models a positive competitive outlet for war-energy.

Vigorous pursuit of Priesthood via performance of ritual and promulgation of higher sacred teachings via the mundane conduits of common publications, musical songs, aphorisms and ditties. A messenger. The message may not be entirely orthodox However, since Mangala is an innovator.

Proponent of human moral development through humanistic education. May be too restless to benefit from conventional classroom education, but will follow genuine philosophical instruction. Produces knowledge and can generate educated interpretation of the law (particularly when Mangala occupies bhava-7 or bhava-9). Guides and delivers athletic, priestly and professional education at the higher levels of global engagement.

parallel life as a military archer. Present life archery instincts.

Capability to aim properly, assume an athletic stance, and hit a target,whether the goal is physical or abstract. Proponent of Good Sportsmanship.

A demanding coach, a vigorously active guide, an athletic temple-teacher, a warrior for the truth. Excellent for religious missionary, educational advocate, or international sporting activities.

Warrior of ceremonial ritual and optimistic belief

  • In the physical body, Dhanus rules the hips, pelvis, sacral plexus and the child-producing reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries, testes).

  • These physical areas are common stress zones for an overloaded Kuja-Dhanus.

Wonderful for sports work, especially coaching. Enthusiastic and has plenty of energy for encouraging others to reach their goals through education and faith.

A nearly religious commitment to human betterment.

Frequently chooses a legal, political, or top management career, where one can express one's optimistic drive to advance society toward greater goals. Also an excellent teacher of the coaching variety

Much depends on Kuja's ruler and friend, Guru

  • International viewpoint and global scale of action.

  • Even in a morally weak nativity, Dhanus-Mangala = almost always capable of some level of productive goodness. '

  • However, it is generally uncomfortable for the well-being of the Father, associated with injuries to him or his irascible character


Das / Bepin Behari WRT Mangala-Dhanus

POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt Dhanus-Mangala-11 ++ mutual drishti Chandra-5

  • Police Commissioner (commissions = 3) New York City 1890's. Distinguished by dynamic, competitive intellect + relentless hard work throughout career and life.
  • Noted military historian. Two marriages, both gainful. Younger brother Elliot died early of mental illness + severe alcoholism. TR nearly died during adventure travels.

"Engineering insight,

intellectual giant,

  • large-hearted, enthusiastic,

  • both by speech and action.

Favorable to lawyers, military tactics;

  • gains through marriage -

  • more than one union indicated.

If afflicted:

  • trouble through brothers , relatives and friends;

  • Over-estimation.

  • Many losses through traveling and wrong employment.

  • Many wounds or scars,

  • sometimes starved,

  • harsh speaker, crafty, alienated,

a warrior, happy with hard work ,

  • loses happiness and money due to anger

  • and will not honor elders.

Very brave and skillful when in a competitive confrontation.

Favorable for the military, police , etc."


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