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dagdha * ashtangata harana * asta


Cazimi (arabic) * Casimi - Zaminium *"heart of the Sun"

The information-bearing rays of the graha which have moved " too close to Surya" are considered to be burnt. The condition of " burnt rays" is assigned a status of Kopa-avasta

Rays of MANGALA suffer from solar burn

  • within the range of 0-17 degrees from Surya

Rays of BUDHA suffer from solar burn

  • within the range of 0-14 degrees from Surya.
  • Some Jyotiṣika use a rule that vakri Budha = 0-12 degrees

Rays of SHUKRA suffer from solar burn

  • within the range of 0-10 degrees from Surya.
  • Some Jyotiṣika use a rule that vakri Shukra = 0-8 degrees

Rays of BRIHASPATI suffer from solar burn

  • within the range of 0-11 degrees from Surya.

Rays of SHANI suffer from solar burn

  • within the range of 0-15 degrees from Surya.

Chandra's rays cannot be burnt, and Chandra cannot be combust * dagdha

Moudhya graha * Ashtangata?

B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part I, p. 22

" Q. 27: Do planets in combustion get Astangata evil?


Moudhya Dosha of Thara planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) when they are in certain positions in proximity to the Sun, causes evil, technically known as Astangata.

Mercury and Sun occupying two different Rasis though in the same house do not cause much harm.

  • In Ayurdaya no harana is made for such Budha.

Saravali calls Moudhya planets as Vikala planets.

  • According to it, Vikala planets cause much evil.

" A person having Vikala planets will be driven out of his country and home.

He will be unclean, will be living in foreign countries, molested by enemies.

He will have his wealth taken away by enemies."

  • It is true that the above evils may occur if Moudhya planets are weak.

  • If they are strong, evils will be minimised.

  • Instead, he will experience some good by his contact with the Sun.

Here the Sun must be strong, rule Ishta houses and occupy good places.

Nipuna Yoga, for example, is caused by Budha Moudhya.

Prasna Marga is silent on this point." [end BV Raman quotation]

from B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part I, p. 22:

Does Shani have Moudhya?

" Q. 25: Is the view that Saturn has no moudhya (combustion) correct?


  • Saturn has moudhya as do the other planets .

  • When he is within fifteen degrees forward or backward of the Sun, he has Moudhya.

But in determining longevity, Saturn's combustion is ignored, and no Ashtangata harana (reduction) is made on this account."

When a graha approaches too close to the burning rays of Surya,

and the graha occupies the same rashi with Surya,

that too-close graha becomes combust = vikala = dagdha = moudhya = ashtangata).

Combust planets lose much of their positive power and give only superficial benefits.

Exempli gratia,

  • for Tulā indriya-lagna, Shukra activates indriya-lagna (1st house of body) and Ashtamsha Rashi = 8th house of Conditions of dematerialization = emergencies and secrets.

  • Shukra yuti Surya-Mithuna would normally make a fleshbody appear as physically attractive, with lovely balanced bodily features and a pleasing complexion.

  • Vikala Shukra = only a superficially balanced appearance. Vikala Shukra may have some obvious disproportion in the physical form. Vikala Shukra may lack the sparkling, deep vitality of real health (1st house) while one remains largely ignorant of mysterious secrets and healing knowledge (Shukra randhresha-8 for Thula).

In practice, severely combust interior planets = Chandra, Budha, and Shukra = sitting within 2 or 3 degrees of Ravi = clearly have cancellation of strength for the affairs of their own bhava.

  • Russ-Soviet 1878-1953 Man-of-Steel Josef Stalin * rogesha Shukra-1 -Mūla less than 3 degrees distant from [Mūla] Surya-1. Stalin maintained his position of absolute power via a regime of brutality and intimidation. It was a very successful strategy from a job-security perspective, and despite carrying responsibility for the deaths of an estimated 20 million of his own citizens, he was never charged with even a minor crime. Shukra also activates 11. Although the regime could never admit it, Stalin's economic policies ultimately failed too.

All seven of the Thara graha when suffering a moudhya weakness can reduce expected results in their dasha/bhukti period.

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

Usually the polarizing catalysis is not serious, but merely a weakening of the greatest positive potential.

For example, a combust dhanapati-2 + vidya-pati-5 Guru for the Vṛścika - Thriketta native may, during Brihaspati's period, reduce a very promising forecast for expanded wealth and creativity by limiting the support coming from one's birth family (2) and children (5).

Foundational support from the very houses which should expand, is less than necessary for full expression of potential. Thus a potentially 'great' time-period becomes simply a good one.

combustion is only one factor in evaluating a planetary ruler.

drishti upon a planet from other benefic or malefic planets remains extremely important.

A minor degree of combustion = one of those planetary maladies that can often be resolved by remedial mantra chanting to encourage awareness of a specific energy presence; by consciously offer Seva to those who suffer a slightly worse degree of one's own situation;

or by a carefully inspected and properly energized remedial ratana.

Ashta Kuja

As a general rule, if the moudhya Mangala also lacks supportive drishti, the asta condition can give an autistic effect that limits the awareness of the impact upon others of one's personal outgoing actions, potentially including violent actions.

With no malice aforethought, moudhya-dosha Mangala may simply not aware of the psychic and physical harm that one's own competitive or aggressive actions may cause. From one' perspective, the victim may be invisible .

Vocabulary for Moudhya -Asta

QUOTATION from Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -


  • burnt, scorched, consumed by fire
  • tormented, pained, consumed by grief or hunger, distressed
  • dry, insipid; inauspicious
  • miserable, execrable
  • cauterization


  • burning, combustion, conflagration, heat
  • place of cremation


  • complete combustion


  • marked, branded
  • thrown off, left off, set aside, given up
  • setting (as of the sun or of luminaries)
  • The western mountain (behind which the sun is supposed to set)
  • ended, ceased, vanished, perished, dead
  • cease, vanish, perish, die

  • to lead to setting, cause to set


  • eight


  • A meeting place in the middle
  • A line through the middle of anything
Q: Despite a good university credential in technology and the economy here is OK in my line of work, I've had such relentlessly bad luck with work, unable to hold a position for more than a year and numerous jobs over the past 10 years punctuated by long, long times of complete unemployment.

Nothing seems to be moving forward; I feel listless and sick. I'm depressed - sometimes VERY depressed - just sitting at home with my parents who are retired.

It's been over a year since my last paycheck. I should have been married years ago but with no income and no offers, I can't very well join the marriage market either.

What's wrong with me? Am I under attack by evil forces? Is there anything I can do to get out of this terrible slump?

A: The issue is the present mahadasha pati who is in the company of four graha. Three of these companions are ashtangata, and the fourth is Surya. Combust graha are weakened at birth and they must be strengthened via CONSCIOUS intention to be positive and independent in mind despite the presence of domineering personalities [Surya] in your environment.

Part of the problem is likely the ego-membrane of your father, since moudhya graha are burned in the aura of Surya which is the karaka for the bright, confident, all-attention-called-to-him Male Parent.

When combust graha become problematic in their weakness, it is psychologically matched to a father who might not actually want you to succeed. In order to maintain your dependence upon him, your father (you are living with your parents, right?) may be signaling you psychically that you are a failure (compared to him) that you are not as capable (as him) that you can't really be expected to provide for a family (like he does so well).

This scene can continue in the mind even after the father dies. When dad is still living and one endures the Vimshottari period of a graha that is getting burned by Lord Ravi, chances are that one is involved in what literary critics and psychologists sometimes call the senex complex wherein an older male is threatened by the vitality and ability of a younger male (usually the heir apparent). The older male tries to discourage the younger one by setting up difficult tests and criticizing or belittling the younger one.

Generally, in literature the younger one does overthrow the older one eventually and life goes on. But in the earlier years of the incarnation, most people with Combust Planets do suffer from some intimidation and jealousy from the father, However, well masked that behavior might be. It's hard to be honest about this homework-problem in cultures where parents are worshipped almost like gods (India) but if we can be honest for a minute, the scene is set in the 17-year mahadasha of a ashtangata Budha for"infantilism" of an adult son by a dominating father.

What can be done?

Well, it is unlikely that one would confront an elderly father and get him to stop this behavior, especially in such a traditional cultural setting in a land where 'denial' is the gram-masala of life.

However, as an independent person who does have a life away from your parents - even though you might live in the home with them -- you must always do Selfless Service to maintain your independence from a dominating father. Try to serve others who are even more oppressed by ego-heavy males such as young women students.

When you are serving young female students via tutoring in skills for example maths and writing, you will see easily the ways in which they have been trained to capitulate when they are threatened by a dominant male. You will see how they suddenly lose identity and focus and simply act out the will of the brilliant dominator [Surya].

Start now. Make a life commitment to Seva in the form of tutoring and providing good educational assistance for girls or those who have been systematically"out-shined" by other more confident males. When you are more rich you can establish scholarships for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Right now, make it a point to work every single day in an offering of service until your next job offer arrives. Find a way to teach, tutor, and support those who lack confidence.

The problem = you have become mentally disengaged via weakened (combust) ideals [Surya]. Be careful with the beliefs in which you place your confidence. You are a natural humanist and should maintain the highest faith in the power of education to help every individual to realize their full potential. You must eliminate the petty class and caste distinctions from your worldview; eradicate the idea of"high" (father, Surya) and"low" (self, combust bhukti-pati). Dehumanization toward"lower" classes and gender discrimination are your true enemies. Fight them.

Because the present mahadasha = Budha the Accountant, the best service = skills training in mathematical calculation, language grammar assistance in writing, accounting and commerce, computer and internet skills, every type of transaction and communications protocol. Each day having offered Seva, you will find that you think of yourself as a"working person"and your positive mental image of yourself as a gainful economic participant is very much strengthened.

As much as you might respect him, it is important to spend time away from your father. From a Jyotisha perspective, your thinking can become weakened and when people with negative or predatory intentions feel jealous of you, they can criticize your success and then instead of appreciation for God's help and protection, you feel cheated and victimized by a lesser lifestyle.

It is very important to strengthen your thinking by offering a prayer of gratitude every morning to the divine powers. Make a list of all of the good things that you have (life, breath, food, family, housing, clothing, etc.) and mention these positive gifts in appreciation every time you pray.

By contrast be very careful to avoid complaining or criticizing others and take care not to slip into a mental state which focuses upon what one does not have. You must strengthen your mental attitude. It is false to say that you do not have a job. Every adult participates in the economy in some way.

If you step out tomorrow and offer to tutor maths and writing in a public place such as in the courtyard or library of a school and furthermore if you treat your students with respect as if they were your business customers, the mind will get quickly into the regular habit of thinking that you are working in a respectable job. Also you must promise to work regularly at the Seva work until you receive a paying position and if at all possible even continue this seva after you have been offered a salaried job.

Even during future financially comfortable times it will be essential to continue to offer Seva. If your business becomes so successful that you do not have time to personally serve, then use some of your profits to fund scholarships for students from lower-ranked backgrounds who need to learn economic participations skills .Be careful of making negative self-defining statements along the line of"not a possibility" . Negative, self-deprecating statements serve the Dominator.

Everything is possible unless and until the mind determines that it is impossible.

By definition of the sovereign human soul, no one has superior power over you, and no one is doing evil magic upon you. Each soul has full and unassailable integrity from the moment of its origin at the beginning of all universes.

Yet, the mind is very sensitive like a sponge. Therefore to protect the absorbing mind, it is essential to avoid persons who exhibit jealousy toward you, who complain about you, manipulate you, or who promote negative or divisive ideas.

It is well known that the company one keeps determines the mental health and there is no time more representative of mental environment than the agile, mercurial, reflexive, responsive, narrative Mahadasha of the moudhya-dosha Budha.


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