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Brihaspati occupies 9th-from-Chandra

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OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

Professor Guru

Brihaspati * Devapati * Saptarishi

resides in

Dharma-sthana * Marga-daya


Ju-piter * Dyaus-pitr

Dio-petous * Dies Pater* De-us

Ze-us * Xenios

Enlil * Marduk * Her-wepes-tawy

Iuppiter * Jove * Thor


the ninth house


karako bhavo nashto

Multiple doctrines * multiple philosophies * multiple theories * multiple worldviews

growth and expansion of ideology, doctrine, sacred knowledge, priestly roles

many father-figures * plurality of preachings


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with 1000 arms. Guanyin Nunnery, Anhui province, China

Public Figures

Guru-Meza * innovative ideologies





Guru-Karkata * uttama






Guru in Vrizchika

Guru-Dhanuzya * mulatrikona 0-13

Guru-Makara * nichha

Guru-Kumbha * expanded networks




Professor, priest, preacher, proselyte, pater-noster.

Multiplicity of sacred doctrines

Guru-9 = karaka for understanding a plurality of dogmas and teachings via add-on supplementation (not exclusive conversion)

Many religions, multiple doctrines

From bhava-9, Brihaspati casts auspicious, expansive, permissive drishti upon domains 1-3-5 from radix lagna.

Thus are much helped, matters of

  • pranic vitality (1)

  • communications skills and scope (3)

  • And political-theatrical genius (5).

Generally Guru-9 busy people with many teaching, preaching, writing, doctrinal, and theory-related expansions:

  • Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 linguist J.R.R. Tolkien Guru + dhanapati-2 Chandra. dhanapati-2 * language. Tolkien lectured to literature and linguistics students while privately crafting his elaborate and incredibly long-story (Guru-9) books -- and fathering (9) four children. Tolkien produced thousands of pages of literary manuscript and scholarly monograph, hundreds of elaborate drawings, abundant calligraphy, studied dozens of old languages, designed several new languages, taught countless university classes, attended numerous meetings, fought in a war, and raised four children -- all at a normal pace of constant production continuing until his death age 82.

Benefits scholarship, professorship, ambassadorship, and high-priesthood but gives karako bhavo nashto for an over-confident or self-righteous father.

One is oneself perceived as a father-figure

Global, humanistic, international life perspective.

Cannot limit perception to a parochial range, at least not for very long.

Expands in a similar way to the father

  • Formula-One 1980-2013 test driver Maria de Villota = father also a Formula-1 driver

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie father = Oscar-winning dramatist with decades-long high profile career

Big thinkers with positive dreams for the world.

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie

  • Formula-One 1980-2013 test driver Maria de Villota involved in global charities until her early death

Adores children -- though, ironically, one may not be able to spend much time with children due to global humanistic duties.

generosity and expansion .

Can Guru be a malefic in Bhava-9? Yes, sometimes!

Like self-righteous Surya-9, "know it all" Guru-9 can produce karako bhavo nashto = too much of a good thing.

Because humility forms the basis of true confidence (con-fides = with-faith) too much personal certainty can cause a type of dogmatic obesity wherein the native is grossly over-indoctrinated and rather unbearably certain of some limited version of the Truth.

This condition helps build the career of a preacher, proselytizer, preacher, or multi-level marketer. But it is, ultimately, a barrier to faith.

Guru-Makara ideological materialism, class-conscious guru, father overly concerned with status, over-expanded religious rules, artificial public devotions.

In a rashi of Budha, all talk and little understanding.

Abundant wealth and fame when Guru = svakshetra or uttama with a strong lord.

  • Sincerely dharmic philosophical nature, of the most inclusive and expansive type.

  • Not in the least dogmatic; open to adventure and loves to travel.

  • Exceptionally charitable and compassionate.

  • Celebrates high rites in the temple.

  • Splendid and welcoming communication with the world of the spirits. Wise and generous.

  • Cared for and honored by the fellowship of true believers.

Unfortunately, if Guru is not well disposed, the native may become a poseur or false priest. Poorly placed Guru may gives pretensions to empire. One may suffer a confusion of entitlements through mistaking material power for spiritual wisdom.

In a wifely nativity, the husband-figure dhava-karaka = Guru

Guru-9 = 6th-from-4th = the husband's behavior is often perceived as adversarial to one' home cultural roots and routines.

Often, the wife meets her life partner in an international, doctrinal, theoretical, or philosophical setting such as a teaching-preaching environment, a temple or university, or a discussion about political philosophy or paradigms of belief.

The partner's identification with principles of belief, religious convictions, catachism, universities, temples, and sacred principles is important to her, and the prestige of partner's wise-man, priestly, ceremonial or teaching roles may form the basis of the union

Often the husband is some sort of professor, preacher or priest; or perhaps a politician, dramatist, or gambler; or perhaps a patron of charitable or philosophical concerns. Psychologically, the first marriage may be a required learning experience for the wife-figure to complete a curriculum regarding her own father.

Karako bhavo nashto

Both the first husband and the father may be significantly over-confident.

When Guru occupies bhava-9 the karako bhavo nashto condition will affect both the spouse and the father of the female.

These two figures are both somewhat bombastic, preachy or overbearing, and often over-entitled due to exaggerated self-importance gained through holding material assets. Nevertheless, they are gainful and the family is well positioned socially.

  • First marriage for female characterized by a strong orthodoxy of belief, and an attempt to supplement or replace one's absent or unavailable father.

Regardless of the external success or failure of the union, the female will retain a confidence in established belief systems and an awareness of their importance in her life.

drishti from Guru-8 enters 1-3-5, expanding the belief-narrative into the personality (1) the communications patterns (3) and the center-stage roles (5) including children and politics

Brihaspati is a multiplier; Guru-9 suggests numerous fathers. Often one or more step-fathers, perhaps the natural father becomes unavailable and one is raised by the grandfather or father's brother, or perhaps one receives a spiritual father (priest, guide, counselor).

karako bhavo nashto

Guru-9 can generate self-righteous in matters of belief which suggests that both father and guru presume to have philosophical authority.

Father-figures may tend to have an inflated sense of the importance of their own convictions.

  • POTUS-23 National Forests Benjamin Harrison had a dad who was overbearingly strict and dogmatic Presbyterian. Dad forbade drinking, smoking, dancing, and card-playing. Having strong Surya-yuti-Budha + Mangala-Singha lagna, young Harrison also followed the Presbyterian doctrine. But, against his father's rules, BH regularly went dancing with the girl who would be his first wife.

Yet, Guru-9 is deeply generous by nature. Often expands the personality into a social role as professor or priest, in some guise not always doctrinal but generally always a presumptive philosopher.

  • If Guru is uttama or svakshetra or vidya-pati-5 or lagnesha, Guru-9 = teacher-preacher for some cause,

  • Ritual-repeating priest of reinforcing and repeating some class of core belief to their audience.

  • Much fortune awaits with Guru's placement in the felicitous sthana representing temples of higher knowledge. From this base, Guru casts drishti into domains 1, 3, and 5 - bringing a large physical body, auspicious siblings and team-workers, and blessing of children.

  • Favors happiness through religious cultures which hold priestly authority and ceremonial practices in the highest regard

QUOTATION -- BPHS Chap 20, effects of Dharmabhava

"One will be extremely affluent, should Guru be in Dharma Bhava

  • + Dharma's Lord = in an angle

  • + Lagna's Lord = endowed with strength . "


Catedral de Santo-Iago (Cathedral of Saint James) * Sant-iago, Espana

Career during Vimshottari Dasha periods of a graha located in bhava-9.

There are many beneficial effects from graha located in dharmasthana-9 including expansion of humanistic perspective, global awareness, and contact with wisdom-figures.

Nevertheless, the 10th-from-9 = bhava-6 indicating disharmony and ailment.

As a result, there may be a temporary experience of conflict in leadership roles, ailments related to job performance, unfair agreements, loss of contract, dissolution of equity, accusations, pollution, or other 6-related phenomena according to the rashi of 6 and any graha residing in 6.

If the karmesha occupies rogasthana-6, the professional life remains robust, but the career duties tend to emphasize injury, indebtedness, exploitation, or toxicity, inter alia.

Careers in labor relations, social work, medicine, and other ministries of service are usually enhanced by the 6th-angle because these professional are already dedicated to service of the hurting. Their collegial relationship may temporarily suffer somewhat but the overall mission is stable.


QUOTATION Das / Bepin Behari commentary on Guru in bhava-9

"very good for religion. ... attracted to rituals, observances, study of scripture and good association with others into these things.

  • However, it also gives attraction to material achievement, recognition, status.

  • You must learn that this later quality distracts from the earlier mentioned good qualities. Then only can religion be purified. ...

good for fame and prosperity... will visit sacred places, be charming, happy, skilled, perform sacrifice, and receive divine knowledge .

  • It is one of the best possible karmas because it represents being near to the end of karma. It will take care of you in many ways.

  • It is not such a good indicator for the material father however.

  • ... interested in devotion, and able to perform austerity, be saintly, noble .

  • You will probably at some point receive honor and servants. ... will cause you to one day own a nice house, enjoy the respect of the higher class .

You revere the saintly persons and say your prayers.

  • You paint your house red, yellow and green.

  • You receive support from authorities.

  • You can be deeply arrogant however, and sometimes a real lush, performing little penance.

You may end up an ascetic, virtuous, learned, observing fasts.

  • Good for theologians and religious advisors.

  • can be ideal if balanced in all things. You prefer to deal straight.

  • You should be able to gain opulence unless other forces prevent it."


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