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OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Himkundmrinaalaabham Daityaanam Paramam Gurum

Sarvashastrapravaktaram Bhargavam Pranmaamyaham

Professor Zukra

Sukhraya * Thukra

Bha * Bhrigu

Amaraari * Asuraguru

resides in


Kanni * Panni * Partha

Parthona * Para * Pravaga

Pramada * Aggana

Venus * Ishtara

Phosphoros * Heosphoros * Lucifer

Vesper * Morgensteorra-Aefensteorra

Inanna * Ishtara * Aphrodite

Venera * Zuhra * Nogah

Ba'ah * Seba-djai Nin-si-anna

Delebat * Jingxing


Viergo * nichha

imbalanced relationships with feminine helpers

ruled by friendly Budha


Venus Punishing Psyche with a Task

by Luca Giordano, c.1695

Public Figures

Zukra-1 * embodied, fleshly harmony

Zukra-2 * kept, remembered, voiced, treasured, historical harmony

Zukra-3 * messaging, communicative harmony


Zukra-4 * dig-bala * home-based, cultural-roots harmony

Zukra-5 * dramatic, center-stage harmony

Zukra-6 * addictions * imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, toxic harmony

Zukra-7 * interpersonal, contractual harmony = karako bhavo nashto

Zukra-8 * occult, hidden harmony- undisclosed assets

Zukra-9 * doctrinal, global harmony

Zukra-10 * public, leadership harmony


Zukra-11 * community, network harmony


Zukra-12 * Thula lagnesha * seeks pleasure via private imagination, enjoys spiritually guided equity, feminine-figures intuit, visions of balance and beauty, appreciation of interiority

Sweet Pleasures of Argumentation, Analysis, and Service

Appreciation (Zukra, price) of:

  • service

  • litigation, complaints

  • logical Argumentation

The pleasure-servant. Aesthetic of servility.

despite being in the sign of Zukra's planetary friend Budha, nichha- an imbalanced location for Zukra the Balancer.

  • Aesthetic appreciation for logical argument.

  • Takes a critical, analytical approach toward the management of sexual relationships.

  • Tends to hold an exploiter-exploited model of marriage.

  • Associated with addictions and prostitution (may be subtle, but any unbalanced marriage becomes a form of prostitution)

  • The lover-partner should have servant-like qualities.

Gender is a social construct. Professor Zukra teaches not about anatomy but rather about the value-and-harmony functioning of social relationships. In the nativity of one playing the husband role, nichha Zukra Generally, indicates that relationships with women are inherently unbalanced due to the partnership expectations of the husband matching low self-worth (nichha-Zukra) of the women themselves.

A husbandly nativity with radical nichha-Zukra or navamsha nichha-Zukra may be attracted (Zukra) primarily or exclusively to the type of match-mate who blames and criticizes herself.

nichha-Bhrigu is unable to see her own beauty; argues with herself; places herself in ever-complaining servitude (Kanya)

Depending on Zukra's rulerships, one may excel as a represented or advocate of an ill, harmed, medicated, enslaved, or disenfranchised party.

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt * Rahu-yuti-Zukra -nichha * empowered proxy negotiator and messenger representing her sick, disabled husband POTUS-32 Fireside Chats 1882-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt during critical planning meetings that set the coordinated Allied strategy to win WW-2.

Nichha Zukra may produce Zukra's typical benefits but in the nichha-rashi Zukra is out of balance. There is a tendency to accept and negotiate with inequities rather than eradicate injustices.

Gender is a social construct. Broadly, Shri Bhrigu indicates not anatomy but rather the value-and-harmony functioning of equity in social relationships.

In the nativity of those playing the husband role, nichha Zukra Generally, indicates that relationships with women may be inherently unbalanced due to the expectations of the husband matching unbalanced interior conditions within the women themselves.

A husband with nichha-Zukra in the natal kundali or nichha-Zukra in the natal navamsha may be attracted primarily or exclusively to the type of match-mate who blames and criticizes herself; is unable to see her own beauty; argues with herself; places herself in ever-complaining servitude.

From the husband's perspective, challenging situations involving women who are defined by servitude, addiction, unfair contracts, diseases, accusations, pollution, and the litany of disorders of the 6th rashi Kanya (12th-dissolving from 7th-peer-balance)

One in the wife role, nichha Zukra may indicate unfair or accusatory relationships with female servants, reflecting conditions of self-criticism and low self-esteem within oneself. The nichha condition may define not only oneself and one's women servants but also one's close feminine companions, sisters, cousins, and aunts.

Regardless of gender, anticipate lessons to be contextualized in the classroom of polarizing catalysiss via sweets, drugs-alcohol, money, women

Zukra-nichha often induces a sense of shame which, if complicated by additional factors, can result in disordered expressions of narcissistic anxiety both mental and physical.

  • Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 assembly line Henry Ford + Guru-yuti-Shani.-8 ++ nichha-Zukra rules Ketu-4-Vrishabha. Ford's paranoia emerged in his invisible-listener eavesdropping campaigns designed to subvert factory worker unionization = Kanya unfair contracts. Increasingly anxious in his final decades, including his final 7 years in Ketu Mahadasha, he was unable to make an agreement (Zukra-nichha) to transfer executive power to a younger generation of management, clinging to the delusion of his supposedly unique ability to run the company virtually until the moment of death.

Zukra-Kanya is an appreciator of argumentation and complaint, but dislikes direct aggression (Kanya = 6th from Mesha) .

Thus the preferred style of relationship negotiation (Zukra) = 'passive aggressive' = nitpicking and arguing rather than straightforward proposal or direct action upon the problem. It is not necessarily an indicator of divorce, but rather of dissatisfaction in marriage .

Zukra-Kanya may have a tolerance or even preference for disagreeable (6) contract-breaking, or illicit (6) mates who hail from the service class

  • POTUS-42 My Life 1946- Bill Clinton * Kuja-yuti-Zukra-nichha (1, physicality, personality) suffered scandal leading to threat of impeachment, due to his history of extramarital affairs while holding government office. The exploitations occurred with service-class women, including an unpaid Whitehouse intern

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt * Rahu-yuti-Zukra -nichha = notable Affairs du Coeur with women and men, her bodyguard, et cetera.

  • UK-Prince 1948- Charles of Wales * nichha-Zukra-3 parivartamsha Budha-4 = notorious decades-long extramarital affair brought scandal to the self-righteous royal house; Yet, the prince's Zukra-Budha parivartamsha yoga did correct matters socially. The balancing mechanism involved accepted public explanations (Budha) including tell-all journalism (Budha) and eventually a contractual marriage (Zukra).

  • Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 assembly line Henry Ford enjoyed a long-running affair du coeur with his secretary (nichha-Zukra employees) which was reputed to have produced a child. Although Ford righteously denied paternity, he paid for the child's lifetime upkeep and provided a luxury home for the child's mother next door to his own home. cover-up.

  • POTUS-29 Teapot Dome 1865-1923 Warren G. Harding yuti Rahu = a famous philanderer. A blackmail threat against him while President, delivered by one of his former woman lovers, was considered so politically dangerous that Harding was whisked away from Washington D.C. to take an unprecedented (and unnecessary) tour of Alaska and the USA West Coast. He died of heart failure on that trip.

Corrective Seva for Zukra in nichha

SEVA charitable service will help to correct existing karmic imbalance-seeking-a-remedy:

  • Serving women who have been widowed by natural disasters

  • Serving women who are suffering digestive diseases

  • Serving women whose moral character has been compromised by the exploitative actions of others

  • Serving women who are living in slavery or servitude

  • Serving women who have become victims of prejudice, unfair legal decisions, accusations, or gossip

  • Serving women who have been victimized by addiction, incorrect medication, or exploitive medical practices

  • Serving women who have been unfairly divorced, betrayed by the holder of the marriage contract, or placed into servitude by the conditions of marriage

In a wifely nativity,

suggestion of persistent trouble with other women expressing animosity (often passive-aggressive), issues with jealousy (one's own or other women's) unfaithfulness of the spouse in marriage, and a self-perception for the female that one is somehow not attractive.

One generally has lady maids or employees of rather low nature, and trouble through them, such as the house servants getting into prostitution or drugs or suffering domestic violence and then looking to you for support, which you are disinclined to offer.

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt 's secretary Lucy took up with Eleanor's husband FDR. After recovering from the shock, ER herself took up with several other women. Rahu-yuti-Zukra -nichha can be complicated.

In a husbandly nativity

attraction to disgraced women with low self-esteem, trouble with female employees, and often drug problems , STD, or sugar-processing ailments such as diabetes.

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King + Surya-yuti-Budha-uttama * however, SK Zukra holds the uttamsha in D-9 ++ yuti-uttama-Budha produces a superb outcome for enduring marriage to a service-oriented crafty spouse, herself also a successful writer

Zukra-Kanya for any gender attracts women (mates, sisters, co-workers) who suffer a chronic inner argumentation and toxic doubt regarding their own attractiveness.

These women try to achieve satisfaction through service or servitude (Kanya), and they typically cater to the poverty underclass (6) or the ill (6) or the dispossessed (6) while in that service pursuit.

Zukra-Kanya = strong likelihood of a sister or best female friend in nursing, social work or other ministry of service.

Also a supportive placement for obtaining career satisfaction through service:

  • social work or other ministries;

  • lawyers who deal with acute or chronic conflict such as divorce attorney, injuries and accidents, paralegal, legal services provider

  • those who craft long arguments, regarding accusations and blaming - arguments which will go into the courts to prevent direct physical confrontation between the parties (Kanya 6th-from-Mesha, adversarial to direct action)

  • those assisting the generationally poor and drug-addicted,

  • serving those who live an unbalanced life,

  • specialists in toxicity and drug services,

  • environmentalist advocate for the voiceless exploited resources of Earth,

In mated unions, Zukra-Partha may become a servant of the union , whether the partnership lasts for an hour or a lifetime. Partha, rashi of the ancient Greek Parthenon temple of oracular virgins, is considered a karaka for prostitution. But prostitution is not always of the most base variety. Prostitution, meaning extreme and uncomfortable compromise, can be subtle. Nearly everyone experiences this exploitation during life.

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King + Surya-yuti-Budha-uttama ** Zukra-nichha = many of his literary plots involve betrayal. Inevitably there would be lessons regarding women including wife, daughter, aunts, colleagues, neighbors. Yet Zukra in D-9 = uttamsha, suggesting a musical, artistic, and marriage-sustaining wife whose inherent sense of balance and financial intuitions can install harmony even in challenging circumstances.

Often = prostitution *within* a marriage, wherein Zukra-Kanya remains in a protracted state of "broken contract" in order to exploit some resource, such as exploiting the spouse's income or position, using the marriage or union as a shell to hide illicit activities

illicit drugs

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King + Surya-yuti-Budha-uttama * after his family staged an anti-addiction intervention, SK was able to break the cycle of multiple substance addictions. Nichha-Zukra = Uttama-Zukra in navamsha, showing the powerful support of the wife

contract-breaking sexual liaison

Zukra-Kanya is attracted to partners who offer exploitable services, attracted to partners who resemble the mothers' relatives, partners whose resources can be used without payment.

Kanya 12th-from-7th

Zukra-Kanya enjoys the act of breaking or failing to uphold a promise.

As the rashi which is 12th (dissolving) from 7th (contracts, bargains, alliances) and regulated by logical Budha, Kanya-rashi is naturally required to propose an elaborate argument which explains and defends its inability to keep a trust.

Zukra, the regulator of partner-behavior, occupies Kanya, the rashi of imbalance-seeking-a-remedy.

Zukra-Kanya suggests that the agency of the core partners - whether male or female, whether business partner or marital spouse -- is unbalanced in character. However on the positive side the partners in a Zukra-Kanya nativity are very much disposed toward service . Whether the service is conscious and uplifting, as in Seva, or unconscious and degrading, as in the typical addictive . serv, is either a mere servant of the union or a contract-breaker as well.

  • Zukra-Kanya seeks to partner (Zukra) with those who are involved in clinical medicine (drugs and treatment plans), particularly specialists in addictions and service to the exploited; partners who are in servitude or themselves addicted; partners who are involved in non-violent expressions of accusation, blaming, and conflict, argumentative and litigious behaviors, such as divorce attorneys and environmental advocates; those who dislike competition, dislikes young male energy, dislikes immaturity, initiative, blood, athletics, new birth, or direct movement (Kanya= 6th-from-Mesha).

  • Sensual pleasures through the digestive belly, abdomen, words especially arguments, cleanliness, being organized, medications (legal and otherwise).

  • The women with Zukra-Kanya (and the inner feminine of the man) may be engaged in an over-compensation dynamic driven by crippling inner argumentation.

  • Likes to argue and engage in verbal debate-conflict about accusations, exploitation and victimization; social service; medicines.

The mental illness of * perfectionism* over-stimulates a restless mind, and damages Zukra's placid balance with a nervous doubtful questioning of the validity of one's own natural attractive beauty .

A man with nichha-Zukra will find his inner perfectionism expressed most vividly in the women in his environment. Mainly the wife, but also the mother, sisters, aunts, even female schoolmates, schoolteachers, religious counsel, etc. will doubt their own attractiveness.

A woman with nichha-Zukra will experience the condition of perfectionistic self-criticism directly in herself.

nichha-Zukra in the D-1 chart may also become effectively corrected through uttama-Zukra in the D-9.

In practice, the spouse (particularly for a male) will correct most of Zukra-Kanya 's sense-pleasure mistakes

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King + Surya-yuti-Budha-uttama * his wife did an alcohol-abuse intervention on her addicted husband which motivated him to practice sobriety

The disability arises from an inner argumentation (Kanya). One hears a relentless inner criticism of one's sensual attractiveness, which asserts that one cannot possibly claim any degree of beauty unless one can prove a perfect beauty .

One tries desperately to prove that one meets the standards of perfection by getting more and more sensual and sexual attention. This desperate quest leads to various forms of humiliating fall from grace and loss of balance in relationships.

Typical results are bulimia and starvation dieting, drug addictions, multiple and damaging cosmetic surgeries, promiscuity and prostitution, obsession with photographic images of oneself,

imbalance-seeking-a-remedy and toxicity in the digestive system.

Virgo is the natural ruler of bhava-6 = loss of balance and social conflict. In particular, Kanya as natural 12th-from-7th signifies Argumentation leading to loss of agreement in marriage. Zukra-Kanya love style can manifest one of two ways.

Either (1) complete displacement of the sexual love instincts out of the body, into social service charity work (benefitting underclass and animals) or (2) displacement of spousal love into the sexual love of servants and the underclass.

Native likes the feeling of being in illicit company . Trouble through unbalanced women, and intoxication. Often disgraced though partner's indiscretions.

  • If Zukra-Kanya chooses the non-sexual charitable service style, their spouse will exhibit their own deflected attraction to prostitutes, drug addicts, or servants.

Marries a highly intelligent but sensually unavailable, distracted, or overly mentalized spouse. The spouse is an intellectual or project partner, not an easy sexual love partner, due to conflict between social view of partner as an equal versus native's psychology that lovemaking is a debasement. Sexual love needs are typically met via extramarital relationships , or not at all.

Desires direct sensual contact with entities who are performing service tasks (Kanya) for Zukra-Kanya . As a result, Zukra-Kanya can be caught in exploitive, extramarital sexual relationships. Kanya-Zukra style of love favors calendar-management planning of trysts and detail-intensive time scheduling, with imbalance-seeking-a-remedy of class status or privilege driving the attraction.


Prefers clean and well-organized environments, tidy ledgers, organizing large projects at the detail level. Often very busy with mental calculations from the large-scale mental projects they love to accomplish, and can remain superficially married to and appreciative of their public partner for the duration.

However, at some point Zukra-Kanya 's needs will resurface, and the attractive to partners from the service class will re-emerge.

  • Planned marriage practices.

  • Desires an Organized, intelligent spouse with detail-oriented lifestyle and informed, articulate values.

It is important to note that nichha-Zukra does not lack sweetness of character! These are some of the gentlest , most sincere, and humble folk around. They are often very well liked by a public that is charmed by their humbling predicament.

Zukra-Kanya is not able to naturally perceive one's own beauty, or access one's own natural sensuality very comfortably. One has the karma of excess mentalizing and calculating beauty (measuring pounds, inches, color, size); when indeed this mental habit misses the lover's instinctive and sensual whole.


Zukra-Kanya = attractiveness perfectionism with a deeply materialistic focus.

Despite the fact that Zukra considers Budha to be a friend, Zukra-Kanya can feel criticized. Feeling toxic and exploited, Zukra's natural ability to find points of mutual interest, establish harmony, and adapt to another's views may be handicapped by Kanya's mentally pervasive self-doubt.

As the karaka for wife in a masculine nativity, Zukra-Kanya indicates that the wife and wife-type partners are fallen women who are unable to acknowledge their own attractiveness due to a raging inner argument of self-criticism. In a feminine nativity, the woman herself lacks confidence in her own attractiveness, and is constantly engaged in a struggle to obtain beauty from outside, material sources. For both male and Feminine Nativities, the teachings of Professor Bright Bhrigu-Kanya are subject to prolonged and repeating lessons. This placement Generally, influences all of the non-maternal women in one's environment, extending to sisters, cousins, co-workers, female bosses, servants, and professional advisers. (However, Mother and grandmother are ruled separately under the auspice of Professor Chandra.)

Lacking sweetness within herself, she turns to sex and drugs to try to numb her pain. For a woman to be unable to feel beautiful is the most acute psychological pain in the world. Thus nichha-Zukra is associated with prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction, and every form of exploitation, servitude, and abuse.

She may buy clothing, cosmetics, surgeries and chemical treatments, every possible outside, material remedy - but never discovers that the source of beauty is within! This is the evil situation of cool, sensual, gracious Zukra trapped in the hyper-mental and androgynous world of critical, analytical Budha.

  • may be substantially corrected through a parivartamsha yoga with Budha-Vrishabha or Budha-Thula

Every person is inherently beautiful, taken as a whole. Unfortunately Zukra in analytical Kanya divides the whole into many small parts; so that the total pleasure of beauty is broken into complex assessments and rules .

However, as human beings these folks are Usually, very nice and nurturing. They sincerely love service, and they feel good when they can help others by providing information or care to the most needy. Wonderful service-providers in clinical settings.

Hatha Yoga Balance Polarity Asana


  • asana for digestive pipes

  • replenishment of balance and harmony on the mental plane

  • release of toxicity, criticism , and disagreement

  • asana focused in Vishuddha chakra (5, throat) ruled by Budha

Vocation :

  • Brokerage, Bargaining, and Negotiation

  • Balanced Design, Ornamentation, Beauty

  • Pleasures and Enjoyments

  • Counseling and Advising

  • Promises, Agreements, Trusts, Betrothal

  • Matching-making and Deals

  • Contracts and Alliances

Typically, the Zukra-Kanya native is challenged by unbalanced, unfair, complaining, disagreeable, unhealthy relationships in personal life. One is attracted to the unbalanced type of partner (who is often the victim of exploitation in their own life background) and frequently Zukra-Kanya takes the servant role in primary relationships.

Physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual imbalance-seeking-a-remedy may lead Zukra-Kanya to seek relief via self-medicating with various toxic substances; thus Zukra-Kanya is associated with drug addiction. (Yet one single indicator is never conclusive;

negative predictions of the type require a pattern of confirming pointers.)

Despite many personal planned misalignments requiring realignment attention , the Zukra-Kanya native is often a superb counselor and adviser to those struggling with addictions, health imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, relationship imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, divorce, marital conflict, jealousy, litigation-accusation, and poverty.

Zukra-Kanya = beneficial for careers in social work, medical advising, divorce attorney, pastoral counseling, and financial counseling * especially to clients in financial distress.

Zukra indicates Zukra-Kanya 's most pleasurable environments. In Kanya, Zukra enjoys conditions of inequity, ministries of service to the less fortunate, diplomatic negotiations in context of constitutionally unresolvable problems.

Zukra-Kanya may go where angels fear to tread: into situations of domestic violence, marital conflict, disputes, treachery, broken promises and accusations, addiction, poverty, slavery, chronic illness, war, and adversarial relationships with kin.

Zukra-Kanya is blessed with the wisdom to logically distinguish (Kanya) solvable problems from unsolvable problems and still continue to serve the needs of those suffering from karmically unsolvable problems. It is a merciful placement for those who know how to use this unique intelligence in the context of ministries of service.

Both genders appreciate and attract environments and relationships that feature

  • analysis, argumentation, critical thinking

  • complex calculations

  • litigation, accusations, well reasoned complaints

  • liberation from unsuitable contracts

  • physical medicine and drugs

  • loans and calculation of interest

  • servitude and ministries of service

  • the mother's relatives


The male with Zukra-Kanya will prefer a feminine partner with characteristics such as:

logical and critical, analytical, litigious, argumentative, and mentally detailed

  • beautiful upper belly, balanced digestion, likes fasting and careful diet

  • clean, organized, tidy

  • very concerned with diet; fasting; unbalanced eating practices (Charles of Wales )

  • offers hospitality, attends guests, manages servants and employees

  • involved in human services ministry, service to those less fortunate

  • humble, in servitude, a victim, may have low self-esteem

  • involved in prostitution, slavery, or exploitive work

  • disenfranchised, unrecognized, or weakened by internal conflict

  • young-looking, virginal or childless (thus the lovely belly)

  • dresses in hues of green and wears few ornaments

The female with Zukra-Kanya may

  • value relationships and environments that contain

  • appreciate in herself the qualities of

  • knowledge of drugs and medicines, medical conditions and treatments, diet and nutrition,

  • Adolescent or virginal behavior or appearance; the unmarried state

  • logical analysis, litigation, appreciation for the role of conflict in human life

  • quiet servitude, service to the less fortunate, modesty in work

  • well-balanced and cleverly crafted legal complaints, arguments and criticisms, accusations

gracious in exploitive situations

harmonious relationships with servants

Vocation :

  • Brokerage, Bargaining, and Negotiation

  • Balanced Design, Ornamentation, Beauty

  • Pleasures and Enjoyments

  • Counseling and Advising

  • Promises, Agreements, Trusts, Betrothal

  • Matching-making and Deals

  • Contracts and Alliances



Pleasure Experiences and Preferred Tastes

Pleasure (Zukra)

  • from ministries of service, serving the adversarial and the unbalanced

To make Kanya-Zukra happy, provide servants to perform their household and spousal duties, so that they can enjoy a respectable life while pursuing intensive service to those less fortunate.

Only through providing dedicated, comprehensive service to the disempowered/dysfunctional classes (including animals) can Kanya-Zukra feel truly loved and appreciated.

Treasury, beauty, and luxury-attracting activities and investments

from ministries of service

from complex calculations

from accusations and complaints, especially when rationally argued in a lawsuit

from toxicity, illness, derangement - physical, social, mental , spiritual

from practice of medicine, diagnosis, treatment plans

from prescribing (Budha) drugs, manufacturing (Budha) drugs, selling (Budha) drugs

from divorce, disavowal, disagreement, distrust, disgrace, disability

from inequity, unfairness, injustice, injury, indecency, inferiority

from disputes, treachery, broken promises, from breech of contract

from loan-making, from usury, from debt, from poverty

from crime and criminals, from exploitation, from victims,

from labor, from servitude, from master-slave relationships

from indigestion, from toxicity, from pollution (social and physical)

from the mother's relatives

treasury produced via:

treasuries, memories, and collections (2) from politics, theatre, Divine intelligence , games, celebrity

speculative fortune (5) from banking and storage, herds and hoards , face and voice , moveable collections, treasury chests, knowledge of history and languages

wisdom to have the right resources at the right time (9) from social responsibility , law and order, elite positions, structure , rules and regulations , step -wise process

profits, material achievement, gains of income (11) from trauma-healing , mining, exploration , discovery, sudden forced changes, emergencies , disasters

Vimshottari Periods of Zukra may predict:

  • excellent period for ministries of service to victims : the tired, the exploited, the sick, the poor.

  • Benefits professional service in nursing, medicine, social work, military, conflict management, litigation, environmental pollution, divorce attorney.

  • some degree of luxury in the workplace

  • sensuality of domestic squabbling

  • harmonious relations with servants, and with the mother's relatives

  • pleasure from digestion, labor (3) in the agricultural fields (4)

  • taste for argument, litigation

  • appreciation of medicine and drugs

  • attraction * akarshana * to crime, divorce, disavowals, deconsecration

  • enjoyment of speculative wealth (5) via gambling (Simha) with family assets (2)

  • harmonious relationship (poetic, spiritual, financial, physical) with physicians, social workers, ministers of service, criminals , military, warmongers

  • appreciation of servants, profits (11) from hidden sources (Vrischikha)

  • enjoys the company of victims , the ill, the addicted, the disenfranchised, the poor

  • agreeable to unbalanced relationships, polluted environments, exploitive labor



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