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Writing and Publishing

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writer of magical fiction


cinematic scriptwriter + producer

political commentator

Author of the Harry Potter novels *

J. K. Rowling

a.k.a. Mrs. Joanne Murray

Earth-birth Saturday-31-Jul-1965

Harry Potter novelist + cinematic scriptwriter producer * 1965- * Joanne "J.K." Rowling

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

JKR stated birth date = 31-Jul-1965 at Chipping Sodbury Hospital in Yate, Gloucestershire, near Bristol, England

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativities


Asresas * Uraga * Azreshasha * Hydra * Aayilyam * Bhujamaghabha

BPL commentary

For Azlesa births of a feminine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing, evangelical Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

For those born into the Budha-ruled paradigm of Uraga, siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Hydra. Their purpose is to hold securely, twist, and control.

Call to Roots

Budha-ruled Asresas are typically storytellers. They are protective, parentally concerned, emotionally responsive communicators. Intensely patriotic and often xenophobic, Naga-born harken to the old ways, the familiar rhythms, the folk stories which bind an ethno-cultural people to their roots. Azresa have a particular genius for evoking ancestral guilt, ethnic narratives, and ancient resentments.

Emotionally engaged and gesturing (Budha) in their messaging style, Hydra-born are often accomplished writers in literary genre ranging from political speech-scripters to parenting advice to folktale raconteurs. They specialize in tropes of root-culture, customs and habits, protection of the genetic stock, stabilization of the place of settlement, and defense of a way of life.

Bhujamaghabha speak the stories of a people in their land. It is the tale of a beginning in the watery mists, travel by ship, the struggle to farm and build, the cry for protection of a parental god, and finally the rooted possession of their place.

Naga-born = natural environmentalists who prefer conversations (Budha) about motherhood, family meals, ritual worship, seasonal holidays, food and farms, schools, roads and housing, with an emphasis on ensuring continuity of culture. As parents, Azlesa bind their children closely.

In leadership roles, the Naga-born may communicate in a swaying, hypnotic jargon, talking in the familiar folk style, appealing to the base layers of the society, recalling an ancient past. Their audience is rapt with feeling. Their rhetoric is soothing, repetitive, simple, and homey, like a parental lullaby, soothing the baby's cries.

Once lulled, Naga's quarry may be bound and captured, lashed to the safe place. It is a bondage ritual, repeated to ensure that the past customs can repeat in an unbroken, rhythmic flow.

Asresas-born may be found in socially powerful messaging roles. They come to prominence when a tribe is weakened at the root and feeling vulnerable. An ancient racial narrative is invoked. This storyline may beseech a people to strap themselves to the land and waters which give sustenance. Its clarion call rallies the fyrd, the farmers' army, the simple folk's defense of their habits, their sustenance. To this place they are bound by hunger, by vulnerability, by a need for protection.

Themes of tight bindings, holding to roots, emotional restraint, and defense of ancient folkways may contextualize Naga's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Azlesa-Naga.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 94

"... this person is careless and unclean about herself and the manner in which she dresses.

  • She is not good-looking but indeed rather homely.

  • She is distinguished by some disfigurement on face or body

  • and is rather miserable and unhappy.

She has a secretive and rather bitter nature

  • and is somewhat harsh and unkind in her dealings with others,

  • where opportunity presents itself.

If she cultivated kindness and tact,

  • her shortcomings might be forgotten by those with whom she comes in contact.

But her attitude and appearance are not conducive to popularity."





Rowling2016.jpgBiographical Details matched to Vimshottari Dasha

Zukra Mahadasha * age birth until age 5.6

31-Jul-1965 Earth-birth * Zukra-Shani bhukti

Surya Mahadasha * age 5.6 until age 11.6

Chandra Mahadasha * age 11.6 until age 21.6

Mangala Mahadasha * age 21.6 until age 28.6

Sep-1977 until Nov-1979 Janma Sade-Sati Simha

1986 (JKR age 21) earned diploma in classics from Exeter University College * Mangala-Zukra bhukti * Zukra bandesha diploma

1990 (JKR age 25) while enduring a 4-hour train-delay, the detailed idea of a boy attending a school of wizardry came into her mind * Mangala-Budha bhukti * Budha rules 3-scripts, playbooks

30-Dec-1990 (JKR age 25) grieved the decease of mother * Mangala-Budha bhukti * Budha rules 3-scripts, playbooks

1991 (JKR age 26) following the burglary of her home-goods in Manchester, JKR moves to Porto, Portugal, to work as an English language teacher * Mangala-Ketu bhukti

1992 (JKR age 27) first pregnancy (miscarried) * Mangala-Ketu bhukti ++ Ketu in classroom-5

16-Oct-1992 (JKR age 27) exchanged the vows of marriage-1-of-2 with a news announcer* Mangala-Zukra bhukti * samchara Rahu-Ketu Dhanuzya-Mithunaya * contact navamsha R-K

27-Jul-1993 (JKR age 28) celebrated the birth of first live child * Mangala-Surya bhukti * Surya rules Chandra * gochara R-K Vrischika-Urisha contact radical R-K

Rahu Mahadasha * age 28.6 until 46.6

Rahu-Rahu svabhukti

Aug-1994 (JKR age 29) divorce-1 ++ return to Edinburgh to join younger sister * Rahu-Rahu svabhukti

1994 (JKR age 29) diagnosed with clinical depression * Rahu-Rahu svabhukti * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Guru rogesha

1995 (JKR age 30) submitted manuscripts for the first Harry Potter book to 12 publishers, receiving 12 rejections * Rahu-Rahu svabhukti * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Guru rogesha = rejection of contract, betrayal, disappointment, distress

Rahu-Guru bhukti

26-Jun-1997 (JKR age 32) publication of the first Harry Potter book "The Philosopher's Stone" * Rahu-Guru bhukti * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Guru rules 9-fortunes (Guru receives drishti from Kuja-3 publications)

02-Jul-1998 (JKR age 33) publication of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets * Rahu-Guru bhukti * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Guru rules 9-fortunes (Guru receives drishti from Kuja-3 publications)

Rahu-Shani bhukti

08-Jul-1999 (JKR age 34) publication of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban * Rahu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 7-contracts

08-Jul-2000 (JKR age 35) publication of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire * Rahu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 7-contracts

2001 (JKR age 36) purchase of a historic 19th century estate * Rahu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 7 = 4th-from-4th, antique

16-Nov-2001 (JKR age 36) first of the cinematic renderings of the Harry Potter films is released * Rahu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 8 = transformations

26-Dec-2001 (JKR age 36) exchanged the vows of marriage-2-of-2 * Rahu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules Makara Svamsha * gochara R-K Mithunaya-Dhanuzya * contact navamsha R-K ++ Rahu-Return

Rahu-Budha bhukti

21-Jun-2003 (JKR age 38) publication of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix * Rahu-Budha bhukti * Budha rules 3- publications

Rahu-Ketu bhukti

16-Jul-2005 (JKR age 40) publication of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince * Rahu-Ketu bhukti

Nov-2006 until Sep-2009 Janma Sade-Sati Simha -2

Rahu-Zukra bhukti

21-Jul-2007 (JKR age 42) publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows * Rahu-Zukra * Budha-yuti-Zukra rules 3-writing, publication

spr-2008 (JKR age 43) speaker at Harvard University College commencement ceremony * Rahu-Zukra * Zukra rules-4 schools, diploma

Guru Mahadasha * age 46.6 until age 62.6

Sep-2013 (JKR age 48) gains effective creative control over the next five films, writing the scripts and co-producing * Guru-Guru svabhukti * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Guru rules 5th-from-Chandra creativity (also Guru rules 6-lawsuits)

20-Oct-2015 (JKR age 50) publication of Career of Evil (using pseudonym Robert Galbraith) * Guru-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 8-camouflage

Shani Mahadasha * age 62.6 until age 81.6

Aug-2036 until Oct-2048 Janma Sade-Sati Simha

Budha Mahadasha * age 81.6 until age 98.6

Ketu Mahadasha * age 98.6 until age 105.6

Rowling_JK_photo.JPGDistinctive features of the nativity

Surya * pitri-karaka (father) * jyoti-karaka (light)

  • Surya-Karkata * Bhanu * ray of light * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the nourishing caretaking rashi of Chandra
  • Surya in bhava-1 * center of attention * bright embodiment * intelligence for competition * focus on appearance * genius for innovative self-expression * athletic entitlements * eye on personality * sparkling center of embodied vitality * father may be an icon-competitor-inventor
  • Surya-1 parivartamsha Chandra-2


Dad = aircraft mechanic.Surya-Karkata- Pushyami = typically works in a hierarchical environment especially in defense

Father's self-entitled personality = Surya in bhava-1. Self-referential Surya

Pitristhana-9 = the emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing, discovering, revealing, danger-seeking 8th-from-Chandra ++ 9 receives incoming drishti from criticizing Mangala-Kanya-3


Surya controls Zukra + Chandra + Budha in Simha-2 storytelling. Surya is engaged in parivartamsha with Chandra, allowing the school stories and the author's iconic personality to bask in Martanda's brilliance.

Surya rules the psychic Svamsha = Uttara-ashadha-Makara

Parents and Heritage

Surya rules bhava-2 family genetics, heritage, family of origin, suggesting that the family lineage had been developing her extraordinary story-telling creativity over the period of numerous generations

* Surya-1 parivartamsha Chandra-2

Surya occupies the private, imaginative 12th-from-Chandra

Chandra-Simha * Chandra in Purvaphalguni * Chandra in classroom-2 * Somana-yuti-Budha * Somana-yuti-Zukra

  • Dad can see mom, but mom other does not apprehend dad's reality.
  • Mom = emotionally complex, effusive, communicative, relationship-oriented
  • Each of the parents have an individual empowered creativity
  • 2/12 signifies a don't ask/don't tell arrangement
  • the parents are nevertheless tightly interconnected via the Surya-Chandra parivartamsha.

Chandra * matrikaraka (mother) * garha-karaka (village)

lagnesha for Karkata radical lagna

  • Chandra-Simha* comforted by creative display * settled into dramatic rhythms * needs attention
  • Chandra in Purvaphalguni-Yoni * soothed by sparkling luxury * protectors of musical entertainments * needs brilliant beauty
  • Chandra in classroom-2 * comfort in collections* familiar with history * needs to tell stories * accustomed to storage * nourished by heritage knowledge * settled into the rhythm of languages * feels the repeating pulse of inventory counting * emotionally attuned to accumulated values * calmed by conservation * undulating voice * speaks the incantations * acculturated to sound-speech-song
  • Somana-yuti-Budha * Emotionally communicative * sensitive to sibling figures * sheltered by workmates * calmed by a chatty cohort * talkative mother * needs to evangelize * makes empathetic gestures * soothed by conversation * feels like a messenger
  • Somana-yuti-Zukra * Emotionally indulgent * comforted by balanced arrangements * nourished by sensual pleasures * sensitive to feminine folks * needs to negotiate * luxury-loving mother * seeks shelter in alliances * preference for owned properties * soothed by beauty * feels like a partner
  • Chandra-2 parivartamsha S Surya-1


Zukra-yuti-Chandra + Somana-yuti-Budha-2 rules matribhava-4

  • bonds of pleasure, emotional nourishment, and conversations (Budha) between mother (Chandra) sister (Zukra).

mother's health

  • Shani-Kumbha-8 rules Makara 6th-from-Chandra = restriction, pinching, attenuation, rigidity, and seize of the fibers in her mother's medical diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Also for the health of the native, indicates intractable animosities and chronic genetic health issues which manifest in the skin, nerves, calves.

Younger sister = 3rd-from-Chandra = bhava-4 Thula

After the untimely decease of her mother, JKR reports that she bonded deeply with her younger sister.

  • The two women have lived nearby ever since.
  • Ruler of the emotionally talkative, communicative cohort instructive descriptive team-working administrative managerial announcing publishing reporting explanatory conversational lyrical messaging 3rd-from-Chandra


Bhava-2 historical restoration

  • JRK purchased a historic, dilapidated, aristocratic estate to serve as her primary workplace and family home. The restoration work was beautiful, extensive, and expensive.
  • All graha in 3 receive incoming drishti from Shani-8 age, stones-and-bones, structure

Shani-Kumbha-8 = 6th-from-Chandra indicates the restriction, pinching, attenuation, rigidity, and seize of the fibers in her mother's medical diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition to her famed career in literature, JKR is also a political commentator Chandra-Simha + Budha

Jyotishavidya considerations for JKR's astounding literary, cinematic, and financial success include (but not limited to):

  • joint drishti cast by Rahu-Guru-11 upon 3-5-7.
  • Ruler of Rahu-Guru = Zukra-yuti-Chandra-yuti-Budha-2 storytelling, banking.
  • JKR evoked the ancient magical culture of Druidic Britain via Budha-ruled Azlesa-Naga
  • The tales take place in a school Chandra-2 = heritage knowledge.
  • bandesha (school) Zukra-yuti-Chandra
  • As a mother, JKR crafted child-characters that were lovingly home-grown Chandra + Zukra + Budha.

Marriage partnership support expectations


Shani-8 located in 7th-from-Chandra-2 engages the tension created by Shani-8 rules-6th-from-Chandra.

  • The union may be characterized by emotional discord (6) along with legacy (Shani) trauma patterns (8) plus a profound resistance to change.
  • yuvati-pati-7 = Shani in bhava-8 growth-challenge posed by a secretive, undisclosing lifemate

Rahu husband-1

  • Lifepartner-1 worked as a television presenter in his native land of Portugal.
  • His exotic (relative to her) characteristics are indicated by Dhavakaraka Guru-yuti-Rahu.
  • Generally, when multiple marriages are forecast due to Guru sharing His rashi with companion graha, the graha/upagraha holding the lowest degree = karaka for husband-1.

Rahu-dominated union may be short-lived due to acute cultural mixing which is the main job of expedient posturing of Rahu.

  • The nature of these differences is usually a conflict regarding social roles, propriety, decency, responsibilities, boundaries and particularly parenting patterns (4) which are trumped by Rahu the rule-breaker . Rahula-influenced marriages may endure a pattern of disrespect for socially conventional principles of parenting, spousal duties, and other tradition-maintaining roles. One may perceive the Rahu-other as irresponsible or interfering.

8th-from-7th-from-Chandra-2 = 2nd-from-Chandra

  • marriage-2-of-2
  • bhava-3 contains Mangala-Kanya
  • Kanya medicine, aid to ailing, service,
  • Kuja = yogakaraka from both Karkata-lagna AND Chandra-Simha-lagna

Sibling harmony, conversation, travel itineraries, logistics

  • Budha in bhava-2 (+ Chandra + Zukra) rules the emotionally-motivated, traditional, lineage-preserving, acquisitive, historical 2nd-from-Chandra .
  • = chatty (Budha) pleasant (Zukra) and emotionally available (Chandra) second marriage.
  • Zukra- yuti-Budha allows husband-2 to be younger (Budha) and previously married. Kanya = physician.
  • Mangala-Kanya can be criticizing and fault-finding, similar to the father

Guru-yuti-Rahu-uttama indicating two husbands.

  • Guru holds the higher degree
  • lifemate-2 = Guru rogesha physician.
  • Uttama-Rahu-11 produced conditions of elite revenues.

Kuja * bhratru-karaka (brother) * virya-karaka (virile)

  • Mangala-Kanya * penetrating logic * proactive helping * thrust toward service * energetic assistance to the needy * pushy complaints * (potentially) vindictive * champion of litigious accusation * military planning * aggressive indictments * investigative journalism * medical treatment interventions
  • Mangala in bhava-3 * drive toward commerce * push toward scripted communication * active touring * vigorous pronouncements * invasive management * energized process * hyperactive mentality * athletic sibling-figures * promotional sales * photographs of the muscular physique * dynamic marketing * champion of teamwork * pursuit of business


Motivating Mangala-3-Writing and Publishing

DOUBLE Yogakaraka. From Karkata-lagna, Mangala-3-Kanya rules

  • 5-intelligence, creativity, celebrity, literary genius
  • 10 social visibility, respect, public reputation, dignity

From Chandra-Simha, Mangala-3-Kanya rules

  • 4-life foundations, parents, schooling, rootedness in the land
  • 99-belief paradigm, credenda, life philosophy, worldview

Kuja-3 karmesha

  • Author of the wildly popular Harry Potter books and film-scripts.
  • Writes ++ iconicly represents the genre of children's wizard fantasy

Kuja rules Mesha-10 = auspicious, philosophical, divinely inspired 99th-from-Chandra

Mangala-Kanya pushes into detailed argument

  • Mangala-Kanya = incisive exploration
  • prone toward investigation of crimes and aggressive analysis of scenarios
  • According to JRK's comments, she began writing during Mangala Mahadasha age 21.6 until age 28.6

Budha * jamayah-karaka (sibling) * sandeza-karaka (message) * zisya-karaka (student)

  • Budha-Simha * political communications * articulation of unique creativity * delivers celebratory announcements * manufacturers bright displays * explains celebrity entitlements * romantic messages * declares poetic adoration * delights in glittering phrases * manages entertainments * details the procedure for theatrical amusements * speaks with royal flamboyance * talks about gambling * plays  intelligent games * hands-arms-shoulders send dramatic gestures
  • Budha in bhava-2 * narrative of values-fulfillment * conversations about natural resources * talks about history * instructions for asset conservation * explains banking procedures * cherished recordings * discusses sound values * articulation of speech-song * quick-darting eyes-face * tells stories * defines storage methods * describes family lineage * manual preservation of collections * chats about knowledge base * conserves libraries * quick with language * manages archives * repeats from memory
  • Budha-yuti-Chandra * explainer of feelings * mentalized caretaking * communicative parenting * familiar rhythmic phrasing * ancestral instruction * writes sensitive speeches + songs * soothed by scheduling * needs to plan * describes the comfortable routines * responsive siblings * intuitively talkative mother
  • Budha-yuti-Zukra * explainer of balanced arrangements * diplomatic conversations * parity-seeking discussions * manual adjustments * enjoys words * sweet descriptions * delivers instruction about relationships * articulator of equity in agreements * message of fairly bargained contracts * skilled in songwriting * talkative sister-cousin-cohort * detailed lyricist * attracts chatty partners


Budha-2 rules 12-imagination

  • Writings contain historic magical formulae (Budha-2) from the imaginative realms (12)
  • magical spells and incantations

  • Vyayapati Budha adds an otherworldly quality to JKR publications

Budha-yuti-Zukra-Simha lavish staging

  • voice dialogs and lush costume in cinema

Budha rules Mithunaya = the emotionally motivated community-linking, gainful, friendly, goal-oriented, socially-networked 11th-from-Chandra

  • radical Mithunaya-11 revenues from writing-and-publishing. economic gainfulness from Budha-related matters such as publication, evangelism, media work, documentation, and business management inter alia.

Varga Mithunaya

  • Budha rules 6th navamsha Rahu-Mithunaya, indicating the ambitious literary success of her dialogues of exotic combat, multi-dimensional magical conflict, slithering Naga manipulation by words-and-thoughts.
  • Also a powerful Rahu-Mithunaya occupies career-indicating 10th dazamamsha, showing opportunistic leadership in the media-messaging domains

Author of the hugely popular Harry Potter book series. Budha-yuti-Chandra emotionally engaging language. outreach to large audience community

  • Devoted fans (11) and she often visits with them in large groups 11th-from-Chandra.
  • JKR's reading and cinema-going audience = many millions

Budha rules Kuja-3 media, tours, photographs, marketing

  • JKR follows an annual schedule of dozens of public appearances at which she is the fascinating center of attention, receiving much glowing praise and applause.
  • Photographs (Budha) of her feminine, maternal, pleasantly conversational image are widely circulated Budha-yuti-Zukra.
  • Kuja-3 adds vigorous business travel, book promotion tours.

Budha-yuti-Zukra bhava-12 combined with the impact of randhresha Kuja-1 shows her grammatical genius for transactional spells and incantations (Budha words)


  • Budha rules the emotionally-motivated, traditional, lineage-preserving, acquisitive, historical 2nd-from-Chandra = 2nd marriage
  • suggesting the business communication and management skills of husband-2

Guru * dhava-karaka (husband) * bahuta-karaka (variety)

  • Guru-Urisha * optimistic about capitalization * big hoard * many voices * many collections * believes in history * doctrine of values fulfillment * permission for pleasure * financial guidance * many cattle * expands the scope of voice-speech-song * multiple treasuries
  • Guru in bhava-11 * great friendliness * much networking * much achievement * big social-participation groups * several large assemblies * numerous revenues * many social-material goals * extensive marketplace linkage * patron of community exchange systems * in a wifely nativity, husband-figure may be an earner-socialite-networker
  • Guru-yuti-Rahu mizra-karaka * multiple mix-culture opportunities * permission to bend barriers * many impostors * abundant expedience * wide scope of ambition * craving for expansion * seeks promotional advantage via globalist philosophy * optimistic toward obtainment of privilege



  • Guru-yuti-Rahu-uttama-11 occupies the professionalized, leading, executive 10th-from-Chandra
  • colossal (Rahu) ambition and material success
  • uttama-Rahu breaks conventional taboo on artists-and-writers becoming HNWI by integrating Guru's inclusivity, generosity, expansiveness

Dharmesha Guru

  • philosophy, doctrine, paradigms of belief, patronage, professorship, father-figures.

Rogesha Guru

  • JKR faced severe struggles with poverty and divorce (6) after the birth of her first child (Guru).

Charity and Breadth of Perspective

  • JKR has been a staunch charitable (Guru) supporter of single parent families (Rahu taboo on one-parent households)
  • JKR has said publicly that she is proudest of all her life achievements of the time she lived as a single parent.


  • The primary karaka of language is Guru, and Brihaspati clearly expands the scope of language to dramatic proportions. Guru-yuti-Rahu-uttama in the increasing vriddhisthana

Zukra * svadu-karaka (sweet) * kalatra-karaka (wife)

  • Zukra-Singha * appreciation of regal confidence * likes admiration * enjoys applause * prefers creative partners * attracted to artistic performers * bargains to play radiant central roles * delighted by celebrity * charmed by romantic pleasures * pleased by ceremonial display * brightly theatrical arrangements
  • Zukra-2 * svabhava * seeks pleasure via gathered treasuries * enjoys banked assets * bargains toward collected equity * feminine-figures predominate the family * gracious storyteller * pretty preservations * balanced linguistic expression * beautiful voice * pleasing designs to adorn the face * aesthetics of mouth + jaw + teeth + hair * graceful neck * prefers historical values * appreciation of speech-and-song
  • Zukra-yuti-Chandra * sweetened security * gracious caretaking * appreciates soothing nourishment * negotiates for stability * defensive bargaining * sheltering arrangements * lovely ornaments for home-and-garden * self-indulgent * pleasant emotional response * harmonizes with local rhythms * aesthetic of familiar folkways * musical mother-figure * protective contracts * prefers relationships with nurturing partners
  • Zukra-yuti-Budha * sweetened messages * gracious explanations * talented in singing-songwriting * articulate negotiations * advocates for reasoning process * talkative feminine-figures * pleasant conversations * bargaining for business * sibling-cohort communicative harmony * enjoys the company of students * detailed contracts * prefers logical arrangements


Zukra rules

  • Thula = the career 10th navamsha contains Thula-Chandra = schools, relationships, bargaining
  • bhava-11 economic earnings, fan clubs, social-participation causes
  • 4- schoolteaching

In her pre-literary career, JKR was a secondary schoolteacher specializing in foreign languages

  • Zukra-yuti-Chandra The fantasy environment of her literary works is a residential school (Chandra home) .
  • Zukra-yuti-Budha The fantasy school is an academy for learning magical spells and gestures (Budha).


Shani duro-karaka (endurance) * jara-karaka (years)

Shani rules Makara Svamsha

  • Shani-Kumbha * moolatrikona 0-20 deg * heavy old economic systems * obliged to conform to marketplace rules * pressure to maintain social linkage * structural compression upon skin-nerves-ankles * mandatory electro-magnetic networking * regulated revenues * lawfully distributed earnings * must materialize past-to-future gridwork * must sustain lowest-common-denominator connections * proletarian communities * conventional friendships * elderly mentors * slowly achieves social-material goals * scarce conductive resources
  • Shani in Bhava-8 * steady time-structured transformations * impedes infinity * must impose order upon dangerous environments * resists the advance of inexorable change * must regenerate while maintaining the system * cautiously conventional initiations * tense renewals * postpones surgery * fear of eruptions * chronic trauma patterns * pressures on the hidden mechanisms of sexual-reproduction * blocks the revelation of mysteries * pushback against emerging new cycles * disaster fatigue * martial law * dry rigidity limits rejuvenation * frugal in-laws * elders preserve undisclosed assets


Shani in Bhava-8-Kumbha rules

Shani-Kumbha occupies a 6-8 challenge-angle from the critical, incisive, investigative Mangala-Kanya-3.

  • The predictable backlash to the works of JKR's extraordinarily creative imagination comes from cultural conservatives. Shani rules Makara 6th-from-Chandra
  • JRK has been involved in long-running feuds with a predatory tabloid press
  • She is persistently (Shani) outspoken on issues of exploitation and criminal mistreatment of marginalized groups (6th-amsha).

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka (ambition) * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu-Urisha * uttama * shimmering illusion of storage * craving for preserved collections * unorthodox banking * over-reaching acquisitions * preposterous accumulations * mesmerizing treasure-hoards * fabulous inventories * exotic food stores * amazing ship-holds * fascinating warehouses * mask of historic conservatism * intriguing acts of barreling * exaggerated cooperage * extravagant containment * tantalizing libraries * marvelous hoards of valuables * seeks special importance via apparent (but perhaps not authentic) attributes of accrued wealth * entrancing lineage knowledge * thrilling speech-song * excitement of pricing * seeks privilege via value-keeper roles
  • Rahu in bhava-11 * passion for rewards * in Roguish Rahu's svabhava co-ruled by materialistic Shani * the Shadowy Specter seeks privilege via glamorous social attainments * outsider who cleverly insinuates into social-networking roles * risky marketplace gains * instrumental revenues * astounding awards * extraordinary economies * desires system linkage * * contrived assemblies * opportunistic community activism * ambitious friends * craves profitability * culturally-mixed gridworks * expedient fellowship * appears as a voluntary associate * fascinating achiever * thrillingly high earnings * boundary-breeching connections * trespasses the normal cultural limits on distribution networks
  • Guru-yuti-Rahu * amplified generosity * magnified diversity * exotic beliefs * tricky teachings * opportunistic guides * unconventional children * fascinating (but perhaps illusory) appearance of inspired philosophy * hypnotic preaching * expansive worldview * inclusive cross-cultural mixing * optimistic about risk


Rahu in bhava-11 occupies the professionalized, leading, executive 10th-from-Chandra

Double Drishti of Guru-yuti-Rahu into 3-5-7

  • 3rd ++ 3rd-from-3rd intake this powerful double-drishti = writing, media-messaging, publication, cinema, merchandising
  • enormously amplified suggesting magnificent expansion of treasury and heritage knowledge (Urisha)

uttama-Rahu's ruler is Zukra-Singha = flamboyant imagination

Harry Potter seven-book series of fantasy fiction began to be published during Rahu Mahadasha

  • extensions of the original series continued to publish during Guru Mahadasha

Ketu * * kavandha-karaka (headless) * chidra-karaka (gaping) * vasana-karaka (vacuum)

  • Ketu-Vrizchika * uttama * detached Witness to hidden empowerments * weird discoveries * empty secrets * eccentric identity changes * dissolute penetrations * fearless toward catastrophic change * disregards terror * ignores restriction on initiations * uncertain rebirth * releases a red-black cloud of exploratory initiatives into the misty abyss
  • Ketu in classroom-5 * ambivalent toward ceremony * eccentric offspring * wandering eldest child * demonstrates dramatic confidence in non-existent things * apathetic toward political displays * ungrounded speculation * disregards standard intelligence * disoriented creativity * incoherent romantic ideals * disinterested in games * liberation via surrender of entitlements * unless other graha in 5 or Ketu's ruler is strong, may prefer to live free from children


Guru-yuti-Rahu casts a powerful 7th drishti into putrikisthana containing Ketu in classroom-5. Guru rogesha.

  • Following the decease of the first conception via miscarriage, JKR recounted that the early stages of the project of raising her first live child presented circumstances of insufficient resources, wandering, and disconnection from conventional social roles.

Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2017 5:10 AM


Subject: Re: Updated Birth Time of J.K. Rowling

Dear Barbara Pijan,

I came across your page on the birth chart of J. K. Rowling, and thought you might like to know that she has now given her actual birth time as 21:10pm, apparently she announced it on Twitter but I saw the announcement on another astrology site. Best wishes,

Emma Emma


Thanks very much for your kind note. uses public domain information, much of it anecdotal and all of it unconfirmed. Like astrodatabank, it is a hodge-podge of miscellany and not a reliable source of vetted or confirmed birth times. Any data from these websites must be carefully rectified by a competent Jyotishi to ensure accuracy. Birth data from these websites simply cannot be taken at face value.

A moment of critical reading will show that J K Rowling has not "announced" any birth time.

The Twitter feed referenced contains a remark by JKR that her (tropical) ascendant is Aquarius.

A follower of JKR then *speculates * that a birth time which could match the middle portion of tropical Aquarius rising would be 9:10 p.m.

From this misconstrued "fact", an unreliable website has published a speculative birthtime surmised by a Twitter follower of a public figure, and now my inbox shows emails saying "apparently she announced it on Twitter". Oy.

This page presents a rectified birth time of 06:12 AM based on life events.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,

Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


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