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Coat of Arms of the Syrian Arab Republic [since 1972 with edits]


born 18 months after

born six weeks after

Lifepartner with


Bashar al-Assad in 2004

President of the Syrian Arab Republic [2000- ]

Mushir [Marshal] of the Syrian Armed Forces


Bashar al-Assad

a.k.a. Bashar Hafez al-Assad

a.k.a. Bashar Hafiz Wahsh al-Assad

Earth-birth Saturday-11-Sep-1965


nativity of Asma Akhras al-Assad

11-Aug-1975, London, England


President of Syria [2000- ]


Bashar Hafez al-Assad


birth data from

tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotishavidya

charts + graphs + tables = produced by Shri Jyoti Star -

- adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Public-Figure Examples

Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman

Bhaga = Falgun = Utthram


For Uttaraphalguni births of a masculine valence, the condition of radiant, romantic, intelligent, creative, idealistic, central, confident, gaming, self-reflexive, pitrikaraka Surya may considerably affect the outcome.

For those born into the Surya-ruled paradigm of Uttora, father-figures, politicians, celebrity, royalty, entitled roles, brilliant dramatists, radiant deities, sparkling genius, glittering creativity, intelligentsia, speculators, poets, romantic lovers, gamblers, and game-players may be especially influential.

Uttara-phalguni chaps are famously hot-headed. (Can be counterbalanced by a cool moon.)

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Denebola. Their purpose to brighten and glorify the divine intelligence through spectacular creativity.

Brilliantly dramatic

Kanya pada 2-3-4 = equally smart and authoritative, but more focused upon personal enclosure and distant lands, often wielding power from a hermitage, sanctuary, or secluded location. May be an empowered politician of international ability, according to the strengths of nakshatra-pati Surya.

Although Shil Ponde's description often fits the Kanya pada 2-3-4 of Uttaraphalguni, the Simha pada-1 is rarely rough or ungrateful. Still, they can be impatient with others who are less confident or less intelligent.

Themes of political power, radiant creativity, and bright celebrity drama may contextualize Utthram's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman


from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 83

" A proud and arrogant disposition,

  • with a tendency to ride roughshod over other peoples' opinions.

Uttara natives are extremely intelligent

but because of their inordinate pride ,

  • they accept favors ungraciously even when in need

and are ungrateful to those from whom they receive these favors."

[end quote]



Mr.+ Mrs. Assad in 2011, at onset of Syrian Civil War

Asma Akhras al-Assad born 11-Aug-1975 London, England


Bashar al-Assad in 2011 [BA age 46]


Bashar al-Assad [BA age 34] in 1999


Bashar al-Assad in Apr-2017 [BA age 52]

Biographical Details matched to Vimshottari Dasha periods

[Guru Mahadasha] [age birth until age 7.5]

Sat-11-Sep-1965 Earth-birth in Damascus, syria * Guru-Shukra bhukti ++ janma Sade-Sati

Jan-1964 until Dec-1966 Janma Sade-Sati Kumbha [6, war-medicine-crime]

[Shani Mahadasha] [age 7.5 until age 26.5]

Nov-1979 until Oct-1982 Shani Ashtamsha via Kanya

  • [1, embodiment, personality]

1988 [BA age 22] earned undergraduate degree in medicine from Damascus University. Begins work as a military physician. * Shani-Rahu bhukti

[Budha Mahadasha] [age 26.5 until age 43.5] [1992-2009]

1992 [BA age 26] moves to London to begin ophthalmology training * Budha-Budha svabhukti * Budha karmesha-lagnesha ++ dvadasa Sade-Sati

Mar-1993 until Jun-1995 Janma Sade-Sati Kumbha

  • [6, war-medicine-crime]
  • [age 28-31]

21-Jan-1994 [BA age 30] BA's elder brother Bassel, the presidential heir-apparent, is killed in car crash. BA is commanded to leave his ophthalmological residency in London. * Budha-Budha svabhukti * Budha rules 7th-from-11th-from-Chandra [decease of elder sibling] ++ janma Sade-Sati

1994 [BA age 31] Back in Syria, begins intensive grooming as father's autocratic successor [10]. To establish military credibility, bA enters military academy in Homs/ * Budha-Budha svabhukti * Budha karmesha-lagnesha studentship ++ janma Sade-Sati

Jan-1999 completes military leadership training. Awarded the rank of Colonel * Budha-Surya bhukti [Surya-yuti-Budha] ++ dvithya Sade-Sati

10-Jun-2000 [BA age 35] grieved the decease of father, the 30-yr President of Syria [1971-2000] = Hafez al-Assad * Budha-Chandra bhukti * Chandra rules 12th-from-Surya

17-Jul-2000 [BA age 35] assumed presidency of Syrian Arab Republic * Budha-Chandra bhukti [Chandra-yuti-Shani] * Shani rules 5-entitlements + 6-war

Dec-2000 [BA age 35] consecration of marriage-1 with London-born apprentice investment banker, asma Akhras * Budha-Mangala bhukti [Shukra-yuti-Kuja] * transit R-K Mithuna-Dhanus contact navamsha Mithuna-Chandra

03-Dec-2001 [BA age 36] celebrated the birth of child-1 * Budha-Rahu bhukti

27-May-2007 [BA age 42] wins an additional 7-year term, with 97.6% of eligible citizens voting Yes. * Budha-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 5-elections + 6-corruption

[Ketu Mahadasha] [age 43.5 until age 50.5] [2009-2016]

Sep-2009 until Nov-2011 Shani Ashtamsha via Kanya

  • [1, embodiment, personality]

2011 [BA age 46] begin Syrian Civil War * Ketu-Mangala bhukti * randhresha Mangala rules 4-graha in Vrischika 10th-navamsha

06-Feb-2016 [BA age 51] grieved the decease of mother * Ketu-Budha chidradasha * Budha rules 7th-from-matribhava

[Shukra Mahadasha] [age 50.5 until age 70.5] [2016-2036]

Aug-2018 [BA age 53] lifepartner-1 Asma begins medical treatment for breast cancer * Shukra-Shukra svabhukti * Shukra rules 8th-from-Shukra, poisoning intervention for wife

Jan-2023 until Apr-2025 Janma Sade-Sati Kumbha

  • [6, war-medicine-crime]
  • [age 58-61]

Distinctive features of the Nativity

[Sparkling Splendid Surya]

pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]


[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Kanya indriya-lagna]


[secretive-evolving Pūrvaphalgunī-4] [navamsha Surya-Vrischika] intuitively confident mysteriously undisclosed power

[Atmakaraka father, political power, entitlement, creativity, confidence, drama]


  • [Surya-Simha] Khaga * Khagaya - air-moving * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the regally entitled sparkling displaying game-playing rashi of Surya

  • [Surya in bhava-12] center of Other-Worldly attention * brightly contemplative intellect * focus on secluded enclosures * invisible light-source gives private guidance * intuitive interior entitlements * brilliant in scholarly research * genius of backroom politics * speculative self-dramatizing fantasies * eye on creative imagination * royal entertainments in private spaces * radiantly displaying clairsentience * father may be isolated, unavailable, agambler, adreamer, an artist, ashimmering phantom, or unknown

  • [Surya-yuti-Budha] confidently conversational * brightly explaining messenger * entitled to discuss * creatively intelligent sibling-cohort * discursive father-figure * gestures conduct the spiritual rays of the Sun * radiantly descriptive * articulate in drama * skillful game-player * self-confident announcements * talks about ideals * narrative of power-politics * recites love poems * describes divine romance


self-reflexively imaginative, brightly ghostlike visage, sparkling Other-worldly charm, regal style of creative seclusion, quietly focused on interior understanding, radiantly dreamlike, politically visionary, splendidly private research intelligence, center-stage theatre of symbolic ideas [Surya in bhava-12] rules

  • 12 enclosures, the bed, fantasies, privacy, interior spiritual guidance, clandestine undertakings, intuitive awareness, non-linear conceptual undertanding, concealment, seclusion, invisibility, dissolved identity, meditation, contemplation, dreamworlds, astral plane, imaginary scenarios, sanctuary sleep, distant lands, health of the avowed partner


combines with lagnesha Budha-Simha = [Surya-yuti-Budha]

= Combined rulers of 1 + 10 + 12

BA stepped into the regime-defining cult of personality that was created by his father, Hafez

An entitled celebrity ruler [10] like his father, bA tends to prefer isolated practice environments like hospitals. Since the onset of Syrian War in 2011, he has ruled from behind the walls of the palace enclosure. [12]

Replicates the father's roles with added emphasis on strategic, tactical marketing communications [Budha]

Dad kept a tight rule over Syria via an effectively managed cult of personality = similar to Mao Ze Dong.

AA Skillfully uses modern media propaganda as a tool of kingship.

BA's management team [Budha] continued the method of plastering the image of The Younger upon every public surface, every screen, and every wall, creating a relentless flow of visual information

[secretive-evolving Pūrvaphalgunī-4] maintains an impenetrable wall of secrecy


Dad = Hafez al-Assad

Rising from poverty, dad became the Alawite-strongman enforced Autocratic President of Syria from 1971 to 2000

Surya-Simha royal entitlements

  • Simha intelligence, fashion, glitter, sparkle, drama, loves the camera.
  • the bright intelligence and media-savvy propaganda of Simha containing [Surya-yuti-Budha] suggests that dad would be a person of sparkling celebrity charm and smiling smarts [Budha]

[Pūrvaphalgunī-4] sparkling beauty, pleasant charm yet undisclosing, camouflaging, poisonous - shows dad's controling narcissistic entitlements.

Hafez al-Assad was a master of political messaging.

  • Dad developed the positive-news saturation marketing model that has maintained the regime for 50 years.
  • Surya-yuti-Budha-Simha indicates Dad's regal, fashionable, courtly presence with photogenic [Budha] celebrity qualities

  • yet maintains mystery glamor behind a thick shield of armed guards

BA has followed in dad's footsteps, sustaining regal entitlements via relentless advertising, photographic imagery [Budha] and pageantry [Surya]

[Comfortable Caretaking Chandra]

matrikaraka [mother] garha-karaka [village]

[friendly-economic vriddhi-pati for Parthya indriya-lagna]

comfortable with customay economic service ministry]

[routinely feels overworked by marketplace connections, then sick]

[electromagnetically disposed toward defensive argumentation]

[mother may be an ancestral socialite, yet her systematic rigidity may attach her to illness, victimization, servitude, or abuse]


[publishing-advertising Purvabhadra-3] [navamsha Chandra in Mithuna] intuitively sensitive commercial communications

[nishturabhashi yoga = निष्ठुरभाषिन् = speaking harshly]

  • [Chandra-Kumbha] comforted by friendship * sensitive to mass-participation gridworks * needs marketplace connection

  • [Chandra in Purvabhadra - Pegasus pada 1-2-3] soothed by expansive understanding * protectors of philosophical doctrine * preaches a broad perspective on human needs

  • [Chandra in classroom-6] comfortable with caretaking * accustomed to nursing * calmed by humility * ill-or-exploited-or-adversarial mother * familiar with animosity * acculturated to accusation * familiar with betrayal * habituated to indictment * needs to be helpful * feels the pulse of service ministry * protects the sick-and-vulnerable * routine domestic conflict * emotionally attuned to victims * settled into the rhythm of problematics * seeks ritual remedies * soothed by medication * suffers rhythmically repeating ailments * undulating imbalances * mother may be a servant, health-aide, apothecary, physician or mother suffers injury-illness-crime

  • [Somana-yuti-Shani] [nishturabhashi yoga] emotionally constricted * punitive parents * sensitive to class boundaries * soothed by structure * needs rigid routines * heavy maternal workload * comfortable with elders * familiar with hierarchies * fearful mother * calmed by strict rules * feels like a worker


sensitively ministering, protectively helping, routinely analyzing, parentally criticizing, rhythmically complaining, customary service, predictably laboring, culturally exploiting, emotionally unbalanced, needs to be argumentative [Chandra in classroom-6] rules

  • 11-fruitful revenues, interconnected income, profits, material achievement, social networking, friendships, community linkage, fan-clubs, mass participation gatherings, collectivism, marketplace gridworks, distribution, association, populism, economic systems, fundraising, gains-and-goals, awards for work accomplished, health of the enemies


  • [folk reputation 10th-from-Chandra = habitual public duties conducted via Vṛścika-3. Known for mysterious, initiatory, camouflaged style of business administration, media publicity, cohort management]

Chandra rules Karkata-11

  • economics, mass-movements, [ethnic] friendship networks

marketplace profits Arudha Lagna economics, mass-movements, friendship networks

Chandra rules 6th-from-Chandra = war, slavery, servitude, injustice, exploitation, military affinity, emotionally attuned to conflict, expected conditions of disagreement

Jan-2023 until Apr-2025 Janma Sade-Sati Kumbha [6, war-medicine-crime]


[Chandra in classroom-6] [nishturabhashi yoga] Mom was a quiet background figure during dad's ascent to power via military conflict [6].

Chandra-vis-a-vis-Surya occupy a 1/7 angle suggesting parental goal alignment.

MARRIAGE partnership emotional equity support expectations

[7th-from-Chandra-06] lifepartnership-1

Asma's Chandra-Simha occupies Bashar's [7th-from-Chandra-Kumbha]

  • 12-privacy, seclusion, invisibility, distant lands [Asma born and raised in England[
  • Simha radiant personality, fashionable, self-confident, photogenic [with Budha]
  • Asma's dad = surgeon. 9th-from-12 = 8-Mesha-surgery
  • Before marriage, asma worked in investment banking [Shukra-2 + Shukra rules Rahu-Urisha-9]

Other Marriage Factors

[Kuja-yuti-Shukra] predicts two marriages

Ruler of 7 occupies 10 = high-publicity, professionalized lifepartner

[Kuja-yuti-Shukra] = combined rulers of 2 + 3 + 8 + 9

  • Shukra kalatra-karaka = beautifully balanced, harmony-seeking, athletic, competitive, bargainer.
  • Randhresha Kuja is often a forceful change-agent for Kanya nativities.

[Competitive Champion Kuja]

bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]

[busy-collaborative sahaja-pati for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[mysterious-revelatory randhresha for Kanya indriya-lagna]


[dominating-originating Viśākha-1] [navamsha Mangala-Mesha]


  • [Mangala-Tula] vigorous pursuit of alliance * penetrating advocacy * thrust toward union * proactive bargaining * military negotiations * push toward terms of agreement * aggressive deal-making *energetic arbitration * athletic balancing * champion of fair contracts

  • [Mangala in bhava-2] vigorous orator * loudly lectures on values * pursuit of treasuries * competitive financial actions * innovative knowledge * energized face-voice-song * memorable speeches * Sings and shouts * champion of literacy-reading * historic pronouncements * prone to shouting * forward drive toward capitalization * promotes conservation * hyperactive family dynamics * acquisitive conquests

  • [Kuja-yuti-Shukra] dual sexuality * energized bargaining * dynamic trading * masculine force joins feminine allure * kinetic sensuality * productive arrangements * competitive mating * vigorously balance-seeking in partnership * pursues diplomatic resolutions * innovative arrangements


financially competitive, verbally assertive, forthrightly spoken, proactively acquisitive family lineage, champion of the capitalized [Mangala in bhava-2] rules

  • 3-communications, messaging, sermons, scripts, radio-television, media-products, Writing and Publishing, letters of correspondence, announcements, planning, schedules, sales, marketing, documentation, reporting, cohort, entourage, committee-work, process management, commercial business, instruction, explanation, discussion, diagrams, labeling, event management, signage, training, itinerary, tours

  • 8-unexpected eruptions of regenerating force, occult initiation, revelation, shock, surgery, intensive healing, evolution, explosion, sudden identity change, rejuvenation, recycling, rebirth, hidden assets, upheaval, secrecy, transformative events, discovery, in-laws of first marriage, health of younger sibling-cousin


[Kuja-yuti-Shukra] = combined rulers of 2 + 3 + 8 + 9

[Mangala in bhava-2] rules

  • Vṛścika-3 control via weaponized advertising, message saturation

the regime is reinforced by massive propaganda of photo-advertising on every available surface, songs, slogans

Visual imagery of BA's face is plastered onto every flat surface. Slogans about enlightened leadership + reports of social improvements = repeated with high frequency over all communication channels (3).


jamayah-karaka [sibling] sandesha-karaka [message] * shisya-karaka [student]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[dutiful-commanding karmesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]


[defensive-patriotic Magha-4] [navamsha Budha-Karkata]


  • [Budha-Simha] political communications * articulation of unique creativity * delivers celebratory announcements * manufacturers bright displays * explains celebrity entitlements * romantic messages * declares poetic adoration * delights in glittering phrases * manages entertainments * details the procedure for theatrical amusements * speaks with royal flamboyance * talks about gambling * plays intelligent games * hands-arms-shoulders send dramatic gestures

  • [Budha in bhava-12] narrative of mental sanctuary * talks about quietude * commerce of the hermitage * discusses interior spiritual guidance * speaks from invisible location * instructions on reflective contemplation * detailed descriptions of intimate privacy * diagrams the astral inner terrain * explainer of quiet prayer * imaginative siblings * communication with distant worlds * delivers information about clairsentience * skillfully defines the dreamworld * logical visions

  • [Budha-yuti-Surya] amusing explanations * entertaining chatter * central roles in communication * brightly clear descriptions * dramatic enunciation * confidently delivers instruction * articulation of radiant certainty * political messenger * talkative father-figures


abstractly conceptual announcements, backchannel communication, private discussions, talks about intuitive meanings, clandestine projects, enclosed messages, dissolved information, specifically fantasizing, imaginative dialogs, invisible transactions, questioning research, interior translating Budha in bhava-12] rules

  • 1- distinctive attributes of personality, dense material incorporation, individual personification, earthen embodiment, physical integrity, kinetic energy, dance, style of movement, athletic prowess, muscular mobility, unique character, kinetic vitality, circumstances of birth, tangible appearance, coherent social identity

  • 10-career, profession, dignity, regulatory roles, governance duties, social authority, symbolic recognition, iconic visibility, leadership responsibility, top status, reputation, commanding positions, honor, high regard, public respect, executive power, elite rank, lawful imposition, organizational director


[Generous Growing Guru]

dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]

[homebound-securing bandhesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[negotiating-brokering yuvati-pati for Kanya indriya-lagna]


[secretive-emerging Mriga-4] [navamsha Brihaspati-Vrischika]

  • [Guru-Mithuna] cheerful communication * many merchants * conversations about belief * doctrine of inclusive messaging * expansive evangelism * detailed guidance discussions * widens the scope of management * many documents * permission to report * multiple administrative projects

  • [Guru in bhava-10] many edifying public responsibilities * multiple diverse leadership duties * numerous recognized teachings * duty portfolio of principled guidance * high visibility inspirational roles * reputation for faith * Salient figure in ideology or theory * patron of benevolent regulations * respected institutional indoctrinator * numerous preceptor obligations * honored preacher-teacher * optimistic chieftain * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be a doctrinal authority


philosophical inspirational leadership, expansively regulatory, abundantly executive, jovial governor, multiple social responsibilities, naumerous public duties, optimistic organizational directorships, broad-scope of elite authority positions [Guru in bhava-10] rules

  • 4 cultural foundations, property boundaries, way of Life, protection, defense , homeland, household, routines, rituals, mother, parents, customary rhythms, caretakers, socialization schooling, gardens, waterways, transportation, housing, social security, sense of place, environmentalism, citizenship, belonging, ethnic basis, ethnoreligion, patriotism, real-estate, farming, land-ownership, burial, predictability, health of the elder sibling

  • 7-covenant, promise, trust, contractual relationships, social justice, advocacy, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, partners, justice, marriage, legal and formal partnerships, negotiation, alliance-crafting, match-making, fair arrangements, even deals, advocacy, trading, bargaining, brokerage, haggling, go-between, middleman, meddler


[Guru-Mithuna] many announcements, much propaganda

broad-viewpoint,philosophical Guru in bhava-10

[Sweetly Suave Shukra]

svadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]

[svakshetra] [svabhava]

[historical-acquisitive dhanesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[doctrinal-guiding dharmesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]


[secretive-eruptive Chitra-4] [mūlatrikoṇa] [navamsha Shukra-Vrischika] intuitively harmonizing brokerage of dangerous hidden empowerments


  • [Shukra-Vanika] appreciation of negotiation * taste for balanced color schemes * attracted to beautiful designs * enjoys the company of designers * prefers adjustable partners * pleased by brokerage * equable alliances * artfully arranges agreements * bargains sweetly * harmonious mediation * match-making for equity * aesthetic of the fair-trade deal

  • [Shukra-2] seeks pleasure via gathered treasuries * enjoys banked assets * bargains toward collected equity * feminine-figures predominate the family * gracious storyteller * pretty preservations * balanced linguistic expression * beautiful voice * pleasing designs to adorn the face * aesthetics of mouth + jaw + teeth + hair * graceful neck * prefers historical values * appreciation of speech-and-song * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may be a banker-collector-historian-preserver * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may be a banker-collector-historian-preserver

  • [Shukra-yuti-Mangala] sweetened conquests * gracious competition * appreciation for pioneering innovation * aesthetic of sporting interactions * proactive negotiations * musical brother-figure * competitive contracts * accommodating dual sexuality * prefers relationships with energetic partners


[Kuja-yuti-Shukra] = combined rulers of 2 + 3 + 8 + 9

attraction to treasuries.

Both BA and his first lifepartner hail from exceptionally well-capitalized families [Shukra-2 rules uchcha-Rahu-9]

Kalatra-karaka = Wifely figure = agent of stability and grace

[Sober Structural Shani]

duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]


[witty-creative vidya-pati for Parthya indriya-lagna]

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Parthya indriya-lagna]

[old enemies bearing economic grievance]

[chronic skin-disease]

[must maintain exploitive social-economic systems]


[dominating-warrior Purvabhadra-1] [navamsha Shani-Mesha-nicha]

  • [Shani-Kumbha] heavy old economic systems * obliged to conform to marketplace rules * responsible scientific work * structural compression upon skin-nerves-ankles * mandatory electro-magnetic networking * regulated revenues * lawfully distributed earnings * must materialize past-to-future gridwork * must sustain lowest-common-denominator connections * proletarian communities * conventional friendships * elderly mentors * Slowly achieves social-material goals * scarce conductive resources * maintainer of old economies

  • [Shani in Bhava-6] [beneficial] intrepid assistance * steady time-structured resistance to enemies * must serve the chronic victims * outlasts the adversaries * survives military siege * tense digestion * relentless criticism * constitutional illness-injury * tolerance for servitude * aging physicians * enduring diseases * service fatigue * helper's burnout * prevents innovative treatments * blocks new medications * professional social workers * patiently aids the disadvantaged * dutiful healthworker * accepts the rules of medical institutions * lawfully supports the sick * reliable herbalist * conventional pharmacist * protocols for problematizing * realistic about addiction * accepts abuse * neutral to crime * military discipline * governs the poor * regulates debt * legislates loans * respected elder of an oppressed sector

  • [Shani-yuti-Chandra] [nishturabhashi yoga = निष्ठुरभाषिन् = speaking harshly] social resistance to natural rhythms * imposition of pragmatic routines * delayed security * class-conscious mother * limited creature-comforts * parental policing * stubborn guilt * obligatory caretaking duties *emotional withholding * punitive parents * class-structured ethnicity * uncomfortable discipline * oppressed sensitivities * dries-freezes the flow of nourishing liquids * needs regulatory order * blocked feelings * must earn emotional affection


formally aggrieved, chronic complaints, old injuries, rigidly adversarial, constricted crime, enduring accusations, regulatory litigation, orthodox exploitation, conventionally laboring, responsible service ministry, systematically helping, imposing argumentation, lawfully unjust, seriously serves the disadvantage [Shani in Bhava-6] rules

  • 5- Politics, center-stage roles, theatre, demonstration, display, charming brilliance, genius, poetry, choice-making, showmanship, gambling and gamesmanship, romantic idealism, creativity, fashion-shows, flamboyance, celebrity entitlements, confidence, artistic performance, drama, children, financial speculation, intelligence, entertainments, fun

  • 6-ministries of service, dehumanization, misconduct, war, jail, slavery, pollution, argumentation, healthcare workers, ailment, injury, medical treatment, hypocrisy, crime, cheating, animosity, toxins, complaints, accusation, litigation, blaming, scapegoat, aid workers, helpers. imbalanced conditions, injustice, betrayed promises, servants, laborers, hostility, animosity, disagreement, dehumanization


  • 5-politics, entitlements, romantic idealism, fashion, theatre, games and gambling, children, creative arts
  • 6 = medical conditions, military, conflict, toxicity, accusations, ministries of service, clinics, human services, attunement to poverty, servitude, exploitation, pollution

[Shani-yuti-Chandra] often a challenging relationship due to punitive mother

[Risk-rewarding Rahu]

rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]


[for Parthya indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-9 casts passionately paradigmaticly believing drishti into 1-3-5]

check Shukra for defining source of Rahu's apparently musical, enriching sensuality

[righteous desire to expound privileged financial beliefs]

[principled passion for warehousing storage]

[exhilarating conserved collections]

[seeks importance via patronage of luxury wealth]

[purported divine inspiration for capitalistic accruals]

[potential for fraudulently or fabulously exaggerated evaluations, in matters of theological, theoretical, ideological, global-scope, philosophical, doctrinal, sacerdotal, higher priestly understandings]

[exciting ideological convictions about history and languages]

[acquisitive worldview mixes-up the cultural traditions]

[pretentiously ambitious father-figure may over-ride orthodox practice in financial dealings]


[oratorical-heritage Rohiṇī-2] [vargottamsha] [navamsha Rahu-Urisha-uchcha intuitively sensually acquisitive seeking opportunity for financial luxury enrichment

  • [Rahu-Urisha] shimmering illusion of storage * craving for preserved collections * unorthodox banking * over-reaching acquisitions * preposterous accumulations * mesmerizing treasure-hoards * fabulous inventories * exotic food stores * amazing ship-holds * fascinating warehouses * mask of historic conservatism * intriguing acts of barreling * exaggerated cooperage * extravagant containment * tantalizing libraries * marvelous hoards of valuables * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] attributes of accrued wealth * entrancing lineage knowledge * thrilling speech-song * excitement of pricing * seeks privilege via value-keeper roles

  • [Rahu in bhava-9] passion for prestige preaching * in svabhava of Saptarishi Guru, the Shadowy Specter gives glamorous guidance * thrilling surge of theoretical understanding * entranced by one's own convictions * dazzling dharma * outsider who cleverly insinuates into patriarchal wisdom roles * seeks importance via sacred teachings * fantastic philosophy * compulsive catechesis * privilege-seeking proselytism * intriguing ideology * ambitious father-figures * extraordinary professors * barrier-breaching guru-figures * exciting culturally-mixed worldview * may pose as a pope * shimmering illusion of sacerdotal sangha * fabulous faith community * surreptitious appropriation of priesthood * entrancing ecclesiastics * smoky specter of ultimate principles * extravagant globalism * trespasses cultural boundaries of patronage * mirage of exemplary fatherhood * opportunistic third marriage (if any) * social mobility sought via paradigms of belief


[uchcha] [Rahu in bhava-9] indicates an exceptionally wealthy, risk-fascinated father-figure

[Rahu in bhava-9] occupies the defensive, culturally-rooted, seasonal-calendar, routinized, patriotic, ethno-nationalistic, comfort-seeking, home-loving, foundational, property-owning 4th-from-Chandra [parents, homeland]

[Collapsing unshackling Ketu]

kavandha-karaka [headless] chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]


[for Parthya indriya-lagna]

check Mangala for defining source of Ketu's unexpectedly eruptive disintegrating action

[disregards secret discourse conventions]

[eccentric mystery-explaining publications]

[incoherent planning for transformative initiations]

[empty emergency announcements]

[urgently liberating abstract discussions]

[scattered non-disclosing mentality]

[Rahu-Urisha-9 = passionate preaching on values-based doctrine + entreasured ambitious patriarchs]


[secretive-discovering Anuradha-4] [navamsha Ketu-Vṛścika-uchcha] [vargottamsha]

Ketu in Anuradha-4 = super-powered annihilating liberating Ketu

  • [Ketu-Vṛścika] detached Witness to hidden empowerments * weird discoveries * empty secrets * eccentric identity changes * dissolute penetrations * fearless toward catastrophic change * demystifies the ineffable * disregards terror threats * veiled martyrdom * ignores restriction on initiations * uncertain rebirth * releases a red-black cloud of exploratory initiatives into the misty abyss

  • [Ketu in classroom-3] eccentric communications * disinterested in daily chat * writes on foggy abstract topics * dissolves messaging boundaries * implausible prophecy * wandering discussions * can handle esoteric information * irrelevance of normal mental narrative * abandons management tasks * dismisses the standard explanations * disregards conventional discourse * unless other graha in 3, may prefer to live free from younger siblings


[Ketu Mahadasha] [age 43.5 until age 50.5] [2009-2016]

[Ketu in classroom-3] Potential for distracted thinking, disconnected from reality, mental fragmentation.

[Ketu-Vṛścika ] tends to produce the effects of His unseen ruler, [Mangala in bhava-2] in 12th-from-3

BA = a mysterious figure representing fog-shrouded secret power [Vṛścika hidden force] .

Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra

  • makes the leadership power seem fragmented and ephemeral.
  • Pattern for sudden dissolution of elite position.

Nativity of Asma Akhras al-Assad

11-Aug-1975, London, England

Syria-Pres-pair 1975- banker AsmaAl-Assad

Chandra = [optimistic-doctrinal Uttaraphalgunī- 1] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] + [Chandra-parivartamsha-Surya]


self-reflexively announcing, bright messages, regal style of gesture, communicative intelligence, radiantly descriptive, politically collaborative, splendidly explanatory [Surya in bhava-3] rules

  • 4 cultural foundations, property boundaries, way of Life, protection, defense , homeland, household, routines, rituals, mother, parents, customary rhythms, caretakers, socialization schooling, gardens, waterways, transportation, housing, social security, sense of place, environmentalism, citizenship, belonging, ethnic basis, ethnoreligion, patriotism, real-estate, farming, land-ownership, burial, predictability, health of the elder sibling


Shani-Sura-3 [formulaic conversations]


dynamically competitive, vigorously self-promoting, forward-pushing conquestor, naaturally dominating, kinetically pioneering, energetically innovative, champion of direct action Mangala in bhava-1 rules
  • 7-covenant, promise, trust, contractual relationships, social justice, advocacy, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, partners, justice, marriage, legal and formal partnerships, negotiation, alliance-crafting, match-making, fair arrangements, even deals, advocacy, trading, bargaining, brokerage, haggling, go-between, middleman, meddler

  • 12 enclosures, the bed, fantasies, privacy, interior spiritual guidance, clandestine undertakings, intuitive awareness, non-linear conceptual undertanding, concealment, seclusion, invisibility, dissolved identity, meditation, contemplation, dreamworlds, astral plane, imaginary scenarios, sanctuary sleep, distant lands, health of the avowed partner



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