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  3. Shukra-Mithunaya
  4. [Shukra-Karkata]
  5. Shukra-Singha
  6. [Shukra-Kanya] [nīcha]
  7. Shukra-Vanika [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 1-10 deg]
  8. Shukra-Vṛścika
  9. Shukra-Dhanus
  10. Shukra-Makara-Draco
  11. Shukra-Kumbha
  12. Shukra-Meena [uchcha]

  1. Shukra in bhava-1
  2. Shukra in bhava-2 [svabhava]
  3. Shukra in bhava-3
  4. Shukra in bhava-4 [dik-bala]
  5. Shukra in bhava-5
  6. Shukra in bhava-6
  7. Shukra in bhava-7 [svabhava]
  8. Shukra in bhava-8
  9. Shukra in bhava-9
  10. Shukra in bhava-10
  11. Shukra in bhava-11
  12. Shukra in bhava-12


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Professor Shukra

Sukhraya * Shukra * Thukra

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Mina * Minamatsya * Matsya

Machchu * Antya * Jhasha

Prithuroman * Timi



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Inanna * Ishtara * Aphrodite

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Ba'ah * Seba-djai Nin-si-anna

Delebat * Jingxing

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Fish * Ichthys


Botticelli's Madonna, c. 1460


NASA Venus Worldbook


Public Figures

Shukra-1[uchcha] [Malavya Yoga]

embodied, fleshly harmony


Shukra-2 [uchcha] [svabhava] kept, remembered, voiced, historical harmony

Shukra-3 [uchcha] [Yogakaraka for Makara-Draco indriya-lagna]

messaging, communicative harmony


[Shukra-4] [uchcha] [dik-bala] [Malavya Yoga]

home-based, gardening, cultural-roots harmony


Shukra-5 [uchcha] dramatic, center-stage harmony


[Shukra-6] [uchcha] [sarala yoga]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Tula indriya-lagna] [mysterious-revealing randhesha for Tula indriya-lagna]

[addictions] imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, toxic harmony

Shukra-7 [uchcha] [svabhava] [Malavya Yoga] [karaka bhavo nashto for wife-partner-advisors] [lifemate may be an imaginative negotiator-attorney-advocate] [dreamlike symbolic relationships]


Shukra-8 [uchcha] occult, hidden harmony

[Shukra-9] [uchcha] doctrinal, theoretical, global harmony


[Shukra-10] [uchcha] [Malavya Yoga] public, leadership aesthetic harmony. Known for music, beauty, insight.


[Shukra-11] [uchcha]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Urisha indriya-lagna] [inimical-accusing rogesha for Urisha indriya-lagna]

[beautiful friends + unbalanced enemies] [conflicted luxury-loving community] [identified with sweetly profitable exploitation]

Shukra-12 [uchcha]

[conserving-acquiring dhana-pati for Mesha indriya-lagna] [bargaining-balancing jaya-pati for Mesha indriya-lagna]

[imaginatively balanced psychically guided harmony]


  • balladeer, songwriter Mariah Carey

  • balladeer, songwriter Kurt Cobain

  • balladeer, songwriter Tammy Wynette

  • dramatist Katherine Hepburn

  • UK-PM Gordon Brown

Sweet Pleasures of sanctuary, imagination, private guidance

Appreciation of: aural and visual imagery

The pleasure-dreamer.

Aesthetic of sanctuary.

[uchcha] Shukra = the best possible place for Shukra's maximum expression of Imaginative Beauty.

Likes musical and fine arts. Prefers imagination-enhanced sexual relationships.

The lover-partner should have an graceful, artistic appearance.

Shukra-Meena [uchcha] in any bhava tends to be comfortable financially, usually more than comfortable, and a capable money manager except in 6

Ironically, [uchcha] Shukra often suffers animosity in the first marriage (Meena = 6th-from-Shukra's mulatrikona rashi Thula) .

[uchcha] Shukra prefers private [Meena] attraction * akarshana * of love marriage more than publicly arranged [Tula] marriage.

If one lives in a culture which permits its members to avoid marriage indefinitely, Shukra-Meena will certainly prefer to avoid the legal contract, at least for the first union. Associated with protracted periods of affiance.

  • POTUS-10 Annex Texas 1790-1862 John Tyler = [uchcha] Shukra + [Shani-yuti-Surya] = was engaged to his future wife for five years. Although they lived geographically near to each other, and shared many of the same social connections, their public joint appearances were few. Even after marriage, their affection was noted as restrained (but perhaps not too much restrained since they produced eight children).

  • Generally, men have an easier time with privately sensual Shukra.

In addition, such bachelor men usually attract very beautiful or handsome mates -- albeit there may be some tendency toward conflicted or addictive behaviors in the spousal partner.

  • USA-Sen-Mass 1932-2009 Teddy Kennedy [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] -1 . Marriage-1 to a beautiful, fertile fashion model. Yet, the union was riddled by alcoholism and infidelity Marriage-2 = 8th-from-Shukra = Tula-8, also ruled by Shukra and also drishti from Shani, but free from the over-expansion of [uchcha] Guru rogesha = no Rahu drishti. Second marriage distinguished by stability.

  • Similar situation for Ring of Fire 1932-2003 rockabilly Johnny Cash [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] * first marriage although fertile and pleasing appearance of spouse, nevertheless unsatisfying. Second marriage albeit drug-infested nevertheless endured until death.

Shukra-Meena has more taste for bedroom and imaginative (Meena, 12) sensuality and less taste for the social duties of marriage

Exception: Shukra in bhava-10, in which case the public reputation is indeed important. Sensual satisfaction in the world of beautiful images, sounds, and fantasies. Nearly always a gifted musician or fine artist.

Shukra-Meena seeks to partner with those who are involved with artistic images and beautiful music; those who love bedroom sensual indulgence; with whom Shukra-Meena can share a private fantasy world; who value sanctuary

who have a lovely, dreamy, contemplative appearance;

those who dislike formal contracts (including legal marriage) and feel rather adversarial toward law courts, advisers and counseling , brokerage and negotiations (Meena = 6th-from-Tula).

Sensual pleasures through the feet, dreams, private sanctuary space.

Normally, provides a handsome bodily appearance - although there are exceptions . Often magnetically attractive and charming, typically with balanced features including nice coloration. Exceptionally attractive and sensitive feet.

For the masculine nativity, Shukra [uchcha] brings a visually attractive, musical, artistic wife. One holding the husband role is surrounded by sweet pleasures and beautiful women during his lifetime.

  • POTUS-16 Emancipation 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln [Guru-yuti-Shukra-uchcha-7] * married the cultured, resourced, artistic and luxury-loving Mary Todd . Mary's dad saw Abe's political potential, and dad funded Mary's over-the-top musical entertainments. Shukra = overwhelmed by the companion-enemy, the Great Expander Guru in svakshetra. Mary was heralded as a gifted hostess providing musical delights in her salons. Her all-night dance parties were renowned.

  • After bearing four sons, Mary accumulated bodyweight [Guru] while also developing a luxury-goods shopping disorder, highlighting the Guru-expanded karaka bhavo nashto effect. However, AL never criticized her because, as he freely admitted, Mary's entertaining had helped his career so substantially.

Unless there is some extreme planetary interference, the woman with [uchcha] Shukra is strikingly beautiful and artistic. Her female companions, sisters, roommates etc. also are artistic and attractive.

Meena-Shukra natives are distinctively beautiful, with balanced features esp. lovely feet.

Beloved by the Muse, they often develop into fine artists and musicians , Including the human voice as a primary musical instrument.

  • My Sweet Lord 1943-2001 Beatle George Harrison (4)

  • Fijación Oral 1977- singer Shakira Mebarak (4) = 10th-from-Chandra-Punarvasu-7, high-visibility ethnic music (Hispano-Arabic)

May also be artistic models

Poets and highly conceptual paradigmatic designer-scientists

If Shukra is with Shani or drishti from Shani, tends toward pragmatic training in technical arts, such as architecture or engineering design

Meena = dream-world, assets of the ancestors, collections of works of the imagination, spiritual guidance, sanctuaries, knowledge of other worlds

  • Ring of Fire 1932-2003 rockabilly Johnny Cash [Revati-3] [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] imaginative songwriter captured the imagination of many listeners

Meena natives love the richly imagistic world of childlike imagination, and shows a philosophical turn of mind. (May have less interest in moral upbringing, regular meals etc.) One has an exquisite, ethereal sense of balanced color, sound, texture, scent, and taste. All that is touched will receive a golden light.

Attracted to partners who can simultaneously love them and expand the artistic space (or at least not compress the artistic space).

Permissive marriage practices, guided by the Muse.

  • POTUS-16 Emancipation 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln [Guru-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] + Shukra-7 Lincoln was a circuit-rider traveling attorney who advised many clients on land deals [7] and legal rules [7]. AL also functioned as a judge-mediator adjudicating disputes. Guru-yuti-Shukra = multiplier ++[ Guru dead state 0 deg]. AL was passionately afianced to another before Mary, and he was known to have other partners.

  • Starry Messenger 1564-1642 Galileo Galilei [uchcha-Shukra-yuti-Chandra] He fathered three children with a beautiful servant but refused to marry her. Marina of Venice provided him comfort and cared for his children, but she was never mentioned in his professional life. Other liaisons also due to the undulgent Chandra yuti Shukra while deeply imaginative Chandra-12 enjoys parivartamsha yoga with [uchcha] Guru-4 providing several dwelling places.

Artistic, musical partners with gentle, dream-like lifestyle and imaginative, meditative values.

  • Origin of Species 1809-1892 naturalist Charles Darwin [Guru-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] married a gifted performing pianist and singer. Emma Wedgwood was also his first-cousin, Shukra occupies 3rd-from-Chandra)

[uchcha] Shukra can sustain a long-term love relationships even if other factors are indicate short commitments.

Partners = artist or musician; handsome

Male or female both can enjoy beneficial relationships with women, esp. artistic women. The spouse is not necessarily a professional artist, but one with clear aesthetic intelligence, and a tangible connection to the muse.

Being imaginative artists, these natives need to be sheltered from the harsh conditions of the real world.

Shukra-Meena enjoys the gift of generous, enveloping, spiritual sensitive sanctuary space . Shower them with studio time, paints and brushes, musical instruments, computers (these days!) and the training to use artists' tools to express their dreamlike perceptions.

If you are blessed with a muse-guided Meena-Shukra child, provide them the best artistic and musical tutelage you can humanly afford. Praise their divine creativity, their beatific expression, and their sensitive, other-worldly sense of connection to all sentient beings.

And be imaginatively open to the guidance of the Muse yourself!

Ha-tha YogaBalance Polarity Asana

  • asana of feet

  • asana of Swadhisthana chakra

  • postures for cleansing and balancing of the lymph system

  • postures for meditational awareness and open hearing of inner tutor (intuition)


Yellow Parrot

Vocation :

  • Brokerage, Bargaining, and Negotiation in matters of musical sound and color-patterns

  • Balanced Design, Ornamentation, Beauty

  • Pleasures and Enjoyments

  • Counseling and Advising

  • Promises, Agreements, Trusts, Betrothal

  • Matching-making and Deals

  • Contracts and Alliances


  • wealth and well-being from

  • from child-like and dreamlike behaviors

  • seeing bright but soft golden light

  • relationships that develop one's psychic intuition and clairsentient communication with spirits

  • loving actions involving the feet

  • enjoying music and fine arts with the beloved; spending time in the bedroom, monastery, sanctuary space, or cloister;

  • Activities that occur as the vitality drains from the physical body and transactions along the bridge between life and death

Shukra-Meena = values relationships and environments that contain Meena qualities, and appreciates in oneself the qualities of:

  • gifted in representational arts of sound and form

  • musical, artistic, clairsentient or other-worldly

  • beautifully shaped feet

  • typically = distinctively beautiful overall appearance

  • meditative, reflective, prayerful

  • imaginative and intuitive, dream-interpreter, bridge to ancestors

  • love of sanctuary, retreat, art studio enclosure, chapel prayer

  • the female friends [Shukra] are often equally artistic and musical

  • private and somewhat withdrawn in personality, although gentle

  • Often a deep practice of meditation, partly or fully monastic

  • likes the bedroom and likes to sleep

  • An arranger of beautiful bedding, lush pillows, lovely curtains

  • favoring golden [Guru] hues of orange, saffron, coral, and tangerine (swami-color)

For the husbandly-companion whose nativity features Shukra-Meena

More details about the tastes of one in the husband-role can be derived from knowing the two bhava which Shukra will rule from radical-lagna and from the Chandra-lagna.

For example, one in the husband-role with Meena-Shukra in context of a Thula radical-lagna and Dhanus Chandra.

  • one in the husband-role enjoys the company of women with Meena traits, and in particular a female companion may exemplify the two domains, 1 and 8, which Shukra commands from Thula.

  • Her gracious presence may contribute to Shukra-Meena 's material enjoyment of one's own flesh-body and social identity, and but fidelity to the marriage contract is uncertain due to the changing-form-nature of 8 and there is some degree of mystery; likely she may have a remarkably beautiful physical appearance (1) and an interest in matters occult (8).

  • From the Dhanus Chandra the rogesha-6 and vriddhi-pati-11 Shukra is less benevolent. The feminine partner may be inclined to mirror Shukra-Meena 's own inner argumentativeness (6) Yet, she is gainful (11) Through her the couple may enjoy an active social network (11). The feminine partner tends toward illnesses and imbalance-seeking-a-remedy of emotional response (6) One in the husband-role is advised to be careful of one's own dormant potential for addiction, including addiction to women and their beautiful charms.

Due to problematic Shukra (6 and 6th-from-6) one in the husband-role having Dhanus-Chandra or Dhanus indriya-lagna may divorce and remarry ever-seeking an external balance while the motivating internal imbalance-seeking-a-remedy remains unrecognized.

Yet each marriage brings more income, achieves more goals, and expands the marketplace association (11).

Dislikes, distasteful things

Simha = 6th-from-Meena

(these dislikes also apply to Chandra-Meena )

Shukra-Meena dislikes Simha-type things

  • ostentatious displays, boasting

  • selfishness; self-aggrandizement

  • false rights and entitlements; false charisma

  • the Emperor's New Clothes

  • failure to recognize the"power behind the throne"

  • unnecessary politicization of life; power politics, political campaigns

  • distraction of the mind by ornament and momentary fashion

  • monarchy; plutocracy; elitism; too much power concentrated in one personality

  • egocentrism; narcissistic anxiety; self-worship; lack of humility

  • hunger for attention, craving for applause

  • adolescent idealism, adolescent romanticism; 'courtly' love

  • self-attribution and self-reflexivity

  • failure to recognize that the source of creativity is Divine Intelligence

  • artificial celebrity, cult of personality, drama queens, theatrical personalities

  • false royalty, false grandeur, false creativity,

  • very bright light; mid-day; burning hot sun

  • infatuation with glitter and gold

Treasury, beauty, and luxury-attracting activities and investments

  • pleased and satisfied by events of reflective insight

  • graceful management of interior perceptions

  • great enjoyment in quietude of the cloister, meditation room, sanctuaries, and dreamworlds

  • beauty in environments of spiritual guidance and psychic pattern recognition, and harmony in following that guidance

  • harmonious attitude toward physically invisible yet psychically sensitive situations

  • aesthetic development of an appreciation for the presences of ancestor spirits and guides for all fields of experience

  • artistic elegance in rendering the sounds and colors of the astral and etheric planes


Dolphins Dancing


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