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AUM som somaya namah

AUM hreem shreem chandraya namah


10th-from- Chandra

reputation of the mother

public-sentiment reputation

Graha or lagna that are located in 10th-from-Chandra

  • comfortable with recognized decision-making authority

  • enjoy Security and Public Honor

  • Feel Dignified and Respected

  • need soothing routines while performing Professional Duties

  • feel nourished and protected by holding Leadership Roles and Elite Ranks

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10th-from-Chandra Leadership roles and effects of Vimshottari Dasha period of the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

Some public figures are successful at compartmentalizing their private lives

Yet those with empowered graha occupying 10th-from-Chandra may experience notoriety that is sometimes beneficial for career promotion, and sometimes more growth-challenging.

WRT matters associated with the graha in 10th-from-Chandra, one may feel that one is living in a fishbowl

10th-from-7th-from-Chandra [lifepartner]

The spouse's professional identity is often inextricably insinuated into one's-own-self


Maya-culture Pyramid of Kukulcan

at Chichen Itza, in Yucatan Mejico

10th-from-Chandra = Bhava-3 Kumbha [science]

Harmonices Mundi 1571-1630 Johannes Kepler helped to usher-in the 17th-century Age of Enlightenment in Europe (and eventually in Euro-America) via his numerous widely-read books, tracts, treatises, and printed "conversations ". Face-to-face, he was said to have been a less pleasant person. Nevertheless, in an age of difficult travel, his published writings made a great impression on the scientific discourse of the day.

QUOTATION from B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations.

Gaja-kesari Yoga

Planetary yoga measured from 10th-from-Chandra

" Definition.

If Jupiter is in a kendra from the Moon the combination goes under the name Gaja Kesari.


  • Many relations,
  • polite and generous,
  • builder of villages and towns or magistrate over them
  • will have a lasting reputation even long after death.


Here as well as elsewhere, great difference in the enjoyment of results should be pronounced.

The original writers say that the person born in this yoga will build villages and towns. A literal interpretation of the results leads one nowhere. They have to be adapted to suit modern conditions and climes.

One born in this yoga may become a member of Municipality and engineer or if the yoga is really powerful, a mayor. The results ascribed to a yoga are subject to qualification or modification according as the yoga-karakas are strong or weak.

There are magistrates from the village to the district with different powers. From a builder of a small shrine or choultry to the builder of a large and rich temple there is much difference.

Combinations are given but the results of the same conjunction will vary with the strength of the planets, bhavas and the constellations ." [end quote]

Planetary yoga measured from 10th-from-Chandra

13. Amala Yoga

QUOTATION from from B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations.

" Definition.

The 10th from the Moon or Lagna should be occupied by a benefic planet.


The person will achieve lasting fame and reputation. His character will be spotless and he will lead a prosperous life.


As in interpreting every combination, due consideration should be given to the strength of the lord causing the Amala and the aspects and associations he receives.

Some benefic planets must occupy the 10th from Lagna or the Moon to cause Amala.

If no benefic is present, then Amala is not caused.

But yet on the strength of the dictum "Udayat Indutovapi Yegrahadasamasthithaha Te sarve artha-pradagneya swa dasasu yatoditha" which means that any planet in the 10th from Lagna or 10th-from-Chandra would give, during his Dasa, much wealth, a malefic also is not ruled out.

Amala means pure and when the Yoga is present, prosperity and affluence will be achieved through fair means while a malefic, whilst giving wealth, may make the means questionable.

After all, the end justifies the means according to some and, therefore, Amala makes one scrupulous as to the means he employs for earning while a malefic in the 10th while no doubt good in its own way, as causing wealth to come, would not make one famous or a man of character." [end quote]

Does one emotionally expect to be respected?

Characteristics of the emotional predispositions toward public life and social standing, as exhibited in 10th-from-Chandra

10th-from-Chandra is an important career and social rank indicator which describes

Emotionally-based experience of receiving honor or paying respeci

feeling of being the object of public reverence or esteem

emotional orientation toward one's own social status, station, or rank

emotional expectations regarding those actions for which one may be honored, receive respeci

rhythmic, often intuitive, styles of behavior that are publically regarded as noble or showing dignified character or manners

a mark of respect or esteem; a source of glory, a cause of good reputation

Emotionally originating Contributions to the Social Order

Affection and Feelings toward government, hierarchies, social ascent, high-visibility public roles, leadership, law-making, social ordering processes

Emotionally based sense of responsibility for the social order * not always public leadership identity but the obligation is tangible

Career satisfaction is strongly influenced by the emotional comfort prognosis related to the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra may be located in a leadership-supporting placement - or noi

If not producing recognition and respect, the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra may produce a never-ending grumpy imbalance of responsibilities exceeding resources

Much of the 6/8 dissatisfaction arises from incomplete understanding of the distinction between

  • [3] process management
  • versus
  • [10] regulation of an entire organization

Emotional orientation toward public, recognized social ordering roles

The relationship between

  1. character of the graha which activates 10th-from-Chandra
  2. the angle-from-Chandra occupied by the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra
  3. location of the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

may reveal the overall career direction, ability to achieve authority in the directing roles, and perceived effectiveness and importance of the leadership duties.

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in 2nd-from-Chandra

  • POTUS-18 Civil War Ulysses S. Grant. His career had a very weak start when he was first discharged from his Army Officer rank for alcoholism. Then, his various attempts at farming and commerce failed miserably. Mangala-yuti-Ketu activates 10th-from-Chandra and Mangala occupies 2nd-from-Chandra, a 9th-from-10th angle that has dharmic wisdom potential despite a forecast of eccentric and violent pathways toward career success. His Mesha-7 which is the 10th-from-Chandra is packed with high-powered leadership graha including [uchcha] Surya, [nīcha] Shani, and Guru. The circumstances of career ascent were grim including a hideous, bloody war [to which he was accustomed by a childhood of brutal animal butchery] and his own black-out drinking [Shukra-6] . But in the end Grant did feel the satisfaction of a horribly necessary job brought to completion, and history has judged him a fairly able executive during the post-war devastation and rebuilding period.

  • USA-Sen-Tenn VPOTUS Climate Change 1948- Al Gore = Budha in scientific Kumbha, rules Kanya-11 = 10th-from-Chandra. Graha located in 3rd-from-Chandra are talkative, announcing. AAG started and ended his public career as a journalist. A global spokesman for Climate Change Awareness, his success was immediate due to Budha's ability to hold communicative, explanatory leadership roles. Kanya requires detailed argument about connections, marketplace networks. AAG's cinematic [3] descriptive pronouncements were so effective that he was a share-holder in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in [3rd-from-Chandra]

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in 6th-from-Chandra

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in 8th-from-Chandra

  • Methodism 1703-1791 preacher John Wesley * ruler of 10th-from-Chandra = Kanya = Budha-8 + Shukra- + [nīcha] Kuja. JW was a powerfully disruptive, transformative leader of what became the Methodist Christian sect. An itinerant preacher who proclaimed a dogma of surrender to personal emotion as the key to salvation, JW de-ritualized public worship and caused a quiet revolution [8] in religious understanding throughout the western Christian faithful. JW's non-hierarchical doctrine style appealed to the masses of rootless, property-less, disenchanted believers who sought to penetrate the path to redemption [8, initiation, re-invigoration, re-start, rebirth] without paying tithes or performing elaborate ceremonies.

Radical bhava location of ruler of 10th-from-Chandra
  1. [Chandra in classroom-1]
  2. [Chandra in classroom-2]
  3. [Chandra in classroom-3]
  4. [Chandra in classroom-4] [svabhava] [dikbala]
  5. [Chandra in classroom-5]
  6. [Chandra in classroom-6]
  7. [Chandra in classroom-7]
  8. [Chandra in classroom-8]
  9. [Chandra in classroom-9]
  10. [Chandra in classroom-10]
  11. [Chandra in classroom-11]
  12. [Chandra in classroom-12]

  1. [Chandra-Mesha]
  2. [Chandra-Urisha] [uchcha] [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 4-30 deg]
  3. [Chandra-Mithuna]
  4. [Chandra-Karkata]
  5. [Chandra-Simha]
  6. [Chandra-Kanya]
  7. [Chandra-Tula]
  8. [Chandra-Vṛścika] [nīcha]
  9. [Chandra-Dhanus]
  10. [Chandra-Makara-Draco]
  11. [Chandra-Kumbha]
  12. [Chandra-Meena]

Public sentiment reputation, Familiar recognition

RASHI + BHAVA of 10th-from-Chandra + any resident GRAHA

The emotional need to be accorded a basic adult social dignity is fundamental to human nature, and all born humans make some recognized contribution to the stability of the social order.

Numerous other 10-amsha factors must be considered, such as

  • graha which occupy 10th-from-Chandra
  • characteristics of the ruler of the 10th-from-Chandra
  • ruler's companion graha
  • D-1 karmesha
  • D-9 ruler of 10th-navamsha

10th-from-Chandra offers a reliable guide to the psycho-social reputation that result from one's Chandra-based emotional motivation to be respected by others.

[Chandra in classroom-3] 10th-from-Chandra = vyayabhava-12 invisible realms

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung [12-Makara, structure, normalization, conventions] Working in the licensed medical field of clinical psychiatry, CGJ plumbed his subconscious image inventory [12] searching for scientific data in symbolic form [12]

  • Much of his work [Shani] of mapping the invisible [12] psychological terrain occurred via his interior meditations. Since childhood, CGJ kept elaborate personal notebooks full of drawings, poems, and descriptions of the phantoms of his night-dreams and daydreams [12, reveries]

  • Jung's scientific presentation of psychological data from his therapy-session notebooks was accepts because it conformed [Makara] to the accepted medical data-collecting standards of the era.

Power of Shani-1-Kumbha rules-12.

  • CGJ succeeded professionally [10th-from] because he [along with his team of dedicated editor-writers] was able to conform [Makara] this multi-dimensional, imagistic, symbolic data to the prevailing materialistic, conventionally empirical, and linear models of scientific reality [Makara].
  • Enclosed secluded private imaginings [12] in data-format, thus came into the light of modern scientific inquiry. CGJ and his team contributed an orderly view of the imagination to the 20th-century western scientific landscape. Along with other medical modelers, he upgraded the private [12] psychotherapeutic process to a respected professional job [10th-from] .

[Chandra in classroom-4] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-1

The public-sentiment reputation is attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-1-topics such as personal appearance, unique identity, embodiment, kinetic movement, and pioneering forward push.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of innovation, championship, invasion, physicality, new birth, fresh starts.


  • Syria-Pres-pair 1975- banker Asma Al-Assad 10th-from-Chandra = Urisha-1 containing [Ketu-yuti-Kuja] Public-sentiment reputation based in personal appearance. Urisha treasury- luxury combined with Ketu-disorientation or disregard plus Mangala weapons, fighting. AAA is generally apprehended as an entreasured, high-visibility, dissociating Ketu-identified person married to a power-craving Rahu-person, Syria-Pres Bashar al-Assad.

[Chandra in classroom-5] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-2

The public-sentiment reputation is attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-2-topics such as banking, financial collections, lineage assets, face-voice-voice-song-speech, anguage, memory, traditions, values, storytelling, storage.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of values conservation, hoarded wealth, cattle, breeding, genetics, heritage, food preservation, historical knowledge, family of origin, legacy.


  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton. 10th-from-Chandra = Meena-2 [conceptual knowledge, finance] containing [Shani-yuti-Ketu] [Shani-2 parivartamsha Guru-1] and Guru-yuti-Shukra rules Meena-2. IN is now known for his foundational mathematical work in third-dimensional terrestrial physics. During his lifetime, IN was better known as the Warden and Master of the Royal Mint [1696-1727]. In a time when the metal content of coins was widely distrusted due to government corruption [Ketu, IN imposed harsh correctional regulation [Shani] upon the manufacturing and validating of the national currency. Rampant counterfeit coinage was taken out of circulation [Ketu]. Although the criminal fakers [Rahu] hated IN, public financial trust in the Coin of the Realm was restored.[2]

  • France-Queen 1755-1793 Madame Deficit Marie Antoinette. 10th-from-Chandra = Mithuna-2 containing [Mangala-Mithuna] ++ [Kuja-2 parivartamsha Budha-7] Public-sentiment reputation based mainly in her aggressive speech. Qu'ils mangent de la brioche // Let them eat cake // were fighting words [Mangala in bhava-2] volleyed at a starving nation. Kuja knives + 2-face-head. A moment of the guillotine sharply expressed the opinion of the people.

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt 10th-from-Chandra = Simha-2 containing [Guru-Simha ] [navamsha Guru-Karkata-uchcha] ER's thousands of inspirational [Guru] political speeches [2] framed her public-sentiment reputation as a philosophical, broad-minded, generous optimistic icon of human rights [Simha]. She continues to rank among the most-admired [Simha] women in modern American history.

  • Second Sex 1908-1986 social theory Simone de Beauvoir. 10th-from-Chandra = Dhanus-2 containing [Surya-yuti-Ketu + Budha] Public-sentiment reputation based mainly in SdB's confidently articulated [Budha] ideological opinions [2] about the impact of economic systems and traditional family gender-roles [2] upon the well-being of women. Known academicly as a capable university-trained philosopher [Dhanus] SdB is cherished by feminists as a guide to theoretical understanding [Dhanus] of gender in society.

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald Trump 10th-from-Chandra = Simha-2 containing [Simha-Mangala]

[Chandra in classroom-6] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-3

The public-sentiment reputation is attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-3-topics such as explanation, instruction, description, detailed reporting, documentation, business, manufacturing, project management.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of communication, media-messaging, administration, information delivery, mercantilism, teamwork, writing, interpretation, evangelism.


  • My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla. 10th-from-Chandra = Mithuna-3 containing [Surya-yuti-Budha] + [Shukra-yuti-Shani]. Public-sentiment reputation framed mainly as a Great Explainer of how-to for commercial application of electrical engineering principles. NT was apprehended as a complex thinker due to rulers of 2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 10 + 11 all within Mithuna-3 mentality. Most of NT's descriptive, instructional materials and notebooks [3] containing his experimental results were seized by the USA secret police due to some of the examples showing mass-destruction potential if misused. [3 = 8th-from-8] However, generations of students honor NT's ability to explain energy movement by detailed specific applied example.

[Chandra in classroom-7] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-4

The public-sentiment reputation is attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-4 -topics such as security, safety, housing, foundational education, fencing, agriculture, ritual worship.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of folkways, predictable seasonal patterns, rhythms of customary life, care for the vulnerable, sheltering, marine environments, transportation pathways, ancient cultural habits.


  • POTUS-34 Interstate Highways 1890-1969 Dwight D. Eisenhower [regulatory-governing Arcturus-2] National defense, interstate highway system, regular routine, patriotism. foundations

[Chandra in classroom-8] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-5

The public-sentiment reputation is attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-5 -topics such as politics, theatre, display, showmanship, center-of-attention roles, charisma, celebrity, creative performance

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of amusement, entertainment, gambling-and-gaming, romance, children, speculative finance, poetry, intelligence, certainty, entitlement


[Chandra in classroom-9] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-6

[Chandra in classroom-10] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-7

The public-sentiment reputation is attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-7 -topics such as negotiation, contracts, diplomacy, marriage, alliance, trust, agreement.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of brokerage, relationships, partnerships, equity, balance, truce, treaty, arrangements, equality, fairness.


  • POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant. 10th-from-Chandra-Karkata-10 = containing an astounding Mesha cluster of [nicha-bhanga - Yogakaraka - Shani-Mesha] [Shani-yuti-Surya-uchcha] [Shani-yuti-Guru ] . Furthermore, [uchcha-Surya-7 parivartamsha Kuja-11]

  • Grant's early career featured repeated business failures and a dishonorable military discharge from the Army due to alcoholism. First the nicha, then the bhanga. Yet he became a greatly honored leader. USG's disregard for colossal-scale killing had its origin in childhood, when his family ran a slaughterhouse [nicha-Shani] Proven military methods failed and Lincoln had to fire a series of generals. USG had one method and that was Blood and Carnage [Mesha] to out-kill the enemy, at any cost. General public reputation = USG achieved reunification of the nation by brute force. Following the Civil War, USG was propelled to POTUS-20 where he proved a capable leader despite deeply bitter lingering hatreds, due to his negotiation skills [7].

  • The acknowledged power-behind-the-throne was USG's estimable wife Julia Dent [7] She managed his alcoholic depressions so that he could muster the troops to fight. She diplomatically assisted him to lead the reunited nation [7] in beginning a fresh start [Mesha.


  • Mad Monk 1869-1916 Romanov Grigori Rasputin . 10th-from-Chandra = Makara-7 containing a weakened [Surya-yuti-Budha + Ketu] Public-sentiment reputation framed by Makara-7 counseling roles in ranked status-relationships + Surya-entitlement + Budha-talking, conversations. GR is mainly remembered as a trance-mystic [Ketu] confidence-man [con-man] unimpeded by social-class barriers [Ketu-Makara] who ingratiated himself [7 grace, balance] into hierarchical ranks of a weakened Russian aristocracy [Surya Makara] .

  • The Mirror 1895-1986 theosophy Jiddu Krishnamurti 10th-from-Chandra = Simha-7 containing [Ketu-Singha] surrender of entitlement

  • Japan-Emperor1901-1989 Showa Hirohito . 10th-from-Chandra = Urisha-7 containing [Ketu-Urisha-7] Following the humiliating defeat of the Japanese military which ended the carnage of WW-2, Hirohito did not negotiate [Ketu-7]. The terms of compliance with Allied conquerors were absolute and not subject to bargaining. The Chrysanthemum Emperor did not completely abdicate, but he did surrender all claims to divine status. The royal family kept their financial wealth [Urisha] while the people faced starvation and despair. Hirohito is remembered mainly for his detached disinterest in matters of fairness and contractual agreement.

[Chandra in classroom-11] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-8

The public-sentiment reputation = attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-8 -topics such as secrecy, non-disclosure, hidden assets, disasters-and-upheavals, revolutionary change

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of mystical secrets, tantric initiation, disguised assets, hidden relationships, camouflaged information, discovery, revelation, revelation, trauma healing, [including invasive surgeries and medicinal poisoning] .


[Chandra in classroom-12] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-9

The public-sentiment reputation = attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-9-topics such as philosophy, theory, worldview, guidance, and principled belief.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of higher principles of understanding, global worldview, theoretical-doctrinal principles and paradigms of belief.


  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter 10th-from-Chandra = Karkata-9, containing [Rahu-Karkata-Aslesha] intakes the governing 10th-drishti of [Chandra-yuti-Shani-uchcha]. A former naval officer [Karkata-10] JEC's public-sentiment reputation is infused with Rahu qualities of bi-racial heritage, Southern agricultural [Karkata] outsider status [Rahu] and his public Christian activism [9] especially for housing [Karkata].

  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs. 10th-from-Chandra = Dhanus-9, containing [Shukra-yuti-Rahu-Mula] ++ ruled by [Guru-yuti-Ketu-3] marketing. SPJ had many ups-and-downs in his famous electronics-design-and-manufacturing career. SPJ was best known for his product designs [Shukra] and extraordinary marketplace revenues [Rahu-9] SPJ's achievements made him a leader of those who believe [Dhanus] that electronic technology will perfect civilization.

[Chandra in classroom-1] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-10

Public-sentiment reputation = attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-10-topics such as social class, government, regulatory systems, and hierarchical ranking.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of class-conscious organizational leadership, authoritative command, executive decision-making, and lawful policy imposition upon the denizens of lower status.


  • Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie 10th-from-Chandra = Tula-10 containing [uchcha-Shani-yuti-Budha]

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy. 10th-from-Chandra = Urisha-10 containing [financial-Shukra-yuti-Surya-pitrikaraka] [Shukra-yuti-Guru-doctrine] = rulers of 1 + 3 + 5 + 8 + 10. Public-sentiment reputation = framed as elite-ranked family-finance [Shukra] along with Roman Catholic doctrine and Democratic Party social-humanist ideology [Guru] plus his plutocrat political kingmaker father [Surya]. JFK wrote a European History thesis at Harvard College [Urisha historical knowledge]. His bright eyes and handsome face [Urisha] still grace American media content. His memory [Urisha] is still cherished by the electorate.

  • Tantra 1931-1990 professor Osho Rajneesh 10th-from-Chandra = Kanya-10 containing [Ketu-Kanya] Chandra Mohan Jain was the spiritual leader of a global organization. His regime was associated with meditation [Ketu] and service [Kanya]. The public-sentiment reputation is infused with Ketu-10 themes of worldly disorientation and surrender of organizational authority [Ketu] However, those who entered the Ketu-vacuum as replacement leaders created a toxic cult which also framed Osho's reputation [Kanya, misconduct]. Some are aligned to Osho as a liberating meditation icon [Ketu in classroom-10] . But in places where his followers were accused of attempted murder and felony theft, his public profile remains criminalized [Kanya].

  • God's Dream 1931-1921 Anglican Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu 10th-from-Chandra = Mesha-10, containing no graha. Public-sentiment reputation = initiator, fresh-start, movement of a long-stagnant situation, birth.

[Chandra in classroom-2] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-11

The public-sentiment reputation = attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-11-topics such as marketplace, gridworks, arrays, social networking, friendship linkage, voluntary association.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of commonwealth, community connections, participation and profit, gainfulness, goals, aims, objectives, social-material achievement.


  • Rus-Pres 1952- First Person Vladimir Putin [financial-storytelling Rohiṇī-2] [mūlatrikoṇa] Public-sentiment reputation based on Kumbha [revenues, earnings] + marketplace connections [11]. Ruler-of-11 = Shani-6 indicating the mafia state economy which supports the kleptocracy.

For [Chandra in classroom-3] 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-12

The public-sentiment reputation = attuned to one's emotional need for social recognition and respect in bhava-12-topics such as distant lands, meditation, private prayer, interior guidance, isolation.

Leadership roles may be corporate-institutional, but more commonly 10th-from-Chandra visibility is a symbolic projection of public feelings.

In context of the rashi of 10th-from-Chandra, one may be cast a beacon of privacy, seclusion, enclosure, dreaminess, imagination, fantasy, dissipation, incarceration, Other-Worldly bridging, distance.


  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan 10th-from-Chandra = Meena-12. No graha in Meena. Invisible dreamike background influence.

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush. 10th-from-Chandra = Mithuna-12, containing [Surya-Mithuna] The public-sentiment reputation is marked by 12-dreaminess. Despite having served as a two-term governor of Texas and a two-term POTUS-43, GWB is still called "junior". Pitrikaraka [Surya in bhava-12 rules 2-family assets] = father, POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George H.W. Bush and oil-money capitalist. [navamsha Surya-Mesha-uchcha] reveals that his father is the dominating figure behind GWB's curtained career.

pitrikarakaa Surya

resides in 10th-from-Chandra


Surya = comfortable with recognized decision-making authority

emotional affinity for political career, although much depends upon the Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

Professor Surya's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Ravi become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public. Public recognition for brilliantly visible roles in politics, entertainment, gambling and games, fashion, or dramatic performance arts. One may be an iconic figure.

  • His [nīcha] Shani with [uchcha] Surya in 10th-from-Chandra signifies the terrible conflict of the USA Civil War [Shani] and his decisive role in finishing that Mesha bloodbath. POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant is well remembered a more than a century afterward as a distinguished national leader

  • A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] [5] VSW became a much-admired womens' rights advocate and critically acclaimed literary author [5].

  • POTUS-pair-34 Military Families 1896-1979 Mamie Doud Eisenhower was raised in in a high-visibility family due to her father's extremely successful meat-packing business. He retired into private investing at age 36. Her Surya-Vṛścika-3 [commerce] is also ruled by dynamic, forward-moving Mangala-10 leadership. Her Surya-Vṛścika in 10th-from-Chandra indicates that the Eisenhower two-person political career was based in top-secret military work.

Mangala resides in 10th-from-Chandra

Kuja = comfortable with recognized decision-making authority

Professor Mangala's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Kuja become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

(from Chandra) historian of mystery religions Mircea Eliade

drive toward commerce * push toward scripted

[Mangala in bhava-3] [Mangala-Singha] located in 10th-from-Chandra-6

  • Fashion design 1981- real-estate Ivanka Trump Kushner fashion model and businesswoman; BA diploma in economics, family business in politics and luxury goods. After the election of her father Donald Trump, a celebrity figure photographed daily for news publication (usually, wearing fashions from her own women's clothing enterprise)

Budha resides in 10th-from-Chandra


Budha = comfortable with recognized decision-making authority

Professor Budha's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Budha become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

Famed empathic singer on topics of sensuality and value

One may be recognized for excellence or accuracy in planning, communications, strategy, tactics, argumentation, studentship, and youthfulness of demeanor.

  • Macedon-King o-Megos 356-323 BCE Alexander-III * a genius of military strategy, tactics, and planning

Reputation for talking, conversations, event-planning, parties, scripting, messages

  • POTUS-pair-04 hostess 1768-1849 Dolley Payne Madison [Shukra-yuti-Budha] dolley served as a hostess and diplomatic agent for two POTUS men. 250 years after her death, people are still talking about Dolley's ability to put adversaries into a pleasant conversation [Shukra-yuti-Budha] . Dolley and James Madison were unpaid diplomats whose skillfully balanced arrangements - both social and financial - helped to grow the New Republic. A gracious invitation [Budha] from Dolley was the mark of social importance [10] .

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 esoterica Alice Bailey [Surya-yuti-Budha] + Ketu-9 esoteric communications. She wrote, channeled or dictated 24 books and operated a highly successful independent publishing business. Mrs. Bailey is also credited with answering literally hundreds of thousands of letters and steadily managing a popular spiritual-information correspondence course for nearly 30 years [Mithuna-9] .

  • A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf + + [Surya-yuti-Shukra] [6] VSW was a central personality in what came to be known as The Bloomsbury Group [the name of their neighborhood, Budha] . It consisted mainly of parties [5] and performances [5] engaining creative intellectuals including, sculptors, painters, literary authors, political theorists, dramatists, and free-thinkers. VSW and her husband operated the Hogarth Press [Budha publication] which printed the texts of this intelligentsia.



Leadership and Iconic roles = culturally familiar 10th-from-Chandra

Guru occupies 10th-from-Chandra

= comfortable with recognized decision-making authority in matters of ideology, philosophy, doctrine, principled belief, faith, core convictions, worldview, sermonizing, guidance, teaching-preaching

Leadership based in Jurisprudential [9] Interpretations of Constitutional Law

[Guru-Kumbha] [Guru in bhava-9] doctrinal ideological preacher leader

  • POTUS-17 Reconstruction Andrew Johnson [2, banking, enrichment, treasury, financial acquisition] Guru-Kumbha occupies Purvapbhadra-1 and Guru rules 12 and 3. His primary public identity was a proponent of economic prosperity [Guru-Kumbha] for his constituency of small craftsman-freeholders [4]. The key principle [Guru] of his irregular jurisprudential theory was that the USA Constitution guaranteed the right to own slaves as a protection under the right to own private property.

  • Typical of Guru-Kumbha, religious doctrine and economic theory were intertwined in a way that AJ's illiterate constituents could hardly distinguish. AJ was an agnostic. However, his wife was a devout Appalachian Presbyterian who believed that slavery was condoned by the Bible. Her writing and his speaking [2] assured his white-male voters that their legal right to own slaves-as-property was enshrined not only in their Holy Book, but also in the principles of the USA Constitution. [Guru principles]

  • As AJ rose in political importance [Rahu-10 drishti into Guru-2] his leadership platform became more explicitly ideological. [Guru] A self-taught attorney, AJ developed a legal exegesis that read the USA Constitution as guaranteeing the citizen's right to own slaves, because the Constitution protected private property, and slaves were private property.

  • In this hermeneutical exercise [Kuja-Kanya-9, theoretical argumentation] AJ was joined by droves of itinerant and usually illiterate preachers [Guru rules 3, touring] These father-figures followed the Southern Circuit, declaring that the Bible not only permitted [Guru] but actually mandated [Shani-ruled Kumbha] that the Rulers of the Earth must own slaves. AJ's fervently Manifest-Destiny believing, non-literate constituents looked to AJ's leadership to legislate for their divine endowment.

  • Even after Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation and even after the Civil War decided that slavery would never again be allowed in the USA, AJ continued to assert the property-rights theory. Congress tried to impeach him for obstruction of justice, but AJ's fervent supporters followed their jurisprudential Guru to the end.

Brihaspati in 10th-from-Chandra is emotionally capable of holding a multiplicity[Guru] of generous and expansive public roles -

[uchcha-Guru in bhava-1] charity, fertility, generosity, work-ethic, physical appearance

[Aśleṣa-Guru-Karkata] mutual drishti with [uchcha-Shukra-yuti-Rahu] [9]

+++ mutual drishti with Shani-Makara-7

  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor [uchcha- Guru-1 appearance identity kinesis] ERT was an exceptionally famous and popular movie dramatist until her forties. Then, ERT morphed into a highly successful businesswoman, vending luxury items such as perfumes and jewels via her mysteriously seductive persona [1] promoting sales [3-commerce ruled by Budha-8 mystery]. In addition ERT served as a spokeswoman-leader [10] bringing charitable dignity to the plight of the AIDS population. [Rahu-9 charity]

Leads with Hope

POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama [nīcha-Guru-yuti-Shani]occupies 10th-from-Chandra

  • [nīcha] Guru-related challenges = typically, the result of over-confidence in materialism [Guru] . during his 2008 presidential campaign, BHO was forced to publically separate himself [Shani] from the wayward preacher [Guru] of his Chicago congregation, due to infelicitously materialistic racism of the holy man.
  • In BHO's nativity, Guru's deficiency in spiritual understanding is largely balanced by the pragmatic, socially structured panchmahapurusha Shani-10-Makara, a stabilizing factor. Nicha-Guru = an affinity for conventionalized doctrines of the sacred.

Professor Guru's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Brihaspati may become emotionally tangible to the public.

From the perspective of a wifely-figure

husband-1 is a great support for career and the acquisition of leadership responsibilities in society. He brings prestige and recognition to the female.

The relationship is typically emotionally stable and of life-structuring value to the native, even if there is material difficulty.

Guru in 10th-from Chandra = expect 10th-from characteristics in the emotional relationship to the first husband. Guru in 10 = splendid for visibility promotion + career-reputation assist from the marriage partner.

One feature of the career profile should match the Guru-themed behaviors of education, indoctrination, inclusive ideologies, theoretical philosophies, and global outreach.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury 1950- Rowan Williams [Guru-Kumbha] [5] A scholar-leader, RW served as a public icon of the philosophy and theology [Guru] He helped to established the Age of Kumbha with its distinctively egalitarian, networked, futuristic features. RW proposed expansion [Guru] in Anglican leadership ranks, in particular the ordination of women bishops. [Shukra yogakaraka from Guru-Kumbha lagna] RW was roundly criticized and received a great deal of pushback due to Shani-Simha-11 [elderly change-fearing congregants]. Still, Guru's expansive inclusion system was made highly visible to the worshippers [10th-from-Chandra cultural basis]. Wiser observers heralded his broadening as a harbinger of the future [Kumbha].

  • POTUS-pair-37 Watergate 1912-1993 Pat Ryan Nixon [Guru-1] PNW traveled the world as an informal USA ambassador during her husband's POTUS terms, 1968-1972. Sometimes he accompanied her, but often PRN represented him while conducting the visits on her shared identity with the president. Historians now opine that her global orientation [Guru] + educational and leadership skills, along with an inclusive and generous attitude, would have made her a suitable and successful appointee to official ambassador roles.

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt [Guru-2-Simha-family occupies 10th-from-Chandra] It was rare-to-impossible for a 1930's USA woman to become a national leader. Yet, ER attained de facto presidential powers as proxy for her disabled husband Franklin D. Roosevelt . ER was trusted by the inner elite circle who knew her lineage [Guru-Simha-Magha-2, royal lineage] .

Shukra resides in [10th-from-Chandra]


Shukra = comfortable with recognized decision-making authority

Professor Shukra's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Bhrigu become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

  • POTUS-40 American Life 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan * iconic leader of economic policy [Kumbha, 10] . RWR's partnership with elite corporate leaders promoted the social-economic status of the financial elite.


Famed empathic singer on topics of sensuality and value

From the perspective of the Husband-figure

Musical, artistic Shukra in 10th-from Chandra =10th-from characteristics in the emotional relationship to the wife[s] . Splendid for visibility promotion + career-assist from the marriage partner. Spouse typically enjoys professional dignity, often an institutional role in large organizations, or government regulatory or legislative capacity. Mate need not earn a paycheck [11] but rather the public respect is high and maintained.

Also an indicator of public roles in music, art, design, and graceful occupations.

  • POTUS-40 American Life 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan = [Shukra-Kumbha-7] located in 10th-from-Chandra-Urisha-10 RWR had a reputation for voice, face, hair, teeth, women, assets. Both of RWR's lifepartners, Jane Wyman and Nancy Davis, were photogenic [face] Hollywood actresses. Shukra's ruler nīcha-Shani-yuti-Rahu-9 suggests the expedient importance [Rahu] of political ideology [9] for his wives, both of whom were staunch conservatives [Shani].


Shani resides in

high-visibility [10th-from-Chandra]

Public Figure Examples

POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant [Shani-yuti-Ketu] [12]

Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel [uchcha] [1]

Best Is Yet to Come 1949-2022 designer Ivana Zelnickova Trump [Surya in bhava-5 swap Shani in Bhava-11]

Seven-Year Itch 1926-1962 Marilyn Monroe [uchcha]

Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland + [Guru-yuti-Rahu] [2, voice-face]

UK-Duchess of York 1959- Sarah Ferguson [9, father-figure, beliefs, worldview]

Human Rights 1978- attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney [Surya-10 parivartamsha Shani-5]


de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton- Shani-yuti-Ketu

Flowers of Evil 1821-1867 symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire [Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Guru-yuti-Shani] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] [5, poetry]

POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant [nīcha] + [uchcha] Surya-yuti-Guru

Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie [Shani-yuti-Budha]

Germinal 1840-1902 J'accuse Emile Zola [7]

My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla + [Surya-yuti-Budha] + Shukra

SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela [10]

Hour of Decision 1918-2018 Rev. Billy Graham

Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Aryamehr Mohamed Reza Pahlavi + [Kuja-yuti-Shukra]

Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell * Shani-9 preaching

King of Pop 1958-2009 Thriller Michael J. Jackson [Shani-Vṛścika-2, family of origin, voice-face]

Purple Rain 1958-2016 guitarist Prince [12, secluded music studio]

POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama * [nīcha] Guru-yuti-Shani

Shani = comfortable with recognized decision-making authority

Shani in 10th-from-Chandra indicates a significant burden of leadership responsibility in the environments of Shani's bhava and rashi. These nativities are emotionally engaged with governance duties and usually they are known for their capacity to organize and order from the platform of the familiar home-base.

Professor Shani's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Shanaicarya become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

Excellent placement for public leadership roles, wherein the nature of the responsibilities is characteristically responsible, reliable, conventional, sober, lawful, and systematic.

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant [Shani-yuti-Ketu] [12] in 10th-from-Chandra. JDG was recognized by the public for her role as the careful enabler. Although her husband was a career alcoholic whose drinking binges had the potential to destroy himself, his family, and many under his military command, Mrs. Grant was known as the one who could " talk him down" . Her presence brought a modestly lawful condition to USG, reducing his state of addictive toxicity so that he could resume command. Shani parivartamsha Shukra implies her ability to impose conditions of sobriety and balance. It was said that when she arrived in camp, the general stopped drinking, and the soldiers greeted her with respect [Shani]. She continued to regulate [Shani] the environment during Gen. Grant's subsequent eight years as POTUS-18. However JDG's own [nīcha-Shani-yuti-Ketu] suggests that Shani is not fully empowered and she could never fully prevent her husband's poor judgment.

Often the mark of a long and distinguished career, so long as Shani is not interrupted by Rahu or deranged by Surya.

  • Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel * AKM is considered a genius of gracious political alliances with foreign partners. Her once rigid Christian Democratic Union has matured and developed due to her agreement-crafting intelligence; and her skills in making trusts helped the European Economic Community weather the bitterly distrustful Euro crisis.

obligatory rehearsals * must repeat, and repeat, and repeat

regulatory and restraining behaviors

highly disciplined and responsible worker

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland [Guru-yuti-Rahu] [Shani-yuti-Rahu] [2, voice-face] worked in public, paid roles for 45 of her 47 years of life. Beginning as the toddler-age youngest sister of the Gumm Sisters burlesque singing family, she continued to work with various cohorts, managed teams, and ensemble performance groups for the rest of her life.

generally Shani = 10th-from-Chandra grants a responsible mother who is class-conscious and respectable

  • Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell * Shani-9 sangha . Small donations from socially conservative congregations [Shani-9] . Falwell often credited his mother [Soothing Somana-12-Bharani] with ensuring that her children got churched, since JLF's father was not interested.

in order to experience emotional security, one feels Beholden to the government, the father's money or father's family, the lawful leadership duties and the social reputation

  • Flowers of Evil 1821-1867 symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire [Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Guru-yuti-Shani] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] [5, poetry] has enjoyed a lasting reputation [10] for epicurean philosophy and symbolist prose poetry [Meena]. He is considered one of the most influential and recognized [10] literati of 19th century western Europe, making a definite impression on French and English creative literary style. Baudelaire died age 46, having experienced celebrity from his publications but never financially self-supporting. He was dependent upon an inheritance of his father's money. After age 21, Baudelaire had a considerable treasury, but because he spent more than half of his life assets within the first 18 months, his funds were punitively regulated by his step-father and the lawcourts. This situation created the experience of scarcity because he could not spend freely, which CB resented [Shani] until his final breath.

Longevity and discipline are distinguishing characteristics of the public career

  • Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel is the longest ruling top officer of a modern European country ++ de facto head of the EU . This accomplishment is due mainly to her extraordinary patient, architectural balanced [Tula] style of crafting alliances and agreements = Shani-Tula [uchcha] in 10th-from-Chandra..

Graha-drishti of Shani contacts only the 7th-from-Chandra which gives a materially responsible but emotionally distant Shani flavor to the character of the 1st spouse and all close business partners. The native 's career may reflect one's emotional need to stabilize and conserve traditional, law-abiding, culturally fixed, hierarchical behaviors.

either by their presence or by their absence,

  • Social L eadership Duties become the primary instructional agents in the [akashic memory patterning] struggle to transform emotional ignorance into emotional wisdom.

One may hold a symbolic social role which requires one to act in ways that pose a significant learning challenge emotionally.

Strong negative impact on the marriage relationship, unless the spouse is very deeply invested in the native 's performance of iconic leadership duties.

In traditional marriages, a man's wife may find it easier to accommodate his constant attention to duties and the emotional drain he suffers from public performance, so long as her community offers material support to compensate for an often-gone husband.

A woman's husband may find the social obloquy of a wife who is emotionally unavailable because she is consumed with public duty, to be unbearable.

Much of the difficulty can be avoided by choosing a chronologically elder or emotionally very mature or socially conservative spouse.

  • Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell = a socially conservative, conventional spouse, and in the public view the couple enjoyed an honorable marriage.

Prognosis always improved if either Shani or Chandra is dignified by rashi or if either rules a kendra or a bhagya sthāna. Shani-yuti-Rahu -or- Chandra-yuti-Rahu = amplified results.

From the perspective of the wifely-companion

Shani in 10th-from Chandra = 10th-from characteristics in the emotional relationship to the second husband. Shani in 10 = splendid for visibility promotion + career-assist from the marriage partner.


RAHU resides in 10th-from-Chandra


Rahu = comfortable with recognized decision-making authority


A highly empowered placement which often signifies a symbolic, iconic, high-recognition social role. One is able to display an fascinating empowerment upon which the viewers may be mesmerized.

  • Foursquare Evangelist 1890-1944 Aimee Semple McPherson. [Rahu-Urisha] [dramatizing-demonstrating Mriga-1] ASM's evangelical-entertainment ministry experienced the rise-and-fall typical of a super-Rahu. In the early phase her radio-outreach and over-the-top scripted drama [3] was extremely popular, and journalists [3] could not restrain their superlatives.

  • At other times she was viciously accused of taboo acts [Rahu] fraud, harlotry, and perjury inter alia. Her extensive charities in times of widespread poverty were first deeply welcomed. Then the backlash of federal investigation [Rahu-3 process irregularities]. Finally, the splendid operations [3] were shuttered due to legal infractions.
  • Ultimately, ASM changed the face of Pentecostal Christian worship in the USA, by normaling outrageously-long, over-the-top theatrical, faith healing events [Rahu in public-life, 10th-from-Chandra] Her over-reaching performances kept ASM in the public eye for decades, and her very presence helped to legitimize both women preachers and divorced women [Rahu, taboo-breakers] within the national faith community.

risk-rewarding Rahu's characteristics, particularly the behavior of His planetary ruler and the bhava owned by His ruler, drishti relationships, and other features of the chhiplo-karaka [slippery agent] become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro - Rahu in bhava-12 3 in 10th-from-Chandra * FC held the fascinating center of attention for his people, with the cult of leadership. Rahu-Mithuna perpetuated his social authority via radio-television speeches, newspaper proclamations, and a magnificent propaganda machine

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter * Rahu-9 Karkata = customary religious doctrine. Rahu occupies the emotionally dignified , social-ordering, leadership-seeking; 10th-from-Chandra JEC won POTUS-39 during Ketu-Rahu bhukti. He was a political outsider, a peanut-farmer, and Navy officer with minimal political experience. His signature policy was his adherence to the customary southern-USA biblical Christian moral principles [9].

Rahu-the-Opportunist occupies the stability-seeking 10th-from-Chandra

Exceptionally strong placement for a high-visibility career in iconic roles, institutional governance or corporate leadership.

  • POTUS-16 Emancipation 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln [Kuja-yuti-Rahu] in 10th-from-Chandra. Lincoln was a rough-hewn Illinois Territory circuit rider from a frontier background and largely self-taught. Under normal national circumstances Lincoln would have been a bizarre dark-horse outsider with no realistic chance of winning the elite leadership role of POTUS-16. However, he appeared on the national scene in extraordinary times [Rahu extraordinary]. The adolescent USA was being ripped asunder by a hateful and catastrophically deadly civil war. Lincoln stood his ground for the Covenant of the Union [Tula covenant]. AL remains the most famous USA president closely following George Washington.

One may be emotionally apprehended by the public [10] as an interloper or an illegitimate poseur [Rahu]. Yet, if Rahu gains support from other graha - particularly His ruler - Rahu-the-reckless may thrive in environments that favor ambitious excitement and clever methods of obtaining privileged entitlement.

  • Foursquare Evangelist 1890-1944 Aimee Semple McPherson was a gate-crasher, glass-ceiling breaker, and phenomenon of the radical mixing [Rahu] of entertainment with religious preaching. [uchcha] Mriga-Rahu in 10th-from-Chandra exchanges drishti with Rahu's ruler Shukra.

  • ASM preached a life-transforming, rejuvenating gospel [Shukra-9 rules 8] while millions listened fervently in revival tents, on the radio, and in her interdenominational [Rahu] megachurch.

  • ASM was the among the first women, and certainly the first divorced woman [three marriages] to be nationally recognized as an inspired Pentecostal Christian teacher, preacher, and healer. Rahu saw opportunity in the Great Depression. Deeply upset by incompetent government and catastrophic greed of the elites, normal people were desperately seeking entertainment. They were also looking for answers to calm their suffering - and ASM was ready to deliver those answers [3].

Where there is opportunity due to weakening of the conventional structures, an interloper may flourish.

Emotionally driven desire to be recognized as a Top Performer in national-scope of recognition, large hierarchies, agencies of government , or top levels of institutional leadership. The collapse with Rahu may be spectacular.

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland = recognized as a tragic progeny of the Studio System. Rahu-yuti-Shani yuti Rahu-yuti-Guru occupies career 10th-from-Chandra [2, voice-face] . A famous child-actor whose early cinema celebrity matured into an adult singing career, Ms. Frances Ethel Gumm [her real name] began performing as a toddler age 2.5. JG basked in the national entertainment spotlight from age 12. JG bore several children and married five times [2, additional marriages] After 30-plus years of high-pressure lifestyle, her later career floundered due to relationship, drug, and performance quality issues. At onset of Rahu Mahadasha, she died age 47 in a dramatic collapse, from a barbiturate overdose while her career was spiraling downward. News of JG's tragic death made international headlines, and she remains an icon of the abusive but lucrative Studio System + + fascinating [Rahu] many-marriages [Guru] contract driven workhorse lifestyle [Shani activates 6 + 7] .

One's government or corporation suddenly turns against one; one sees the demonic underbelly of power-hungry personalities, pretending [Rahu] to legitimate leadership.

Rakshasic actions of the headman, top dog, or boss.

  • POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur [Surya-yuti-Rahu] and Kuja-yuti-Rahu-Kanya. CAA built a power-career within the bribery-and-graft economy of New York City and state bureaucracy. He was based in the Customs Bureau of the huge New York Harbor which handled the complex accounting [Kanya] of taxes and fees upon imported goods. [6, graft]

Social standing and public reputation are somewhat volatile, with high highs and low lows in public approval, recognition, and fame.

One may gain and lose high positions via a spring-high-rejection-fall pattern, several times over the course of a lifetime

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter was considered one of the most incompetent USA presidents in history. [Sadly, his presidency occurred during his Ketu Mahadasha] . Yet, JEC rose to a level of great respect later after affiliating with Habitat for Humanity [Rahu-Karkata housing] ++ becoming a force in the world of intentional democratic elections stabilization [Karkata national stability] .

One's leadership roles in society, particularly those roles positioned at the top of large, stable, conventional hierarchies such as government and large corporations, will become the unlikely agents of personal disruption.

Leadership style may be opportunistic, over-reaching, fascinatingly irregular.

Career may thrive due to exotic, intriguing elements.

fascinating outrage, defiance, or rebelliousness may mark a public icon of social unrest

Rahu in Asvini-Arudra-Magha-Svati-Mula-Varuna == extra boundary-breaching and risk-rewarding. Outrageous behavior may provide the public visage that defines a successful iconic career.

  • Easy Rider 1936-2010 artist Dennis Hopper became a 1960's USA counter-culture figure. In his late 40's following the death of his problematic father, DH achieved sobriety from toxic self-medication. Before sobriety, Rahu-Dhanus-3 shows his celebrated, familiar, public recognition centered in outrageous, in-your-face, anti-establishment cinema roles. Rahu's ruler atmakaraka Guru-2 shows that DH cinema career drew power from his memorabley angry face and wild hairstyles [2].

  • After achieving sobriety, DH began a second, high-recognition career in fine-arts painting and photography. Yet he retained the over-reaching Rahu-Mula characteristics by engaging in paranoid ranting narratives [Rahu-Mula-3] DH public rages became focused into his five, increasingly acrimonious, tabloid-fodder divorces.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-10th-from-Chandra may change professional direction or change careers impulsively. Government may alternately promote or punish Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-10 for taking risks.

KETU resides in [10th-from-Chandra]


Ketu = surrenders the recognized decision-making authority

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin * repeatedly beseeched to accept governance authority in the revolutionary regime, Franklin repeatedly declined. BJF had no formal portfolio. He preferred to operate secretly [lagnesha Shukra-8] . BJF enjoyed traveling back and forth to Britain as a free agent without a limiting formal agenda. He did much governance work behind the scenes [Shani karmesha occupies 12] .

Ketu occupies the career 10th-from-Chandra , One enters a profession in spiritual matters, becoming a leader of the dispersed

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 esoterica Alice Bailey + [Budha-yuti-Surya]

  • The Mirror 1895-1986 theosophy Jiddu Krishnamurti was promoted to the exalted mantle of World Teacher, which role he fulfilled until Aug-1929. On that day, JK abdicated utterly [Ketu] the royal entitlements bestowed upon him by the Besant organization. JK refused to acknowledge any devotees, followers, subjects, or subscribers. He permitted no authorized descendants [no primogeniture]. He continued to speak upon abstract philosophical concepts, using an egalitarian dialogue format.

  • Tantra 1931-1990 professor Osho Rajneesh [Ketu -Uttaraphalgunī-4] located in 10th-from-Chandra. Although a recognized leader of a large communal religious settlement, OSHO took little interest in daily operations. His leadership role seemed primarily symbolic.


  • How Will I Know 1963-2012 singer model Whitney Houston = Ketu-Pūrvāṣāḍhā [singing] in 10th-from-Chandra = bhava-4 = end-of-things. Ultimately, remembered for her disoriented suicide [Ketu exhaustion, emptiness, evacuation]. WH death age 48 was understood by her fans to be an expression of exhaustion and her inability to summon her willpower [Ketu apathy].

Disrepute ++ disregard for that disrepute

  • The Mirror 1895-1986 theosophy Jiddu Krishnamurti walked away [Ketu] from his World Teacher role. He expressed utter apathy toward the organizational hierarchy. Eschewing the long grooming process that he had endured to be shaped as a symbolic authority, JK quietly became an icon of surrender to the truth.

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King was accused of every possible type of iniquity. He soldiered on. MLK gained worldwide recognition when he was assassinated [Ketu] [age 39. His dematerialization [Ketu] ironically ensured his reputation as a global role-model for selfless leadership. [10]

  • Syria-Pres 1965- ophthalmologist Bashar al-Assad [evolving-disguising Anuradha-4] in 10th-from-Chandra

Professor Ketu's characteristics, particularly the behavior of His planetary ruler and the bhava owned by His ruler, incoming drishti, and other features of the chidra-karaka [severing, cutting, amputating one] become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton- Shani-yuti-Ketu-in 10th-from-Chandra. IN had a widespread reputation as a brilliant scientist. He also became an elite, wealthy officer of the royal government. Shani in 10th-from-Chandra helped make him Master of the Mint. Yet. Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra gave IN a somewhat anti-social [Ketu] mentally unstable loner profile.

Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra may be generally perceived as unqualified to govern. One may be emotionally apprehended by the public [10] as a disregarded person without credibility-credentials.

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King was broadly perceived, during his life, as an outsider with no recognized portfolio and no substantial ability to directly make legal, structural, or social decisions. [His success came mainly via key alliances, such as with LBJ] Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra can also indicate that a person is emotionally apprehended as being saintly in their state of disconnection from the power structure. After his death, MLK was revered as a saintly figure.

  • Iran-Pres 1956- traffic engineer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [7]

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 esoterica Alice Bailey + Budha-yuti-Surya-Mithuna ya-9 philosophical publications in 10th-from-Chandra-Kanya * Alice Evans Bailey struggled throughout her lifetime with institutional legitimacy issues, including the first few decades of her missionary affiliation with the Anglican Church. As her career progressed, and despite her hardworking character serving on various directing boards and committees, the esoteric organizations which should have supported her career indeed refused her recognition as a knowledge-holder. [Much exacerbated by her [nīcha] Shani-7 chronic scarcity of agreement.] After dissolving [Ketu] her expectations of public approval, she created an independent [Surya] editorial and publishing [Mithuna] company. The production from this commercial venture was highly successful in reaching its social goal of disseminating esoteric information [Ketu Mithunaya] . After her death, she became revered as a saintly esoteric high-teacher [Ketu-9] and icon in the distinctively Ketu-genre of psychically channeled otherworldly instructions [Mithuna] .

Particularly with identity-eschewing Ketu, graha-yuti-Ketu can substantially change the Ketu-insubstantial picture seen by the public.

Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra often indicates a figure of apparently intentional, not accidental, delivery of dispersion and disorientation in domains of the hierarchical social order [10] .

Often in a " power behind the throne" role.

One may be cast in the public eye as a usurper of the legitimate authority who has a dissolving or disorienting effect upon the approved governing structure due to the native's emotional hold upon the legitimate ruler.

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[10th-from-Chandra] = bhava-7

Career in negotiations, settlements, legal matters, attorney-solicitor-barrister-pleader, judge, broker, middleman, match-maker, deal-maker

POTUS-27 Dollar Diplomacy 1857-1930 William Howard Taft * practicing attorney, professor of law, and judge.

during a highly unstable, revolutionary period when Spain released colonial control of Philippines to the USA, Taft was tasked to design and apply a western-style democratic self-government for the loosely connected tribal islands which formed the nation of the Philippines. It was a volatile time due to insurgent forces of local warloads. Taft set up a new legal system [7] for Philippines which integrated local cultural values [Urisha] into a western cultural constitutional framework. Taft brokered agreements [7] between competing tribal powers which allowed a semblance of fair post-colonial government to begin. He also brokered important agreements during several USA national shaming-scandals which sustained his political party and his colleagues.


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