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Rashi * Samchara * Bhava * Graha * Ratna * Nakshatra * Amsha * Varga

Shukra Main Page

  1. Shukra-Mesha
  2. Shukra-Urisha [svakshetra]
  3. Shukra-Mithunaya
  4. Shukra-Karkata
  5. Shukra-Singha
  6. Shukra-Kanya [nīcha]
  7. Shukra-Vanika [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 1-10 deg]
  8. Shukra-Vṛścika
  9. Shukra-Dhanus
  10. Shukra-Makara-Draco
  11. Shukra-Kumbha
  12. Shukra-Meena [uchcha]

  1. Shukra in bhava-1
  2. Shukra in bhava-2 [svabhava]
  3. Shukra in bhava-3
  4. Shukra in bhava-4 [dik-bala]
  5. Shukra in bhava-5
  6. Shukra in bhava-6
  7. Shukra in bhava-7 [svabhava]
  8. Shukra in bhava-8
  9. Shukra in bhava-9
  10. Shukra in bhava-10
  11. Shukra in bhava-11
  12. Shukra in bhava-12


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Professor Shukra

Sukhraya * Thukra * Bha * Bhrigu




Kumbha कुम्भ

Ghata * Gata * Ghatin


Kumbh * Kumbhadhara * Thoyadhara



Phosphoros * Heosphoros * Lucifer

Vesper * Morgensteorra-Aefensteorra

Inanna * Ishtara * Aphrodite

Venera * Zuhra * Nogah

Ba'ah * Seba-djai Nin-si-anna

Delebat * Jingxing


Aquarius * Arka * Arqua * Aquarietis

Aquila the Eagle

Verseau * Varsator


co-ruler Shani ++ co-ruler Rahu



A woman from the Só'taétaneo'o Nation (Arapaho) 1879.

Public Figures

Shukra-1 [yogakaraka for Kumbha indriya-lagna] valued relationships within social-participation, scientifica community networks


Shukra-2 [svabhava] [Yogakaraka for Makara-Draco indriya-lagna]

valued relationships within heritage, values-conserving, family-based community networks


Shukra-3 valued relationships within media-messaging, project-producing, transactional community networks* photogenic


Shukra-4 [dik-bala] valued relationships within culturally familiar, scientific, protective networks

Shukra-5 [energizing lagnesha for Tula indriya-lagna]valued relationships within political, scientific, creatively artistic networks

Shukra-6 [addictions] valued relationships within medical, scientific, ministry networks

Shukra-7 [svabhava]

[busy bhratru-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[dutiful karmesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[friendly profitable contractual relationships]

** *

Shukra-8 [Karkata indriya-lagna] valued relationships within hidden, revolutionary, scientific networks

Shukra-9 valued relationships in global, doctrinal, ideological networks


Shukra-10 [energizing lagnesha for Urisha indriya-lagna] valued relationships in elite, scientific, leadership networks

Shukra-11 [Dhanayoga Shukra-11 rules-2] valued relationships in scientific, interlinked, communities

Shukra-12 [busy sahaja-pati for Meena indriya-lagna] [rebirthing randhresha for Meena indriya-lagna]

valued relationships in scientific, secluded, psychically guided communities


Eleanor of Toledo * by Agnolo Bronzino, c. 1550

Shukra * Bhrigu = a 5-10 yogakaraka measured from Kumbha indriya-lagna

Sweet Pleasures of Massive Systems, Economy, and Community

CO-RULERS of Aquila * Kumbha = Professor Shani sharing power with Professor Rahu

Appreciation of:

futuristic social thought, ideology (networks of ideas),

internetworks, universes, economies, ecologies

  • POTUS-40 American Life 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan advisors, consultants, advocates [7]

scientific and scientistic aesthetic

abstract connections between conceptual ideas

electronics, very large marketplace assemblies, big groups such as political rallies

The pleasure-connector. Aesthetic of community.

Shukra is a yogakaraka from Kumbha indriya-lagna , and Shukra benefits from hospitality of the ruler in rashi of planetary friend Shani.

Likes large group movements, huge assemblies, and marketplace relationships.

  • Russ 1870-1924 Bolshevik Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin = Shukra-8 = staged huge rallies, networked with revolutionary intellectuals and subversives across Europe

Enjoys high-visibility leadership positions within networked social movements.

However Kumbha is a network that has no center, Therefore, one prefers to create more linkages rather than taking a commanding role.

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton [Guru-yuti-Shukra] -Kumbha-1. Shani-2 ruler of Kumbha enjoys parivartamsha with Guru-1. IN became rich, famous, and widely admired for his mathematical formulations. He enjoyed membership in a large international network of friendly fellow scientists, who shared discoveries and critiqued publications. He did have a tyrannical side, which was more due to his Arudra-5-Chandra. Nevertheless, during IN's presidency, the Royal Society's social-and-conceptual network flourished.

Tends to take a network view of relationships as being infinitely interconnected, across time and space. The conventional model for interpersonal partnership as strictly one-to-one may seem scientifically unsupportable.

  • Result: superb networker, often an advanced understanding of Time, but not necessarily monogamous

Males in particular appreciate the partner who is a principled social activist with many connections

Prefers to contextualized the marriage into a larger universal process of advancing social opportunity for large group.

The lover-partner should have a populist appearance and interests, or be engaged with large-scale fundraising, economic opportunity schemes, or social participation movements.

Shukra-Kumbha enjoys beautiful ankles and calves; a balanced nervous system; but Shukra is influenced by graha yuti ++ drishti

Shukra-Kumbha is broadly lawful with a scientific sensibility. Co-ruled by Rahu, the Kumbha-Shukra may be willing to take risks in love relationships, carefully crossing taboo boundaries and experimenting with new methods of establishing balanced partnerships.

Shukra-Kumbha's relationship behavior is publically conventional [Shani] but not in the least hide-bound by class barriers; indeed "open networks "are associated with Kumbha.

No specific impropriety is suggested because Shukra = yogakaraka from Kumbha. Whatever one's personal choice of social arrangements, the public presentation remains dignified.

  • Out on a Limb 1934- drama-esoterica Shirley MacLaine remained married for nearly 30 years after "opening" her relationship practice.

In career, an excellent position for economic negotiator, goal-setter, financial networker, and large-system designs in any field of practice.

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon * Shukra-8 parivartamsha Shani-11. Dring Budha Mahadasha, Richard Nixon's official career collapsed. Yet, he continued developing the global diplomacy that he and Kissinger had initiated. After years of diligent secret networking (Shukra-Kumbha-8) Nixon established numerous unofficial working economic agreements (Shani-11).

Typically Shukra-Kumbha enjoys the one-to-many relationships as well as one-to-one peerage * paréage. Enjoys large group functions , assemblies of those with like interests, social participation movements * so long as these are goal-oriented and lawful.

Prefers to link ideological concerns with social progress, so that marriage and business relationships are generally well-matched. The mate is often a highly effective social networker.

However, Rahu is co-lord of Kumbha and when Rahu detects an opportunity for swift, clever self-elevation, Shani's step-by-step lawful methods may be discarded.

In pursuit of balance and resolution of differences [Shukra] one may remain affiliated with an social movement or organization, often unwilling to give up networking potential, despite unsuitable conditions of association

Shukra-Kumbha seeks to partner [Shukra] with those who are involved in social-progressive movements; networkers and those who like large group functions; ShukraMithunaya_LadyLiberty.jpg


those who work steadily toward goals and achievements;

those who dislike argumentation, accusations, conflict, crime, exploitation, and servitude and divorce ( Kumbha = 6th-from-Kanya).

Sensual pleasures through the skin , nerves, touch, social progressive ideals, networks, science.

Affection for abstract visionary social concepts, especially the concept of"community". Holds a pragmatic and philosophical view of relationships. Generally tolerant in the interpretation of marriage vows due to their high-minded viewpoint.

Will not normally leave a marriage so long as there remain mutual goals and objectives to be met (for example, getting the children through college, reaching a jointly agreed financial goal, or selling a business).

Enjoys large-scale interconnected gatherings of people and ideas. Cosmic scale of appreciation.

Pleasured by enormous festivals such as Kumbha Mela, where a tangible group vibration arises. Likes giant public events, political rallies, science fiction, futuristic design, eccentric behavior, and individual freedom of thought.

Artistic attraction to electrical networks. Likes to sketch on graph paper and design electronic machines.

Loves large crowds and social-change movements = aesthetic taste for social design (or re-design)

Attracted to partners who are a little nutty, with eccentric lifestyles, who like cosmic-scale events, sweeping future vision of a restructured egalitarian society, but enough social steadiness to guard the native against ostracism or failure. Likes a stable partnership within context of many interconnected networks of friendship.

  • Eccentric, egalitarian marriage practices.

  • Desires a philosophical, visionary spouse with networked, futuristic lifestyle and community development values.


Hatha Yoga Balance Polarity Asana

  • asana of skin breathing

  • asana of muladhara chakra

  • postures for cleansing and balancing the nervous system

  • postures for connection to psycho-electrical energy grid of Er-planet and beyond


  • Brokerage, Bargaining, and Negotiation

  • Balanced Design, Ornamentation, Beauty

  • Pleasures and Enjoyments

  • Counseling and Advising

  • Promises, Agreements, Trusts, Betrothal

  • Matching-making and Deals

  • Contracts and Alliances


Shukra-Kumbha * Suitable Gifts and Tastes

  • from networking and goal-setting behaviors,

  • seeing the colors electric blue and brilliant purple; seeing black light

  • relationships that expand the Associations of friendship and the interior network of conceptual thought

  • loving actions involving the skin and calves; transmission of Shakti

  • Anything electrical; connections between those of similar goals and objectives, social participation movements, electrical devices such as radio and computer

  • attending very large gatherings, space travel and scientific exploration with the beloved

To please Kumbha-Shukra, take them to gigantic human gatherings such as major religious or lifestyle festivals, or huge conventions of futuristic prophets and their clans. Take them out to futuristic movies and halls of science. Explore with them, traveling into massive, rule-driven systems.

Practice visionary lifestyles. Buy them eccentric clothing, and protect them from material uncertainty so their minds can range free. And be philosophical yourself! Praise their open-mindedness, concern for the group, neutrality, and future vision of a beautiful new world.

artistic attraction * akarshana * to electrical networks. Likes to sketch on graph paper and design electronic machines..

Enjoys environments that feature large crowds and social-progressive, economic participation movements; functions as a large-scale social design engineer in some sense.

The female with Shukra-Kumbha

= values relationships and environments that contain,

and appreciates in herself the Kumbha qualities of:

  • For the female, her sexual and healing energy has the penetrating qualities of the shamanic huntress.

  • For both male and female persons, female peers can be intensely controlling and psychologically invasive.

The male with Shukra-Kumbha

= prefers a feminine partner with Kumbha traits =

well-connected socially; the woman = a significant helpmate in developing the man's career

  • can handle a very large network of association that spans several concentric circles of links

  • likes to operate in massive, rule-driven systems such as electronic, conceptual, and financial networks

  • likes abstract or scientific thinking; is a theorist or ideologue

  • friendly personality

  • beautiful skin, calves

  • enjoys very large-scale social gatherings, such a community parties, political rallies, festivals and fairs, and marching demonstrations

  • skillful operator in large organizations

  • sets goals and earns measurable achievements

  • is skilled in developing those friendly associations which provide sources of income

  • likes colors of dark-blue, electric blue, and metallic tones

  • wife often has Moon or lagna in Kumbha

Dislikes = distasteful things

  • Karkata = 6th-from-Kumbha

Shukra-Kumbha dislikes the world of Karkata

  • the reactionary and irrationally habitual Old Ways [Karkata]

  • emotionally based family relationships in a fixed place of abode - prefers economically regulated networks in the marketplace

  • xenophobic defense of landed property and boundaries, fences, locked gates, and travel restrictions

  • cold salty water, deep dark oceans and marine lifestyles - prefers dry structures built in stony earth-hollows or drum-shaped containers (Kumb) that can conduct electricity e.g. the agora

  • backward-looking, ancient ethnic roots and hoary old folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms - prefers future-oriented, step-wise methodical scientific proof

Treasury, beauty, and luxury-attracting activities and investments

pleased and satisfied by events of transformative emergence

  • graceful management of sudden, forced changes

  • great enjoyment in eruptions of surprise, unexpected identities

  • beauty in acts of discovery, exploration, secrecy and intrigue

  • harmonious attitude toward hidden, occult, dangerous situations

  • aesthetic development of a deep sense of mystery

  • artistic elegance in tantrik skills, exquisitry of the forbidden

Treasury produced via

treasuries and collections (2)

  • from institutions and governance , from lawful behavior, from rules and regulations , from social leadership , from social rank and status, father's family [Makara]

speculative fortune (5)

  • from contracts , agreements , marriage, brokerage, alliances, deals , peer relationships, advising, diplomacy, design , negotiations , legal settlements [Tula]

wisdom to have the right resources at the right time (9)

  • from writings , media packaging, messages , siblings, workgroup, conversation, communications, evangelism (Mithuna)

profits, material achievement, gains of income (11)

  • from new ideas,engineering, innovation , conditions of birth, physical competition, red things, blood, muscular movement, from athletes and warriors [Mesha]


Church of Saint Martin in the Fields * St. Martin de Tours * in London, England


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