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vargottama * vargamza

vargantya * vargota-amsha

graha occupies identical rashi

in both radix D-1 chart and navamsha D-9 chart

QUOTATION ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

Vocabulary Vargottamsha " (in astrol.) = chief of a class, name of the Ram and the Bull and the Twins (being the first in a partic. grouping of the zodiacal signs)">

Vargottamsha = when the rashi containing a vargottamsha graha receives a transit, the same planetary narrative is triggered in all of the related varga charts.

Vargottamsha graha give stronger output during their dasha periods or during periods when they are contacted by the rays of transiting graha. The reason for these strong effects = when something affects the radix graha it also affects the navamsha graha, in the same way.

Usually, vargottamsha graha are noticed in the radix + navamsha. (However vargota-amsha graha may match as radix + dashamamsha -10 , radix + D-10, radix + any other varga chart.)

For example,

Budha-Kumbha = vargottamsha in radix + navamsha. What are the implications?

The effects = that whenever gochara Shani transits Kumbha, or Dhanus, or Vrishabha, or Simha - that not only the native but also the spouse may have the experience of Shani oppressing Budha.

When one enters a period of Budha, there may be highlighted effects of Budha-Kumbha noticed not only in one's own life, but also in the spouse's life.

Anything which affects one image of Budha, also affects the other image of Budha.

In terms of one's own interior world, the ruler of the graha in both

  • its radix function (material life)
  • its navamsha function (psycho-spiritual life, intimate partnership)

is the same.

Therefore, the personality gets stronger and clearer in focused articulation of the traits of the Budha-Kumbha -- exempli gratia, scientific mentality, likes to think about networks, rather abstract, conceptual style of speech-vocabulary which is nevertheless quite social, one may have many friends but few intimates, etc.

Vargottamsha graha = less diversity and flexibility in the personality, and more focus on a handful of traits. Events are most vivid and singular; also things get out of balance more quickly because of inability to find any alternative method.

For example

if Shani = Vargottamsha in Makara, one may be unable to conceptualize non-hierarchical social arrangements. The spouse will also have a highly traditional and rule-ordered view of society. The native will marry the partner who completes a conservative-behavior couple. The couple (D-9) may have little tolerance for those who practice moral folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms different from those they were raised with, and who will have a great preference for orderly procedures, respect for elders, rule of law, etc. When difficult transits or Vimshottari periods affect the Vargottamsha Shani, the husband and wife are equally distressed. When beneficial events happen, they are equally happy.

The upside = the particular behaviors represented by the Vargottamsha graha are quite uniform throughout the key relationships in life. Vargottamsha graha in the D-10 indicate the likelihood of finding support and validation in a professional culture that does not challenge one's way of working; in fact, one's professional colleagues will display nearly identical values in reference to the role of that Vargottamsha graha. But, when innovation or alternative viewpoints are needed to make a healthy change, the Vargottamsha graha is not a resource for diversity. It only knows one way of doing things.

Most people are quite different on the inside (D-9) than they are on the outside (D-1). The psycho-emotional reality (D-9) is different from the social-material reality (D-1). Vargottamsha graha eliminate this difference. for the karaka values of the graha, in the joint lives of spouses, or professional colleagues, or parents-children, etc. r.

Effects of the Dasha period of the vargottamsha graha will be stronger than if they were not Vargottamsha. vargottamsha-graha have a similar effect upon both the native and one's partner.

The pressure of gochara Shani upon this graha will affect not only the native (from radix) but also one's spousal relationships (from navamsha). Any impact upon the primary graha (in radix) will also dramatically affect the role of that graha in the vargo-tt-amsha varga.

Some planets are Vargottamsha in both radix and navamsha.

Vargottamsha planets gain their power from being completely "reflexive" during their periods, having no independent psychic secondary dimension (D-9), giving strong and direct results. If the atmakaraka is also Vargottamsha, one may become very famous.

Vargottamsha planets will give beneficial results in their periods if they are benevolent by rashi and sthāna, but they can also give doubly negative results if occupy a hostile rashi or dushthamsha.

Q: What does it mean that I have [uchcha] Rahu in both D-1 and D-9?

A: The power of a vargottamsha graha = vargottamsha graha affect both ONESELF and your mirroring OTHERS at the same time, in the same environment.

The graha activates a change in the field of perception (an event) not only for oneself but also for the agents who act via the varga.

Both you and those agents will be affected by anything that triggers the vargottamsha graha .

Triggers can be a transit or a bhukti period of the vargottamsha graha or the lord of the vargottamsha graha.

A vargottamsha between D-1 and D-9 suggests that both you and the life-partner, as well as you and the business partner( s) enjoy the high material-accumulations entitlements of the [uchcha] Rahu. But when that [uchcha] Rahu is affected in your own nativity you will notice that ALSO in reference to risk-rewarding Rahu's ambition and acquisitiveness, that the energy in the people around you goes up very high when your own gainfulness goes up very high, and goes down similarly low when yours goes very low.

Vargottamsha [uchcha] Rahu placements are often found in partnerships and teams of people who play the financial markets together, speculate in business together, or live in a shared culture which values displays of material opulence above all. They share an environment with dramatic, high-ambition shared rise-and-fall elements. Remember that Rahu's ambitions are intense but the opportunistic or fraudulent methods of achievement of Professor Rahu may be exposed by Shani's regime of no-exceptions social order. [uchcha] Rahu can lose much of His valuation due to getting caught for legal violations.

Q: I have been told that the Vargottamsha status of the lord of my mahadasha will protect me from any ill effects during the period.

A: Vargottamsha graha do not have inherently "protective" effects.

Vargottamsha graha are simply stronger , for good or otherwise

When a graha occupies an identical rashi at its social-material harmonic (D-1) ++ its psycho-emotional (astral, D-9) harmonic, then this graha is likely to produce similar results for oneself in both the 3-D world and in the dreamworld. In addition, there may be similar effects during key transits for one's partner and oneself. If the vargottamsha condition spans the D-1 and the D-12, then both the native and parent (D-1 + D-12), may have similar effects during key transits and bhukti .

The navamsha varga in particular shows a person's Astral Life which is ongoing and busy-busy on the dream plane. According to the Seth Material, the dreamworld is where many options are explored an one definitive choice is made in regard to final outcomes for the material world., Savvy Jyotiṣika pay great attention to the D-9. If a graha is vargottamsha between D-1 and D-9 , the pipeline between dream-state and materialization is particularly activated.

If the Vargottamsha graha is comfortably placed in both D-1 and D-9, expect beneficial effects during its periods.

If it is problematic in one varga, the fact that it is Vargottamsha = it will also be problematic in the matching varga.

  • Moneyball 1963- drama-commerce Brad Pitt * Vargottamsha Chandra-Dhanus in radix-2. At the beginning of his Guru Mahadasha he started a powerful new relationship (second lifepartnership , 2) and quickly acquired six children and became a national icon of parenting [Chandra].

  • Friends 1969- drama-fashion Jennifer Aniston * Vargottamsha Shani-Meena in bhava-5. The situation is complexified by the pattern of Shani-yuti-Rahu in radix while Shani-yuti-Ketu in navamsha-3. Her relentless work [Shani] in the media industry represented by 5 (3rd-from-3rd) and 3 has been exceptionally successful due to Shani's involvement with the nodes.


commentary by Shri B.V. Raman, A Catechism of Astrology . p. 44

" Q. 50 -- What is Vargottamsha Navamsa ?

Ans. -- When the Rasi and Navamsa Rasi of planets or Bhavas happen to bear the same Rasi, we have Vargottamsha."

Q: Is vargothamma concept applied only w.r.t. D9? Can we use vargothamma concept also to other divisional charts? Can we say that, for example, if Venus being 10th lord in rasi and vargothamma in D10 then its good for professional rise?

A: Yes, vargothamma assessment applies across the full range of all varga, not just the D-9.

The principle of varga-amza means that when the same portion (amza) repeating across a variety of varga (divisions) then that portion gains special importance. It becomes a repeating pattern in the consciousness which emerges not only in the D-1 social-material field of perception, but also in the D-9 psycho-astral field, and perhaps also repeats in other varga.

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie has a strong vargottamsha Shukra which repeats across nearly all of her 16 Parashari varga.

Q: Somewhere i read that vargothamma is equivalent to exaltation and it shows innate talent of a person. Is that true? A: No. Perhaps you are confusing vargottamsha with the atmakaraka ?

Q: What is the effect of a nichha planet in vargothamma? Is it good or bad? Can it be also considered to be exalted?

Please give an example. Because i have a chart with Mars is nichha(with [nīcha] bhnaga) in 12th house in both D1 (leo lagna) and D9 (leo lagna).

A Nichha vargottamsha graha provide the same nichha effects to both the native and one's "partnership environment" = spouse and business partners as well as other more spiritual types of partner such as certain types of collaborating ancestor guides.

Whenever that particular nichha graha is triggered, most of the important equal-partners in your environment are affected (if nichha, rather negatively affected, via weak life-force) in the same fashion as oneself.

There is no opportunity for the spouse to balance one's deficiency in this area since the partners carry the same deficiency.

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