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nīcha bhanga




cancellation of the nīcha dosha

" un-bungled"

" The liability becomes an asset"

nīcha Bhanga rules = quoted from The Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley


Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Bikaner

the Slaying of the Conch Demon

leaf from a series of the Bhagavata Purana , c. 1700

nīcha bhanga Surya [Surya-yuti-Shani]


nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nīcha- Surya-yuti-Shani-uchcha] [Surya in bhava-1] occupies 4th-from-Pushya-Chandra

  • Calif-Gov-pair 1955- journalist Maria O. Shriver [Surya-yuti-Shani] + Budha (1) [Surya-1 nīcha-bhanga] Hailing from the distinctive Kennedy Clan of Boston, MOS from birth [1] had a recognizable appearance. Her career in television and politics benefitted from her unique profile [1]

nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nīcha- Surya-yuti-Shani-uchcha] [Surya in bhava-3] occupies 7th-from-Aśvini-Chandra

nīcha bhanga Chandra

  • There is no traditional nīcha-bhanga for Chandra. [This is one of the reasons that some Jyotishi believe that Chandra cannot ever have a true nicha status.]

nīcha bhanga Kuja

  • if Karkata [nīcha- [Kuja-yuti-Guru] -uchcha] occupies a kendra from lagna / or / a kendra from Chandra, then Mangala may achieve nīcha-bhanga


nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nīcha-Kuja-yuti-Guru-uchcha] yuti-Chandra-Aśleṣā

  • POTUS-22-24 Interstate Commerce 1837-1908 Grover Cleveland [mysterious-disguising Pushya-4] + [nīcha-Somana-yuti-Guru-uchcha] [Kuja nīcha-bhanga ] Beset by scandal and accusation [6] GC was able to counter-manipulate his many political adversaries [6] After his first unpopular term, he set a goal [11] to be re-elected, and achieved his goal by becoming the only POTUS [so far] to serve two, non-consecutive terms. Second term also unpopular, per nicha-Kuja.

nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nīcha- [Kuja-yuti-Guru] -uchcha] occupies kendra = bhava-1

  • POTUS-33 Trial and Hope 1884-1972 Harry Truman (1, personality) [Mangala nīcha-bhanga] HT was a machine-politics bureaucrat who worked his way up the notoriously corrupt political hierarchy, from country judge to US Senator, and ultimately to POTUS. Mangala-Karkata empowers the use of strangling, suffocating force. A military veteran of WW-1, HT famously authorized the terrifying Hiroshima nuclear bombs which forced the Japanese Imperial Army to surrender.

nīcha bhanga Budha


nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nicha-Budha-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] located in 7th-from-Kanya-Chandra

nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nicha-Budha-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] occupies kendra-10

nīcha bhanga Guru


nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nicha-Guru-yuti-Mangala-uchcha] in kendra-1

nīcha bhanga Shukra


nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nicha-Shukra-yuti-Budha-uchcha] occupies kendra-bhava-10

nīcha-bhanga attained due to [nicha-Shukra-yuti-Budha-uchcha] occupies kendra-bhava-1

nīcha bhanga Shani


nīcha-bhanga attained due to [Shani-yuti-Surya] [Mesha] occupies kendra-bhava-7

नीच nīca

The nicha graha produces some behavior which would normally incur social censure.

Nicha = low, soft, weakened

  • Nicha behavior might be psychologically dysfunctional, socially disapproved, even downright criminal, or perhaps physically disruptive to the life and health of the native and one's community.

  • Normally, the nicha graha represents a liability and a handicap.

Public Figure nativities with nīcha bhanga yoga

El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila = [nīcha-bhanga] Budha in bhava-1

UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2 = [nīcha-bhanga] Guru in bhava-1


Theory of Relativity" 1879-1955 Albert Einstein = [nīcha-bhanga] Budha in bhava-10

from liability to asset
Truely nīcha-bhanga graha will flip from socially criticized underperformance to stunning, great performance but the rules for this switch are strict.

nīcha-bhanga occurs (1) when the nīcha graha occupies a kendra * particularly bhava-10 * and* (2) a graha in one of the nīcha lord's bhava or yuti the nīcha graha or the lord of the nīcha bhava = uttama.

Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein's nīcha-bhanga Budha occupies bhava-10 with [uchcha] Shukra.

  • Einstein's [nīcha] Budha transformed his autistic spacey nīcha worldview into a civilization-changing insight into Time-Space. Einstein's explanation of the new scientific paradigm based on time as the fourth dimension were so simple and clear that eventually most educated people became adherents of the new paradigm and were able to think objectively about dimensional physics. For [nīcha] Budha-10, only a nīcha-bhanga correction would have allowed this highly effective mode of explanation to reach the general public (10).

El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila enjoyed a nīcha-bhanga Budha in bhava-1.

  • Budha's nīcha-bhanga is granted due to [uchcha] Shukra joining [nīcha] Budha in kendra-1.

Under nīcha-bhanga conditions, the handicap becomes an asset.

At first, the nīcha graha makes the native look (to others) and perhaps feel (within) that one lacks some important ability or intelligence, has made a poor choice such as in marriage, or is poorly positioned by education or talent to achieve some goal.

  • See below, the "thought experiments" conducted by Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Albert Einstein with nīcha-bhanga Budha. These musings upon the nature of reality at first seemed childish and insupportable as a legitimate method of modern science. Yet Einstein's visualization method was eventually accepted as a viable new paradigm because it parlayed into testable theories. It eventually became a harbinger intellectual behavior of the scientific New Age -- and by the mid-20th century was actually the dominant paradigm in modern physics.

  • UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2 * nīcha-bhanga Guru in bhava-1 due to ruler-of-12 + bhratru-pati-3 [nīcha] Guru atmakaraka enjoying a shared house with [uchcha] Mangala-1 and as an added benefit Mangala enjoys parivartamsha yoga with Shani-11 (indicating her extraordinary economic advantage.)

" First the nīcha, then the bhanga" .

In other words, a nīcha-bhanga graha will do its nīcha behavior first, and the native will be unappreciated.

Then the bhanga correction will kick in, and the native will be praised.

  • But it is important to appreciate that Generally, the native first endures some type of social obloquy.

The nīcha graha gives initially, a variety of humiliation or failure. The praise and nobility does come, but only after one suffers some measure of disability, embarrassment, an acute lack of judgment, or a big mistake.

TWO CONDITIONS must be met to permit obtainment of nīcha-bhanga status for a [nīcha] graha

nīcha-bhanga occurs

(1) when the nīcha graha occupies a kendra - ideally the 10th


(2) a graha residing in one of the nīcha lord's bhava -- or yuti the nīcha graha -- should hold uttama statusr.

Example nativities

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein's nīcha-bhanga Meena Budha occupies bhava-10 yuti [uchcha] Shukra, Shani, and Surya. Einstein's Budha transformed his autistic spacey imaginative and other-worldly nīcha Meena worldview into a respected role as an exponent of the Muse, delivering a paradigm-shifting, civilization-changing insight into Time-Space dimensional physics.

True nīcha-bhanga graha flip from socially criticized underperformance to stunning, spectacular performance.

But the rules for legitimizing this switch are strict.

Rules for Cancellation of Debility

QUOTATION from authorities: David Frawley and B.V. Raman

The Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley

" There must be at least 2 forms of cancellation to get a real nīcha-bhanga"

According to The Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley,

  • At least two forms of cancellation are required to achieve full neechha bhanga.

These are the possible methods of cancellation:

  1. debilitated planet occupies a kendra .

  2. The Lord of the neechha graha = uchha

  3. neechha debility = reduced somewhat if the lord of the neechha graha is strong or svakshetra

  4. neechha debility = reduced somewhat if debilitated planet hosts a n uchcha planet in its domain or its rashi

  5. neechha graha = retrograde

BPL note:

Kendra is the strongest criterion for cancellation and 10 is the strongest Kendra. Neechha-bhanga definitely applies if the neechha-graha occupies bhava-10 + any other additional condition is also met.

Meena-Budha of Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Albert Einstein obtains nīcha-bhanga and gives marvelous results. Einstein's placement of Meena-Budha satisfies numerous dosha-reversal conditions

  • Most importantly, Budha occupies bhava-10 [rule-1, above]

  • bantering Budha's co-tenant = [uchcha] Shukra = visually beautiful design [rule-4, above]

  • Budha's Professor Guru enjoys parivartamsha yoga with Shani in bhava-10 [rule-3, above]

According to B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, page 33

the dosha-reversal rules are a little easier:


  • " How do debilitated planets get their neechhabhanga (cancellation of debility)?

  • What are the general and special rules to find out the same?

A: Debilitated planets get their Neechha Dosha removed in four ways:

  1. If the lord of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet or the lord of the rashi wherein the debilitated planet has its exaltation occupies a quadrant from the Ascendant or the Moon.

  2. If the lord of the navamsha of the debilitated planet occupies a quadrant or a trine from the Moon, and the Moon and Lagna happen to be in Chara or moveable signs, or lagna navamsha happens to be moveable.

  3. If two or three or four planets happen to be debilitated but occupy good Shastyamshas or favorable and good Navamshas or exalted Navamshas, the evil arising from debilitation will not come to pass.

  4. If the debilitated planet has good Ashtakavarga strength, then again the same can be told. Only when the planet has no varga strength (Saptha-vargas as Hora etc.) the evils arising from that source will afflict the native ."

QUOTATION from ~~ B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part II, p. 39

" Q. 59

  • Will there be neechhabhanga in a case where the planet capable of causing neechhabhanga is also neechha (debilitated)?


  • No, the neechhabhanga planet must be sufficiently strong.

  • There are other sources of strength and if the planet is otherwise strong, there will be neechhabhanga."


i want to ask u one question in one has nich grah in LAGNA kundali and in navmansha the nich grah becomes uch then NICHBHANGA IS CANCELD OR NOT?


Two sets of rules for cancellation of debility or nīcha-bhanga, according to two authorities (Dr. Frawley and Shri Raman), are posted above.

So far as I know, the simple fact of a nīcha graha obtaining its uttama rashi in navamsha does not create a full nīcha-bhanga (reversal of the nīcha Dosha).

  • If the nīcha graha meets even one of Shri Raman's conditions, the dosha is much relieved. The native need not be worried about a severe social or psychological handicap. However, the absence of a handicap does not immediately parlay into the presence of a praiseworthy characteristic.

  • With a full nīcha-bhanga, the nīcha graha not only causes no polarizing catalysis , but also the original liability becomes a powerful asset in one's social career.

  • It is common for nīcha graha to have various measures of reduced neechcha or limited liability due to favorable conditions for that graha in other views, e.g. Raman says that of the lord of the nīcha graha's occupied house occupies a kendra from lagna or from Chandra, then the nīcha dosha is removed.

Dr. Raman is correct -- as he nearly always is! Nevertheless, the full nīcha-bhanga wherein the liability becomes an amazing positive (similar effect to Viparita Raja Yoga but a different planetary cause) only occurs when Dr. Frawley's conditions are met.

Q: Can't I get a nīcha-bhanga via drishti from the nīcha graha's lord? I have a [nīcha] Mangala which receives the glance of Professor Chandra . I feel that I should get a NB or at least a raja yoga from this beneficial glance of Chandra to Mangala.

A: There can be a reduction of debility per Frawley's rules above, and it can produce all the financial benefits of Chandra-Mangala yoga since Mangala is in 11.

However, the nīchamsha condition of Mangala is not eliminated simply via receiving drishti from Kuja's lord, particularly considering Mangala's involvement with Rahu-Ketu.

It is true that Mangala benefits somewhat from occupying a kendra from Chandra and via incoming drishti from Chandra.

However, Chandra is weakened yuti Ketu .

Rahu and Mangala are, separately and together, money-mani-earners in the 11th sthāna. The financial benefits of Chandra-Mangala yoga are not harmed by the nīcha status of Mangala. One may earn well professionally, and with lagnesha Budha in 2 one may be also an efficient capital-wealth conserver.

Folks with nīcha graha are usually on the lookout for any shloka that will justify a nīcha-bhanga. Yet, most of the time, nīchamsh is nīchamsha. Corrections are not that common.

But ironically it is characteristic of the nīcha graha to be in denial about its debility. Basically, these are graha that are weak and looking for excuses.

nīcha graha tend to be associated with various moral weaknesses such as blaming, stealing, plagiarizing, embezzling, taking credit for the work of others, hiding behind the law, avoiding personal responsibility, and generally not living up to its spiritual potential.

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

So Naturally, the nativities with the nīcha graha often try to concoct justifications for its purported correction. The best way to correct the at-birth weakness, if it truly does not receive NB in the nativity, is via Seva.

300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika BV Raman says that a nīcha-bhanga correction can be reckoned if the lord of the nīcha graha occupies a kendra from Chandra.

This method of nīcha-bhanga correction seems to be insufficient but it was insisted to me recently by a client who seemed to be living with a rather nīcha set of lifestyle choices!

Likely he was just weaseling out of his responsibility to look carefully at this nīcha graha and the corresponding effects in his life. He was operating an illicit business. Raman's rules are so flexible that they can be easily misused.

But even this flexible method will not yield the correction you are looking for. It might be better to just be honest and look for seva opportunities to work with people who have [nīcha] Mangala. The target beneficiaries of Seva should be those who are suffering problems in their lives due to behaviors which can be characterized as emotionally manipulative, arm-twisting, choking, and thieving - especially in Azlesha.

Meena-Budha in karma-bhava for Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Albert Einstein

Full nīcha-bhanga

(1) Budha occupies a kendra , and

(2) via parivartamsha yoga, bantering Budha's Professor Guru obtains svakshetra.

First the nīcha part.

At the beginning of atmakaraka-[uchcha] Shukra/nīcha-bhanga-Budha bhukti , astronomers considered a number of Einstein's claims -- because these claims were based on "thought experiments" -- to be scientifically unsupportable.

  • His claims regarding the effect of gravity upon light were ignored, belittled, or outright rejected on the basis of apparently contradictory evidence.

Then the bhanga part.

By the end of Shukra/Budha bhukti (where Budha = lagnesha + bandesha-4 ) in the year 1915, Einstein had published the General Theory of Relativity * Zur Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie = in much the same form this theory has today.

  • General Theory of Relativity, accessible to both scholars and lay readers, has been in continuous print since 1915.

  • General Theory of Relativity since 1915 = used as a standard physics text in all universities

The same nīcha-bhanga correction occurs for Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan * widower of Pakistan-PM 1953-2007 Daughter of Destiny Benazir Bhutto

Zardari's [nīcha] Mangala shares bhava-11 with the [uchcha] Guru and Karkata occupies 10th from Zardari's Chitra-Tula Moon.

He already has massive international networking connections including abundant finances (some of it questionably sourced, [nīcha] Mangala-11).

Zardari rose to power swiftly in Pakistan during Shani-Guru bhukti.


I have a peculiar situation in my chart. I have Surya, Rahu, Budha, Guru in the 10th house in Meena. Chandra is in the 4th with Ketu in Virgo.

Would this fit neech-bhanga for budha?

A: Namaste,

Probably not.

nīcha-bhanga requires

(A) the nīcha graha must occupy either [1] a Kendra from the indriya-lagna or [2] a kendra from the Chandra lagna


(B) the nīcha bhanga graha must share a bhava with an [uchcha] graha. The situation you describe meets condition-1 but does not meet condition-2.

Your configuration would only be able to obtain nīcha-bhanga if Meena-Shukra occupies bhava-10.

  • Compare to Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein's famous nīcha-bhanga Budha that made him an iconic visionary [Meena] paradigm-shifting explainer of post-third dimensional physics as well as an extraordinary poet and musician.

However, your magnificent cluster of graha in 7th from Chandra-4 does indicate a remarkable first marriage partner!

Wishing you every happiness

BP Lama Jyotisha


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