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How Readings Work

Barbara Pijan Lama

Jyotishavidya Readings

  • MP3 = audio reading files

  • PDF = charts, timelines

  • delivered via internet download

  • payment page

Please note that Jyotishavidya readings are offered to students of the samayavidya for educational purposes only.

Readings have no warranty either express or implied.

Format of Barbara's Jyotisha readings

Please set aside the emotional baggage before entering the path of Jyotishavidya

Jyotishvidya is not fortune-telling.

Acknowledged as a heritage component (anga) within the higher knowledge treasury (Veda) of Indic civilizations, the divinatory insights of the samayavidya go much farther back historically. Indeed, the vidya is linked into the elaborate electro-magnetic mechanisms of cosmic time.

Its origins - within the framework of earth-time - go far back to the installation of our beloved Moon, which was towed here to regulate the wild terrestrial waters.

As the old lore tells the tale, Chandra's pull created time-and-tide, making civilizations sustainable on Earth.

Once Chandra's energetic relationship to Earth was established, we had a 12-part dance routine which developed into the ancient reiterative cycles of dvapara-yuga, treta-yuga, and satya-yuga. Jyotishavidya observes and comments upon these cycles.

Jyotisha vedanga offers both description and prediction of a specific incarnate lifespan, based on a specialized set of sky-maps.

The contemplative and alert practice of Jyotisha may reveal patterns of expectation and behavior, and potentially show paths toward that peace which surpasses all understanding.

It is advised to set aside the burdens of anxiety, low self-worth, criticism-and-complaint, intimidation, or superstition before embarking upon the journey of Jyotisha divination.

Jyotisha readings are best approached in the spirit of self-inquiry and self-awareness. The samayavidya offers a way of self-knowledge which may provide a great richness of perspective in celebration of co-creation with the Divine Intelligence.

Please consider that chronic, repeating anxieties about the future may be skillfully treated by a reputable psychotherapist. To receive useful guidance via Jyotishavidya, it is generally necessary to first enter a calm, anxiety-free state of receptivity and self-respect.

Couple's readings

" Should" questions

Synchronicity in divination

Counseling Dialogue vis-à-vis Jyotisha Analysis?

Facing a moral dilemma? Get thee to a trusted counselor. Jyotisha readings are descriptive, not prescriptive.

Please refrain from requesting "urgent" readings

Contemplative Preparation for a Jyotisha Reading

Preparing the 5-10 questions to be answered during your Jyotishavidya reading

Generally, the usefulness and value of a Jyotishavidya reading depends on

  1. Basic cultural familiarity with the vidya of Jyotisha is required. The samayavidya contains an older knowledge-base of the which differs from western astrology. Jyotisha readings are delivered in modern English, but the explanations do use some Sanskrit descriptive vocabulary (mainly nouns).

  2. the amount of work invested by the client in composing the 5-10 questions that are answered from a Jyotisha perspective at the end of each reading. These questions need to be well-considered, clearly formulated, and they should represent the most important and pressing concerns of the present time in one’s life. Every reading is customized to the individual, so reflective, meaningful individualized questions are extremely important . Also I am happy to read additional background explanations that may help to frame the questions.

  3. Willingness and availability to listen all the way through the reading, at least three times. After hearing it completely three times, a follow-up question is welcomed (included in the cost).

Fear of Asking Questions

Why do you need questions? Can't you just do the reading and say what you see?

Writing the questions for your reading : suggested structure and striving for clarity

It is not possible to answer statements, commands, lists, or random musings. It does take time to formulate the questions but the results are well worth this investment of your attention! If you do decide to request a reading, please provide questions in complete sentence format followed by a question mark.

For example, when are the likeliest time-periods to buy a house? Do you see me living or sojourning in a foreign country in the future? Does my nativity indicate a career in politics? Are there particular health concerns associated with my 6th-bhava? My 6th-from-Chandra contains several graha indicating family members – is there a remedy for these familiar animosities?

Follow-up questions after a reading and specifically related to statements made during the reading

Is there a suggested format for the included follow-up question?

Asking questions after the reading

Example of a clearly worded follow-up question asking for clarification and elaboration

Additional questions following a reading but not included in the original questions and not mentioned during the previous reading

After you've read my Jyotishavidya nativity, isn't it trivially simple to answer more questions about it? Why answers are not simple or trivial or straightforward or quick

Can I ask just one quick, simple, superficial question ?

Traditional Remedial Ratana Reports



Wheel of Time


Let me know if you have questions about how the Jyotishavidya readings work -- or just email your accurate birth data, milestone events, and ten questions, and I will respond to you with a request for clarifications/ additional data - if needed.

The readings are delivered via MP3 audio via The readings are not interactive. They are delivered lecture-style - first explaining/assessing the nativity, then answering your ten personal questions using the information extracted from the nativity.

All the client input happens before the reading. For example, I might ask for more confirmation data if Chandra or svamsha appear to be near a boundary. I'll definitely ask you to verify that your birth data appears correctly in the kundali. When the nativity has been validated by life-events that match the Vimshottari Dasha timeline, your 2-hour lecture-style reading will be recorded.

Dropbox sends a folder invitation when the files are ready for you to pick up from my dropbox account. You can download the MP3's to your own accounts or your personal drives, and listen at your convenience.

Most people are super busy! I recommend to take as much time as needed to compose personally meaningful, thoughtful, specific questions to be answered during the final portion of the reading.

It's much better to write when you are relaxed and focused! So please do take as much time with composing the ten questions as you would like.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Barbara, do you tithe?

Absolutely! Tithing is a superb form of seva and very positive energy.

From every Jyotishavidya reading, a donation is given to Tibetan Nuns Project in Dharamshala, India.


May all Beings be Happy.

May all Beings be Free.

Q: Hello,

Is it recommended to get a reading at 25 years old? No major events have happened as markers in my life, but I am curious to know the narrative in which they will or won’t play out.


Thanks for a useful question.

The readings are designed to provide detailed guidance and interpretive perspective for students of Jyotishavidya. Whether a committed student of the vidya = age 25 or age 75, they usually find the readings to be an educationally valuable exploration of the principles of Jyotishavidya as applied to one's own life path.

However, if the reading is being treated as fortune-telling or some other fleeting amusement, rather than its intended use as a 2-hour-long demonstration of the interpretive principles, then the value might be reduced. The key to value is motivation: seeking a deeper understanding of the guiding principles of the vidya, or satisfying a general mental curiosity?

If you are a student of the samayavidya and you would like to order a reading, please see:

for more information about how readings work, please see

Let me know if you have further questions.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

A note on should questions

Essential Jyotishavidya is descriptive, not prescriptive.

Therefore, Jyotishavidya cannot answer moral questions such as

  • What should I do?
  • What mus t I do?
  • What should the other party do?
  • Will others do what I believe to be morally right ?

As a global system which functions in many different civilizations, the samayavidya is specifically not designed to judge local questions of personal righteousness. " Am I right ? Are he-she-they wrong ?"

Rather, Jyotisha can articulate the traditionally ascribed planetary effects, their dominant material and emotional patterns, and their expected near-term outcomes.

Earth is a free-choice planet.

  • The correct ethical, emotional, medical, financial, political, doctrinal, cultural, or social response to those Jyotisha-predicted outcomes is entirely your decision.

Making Choices

Life is an adaptive decision-tree. Based on the previous choice, each new option branches and splits into a new range of possibilities..

The purpose of terrestrial incarnations is to make spiritually guided, intentional decisions leading to higher wisdom and awareness of the intimate presence of the divine. Every situation generated by The Plan is designed to evoke more and more conscious choice behavior. Each decision, no matter how materially large or small, provides an important step toward increasing compassionate outer awareness and brightening the inner light.

Generally, Jyotisha cannot specify what anyone " should" do regarding money, power, or social opinion. The highest guiding principle of Jyotisha guided decisions is to prefer that which increases the inner light.

Birth details required to construct your Jyotishavidya charts

Required information:

Please provide your accurate birth date, birth place, birth time, and gender

  • BIRTH-DATE format DD-MMM-YYYY - example: 24-Apr-2001

  • BIRTH-TIME format HH:MM please mention AM or PM - example: 18:34 PM (yes it's redundant -- but this method reduces mistakes :)) Ideally, when possible, birth time should be known from an official birth certificate.

  • BIRTH-PLACE please provide NAME of the place + accurate coordinates (from Google)

In addition, please provide several biographical milestone dates such as marriage, divorce, injury-illness, diploma, professional license earned, death of parents, first childbirth, other important life events. (These life events are used to validate the birth time.)

How to Send the Payment for the Readings

May I pay you to do a rectification?

Yes, Barbara is currently offering rectifications..

Please note that rectifications cannot be performed without an exact 24-hour time period. Examples of time-period ranges = " some time on 25-June" or " between 6 pm on 31-Dec and 6pm on 01-Jan."

If you have the correct birth date (ideally from a birth certificate) then within a 24-hour period, it is possible to discover the time by a slow and careful testing process.

Rectification is also requires some time-consuming research for the client, because you must provide 20 life milestone dates.

Please fill out and email Barbara's RECTIFICATION WORKSHEET

email the completed worksheet to before sending money.

If most of the worksheet questions can be answered (approximately 80%) then it is likely that a rectification can be successful.

Final cost for rectification will depend on how many potential birth minutes need to be tested against your life event milestone dates.

Because there are 1440 minutes in each 24-hour period, rectification of birth time is a highly time-consuming process and Therefore, the rectification service is expensive. Most folks prefer to combine a reading with their rectification, but the rectification can be provided independently if you perfer.

Don't have your birth time?

Learn how to get your USA birth certificate:

Although this is not an endorsement, you might prefer to use Heinz Krug's more affordable service. is a service offered by Jyotiṣika d. Heinz Krug that according to d. Krug "will calculate your time of birth to the second. Based on the dates of major life events. The results can be used in any horoscope or astrology chart."

120-minute long-distance reading

  • delivered lecture style (querent does not participate in the session)

  • via MP3 + PDF download

  • marriage compatibility

  • professional planning

  • life reading


  • PDF print from Shri Jyoti Star software

  • printed vimshottari dasha and varga charts.

Barbara's audio readings can be found in homes and offices across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asiar.

Please provide your accurate birth date, birth place, birth time, and gender

  • BIRTH-DATE format DD-MMM-YYYY - example: 24-Apr-2001

  • BIRTH-TIME format HH:MM please mention AM or PM - example: 18:34 PM (yes it's redundant but reduces mistakes :)) Ideally, when possible, birth time should be known from an official birth certificate.

  • BIRTH-PLACE please provide NAME of the place and accurate coordinates (available via google)


  • Please provide several biographical milestone dates such as marriage, divorce, injury-illness, diploma, professional license earned, death of parents, first childbirth, other important life events.
  • These life events are used to validate the birth time.

How to send the Payment ?

How to compose the 5-10 personally important questions? Writing the questions for your reading

Traditional Remedial Ratana Recommendation

  • 12-18 pages, depending on the nativity

  • Via email

Jyotisha Reading Philosophy

Jyotishavidya readings should at every point confirm your personal intuition about yourself and your path.

  • Reflective people should not hear any major surprises.

  • Rather, astrology readings should specify the timing of major events and describe your inner terrain in detail.

  • Ideally you will see that the inner terrain determines the outer terrain!

  • Any divination which sounds wrong probably is… Jyotisha errors are most often, sadly, due to inaccurate birth times.

  • A personal referral remains the best way to choose a reputable astrologer, but books and public appearances are also good evidence of ability and tact.

As always, follow your heart.

Q: Hi,

I'm considering asking for a relationship reading

I really have just one question about something that is causing friction in our relationship. This one thing probably shows up in my charts.

Do yo u really need to see, and comment on, both peoples' nativities? Isn't it possible to see the problem by looking only into my charts?

A: Namaste,

Usually, couples who want a partnership reading are either married, engaged, or negotiating. Folks with ethnic or spiritual-community connections to the fifth vedanga often value the time and expense of a two-person reading as a worthy investment in their joint harmonious future.

Naturally, all relationships have two sides. Therefore, two nativities are required to obtain the balanced comprehensive viewpoint on a committed partnership.

However, if the main concern is a single, mismatched functional-behavioral pattern that is disrupting a relationship, and if this mismatch might be corrected via conscious, adaptive behavioral change, then couples’ counseling with a trained therapist might be a more useful approach.

Jyotishavidya takes a broad, philosophical, inter-linked, lifetime (120 years evolution) humanistic perspective on all questions.

If you’re looking for more practical, applied guidance on resolving a single relationship issue, a trained relationship counselor might be more immediately helpful.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

About couple’s readings

A couple’s reading requires participation by both partners. Both partners need to submit a list of 5-to-10 questions about the other person. For example, questions may ask: what does the partner's nativity suggest in regard to key trust issues like children, money, career, religion, in-law duty, and other cultural alignments.

Note that the Jyotishavidya reading may reveal a gap between how the marriage candidate is presenting currently vs. Their deeper life patterns. Both partners have to agree to listen to the reading (separately or together).

Compatibility readings involve a fair amount of work and cost, so generally they are only useful for people who are either married or seriously thinking of getting married.


I don't want a life reading. I already know everything that's in my kundli -- and it's all pretty bad. I don't care about spiritual stuff.

I really have only two simple questions, which are relationships and money.

Can I get a short, focused reading that is only looking at those two simple things, without discussing all the irrelevant details?


Thanks for your note.

First of all, please be aware that there are no simple questions

There are no short and direct answers, and nothing happens in isolation.

In a Jyotishavidya nativity, everything is connected to everything else. The nativity unfolds like a tapestry weaving. The elements of life are intensely, passionately, interactively interconnected. It is necessary to assess the conditions operating in the nativity before answering any questions. That is why a reading takes a minimum of 2-hours, whether the clients supplies one question or ten questions.

Here is a description of the reading format.

  • All readings are 2-hours in length and follow a fixed format.

Generally, the review of the nativity consumes the first hour+ while the Jyotisha-based answers to the questions consume the second part of the reading.

The client must supply 5-10 thoughtful questions that are personally important, clearly written, and specific.

Readings begin with a review of the nativity, including an assessment of the behavior of graha in the kundali and a survey of the Vimshottari Dasha calendar. The client-provided questions are then answered according to the interpretive principles of the vidya.

If you would like a reading, you would be welcome to provide a list of ten detailed, clearly articulated questions .

The list of personal questions is critically important to shaping the divination and making the answers personally, pragmatically useful in daily life. The questions allow the client to take ownership of the focus of the reading.

Most people find that the process of writing those 10 targeted questions takes several hours of grounded, concentrated thought. Generally, the time, attention, and contemplative awareness that is invested into formulating the questions produces proportionally the amount of value perceived in the Jyotisha-based guidance.

I have developed this format over many decades of practice, and it works very well for my teaching style. However, if this Jyotisha reading format is not what you are looking for, perhaps another Jyotiṣika would better serve you needs.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Hi Barbara

I have a few friends who are interested to get a reading from you who are not studying jyotish.

Somewhere on your site there was a mention that the readings are geared towards students of the jyotish Vidya.

Are you open to doing readings for people not studying Vedic astrology?


A: Namaste,

Thanks for a great question!

In order to gain satisfying value from a Jyotishavidya reading, there are three minimal requirements.


Can the querent follow the flow of Sanskrit nouns? All of the verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and other language used in the reading = standard Midwest American English. However, that 1% of Sanskrit terminology is foundational to understanding the esoteric dynamics of the nativity.

Also, not trivially, the querent should be confident of their ability to comprehend Barbara's quickly spoken American English.


What is the reason for requesting the reading? The usual motivations (insight, guidance, education) are admirable and respected. However, there is one usage of the vidya which cannot be supported, and that is fortune-telling.

available time

Does the querent have focused silent time available? The first time requirement is to compose the questions (which might take weeks) . The second time requirement is to listen at least three times to the recorded reading in order to fully digest the information. Is this a realistic time commitment?

Cultural familiarity

Many non-students of the vidya, who were not raised within the Indo-Tibetan cultures, have ordered and enjoyed Jyotisha readings. These querents Typically, are affiliated with religious groups. They are seeking a divinatory perspective that harmonizes with the cultural aesthetic of their sacred practices. They are comfortable with esoteric (beyond-earth) teachings and worldviews. They are usually healers.

These folks might be compared to college students taking a class outside their major. They might have to reach a bit. But if they're able to compose thoughtful, meaningful questions, their cultural familiarity reduces the learning burden. Many such clients report that they continue to listen to their recordings year after year, each time harvesting more guidance and validation.

Less suitable

There are some unsuitable candidates: those who are too busy to write reflective detailed questions, and those who have profound self-esteem issues. Those suffering from deep anxiety and doubt may be better served in psychotherapy.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Do you offer readings for children?


Readings for children are cautiously offered. Generally, it is requested to see the child’s nativity first, before deciding whether to do a reading or not.

For children, only positive possibilities for their social development, education, career, and marriage will be mentioned. Even if the parents ask for negative information, the reading does not provide any information that could be emotionally frightening or cause for social criticism.

Within those limitations, a child or teenager may receive a helpful and supportive Jyotishavidya reading.

As always, the time invested in crafting thoughtful, complete, specific questions will be repaid in a more useful, meaningful, personally focused Jyotishavidya reading.

Q: Two of my friends are raving about the wonderful reading they received from you.

** says that your reading put her life events into a clear order and she feels much calmer. If your readings can make me feel calmer, I want one!

But I don't understand how it works to request and receive a reading from you? Can you tell me about the process?


the nativity is prepared using Shri Jyoti Star software. A 2-hour+ assessment of the various Jyotisha predictive-and-descriptive factors = graha, bhava, yoga, dasha = spoken lecture-style into an MP3 audio file

The audio files (MP3) along with graphic charts (PDF) and calendar timeliness (PDF) = uploaded to , from where the files may be downloaded to your personal storage device, at your convenience.

It's important to appreciate that the divinatory reading process is not interactive. Due to psychic sensitivity, there is no telephone talk or in-person exchange. Jyotishavidya practice is based in vedic cultural traditions and is mainly of interest to folks with a Bharati (Indian) cultural background or those who have studied the vedic philosophies.

5-10 questions of present-time importance are provided by the querent, along with the accurate birth data. Questions assure that the reading addresses the topics which have the highest current practical usefulness to you.

After listening to the reading and digesting the information at least three times, am email follow-up question is welcome and included in the price. Wait time from payment to reading delivery can be weeks or months depending upon the length of the queue, which itself depends on other duties in my life as a mother and teacher.

My Jyotisha reading style is fairly conventional. I employ a standard Lahiri ayanamsha and Parashari-Jaimini principles from BPHS and JS. As an American born in Chicago, I have a modern worldview which is non-fatalistic and informed by the psychology of my generation. However having lived in India and Nepal, I do understand the issues of caste-community-bloodline and filial obligation which can create a big drama for folks living in that cultural context.

Most of my clients are educated professionals, and many live outside the USA. The readings are spoken in my native American Upper Midwest English dialect which is clearly enunciated but still somewhat rapid.

The Sanskrit terminology of Jyotisha, mainly in the form of numerous nouns and a few common phrases, is also liberally used in the readings.

Clients should have a working grasp of spoken English and a cultural familiarity with the vaidik worldview (planets as deities) in order to most fully benefit from the reading. I hope this answers your questions about how the readings work. Feel free to email Barbara if you have additional questions.

Q: Can I get a compatibility reading for two people?

Is the reading delivered via PDF?

A: Traditional Jyotishavidya Sacred Jewels Ratna recommendation reports are available in PDF format.

These are a 20-page written reports which address only one concern: selecting the correct traditional sacred jewels to match the nativity.

Jyotishavidya readings are available only as MP3 audio files downloadable from With each MP3-audio reading there are provided five PDF document files which contain the charts, graphs, and Vimshottari Dasha timeline for the nativity. If the reading is for two people in a relationship, then each person would receive their own charts to be able to follow along with the explanations given during the reading (total of 10 PDF’s accompanying the MP3 audio files).

The Jyotishavidya full reading = lecture style delivery, approximately 2 hours in length. The Jyotisha reading explains and describes the nativity.

The reading is not interactive, and does not involve any participation with the querent. The birth data must be provided with a time accurate to the minute ++ precise Google birthplace coordinates.

If for some reason the nativity is beyond my interpretive competence, an immediate refund of payment is given.

5-10 questions should be provided by the querent. The questions can be answered from a Jyotisha perspective toward the end of the recorded reading.

If your questions are clear and specific – for example there are known conflicts within the relationship and one is seeking clarification about the Jyotisha structure of those conflicts, and perhaps an assessment of overall compatibility – then one reading can include both people. When a single reading covers two nativities, there is naturally less time and detailed explanation of each individual, and more time spent comparing the two.

The accurate birth data for both persons would need to be provided (including specific coordinates for the birthplace, ideally from google earth)

The questions for any reading are important, but for a relationship reading questions are super-important. 5-10 questions about the relationship would need to be thoughtfully, carefully, introspectively written. Especially with intimate relationships that are psychically complex, the wording of the questions needs to be very clear.


I don't understand how you read the charts.

  • Do I need to be available by telephone?

  • It is skype?

  • Can I text you during the reading when anxious thoughts pop into my mind?

  • Do you email me during the reading with questions?

  • Can I email you during the reading with questions?

  • Why do you ask for questions in advance?

  • What if I have completely changed my mind and now I want to ask ten different questions?

  • Are you going to steal my money and tell me lies?

  • Why didn't you email me to tell me that you are doing my reading now?

  • How can you do a reading when I am not there to interrupt your concentration?

  • I feel like I need to interact alot with the astrologer because I feel insecure and afraid of bad news. I am an emotional person and my feelings are very sensitive and I am afraid of bad news. I would like to interrupt you now. Are you saying that you are just going to read the expected outcomes using the rules of Jyotisha and I can't interrupt and I just have to listen to the explanation?


The format of the reading is a lecture. It is not interactive. (This is explained on the website.) Barbara reads into a microphone while she is looking at the charts on her computer screens. The lecture is recorded on MP3-audio files, and the lecture is available for download the next day, accompanied by PDF-document files containing the charts, graphs, and timelines.

First, the reading explains and examines the 12 bhava of the radical nativity and the graha (planets) which reside within those bhava. There is usually some brief reference to the navamsha (D-9) and dashamasha (D-10) depending upon whether the querent’s questions require checking into the varga. Then, a quick overview of the Vimshottari dasha is explained, with strongest emphasis on the current time period and what to expect in the pattern of unfoldment of the overall plan.

It is understood that this plan was created by yourself, not any outside power. There is no superstition but rather a joyful appreciation of your genius in creating your own game plan. Finally, the questions provided by the querent are answered from a Jyotisha perspective, considering the present timeline and transits, along with the fruits of the graha.

The length of the reading is at minimum 2 hours. However, it is often a bit longer than that, often closer to three hours, since the questions are Usually, very interesting. (Human beings are very interesting!).

When the reading is completed, the MP3 files are then uploaded to and this process can be either fast or slow depending on internet speed. As soon as the MP3 files, and the PDF files containing the charts-timelines, are available, will send an invitation tfor sharing and downloading to the recipient.

Please understand that the format is a lecture. It is not interruptable. That is why the questions should be thoughtful and clear. Most clients report that they enjoy listening to their MP3 audio Jyotisha readings in their cars, while waiting in the airport terminal, commuting to work on their city bus or their bicycle, or whenever and wherever they have time to listen..

However, if you are less familiar with the Jyotisha style of astrology, it can be helpful for the first listening to be able to see the PDF charts which accompany the reading, so that the eyes can follow along with the teaching voice.

It is recommended to listen to each reading at least three times. The material will become more comfortable and familiar during each listening.


How can I contact you during the reading ?

A: thanks for asking.

The readings are delivered lecture-style. The session is not interactive.

Work by telephone or in-person has disruptive potential due to psychic sensitivity.

In the reading studio, the nativity is reviewed and explained for the listening client.

Then, the ten personal questions that have been provided by previous email from the querent are answered based on information harvested from the inquiry into the structure of the nativity.

The entire commentary is recorded into several MP3-audio files. The reading takes about 2 hours, sometimes longer.

The reading files consist of audio MP3's plus the PDF supporting documents such as the various kundali and Vimshottari Dasha Calendar

The reading files are normally available for download from on the day following the reading.


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Dear Madame,

Your website is very helpful for my study and I tank you for making it. The cost of your readings on your purchase page is too high. I have waiting so long to receive a reading from you and now your calendar is open, but now it is impossible ... would you please reduce the price for me?

I myself a poor working man with family duties. It is very expensive Madam. I think you do not know about the small man's money problem. I would like free from you or I can pay 10% of your price. Waiting your reply.

A: Namaste ,

Thanks for your nice note with compliments. I’m delighted to know that you are enjoying the website materials while pursuing your study of the samayavidya .

To deliver the knowledge properly, the energy of a divinatory reading must match the energy of the recipient. If you are not Yet, in possession of funds to pay this cost, that is a signal that this particular reading vehicle is not a suitable match for your present situation. Please accept my encouragement to choose a practitioner whose value of service matches your available assets.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: What is your schedule like?

How long will it take to hear from you after payment is received?

If I paid for example by the end of the month, when would I receive the reading? I have a birthday coming up in about a month and thought it would be nice to have the reading around that time, if not earlier.

Also: would you give me trends for the upcoming year or limit the reading to the natal chart?

A: thanks for your note.

Readings cover the natal Kundali (birth chart) and the navamsha first, then on the basis of the evaluations of the charts and using the Vimshottari Dasha, various predictions can be made.

5-10 questions of timely importance are part of the reading. If one of the questions is about events in the forthcoming year, we can inspect the periods of the forthcoming year to find Jyotisha answers to that question.

Approximately half of the reading is devoted to evaluation of the birth charts (radix and navamsha) and the second half is dedicated to the 5-to-10 important questions.

Unfortunately for those hoping for a speedy turnaround, the queue sometimes grows rather long. Presently there is a wait time of several months. Readings are scheduled within a few days after the payment arrives via PayPal. For health reasons I can offer only one reading per week, and the Jyotisha readings are popular.

I'll announce on the website front page whenever I am able to re-open the calendar. While you are waiting, I hope you will continue improving your own Jyotisha skills so that you can learn to make your own predictions using the principles of the samayavidya.

Wishing you every happiness,

Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: "A few simple questions"

I love your website - it is so informative!

After reviewing your site, I have only a few simple questions to ask you.

I am sure that my questions will not take much of your time.

What smaller price do you offer for answering just a few short questions?

A: thanks very much for your nice compliments.

The readings that are listed on the payments page are the only reading packages that are available. As a matter of practical experience it can be confirmed that "a few simple questions" will require just as much preparatory analysis as a long list of questions.

Each nativity is unique, offering numerous paths of development that can produce the results that the querent is seeking. The amount of reflection upon the nativity required to familiarize myself with the general flow of the script does not vary according to the nature or the amount of the questions. It is always approximately the same.

The preparation time invested in evaluating the nativity is the same. Therefore, I offer only full readings.

The ratna recommendation report option is shorter and less expensive. The ratna recommendation report is descriptive not analytical.

The ratna recommendation report describes the elements of the nativity step-by-step, and shows the logical conclusion for each ratna: recommended or not. The ratna recommendation report makes no evaluation of the nativity beyond suitability for a particular healing gem. For that reason the ratna report takes less time to produce, is less expensive, and does not permit questions.

Wishing you every happiness and continuing success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: I'm not asking you for a full reading, but I'm an early beginner in Jyotisha and I have a small but burning question that I'd like you to answer quickly.

For a person of your experience, I'm sure this question is really easy and would only take a minute of your time.

What I want to know is how many siblings my wife will have. I'm a young guy and not married yet, but I just really really want to know.

A: unfortunately young man, you really are asking for a reading. It is not a mechanical task to identify the outcomes that you are seeking. Discerning the correct answer indeed requires a very close inspection of the nativity.

As Shri B.V. Raman often said, astrology is a science of tendencies. Many tendencies must be considered, assessed, and polarity-balanced before a final results can be established. What you are asking for is not at all easy nor would it take a minute. It would take quite a bit of *uninterrupted* time and attention which when paid at a professional rate would cost much more than you imagine.

To have a reasonable chance of being able to accurately answer your question, the Jyotiṣika would first of all need to read person-2 (a future first wife) through the filter of person-1 (the native). This immediately creates a multi-layered view that is rich with interpretive complexity.

A number of assessments would be required from various baselines: 7th from kundali indriya-lagna , 7th from Chandra, Shukra lagna, 7th navamsha must be considered at the very least.

In addition to materialized siblings, would she have astral siblings who did not take bodies? Perhaps those who appeared only as fetuses which miscarried or lived only briefly? Children often have no idea that their mothers were carrying entities whose Akashic memory patterning was fulfilled before their first oxygen breath. A stillborn or infant-death may be erased in the family memory. (Especially common in village families with large numbers of children.) Or is there a pair of twins or other multiple-birth which could change the final sibling count? Are there step-siblings or half-siblings, and how should we tally these? Does the native have unrecognized living siblings, such as children from father's extramarital relationships?

A cursory look at the discussion boards on genetic-testing ancestry sites will show that there are many siblings who have discovered their common parentage only through genetic testing; their fathers flatly denied the extramarital children, until confronted with the genetic evidence. Also it is rather obvious in the nativities of certain males that, public piety notwithstanding, they regularly dally outside their marriages. Half-siblings from these extramarital unions may be raised in an outside family and be unknown to the native.

Therefore, when a client says that they have exactly X number of siblings, they can easily be incorrect due to their limited knowledge of the dealings of their father or the hidden births of their mother.

Now consider that you are asking a"simple question"about the number of siblings not for yourself, as readable from your own nativity, but for a * potential first wife* whose karmic script would be somewhat detectable through the filter of your own nativity!

Please appreciate that given the number of rules and relationships that are involved in finding the answer, you are asking a very complex question!

Beginners often naively oversimplify the mental tasks of Jyotisha. People in general often have a childlike expectation of Jyotisha as some sort of instant-gratification magical answer-machine.

In fact, only 10% of the potentials in the nativity are likely to manifest in a way that three-dimensional consensus reality would recognize. Most of the potentials express on the psycho-mental and astral-emotional planes of experience, and those who have not yet developed spiritually cannot even recognize the astral or mental forms. Therefore, in order to produce a correct answer, the Jyotisha must also determine the approximate level of consciousness of the person who is receiving the reading.

A single question occurs does not occur in a vacuum! All Jyotisha information arises from a multi-dimensional map of a complex spiritual-mental-emotional-physical nativity.

Divination methods more suited to your query

However, there is an alternative to Jyotisha which may provide a more satisfying answer to your immediate question. For a grammatically simple, subject-verb-object question which ideally has an answer in the form of a simple whole number, one of the best divination methods = pendulum .

Although you must train the pendulum to answer you accurately and consistently, questions which have a binary answer - such as yes/no or 2-or3, 3-or-4, 4-or-5 et-cetera -- are very well suited to pendulum work. Bibliomancy can often also reveal the information when one is seeking an answer in the form of a small whole number. These divinatory methods work because our overself * higher consciousness * already knows all the answers to all of the questions in the world.

On-the-spot divinations will not reveal complex patterns and sequences of events in the way that Jyotisha can do, but for answering a yes-no question or getting a small whole number answer, these methods validate the presence of that storehouse of wisdom called higher consciousness, of which we typically use less than 10%.


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: marriage compatibility assessments?

A: for marriage compatibility assessments, I am happy to evaluate both nativities during a 2-hour full Jyotisha reading. If you would like me to evaluate the two prospective spousal nativities in terms of spiritual emotional, mental, financial, physical and social compatibility, feel free to send me the birth name, date, place, time and gender-identity for both persons, along with 5-to-10 questions and background information.

For background, it can be helpful to know the place of first meeting, how the relationship started, any friction already encountered, parental response or reaction, and most of all your expectations for the future.

Do you want cultural compliance, home security, and a comfortable rhythm [Chandra]? Children [Guru]? financial well-being (Shukra)? Sexual exploration and excitement [Mangala]? Social mobility [Rahu] or maintenance of community rules and social rank [Shani]? Someone to split the rent cost, while you each meditate in separate rooms [Ketu]? I can have a look at the comparative structures of the two births and explain what I see.

Keep in mind that among humans who are a flawed species, there is no such thing as an ideal match. Ideals are for deities - and even they sometimes fall down on the job! There is some natural awkwardness or incompatibility in all human unions.

Marriage is the most growth-challenging and demanding spiritual practice available to humans! If you feel ready to undertake this purifying practice, I'll be happy to opine on the easy and the difficult components of the prospective union.

Q: Old print-outs?

If I have older computer generated birth charts done ,

does it reduce cost at all, or do you need to start over completely?

A: as a rule, each astrologer does their own calculations using their preferred formulas. So yes, it’s necessary to “start all over” because there’s no way to know which items have been used in the formula that generated your computer report.

Although the Jyotisha astronomical calculations are critically important, computation of planetary positions actually take very little time in these glorious days of super-fast computers.

This is a big change from the old days, when the astrologer labored for hours with compass and pencil to construct a chart by hand -- and you can imagine the error rates!

These days, 1% or less of the reading energy goes into making the calculations. 99% of the value of the reading is in the interpretation.

Q: Costs and turn-around time ?

Internet download = MP3 digital audio files

A: instructions for payment by PayPal and current cost of services is listed = Jyotisha Services Payment. The payments page is shown when readings are available for purchase.

If you have additional questions, please email Barbara.

The Jyotishavidya reading schedule varies somewhat due to my family, research, and teaching duties. In general, unless I am traveling, the turn-around time is approximately 2-4 weeks from the time your payment arrives.

Q: How much time does it take for you to complete the reading and ship ?

A: tTurnaround time varies from 2 weeks to 12 weeks, from PayPal payment date to ship date. Since 2011,"Shipping" means file upload to Turnaround time varies by season, and fluctuates with my teaching schedule. Also, the USA winter holiday season = a bit busier.

Q: Getting started : what do you need?

A: Namaste,

After payment is made, please send me an email with the following info

  • birth TIME. The birth data should come from an official birth certificate, because we need a birth time accurate to the minute.

  • birth PLACE please provide GOOGLE coordinates

  • birth DATE

  • GENDER identity [for pronouns]

  • 5-10 questions that you would like to have answered from the Jyotishavidya perspective, during the reading

Composing your questions for the reading

More information = Writing the questions for your reading

Most people have some important questions that they would like addressed from a Jyotisha perspective during the reading. The questions may involve an important relationship, career path, marriage and children, parents and authority, or something else.

The reading naturally addresses all the major departments of life as the explanation-description proceeds through the 12 bhava and the Vimshottari Dasha timeline.

The final section of the reading is dedicated to answering 5-to-10 specific questions that are important for you to have answered in the reading.

The answers are not judgments upon whether something is morally good or morally bad, worthy or unworthy of approval by some judging agency, culturally appropriate or not. The answers are in fact rather mechanical, and couched in a language of cause-and-effect such as "if one expects via graha-X, then materialization via graha-X is likely according to the timeline in the era of graha-X."

The answers are unlikely to assuage deeper feelings of anxiety, guilt, or unworthiness. In fact, approaching the task of writing out the questions while in any state of un-calm is likely to produce unclear questions. Clear and answer-able questions are essential to the success of the reading.

Unfortunately some folks believe that astrology (or any other method of divination ) is some sort of guessing-game. These folks apparently expect that the astrologer should be able to intuit the person's real concerns from among the thousands of detailed patterns present in the Jyotishavidya nativity


In authentic Jyotisha practice, the astrologer can only hope to select the small number of patterns which are of personal interest to the querent, if the querent tells the astrologer what sort of information one seeks! The same is true for any divination.

Q: What is the format of the readings?

I really like to discuss myself.

Can I talk with you on the telephone ?

A: The Jyotishavidya readings are digitally recorded in lecture-style, as a verbal report. MP3 files of the reading will be available for download within approximately 24 hours of the reading.

Two PDF files containing the kundali-varga and Vimshottari dasha timeline = also included in the file download. The MP3 files = 2-plus hours in length. Expect 4-5 files for you to download..

The questions which were carefully composed by the client and provided via email for evaluation during the reading (5-10 of these) will be answered during the reading. Additionally, *one* additional question via email is included in the cost of a full reading.

Please appreciate that the Jyotishavidya reading is a detailed, descriptive, learning-purposed assessment report and not a conversation. Sometimes people who request a Jyotisha reading are really looking for therapy or other empathetic conversational counseling support.

The Jyotishavidya reading practice does not involve any telephone or person-to-person contact. (When teaching I do have a great deal of contact with students, but teaching is a different format than reading.)

To receive The most practical and useful results from your reading, your questions should be as precise and complete as possible. Please provide some background for your questions and try to use vocabulary that has a neutral denotation rather than swimming in value judgments. I know, most people are needing validation and approval - we humans live with a permanent hunger for belonging and approval - that is completely OK.

It is the nature of the Jyotisha kundali to provide a profound confirmation and approval of each step along life's path. Expect plenty of spiritual validation provided in the reading!

However, if the questions are laden with generalities such as "when will I be completely successful in my profession?" (define: successful) or"when will I find the perfect lover?" (define: perfect) vague questions will produce vague answers.

If the questions are too brief, too general, or incomplete, then unfortunately the reading might not be as productive or practically useful as might be hoped. The responsibility for producing a valid and useful reading lies partly with the client. Please take the time necessary to compose clear, detailed, reflective questions and then be ready to listen to the answers without interruption.

Q: Do you offer Psychic readings?

A: In the 1980's and 1990's, training was undertaken at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (Berkeley, CA) and at Asclepion Institute (San Rafael, CA). These organizations offer extensive practical education to gifted intuitives and hands-on healers.

Although direct psychic readings are not offered, the perceptual skills training that was received at BPI and Asclepion do continue to inform the intuitive perceptions.

Psychic-comprehension skills training also provides some of the vocabulary that is used to describe the subconscious or barely-conscious patterns of psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual activity as displayed in the Jyotishavidya nativity.

Difference between Jyotisha Readings vs. Psychic (aura) Readings

As always, the time invested in crafting thoughtful, complete, specific questions will be repaid in a more useful, meaningful, personally focused Jyotisha reading.

Q: New Baby Gift?

I would like to give a Jyotisha reading as a New Baby Gift. Do you offer readings for children?


Readings for children are available, but it is important to appreciate that only positive outcomes will be identified. There will be no discussion of curses or other traditional superstitions of doom. The view of the precious and pure young being, an old spirit who has recently returned to Earth in order to continue their service, is entirely full of light and happy expectations for fulfillment of the Learning Pathway curricular objectives.

Very general and very positive predictions will be offered for children, such as general guidance about careers that the children might enjoy based on the child's 10th-amsha profile, and their overalll marriage forecast.

Q: Mainstream Jyotisha?

What calculation tools do you use for Jyotisha readings?

I've had readings in India from a pandit who designed his own dasha system and he claimed 100% accuracy.

A: BP Lama Jyotishavidya uses a principled approach to the vidya and a conventional set of Jyotisha analytical tools

Be cautious of grand-standing and showmanship in Jyotisha. Regarding the exaggerated accuracy claims, exaggeration is Rahu. And with Shri Rahu there is a standard pattern: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

The goal of my divinatory readings within the tradition of Jyotishavidya is certainly to provide useful predictive information, but I wish to provide the information in a way that * confirms your own intuition*.

Your own interior voice of intuition, your inner teacher, is always accurate .

As always, the time invested in crafting thoughtful, complete, specific questions will be repaid in a more useful, meaningful, personally focused Jyotisha reading.

Q: Why the Client Questions?

Why do you need to know my questions before you can do the reading?

Isn't my fate written in the stars?

A: If you decide you would like a reading from me, please advise the birth date, birth place, and birth time (ideally from the birth certificate).

Also please let me know your questions. The way my readings work, I ask for detailed questions with as much background as needed to explain the context of the question. I find that writing out the questions for the reading focus provides good psychic grounding, and sets a clear intent for the client to receive useful information. As always, the time invested in crafting thoughtful, complete, specific questions will be repaid in a more useful, meaningful, personally focused Jyotisha reading.

  • For example, what will happen with my career = way too vague of a question.

  • It's an okay question for your own personal divinations, which one may perform over and over again, but not specific enough for a diviner to compose a properly targeted answer.

  • A useful and directly matching answer requires a useful and specifically stated question.

  • The vague question needs to be much more focused to provide me some concrete career details that help me know the level of answer you are seeking.

  • It helps to give details such as, "I am an engineer or homemaker or astronaut or politician. I have such-and-such skills training and am at mid-point of my career; I have certain opportunities for advancement and travel; my spouse prefers certain options etc."

  • This amount of background scenario allows me to comment on specific developments in the Jyotisha chart.

So if you would like a reading, please do write out a couple of questions that are important to you, with as much detail as you have time for. Some folks write 2 questions and some write 20, but the important part is to let me know what choices you are negotiating and what your leading values are.

One who has enjoyed Jyotishavidya readings, or Nadi readings, in India, may have noticed a cultural tendency there to make bold predictions of name, fame, and glory (or catastrophic disaster) for every man and woman in the village. Also in India, the materialistic viewpoint of fixed destiny or an interpretive orientation toward victim-mind, presuming that events happen "to" people, is quite different from my own viewpoint.

The Jyotishavidya script may be read from the understanding that incarnate Earth-humans are actively creating their own experiences by following a highly organized subconscious program. With or without the support of a favorable yuga, this programming can be altered through force of conscious intent.

Intelligence is a living thing. With nourishment and care, it grows.

But I also appreciate that it takes so much energy to alter the program script that most people are better off just letting the program run naturally.

  • The Jyotisha scripts are somewhat generalized, and the language of Jyotishavidya is set in medieval India.

  • Therefore, to give accurate readings for those of us living in the dizzying material diversity of the West, it essential for me to know which material lifestyle you and your family have chosen.

In profoundly stratified environments such as India, one may be able to judge 90% of the structural value of a person's reality through their appearance. But for those whose cultural bias matches the broadly individualistic patterns of the West, you will be asked to provide key socio-economic and religious details so that the reading can be framed in terms that are meaningful to you.

Q: All you require for the reading is a birth date, place and time.

Is there anything else that would be required for a more precise reading?

For example details of my family, my gender etc etc.

I mean will all the people who were born at the same time and place have the same present and future as me?

This has always been a question in my mind because there are other people in my family who have the same birthday, and we all have different personalities.

A: Very good question, and one worth examining!

Jyotishavidya uses multiple varga (divisional) charts, and some of these charts will change every minute

  • The Nakshatra of Svamsha also changes very quickly. Mere seconds of time difference will change the pada of the navamsha lagna's Nakshatra .

  • The shasti-amsha (1/60th portion) changes every two minutes.

  • Birth twins will normally have different Shastyamsha charts - and often other varga are different too.

  • I have several cases of twins born only 2 minutes apart with different dvadashamsha-12 charts for parents, and different Siddhamsha (D-24) varga for micro-view of intelligence and spiritual empowerment. Naturally, they report variance in their life experiences of parents (D-12) and perceptual agility (D-24).

  • If someone were standing by the birth with a stop-watch and could capture the moment of the first breath to a .25 minute level of accuracy , and the software was top-quality programming effort, a very accurate set of Jyotishavidya varga could be produced.

Using the existing birth-time

  • known issues

In reality, the best birth times are accurate only to the minute, and even hospital birth times are Typically, Reported several minutes after the infant's first breath (even with a nurse wearing an accurate wristwatch, standing right there).

Many birth times are estimated within 5-10 minutes, and some are very vague such as "about noon" .

In some peasant cultures (notably India) parents or well-wishers may superstitiously report a"better" birth time if the accurate moment of birth is perceived to be less benevolent.

celebrity figures may distribute false birth-times to protect their privacy

even non-celebrities may report false birth data as a shield against black magic

Inaccurately recorded birth time whether accidental or intentional is frustrating for astrologers. Jyotiṣika do the best possible assessments using the birth time as recorded by the family.

In any case, several events must be used to confirm the accuracy of the birth time. It is never good to speak upon the implications of a Jyotishavidya nativity

until a minimum of three life events have been confirmed using the vimshottari dasha.

More information on the Rectification page

The process of rectifying a chart for an estimated or unknown birth time can take many hours. Most US Jyotiṣika charge $100/hr or higher to rectify an unknown birth time.

Rectification involves a labor intensive, reducing and sorting process. The final birth time result is obtained by a process of elimination. It is mentally taxing to perform. However, the results can be very gratifying to the Jyotisha when suddenly, with a correct time, the Vimshottari Dasha time-rulers generate the expected results.

In truth, rectification is best done by someone who knows the native personally, because of the subtle observations involved. However, it can be accomplished by a series of not-this-not-that logical eliminations too.

Confirming a known time - accepting the birth certificate time

Confirming a known time is fairly easy, given a few milestone dates like marriage, childbirth, important graduations, death of a spouse or parent, etc.

  • As a general practice, I do not confirm the birth time unless the person has a marriage, childbirth, or death date to use.

  • I really have to trust the birth certificate.

Other cultural background is helpful

Yes, thank you, knowing the gender and other relevant cultural background is also very helpful!

Close-in-time births in same locale are indeed similar lives, due to Chandra

It will be true that all the babies born on the same minute as you in the town of your birth, will have very similar life paths.

  • Some of the details will vary such as marriage partners and careers, but their internal narratives (how they feel inside) will be much the same if birth is within a minute of each other and within a mile of each other on the same date.

  • Nevertheless, there are small differences which can have a big effect such as the Shastiamsha which can change several times during each minute depending on latitude.

Born on same date, years apart, very little commonality

People born on the same date (like you and your relative) nee have little in common astrologically except the degree of the Sun.

Q: What all does the audio-file reading talk about ?

Is there a set of topics that you go over for every horoscope?

If so then, what are they ?

Can we decide what areas we would like to be emphasized for our horoscope ?

Or is this covered by the 5-10 questions we are allotted ?

A: bhava-based Structure of the Reading, Extra Structure from Your Questions

There is a set of topics which naturally structures the reading: the clockwise progress from bhava-1 to bhava-12. We look at the planets and signs of each of the twelve radix houses, plus the navamshar.

Vimshottari dasha + natural behavior of the planets = personal timeline

  • The behaviors of the planets in house and sign (bhava and rashi) are then correlated to the life timeline on the Vimshottari Dasha.

  • Once we understand the behavior of the planets in their unique locations at the time of your birth, then the Vimshottari Dasha helps predict more precisely when and in what intensity the planets will give their full fruit . The Vimshottari periods "trigger" the effects of the planets

Detailed questions

  • I encourage folks to send me detailed questions with as much background as possible. In order to answer the questions properly, we do"talk through" the twelve radix houses anyway.

  • When questions are provided, the questions are introduced at the beginning of the audio-file reading, and I will pay special attention to chart factors which will provide the effects that the person wants to know more about.

  • Each of these areas are built-in to the Jyotisha chart, and I would briefly cover them in any case, but I will spend more time talking about a particular area in the chart if the querent has told me that this area is especially important to them.

More details = better

  • As always, more details are better; Specific questions are better. When people ask a broad, general question like,"tell me about my career" I really can't answer in great detail, because there are so many factors to choose from. I need more detail in the question, so I can give more detail in the answer.

  • Specific queries might be, just as examples,"I just finished medical school and" or"I've been a housewife for 20 years and" or"I am a mid-career accountant and I am thinking of starting my own business and" or"I have the choice of working in my field in two different countries and" .

  • You get the idea. It helps me so much to know a bit of background because what one person means by"successful" or"comfortable" or"rich" is quite different from what someone else might mean.

  • In truth, most people don't have measurable goals set for their life path; they are bumbling along, just hoping things will work out. Hah! One of my favorite broad unanswerable questions! I am often asked if a certain romantic relationship will"work out" ! Similarly"tell me about my mother" or"tell me about my family"are so broad that these queries require much more detail!

Side benefits of writing out the questions for a Jyotisha reading include the psychic grounding and reflective goal-setting that comes with the writing process.

If you decide you would like a reading, please feel welcome to write out as many detailed questions as you have time to write.

Most people find that in the process of writing out their most important questions, that they are actually asking the same questions from several different points of view.


Regarding, the mode of payment, if I choose to pay by credit card. do I just need to do this through PayPal and then I am done, right ?


Right! PayPal will send me an email confirming your payment, then we are ready to put your reading on the calendar. Typically my queue is long enough that a 60-day lead time is in place. As soon as your reading day arrives, I will start working with your birth place, birth date, birth time, and your detailed personal questions.

All the best, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Hello, From reading on your website, I get the impression that you do only recorded readings?

Do you do them in person or by phone as well?

A: Namaste, That's right, only recorded Jyotishavidya readings via MP3 download

This restriction is actually for psychic purposes. Reading outcomes improve when I can concentrate on the flow of the Jyotisha divination without interruption from the anxiety of the client.

Best wishes for your success, Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Hello, I would like to ask: how does the"Two-hour Jyotisha readingvia MP3" work?

I mean - Do I call you and you read my chart for 2 hours or you do it alone and after I receive the MP3 via download? Thank you

A: Namaste, The second option is correct. The Jyotisha reading is not interactive. I do the reading in the studio, record the reading on MP3 audio file, and upload the file to a server from where the client may download to one's own computer.

One follow-up question, via email, is included in the reading price.

Best clients for the readings

  • The Jyotisha readings are provided primarily for students of the vidya . Jyotisha readings are also suitable for those with some cultural familiarity with eastern philosophical values, such as folks who participate in eastern cultural religious practice or who have lived in Buddhist or Hindu society for some period of one's life. Those with a background in some type of dharma practice will find the concepts easier to digest.

  • Jyotisha is quite different, in logical principle and in vocabulary, from western style astrology. Therefore, a Jyotisha reading might not be suitable for a person who is more accustomed to the western tropical-astrology viewpoint. Jyotisha is primarily a predictive and evaluative art; it involves much less "personal psychology" than the western-style tradition.

Delivery time

  • Occasionally when my Jyotisha reading queue gets quite long, there can be a rather long delay in delivery time for the reading package.

  • Delays of 1-2 months from time of purchase are now common. Turnaround time varies from 2 weeks to 12 weeks but it is always at least one month wait time.

Also, I can offer a gift certificate by mail or email if you would like to purchase a reading for a friend as a gift for delivery at a later time.

Wishing you best success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Is the reading package cheaper if I make my own Jyotisha charts?

Dear Barbara

Namaste !! I am an amateur in Vedic Astrology and really really impressed by your website. And this is my bible.

I live in India and was wondering as to how to go about a reading for me. I don't need any birth charts ( I happen to own a Jyotish software).

I need is the following:

1) Life predictions 2) Marriage and my future. 3) Children

Actually all of these are so related.....if I said know about the future that would be good enough. ...I am not sure how much would this package cost. ...

Warm regards - from India

A: Namaste,

Thanks for your note. I am always happy to know that students of Jyotisha like myself are receiving benefit from the website materials.

Procedure for reading payments is listed at Jyotisha services payment

The reading package always contains these items

  • digital audio files of the Jyotisha reading delivered in quick-spoken Midwestern USA English.

  • Radical kundali, navamsha-varga, and 16 Parashari varga charts

  • Vimshottari Dasha spanning 120 years

  • A brief list of planetary yogas present in the nativity

Because there are numerous methods for calculating the nativity, it is important to coordinate my calculations with my interpretation; therefore, i always as a matter of course include charts and Vimshottari Dasha printouts (or PDF's) with every reading.

  • Removing a particular document such as a varga chart or a Vimshottari dasha timeline, does not alter the price of the reading.

In pre-computer days, certainly, the astrologer's time was so much consumed with making calculations that the majority value of an astrological chart was the labor involved in astronomical computation.

In addition, if one was raised with a culturally superstitious view of astrology, where the hand-written documents (chart diagrams, magical number squares etc.) are treated like talismans, it might be easy to believe that the document medium itself has some mystical-power value.

However, these days, anyone with access to the internet can generate free Jyotisha charts. IMO the Jyotisha documents themselves, available to create and re-create at the push of a button, have no value at all except as temporary containers of timeless Wisdom.

The value lies in the power of the interpretation to generate life-changing insight.

But I can't afford your prices!

If the reading prices seem out of reach, take that as a signal that that your spirit does not want this reading.

Your spirit wants you to do your own work!

  • In truth, one can usually generate a much more powerful level of insight about oneself, by doing one's own Jyotisha research into one's own family, friends, and work-mates. That research into the lives of others is what clears up the mirror for one to see oneself.

  • I strongly encourage anyone who has the sustained interest to study Jyotisha via the many free materials on the internet or via inexpensive books where available. (India is definitely the best place to find Jyotisha books! although there are several good shops in the USA as well

  • Free or low-cost software is easy to obtain.

Rather than buy expensive readings from abroad or suffer the ponderous mystifications of traditional village Jyotiṣika, It is recommended to try to figure out one's own predictions .

Ownership - make Jyotishavidya belong to You

Despite the background I bring to each reading, it remains true that my own interpretive opinion is much less authoritative than the conclusions you can draw for yourself, using your own intelligent reasoning and intuition.

If you can't afford these readings, accept that your spirit wants you to *own* your Jyotisha learning process.

Do your own research, figure out where your prosperity blocks are, and take ownership of your nativity.

By removing the blocks (Jyotisha points out Akashic memory patterning very clearly) you will soon be able to afford the readings. (Although ironically, by that point of self-knowledge, you probably won't need an outside opinion)

  • If you are struggling with a point of scriptural interpretation and you have made a sincere effort to apply a principle of Jyotisha without conclusive results, please do send me an email with a clear description of your interpretive dilemma. (Not just"when will I be married" or"when will I be wealthy" .

  • These questions indicate immaturity and lack of application in study. I will answer questions such as specific passages in scripture or interpretation of a varga)

  • As soon as I have time (or as soon as I figure it out myself!) I will try to answer a sincere scholarly question on the web so that other students can also gain value from the interpretive perspective of the answer.

However, if you would like to request a reading, my lead time is approximately 30 days from the time of payment to the time of delivery for the reading.

Wishing you the best success in your study of the samayavidya!

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

" One Simple Question"

Q: Hello Barbara,

I just need to you to answer one simple question. I wanted to check with you that if I have just one general question should I deposit $ for the answer of that question? Please let me know, and I'll pay through your website. Thanks,

A : Namaste,

  • Jyotishavidya sacred stone Ratana Recommendations = brief (8-10 pages in a fixed report format). Delivered via email.

  • Jyotisha readings = comprehensive, 2+ hours in length. Delivered via audio MP3 download.

  • For clients who have already completed the 2-hour comprehensive preliminary reading with me, individual follow-up questions and update readings are available.

For clients who have already completed the 2-hour comprehensive reading and who, after listening carefully to their reading, realize that they have a follow-up question which requires some additional analysis, that follow-up question for those who have completed the 2-hour reading is delivered via email.

Please note that a follow-up question is available only AFTER a complete Jyotisha reading. I am unable to answer "one simple question" in the Jyotisha format.

  • While it is quite possible to approach a "simple question" using other methods of divination such as a tarot cards, I Ching, throwing Tibetan-style "mo" dice, reading tea leaves, observing the flight patterns of birds, or via clairvoyant reading -- in Jyotisha, a simple question is a bit of an Oxymoron.

Jyotisha is a complex system which yields detailed answers, and Therefore, the notion of a "simple question" will unfortunately result in a "simplistic" answer.

Again, other forms of divination can provide a much faster feedback loop and these faster methods may be more appropriate to the nature of your question.

Reputable Psychic Reader

  • For purpose of addressing a single question, if you are in USA, I can recommend the intuitive reader Mr. John Huddleston. He offers consultations by telephone. (510) 548-4254 * American English speaker. John is a master teacher at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He has more than 30 years experience in clairvoyant reading.

Q: reply to another question re: Jyotisha answers for"only one simple question" .

A : Namaste,

Naturally, there is no such thing as "one simple question" in Jyotisha. Everything in life, seen through the kaleidoscope lens of Jyotisha, is interconnected.

  • Each nativity presents within several broad karmic themes, within which parameters all action and reaction occurs.

  • It is necessary to study the nativity for some hours in order to discover a reasonable prediction.

  • Thus Jyotisha divination cannot be accomplished in such a quick way as, for example, pendulum-swing, dowsing, water-gazing, dice-throwing, tea-leaf-reading, or Tarot-card insights.

    For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, individual follow-up questions are available subsequent a full reading.

  • Due to the complexity of Jyotisha readings, individual questions can only be answered aftera complete review of the full nativity.

  • As divination systems go, Jyotisha is relatively complex, and it is not realistic to expect an accurate answer from a quick scan of the nativity. It really does take several hours of reading time to understand a individual Jyotishavidya nativity


Yet, it's a common experience for all of us that the anxiety and frustration surrounding what seems like"one simple question" can gain great mental power. The power of"one simple question" increases to the point where it can dominate one's entire field of consciousness.

It's easy for us narcissistic humans to fall into the rationalization-anxiety trap, wherein it seem like there is just one simple obstacle standing between oneself and Complete Success .

So how to address the self-referential anxiety of a Burning Question?


(1) Take positive steps. Build your own future on the basis of unshakable faith

As Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce often said, " Mind is the builder" .

To reduce victim-mind anxiety and replace the fear of external forces with true confidence, It is recommended to complete the Positive Visualization steps described in these and similar books:

  • The Magic of Believing (1948, Claude Bristol)

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (1966, Joseph Murphy).

(2) To Alleviate immediate anxiety , try doing some Quick divinations.

(3) Talk sense to the Ego-membrane

Ultimately, every single thing that happens in one's life is completely within control of the partnership between oneself and the Divine Intelligence. Don't let the other-blaming ego-mind mislead you. Every single moment of every single day is the product of this core creative relationship.

Let it be based on personal accountability,positive expectations, and trust.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q : Dear Barbara, I'd like to order a gem recommendation.

Can I get you to answer a few simple questions when you are doing the gem report ?

A : Namaste:

Thanks for your note. Sacred Jewels recommendations are intended to answer only one type of question:

  • which ratna are suitable for the nativity, and when (according to the Vimshottari dasha) should suitable ratna be applied?

Because gem readings are narrow in scope, they are also low in price.

The full reading packages, which involve 2+ hours of analysis and presentation, are designed to interpret the nativity and make some predictions using the Vimshottari Dasha Calendar and transit tables. The scope of a full reading creates enough context to allow me to answer 5-10 of the native 's present time questions. Naturally, there is neither time nor sufficient context for questions in a gem reading.

Best wishes, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q : Hello Ms. Pijan Lama:

Thank you for your site, it's wonderfully informative.

Do you do readings for people who are somewhat experienced with Vedic astrology? I have had many astrological readings and am compiling a library on the subject.

I understand most of what is on your site except for some of the abbreviations (eg D-1). Also I am familiar with the western names of signs.

I understand a lot but if you speak in technical terms, it will help me to have a guide for the key terms.

What is your turnaround time after an order for a chart is placed?

A : Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments on the Jyotisha materials at

I'm always happy to know that students of Jyotisha are finding the articles and case studies to be useful.

D-1 is the first varga, the kundali or natal chart. The other main Parashari varga charts are D-2 through D-60, with D-9 navamsha being most heavily used.

It's great that you're assembling a library of Jyotisha books. Clients and website readers often ask me for book recommendations, and except for the absolute classics I rarely know what to tell them. (I prefer the case-study method to book-reading myself.) If you have time to tell me, I'd love to know: Of the Jyotisha books you've collected, what are your top five? Top ten?

I am an American born in Chicago (now living in Portland, Oregon). Most of my speech discourse in the readings would be intelligible to American English speakers.

When BP Lama Jyotishavidya uses Sanskritic Jyotisha terminology, there is typically an effort to explain what it means in modern English parlance. If there is an English translation for the Sanskrit term, I try to explain in English. Certain Sanskrit words just don't have direct English translations, but mainly the reasoning of Jyotisha is pretty straightforward to explain.

If you're assembling a library, you probably know quite well that Jyotisha samayavidya is quite different from western style astrology.

The houses mean different things, but the planets cast different aspects, and the Vimshottari dasha is not related to western progressions at all. Sometimes a knowledge of tropical astrology can be more of an obstacle than a help!

But in general if a person can tell me their level of familiarity with the Jyotisha vocabulary, I can pitch the explanations to the person's background. (My day job is teaching college, so I'm used to explaining things.)

Turnaround time varies from 2 weeks to 12 weeks, with occasional sabbaticals during which the calendar is completely closed. Currently there are several dozen readings in the queue. When the calendar includes teaching classes, wait times for readings may be longer.

The readings are designed to provide a broad lifetime perspective, rather than respond to urgent questions. Most people are happy with their recordings and are able to be patient with the calendar.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

" what will Source do next in this personality context?"

Counseling Dialogue vis-à-vis Jyotisha Analysis?


Hi Barbara--Well, I've kind of become hooked on your website--in good ways (and bad) I think.

The good I think is just looking to learn and expand my self-knowledge.

The bad, I suppose, is looking for"Answers "and shortcuts to having to go through the hard experiences. (What with going through Saturn mahadasha with Saturn in the 7th in Capricornus right now.....I don't think that's going to happen.)

I've thought of asking you for a reading but I balk at the set-up. I am reluctant to leave myself open to having a detailed report of who I am (two hours does, indeed, feel a little intimidating), where I have been and where I am likely to head based purely on my chart. I have a very difficult chart (and life) which--through the grace of excellent teachers, my own extremely hard work and dim-witted stubbornness--I have managed to make work, more or less.

I balk at the idea that you might make an accurate assessment of my strengths and weaknesses based upon my chart without at least getting my perspective and experience as part of the mix--which would could come through dialogue.

(You offer the five-ten questions--but I don't consider that a dialogue!)

However, based upon your writings, you seem like quite a thoughtful, learned and also compassionate person. And so, I imagine that you have thought this set-up through.

Thus, my question is if you could take the time to comment on my above mentioned concern. I look forward to your response!

A : Namaste,

Thanks so much for your note. It sounds like you might enjoy having a face-to-face reading with a Jyotiṣika in your local area. The readings that I offer are definitely at remote, and purposefully so.

You raise some important points about styles of Jyotisha practice. Thanks for asking a good question! Here is my current viewpoint:

Practice model = counseling dialogue

  • Some Jyotiṣika are very gifted face-to-face counselors who are skilled at handling the anxious and self-justifying interruptions of the client, and who encourage client-with-Jyotiṣika dialogue as a means of gaining knowledge.

  • The therapeutic counseling model is quite common in western-style, tropical astrological practice. In the West, astrological advising seems to have followed the modern"talk therapy" model, that is itself grounded in the older traditions of rabbinical and pastoral counseling. Some western Jyotiṣika choose to follow this model also. (For example, see the credentials of astrologer Dennis Harness. )

  • Perhaps there is such a counselor-Jyotiṣika in your area.

Practice model = clairsentient reading

  • Other practitioners of Jyotisha (like myself) need a more protected psychic field of perception in order to deliver an accurate reading.

  • It is a liability of my own clairsentient sensitivity that I cannot deliver an accurate Jyotisha reading if the flow of interpretation is interrupted by outside noise (either physical noise or psychic noise).

  • I have to deliver readings in a very quiet psychic space.

Practice model = objective analysis

  • Given the required quiet environment, my interpretive style is highly analytical. My delivery is targeted to sincere students of the vidya, who are in process of gaining their own proficiency in Jyotisha.

  • I presume, when performing a reading, that the client wishes to acquire knowledge the rules of Jyotisha as a step toward one's own self-awareness.

Students of the vidya are typically more interested in testing the scriptural mandates of classical Jyotisha against their own life experience and the direct experience of those known to them (such as a husband or wife). Also they like to test the predictions which may emerge after the rules have been successfully tested against past experience.

They are less interested in therapeutic 'dialogue' and more interested in objective case analysis. Of course each reading is very specifically personalized - since no two births are the same. Yet students of the vidya realize that the system while highly sophisticated is ultimately quite mechanical, and that the rules are rather fixed.

The target of any Jyotisha reading is an accurate prediction. This is an absolutely mechanical matter. Yet, as noted, the mechanics are highly complex and it may take lifetimes of study and testing to get it right.

For BP Lama Jyotishavidya,, all personalities are presumed to be composed wholly of Source (what else is there?) and inherently perfect .

There is nothing to"fix" , or"avoid" or"worry about" . The reading target is to determine"what will Source do next in this personality context?"

To answer this question"what next?" Jyotisha tools such as Vimshottari dasha, various varga, transit tables, inter alia can be deployed. The reading consists of a staged assessment of the 12 bhava of the birth chart * kundali, followed by a review of the Vimshottari dasha timeline, and noting of any currently influential transits. Then based on the previous outlay of factors, the 5-to-10 personal questions may considered in a case-analysis fashion.

In my non-interactive practice, there is little opportunity for the constant interruptions of the judged-and-fearing-judgement ego which can distract the Jyotishi and corrupt the prediction.

In this non-interactive practice, the target of the reading is * not* to therapeutically allay anxieties or repair damaged ego-structure by engaging in a dialogue rich with ego-attribute adjectives such as "good person" , "honorable" , "successful" , "worthy" , "well married" , "wealthy" , "blameless ","pure motive" , etc.

In fact, the reading is essentially a two-hour monologue which overflows with descriptive adjectives that are absolutely necessary to convey the imagery of the Framework. However, the adjectives are meant to be DESCRIPTIVE not PRESCRIPTIVE and in no way does the Jyotisha description connote any sort of ego-manipulating "social judgment" upon the native.

The vidya of Jyotisha is a spiritual science; its judgments are scientifically descriptive but morally neutral. Here the term 'scientific' is used not in the sense of modern laboratory process but in the broader original sense of scientia * deep knowledge.

Not only am I not skilled in this type of ego-rebuilding healing; I basically do not believe it is the proper aim of a Jyotisha reading.

Truly, many, many, many people in our world are suffering from traumatic ego-damage due to abusive parenting and corrupt belief systems. One in desperate need of therapeutic ego-emotional healing and social approval should * before requesting a Jyotisha reading * intelligently address this urgent need for ego-membrane repair by seeking qualified therapeutic support.

After stabilizing the ego's constant urgent need for self-justification, it may be fruitful to seek a Jyotisha reading. (Or, ideally, to begin to educate oneself in the mechanics of the samayavidya.)

At this stage of awareness, there is no need for the representative of the vidya (the Jyotishi) to endure the time-consuming therapeutic exercise of the client interrupting the explanatory, predictive discourse in order to"negotiate" for self-acceptance.

Rather, at this stage, the client should possess the"eagerness " of the sincere student (Latin 'studere' = 'to be eager') to learn more about things as they are. IMO the greatest benefit of Jyotisha is its ability to increase one's perceptual clarity toward"what is " which steadily reduces ego-reactivity and opens compassion toward others.

The readings that I offer are primarily a service to sincere students who wish to receive a detailed analysis of the application of Jyotisha principles to their own personal clockworks.

of course it is fascinating to read the application of these principles to one's own nativity, and a correct analysis can serve as a lifetime guide. The analysis is compassionately worded but the goal is spiritual confirmation with material accuracy, not"therapy" in the modern senser.

Time and cost

Inevitably, the working Jyotishi must consider cost of service. Unfortunately, having Ketu in bhava-8, I am unlikely to win the lottery, and having Ketu the sieve" involved with Shukra in nearly every varga, I am indeed unlikely to retain any sort of affluence !

Plus, each reading includes a tithe to the nuns. Therefore, market value for readings is likely a continuing cost requirement.

The analysis model at current pricing permits a two-hour reading which covers most of the basics of the nativity plus time for 5-10 questions. If I were to offer an *initial* dialogued counseling package in addition to the analysis, the cost of a reading would double or triple, due to the time involved.

However, please note that after the initial reading with me, clients are most welcome to pay for additional questions as a follow-on explanation to the reading. Many clients do indeed choose this option.

Present needs

If one is seeking a dialogue, it might be beneficial to find a reputable counseling astrologer. It might also suit your purpose to visit a qualified healer such as a psychologist, or a trained pastoral counselor, or just talk with a trusted friend.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Adult expectations for a Jyotisha consultation

Q: Dear Sister Barbara, As seen, you are a dedicated astrologer who is sharing your expert knowledge on Jyotisha Astrological matters.

I'm actually searching for Astrologers who are genuine in sharing their knowledge upon consultations.

My point is, I have consulted various astrologers through the Net, unfortunately most of them do not guide me as what they are supposed to.

They'll only tell me that I'm so-so star sign, so-so planets are in the said houses and then they'll ask me what is that I want to know(based on 1 question upon consultation). This is after I have banked-in the payment into their bank accounts.

Here's an example, last year an astrologer told me that I'll be entering Shani Maha Dasha period and told me that everything's ok in my astrological chart except I need some Vaastu arangements.

Then recently when I ask for Matching compability with my wife, the astrologer told in his report that I am the said star sign and currently I'm going under Shani Maha Dasha.

So I'm not saying both are incompetent astrologers, they are actually quite famous and what they've predicted about my star sign and period are actually the same.

However, none are actually telling me that what will be the effects of such periods, what are the other periods I'm going through, the said planets in the said houses will give such effects, etc.

Jyotisha is supposed to guide an individual, things which they dont know are told to them so that they may avoid certain habits or things and use their potentials in certain things.

However, the astrologers are only interested to ask you;"ok, what's that you want to know?"and that's about it.

The reason I'm telling you this is that of course I would love to know every spheres in life(health, wealth, family, marriage, spiritual, etc).

Hence, I'm humbly asking you that is your consultations will also be the same procedures like other astrologers?

Seriously speaking, I thirst for astrological guidiance from a genuine astrologer.

I'm going through a bad phase of time now that I need astrological guidiances badly!

At times my mind tells me that it could be the works of those envious of me(using evil spells) and times I think it could be due to Astrological reasons.

A: Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments.

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experiences in Jyotisha consultation.

It sounds like one of the difficulties may arise from the expectation that Jyotishi are mystical mind-readers who can clairsentiently apprehend what you are really asking for, without the client needing to mention it. Of course this is a rather childlike expectation. Still, you are not alone in the superstitious belief that anyone outside oneself can know more about you than you!

People do the same thing with physicians, dentists, psychologist, even the tax attorney ... The client can walk into the consulting office without having prepared any questions, hoping that their professional adviser will somehow secretly"know" what is on their mind : )

Just like the licensed professions, Jyotisha practice requires is a set of complex calculations and rules which will yield answers to specific questions . You as the adult consumer should be prepared to ask the Jyotishi to answer those specific questions which are important for you, and to receive answers which are closely related to your specific questions.

Then, if you wish to pay a Jyotishi to give you a professional answer to a query, you can be confident in your adult expectation of what sort of information you will get for your money.

  • At the level of professional consulting, the advice one seeks from a Jyotishi is not much different from the advice one might seek from an attorney, a physician, or a financial counselor. All of these professionals are trained interpret the rules of their profession and to answer questions consistent with those rules.

One recommendation is for students to learn to interpret one's own Jyotishavidya nativity

so that one does not have to depend on the viewpoint of an outside astrologer.

The reason that I have published a number of articles and sample charts is so that students can use these examples as educational resources. I hope that you can teach yourself to interpret your own nativity so that you don't lose cintamani * mani * money paying for predictions that are not useful for you!

It is important to be educated in Jyotisha concepts before one consults an outside astrologer. It is similar to visiting the medical doctor: one should have some knowledge of The earthen body before discussing it with a medical adviser!

Try reading the classic Jyotisha scriptures and utilizing the various Jyotisha websites that are available on the internet in order to empower yourself.

And most of all, please avoid superstitions which claim that the power of the planets resides outside oneself. The power of the planets exists only within oneself, and it is completely within one's own ability to direct this destiny.

... it is important to mention that I do not make use of concepts such as curses, magical potions, amulets, talismans, or other superstitious customs. I do often recommend flawless gemstones since I find gems to be effective when properly applied.

However, the main remedy which I Typically, Recommend for planetary ills is seva . Selfless service targeted to those who have one's same problem but in a worse degree is the quickest, most effective remedy of all.

And Seva is Free.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Accurate birth time needed? Yes!

    Q: Hello, I have perused your website, and would like to explore the possibility of having a reading done.

    My only question/concern is that the time of my exact birth is uncertain as the papers were lost.

    In other words, I have a window, but would like to know if it is possible to have a full jyotish reading done (and if it is worth it) with this information in context.

    Previously, my parents said it was 5:30 a.m., but are not exactly sure. Probably you could rewind an hour ahead or back. Is it worthwhile to have a reading done with this (slightly ambiguous information)?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes,

A: Namaste,

Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, as you point out, the Jyotisha reading really isn't going to be very accurate given the uncertainty regarding your birthtime.

The Vimshottari dasha timing has a start-point that is derived from the exact degree of the Moon at the time of birth; definitely this degree is in question if you are talking about a possible 2-hour range of birth time!

  • If you can find an astrologer to do a rectification for you and if that Jyotishi can give you a confident result, then I'd be happy to undertake a reading for you.

  • (I am not currently doing them as rectifications take many hours of evaluation work for both the client and the Jyotishi)

  • In records of rural births the time is often missing or only vaguely remembered. There are many village astrologers in India who give entire readings based only on the general position of the Moon on the native 's birth day mainly based on the pada of the lunar nakshatra. These readings can be very accurate in regard to emotional issues, which are frankly the main substance of the Akashic memory patterning that is facing folk who live out their lives in emotionally intense drama of a village existence.

  • Those astrologers tend to know the clients' entire extended family as well as the typical lifestyle of the client's caste, marriage possibilities etc. Therefore, the range of predictive possibilities in those traditional settings is actually very manageable and the reading may be quite accurate in context.

For us in the (Rahu-ized) modern world, an individual may rise to great heights or sink to unfathomable lows from one's original social position at birth; multiple marriages are no longer exceptional; and there will also likely be several crafts or professions practiced along with way.

It is true that measuring the angles of graha from Chandra lagna and evaluation of the traditional karakas will take you a long way in understanding the person's psychology. For most of us, an accurate time of birth to the minute is really necessary for worldly predictions such as career on the basis of the ruler of the 10th navamsha.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in Jyotisha studies,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Dear Barbara, Could I have the reading and then ask my five to ten questions, after the reading ?

A : Namaste,

The requested 5-10 questions are intended to structure the Jyotisha reading, so that the client receives answers to their most important questions. The client's questions do not limit the reading, but rather shape and direct it.

During the reading, I continue to mention predictions that arise through a step-wise inspection of the radix and navamsha (along with other vargas as needed), a review of the Vimshottari Dasha, and an evaluation of the impact of current transits (related to the current planetary bhukti-pati).

Most people appreciate a reading that is targeted to their near-term concerns. Near-term concerns can certainly be spiritual and mental as well as emotional and material. And near-term can mean "from now until death" . (Esp. for those of us getting older!)

I find that detailed questions are very helpful in making sure that the reading is useful to the client. Some clients may have anxiety about the potential revelations of a reading. A superstitious thinker may expect some shocking and unexpected information will emerge. Of course that never happens -- Jyotisha like all divinatory methods simply confirms one's own intuition and brings a small amount of subconsciously held knowledge into the conscious light.

A Jyotisha reading should be a cooperative consulting exchange between two adults. The adult client says to me, the Jyotishi: "here are my concerns, you are professionally trained, what answers can you provide to me, from the knowledge you have gained in your skills training?"

Jyotisha practice requires engaged intuition (as do surgery, midwifery, parenting, marital diplomacy, etc) but Jyotisha is not a "magical" process that provides sudden and miraculous new information.

Jyotisha really is a database system and it has to be queried intelligently . Guiding questions from the client are a great asset to a successful reading. Naturally, the Jyotishi can follow a standard set of questions according to the progress of the twelve houses (how is the health? how is the career? how is the meditation practice? et-cetera.) and that is the default review for any reading.

I can certainly walk through the default review process, and that may prove quite useful as a general update on your life circumstances. If after the general update is finished, you would prefer to ask the 5-10 questions, each "follow-up" question would be available as an additional question via email.

For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, does permit clients to request a reading first with no guiding questions and ask the additional questions at one's leisure, if the client is comfortable with paying separately for each additional question.

  • I do have some clients that ask a new question each month or so; they simply go to the PayPal page on my website and press the additional question button.

  • Typically, these clients are evaluating a series of prospective spouses (India) or a batch of eligible employees (USA) or examining different education-to-career paths (worldwide). For them, multiple additional questions is suitable and they find the additional payments to be reasonably priced.

Again, you're more than welcome to save your questions for after the reading -- but do be aware that it is considerably more expensive that way! (... because it takes me much more time).

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Namaste, Hello Barbara,

I have paid for the gem recommendation and I am looking forward to receiving it.

I'd like to ask you a few questions as well, and I'd be grateful if you could offer a few words on each of them.

Thanks for your website - I'm always learning from it. I know you're busy so whatever you can do to answer to these eight questions would be appreciated.

Sincerely, XX Los Angeles


Thanks for your payment and yes, I'll be happy to complete a ratna recommendation for you.

However I wanted to be sure that you know that a Sacred Jewels recommendation is not the same as a Jyotisha reading and it is not designed to provide answers to individual questions.

The ratna recommendation document assesses the 12 bhava of the natal kundali and reports on the applicability of the nine traditional jewel remedies for each bhava. Information includes timing of application and removal of the gems, following the sequence of the vimshottari dasha.

The ratna report is a lower cost service, designed only for the purpose of providing an opinion to folks who are interested in purchasing a Jyotisha-qualified jewel, and specific questions are not included. (Most remedial ratna buyers like to obtain a second and third Jyotishi opinion as well.)

Questions can be answered (indeed, questions are required) in the broader and more detailed 2-hour Jyotisha reading. Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Dear Barabara Pijan,

I saw on your website that you do not have a phone—I think that is brilliant. I also do not have a phone here, but of course, being in the Himalayas—it is much easier to be without one. I think it is beautiful that you are able to carry out your depth of Jyotish and path in the US. ...

... I live in the Himalayas (in an ashram), high up in the mountains outside of Uttarkashi .... Recently, we have been able to access the internet (!) and recently I came across your beautiful website. You have done a remarkable job.

We live a very inward life here, and occasionally I have deep and profound experiences of consciousness which relate to the field of jyotish. The whole cosmic display of everything in life is so beautifully expressed in the simple yet unbelievably profound graha, Nakshatra, rashi and bhavas.

I am interested in getting a reading from you, but as a monk in the Himalaya I am not getting a salary—all of our needs are taken care of by donations. Do you offer a discount for those like us? ..., I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for offering so much knowledge and insights on the net that you have so beautifully compiled and integrated for us all.

All bliss from up here in the mountains,


Namaste K.P.

Thanks so much for your kind email. It sounds like you are living a wonderful and peaceful life there in the Himalaya. I too have lived in the Himalaya (insolu-khumbu Nepal near the Tibet border) and I still do visit occasionally for family events.

Thanks very much for your compliments on the Jyotisha materials . I am always happy to know that students of the vidya find the materials to be

It might not surprise you to learn that I receive dozens of emails each week asking for Jyotisha guidance. I am able to offer approximately one paid reading per week. With family responsibilities and my university teaching job, that is unfortunately the limit of my service these days!

Unfortunately free or discounted readings are not available from me (there is a psychic reason for that too!) However, in the future I do hope to be able to refer indigent enquiries to some senior Jyotisha students. I know that there are many sincere and deserving aspirants who would benefit immediately from access to the Jyotisha perspective, and I would like to facilitate that access... perhaps some day that will be possible.

Until then, I do hope that the examples and discussions posted on may be of some service for those who are trying to make sense of one's own Jyotisha timeline.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Dear Barbara Pijan,

Thanks for a terrific website, just brimming with wonderful information.

I might like to purchase a reading from you as a gift for one of my family members, but I'm not sure he understands why people ask for astrology readings. (

He's a young engineer, very practical fellow).

How would you explain the reasons that people ask for readings? Thanks.


.... In answer to the question of why folks request Jyotisha readings, I'd say from thirty years experience that it runs the gamut. Some people have a broad, general interest in understanding their Vimshottari dasha timeline and its predictive capabilities.

  • However, Most clients have specific issues with children, marriage, finance, career, health, etc.

  • One might be running for political office; another is contemplating surgery; a third is facing a high-stakes professional exam.

  • GGraduate school, fertility, aging parents, tax problems, medical diagnosis, corporate mergers, extramarital affairs, spiritual retreats, childhood sexual abuse, major inheritance, buying a house, nervous breakdowns, entertainment careers, religious crisis, conflict with religious teachers, - oy, you name it!

In practice, there isn't too much difference between the reading for the person with the pressing material issues vs. The readings for the folks with the general psycho-spiritual curiosity.

The answers to the big questions emerge from the character of the planets in the houses. The answers to the small questions emerge from the character of the planets in the houses.

So, most of the value of the reading is in simply having a map of the incarnation - the Jyotishavidya nativity

- and giving oneself permission to use the map.

  • If the person can read one's own map, fantastic. Other map styles which work just as well include looking into the mirror of self in meditation, reading the details of the hand palms, or repeated divinations in any of the great mystical traditions.

  • If one has the cultural taste to request a Jyotishi to read the Jyotisha map and give a viewpoint on what it all means, I can do that in about 2 hours on audio MP3.

  • Most folks say that the Jyotisha readings are extremely valuable to them, and they express great appreciation for the serenity gained in knowing that there is a map, that there is a plan, and that it unfolds according to personal intention. Many folks request update readings over a period of years (often, every 2 years or at the onset of a major new Vimshottari period.

  • As an American, I lack the fatalism sometimes present in the viewpoint of traditional Jyotishi; folks seem to appreciate that too!

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Books? More Detailed Explanation of Practice + Process?

... with your wealth of knowledge, it is obvious that you could write many interesting, comprehensive Jyotisha books that would put a lot of the efforts currently out there to shame.

I have purchased a few books and downloaded a few from scribd, yet I always come back to your outstanding website.

You don't just say"what is " but"why it is "; very much in the vein of the late, great Behari (but with less esoteric emphasis).

As I'm sure you know as an educator, that approach is highly conducive to learning such a complex science. you ever see yourself writing books?

... Also, you have a lot of very useful celebrity profiles on your website, but mostly dealing with specific life issues.

All extremely illuminating!

However, do you ever see yourself doing a complete analysis of a chart, from first look to what eventually delivers on the indications in the chart and what doesn't and why based on the dashas, divisional charts and transits?

Essentially, the process the you use when someone orders a chart reading from you. Is it systematic (bhava by bhava, graha by graha) or do you analyze only what jumps out at you, or little of both?

I am [searching for instructions regarding] an effective approach to reading a chart, because you seem to glean a great deal with your technique.

I know you are a very busy woman, at least your profile suggest as much. But if you can find the time, I would greatly appreciate a little direction and/or at the very least some hope that you may be publishing or uploading to your website a breakdown of how you do what you do. ...

I am only a year into Jyotisha (previously I studied western astrology), but I have learned more from your website than anything or anyone else. ... any aid that I can get in preparing for that possible future is greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much for your lovely compliments on the site and its educational value for you.

Yes I would be delighted to write some books as time allows; these would probably be e-books that I could correct quickly, unless I was lucky enough to find an excellent sharp-eyed editor. Like any teacher and parent, I struggle to create the time to write. Yet, as family responsibilities settle and perhaps my teaching schedule could be reduced, then yes, writing books become a happy possibility.

Before starting on such a big project, I would probably conduct a "needs assessment" to solicit feedback from regular readers like yourself. I'd want to ask for the same type of guiding information you've provided above: what questions does a beginner have? And in what order?

After formally collecting requests and making a plan for what to present and in what order, I'll probably do a second survey to find out more detailed needs. For example, once the preliminary knowledge base in in place, what intermediate questions arise? How much of the practice is counseling and how much is predictive? Etc. Then, spirits willing, I'll set to it.

I am presently enjoying a 10 year mahadasha of karmesha-10 Chandra in Ari Bhava, which indicates direct clinical service of hands-on problem-solving (or problem validation !) via client readings and classroom teaching. This Chandra is not suited for romantic sorts of writing, but it is quite good for logical argumentation (step-wise reasoning) and clinical descriptions.

For me - as for anyone - bhukti of bhratru-pati-3 and vidya-pati-5 can produce effective messaging (3) and creative performance via writing (5). Since my [uchcha-Budha] occupies the house of meditations and dreams (12) Budha bhukti are very nice for writing about astral and clandestine realities. (In fact, two academic theses in religious studies and one in linguistics were written in Budha bhukti. )

Thanks again for your compliments and request for books or e-books in Jyotisha.

I'll see what kind of time schedule Professor Shani is willing to grant. If the lords of 1, 3, 5 and in this case 9-12 (Jyotisha Vidya) are willing, I'd be happy to try to support worldwide Jyotisha education with books to supplement the website.Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in Jyotisha studies,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Dear Madam,

I require a reading from you on an urgent basis. I am faced with some extremely important business decisions.

Requesting your immediate reply.

(Message flagged "urgent" )

A: Namaste,

Unfortunately I must decline any request that is marked "immediate" or "urgent" .

" Urgent" is a suitable word to describe business transactions, but when used to label a request for a Jyotisha reading, it indicates that the requestor is in a state of narcissistic anxiety.

Urgent reading queries are generally veiled requests for fortune-telling. Jyotishavidya is a branch of the Veda [vedanga] which is designed for spiritual development and increased communication with the higher intelligence. Jyotishavidya has nothing to do with luck, fortune, or power over others. The vidya is about gaining understanding of yourself. [Which will indeed give one more creative power, but not power over others.]

Those who are using Jyotisha properly - as a wisdom resource - usually describe their divinatory inquiry not as "urgent" but rather as "welcome" , "valuable" , "food for reflection" , "nourishment for the soul" , "calming and clarifying" , "providing a framework for human experience" or "essential life knowledge" .

The desire to use Jyotisha wisdom as a decision tool for momentarily "extremely important" business matters is misguided. The usual motive for this desire is superstitious materialism. The usual agent of misuse is the ever-expedient Rahu the Rogue.

Jyotisha is a spiritual and philosophical tool which requires taking the long view. Unfortunately for those who desire to use Jyotisha to empower their ego advantage in business, the samayavidya is not a commercial tool. For reasons of scope, Jyotisha simply cannot be forced into mercantile duty.

By analogy, we could say that while making good decisions in commercial business requires a microscopic view, the vidya of Jyotisha provides a telescopic view. It is unrealistic to expect to use the broadly thematic view from telescope which reads eons of time into a tightly localized and short-lived business situation that may last only a few hours.

If you prefer to use Jyotisha-related techniques for guiding immediate practical decisions, It would be recommended to ask an astrologer in your neighborhood to check the muhurta of the expected decision moment. However, there are some significant uncertainties issues with muhu-rita calculations, including extreme sensitivity to precise location boundaries, and the overarching concern about those energy-portal boundaries possibly being obsolete because the earth has changed position several times since the muhurta were codified.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,

Sincerely,Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: During the 2-hour reading, do you prescribe additional remedies such as puja or corrective rituals?

A: Namaste,

Generally, no remedies are prescribed, except

  • ratna * within the remedial ratna recommendation
  • seva * within the remedial ratna recommendation when gems are not appropriate for certain graha
  • in the 2-hour comprehensive reading, when karmic blockage seems to be present and seva looks like a viable method for releasing it

seva more than puja is recommended, because seva helps others while puja is more about supplicating supposedly-more-powerful entities outside of oneself.

therefore, if any remedy is suggested, it is usually seva that is indicated.

Q: Hello Barbara,

I've been reading your website for awhile and it's really satisfying. I read a little bit every day and I think I'm learning!

I really want a reading from you but I'm struggling to assemble the money.

Could you put my name on your calendar and let me pay you some time in the future?

A: Namaste,

First of all please allow me to apologize for the length of the reading queue! I am sorry that for health reasons I can offer only one reading per week. My system is to place the name of the readee into my Jyotisha reading calendar when payment arrives. This is a psychically grounded method which establishes intention. It's extremely important to remain in a state of grounded intention during the divination process.

I'm delighted to say that most people are willing to wait patiently - often for several months after making payment - in order to receive their Jyotisha reading. Naturally However, this arrangement does not work well for urgent questions.

It does work well for folks who have a philosophical interest in their Jyotishavidya nativity

and whose carefully composed, reflective questions are intended to aid their learning process rather than to solve an immediate problem. In fact, a bit of a delay after making payment can psychically help to release any anxiety in the environment and give those meddling ancestors, who like to hover around the readings, some good time to settle down.

Please decide whether you can tolerate the long wait before sending payment. From a psychic perspective, It would be recommended that if one feels any pressure or unease about sending payment, that it is a better choice not to send the payment.

There is a general principle in divinations that the psychic energy at the moment of asking the question will very much affect the outcome of the reading. So, please be financially comfortable and in a clear, confident state of mind - free of anxiety - when and if you choose to send payment .

There are many less expensive and less time-consuming options to obtaining a clear divination. Some divinatory methods are quite instantly gratifying and requite no lead-time at all, for example Tarot Cards and I-Ching. Some methods like pendulum or dowsing may require a few minutes of energy-intention set-up and a grounding prayer.

Jyotishavidya is an analytical and detailed knowledge tradition with many complex connections that must be knit together. this knitting process takes considerable preparation and real-time performance attention. Therefore, Jyotisha is usually not so helpful for urgent questions in any case.

(The exception to Jyotisha methods not being quite suitable to urgent decisions is perhaps muhurta divinations, but these sadly are mainly undertaken in a state of superstition and not in the least understood as a cosmic clock tick that they are. )

Try to use the faster and less expensive divinatory methods first. In a clear state of mind, you might receive a very useful, immediate answer to your urgent immediate questions - and avoid undue pressure on a delicate budget.

In general if it seems like a financial squeeze to make the Jyotisha reading funds available, then it is probably not the right method or the right time for you. Be good to yourself and don't overspend.

However, if the funds are readily available and you feel comfortable making payment, your name can enter the reading calendar when payment arrives.

If you send payment and then change your mind, I can issue a prompt refund. Luckily PayPal makes refunds easy. However, in order to be placed into the calendar, payment does need to arrive first. Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Dear Barbara,

I'd like to know my Jyotisha ratna ...

Will you tell me during my 2-hour reading which gems suit my chart?

Or do I need to order a separate Ratna Reading to find out the proper jewels?

A: Namaste - thanks for asking about the gem information:

In the 2-hour reading, I'm happy to mention the most suitable Traditional Jyotishavidya Sacred Jewels gems. However, in the separate PDF ratna recommendation document, the gems are not only suggested but the Jyotisha reasoning is explained.

The separate ratna recommendation explains the logic for prescribing one rather than another, and identifies which times of the Vimshottari dasha are important for putting on or taking off a remedial gem. Also the PDF document (approx 20 pages) gives instructions for which metals, mantra, and other settings, along with instructions for combining gems according to the traditional principles and consistent with the dasha timing.

In the 2-hour reading, most of our time is dedicated to the mechanics of the nativity and the forecast events from Vimshottari dasha; and answering your questions; so that going into details about the gems would consume too much time for the purpose of the 2-hour reading. However, for the 2-hour reading, if you state as one of your questions, that you'd like to know overall one or two favorable gems, I can certainly mention which ratna are generally most suitable.

Why the brief gem advice within the 2-hr reading is often too limited (and why the more detailed gem report can be valuable):

Due to the sequence of their Vimshottari dasha timeline, some people need to switch gems several times during their lifetime.

Yet others may have long periods of time, perhaps several decades, when they can continue to wear one supporting ratna that does not contradict the patterns of the mahadasha pathi.

Typically those who can wear a single superb gem for most of their lifetime have within their Vimshottari dasha a long sequence of mutually friendly period rulers.

During these sequences of Vimshottari period rulers one could could possibly wear the same remedial ratna for decades

  • if Ketu is ruled by one in this group: Shani-yuti-Budha + Ketu + Shukra.

  • if Rahu is ruled by one in this group: Surya-Chandra-Mangala-Rahu-Guru

Therefore generally yes, a brief declaration on favorable ratna (Typically, the lagnesha 's ratna, but not always) can certainly be included in the 2-hour reading. Just include it as one of your 5-10 questions.

However please keep in mind that even after hearing my brief opinion on the best Jyotisha ratna overall, you will need to study your Vimshottari dasha sequence carefully. Some nativities need more than one gem, and some periods must use Seva only because there is no suitable gem, and even an excellent lifetime vitalizing ratna may need to be removed during certain periods due to an incompatible Mahadasha-pati.


Subject: jyotisha

Barbara, is it jou who I am contacting?

I do not quite understand what jyotisha lama means . Are you the clairvoyant astrologer Barbara?

The fact only that you are a Tibetan religious woman makes me excited.

I have always wanted a Tibetan reading. I also want a normal astrologal reading, or a numerogical explanation.... Namaste ,

Thanks very much for your nice note. It is me that you have contacted: Barbara Pijan Lama. I am not a Tibetan 'religious woman' however; neither am I a 'jyotisha lama'. I am an American woman from Chicago. Many years ago I married a man of Tibetan cultural ancestry, and his family surname is Lama. Therefore, after marriage I became Mrs. Lama, and our children use 'Lama' as their surname also.

For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, practice follows the written rules of the fifth Vedanga. At this time in history, these rules can be found in any copy of the Jyotisha scriptures -- for example, the classic compilation Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Clairvoyant insight is appreciated and used in daily life. However, the astrological readings are simply attempts to apply the classical rules of traditional, mainstream Jyotishavidya to the lives of modern people.

The Jyotisha readings are not clairvoyant readings.

They are designed to provide a model of principled interpretation by a senior student of the vidya (me) which may serve as a frame of reference for upcoming students.

The readings are not intended to deliver esoteric spiritual advice or mystically privileged counsel. In fact, persons with little investment in their own study of the vidya may find the nomenclature and the method of interpretation quite foreign.

When the principles are apprehended as 'foreign' there is a tendency to mystify the vidya. However, there is nothing inherently mystical about it. This is why I emphasize that the readings are predominantly * educational* and not prescriptive.

Intelligent adults cannot and should not abandon their own intuition about what is right for them. However, it can be enormously helpful to consider additional qualified perspectives when making one's own adult decisions, and Jyotisha can for the reflective student provide a valuable additional perspective.

Anyone who has the interpretive skills can do the sort of Jyotisha readings that I do. There is nothing special about me. The readings are more like a work-through of textbook exercises and problem-sets that involve applying the rules to individual cases.

My clairvoyance is also not remarkable; it is simply a concentrated state of paying attention to details, which I learned from the Sisters of Providence who taught my Catholic elementary school.

I want to emphasize that anyone with sufficient interest can practice Jyotisha with competence. The samaya-vidya *" science of calendars " is complex and to understand it requires constant study; However, it is not mysterious. It is quite a normal type of human thinking to apply a principle to a case - which is to say,"talk-between" or"interpret" .

Also just to be clear, although I appreciate very much the ancient traditions of sacred geometry, I am not skilled in any style of numerology and cannot comment on particular enumerations. I do not practice Tibetan cultural astrology and my readings do not employ the traditional Tibetan divinatory devices, such as paksha or mo.

Thanks again for your interest in requesting a reading from me. My calendar has very limited availability due to other life duties.

If you would like to request a reading when the calendar is open, please be advised that the reading is conducted entirely in Chicago English, delivered via audio MP3 download. Each reading includes 5-to-10 clearly written, thoughtfully considered, precise and specific personal questions that you would like to have answered from a mainstream Jyotisha perspective.

Wishing you every happiness and success in your study of the samayavidya,

Q: respected madam.

I would like to have personalised reading session which might require having face to face conversation and several queries about different periods and also about remedies.


A: Namaste and thanks for your note.

My Jyotisha readings are intended to be presentations rather than conversations. The readings are spoken into a microphone as I am analyzing the nativity (charts, graphs, dasha timelines) . To ensure uninterrupted concentration, there is no face-to-face contact nor is the client engaged in any sort of communication while the reading occurs. The recorded Jyotisha readings are delivered on MP3, available via download from

The readings are of course personalized :) Five-to-ten questions are included in the reading, which is a minimum of two hours long. One follow-up question via email or MP3 download is also included. I generally prescribe only one remedy, and that is “targeted Seva”.

I realize that this lecture style of reading format does not work for everyone. It does work well for those who are reflective by nature and who can compose thoughtful questions about their nativity. This reading format is particularly well suited for students of the vidya who may have outstanding questions of interpretation after having considered their own nativity in comparison to other examples and who seek an expert opinion.

Those who are looking for a personal problem-solving session, a psychotherapeutic interactive experience, or emotional soothing may prefer to work with one of the many excellent Jyotishi who offer face to face (or Skype) readings. However, my readings are only available by distance recording.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in your study of the samayavidya,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Dear Barbara,

My husband said that you did a reading for him about 10 years ago and that I should look on this web page (....) to see his chart and his reading. That link does not work. Here is his email address (...) for reference. Can you send me please the link to his page?

We both enjoy your work. Thank you.

A: Namaste and thanks for your note.

There seems to be some confusion.

Firstly, all of the horoscopes on are teaching examples. These examples belong to public figures such as politicians, literary authors, drama celebrities, et-cetera. The public-figure examples provide useful learning models, because the biographical information of public figures can be verified on Wikipedia and other public information sources. Unless your husband is a notable public figure, his nativity would not be featured as a teaching example on

If your husband is by some chance referring to a page on, those file download link pages are intended to exist for a few months only. IEach client is provisioned with a personal folder on my professional dropbox as a temporary storage. The files have been purchased by the client, and the client is expected to move these purchased files into one's own private storage. Files older than six months are deleted for purpose of digital housekeeping.

Secondly, for psychic reasons, there is no archive Jyotisha readings. Email addresses, personal history, et-cetera are not stored. The only information that is sometimes retained for research purposes is the birth data itself matched with marriage, childbirth, and death data. However, no identifying name is kept.

A person may choose to distribute their Jyotisha reading files among their own friends, family, coworkers. Many families share the readings of the family members. However I personally do not keep copies of previous readings.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

" For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, the practice is not mystical or channeled.

It follows the traditional, usually written rules of Jyotisha scripture and commentaries. Clairvoyant insight is appreciated and used in daily life. However, the astrological readings are simply applications of the classical rules of traditional, mainstream Jyotisha to the busy, complex lives of modern people.

The Jyotisha readings are not clairvoyant readings. They are logical explications of interpretive principles, designed to provide a model for making predictions offered by a senior student of the vidya (me) as a frame of reference for upcoming students.

Specifically, these Jyotisha readings are provided for sincere students who want to learn more about the vidya." ~~ BP Lama


Hi Barbara

I would like to get the report of my rahu dasa. How much I have to pay for it?

Thank you


Thanks for your note. All first-time readings include a detailed assessment of the nativity, and all first-time readings have the same price.

To focus the reading upon a particular Mahadasha, please write all of your 5-to-10 questions about the specific aspects of the Rahu Mahadasha that are the most important to you.

For example, if asking about a Rahu-Shukra bhukti, one might ponder,

“it looks to me as if Shukra can produce a love relationship and some nice wealth during Shukra bhukti. I’m also thinking of shifting career focus more toward the financial side –maybe doing an MBA in finance. Would Shukra bhukti give me sustained support for developing sensual pleasures, a lifepartnership, sweet wealth, and professional knowledge about money?”

Readings are designed for established students of the vidya who seek to clarify their own knowledge.

It is presumed that the querent has a basic familiarity with the Sanskrit terminology and that one is asking questions about the nativity in order to gain more detailed understanding of the structure of the Learning Pathway. Jyotishashastra is not fortune-telling.

If you would like to order a reading, please feel welcome to select the 2-hour reading from the payments page,

Please put some deep thought into formulating your questions about the Rahu Mahadasha.

It can be helpful to ask one detailed question about each of the nine bhukti periods, plus one question about the Mahadasha overall - for a total of 10 questions. The more time one can invest into writing the questions, the more useful will be the answers.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Firstly, thank you so much for all the information you provide on Jyotish on your website.

As a Jyothish enthusiast who is eager to learn, it is so very helpful.

Secondly, Thank you so much for the website... I was windering if you wouldn't mind telling me a little more about what the reading entails - does it give insight and guidance or just state what things within the chart mean.

A: Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments on the website. I'm delighted to know that readers are finding the case materials to be useful in studies.

About the reading style: Generally, the readings are designed for students of Jyotisha who are interested in the mechanics of prediction and who want the empowerment of learning to predict for themselves and for others.

Jyotisha readings are explanations and analyses. Jyotisha readings are descriptive, not prescriptive. Jyotishashastra readings are not a substitute for pastoral counseling or psychotherapy.

I do hope that folks who need healing -- whether physical, emotional, mental, marital, parental, financial, or spiritual -- will seek and find the qualified counseling support that they deserve. There are many wonderful, effective healers in this world! (Some of whom, I am happy to say, are my clients.)

There is considerable philosophy involved in understanding and applying the principles of Jyotisha to an individual life; Naturally, there is philosophy and metaphysical modeling content in the Jyotisha readings. However, To be in a position to appreciate the philosophy, one must bring to the reading a world-systems-centric approach - not an ego-injured personality-centric approach.

That means:"presenting issues " of guilt, grief, anxiety, resentment, bitterness, anger, self-righteous indignation, shame, fear, self-contempt, etc. cannot be addressed as the central focus of the Systems Reading. If these or similar are the querent central concerns of the moment, a Jyotisha reading is not going to help.

If the ego-membrane is deeply injured, the likely the person is using all of their available intelligence to manage the pain of their psycho-emotional wounds. They typically believe that their emotional drama is absolutely unique and compellingly important.

They may seek to repeat the narrative of this drama in every venue, from schoolroom discussions to business meetings to family dinners to Jyotisha readings. Until the ego-membrane sorrow is soothed, such persons are simply not ready to embark upon the study of Jyotisha.

They usually need to first heal the broken connections in their ego-membrane structure. Then, perhaps, enough intellectual objectivity would be available in a calm, unthreatened, confident and secure ego-membrane environment to permit a systematic understanding of the higher principles of time, and ways in which those principles express consistently producing events in the life of an individual.

Although no two human personalities are quite the same, Jyotisha is much less personalized than psychotherapy or other dialogue therapies. The samayavidya (the science of calendars) of Jyotisha is a discipline which articulates a complex series of cause-and-effect relationships that would exist whether the present personality existed or not.

The present personality is merely an expression of the larger system. However, like individual snowflakes, each one is fascinatingly unique!

Again the leading purpose is to gain proficiency in understanding one's own situation and thereby to prepare to help others to understand their situation, according to these historic Jyotisha principles.

I'm not sure how to answer your query about whether the readings provide insight and guidance ** or ** just state what things within the chart mean." In the practice of the samayavidya, these two halves of your question are synonymous. The insight *is * the system.

What you might be asking is whether Jyotisha provides moral instruction in regard to what a person should do.

Jyotishavidya = morally neutral to customary value judgments of good and bad, right and wrong, permitted or forbidden. Jyotisha describes not what one (and others) should do but rather what they"are" doing. The witness perspective is essential to the practice.

wishing you every happiness and continuing success in your study of the samayavidya,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

" I find that I can concentrate much more effectively on the nativity and the client's questions when I have freedom from interruptions, both psychic and auditory. Typically I view the main body of evidence in the charts and timelines, gather a broad view of the overall situation, turn off the telephone, turn on the microphone, and begin an uninterrupted systematic spoken walk-through of the 12 bhava, consulting navamsha and other varga as needed.

As I describe the salient features of the nativity, the client can follow along with accompanying PDF charts on their local screen. BP Lama Jyotishavidya uses Andrew Foss' Jyotish Star software which has well designed visual graphics.

Each reading includes 5-to-10 questions, which are addressed from the Jyotishavidya perspective during the final hour. First, the broad outline of the Vimshottari Dasha timeline is verbally described into the recording. Upon listening, the client will be viewing a PDF of same on their local screen. Questions are answered, one by one, by discussing the particular bhukti line that is expected to give the desired fruit.

Most clients report that they enjoy the freedom to stop and start the recording as convenient during their own busy day.

For example, a globe-trotting client emailed:

"There I was, stuck in horrible traffic in Dubai; the limo hadn't moved in an hour. But I was perfectly happy drinking Perrier from the minibar, checking the printouts from my briefcase, and listening to your Jyotish reading on my iPhone (2013). Technology is wonderful!"

From another client:

"I have a 30-minute morning tube commute to my bank job. Very much enjoy ability to listen to my reading while waiting for the train, on the train, and walking to the office from the station. I've listened at least five times to the entire presentation. That's about fifteen hours. Each time I listen, I am able to connect the dots a little more confidently. It feels as if I am listening to an audio biography - about me! Fascinating! Thanks Barbara, for the time and love that you invest in these readings."

I do encourage a follow-up question in case anything mentioned during the reading needs clarification . However, two-plus hours of uninterrupted explanation is quite a rich delivery, and most clients are well satisfied with the recorded-answer method."

Why answers to questions are not simple or trivial or straightforward or quick

Because Jyotishavidya is not fortune-telling.

The samavidya is a lifetime study of an individual preincarnational Learning Plan.

Jyotishavidya is an integrative study of who you are and why you came here into the School of Earth.

It draws many indicators from various views of the nativity (transits, Vimshottari dasha and other dasha timelines, varga views, sometimes the daily muhurta) Jyotisha is not the best method to produce a yes/no answer to any material question.

If a yes/no answer is sought, a yes/no divination method such as pendulum, rolling dice, or even bibliomancy (searching for text-words of yes or no) may be more suitable to the task.

Jyotisha weaves together many different elements and cycles. Furthermore, the samayavidya considers indicators of consciousness which can change the final interpretation. The material event may be accurately predicted, but what is fearful to one person may be exciting to another. FFor example, a period producing modest economic gains might be very important to a person of low resources but could be disregarded or disrespected by a person with exaggerated expectations. Therefore, the samayavidya is generally a less-than-ideal method to provide a simple, straightforward answer to any material question about things which are relative to consciousness such as financial standing, satisfaction within relationships, self-worth, et-cetera.

When there is time available on my calendar for offering answers to additional questions following a reading, the answers to such individual questions are never “simple”. Answers are typically detailed, descriptive, and nuanced. Jyotisha answers describe the range of considerations and offer a final assessment of conditions with predictive expectation. This practice takes time and attention to numerous features of the nativity; it is not a trivial task.

Example of a clearly worded followup question

Follow-up questions included in Jyotisha readings are intended to be requests for clarification or elaboration on specific statements made during the reading.

If you have one clearly formulated question about a specific statement made during the reading, I will be happy to clarify the wording or provide expanded definitions from Jyotisha tradition.

For example here is a great follow-up question from a client asking for clarification and elaboration:

“You said that xxx vimshottari bhukti period would be mainly a time of broad philosophical awareness. What do you mean by philosophical? Do you mean increased intuition about my own purpose on Earth, or perhaps a deeper understanding of how the lives of my family members and workmates are all interrelated?

Also, it’s true that some of my work is scientific and involved with big theories (philosophical stuff) but I am also concerned with income, promotions, marriage harmony and health.

I realize that we would need a completely new reading to drill down into all the implications of this specific bhukti. But since a job that I want is coming vacant soon due to a retirement, can you tell me - just briefly - about the expected outcome for job promotions? Specifically, can I get this job?”

(note that the period mentioned was the ruler of dharma-bhava-9 =12th-from-10th , so that career ascent is unlikely due to philosophical dharma-pati-9 draining the energies of high-visibility 10th.)

Here is another clear example which quotes a claim made in the reading, and asks for more clarification about that quote:

“You said that xxx period would produce an increase in public reputation and professional respect.

Does this mean that I will receive a higher salary? Is it a time when my contribution to the company gets more recognition? Should I use this time to press my manager for a raise? Could it be a time when my husband shows respect to my professional life by helping more equally with household tasks?”

(note that the period mentioned was the ruler of karma-bhava-10, so that only the second of the client's four questions is a correct match to the framework of public recognition and respect.)

The follow-up question is designed to clarify any unclear statements or implications which may have been made during the reading. However, the follow-up question is not designed to provide a second, new reading regarding circumstances that have occurred after the initial reading or to answer new questions that were not provided during the initial reading.

As you might recognize, the questions below are a request for a new reading. Please feel welcome to ask a follow-up question referring to any statement that was delivered during the original reading which might need further details, expansion or clarification.

Additional questions following a reading but not mentioned during the previous reading
Sometimes there arise question(s) which were not mentioned in the previous full reading but rather have arisen from recent events or concerns that have become newly important.

In that case, when the calendar allows, there is a separate cost item “question following a full reading but not mentioned in the previous reading."

background can be: why the question is important now, which events have preceded the situation (so I can check the dasha timeline for the precedents) and which other personalities are involved (so I can check the karaka graha representing the roles of those persons).

The answer is supplied via 20-30 minute MP3 audio file. If the questions are closely related, or one provides background or pre-condition for the other (if A happens, then B becomes possible) then it may be possible to answer two related questions in about 30 minutes of MP3 recording.

If the readings calendar is presently open, and you decide that a Jyotisha perspective on your newly important question(s) is important enough to warrant this type of a question-answering service, please prepare some background on the additional questions since those topics were not explored in the initial reading. Please also contact me to find out whether the newly-important questions are formulated in a way that Jyotisha may provide coherent answers.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,

Sincerely, BPL

Note to a careless question writer, who asked a jumble of disconnected questions and supplied a birth time that did not match the milestone life-events

Sadly, client is enduring a Rahu-Shani bhukti and it is likely that general stress is causing the random, unintelligible questions... Yet, the reading cannot be framed by vague musings but must be psychically directed by the querent.

If the querent's mind is so disorderly that the questions are impenetrable, the reading cannot yield much clarity.

... Unfortunately your payment is being refunded due to a concern about your questions. The Jyotisha reading includes 5-10 clearly formulated and thoughtful questions. These questions help to frame the reading according to the specific interests and concerns of the querent.

As you would know from reading the website, Jyotisha readings are intended for reflective students of the samayvidya and are not designed for general fortune-telling.

Your request contains more than 30 questions, vaguely worded questions such as “how will be my life” or “how will be my mother’s life” which cannot be answered due to lack of context, many incomplete questions with no subject or no verb, several unspecified “etc”, “anything” , questions about compatibility which are not within the scope of a reading for one nativity, and more.

I am sorry to be unable to edit your questions into 5-10 carefully composed and considered queries as is requested on the website.

It is in the client’s interest to reflect upon what value the reading will have for them and to consciously prepare clearly worded and specific questions in order to yield useful results.

Namaste Barbara,

I have a 5 year old son. I am wondering what a 2 hour reading would cover for him. Will we be able to get a birth chart done etc. Please let me know.

If I wanted to have a 2 hour reading for me or my wife, what would that include apart from the answers to the question we seek.

I am not very familiar with all the terms of Jothishya, please kindly let me know. Thanks for your note.

The readings are designed for students of the vidya of Jyotisha, and the readings utilize considerable vocabulary of Jyotisha. Although the readings are delivered in American English (I am from Chicago) much of the vocabulary is Sanskrit-based, and the readings do assume that the client has both a studious interest in the samayavidya as well as the ability to follow the logic of the Vimshottari dasha.

The readings are not any sort of fortune-telling, but rather they explicate the principles of Jyotisha as applied to the individual case. If you are a student of the vidya then you would recognize what sort of information the 12 bhava, the navamsha varga, and the dazamamsha varga might provide. If those terms are unfamiliar, you might be better served by a reading that is catered to a more curious less study-prepared audience. However, in general, the reading covers the 12 bhava and 9 graha within the radical kundali, a quick overview of the navamsha and if questions related to career there is often a quick inspection of the 10th and 1st baselines (lagna) of the 10th divisional varga dashamamsha.

Readings for children are limited in scope. Most importantly, no negative or unsettling information is ever released in a reading for a child. Mainly parents are concerned with potential studies and career, general health situation, pronounced talents and tastes, and those questions can easily be answered. However parents who suffer from superstitious fears for themselves or for their children are better advised to decline a Jyotisha reading for children, since the perspective is likely to be misused by a parent who is seeking an expression for their own anxiety.

Jyotisha is the science of light, and its purpose is to spread light. However, the natural light of a child's creative spirit is quite strong enough to guide the parents' understanding of their young charge, and unless the parent is also a student of the vidya I generally do not like to provide readings for children.

Anxious questions and worrying about the outcome
A few clarifications about interpretive principles and format of the reading, in advance of the reading.

First and most critically, Jyotishavidya is not fortune-telling.

The vidya is inherently contemplative and a reading requires reflective thought from beginning [composing the guiding questions] to the end [considering the insights and making any desired changes to the underlying beliefs carried in from other lifetimes.]

Anxiety tends to cloud any divinatory reading – whether the divinatory instrument is a Jyotishavidya nativity

, tea leaves, tarot cards, or a flock of birds on the wing. Anxiety indicates internal contradiction and often shows a person who is fearfully preventing oneself from obtaining important information.

Anxiety is a surface expression of fear, and fear is the mortal enemy of consciousness.

Please relax and disengage from the anxiety narrative if you can, before the reading, in order to help clear the fear-of-knowledge fog that anxiety tends to create. We can look at patterns of low self-worth and a tendency to project one’s identity upon others and other psychological patterns in the nativity.

However, the se patterns are not fated but rather are self-designed to provide a scaffolding of consciousness upward toward greater self-knowledge. It is the individual’s responsibility to acknowledge that one creates one’s own reality for a specific group of purposes.

Absolutely nothing occurs from the outside and there are no victims. Those are guiding principles of Jyotisha and of all forms of true divination. Nothing happens “to” anyone.

The reading will take a close look at the projection patterns evident in the nativity. However, if anxiety, fear, or a raging victim narrative [story of being eaten] is being projected into the reading space, the quality of the reading does diminish (for mechanical reasons related to the structure of the field of the reader’s vision). Therefore, if you can hold the space of self-worth and trust in your own life plan, at least for this coming week, that intention will result in a clearer divination.

Can I ask questions during the reading? Can I call you? I have so many questions and I feel very nervous and I would like to check with you about all of my fears before you start identifying the features of the nativity. What if you find something horrible? I want a reading but I really don't want to risk finding out something I am not prepared to know and I trust the plan of the universe but I don't trust myself so will you please allow me to ask more anxiety-driven questions rather than directly describe what indicators are displayed in the nativity?


Setting the intentions which motivate the reading is the most essential step. If this step is ignored due to anxiety and mistrust, or personal unwillingness to accept responsibility for the life plan (rather than blaming deities or fate or ineffable Akashic memory patterning or some other abstraction) then the reading is misaligned.

If a reading is attempted without clear intention and clear space, the querent -- having used their reading time to constantly interact and interrupt -- may be left with a feeling of emptiness and disappointment, even despair, because they have systematically deflected the Jyotishi's every attempt to deliver the information.

The Jyotisha readings (as described on the website) are not interactive and don’t involve any telephone, skype, or other interpersonal communication.

The Jyotishavidya nativity

is a huge goldmine of knowledge about the birth plan and its unfoldment, but it is not possible for me to read it unless I have uninterrupted quiet and concentration for the entire reading.

There are in N America more therapeutic style of Jyotishi and there are in India and diaspora countless fortune-tellers but BP Lama Jyotishavidya, is directed toward students of the vidya who are interested in applying the case study method. The readings are in lecture format, with the client’s questions answered toward the end of the presentation.

As described on the website, these Jyotisha readings are designed for students of the samayavidya who have made an investment in learning about Jyotisha and whose motivation is learning. The learning unfolds by examining case studies, and for a personal reading the case upon which the interpretive principles are applied is the individual querent’s case.

It is an objective analysis of the predominant patterns and factors of the nativity. It is not therapy, not fortune-telling, and not a platform for emotional engagement. I’ve been in practice for nearly 40 years and most clients report that they very much enjoy having a recordings (two-plus hours in length) that they can listen to conveniently while driving their car, cleaning the house, or relaxing. There is a great deal of information recorded into the MP3 and most folks say it is a treasury.

I hope the above description is clarifying. Please be sure you know that the intention of these Jyotisha readings is to educate and inform --not to counsel, judge, or sympathize with a victim narrative [story of being eaten] . Every forecast experience that is described and predicted during the reading is understood to have been generated by one's own consciousness and no prediction is framed as being the result of another person’s intent or action.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Please share if you are you still accepting Horoscope readings request? If yes, most of the astrologers don't answer on sensitive topics like death. Would you be able to answer questions related to it?



Namaste N,

There is an announcement at the top of which says when the calendar is open.

Jyotishavidya readings are comprehensive in nature, since everything in a lifetime is related to everything else.

Jyotisha readings cannot focus on one single topic. When a client asks for a reading on a single topic, they are asking not for the wisdom of the fifth Vedanga. They are asking for fortune-telling.

No authentic Jyotishi can be involved in the superstitious act of fortune telling. The purpose of Jyotisha is to spread the light of understanding into the lives of those who consult the astrological nativity. To spread this light successfully, one must come to know oneself via intensive study of the vidya.

The readings cover all 12 bhava, all 9 graha, and certain varga, depending upon the querent’s interests. Specific questions can be and are addressed, but the answers are provided within the context of the complete Kundali.

In addition to the usual proscription against single-topic readings, it is not possible to delve extensively into death questions in detail, in part because Jyotisha scriptures are not completely in agreement about dematerialization predictors or calculations. The manner of biological death can be estimated via the ruler of bhava-8 and the ruler of the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra . However, longevity calculations are much debated and rather contentious among Jyotishi.

The timing of dematerialization is agreed in the classic texts. It nearly always occurs during a period of the ruler of bhava-2 or the ruler of bhava-7 or Ketu or a graha producing the results of 2, 7, or Ketu.

Dematerialization-timing of relatives uses these same markers (2, 7, Ketu, or a graha producing the results of 2, 7, or Ketu) counted from the lagna that represents the relative (for example, dematerialization of the mother is counted via 2nd-from-Chandra or 7th-from-Chandra). The periods of the marana-karaka-graha are easy to see in the Vimshottari dasha.

Naturally, the spirit is eternal and the only thing which dies-and-gets-reborn is the fleshbody. Death is the opposite of birth. Life is eternal and everlasting.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


I noticed that there are some very extraordinary and unique points of contact between my chart and the upcoming solar eclipse.

I am starting to feel very excited about special changes coming to my life from this amazing eclipse.

Maybe there is something big coming my way!

Would you like to provide me with insights and information about these special points of contact and what they mean? I think you'll find these contact points very interesting -- I am looking forward to your predictions about this eclipse event with my very special chart. Namaste,

Thanks for your note. Jyotisha is less concerned with single events and more concerned with patterns of experience which support the unfolding of consciousness.

The solar eclipse that you mention is likely to come and go without incident. Although this eclipse (and many preceding it) is being heavily promoted by the news media, any may trigger many superstitious expectations of sudden enlightenment or calamity, there is no Jyotisha-based reason to over-emphasize this brief event.

Unless there were numerous indicators of focused activity involving both Surya and Rahu-Ketu (such a Vimshottari Dasha periods, transits to key axes, or a Surya-Rahu exact conjunction at birth) a 2-hour solar eclipse event likely would not be sufficiently notable, in the context of a 120-year life script, to even be mentioned during a Jyotisha reading.

Please keep in mind that the Jyotisha readings are designed for engaged students of the samayavidya, and Therefore, the readings are delivered using a substantial amount of the traditional Sanskrit technical vocabulary of Jyotisha (although the readings are spoken in American English).

Jyotisha is a knowledge base, and folks who are interested in skillful use of this knowledge base are likely to profit most from having a 2-hour reading which describes the most salient features and trends of a 120-year pattern.

Although each nativity has distinctive features, human beings are generally very similar to each other. Your nativity likely falls within the range of normal human experience, and a single event such as an eclipse would likely have a normal, which is to say brief and subtle, effect upon the unfolding of your life plan.

therefore, if you are interested in having a reading, please formulate questions from a broader life perspective, such as inquiries about relationship patterns, treasuries of goods and knowledge, profession and leadership, parents and children, studies and service, or other longer-term queries.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Hi Barbara!

My name is Carolyn and I am interested in the two hour reading. My friend did one and she said it provided tremendous insight into her life.

I am new to Vedic astrology but have seen what it can do for others -- would you be able to explain the Vedic concepts as you go through the reading?

Also, how does this process work? I email you 10 questions here, pay online and then you send me the reading? What is the timeline for this?

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Namaste,

General advice about Jyotisha readings from Barbara

If you would like to order a reading, payments page

Conceptual basis for the readings

Generally, Jyotisha readings are designed for students of the vidya who have some cultural affiliation with the worldview of vedic literature and who understand the essential structure of their nativity but not necessarily the fine points.

A basic level of guided explanation is provided during the reading, as the astrological contents of the charts are described starting from house-1 and ending in house-12. After the 12 bhava are assessed, then the Vimshottari Dasha calendar is examined. When Nakshatra, planetary yoga, dasha time periods, and samchara graha are discussed, these concepts are explained for the listener. No special knowledge is assumed except the Sanskrit names of the 9 graha and the 12 rashi.

Still, the readings are not designed as beginning Jyotisha lessons. The readings are case studies which apply the interpretive principles of Jyotishavidya to the individual life of one personality (or sometimes on a cluster of personalities such as a family).

If folks want to learn the vidya, they should probably take some lessons. But if one simply wants a reading with a focus on descriptions, timelines, and outcomes, that is what is offered.

The cultural concepts which shape the interpretations and predictions -- such as the existence of multiple incarnations of an individual consciousness, the creative power of belief, and life as eternal – are integrated into the reading. Therefore, a basic familiarity with the Vedic legacy metaphysical concepts is recommended.

Anyone with a background in eastern mysticism or meditation (any tradition) hatha-yoga, or having a cultural relationship to India will generally find the readings accessible and valuable. Most folks especially enjoy exploring the Vimshottari Dasha calendar which allows some predictive planning for unfoldment of future events.

Yes the process is

(1) make paypal payment

(2) compose 5-10 carefully, reflectively crafted questions on matters of significant personal concern

(3) email providing the birth data (place with google coordinates, time exact to the minute, date in DD-MMM-YYYY format +++ the questions.

I will then reply with the date for the reading (it is lecture-style MP3, not interactive so no need to change your schedule). Turnaround time varies from 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

" He has made everything beautiful in its time.

He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;

Yet, they cannot fathom what God has done

from beginning to end."

~~ Book of Ecclesiastes - Koheleth, 3:11

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