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Writing and Publishing


born two months after

close friend of

potentially alternate incarnation of


Young poet and educator Thakur * likely 1880's


1934 -- Rabindranath Tagore [b. 1861] sitting with his 18-yrs-younger friend, Albert Einstein [b. 1879]




"The Bard of Bengal"

1913 Nobel Prize in Literature

Poet + Songwriter



Playwright + Artist

Author of the celebrated collection of Bengali songs, Gitanjali



Liberal Educator

Political Activist

Social Philosopher

Leader of Indian Independence Movement + Anti-Nationalist

Rabindranath Tagore

a.k.a. Rabindranth Thakur

a.k.a. Robindronath Thakur [Kushari]

a.k.a. Bhā nusiṃ ha [nom de plume]

a.k.a. Bhanu Singha Thakur [Bhonita]

Earth-birth Tuesday-07-May-1861

dematerialization 07-Aug-1941 [age 80]

dates and timelines from the most excellent resource Scottish Center for Tagore Studies







1861 - 1941

Rabindranath Thakur * Tagore

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- adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativity


Yoni - Bhagadaivata - Prakphalguni - Arjuni


For Purvaphalguni - Yoni - births of a masculine valence, the condition of sweetly musical, artistic, harmony-seeking, negotiating, balancing, arranging, designing, matching, pairing, sensually pleasuring akarshana-karaka Bright Beautiful Bhrigu may considerably affect the outcome.

Due to the definitive influence of kalatra-karaka Shukra, gentlemen born into the realms of Bharani - Yamya, Pūrvaphalgunī - Yonī, or Pūrvāṣāḍhā may find that their worldview is greatly shaped by the character of the feminine companions.

For those born into the Shukra-ruled paradigm of Vutavabana, feminine figures such as sisters, aunts, and wives, along with partnerships, contracts, bargains, sensual pleasures, lovers, artistic beauty, luxurious scents, treasuries, financial arrangements, and music , may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Zosma. Their purpose is to dramatize, glamorize, and politicize the grand theatrical values of creative life.

Diplomatic charm

[Sweetly Suave Shukra] -ruled Purvaphalguni gentlemen are often found in the sparkling bright worlds of politics , romantic idealism, entertainment, speculative finance, and spectator sports. Yoni-born chaps often display a thick mane of leonine hair and a charming sense of humor.

They are happiest when enjoying a choreographed sport, playing music, dancing with agility and grace, or performing a richly costumed dramatic role for an appreciative audience, delighted by spectacle and applause, they glitter and smile at parties, political campaigns, gambling and games..

Depending upon the placements of dhanakaraka Shukra and dhana=pati Budha, the Purvarjuni-born may also excel in financial showmanship, bargaining toward a political or commercial agreement, and the high drama of romantic relationships.

Like all Shukra-governed births, bhagadaivata-born must take care to avoid the misuse of drugs and alcohol. Political success depends upon the charisma of lagnesha Surya. Financial success depends upon the dual-dhanakaraka Shukra and Budha.

Themes of political celebrity, lavish musical entertainments, arts and fashion, and financial agreements may contextualize Pubba's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra-Purvaphalguni.

QUOTATION Pūrvaphalgunī

from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 83

" A physical rather than a mental type.

  • A healthy constitution

  • not given to worry or anxiety regarding the problems of living.

He must guard against impulsiveness

since he is apt to act without sufficient thought

  • and as a result he makes many mistakes

  • which are difficult to rectify

  • and which may be disastrous.

He is very active physically and will be proficient at various sports

  • reveling in the joy of mere action,

  • even purposeless action.

These people seem never to rest and are constantly in motion.

  • As soon as they have finished one thing they start on another,

  • frequently doing several things at a time."

[end quote]



Tagore_Rabindranath_1915.jpg Biographical details matched to Vimshottari Dasha calendar

[Budha Mahadasha] [age birth until age 5.4]

Tue-07-May-1861 Earth-birth in the Jorasanko Thakur Bari, calcutta, bengal Presidency, british India [22.5850-N 88.3592-e] [present-day Kolkata, bengal, India ]. RT was the youngest of his parents' thirteen surviving children. * Budha-Rahu bhukti

Ketu Mahadasha] [age 5.4 until 12.4]

[Shukra Mahadasha] [age 5.4 until age 32.4]

08-Mar-1876 [RT age 14] [mom age 45] grieved the decease of mother * Shukra-Shukra svabhukti * Shukra rules 12th-from-bandhusthana

1877 [RT age 16] publication of first short-stories and drama * Shukra-Surya bhukti + Surya lagnesha pen-name Bhanu + Shukra rules 3-publishing

1878 [RT age 17] on his father's insistence, rT travels to England for studies preparatory to Law * Shukra-Chandra bhukti [Chandra-8 parivartamsha Guru-12-uchcha] * Chandra rules 12-foreign lands

1880 [RT age 19] returns to Bangala, having learned about British local folksongs, but not having completed any degree studies * Shukra-Rahu bhukti * Rahu-5 creative arts

09-Dec-1883 [RT age 22] [Mrinalini age 10] consecration of marriage-1-of-1 with Bhabatarini Raichadhuri * Shukra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules Meena 7th-navamsha ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Tula-Mesha contact Shukra-Mesha

19-Apr-1884 [RT age 22] traumatic suicide of his intimate companion, sister-in-law Kadambari [Matangini] * Shukra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules 8-shock, sudden upheaval [Chandra-8 parivartamsha Guru-12-uchcha] *

25-Oct-1886 [RT age 24] celebrated the birth of first child, daughter Madhurilata [Bela] * Shukra-Shani bhukti

1890 [RT age 28] begins the administrative work of managing his vast ancestral estate, composed of farmlands and farming villages in the Kushtia district [present-day Bangladesh]. Shukra-Budha bhukti * Budha rules 2-11 finance, Budha managements

[Surya Mahadasha] [age 32.4 until age 38.4] [1893-1899]

[Chandra Mahadasha] [age 38.4 until age 48.4] [1899-1909]

1901 [RT age 39] builds Santiniketan Ashrama with school * Chandra-Mangala bhukti * [Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] * Mangala rules 4-schools, dwellings

23-Nov-1902 [RT age 41] [Bhabatarini age 20] grieved the decease of wife, Mrinalini* Chandra-Guru bhukti * Guru-12 rules 12th-from-Shukra

1903 [RT age 41] grieved the decease of daughter, Renuka Devi [child age 12] * Chandra-Guru bhukti

19-Jan-1905 [RT age 43] grieved decease of father * Chandra-Shani bhukti

1905 [RT age 43] withdrawal from Swadeshi movement * Chandra-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 6-conflict

Apr-1907 until Jul-1909 Janma Sade-Sati Meena

  • [8-initiations, captivating secrets, tantra. camouflage, hidden relationships, undisclosed assets]
  • [8 cataclysmic upheaval, sudden unexpected identity change, healing transformation, revolutionary recycling energies, entrancement, mystery, discovery, initiation, secrets]
  • [age 45-48]
  • [overlaps Chandra-Shukra bhukti ++ Chandra-Surya chidradasha]

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age 48.4 until age 55.4] [1909-1916]

1912 [RT age 51] Following vigorous campaigning by RT's colleague, the English-language poet and translator William Butler Yeats, rT was nominated for the Nobel Prize -- for a book that was not yet published [typical Rahu]. Yeats had seen only snippets of an English translation of RT's Gitanjali . On the eve of the award ceremony, no one had yet read even a completed draft. * Mangala-Shani bhukti * Shani-1 rules 6-distress ++ Shani rules 11th-from-Chandra friendship

10-Dec-1913 [RT age 52] awarded the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature for English translation of [parts of the] Gitanjali , acompendium of Bengali traditional stories-and-songs. RT becomes an exotic literary cause-celebre * Mangala-Budha bhukti [Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] = 11-awards for work accomplished

[Rahu Mahadasha] [age 55.4 until age 73.4] [1911-1934]

23-Dec-1921 [RT age 60] founding of Visva-Bharati University using funds from the Nobel award * Rahu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 4th-from-bandhusthana, schooling, foundation

[Guru Mahadasha] [age 73.5 until decease, age 80] [1934-1941]

Feb-1937 until Apr-1939 Janma Sade-Sati Meena

  • [8-initiations, captivating secrets, tantra. camouflage, hidden relationships, undisclosed assets]
  • [8 cataclysmic upheaval, sudden unexpected identity change, healing transformation, revolutionary recycling energies, entrancement, mystery, discovery, initiation, secrets]
  • [age 75-78]
  • [overlaps Guru-Shani bhukti]

07-Aug-1941 [RT age 80] blessed liberation from the Earthen-body * Guru-Budha bhukti *་ maraka Budha rules 2 ++ dvithya Sade-Sati

TagoreRabindranath_SukumarRay1905.jpgDistinctive features of the nativity

[Sparkling Splendid Surya]

pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]


[karako bhavo nashto for father, patrons, chieftains, indoctrinators]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[overwhelmingly self-righteous patronizing father]

[dad may be dominating, entitled, aristocratic, splendidly patronizing, and radiantly certain in matters of doctrine, ideology, or faith]


[secretive-eruptive Bharani-4] [navamsha Surya-Vrischika]



  • [Surya-Mesha] * Suryaya - the supreme one * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the vital competitive dominating rashi of Mangala

  • [Surya in bhava-9] icon of inspirational teachings * intelligent patronage * geo-politics * bright preaching * focus on beliefs * philosophical entitlements * self-righteous dad * Sanctimonious pontificator * eye on humanistic worldview * confident ideologue * sparkling center of global doctrine * father may be a politician, entertainer, philosopher, preacher, professor of theory

  • [Surya-yuti-Budha] confidently conversational * brightly explaining messenger * entitled to discuss * creatively intelligent sibling-cohort * discursive father-figure * gestures conduct the spiritual rays of the Sun * radiantly descriptive * articulate in drama * skillful game-player * self-confident announcements * talks about ideals * narrative of power-politics * recites love poems * describes divine romance

  • [Surya-yuti-Shukra] confidently harmonious * brightly creative bargainer * uniquely intelligent feminine-figures * entitled to pleasures * aesthetic expressions align with the spiritual rays of the Sun * financial politics * graciously creative * dramatic promises * radiantly diplomatic * self-reflexively attractive * father may be artist-broker-arranger


self-reflexively sermonizing, brightly philosophical, charmingly self-righteous, regal style of pontificating, doctrinally focused, radiantly patriarchal, politically ideological, splendidly patronizing, center-stage religious guide [Surya in bhava-9] rules

  • 1- distinctive attributes of personality, dense material incorporation, individual personification, earthen embodiment, physical integrity, kinetic energy, dance, style of movement, athletic prowess, muscular mobility, unique character, kinetic vitality, circumstances of birth, tangible appearance, coherent social identity


[Rahu in bhava-5] drishti penetrates every graha except Chandra-Guru

TR became an iconic figure in Bengali musical theatre, song-dance, cultural arts, and folk drama = Surya-yuti-Shukra + center-stage brilliant Surya [uchcha]

[Surya in bhava-9]

  • In his homeland [but not elsewhere] RT was reverenced as a religious figure and spiritual guide [9].

Surya's numerous connections = RT has been described as

  • polymath
  • internationally recognized creative artist
  • commercial businessman
  • famed interviewer and conversationalist with other internationally famed persons
  • educational reformer
  • literary translator [Surya-yuti-Budha]

Sparkling Surya's primary role is iconic and aristocratic.

  • Arya nobility of spirit, reinforced by the customary land-rents [4]
  • kept the family ensconced in elite entitlements [Surya].
  • [Surya-Mesha] gloriously regal local figur


[paternal grandfather = 9th-from-Surya = [Rahu in bhava-5]

dad's dad was exceptionally prosperous from speculative finance [5] and cross-cultural risk-taker[Rahu].

  • In addition to their extensive Bangla property holdings, the family owned properties in England.
  • When RT went to study in UK as a teenager, rT and other relatives lived in one of the paternal line's comfortable British homes.


[karako bhavo nashto for father, patrons, chieftains, indoctrinators]

  • Surya-Mesha-9 often indicates an overwhelmingly self-righteous father; politically dominating, intellectually entitled, aristocratic in behavior, splendidly patronizing, and radiantly certain in matters of doctrine, ideology, or faith

Dad = Debenranath Tagore [1817– 1905] a prominent political and intellectual figure who would have been worshipped as a superior person in the stratified culture of his day [Surya-Mesha] [9]

  • A flamboyant patron of Bengali creative arts and religious ceremonies, dad had been left well-capitalized by his own industrialist father

Dad was the financial manager [Surya-yuti-Budha manager] and rent-collector [Budha rules 2-assets + 11 income]

  • Dad was also involved in contract negotiation and trading operations [Surya-yuti-Shukra trading]

In addition, dad was a champion Surya-Mesha of religious reform. [Surya in bhava-9]

[4 = 8th-from-9 dharmasthana] rejuvenating worship reforms

  • Using mainly the force of his personal intelligence - rather than claiming lineage to a higher authority - Debendranath Thakur promoted vigorous [Mesha] doctrinal [9] and ritual reform.

Local worship practices [4] in his view, had fallen into corruption through neglect.

  • However, folks mainly stayed with the familiar routines.
  • Although an internationalized personality similar to his noble dad, rT's musical, poetic sensibilities [Chandra-Revatī] better matched the ancient habitual practices.

[Comfortable Caretaking Chandra]

matrikaraka [mother] * garha-karaka [village]

[Vimala Yoga]

[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[folk reputation 10th-from-Chandra = entitled, celebrated, dramatic, creative, inspirational optimistic dogmatic Dhanus-5]

check Guru and Guru-drishti for the scope of Chandra's optimistic, philosophical, preaching sensibilities

[identified with transformative visionary understanding]

[intuitive clairsentient revolutionary]

[soothed by periodic interior upheavals]

[needs meditation at fixed intervals]

[attuned to shocking dreamworld images]

[all-one feelings may suddenly stop-and-start]

[essential need for sanctuary in-or-near water] [anonymously charitable]

[at some juncture in the lifespan, old inner spiritual guidance utterly dies, catalyzing an emotional rebirth into a new comprehensive symbolic worldview]

[comfortable with disruptive cetacean influence]

[sympathetic to oceanic tumult]

[anchored by ancestral guides sensing rhythmic rejuvenation]

[traumatized mother may be quietly moody]

[mother's contemplative grounding may fluctuate]

[mother may seem secretly entranced, mysterious or unpredictable]

... ...

[community-connected Revatī-Pashu-3] [navamsha Chandra in Kumbha ] intuitively sensitive to the plight of the common man - mass-market populist

[Chandra-8 parivartamsha Guru-12-uchcha]

combines the rulers of 5 + 8 + 12 providing both [Sarala Yoga] and [Vimala Yoga]

  • [Chandra-Meena] comforted by ancestral guidance * settled into rhythmic intuition * needs contemplative sanctuary

  • [Chandra in Revatī - Pashu] soothed by wayfaring rhythms * protector of poetic interpretation * needs to feel wisely dreamlike

  • [Chandra in classroom-8] comfortable with crisis * familiar with catastrophe * unpredictable mother * feels the pulse of cyclical rebirth * soothed by secrecy * consoled by calamity * sensitive to danger * revolutionary sentiment * accustomed to frequent upheaval * seeks deeply rhythmic initiation * acculturated to masked exploration * occult sensitivities * needs eruptive energies * nourished by non-disclosure * emotionally attuned to trauma * undulating shakti-shocks * mother may be a mystic, healer, concealer, agent of disguise


[Vimala Yoga]

sentimentally undisclosing, emotionally secretive, caretaker in dangerous situations, needs chaotic feelings, securely grounded through disastrous upheaval, anchored into sudden emergency response, sensitive to disguised dependencies, protected by camouflaged assets, sense of having hidden empowerments [Chandra in classroom-8] rules

  • 12 - enclosures, the bed, fantasies, privacy,interior spiritual guidance, clandestine undertakings, intuitive awareness, non-linear conceptual undertanding, concealment, seclusion, invisibility, dissolved identity, meditation, contemplation, dreamworlds, astral plane, imaginary scenarios, sanctuary sleep, distant lands, health of the avowed partner


  • [folk reputation 10th-from-Chandra = ideological politics, philosophical drama, sacerdotal entitlements, principled gambling Dhanus-5]

[Chandra-8 parivartamsha Guru-12-uchcha]

[Chandra] rhythm, metre, pace, pulse, routine of traditional ways-of-life rules

dancing, singing, folk imagery of animals Revati

RT was a master of many [Guru] musical instruments.

Tagore wrote more than 2000 songs, poems, and stories Revatī-Chandra

  • RT wrote or transcribed many sentimental folk and traditional songs. which evoked the local rhythms and patois of Bangla culture. [Chandra]

Tagore-Thakur penned Ancestral songs and stories that had been long performed in the surrounding countryside.

  • He recorded the ancient chants, traditionally beloved by Bangla denizens [Chandra].

Even to foreign readers, rT's sonorous lyrics felt familiar and appealing.

  • [Chandra-8 parivartamsha Guru-12-uchcha] 12-foreigners [many of them]

  • dancing, singing, folk imagery of animals = Revatika animals, sounds of animals


  • Mom = Sarada Devi [1830– 1875] was a householder and matriarch of a large family.
  • She was said to have had mystical interests [Chandra in classroom-8]
  • Rabi was his mother's 13th child. RT grieved mom's decease when he was just shy of his fifteenth birthday.

MARRIAGE partnership emotional equity support expectations

[7th from Chandra-8] lifepartnership-1-of-1

Mrinalini [Bhabatarini] [1873-1902]

  • bhava-2 tradition, family lineage, historical values, language
  • Kanya ministries of service, helping, assistance, exploitation, humility, logic

At his age 22, rT was ceremonially yoked with Mrinalini, aten-year-old member of his intermarrying community.

  • According to the heritage values [2] after marriage ceremony, his young wife then entered his family compound as a servant [Kanya].

RT arranged to have his tiny wife tutored, so that she could read-and-write like most members of his family.

  • Once Mrinalini had gained literacy skills - a trait usually considered unnecessary for ladies of her generation - she provided a constant aide and support [Kanya] for her husband's projects.

Mrinalini served faithfully until her death [her age 28] marking 18 years of service-marriage. [Rahu cycle + Shani cycle]

Three core partnerships

Tagore famously enjoyed several deeply partnered but non-marital relationships. [uchcha-Guru-7]

Partnership experience is enriched and expanded by Shukra + Budha + Surya additional graha suggesting 3 life-mates

  1. Kadambari Devi = Aśvini Budha ruled by Ketu-11 [elder sibling, friendship]
  2. Mrinalini Devi = Bharani Shukra ruled by Shukra-9 [marriage]
  3. Victoria Ocampo [Vijaya] = [Bharani-uchcha-Surya] ruled by Shukra-9 [love union]

[Competitive Champion Kuja]

bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]

[Yogakaraka homebound-anchoring bandesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Yogakaraka believing-guiding dharmesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Dhanayoga = Mangala-11 rules 11th-from-11]


[arranging-advocating Mriga-3] [navamsha Mangala-Tula]

[Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] combines the rulers of 2 + 4 + 9 + 11


  • [Mangala-Mithuna] vigorous pursuit of interaction * competitive commerce * proactive information delivery * energetic group collaboration * dynamic debate * dominating gestures * lively writing * kinetic conversation * push toward explanatory instruction * champion of process management

  • [Mangala in bhava-11] drive toward connectivity * competitive earnings * pursuit of profits * dynamic marketplace actions * battle for revenues * champion of community activism * invasive networking * vigorous sporting friends * energized scientific systems * economic conquests

  • [Kuja-yuti-Ketu] vigorous break-ups * enervated * passive-aggressive * high-energy collapse * fierce pursuit of impermanence * pointless fights * diffused sexuality * dynamic wandering * apathetic brother-figures * potential for aggressive self-annihilation * pushes toward non-attachment * liberation by force masculine force joins apathetic surrender * potential for aggressive annihilation of initiations



  • 4 cultural foundations, property boundaries, way of Life, protection, defense , homeland, household, routines, rituals, mother, parents, customary rhythms, caretakers, socialization schooling, gardens, waterways, transportation, housing, social security, sense of place, environmentalism, citizenship, belonging, ethnic basis, ethnoreligion, patriotism, real-estate, farming, land-ownership, burial, predictability, health of the elder sibling

  • 9-ideology , paradigm of belief, profession of faith, principled convictions, higher understanding, father-figures, priestly patronage, preaching, patriarchal entitlements, philosophical convictions, theory, public spiritual guidance, celebrated doctrines, sangha, sacred teachings, credenda, globalism, dharma, worldview, weltanschauung, mother's health


[Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] [Yogakaraka] combines the rulers of 2 + 4 + 9 + 11

[Rahu in bhava-5] drishti penetrates every graha except Chandra-Guru

[Mangala in bhava-11] innovation, conquest, pioneering

Mangala intakes amplifying drishti of [Rahu in bhava-5]

[Yogakaraka] [Mangala in bhava-11] [Mriga-3] activates

  • 4 security, fencing, landed properties, waterways, roadways, settlement, schooling
  • 9 guidance, philosophical viewpoint, principled beliefs, father, patronage

Kuja-11 drishti energizes, stimulates, activates, moves, and provokes

  • 2 speech, finance, heritage, collections, language, speech, sound, voice, face
  • 5 politics, drama, romance, speculation, children, display, creativity
  • 6 conflict, warfare, accusation, exploitation, resentment, lawsuits, divorce, mistreatment

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age 48.4 until age 55.4] [1909-1916]

  • [Mangala-Mithuna] [Mangala in bhava-11] [Mangala-yuti-Ketu] [Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11]

  • 10-Dec-1913 [RT age 52] awarded the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature for English translation of [parts of the] Gitanjali , acompendium of Bengali traditional stories-and-songs. RT becomes an exotic literary cause-celebre * Mangala-Budha bhukti [Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] = 11-awards for work accomplished

[Busy Bantering Budha]

jamayah-karaka [sibling] sandesha-karaka [message] * shisya-karaka [student]

[conserving-entreasuring dhana-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[gainful-friendly vriddhi-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Double Dhanayoga only for Simha-born]

[ruler of 11 occupies 11th-from-11] ++ [Budha-9 rules 2 + 11]

[profits from dominating discussions]

[narrative of competitive father-figure]

[dominating ideological viewpoint]

[represents the wealth of warrior-chieftains]

[communicates about conquest]

[solicits patronage for innovative pursuits] [dynamic confessional testimony]


[explanatory-publishing Aśvini-3] [navamsha Budha-Mithuna]



[Budha-9 parivartamsha Kuja-11] combines the rulers of 2 + 4 + 9 + 11

  • [Budha-Mesha] innovative communications * pioneering pronouncement * articulation of dynamic movement * discusses physical experience * vigorous descriptive explanations * growth-challenging conversation * messages about contests * vocabulary of vitality * hands-arms-shoulders send competitive gestures

  • [Budha in bhava-9] narrative of father-figure * witty guru * broad-scope communicator * repeats the catechism * ideological reasoning * reiterates the doctrine * skillful grandchildren * discusses patronage * detailed articulation of worldview * explains the paradigm of belief * talks about sacred texts * examines the dharma * interprets theoretical claims * delivers quick sermons * logical investigations into philosophical truths * chatty priests * religious dialogues

  • [Budha-yuti-Surya] amusing explanations * entertaining chatter * central roles in communication * brightly clear descriptions * dramatic enunciation * confidently delivers instruction * articulation of radiant certainty * political messenger * talkative father-figures

  • [Budha-yuti-Shukra] explainer of balanced arrangements * diplomatic conversations * parity-seeking discussions * manual adjustments * enjoys words * sweet descriptions * delivers instruction about relationships * articulator of equity in agreements * message of fairly bargained contracts * skilled in songwriting * talkative sister-cousin-cohort * detailed lyricist * attracts chatty partners


mercurially philosophical, paternally communicative, mercantile worldview, businesslike father-figure, naarrative of higher understanding, inspirational publishing, globally descriptive, broad-scope conversations [Budha in bhava-9] rules

  • 2-capital assets, family legacy, tradition, language, preserved memory, banking, collections, entreasurement, herd-hoard, containment, accrued amounts, knowledge of history, speech-song, heritage values, color-sound, arts-and-music, face-voice-eyes-teeth-hair, database, libraries, storage, warehouse, genetics, food, reserves, health of the father

  • 11-fruitful revenues, interconnected income, profits, material achievement, social networking, friendships, community linkage, fan-clubs, mass participation gatherings, collectivism, marketplace gridworks, distribution, association, populism, economic systems, fundraising, gains-and-goals, awards for work accomplished, health of the enemies


[Rahu in bhava-5] drishti penetrates every graha except Chandra-Guru

Budha activates Kanya Svamsha

Budha rules Mithuna [10th navamsha] publication, translation, transcription, description

Budha is the money-maker for Simha lagna

[Generous Growing Guru]

dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]

[uchcha] [svabhava]

[Sarala Yoga]

[witty-creative vidya-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[mysterious-revealing randhresha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[multiple protective sanctuaries]

[abundant private nourishment]

[expansive imaginary realms]

[wisdom from distantly invisible lands]


[networking-friendly Aśleṣa-3] [navamsha Guru-Kumbha]

[Chandra-8 parivartamsha Guru-12-uchcha]

combines the rulers of 5 + 8 + 12 providing both [Sarala Yoga] and [Vimala Yoga]

[Atmakaraka globalism, humanism, worldview, expansion, understanding, credenda, ideology]

  • [Guru-Karkata] big shelters * various caretakers * many provisions * benevolent routines * believes in defense * permission to protect * optimistic patriotism * broad understanding of local cultures * develops gardens * household expansion * prosperous settlements * multiple dwellings * many patronizing parent-figures

  • [Guru in bhava-12] great inspirational interiority * visionary guidance in seclusion * many symbolic meditations * much uplifting divination * many hospitalizations or incarcerations * many spiritual retreats * numerous offerings to psychic way-showers * extensive teaching in private environments * believes in clairsentient trance wisdom * patron of sanctuary enclosures * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be benevolently invisible


privately philosophical, expansively imaginative, broadly visionary, cheerfully insightful, contemplatively secluded, tolerantly prayerful, invisibly guided [Guru in bhava-12] rules

  • 5- Politics, center-stage roles, theatre, demonstration, display, charming brilliance, genius, poetry, choice-making, showmanship, gambling and gamesmanship, romantic idealism, creativity, fashion-shows, flamboyance, celebrity entitlements, confidence, artistic performance, drama, children, financial speculation, intelligence, entertainments, fun

  • 8-unexpected eruptions of regenerating force, occult initiation, revelation, shock, surgery, intensive healing, evolution, explosion, sudden identity change, rejuvenation, recycling, rebirth, hidden assets, upheaval, secrecy, transformative events, discovery, in-laws of first marriage, health of younger sibling-cousin


[Atmakaraka] Brihaspati

rules Dhanus-5 Arudha Lagna

contains [Rahu in bhava-5]

[Sweetly Suave Shukra]

svadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]

[busy-collaborative sahaja-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[dutiful-executive karmesha for Simha indriya-lagna]


[mysterious-revelatory Bharani-4] [navamsha Shukra-Vrischika] intuitively harmonizing trading balancing negotiating mystical transformative leadership publications



  • [Shukra-Mesha] appreciation of direct movement * primal relationships * likes innovation * aesthetic of physicality * attracted to champions * pleasures of conquest * kinetic sensuality * prefers a lithely sporting partner * sweetly competitive * aristocratic agreements

  • [Shukra-9] seeks pleasure via philosophical doctrine * enjoys wide worldview * believes in beauty * feminine-figures preach-teach on higher principles * broad scope of negotiations * expansive musical taste * pleasing designs to adorn the pelvic floor * graceful hips * balanced femoral sockets * sweet sacral plexus * appreciation of theory * father may be financier-broker-arbitrator-artist * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may hold a guidance position

  • [Shukra-yuti-Surya] balanced roles in drama * appreciation for political display * pleasantly charming * self-focused diplomacy * radiant bright beauty * self-reflexive bargaining * sweet entitlements * negotiating father-figure * self-directed arrangements * focus on trade exchange * solipsistic romance * idealistic contracts * enjoys the game of deal-making * prefers self-confident partners

  • [Shukra-yuti-Budha] sweetened messages * gracious explanations * talented in singing-songwriting * articulate negotiations * advocates for reasoning process * talkative feminine-figures * pleasant conversations * bargaining for business * sibling-cohort collaborative harmony * enjoys the company of students * detailed contracts * prefers logical arrangements


sensually philosophical, appreciative of higher understanding, harmoniously patronizing, aesthetically wisdom-guiding, financially optimistic, musical-artistic father-figure, global scope of relationships [Shukra-9] rules

  • 3-communications, messaging, sermons, scripts, radio-television, media-products, Writing and Publishing, letters of correspondence, announcements, planning, schedules, sales, marketing, documentation, reporting, cohort, entourage, committee-work, iterative stepwise process, manufacturing, commercial business, instruction, explanation, discussion, diagrams, labeling, event management, signage, training, itinerary, tours

  • 10-career, profession, dignity, regulatory roles, governance duties, social authority, symbolic recognition, iconic visibility, leadership responsibility. top status, reputation, commanding positions, honor, high regard, public respect, executive power, elite rank, lawful imposition, organizational director


RT was said to have written [or transcribed] more than 2000 songs

[Rahu in bhava-5] drishti penetrates every graha except Chandra-Guru

Surya + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] = charismatic [Surya] + handsome, financially privileged, artistic [Shukra] + literary [Budha].

  • Tagore's song lyrics were widely celebrated.

[Sober Structural Shani]

duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[balancing-bargaining yuvati-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[rigidly ceremonial personality]

[maintains a normalized dramatic appearance]

[limited independent rights]

[unbalanced social pressure upon physical appearance]

[self-discipline applied to complete disagreeable tasks]

[chronic personality conflicts]

[often ill exploited medicated]


[rhythmic-customary Magha-4] [navamsha Shani-Karkata]

  • [Shani-Simbha] [challenging placement] heavy old legacy drama * must accept center-stage pressures * structural compression upon heart-spine * conventional limits upon creative self-expression * tightly governed speculation * social restrictions upon personal genius * must be responsible in romance * no time for frivolous drama * fearful in games * time-conscious children * resents royal entitlements * proletarian entertainments * restricted intelligence * slow, elderly politicians * restrained entitlement * obligatory ceremonies * scarcity of amusements * maintainer of old sovereignties

  • [Shani in Bhava-1] time-structured personality * mature conduct * must produce under pressure * strictly orderly movement * regimented appearance * grim determination to survive * tense competition * muscular fatigue * required activity drills * chronically impeded self-expression * bodily seizures * identified with heavy responsibility * resists unnecessary change * often looks older * lives to work * elders preserve class-conscious identity


dutifully earth-embodied, identified as a diligent worker, responsibly innovative, mature appearance, must regulate the physical attributes, structured style of movement, slowed vitality, burdensome required maintenance the incarnate form [Shani in Bhava-1] ; rules

  • 6-ministries of service, dehumanization, misconduct, war, jail, slavery, pollution, argumentation, healthcare workers, ailment, injury, medical treatment, hypocrisy, crime, cheating, animosity, toxins, complaints, accusation, litigation, imbalanced conditions, injustice, betrayed promises, servants, laborers, hostility, animosity, disagreement, dehumanization

  • 7-covenant, promise, trust, contractual relationships, social justice, advocacy, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, partners, justice, marriage, legal and formal partnerships, negotiation, alliance-crafting, match-making, fair arrangements, even deals, advocacy, trading, bargaining, brokerage, haggling, go-between, middleman, meddler


[Risk-rewarding Rahu]

rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]

[for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-5 casts passionately dramatic speculative drishti into 9-11-1]

check Guru and Guru-drishti for defining source of Rahu's apparently generous, philosophical convictions

[compelling desire to demonstrate acts of inspired preaching]

[enthusiastic display of principled understanding]

[craving for exhilarating doctrinal politics]

[glamourized celebration of theological-ideological worldview]

[potential for fraudulently or fabulously exaggerated wisdom, in matters of politics, drama, celebrity, romance, creative performance, game-playing and gambling, financial speculation, and children]

[over-reaching humanistic generosity in uniquely attention-getting artistic performance]

[excitingly, astoundingly faith-centered, philosophical drama]

[may involve globalist believers showcase roles for extraordinary children]

... ...

[secretive-revealing Pūrvāṣāḍhā-4] [navamsha Rahu-Karkata] rhythms rituals routines

  • [Rahu-Dhanus] shimmering illusion of wisdom * craving for philosophical principle * mirage of generous patronage * extraordinary theory * extravagant preaching * unorthodox approach to higher truth * mask of global humanism* fascinating doctrine * over-reaching catechisms * fabulous proselytism * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] attributes of philosophical belief * seeks privilege via guru-roles

  • [Rahu in bhava-5] passion for prestige politics * hungry for celebrity * fascinating romance * extraordinary games * in svabhava of Splendid Surya, the Shadowy Specter seeks exceptional children * outsider who cleverly insinuates into center-stage creative roles * culturally mixed entertainment * amplified poetic idealism * enchanted by one's own charisma * flamboyant fashion * unusual autobiography * craves admiring attention * intriguing displays of creative genius * seeks important roles in performance art * unconventional literary expression * desires royal entitlement * mesmerizing pageantry * entrancing dramatic splendor * opportunistic lovers * ambitious games-players * may wear the persona (mask) of a thespian * pretentious intellectuality * thrilling demonstrations in the eye of the camera * boundary-breaching politics


[Rahu in bhava-5] drishti penetrates every graha except Chandra-Guru


Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore [secretive-revealing Pūrvāṣāḍhā-4] [in 10th-from-Chandra] 5, celebrity, creativity, genius]

[Rahu in bhava-5] drishti penetrates every graha except Chandra-Guru

9 Shukra-Surya-Budha

+ 11 Ketu + Mangala

+ 1 Shani

[Collapsing unshackling Ketu]

kavandha-karaka [headless] chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]

[for Simha indriya-lagna]

check Budha for defining source of Ketu's ephemeral, surrendering discourse

[dispersed engagement with commercial earnings]

[dissolution of business profits]

[restless apathy toward marketplace transactions]

[surrenders management revenues]

[apatheticly forgives the talktive trespass of sibling-cousins]

[abandons unsustainable conversational friendships]

[absent from empty chattering connections]

[disregards detailed community gatherings]

[eccentricly articulated achievements]

[passively fixated on ambitiously opportunistic inspirational-dogmatic Rahu-Dhanus-5 children, celebrities, idealists, creative artists, politicians, speculators]

... ...

[musical-heritage Punarvasu-2] [navamsha Ketu-Urisha]


  • [Ketu-Mithuna] dissociates from conversation * incomplete messages * explains the ineffable * empty instructions * absent from discussion * martyr to commerce * wandering mentality * fragmented signals * not limited by conventional talk * dialog of liberation * ignores normal business * forgives the sibling-cohort * incoherent scripts * releases a plant-green cloud of explanatory gestures into the misty abyss

  • [Ketu in classroom-11] eccentric friends * no limits on profitability * dissolves barriers in community * peculiar social network * vacuous associations * irrelevance of material achievements * intangible goals * ambivalence toward economics * disappearing elder siblings * disregards social awards * ignores marketplace norms * abandons large group systems * unless other graha occupy 11, may prefer to live free from socializing = off-the-grid.

  • [Ketu-yuti-Kuja] restless * surrendered championship * abandons fighting * inconsistent actions * disconnected brethren * odd innovations * unsustainable domination * apathetic competitions * peculiar disability * unfulfilled quest * pushes toward impermanence * incomplete births * liberation via vigorous movement



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