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born 12 months after

born two months before, in Freiburg, austria [now Pribor, czech Republic]

= 830 km distant from

born 6 months before

lifepartner with

  • Martha Bernays

professional adversary of former protege, psychiatrist

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung

In London, sigismund Freud's writings were published by Hogarth Press owner


Sigmund Freud in 1922 with his ever-present cigar [LIFE magazine]


Physician + Neurologist

celebrated medical Author

early developer of modern, research-based social science psychology


Pioneer of Sexual Psychology + Theories of Anxiety

collegial adversary of Carl Jung

held in contempt by Rudolph Steiner

Sigmund Freud

a.k.a. Sigismund Schlomo Freud

Earth-birth Tuesday-06-May-1856

dematerialization 23-Sep-1939 [age 83]


psychoanalytic theory

celebrated author


Sigmund Freud


birth data from

tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotishavidya

charts + graphs + tables = generated by Shri Jyoti Star -

- adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Public-Figure Examples


Kita - Thrikketta


For Jyeṣṭha births of a masculine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing, evangelical Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

For those born into the Budha-ruled paradigm of Varta, siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, castmates, classmates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance is provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Antares.

Their purpose is to communicate a forceful, dynamic, healing regeneration cycle via sexual energy transfer and discovery of secrets.

Penetrating Communications

[Budha-ruled] Jyeṣṭha gentlemen are typically outspoken, incisive and decisive, competitive, descriptive, and energetic communicators. Thrikketta-born maintain a deep sense of mental seniority.

Capable writers, Ketta men are quick-witted and skilled in handcraft. Articulate and pro-active to the point of verbal aggression, they find a ready audience on topics of a mysterious, apocryphal, hidden, or forbidden nature.

Thriketta fellows may be handlers of secrets of a sexual, psychological, political, military, engineering, or financial nature.

Masters of verbal control and manipulation, Zakra chaps are often found in politics. Due to the influence of nakshatra-pati Budha, often Jyeṣṭha -born use words to manage an ever-transforming experience of power.

In the process of channeling these mysterious and compelling kinetic energies, thriketta men may engage in sexual intrigue and dangerous liaisons. Ketta-born are natural psychologists. Jyestha can become transformative healers when their sexual energy consciousness evolves.

Themes of verbal contest, sexual energy transfer, and healing discovery may contextualize Jyeṣṭha 's terrestrial experience. Also applicable to Chandra in Jyeṣṭha - Antares

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 85

" A dark and sensitive nature ...

  • superficially religious

  • but are hypocrites at heart.

On the surface they are respectable, law abiding citizens, ostensible church-goers,

  • but secretly their morals are loose

  • and their tempers passionate.

Smooth, oily, and suave to all appearances,

  • they carry in their hearts schemes and thoughts which might not stand the light of day."

[end quote]


neurologist Sigmund Freud, m.D., in midlife


Sigismund Freud in Childhood

Biographical details matched to the Vimshottari Dasha calendar

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age birth until age 6.2]

Tue-06-May-1856 Earth-birth in Freiberg in Moehren, moravia, austrian Empire [now Pribor, czech Republic] * Mangala-Rahu bhukti

1860 [SSF age 5] following an early childhood of frequent house-shifts, sSF's family moved permanently to Vienna * Mangala-Shukra bhukti * Shukra rules 4th-from-4, stability

1860 [SSF age 5] British-design water-flush toilets begin to be standard fixtures in newly built European bourgeois homes

[Rahu Mahadasha] [age 6.2] until age 24.2]

1873 [SSF age 17] graduated from Matura [high school] * Rahu-Budha bhukti * Budha diploma

1873 [SSF age 17] entered University of Vienna * Rahu-Ketu bhukti

[Guru Mahadasha] [age 24.2 until age 40.2]

1881 [SSF age 25] qualified as a Doctor of Medicine at University of Vienna * Guru-Guru svabhukti

1881 until 1884 Janma Sade-Sati Urisha

  • [7, contractual arrangements, bargains, negotiation, balancing, alliances]
  • [age 56-59]

Apr-1882 [SSF age 26] meets Martha Bernays for the first time * Guru-Guru svabhukti* Guru rules Meena svamsha ++ janma Sade-Sati

14-Sep-1886 [SSF age 30] consecration of marriage 1-of-1 with co-writer and notebooks-manager, martha Bernays * Guru-Budha bhukti * Budha rules Kanya 7th navamsha ++ R-K gochara Simha-Kumbha contact Chandra-Simha-navamsha + janma Sade-Sati

1887 [SSF age 31] celebrated the birth of child-1, daughter Mathilde * Guru-Budha bhukti * Budha rules Kanya 5th-from-Chandra

[Shani Mahadasha] [age 40.2 until age 59.2]

23-Oct-1896 [SSF age 40] grieved the decease of father * Shani-Shukra bhukti * Shani rules 7th-from-pitristhana

1900 [SSF age 44] publication of the celebrated case study, The Interpretation of Dreams. This widely-read text causes Neurologist Freud to be socially recognized as an expert in the mysterious medical topics of hysteria and trauma * Shani-Budha bhukti * Budha publications rules 8-mysterious + 11 profitable

May-1912 until Jun-1914 Janma Sade-Sati Urisha

  • [7, contractual arrangements, bargains, negotiation, balancing, alliances]
  • [age 56-59]

1912 [SSF age 56] intense animosity with former friend and protege Carl Jungcauses a permanent split * Shani-Rahu bhukti ++ janma Sade-Sati

1913 [SSF age 57] publication of his classic work Totem and Taboo, showing application of psychoanalysis to religion and anthropology * Shani-Guru chidradasha * Guru rules 5-scholarship ++ janma Sade-Sati

[Budha Mahadasha] [age 59.2 until 76.2]

12-Sep-1930 [SSF age 75] grieved the decease of mother * Budha-Shani chidradasha * Shani rules 12th-from-matribhava

1930 [SSF age 75] publication of his grande-finale book, Civilization and its Discontents. Freud's adherents hailed this slender volume as his great work. It applies psychoanalytic theory that was developed from [supposedly] individual treatment data to mass behaviors in human society. * Budha-Shani chidradasha * Shani rules 3-publications

1930 [SSF age 76] in recognition of the social importance of his literary works, sSF awarded the coveted Goethe Prize * Budha-Shani chidradasha * Shani rules 9-10 from Chandra, recognition

[Ketu Mahadasha] [age 76.2 until age 83.2]

Jun-1938 [SSF age 82] a dying SSF makes an escorted escape to London, from Nazi Austria. The clandestine evacuation was arranged by his devoted students, in the hope that before he died of laryngeal cancer, sSF could complete additional books explaining his psychological theories. SSF survived until 1939 in London, completing several more manuscripts. * Ketu-Budha chidradasha * Budha -3 writing

[Shukra Mahadasha] [83.2 until decease, age 83]

23-Sep-1939 [SSF age 83] blessed liberation from the Earthen-body, in London, via Laryngeal cancer * Shukra-Shukra svabhukti * maraka Shukra rules 7

Distinctive features of the Nativity

[Sparkling Splendid Surya]

pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]


[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[aristocratic confidence in adversarial settings]

[glorious center of conflict and conquest]

[bright leadership in times of egriegious injustice]


[transformative-eruptive Bharani-4] [navamsha Surya-Vrischika] intuitively confident display of dangerous secrets



  • [Surya-Mesha] Suryaya - the supreme one * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the vital competitive dominating rashi of Mangala

  • [Surya in bhava-6] center of sparkling service * brightly conflicted * focus on imbalance * eye on exploitation * charming social worker * poverty entitlements * shines light into broken promises * confident litigation * self-righteous accusations * politics of pollution * intelligence for medicine * smart crimes * dramatizes suffering * gambles with addictions * central roles in conflict zones * bright center of war * father may serve in medicine-military-ministry -- or sick-addicted-abusive-poor

  • [Surya-yuti-Shukra] confidently harmonious * brightly creative bargainer * uniquely intelligent feminine-figures * entitled to pleasures * aesthetic expressions align with the spiritual rays of the Sun * financial politics * graciously creative * dramatic promises * radiantly diplomatic * self-reflexively attractive * father may be artist-broker-arranger

  • [Surya-yuti-Rahu] confidently opportunistic * bright mesmerizer * passion for creative culture-mixing * boundary-breaching entitlements * craves important center-stage roles * ambitious father-figure * adventurously aligned with the spiritual rays of the Sun * radiantly risk-rewarding


self-reflexively ministering, brightly in service, charmingly disagreeable, regal style of complaining, victim focused, radiantly litigious, politically aggrieved, splendidly argumentative, center-stage helper [Surya in bhava-6] rules

  • 10-career, profession, dignity, regulatory roles, governance duties, social authority, symbolic recognition, iconic visibility, leadership responsibility. top status, reputation, commanding positions, honor, high regard, public respect, executive power, elite rank, lawful imposition, organizational director


[Surya-yuti-Shukra] + [Surya-yuti-Rahu] -6-Mesha

= Rulers of 7 + 10 + 12 + Rahu

  • uchcha-Aśvini-Rahu [medical]
  • Aśvini-Shukra [medical]
  • Bharani-Surya [financial]

[6-Mesha accepts the provocative 8th drishti of argumentative, treatment-planning, profit-driven Mangala-Kanya-11

Surya-Mesha-6 rules Simha-10

  • SSF's exalted career in medicine [6]

Surya-yuti-Rahu rules 4th-from-[uchcha-Chandra]

  • elite medical education, top quality in the day

Karmesha [uchcha- Surya]-yuti-Rahu created a barrier-bending, taboo-twisting , rejuvenating, discovery of new style of medicine focused on sexual trauma

  • new therapeutic medical treatment modality of psychiatry

uchcha-Surya-yuti-Rahu amplified, exaggerated decisive, intellectualized

  • During his own lifetime, freud was a dominant intellectual force in the emerging world of psychoanalytic medicine

Yet, SSF's antagonists were also empowered by Mangala-drishti-into-Rahu.

Rahu-Mesha-6 had powerful enemies,

but the Vimala Yoga supplied by Shukra will protect against imprisonment [12]

  • When told that his books were being publicly burned, freud said "what progress we have made! In the Middle Ages they would have burned me now they are content to burn my books ".
  • Luckily, freud's [Vimala Yoga] protected him from those who would attack physician-innovators.

Intellectual legacy, social recognition, repute

Rahu-exaggerated, ultimately falsified, the confidence of Surya-6 karmesha

Posthumous inapplicability of psychoanalytic theory

During his lifetime, dr. Freud was recognized as a towering intellect

SSF's theories [Purvabhadra svamsha] were believed to be predictive of human behavior on both individual and social levels.

During the end of the 20th century, due to a lack of supporting scientific data that could provide confirmatory proof of these theories in psychiatric clinical practice, Freud's ideas [Surya ideation] lost most of their presumed [Rahu] predictive authority.

Empirically flawed as they were, sSF-and-Martha-Bernays' descriptions of the mechanics of sexual psychology = recognized as a seminal contributions to modern western social science.

The literary team of SSF-and-Martha-Bernays remain honored as a Victorian era thinkers, whose pioneering [Mesha] ideas opened the gates for later, more verifiable, psychological theories.


Unusual Head = [uchcha-Surya-yuti-Rahu-6]

Baby Sigismund was born with a membrane shielding his face and head called the caul [caput galeatum] .


Dad = Jakob Freud, an apparently [Rahu] impoverished [6] Hasidic wool merchant from Ukraine.

Bharani-Surya-yuti-Shukra suggests a trader and money-changer in contentious circumstances [6]

Dad was an accomplished student of Jewish mysticism, reputed for his prowess in Torah Study, and steeped in the lore of invisible empowermentss. [Surya-yuti-Shukra vyayapati]

Surya + Rahu + Shukra.

  • Dad was married three times

[uchcha- Surya+ Rahu + Shukra] would suggest that behind Shri Rahu's fascinating apparition of a poor and unassuming fellow, dad was an effective broker [Shukra] of deals in commodities and currencies far beyond wool [Rahu].

[Comfortable Caretaking Chandra]

matrikaraka [mother] * garha-karaka [village]


[philosophical-doctrinal dharmesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

check Shukra and Shukra-drishti to determine the form of Chandra's pleasing, enriching, musical sensibilities

[comforted by mutually valuable relationships]

[sensitive to enriching contracts]

[needs to understand the terms of financial arrangements]

[soothed by negotiation for accrued assets]

[lifepartner may be maternal, accumulating, sensual]

[knowledgeable, musical mother may be wise-woman, philosopher, priestly, guiding]


[dramatic-creative Mriga-1] [mūlatrikoṇa] [navamsha-Chandra-Simha] intuitively sensitive to entertaining political display

[Atmakaraka sentiment, sensitivity, feelings, mother, protection, cultural rhythms, routines, pace, way-of-lfe, pre-verbal needs ]

  • [Chandra-Urisha] [uchcha] comforted by precious values * settled into rhythmic gathering * needs luxury

  • [Chandra in Mrigashira - Invaka] [mulatrikona pada 1-2] sensitive to mating scent * comforted by signaled movement * needs instinctive competition

  • [Chandra in classroom-7] comfortable with arrangements * familiar with bargaining * needs harmony * soothed by match-making * feels the pulse of deal-making * allied to the mother * accustomed to adjudication * habitual negotiator * calmed by customary arrangements * rhythmic rebalancing * needs fair contracts * sheltered by a parenting partner * nourished by agreements * undulating equity * mother may be a match-maker, attorney, advocate, judge
  • [Somana-yuti-Budha] emotionally communicative * sensitive to sibling figures * sheltered by workmates * calmed by a chatty cohort * talkative mother * needs to evangelize * makes empathetic gestures * soothed by conversation * feels like a messenger


sensitively adjusting, protectively harmonious, routinely bargaining, parentally equalizing, rhythmically arranging, customary middleman, predictably meddling, culturally agreeable, emotionally adjudicating, needs to hold mediating positions [Chandra in classroom-7] rules

  • 9-ideology , paradigm of belief, profession of faith, principled convictions, higher understanding, father-figures, priestly patronage, preaching, patriarchal entitlements, philosophical convictions, theory, public spiritual guidance, celebrated doctrines, sangha, sacred teachings, credenda, globalism, dharma, worldview, weltanschauung, mother's health


  • [folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the systematic, community-connected, profitable style of Kumbha-4]


[uchcha] Somana-yuti-Budha in 7 alliances

yuvati-bhava contains rulers of 7 + 10 + 12 + Rahu

SSF's career was built upon a series of professional alliances with other physician-researchers

  • French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot was a mentor and collaborator in developing theories of hysteria [Shukra, uterus].
  • Mentor and co-writer d. Josef Breuer partnered the development of trauma studies, including key techniques such as dreams and recollection of suppressed events
  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung, 21 years Freud's junior = perhaps the most famous mentee-partner but also the most conflicted [CJ's Chandra matches SSF's bhava-6 clinical medicine]


from dharmesha Chandra + labha-pati Budha

[Chandra-Urisha] [uchcha] rules 9 = 11th-from-11th. Vṛścikaborn are often fortunate in matters which involve their mother, the mother of their children [for husbands] motherhood in general, and influences of the Muse..

SSF developed substantial wealth from his publications [Budha], speaking fees [Budha] psychotherapeutic discovery patient fees [8] and faculty salaries [11] . He maintained a secret Swiss bank account [8] which remained hidden during WW-2, preserving much of the family's asset collection.


Amalia Nathansohn

Typical of [Chandra in classroom-7], sSF's primary life-partnership was with his mother. Mom was 20 when SSF was born into the third marriage of his elderly father.

  • Mom lived in same home as SSF for their entire shared lives.
  • SSF's mom Amalia died when SSF was 75 years old.
  • SSF himself died only seven years later = age 83.

As the eldest son of a youthfully curious [Budha] woman who had been assigned to marry an elderly husband, sSF had a defining, inescapable, lifelong tension and co-dependency with his mother.

MARRIAGE partnership emotional equity support expectations

Multiple graha yuti-Shukra might indicate several important marital-type relationships.


  • Vṛścika discovery, captivating secrets, revelations, surgery
  • bhava-1 identity, appearance, unique personality

Martha Bernays was by all accounts devoted to her husband and his career. She quietly wrote, edited, and arranged his scientific notebooks for publication. She parented SSF along with their six children. She even tolerated SSF's enduring affairs-du-coeur.

Budha rules profitable 11, and the family medical business flourished under Martha's caretaking, managing influence [Chandra influence]

[Competitive Champion Kuja]

bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler of Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]


[champion-challenger Hasta-1] [navamsha Kuja-Mesha] intuitively competitive forward-driving dominating argumentative innovation

  • [Mangala-Kanya] penetrating logic * proactive helping * thrust toward service * energetic assistance to the needy * pushy complaints * [potentially] vindictive * champion of litigious accusation * military planning * aggressive indictments * investigative journalism * medical treatment interventions

  • [Mangala in bhava-11] drive toward connectivity * competitive earnings * pursuit of profits * dynamic marketplace actions * battle for revenues * champion of community activism * invasive networking * vigorous sporting friends * energized scientific systems * economic conquests


progressively gridworking, competitively earning, energized distributions, pro-actively community-connecting, innovatively gainful, vigorously systematic, pursuing networked revenues, promotes friendly association, champion of mass-participation linkage [Mangala in bhava-11] rules

  • 1- distinctive attributes of personality, dense material incorporation, individual personification, earthen embodiment, physical integrity, kinetic energy, dance, style of movement, athletic prowess, muscular mobility, unique character, kinetic vitality, circumstances of birth, tangible appearance, coherent social identity

  • 6-ministries of service, dehumanization, misconduct, war, jail, slavery, pollution, argumentation, healthcare workers, ailment, injury, medical treatment, hypocrisy, crime, cheating, animosity, toxins, complaints, accusation, litigation, blaming, scapegoat, aid workers, helpers. imbalanced conditions, injustice, betrayed promises, servants, laborers, hostility, animosity, disagreement, dehumanization


Kuja-11 drishti energizes, stimulates, activates, moves, and provokes

  • 2 speech, finance, heritage, collections, language, speech, sound, voice, face
  • 5 politics, drama, romance, speculation, children, display, creativity
  • 6 conflict, warfare, accusation, exploitation, resentment, lawsuits, divorce, medicine, litigation, remedies for mistreatment

Freud took a dominating [Kuja] position in the professional assemblies of his day.

Provocative Mangala-Kanya the critical investigator

Mangala's active agenda is often a growth-challenge for the Vṛścikanativity due to His 6-association with medicine, disease-discomfort, suffering

++ compounded by Rahu-Shukra sexual intrigue

++ Mangala drishti into Rahu in bhava-6 further enflames SSF's drive toward innovative medical treatments

[Busy Bantering Budha]

jamayah-karaka [sibling] * sandesha-karaka [message] * shisya-karaka [student]

[mysterious-revealing randhresha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[friendly-economic vriddhi-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

check Shukra for defining source of Budha's sensual enriching musical knowledgeable acquisitiveness


[economic-connected Kṛttikā-3] [navamsha Budha-Kumbha] intuitively explaining futuristic scientific methodology


  • [Budha-Urisha] financial communications * articulation of tonal value * talks about stored goods * discusses collected assets * delivers descriptive evaluations * sends historic messages * skillfully signals the music * preservation methods * describes sound frequencies * hands-arms-shoulders send sensual gestures

  • [Budha in bhava-7] narrative of partnership * discusses contracts * debates on deals * analysis of relationships * discourse on trusts * banters about betrothal * crafting of covenants * delivers negotiating instructions * explainer of arrangements * talks about fairness * advocate for justice * gestures toward settlement of quarrels * mentality of marriage * formulates alliances * defines equity * balanced bargains
  • [Budha-yuti-Chandra] explainer of feelings * mentalized caretaking * communicative parenting * familiar rhythmic phrasing * ancestral instruction * writes sensitive speeches + songs * soothed by scheduling * sensitive merchandising * needs to plan * describes the comfortable routines * responsive siblings * intuitively talkative mother


talkative negotiator, relationship manager, articulate partner, advocating communicator, equable conversation, balanced gesturing, partnership explainer [Budha in bhava-7] rules

  • 8-unexpected eruptions of regenerating force, occult initiation, mystical revelation, shocking intervention, opaque empowerments, invasive surgery, intensive healing, evolution, violent explosion, sudden identity change, rejuvenation, recycling, rebirth, hidden assets, upheaval, undisclosed secrets, transformative events, discovery, in-laws of first marriage, health of younger sibling-cousin

  • 11-fruitful revenues, interconnected income, profits, material achievement, social networking, friendships, community linkage, fan-clubs, mass participation gatherings, collectivism, marketplace gridworks, distribution, association, populism, economic systems, fundraising, gains-and-goals, awards for work accomplished, health of the enemies


[Budha Mahadasha] [age 59 until age 76]

SSF won the coveted Goethe Prize in 1930 during Budha-Shani chidra-dasha = Shani activates 3- publications

  • Soon afterward, his books were banned and burned by Nazi attacks on Jewish writers. Shani activates 4-ethno-nationalism

Fortunately, freud's [Vimala Yoga] protected him personally against imprisonment, even if his books were viciously destroyed.

[Generous Growing Guru]

dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]


[collecting-preserving dhanesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[witty-creative vidya-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]


[calculating-analyzing Uttarabhadra-2] [navamsha Guru-Kanya] intuitively expanding analytically reasoned argumentation

  • [Guru-Meena] much sleep * theoretical understanding * broad inner guidance * optimistic imaginings * inspirational dreams * intuitive beliefs * doctrine of esoteric understandings * expands the scope of contemplative awareness * multiple prayers * permission to envision

  • [Guru in bhava-5] much creativity * many intelligences * many entitlements * numerous games * diverse entertainments * many romances * extensive self-glorification * children identified with paradigmatic beliefs * expansion of political display * development of drama * optimistic in speculations * patron of creative performance * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be a game-player


abundantly celebrated, inspirationally center-stage, jovially entertaining, tolerant genius, globally creative, divinely guided gambling, confidently speculative, believes in romance, idealistic indoctrinator [Guru in bhava-5] rules

  • 2-acquisition, family legacy, tradition, language-lexicon, preserved memory, banking, collections, entreasurement, herd-hoard, treasury containment, financial capital, accrued amounts, asset evaluation, knowledge of history, speech-song, heritage values, color-sound, arts-and-music, face-voice-eyes-teeth-mouth-hair, genetics, stored resources, health of the father

  • 5- Politics, center-stage roles, theatre, demonstration, display, charming brilliance, genius, poetry, choice-making, showmanship, gambling and gamesmanship, romantic idealism, creativity, fashion-shows, flamboyance, celebrity entitlements, confidence, artistic performance, drama, children, financial speculation, intelligence, entertainments, fun


Languages [Guru in bhava-2]

  • Sigismund was a sharp student who loved to read in his native German and scriptural Hebrew. As a student, he read proficiently in French, italian, spanish, English, Latin, and Greek

[Sweetly Suave Shukra]

svadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]

[[Vimala Yoga]

[bargaining-balancing yuvati-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]


[financial-oratical Aśvini-2] [navamsha Shukra-Urisha] intuitively harmonizing contractual banking arrangements



  • [Shukra-Mesha] appreciation of direct movement * primal relationships * likes innovation * aesthetic of physicality * attracted to champions * pleasures of conquest * kinetic sensuality * prefers a lithely sporting partner * sweetly competitive * aristocratic agreements

  • [Shukra-6] seeks pleasure via self-medication * satisfied by service * ministry of aid to womenfolk * imbalanced agreements * feminine employees * attracted to animals * valuable servants * appreciation of enemies * lovely designs to adorn the lower abdomen * toxicity from sugars * aesthetic of slavery * pleasant self-medication * unfair contracts * financial exploitation * sweet pollutions * criminal bargains * accepts injustice * accommodates poverty * adjusts to war * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may be a pharmacist-clinician-servant-helper-aide * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may be a pharmacist-clinician-servant-helper-aide

  • [Shukra-yuti-Surya] balanced roles in drama * appreciation for political display * pleasantly charming * self-focused diplomacy * radiant bright beauty * self-reflexive bargaining * sweet entitlements * negotiating father-figure * self-directed arrangements * focus on trade exchange * solipsistic romance * idealistic contracts * enjoys the game of deal-making * prefers self-confident partners

  • [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] sweetened adventure * gracious ambition * appreciation for opportunities * thrilling negotiations * passionate sensuality * over-reaching agreements * exceptional beauty * enjoys cultural mixing * barrier-bending relationships * unorthodox arrangements * diplomatic equity balances exhilarating chance * risk-rewarding contracts * unconventionally attractive * pleasantly mesmerizing appearance * prefers exciting partners


[Vimala Yoga]

sensually conflicted, appreciative of assistance, harmoniously laboring, aesthetically complaining, financially exploitive, musical-artistic narrative of servitude, unbalanced relationships, advocates for workers, sweetly argumentative, aggrieved negotiator [Shukra-6] rules

  • 7-covenant, promise, trust, contractual relationships, social justice, advocacy, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, partners, justice, marriage, legal and formal partnerships, negotiation, alliance-crafting, match-making, fair arrangements, even deals, advocacy, trading, bargaining, brokerage, haggling, go-between, middleman, meddler

  • 12 enclosures, the bed, fantasies, privacy, interior spiritual guidance, clandestine undertakings, intuitive awareness, non-linear conceptual undertanding, concealment, seclusion, invisibility, dissolved identity, meditation, contemplation, dreamworlds, astral plane, imaginary scenarios, sanctuary sleep, distant lands, health of the avowed partner


Lifepartner, editor, co-writer [often primary writer] and keeper of the scientific notebooks = Martha Bernays 26-Jul-1861 [Hamburg, Germany] until 02-Nov-1951 (her age 90)

Shukra rules Tula-12= 6th-from-Chandra

During SSF's earliest childhood, the family moved often due to restless Mangala. However, during Mangala-Shukra bhukti, his age 5 and more siblings arriving, the family settled permanently in Vienna [Shukra rules 4th-from-4 + Shukra rules Chandra-7 = stablility]

[Sober Structural Shani]

duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]

[collaborative-communicative sahaja-pati for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[homebound-anchoring bandesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]


[shocking-eruptive Mriga-4] [navamsha Shani-Vrischika] intuitively lawfully just ordering secretive undisclosed occult transformative empowerment structure

  • [Shani-Mithuna] tiresome old documents * resists new explanations * must conform to management hierarchy * must continue orderly communications * rigid process handling * heavy old discussions * obligatory scripted conversations * inflexible instructions * must endure proletarian talk * slow elderly messengers * tightly structured dialog * compression upon hand-arm-shoulder * restricted breathing * insufficient team cooperation * overburdened collaborations * scarce information resources * maintainer of old business

  • [Shani in Bhava-8] steady time-structured transformations * impedes infinity * must impose order upon dangerous environments * resists the advance of inexorable change * must regenerate while maintaining the system * cautiously conventional initiations * tense renewals * postpones surgery * fear of eruptions * chronic trauma patterns * pressures on the hidden mechanisms of sexual-reproduction * blocks the revelation of mysteries * pushback against emerging new cycles * disaster fatigue * martial law * dry rigidity limits rejuvenation * frugal in-laws * elders preserve undisclosed assets


lawfully transformative, camouflaged disasters, orderly evolution, frozen discovery, slow rebirth, systematically revolutionary, emergency protocol, structured healing, mature acceptance of catastrophic change [Shani in Bhava-8] rules

  • 3-communications, messaging, sermons, scripts, radio, media-products, Writing and Publishing, letters of correspondence, announcements, planning, schedules, sales, marketing, documentation, reporting, cohort, entourage, committee-work, process management, commercial business, instruction, explanation, discussion, diagrams, labeling, event management, signage, training, itinerary, tours

  • 4 cultural foundations, property boundaries, way of Life, protection, defense , homeland, household, routines, rituals, mother, parents, customary rhythms, caretakers, socialization schooling, gardens, waterways, transportation, housing, social security, sense of place, environmentalism, citizenship, belonging, ethnic basis, ethnoreligion, patriotism, real-estate, farming, land-ownership, burial, predictability, health of the elder sibling


Secret conversations

[3, publications, data, confidential conversations]


Cigar smoking in 3-lungs

  • Totem and Taboo 1856-1939 psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] in medical Aśvini. Shani's pressure upon 3-lungs was tangible. Freud smoked cigars so passionately that his hands [3] were permanently stained yellow from tobacco. SSF died of laryngeal cancer.

[Risk-rewarding Rahu]

rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]

[for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[Rahu casts passionate drishti into 10-12-2]

check Mangala for defining source of Rahu's combative energy

[passionately amplified crusade during times of distress]

[ambitious craving for mixed-caste conflict]

[seeks prestigious opportunity via military or medical problems]

[shrewd challenges to racial prejudice]

[successful taboo-breaking uprise of oppressed classes]


[pioneering-innovative Aśvini-1] [vargottamsha] [navamsha Rahu-Mesha] intuitively over-reaching thrilling fascination of medical innovation



  • [Rahu-Mesha-Aja] shimmering illusion of championship * craving for superiority * exotic use of dominating force * mask of competitive action * mirage of first-arrival pioneer * over-reaching urgency * extraordinary birth * extravagant muscularity * mesmerizing forward movement * unusual athleticism * fascinating conquests * marvelous warriorship * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] attributes of heroic action * seeks privilege via innovator-roles

  • [Rahu in bhava-6] tricks the enemies [beneficial placement] * passion for prestige conflicts* in svabhava of Busy Budha, the Shadowy Specter chatters cleverly in hostile environments *glamorous ministries of service * unusual servants * cunning arguments * thrilling surge of rule-breaking assistance * treats misery with unorthodox medication * astonishing accusations in criminal lawsuits * fascinating outsider insinuates into military-medical-ministry roles * craves the delusion of disagreement * mesmerizing mistreatment of laborers and animals * desires an important role in litigation * exciting injuries * opportunistic warfare * disguised as a victim * marvelous assistance to the disadvantaged * entranced by one's own alleged misdoing * may pose as a poor-sick-harmed patient * may appear as a helpful relative of the mother's people * social mobility sought via appearance of servitude

  • [Rahu-yuti-Surya] amplified ambition for center-stage roles * magnified confidence * passion for exotic display * trickster with dramatic flair * opportunistic father * creative pursuit of social mobility * fascinating [but perhaps illusory] appearance of exceptional intelligence * thrilling political genius * hypnotic charm * seeks privilege via bright celebrity * sparkling center of cross-cultural mixing

  • [Rahu-yuti-Shukra] amplified attractions * magnified beauty * exotic taste * tricky partners * opportunistic feminine-figures * fascinating [but perhaps illusory] appearance of luxurious pleasure * Strange-and-wonderful designs * thrilling relationships * barrier-bending brokerage * unusual contracts * hypnotic arrangements * gracious balance of cross-cultural mixing * entrancing music


Over-reaching pretense in Aśvini = medicine.

rulers of 4 + 7 + 12 amplified by ambitious-writer [Rahu in bhava-3]

  • SSF proposed to deliver [3] medical treatments [Aśvini] for psychological injuries.

Champion of women's sexual health = a previously taboo area

  • SSF was a champion explorer of new medical territory
  • the injuries in which he specialized were sustained mainly by women [Rahu-yuti-Shukra] and mainy via sexual conduct [7] of their husbands or their incestuous fathers [Rahu-yuti-Surya]

d. Freud researched [12] and documented [3] what he asserted were clinically tested remedies for psychological disorders related to culturally forbidden [Rahu] sexual behaviors.

  • All appeared on the surface [Rahu appearances] to be rigorously following the scientific method [SSF Sadachbia lagna, identified as a scientist]

SSF and his students in the new discipline of psycho-analysis believed themselves to be true scientists.

Yet, decades after SSF's death in 1939, at the peak of his professional recognition, classical Freudian psychoanalysis was already seen to be scientifically untenable due to lack of actual confirming evidence.

  • It is now suspected that Freud fabricated the case studies described in his medical notebooks. [over-reaching Rahu-3 Aśvini medicine.]
  • specifically, the manufactured data consisted of reported conversations between himself the therapist and his clients [Rahu in bhava-3]

[Collapsing unshackling Ketu]

kavandha-karaka [headless] chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]

[beneficial placement for energizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[disengaged from isolated contractual roles]

[few/no boundaries within arranged private spaces]

[no barriers to diplomatic movement between foreign lands]

[release from just imprisonment]

[unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner balance]

[unlimited mutual fantasy worlds]

[unafraid of imagined agreed-upon annihilation]

[may perceive non-verbal intuitive negotiating guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously competitive-challenging Rahu-Mesha-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


[arranging-matching Chitra-3][vargottamsha] [navamsha Ketu-Tula] intuitively disregarding outdated limitations on negotiated relationships

  • [Ketu-Tula] justly dissociates from negotiation * wanders away from compromise * eccentric alliances * martyr's diplomacy * abandons agreements * apathetic trades * surrenders trust * ignores restriction on match-making * releases a pale pastel cloud of fair deals into the misty abyss

  • [Ketu in classroom-12] forsaken by ghosts [beneficial] * eccentric research * limitless imagination * scattered intuitive insights * ambivalent toward foreigners * peculiar paternal grandmother * blurs fantasy boundaries * unstructured meditations * passive isolation * foggy clairsentience * releases invisibility * dissolves privacy * abandons the veil between perceptual worlds * ignores imprisonment * unless other graha in 12, may prefer to live free from father's mother + mother's father


Ketu has a special relationship with lagnesha Kuja-11 earnings

Ketu occupies 12 = research

There was never any third-party verification of the proceedings within SSF's private therapy sessions. [12]

Several of his patients claimed that SSF was using his imaginative fancy [12] to fabricate their supposed patient-to-physician conversations. The sessions were never supervised or observed, and the sessions always

occurred behind-closed-doors [12].

For decades following Freud's decease, his adherents and trainees tried-and-failed to replicated the astounding cures which are documented in the celebrated notebooks.

After many decades of investigation, freud's medical notebooks documenting the enclosed sessions [12] are now believed to be a work of SSF's and his co-writer wife's literary imagination. [12]

Although SSF's scientific, data-driven theories are now mainly discredited, the impact of his shocking concept of the pernicious sexual unconscious did form a key influence upon western intellectual history.


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