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Kuja occupies 8th-from-Chandra

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  1. Mangala-Mesha [0-18 mūlatrikoṇa] [svakshetra]
  2. Mangala-Urisha
  3. Mangala-Mithunaya
  4. Mangala-Karkata [nīcha]
  5. Mangala-Singha
  6. Mangala-Kanya
  7. Mangala-Tula
  8. Mangala-Vṛścika [svakshetra]
  9. Mangala-Dhanus
  10. Mangala-Maraka [uchcha]
  11. Mangala-Kumbha
  12. Mangala-Meena

  1. Surya in-bhava-8
  2. Chandra in-bhava-8
  3. Mangala in-bhava-8
  4. Budha in-bhava-8
  5. Guru in-bhava-8
  6. Shukra in-bhava-8
  7. Shani in-bhava-8
  8. Rahu in-bhava-8
  9. Ketu in-bhava-8


OM kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Professor Mangala



resides in



Bhava 8

Kuja ++ Ketu = co-rule Randhrasthana

Revival * Rejuvenation


Renovation * Rebirth

coup de gras

Mars * Ars

Ares * Simud * Bahram

Gugulanna * Nergal * Heru-deshet


the eighth house

mors * renatus



Ritratto di Carlo Vacavallo, circa 1548

" Dieses Porträt von Kaiser Karl V. (1500-1558) zu Pferde entstand im Gedenken an den Sieg der kaiserlichen Truppen über die Protestanten bei Mühlberg ."

Carlos-Charles-Carl-Karl-the-5th, Holy Roman Emperor, retreating from the battle of Muhlberg

Titian c. 1548 at the Prado Museum


Nagpo Manju Shri

Public Figures

Mangala-Mesha [mūlatrikoṇa 0-18 deg] [svakshetra][svabhava] [dynamic occult-initiatory movement] [innovative initiations]

Mangala-Urisha [svabhava]


[svabhava] [Harsha Yoga]

[energizing lagnesha co-ruler of Vṛścika indriya-lagna] [inimical rogesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]



[nīcha][svabhava] [Vimala Yoga]

[vigorous secretive healing initiations] [manipulative sexual rejuvenation][pioneering drive into hidden feelings]

Mangala-Singha [svabhava]

Mangala-Kanya [svabhava]

Mangala-Tula [svabhava]

Mangala-Vṛścika [svakshetra] [svabhava] [Harsha Yoga]

[energizing lagnesha for Mesha indriya-lagna] [mysterious randhresha for Mesha indriya-lagna]

Mangala-Dhanus [svabhava] [Vimala Yoga]

Mangala-Makara-Draco [uchcha] [svabhava] [Harsha Yoga]

Mangala-Kumbha [svabhava] [Yogakaraka for Karkata indriya-lagna]

Mangala-Meena [svabhava] [Yogakaraka for Simha indriya-lagna]

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda

  • Iditarod race winner Susan Butcher

  • communications media industrialist Rupert Murdoch

  • Gov. NM Bill Richardson

Ready to Rejuvenate

Graha Drishti

  • the glance of Mangala-8 injects: bhava-2, bhava-3, bhava-11

Actions (yang Mangala) originate in the self-destructive and rebirthing instincts (8)

Targeted, outgoing vigor of Mangala-8 penetrates

  • Dhana bhava = vigorously collecting treasuries of valuable goods and conserved knowledge while producing dynamic speech

  • Vikrama bhava = discovering secret sources of regeneration and rebirth = 8th-from-8th

  • Labha bhava = earning material achievements and marketplace income

see: Strength of Mangala Drishti from Mangala-bhava-8

splendid placement for healers such as psychiatrists, psychologists, midwives, surgeons, tantriki, occultists,

also superb energy for investigators, those who would penetrate the veil of secrecy which surrounds harmful doings, police detective and crime solvers, forensic scientists

  • A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf = arguably the brightest literary light of 20th century English writing . Founder of a notable publishing house, VSW was also a bisexual woman who carried on elaborate, secretive rendez-vous (Kuja-8) with her female lovers -- then wrote about it Mangala-Mithunaya. Her unprecedented literary disclosures empowered several generations of readers to change and challenge their own identities

also good for aggressive [Kuja] pursuit of hidden agents, poisons, invisible threats, unseen forces


Kuja_bloodLily.jpgBhava-8 = the location of numerous "apertures" or "sphincters" large and small

These openings-and-closings constitute the membranous tunnel-like passageways between the various realms of experience: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual (to name just four well-known worlds; there are more.)

Mangala in 8 hastens the kinetic energy of the system of faucets and drains which comprise the chakra network.

Kuja facilitates vigorous and sometimes frightening movement through these apertures.

Aids longevity. Native enjoys a long and vigorous life with a quick, perhaps bloody, end. Kuja= blood, vigor.

Activities of Kuja's two Bhava = subject to sudden upheaval and forceful expressions of destruction-rebirth change.

  • Methodism 1703-1791 preacher John Wesley + [Budha-yuti-Shukra] * Wesley's life-changing sermons (Kuja, transformation) fired a dynamic social-religious movement that swept through the Anglosphere imposing sudden change in the way people experienced religious salvation.

The purported identity may be radically, even catastrophically, destroyed during the lifetime. One is reborn vigorously. Aggressive pursuit of hidden, tantric knowledge.

A good thing for Vṛścika and Mithunaya indriya-lagna, where Kuja = rogesha-6 , and for Urisha and Dhanau lagna, where Kuja = ruler-of-12 .

For Urisha indriya-lagna, Mithunaya indriya-lagna, Vṛścika indriya-lagna, Dhanus indriya-lagna ,

  • Kuja in Randhrasthana = a boost up.

Strongest benefits for Vṛścika indriya-lagna and Mithuna lagna where major obstacles from Aristhana, such as enemies, debts, and disease, can be aggressively destroyed because rogesha-6 Mangala-8 receives Viparita Raja Yoga * Harsha Yoga

Mithunaya indriya-lagna may be enormously successful in secret commercial operations or hidden messaging and dealing with a criminal element such as detective or interrogation work.

Esoteric Astrology 1925-2005 Jyotishavidya Bepin Behari * commentary WRT Mangala-Dhanus-8:

"You are courageous despite setbacks in your personal career. Married life may fail, colleagues may let you down and foreigners may create difficulties. But you will transcend all difficulties and earn fame abroad. Your occupation in life will be spectacular. You will suddenly shoot up in glory and light. And may die suddenly as well."

Focus of Vital Physical Activity

managing the finances of the spouse, private or confidential investments

dealing with in-laws

working directly with taxation, doing combat with taxes

  • Rupert Murdoch

going to war against hidden enemies, dealing with hidden threats

handling secret, dangerous or volatile information

secret explosive forces

sexual pursuits

  • A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf pursued a number of secret sexual relationships which became revealed via her literary writings. = Mangala-Mithunaya 8-revelations

intervention in emergencies

confrontation with the circumstances of death, dealing with deadly force

secret knowledge, reincarnational insight, tantric mystery skills

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda

intervention into psychological trauma states, healing touch, surgery, midwifery

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung penetrated the human subconscious inventory of traumatic images and narratives.

diagnosis of hidden conditions

hidden dangers to life

Sibling Group, Cell, Cohort, Teams

  • Creates Kuja-drishti upon bhava-3 which typically generates the birth or acquisition of a younger sibling (full, half or step.) Exception: often no sibling if bhratru-pati-3 occupies dissolving bhava-12. However, one of the siblings may get into some trouble in life, via growth-challenges related to secret dealings and impulsiveness.

  • If Rahu drishti to Mangala in 8, culturally taboo sexual behavior. the native is not completely free from these challenges either, but the sibling expresses the taboo behavior in more extreme form.

  • Count sibling rank from the Chandra lagna. Younger sibling = 3rd from Chandra, elder sibling = 11th-from-Chandra .

  • If Mangala occupies uncomfortable bhava counted from both Chandra lagna and from radix lagna, there may be serious disturbance in the native 's life caused by a sibling. However, if one of these angles is favorable, the sibling's trouble is usually contained within their own life, and the native is not much harmed.

Depending on the rashi, secretive Mangala-8 may push through a vigorous action behind a cloak of undisclosed activities

Kuja-8 is either a great healer , or a controlling, oversexed and manipulative individual. Or both. With sufficient tantric advancement, may be able to penetrate the auras of others in order to do psychic surgery and other requested interventions.

Increased drive toward tantric knowledge and dynamic, self-initiated response to catastrophic change.

Generally favorable for Mesha indriya-lagna and Vṛścika indriya-lagna, provided one has access to conscious healing traditions. Driven pursuit of mystery traditions and secret societies.

Success in undercover investigations, insurance adjuster,"first responder", emergency medicine, direct intervention in life-and-death situations, handling volatile and dangerous conflict, all forms of catastrophic change , plus other sudden, forced-upheaval types of enterprise.

Seva of Mangala-8

offer during any Mangala bhukti

offer during periods of the randhresha-8

offer once per month when gochara Chandra journeys via the natal 8th bhava *or* via the trama-prone the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra

Mangala8_feuer.jpgMangala in bhava-8 in any rashi benefits from intentional and targeted seva offering to those who have experienced sudden and unexpected changes.

Service to those who have been traumatized and are ready for healing.

Ideally the service or charitable donations of financial wealth for the purpose of good works should be masked or disguised; best not to call attention to the donor.

Beneficiaries of seva may include

  • widows and orphans;
  • those suffering from catastrophic loss whether physical, emotional or financial;
  • those recovering from medical surgery or a difficult childbirth;
  • victims of invasion or toxic shock including invasive chemicals such as poisons and invasive thoughts;
  • those undergoing detoxification

those whose worlds have been shattered by some species of sudden, penetrating, unexpected force

  • natural disaster e.g. earthquake, flood, fire
  • social upheaval e.g. revolutionary violence, crimes of war
  • personal crime e.g. rape, violent assault including repeated psychological attacks

Mangala-8 is a splendid placement for healers such as psychiatrists, psychologists, midwives, surgeons, tantriki, occultists, police detective and crime solvers, forensic scientists etc. Those with a solid education in these professions may offer their skills in charitable service to those who need healing assistance alleviate many types of personal ignorance and fear.

Remember healers : you are facilitators. Healers do not actually"do"anything. Healers provide the environment that is conducive to healing, provide the uncritical and attentive support, and most of all provide the protective psychic grounding. However, it is essential to remain aware that no one can heal another person. Ultimately each person heals oneself.

The service is to provide the safe and supportive environment in which the beneficiary may regain the strength needed to continue their personal journey at a higher level of wisdom. When a person is jolted by a severe shock one may be temporarily disoriented upon the path. The healer simply stops the motion of the forward movement for a brief moment so that the affected being can regroup.


Karaka for a sudden death; by tantric methods of intentional transformation; by weapon; from hidden diseases; or by mysterious causes including guerilla ambush or secret attack from inside or from outside .

Tends to die young-ish, but not always (check for a life-extending, change-resistant Shani drishti to 8 which indicates a longer life)

from an outside force, via bullet or sword

from an inside force, via heart attack or internecine attack

As a "challenging planet in a challenging house " Kuja -8 does some good things!

In any rashi, Kuja gives a sudden physical departure from this earthly vale. No long painful suffering before death. Poof, you're outta here! Typically, an unexpected"accidental" death.

In Karkata, where Kuja is extremely weakened and passive-aggressive, the Conditions of dematerialization (not the timing of death) will be watery, malingering, usually at home, and in Aśleṣa particularly the implication is family manipulative scheming and emotional turmoil.

of course this "benefit" of a quick death is the result of intensely malefic effects, so only the consciously skillful tantriki can really enjoy it.

If one is "prepared" for a sudden death, for example by reading in the spiritual literature of death (e.g., Tibetan Book of Living and Dying )And understanding what to expect, then the quick process of liberation from the physical form can be a spiritual as well as a physical blessing.

bhava-8 turns the wheel of Birth and Death

Kuja in bhava-8 with strength is a karaka for sudden surgeries and death by weapons .

  • But note important differences that suggest an injury or health crisis rather than an assassination.

Kuja/8 indicates a vital subconsciously-held past-life memory carried over from heroic but fatal fighting in battlefields of previous lives. Kuja in bhava-8 does not guarantee death by weapons at any particular time in life.

Kuja merely provides the predisposition toward that eventuality, due to the intensity of the past-life memory.

  • The memory infuses one's expectations with a vivid reminder of the circumstances, and their previous result.

~~ Bhrigu SutramCh. 24, Shloka 14 "If the 8th Bhava be possessed by a malefic planet, and the 2nd Bhava by a benefic planet, the woman will die before her husband."
Strength of Mangala Drishti

100%= 4th aspect to labha bhava = cautiously productive in the svabhava of Shani.

  • Energizes income-producing behavior from self-initiated business dealings.

  • Natural tension produced by Kuja's drishti to Shani's svabhava can generate conflict between conventional earning styles and Kuja's my-own-way market behaviors.

  • Intentionally independent investments will prosper.

25% = 7th drishti to dhana bhava = disruptive in the svabhava of agreeable Shukra.

  • Ma y damage wealth through overspending.

  • Makes the speech very direct, clipped or harsh. Amplified by Rahu. Qualities of rising Mars to be found in 2nd spouse; 2nd marriage typically brief.

  • 25% Kuja Dosha toward the second marriage. Kuja gives comfortable and pleasing results in His svabhava . Excellent for work in confidential or secret specialties such as private investments, psychiatry, or tantra 8).

  • If Kuja occupies a friendly rashi, one handles emergencieswith a direct and assertive style.

100%= 8th drishti to Sahaja-bhava = productive in the svabhava of neutral Budha.

  • H elps small-group communications. Excellent for think-tank type teamwork, especially regarding avant-garde metaphysical ideas.

  • Mars-Ars aspect an contribute to the self-made financial wealth of the third Bhava .


Quem di diligunt, adolescens moritur .

(Whom the gods love, dies young.)

"challenging planet in a challenging house gives good results."

Kuja the Hunter flourishes in bhava-8, where His aggressive, competitive instincts battle the forces of annihilation and massive upheaval.

Should Kuja be well disposed via drishti and rashi, the native performs with athletic prowess in emergency environments, or one handles covert operations with aplomb. [uchcha] Kuja will handle confidential (often illegal) business matters with decisive force.

Splendid position for a surgeon or midwife. the native does not create secrets but rather one plunges into the hidden or taboo environment with skillful physical force.

[nīcha] Kuja here is disastrous, as the native charges into other people's business with intent to manipulate and disrupt. But most other situations for Kuja are beneficial for handling existing secrecy with vigor and the long-term outcome is Typically, a success.

Bhratri-karaka in bhava-8 = similar to Shukra in bhava-8

Longevity: Life is shortened

Circumstances of Death:

  • sudden , potentially violent (depending on Kuja's character), often by fire or metal . Death typically from Accident rather than disease. Native prone to surgeries and sudden illness throughout life. Typically by weapon, blunt-force trauma such as vehicle crash or assault, or invasive surgery. Depends significantly on the randhresha-8 .


  • Typically, an adversarial relationship. Not intimidated by relatives; rather tends to dominate them.

Inheritance and Insurance settlements:

  • It often appears to outsiders that the native appears to be positioned to win an inheritance or insurance settlement.


  • not a burden. Often avoided completely.

Access to Secret Knowledge:

  • Advanced capabilities, broad access to hidden information. May need to make executive decisions on potentially catastrophic events.

Healing Skills:

  • May be an extraordinary healer in this life. Sexual drive toward secret, passionate relationships.

Catastrophic Changes

  • subject to massive changes in the social identity, depending on randhresha-8

Joint Assets of Marriage:

  • the native and the spouse may contribute successfully to affluence hoard in marriage. Presuming Surya is strong, Native holds a positive belief predisposition to build financial security for the marriage.

Divorce Settlement:

  • "burned up" Extramarital options are available and often utilized for ego-enhancement purposes, but divorce is uncommon with Surya/8.


  • may have some covert dealings which may harm his career. If Surya is weak, Father may be secretive, unethical, moody, or even abusive.

QUOTATION Das / Behari WRT Mangala located in bhava-8

"Externalizes adverse past karma which has a very detrimental influence on the health. Various diseases connected with the urinary tract or with blood circulation may afflict you; you may undergo surgery, and your sensuality is fiery and passionate.

  • This combination is harmful to the marriage partner. Look for further afflictions to this Mars in the 8th before judging serious harm to the spouse. Officers with Mars in their eighth house take a lot of bribes but are not caught.

  • May overeat till the age of 30. Later life develops indigestion, and blood pressure. Long-life is helped. Weapons, or burns may cause death.

"Trouble for spouse. Degradation.

  • Friends become enemies, though respectably honored. Efforts made according to industry do not fructify, but are defeated by hindrances. Even brothers and relatives suddenly behave like enemies.

"Difficult diseases come. Misfortune in business comes.

  • Unbecoming speech, diseases of the privates, sorrow and grief from spouse, vexation. One who values of jewels and precious stones, weak due to disorders of blood and ulcers.

  • Few sons; possibly unkind to others at times. Simple dress but popular amongst rich. Negative karmic forces may be experienced in this life for better or worse. Aggrieved. Be careful regarding danger from water or swimming.

"If Mars is in the eighth house from the Lagna, Jupiter-Venus (benefics) posited in the house of fate and fortune etc. may even become ineffective, as Mars (malefic) over-rides them."


1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in Philippines * seen from the Clark Air Force Base, roughly 10 miles from the volcano. (USGS)


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