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Amsha - Bhava - Graha - Karaka

कारक kāraka


Karaka-atva (agents of significant activity)

Karaka-amsha (portions of significant activity)

" the doer, that portion which does " = kri

(socially) significant actions

Jaimini Sutram with Examples: Results counted from the rashi of the Karakamsha

List of Public Figure Examples by Radix Karakamsha

Jaimini Karaka

Vocabulary for Karak-amsha + Karaka-atva

  • ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

  • kri, karak, karmic, Christ, Krishna


  • making, doing, acting, who or what does or produces or creates

  • intending to act or do


  • QUOTATION from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

doing, making, effecting, causing

clever, skillful

helper, companion

a man of a mixed class

the occupation of this class is writing, accounts; a writer, scribe

a sound or word as an independent part of speech (or as separated from the contexi

a kind of time

(in arithm.) a surd or irrational number, surd root; the side of a square

a particular position of the fingers

the act of making, doing, producing, effecting

an act, deed

an action (esp. a religious one)

the special business of any tribe or caste

a calculation (esp. an astronomical one)

an astrological division of the day

pronunciation, articulation

a sound or word as an independent part of speech, separated from its contexi

the posture of an ascetic; a posture in sexual intercourse

instrument, means of action

an organ of sense or of speech

(in law) an instrument, document, bond

(in Grammar) the means or instrument by which an action is effected, the idea expressed by the instrumental case, instrumentality


a spell, charam

rhythm, time

name of a treatise of Varaha-mihira on the motion of the planets

a field

the mind, heari


cause, reason, the cause of anything (gen., also often loc.)

instrument, means; motive origin, principle; a cause

an element, elementary matter

the origin or plot of a play or poeam

that on which an opinion or judgment is founded (a sign, mark; a proof; a legal instrument, document)

an organ of sense

an action

agency, instrumentality, condition
`" the cause of being"',

a father

" cause of creation"'

a deity

the body

a kind of musical instrument

a sort of song

a number of scribes

f. pain, agony

an astronomical period

from some cause or reason, because

What is a karaka?

Karaka = a general term for significator, indicator, representation

The root syllable kri = action.

  • Atma-karaka = /significator of the Soul/

  • Amsha section or portion

  • There are many varieties of karaka includingkaraka graha, karaka amsha, and karakatva

EXAMPLE karkara graha

Guru = karaka = Children

  • When Guru is reasonably strong in the nativity, periods of Guru may provide the blessings of children by many methods (live birth, adoption, acquisition via marriage, inheritance, fostering, and other ways).

Mangala = karaka = conquering and winning contests

  • When Angarika is reasonably strong in the nativity, periods of Mangala are known to provide competitive success against even the best qualified contenders.

Chara atmakaraka

Atma-Karaka = the chara atmakaraka of the Jaimini Karaka" group.

  • Chara = 'moving' or"temporal" .

  • atmakaraka = the planet occupying the highest degree in the entire chart during the current lifetime.

For"chara"atmakaraka = of all the planets in all the 12 signs, one of them will have the superior degree.

Even if there is more than one planet occupying 29 degrees of any sign, within those 29 degree planets only one will be the closest to 29:29:29.

(No doubt there will be extremely rare cases where this is not so; and that fact itself would signify an extraordinary birth.)

  • Also, BPHS 32: 31-33 says that Tanu bhava-1 = a significator of the self-soul

  • Also, the term"atmakaraka" may be used to denote the Lord of the Arudha Lagna

1.Karakamsha= the navamsha rashi of the Atmakaraka.

Locate this rashi in radix

In this usage, the Karakamsa Rashi =

The navamsha rashi occupied by the Atmakaraka planet,

The karakamza = one of the 12 rashi.

  • The karakamza rashi may be utilized for predictions within the radix D-1, within the navamsha D-9, or within any of the varga divisional charts

The "karakamsha lagna" the Karakamsa Rashi = can be located and utilized within any varga, including radix or navamsha.

As utilized within the radix D-1 which is the varga of social and physical materialization, the Karakamsha lagna = the greatest materialization success, or most notable achievements, or behavior for which the native will become best known.

Karakamsha shows for what *actions * the native will be most productive and best known by the public.

  • See examples of karakamsha lagna below.

  • Graha in 12th from atmakaraka or Lord of the 12th bhava from atmakaraka within the navamsha is said to indicate the nature of the Ishta-Devata, one's guiding spirit in life. This guiding spirit may be a deity who is well known or a private assistant who serves as agent and messenger, missionary, envoy, apostle, on the astral plane.

  • For example, if 12th-from-Karakamsha contains Ketu, the ishtadevata = Shri Ganapati.

2.Karakamsha= lord of the Arudha lagna

To find the karakamsha lagna which = the rashi of the lord of the arudha lagna:

  1. count the number of houses from the kundali indriya-lagna to the lagnesha = lord of kundali indriya-lagna

  2. starting from the lagnesha, count the same number of houses forward

  3. This house contains the arudha lagna.

  4. Now locate the house containing the lord of the arudha lagna.

  5. By some commentators the bhava containing the lord of the arudha lagna is called the // karakamsha //

Q: Respected madam, Namaskar.

Atmakaraka determination

I am confused again about determination of Atmakarka.

Should it be Rahu in the last seconds of the rashi subtracting for the reverse motion, or Shani?

A: Normally, Rahu or Ketu are not used as atma-karaka. They are not deities. They cannot be significators of the soul. However, other respected practitioners of the vidya do say that they use Rahu-Ketu as atma-karaka. Each practitioner uses their own judgment.

Use Shani or any other graha that has mass (no upgraha).

~~ Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Namaskar,

Can the Karakamsha axes be used in assessing the marriage compatibility, as you have used for cross-over matching axes with Lagnas of D-9, Chandra, and Rahu -Ketu. Can these be included for more finer compatibility matching?

My Karakamsha axis will match her Lagna axis, and her Karakamsha axis matches my Navamsha Moon axis. Is it true that the more the axes matchings is better the Compatibility? Can this be considered?

Best Regards

A :

So far as I know, the Karakamsha does not have an important influence on interpersonal compatibility.

Karakamsha in every varga does show public perception about one's work and the significance of one's social role performance .

The more"personal" internal emotional and spiritual indicators are usually D-9 for"mirroring" partnership interaction, Chandra in all charts, Rahu-Ketu especially in their relationship to Chandra, and any of the specific varga charts which may speak to the specific relationship e.g. D-3 = siblings, D-12 = parents, D-4 = schoolteachers (not university professors but conventional school teachers) .

The more"public" external professional and material performance indicators are usually the karakamsha+ karmesha in D-1 and D-9, the D-10 and all their cross-matchings.

Karakamsha in the usage = navamsha rashi of the graha holding the highest degree, as that rashi is positioned relative to janma lagna and chandra lagna in radix, is most specifically a predictor of the substance and style of the native 's performance in public life.

For some people, there is only a very thin boundary between one's public life and one's private life.

When the karakamsha = kundali indriya-lagna , one's public destiny becomes exceptionally strong and tied to the physical appearance.

Since the kundali indriya-lagna is half of the"relationship axis " formed by bhava-1 and bhava-7, there might be some nativities in which the karakamsha = lagna does indeed suggest that karakamsha characteristics do play a large role in the marriage dynamics.

However, normally the karakamsha would not figure into a marriage compatibility assessment.


Example karakamsha

D-1 karakamsha = Kumbha bhava-8 = fear of the unknown, occult mystery, secrets, terror, conditions of death.


Example of Jaimini karakamsha lagna = bhava-8 Conditions of dematerialization

Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata death-healer of the destitute

  • Within the Navamsha showing etheric body and spiritual orientation, Mother Teresa's atmakaraka = the intensely nurturing and utterly inclusive (no-one is excluded, ever) [uchcha-Guru-yuti-Ketu + Surya] . Within the navamsha, Guru occupies Guru-ruled Punarvasu nakshatra.

  • Within the radix-1 showing social-material manifestation of the intent (atma) the Karakamsha lagna = radix randhra-bhava-8 = Conditions of dematerialization

  • radical karakamsha Karkata is greatly strengthened via the parivartamsha yoga between Rahu-amplified Chandra and Shukra-Karkata

  • This nativity script uses the sudden and forceful upheavals of identity (8) which occur during the process of physical death and other traumatic identity-changing disaster-catastrophe-transformations (8) in order to accomplish the atma = soul's highest purpose.

  • Atmakaraka = planet holding the highest degree in radix = Guru (Preacher-Teacher-Professor-High Priest) = 2 1:23 Kanya in radical bhava-10 public visibility, leadership. Importantly, atmakaraka Guru shares radical Kanya with [uchcha-Budha]-10 granting the native a panchamahapurusha yoga for public recognition.


Example of Jaimini Karakamsha lagna:

UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill , one of the triumvirate leaders of Allied Forces in World-War-II

  • Atmakaraka = planet of highest degree in radix = Shukra * diplomacy, alliances * = 29:35 Vṛścika

  • Shukra occupies Meena - Antya navamsha= musical or artistic genius

  • Radix Karakamsha = bhava-9 = Meena = faith, ideology, principles of belief, convictions, doctrine

  • Churchill was most well known for his extraordinary inspirational speeches delivered to the exhausted citizens of Britain during the Blitzkriegs of World War-2. He was also a scholarly historian of high order. WC was awardedthe Nobel Prize for Literature, 1953 for his widely admired histories (9 dharma, worldview, principled interpretations).

  • Shani and Kuja cast drishti upon Meena-9, indicating the vigor [Kuja] and the duty [Shani] delivering the inspirational messages (9).

  • [Atmakaraka] relationships, agreement, alliances, finance, negotiation, equity, visual arts, deal-maing

  • Shukra-navamsha-9 = brilliantly exalted, indicating WC's remarkable artistic creativity as both a fine-arts painter and a scholar. In addition to a being one of the most recognized figures of the 20th century in the West, Churchill was also a productive painting artist and sculptor. His soul may be understood to have desired to live through his paintings and sculpture along with his sermons and written tomes.

  • The Atmakaraka of UK-PM 1874-1965 Finest Hour Winston Churchill = Shukra exalted in navamsha. Shukra = not only his personal, intimate and spiritual (navamsha) pleasure in fine arts but also his Shukra-defined public behaviors = balancing, negotiating, deal-making, accommodation. He was also a lifelong alcoholic [Shukra] but until advanced old age there was never any evidence that his drinking impeded his performance. In fact, the steady dosing of alcohol may have been medicinal to keep him going.

  • As a negotiator [Shukra] Churchill remains greatly admired. Britain's resources both material and psychological had been exhausted during the previous WW-1 and much of Churchill's institutional responsibility consisted of working out deals with other power-nations for sustaining support and supplies. Churchill is remembered as a master broker and alliance-builder on behalf of the war-weakened British government during WW-2


Example: POTUS-32 Fireside Chats 1882-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt= karakamsha Vṛścika-1 unique personal identity

According to this method, Franklin D. Roosevelt should have been best known for his Radio Communications [Rahu in bhava-3] . FDR made extensive and skillful use of the new technology of radio. He wrote nearly all of his own radio scripts.

A century after his radio addresses were delivered [3] FDR's signature slogan [3] "We have nothing to Fear but Fear Itself" is indelibly associated with his challenging reign at POTUS-32.

He is well-remembered for his radio talks, press briefings, and newspaper articles during a series of catastrophic upheavals in American life: the Great Depression followed immediately by WW-2.

Secretaries [3] FDR did have some powerful but camouflaged ]Vrischika] communications help from his irreplaceable personal secretary [3] Missy LeHand and from his wife's former secretary, FDR's secret partner Lucy Mercer. After Missy LeHand died, FDR died only a few months later.

Due to empowered [Mangala in bhava-10] [Mangala-Mithuna] [Kuja-yuti-Chandra] ruler of [vargottamsha] [Rahu-Vṛścika] FDR

Jaimini Method =

  • Atmakaraka = planet of highest degree in radix = Guru = 24:43 Mesha

  • Guru occupies super-powered transformative Vṛścika [10th navamsha]

  • Atmakaraka Guru in the 10th navamsha indicates that FDR's soul focus on a personal level would become world governance on a planetary level, under traumatic circumstances forcing sacrifice and rebirth [vargottamsha] [Rahu-Vṛścika]

  • FDR's material expression of the soul's passion = intense, barrier-bending, taboo-twisting communication [Rahu-3] crossing established social-class boundaries and breaking-bending rules [Rahu] in a time of emergency [Vṛścika secrets, disaster ++ ruler Kuja-10 elite position]. Notably, he was elected to an unprecedented 12 years of POTUS-32, an empowerment which was never allowed before or since

  • Rahu = over-reaching, mesmerizing privilege, opportunity, and exceptionalism.

Jaimini Sutram = (Trans. P.S. Sastri, Ranjan Publications, New Delhi, 1987)

Atmakaraka = Karakamsha

10. Among the seven planets from the Sun to Saturn, or among the eight including Rahu,

the planet which has attained the highest number of degrees becomes the Atmakaraka.

11. The Atmakaraka gives benefic or malefic results

depending on his disposition like debility or exaltation, association with benefics or malefics.

12. After the Atmakaraka

the planet that has advanced to the highest degree becomes Amatya-karaka.

Results counted from the rashi of the Karakamsha

1. From the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka in its Navamsha, determine the results given by the various planets.

Public-Figure Examples

  • Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce [Shukra alliances]


"If the Atmakaraka is in Aries Navamsha

  • the native can be subject to the fears or bites from rats, cats and the like.

If Atma Karaka happens to be in Aries Navamsha, there will be

  • nuisance from rats and cats at all times. A malefic joining will further increase the nuisance." [end quote]

Public-Figure Examples



" If the Atmakaraka is in Taurus Navamsha

  • he will have fear or happiness from the quadrupeds.

Should Atma Karaka be in Taurus Navamsha,

  • happiness from quadrupeds will result." [end quote]

[BPL comment: one may be sensitive to animated 2nd-dimensional creatures such as four-legged beasts; if the atmakaraka is well disposed, result = peacefulness; if not, result = fear]

Public-Figure Examples



If atmakaraka is in Gemini Navamsha,

  • the native suffers from itches and other skin ailments;

  • and one becomes stout or bulky.

Should Atma Karaka be in Gemini Navamsha, the native will

  • be afflicted by itch etc. [end quote]

Public-Figure Examples


" If atmakaraka is in Cancer Navamsha,

  • there is fear from water and from leprosy.

Should Atma Karaka be in Cancer Navamsha, there will be

  • fear from water etc." [end quote]

Public-Figure Examples



" If atmakaraka is in Leo Navamsha,

  • fear or trouble arises from dogs and other canine animals.

If Atma Karaka happens to be in Leo Navamsha,

  • fear will be from tiger etc." [end quote]

Public-Figure Examples


[BPHS] 7.

" If the Atmakaraka is in the Virgo Navamsha, the native

  • suffers from fire and other things [also] attributed to Gemini.

If Atma Karaka happens to be in Virgo Navamsha,

  • itch, corpulence , fire etc. will cause trouble," [end quote]


one may experience itches and other skin ailments including burning nervous irritations from predatory or psychically invasive energies.

Digestive sensitivities. Intestinal complaints, often rectified by improved diet.

if Shukra, particular challenges to marital contract due to unbalanced behavior of feminine companion

Public-Figure Examples

[BPHS] 8.

" When the Atmakaraka is in Libra Navamsha, the native will be

  • in trade and commerce.

while, if Atma Karaka is in Libra Navamsha, he will

  • make one a trader and skilful in making robes etc." [end quote]

[BPL = also arts, design, arrangements, bargaining, diplomacy.

Design ornamental

37-year reign of Iran-Shah 1772-1834 Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar produced an outpouring of extraordinary paintings, jewel-studded garments, and exquisitely designed goods. Atmakaraka Surya-yuti-Rahu in navamsha]

Design robes

Public-Figure Examples



" Atmakaraka in Vṛścika navamsha the native has

  • troubles from water and reptiles.
  • He will not have milk from the mother.

  • Scorpio Navamsha, holding Atma Karaka, will bring troubles from snakes etc. and also affliction to mothers breasts.

[end quote]

[Dr.. P.S. Sastri the translator says on p. 25,

"Jaimini implies that the absence of breast-feeding from the mother is a great calamity." ]

Public-Figure Examples



"when the Atmakaraka is in the Navamsha of Sagittarius , the native is subject to

  • accidents by falling from a conveyance or from a high place."

[d. P.S. Sastri the translator says, "Falling from a high place can refer to stair cases, airplanes, hills, and the like. It may also be a fall from a high position in service or in society." p. 25]

  • There will be falls from height and conveyances etc.,

if it is Sagittarius Navamsha, that is occupied by Atma Karaka."

[end quote]


  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter [Budha-Dhanus doctrine, Budha-yuti-Shukra, Budha-parivartamsha-Surya] JEC fell from a high place when - unexpected for an incumbent - he lost a re-election campaign to conservative-corporate ideological adversary, Ronald Reagan . Dhanus ideology. After leaving elected politics, JEC recovered his dignity and enjoyed a flourishing career in human-rights development [also Dhanus].

  • Oracle Database 1944- Larry Ellison suffered a near-fatal fall during a bicycle accident in 1991. LE also had serious falls during his sailing and surfing adventures and other competitive sport. Availing himself of top-caliber recovery treatments, LE recovered from these and other major sports injuries with surprising alacrity, and continued to lead his corporation for decades.

Public-Figure Examples


" When the Atmakaraka is in the Navamsha of Capricorn, the native has

  • troubles from aquatic animals, birds, plants, skin ailments, wounds or tumors.

Capricorn Navamsha in this respect denotes

  • gains from water dwelling beings and conch, pearl, coral etc.
[end quote]


[BPL: vulnerable to attack in the jungle, including the social, cultural, legal, and economic jungle]

Indira Gandhi was assassinated while walking in her urban garden

Public-Figure Examples

  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover [Surya]

  • CNN buffalo lands 1938- Ted Turner * restaurateur, infrastructure

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [Shukra design] massive systems

  • Waste Land 1888-1965 publisher T.S. Eliot [Shani] social networking

  • France-Pres 1890-1970 Mémoires de Guerre Charles de Gaulle [Shukra] national networked infrastructure

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda [ashrams]

  • Ring of Fire 1932-2003 rockabilly Johnny Cash

  • Grateful Dead 1942-1995 guitarist Jerry Garcia [Revati-Chandra]

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King [Shani]



"When the Atmakaraka is in Aquarius Navamsha, the native will have

  • work related to tanks, lakes, gardens, roads, temples, rest houses for pilgrims and the like.

If it is Aquarius Navamsha, holding Atma Karaka,

  • the native will construct tanks etc."

[end quote]


BPL commentary: yes true physical resource networks and infrastructure -- but also, mental and cultural infrastructure, such as constructing interpretive cultural paradigms; economies and ecologies; massive regulated systems)

Public-Figure Examples



"When the Atmakaraka is in Pisces Navamsha the native will

  • do righteous things

  • and will attain final liberation or emancipation (Moksha).

And in Pisces Navamsha the Atma Karaka will grant

  • final emancipation.

The Aspect of a benefic will remove evils,

  • while that of a malefic will cause no good."

[end quote]



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