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Vimshottari Dasha - Rashi - Gochara - Bhava - Graha - Ratna - Nakshatra - Amsha - Karaka - Varga - Bala

Nakshatra of Brihaspati

ruled by generous, guiding Guru





also those over-expanders who put their foot in it

Deep emotional need to step forward

Glyph_Guru.gif Glyph_Chandra.jpg

OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

AUM som somaya namah


Professor Chandra



resides in

पूर्वाभाद्रपदा pūrvābhādrapadā







comforted by expansive understanding

protectors of philosophical doctrine

preaches a broad perspective on human needs

emotional patterning delivered

into the Earth consciousness grid

conferred by the races of

Markab + Scheat in Pegasus


American Lotus

blooming in Alabama, USa

Nakshatra Trine of Brihaspati = wisdom-teaching, generosity, inclusiveness, diversity, philosophical knowledge, priesthood, professorship, university culture + world travel.

Emotionally attached to theos = eye of god * Big View, Broad Perspective

See also: Chandra in a nakshatra of Guru

Each of the Guru-ruled nakshatra of Chandra is emotionally compatible with the other optimistic, humanistic, broad-minded Brihaspati-ruled Expanders.

This group is naturally charitable, tolerant of diversity, and faithful to one's own philosophical convictions.


Azardirachta indica "neem"

sacred to Purvabhadrapada nakshatra

Purva bhadra-pada nakshatra

Kumbha Chandra

[inventive-pioneering Purvabhadra-1]

[navamsha Chandra-Mesha] intuitively sensitive pursuing competitive champion


Kumbha Chandra

[financial-heritage Purvabhadra-2]

[navamsha Chandra-Urisha] intuitively sensitive preserving values-heritage

[Pushkara Navamsha]


Kumbha Chandra

[publishing-collaborating Purvabhadra-3]

[navamsha Chandra in Mithuna] intuitively sensitive commercial communications


[Meena Chandra]

[defensive-protective Purvabhadra-4]

[navamsha Karkata Chandra ] intuitively sensitive ancestrally rhythmic worldview

[Pushkara Pada]

Janma-Chandra in Purvabhadrapada = " Earlier Foundation" a dvancing and pushing toward the goal

Chandra in Purvabhadra - Pegasus takes an incarnation in which the Learning Pathway is foundationally framed by large-scale, social-scientific, sociological perspective of philosophers.

The one-foot * first-foot * Sure-footed goat stubborn, and determined to push forward

splendid placement for dancers

A thinker and a knower; can move intuitively in the realm of theological, philosophical, economic and global-cosmic thought.

Operates at the boundary between material science of Kumbha and spiritual science of Meena.

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [publishing-collaborating Purvabhadra-3] (5, celebrity) In the context of 18th-century scientific worldview, JWG was a contributor to the academic development of color theory (optics). He was also a prolific scientific illustrator (botanics). JWG also wrote philosophically instructional novels [Faust] and bawdy tavern songs.

Emotionally, their vision and cherished goal = Freedom and Opportunity (11) for all humanity. Expression of this intuitive yearning can be positive or negative according to other factors in the nativity.

Positive examples in which Chandra (mother) is well supported include

Negative examples in which Chandra (mother) is * not* well supported include

  • Oklahoma City Bomber 1968-2001 Timothy McVeigh * anti-government activist

Striving to apply principles of systems-unification and extensively linked fields of knowledge that will push civilization forward into greater freedom and opportunity for all beings.

  • Open Society 1930- capitalist George Soros [communications-commerce Purvabhadra-3] extensive philanthropy targeted to social freedom

If Purvabhadrapada-Chandra is satisfied with simplistic material principles to guide this quest for linkage across the bridge from material [Kumbha] to spiritual [Meena] life, one may become a theological or philosophical ideologue.

Associated with Radiance and Splendor of the upward movement toward the entrance to the Bridge Across.

Takes it upon oneself to assert the personal wisdom one knows and feels Aja-eka-pada while engaged in the quest for higher truth.

When Purvabhadra-Chandra looks in the mirror, one sees a Facilitator, a large-scale event organizer and mingler of peoples, a sort of a human switchboard that creates networks of communication between individuals and groups.

shiva_nataraja_2.jpg Downside

At the less mature levels of consciousness, unfortunately Purvabhadrapada may not quite understand the purpose of civilized scaffolding in the form of material systems and regulated societies.

  • If there has been childhood trauma which prevents adult understanding, the quest for freedom can get stuck at the childhood-level perception of freedom as a no-system, no-structure, no-boss, and no-rules pattern.

If traumatized, Purvabhadrapada Chandra may manifest as anti-rules or anti-government extremism despite one's goal being realization of the dream of Freedom and Opportunity for Everymanr.

Spiritual director of this section of the Learning Pathway

  • Rudra" Dieu des tempÍtes et des morts."

Aja-eka-pada,"Ajikapada" , Ajopada = one-footed dancer (human core, before division into halves; power in the spine; the reptile root)

Ajaekapada is associated with

the grounding cord used by psychics to ground-out any interference energy (anxiety or other disturbance) that might surround a psycho-emotional messaging image.

The 'cord' may be set to run

  • from the muladhara chakra to the center of the Earth

  • from the Galactic Sun through the muladhara chakra to the center of the Earth

the Earth's axis which passes through the North and South poles, upon which the Earth rotates (dancing Shiva = Earth)

Trauma profile

fears loss of momentum, interference blocking progress along the forward path, loss of earth-grounding, loss of social position or recognized place, back-sliding, slippage

  • in childhood, may have been knocked off center in the playground or emotionally invalidated by interfering bullies (including disruptive parents or confusing schoolteachers)

  • in adulthood, the nearly unstoppable Purvabhadrapada will push forward on strong front legs, showing great stamina * especially in the Kumbha portion

  • when threatened, Purvabhadrapada can"run over" the sources of interference or disruption along their path



When mentally and spiritually mature, Purvabhadrapada is a brilliant exponent of world systems.

Pegasis supports

  • the regulated expansion [Guru] of egalitarian [Kumbha] system-participation Opportunity and principled management of the marketplace [Kumbha]
  • as well as extensive linkage to the perceptual world of spirits [Meena].

Usually very much a Man of the People or Woman of the People. Possessed of a broad, inclusive view upon human nature. May be close to the salt of the earth even while guiding [Guru] from the advantage of higher knowledge.

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote in numerous genre. His most beloved was an earthy type of lyrical melodrama which captured the passionate sensibilities of the German tavern-going folk.

Purvabhadra-Chandra pada 1-2-3 may be a visionary ideologue, theologian, or theorist focused on expanded social participation [Kumbha]

Fine leaders with inspired vision, but often unable to take advice from others - even close colleagues.

Tragic errors can result when the splendor goes to their heads. Great frustration getting their message across.


  • Deep emotional need to push forward

Navamsha Chandra in Purvabhadra - Pegasus

emotional characteristics of life-partner * soothed by expansive understanding * protectors of philosophical doctrine * preaches a broad perspective on human needs




In order to better see one's own self one attracts a mirror of one's own subconscious emotional patterns. That mirror can be a core partner who expresses characteristic Purvabhadrapada emotional behavior.

Usually the partner is emotionally characterized by a love of dancing. Partner's broad and inclusive humanism = nevertheless scientifically systematic in the method of ordering the mind, religiously intelligent but unorthodox in doctrine and practice.

A big-picture thinker, the Purvabhadra match-mate partner is often impatient with those who focus on small details while missing the grandeur of the total theory.

Under emotional stress within relationships, Purvabhadrapada navamsha Chandra can the partner's inner fear of loss of momentum. Just as the native does not wish to be limited by petty details or rules but rather prefers the free flow of inspiration, so the partner expresses a mirror image of one's own need [Chandra] to keep stepping forward into greater understanding.

It may be wise to create a relationship environment in which both partners feel free to dance.


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