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Graha - Bhava - Rashi - Gochara

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OM hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah

OM pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah




[Kopā Avaṣṭabdhā]

Saturan - Sauran


Kevan - Kaiwan





El - Eli

the seventh one - Satu [Saturday]


Soule - Saul


Apollo - Paul

Sirius - Osiris

Utu - Ata - Aitha

Aten - Aton - OM - On

Amon-Ra - Aurya


Helios - Heli - Haul - Halo - Ha

Havar [havana]

Amer-atsu - Nyima - Nyayiru

Zohar = LOGOS

Sun [Sunday]

moudhya-dosha Shani

Difficult Decisions


Castle Swallow's Nest, Southern Ukraine


Ceiling of the Golden Temple in gold and precious stones * by SM14


[Kopā Avaṣṭabdhā]

[Shani-Mesha] [nīcha] yuti [Surya-Mesha-uchcha]

if Mesha Shani-yuti-Surya occupies a kendra from lagna / or / a kendra from Chandra, then Shani may achieve nīcha-bhanga

[Shani-Urisha] yuti [Surya-Urisha]

[Shani-Mithuna] yuti [Surya-Mithuna]

[Shani-Karkata] yuti [Surya-Karkata]

[Shani-Simha] yuti [Surya-Simha]

[Shani-Kanya] yuti [Surya-Kanya]

[Shani-Tula] [uchcha] yuti [Surya-Vanika] [nīcha]

if Tula [Surya-yuti-Shani] occupies a kendra from lagna / or / a kendra from Chandra,

then Surya may achieve nīcha-bhanga

[Shani in Vṛścika] yuti [Surya-Vṛścika]

[Shani-Dhanus] yuti [Surya-Dhanus]

[Shani-Makara-Draco] yuti [Surya-Makara-Draco]

[Shani-Kumbha] yuti [Surya-Kumbha]

[Shani-Meena] yuti [Surya-Meena]

One works diligently [Shani] to impress the father-figure [Surya]

  • resistance against creativity
  • limited entitlements
  • suppression of romance
  • disciplined intelligence
  • constrained willpower
  • confidently lawful
  • bright regulator

Generally, the father-figure [Surya] remained unsatisfied with one's level of material achievement, while the rules of the social order tend to constrain the creative intelligence.

Solipsistic politicians are annoying and bureaucratic drudgery seems oppressive.

This interpretation also applied to Shani-opposition-Suryar.

  • POTUS-06 American System 1767-1868 John Quincy Adams =[ Surya-yuti-Shani Mithuna-3] suggesting his father's documentation and policy-writing work in structuring the new government of the USA. JQA struggled against an obstructionist Congress (Shani-3-Mithuna) As POTUS-06, JQA followed closely in his chronically overworked father's footsteps (Surya-Shani).

  • As the son of POTUS-02 Thoughts on Government 1735-1826 John Adams, JQA shared many of his father's [Surya] administrative (Mithuna-3) habits and jurisprudential viewpoints (legalist Shani activates 10). However, father-and-son were nearly always away from home on important government business, and they communicated mainly via literary correspondence (3). Writing letters required them to slowly and cautiously [Shani] compose their thoughts (3) .

Extreme results from Shani-Mesha [nīcha] yuti [Surya-Mesha-uchcha]

  • POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant career military with a patchy record marred by alcoholism. Failed in farming, shopkeeping, family plunged into poverty. Loyal and enduring partnership with wife. Fought and won a horrible war. Elected twice to POTUS-18. Honored worldwide as a Great Hero of the Terrible War. Lost his fortune to a Ponzi Scheme. Wrote a highly praised, commercially successful Memoire. Died a painful death from throat cancer after a lifetime of chronic smoking.


Norwegian Forest Cat


Negotiation of Identity

King vs. Commoner

Individual versus Society

Individual Creativity vs. The Social Law

Shani (social convention) and Surya (individual creativity) are bitter planetary enemies.

All possible yoga * angle * relationships between these two adversaries are problematic.

  • Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates + Surya [5, financial speculation]

  • sparkling bright Surya combined with cold heavyweight Shani = responsibility of lawfully creative performance. WHG has maintained and developed a public persona as one who carried the burden of public responsibility [Shani] + social-cultural icon of luxurious wealth [Shukra] and who is often seen at glittering performance events [Surya]. WHG's Shani-Surya pair is augmented by a Tula-Shukra, which assists the balancing act. [[5, financial speculation]


If Surya- Makara or Surya-Kumbha, ego-membrane expansion is constrained by economic pressures [Shani] and unique personal intelligence [Surya] may be stunted by survival fears.

Unable to locate an independent awareness of the divine, the native seeks confirmation of their worth from large, socially conservative organizations and conformist, dogmatic belief systems.

If Shani occupies Surya's rashi Simha , one may feel pressured to earn [Shani] the rights of kingship, celebrity, entitlement.


The transit of Shani across the natal position of Shani's enemy Ravi is troublesome, but it may yield valuable long-term results.

  • The relationship of Surya to Shani :: the relationship of the creative individual intelligence to the lawful social order.

  • The purpose of Shani's looong transit across Surya is to induce moral and spiritual maturity in social behavior.

Success depends on:

  1. The domain impacted by the transit

  2. natal Surya's condition within that domain.

Best results

  • Shani's transit to natal Surya, when Surya occupies bhava-10 or bhava-11

  • Shani's transit to natal Surya in a kendra

  • Shani's transit to natal Surya after native's age 60

Reasonably comfortable and pleasing results

  • Shani's transit to natal Surya after native's age 31

  • Shani's transit to natal Surya, when Surya is strong and morally aware (any age)

Vikala - moudhya -dosha * dagdha * ashtangata harana * asta

Shani = combust within 15 degrees

Violet Flame 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet- 2 degree orb * Meena (2)

Rus-Pres 1952- First Person Vladimir Putin * 3 degree orb * Kanya

POTUS-18, Civil War Gen. Ulysses S. Grant * 4 degree orb * Mesha

Calif-Gov 1947- Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger * 5 degree orb * Karkata

Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein * 11 degree orb * Meena [10]

BPL: if the ashtangata-harana Shani also lacks favorable drishti, this condition can give an unbalanced autistic, autocratic, autonomic effect in matters of government, regularity of habit, ability to undertake spiritual penance (fasting, austerities), personal and communal routine, lawfulness, ability to conform to the social expectations for regulation [Shani] of personal [Surya] behavior.

One may be largely unaware of the social environment; particularly one may feel autocratically entitled to ignore the rules which allow large groups of people to live together in a regulated fashion. The social order and its conformist requirements might not much influence one's behavior.

  • Rus-Pres 1952- First Person Vladimir Putin is known for his governance association with exploitation, pollution, and crime (Kanya-6)

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [10] was known for his willingness to contravene the dominant paradigm by asserting [Surya] that imaginative thought experiments [Meena] should be ruled as legitimate [Shani] as material experiments.

  • Violet Flame 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet= a particularly intense moudhya-dosha Shani = burned by the hot rays of Surya only 2 degrees distant from the Cold Lawmaker. ECP was known for her autocratic and autistic assertion that messages she channeled from spirit guides [Meena] carried exclusive social-institutionally legitimacy [Shani] and that ECP was the sole authorized bearer of this truth [Surya].

Weakness of ayusha-karaka Shani may result in weakened ability to manage Time, to be punctual, but also may have positive effects of disregard for social-agreed definitions of aging, encouraging a lack of fear, increasing a disinclination to jump on the bandwagon of negative public opinion, and general freedom-increase of nonconformity in the social viewpoint.

If Shani is an uncomfortable influence e.g. for Simha indriya-lagna, and Karkata indriya-lagna then moudhya-dosha Shanaicarya can create a positive outcome by reducing the capabilities of a negative agent.

Shani transits are always significant.

Most graha transits are not significant per se. A transit must be empowered in order to have a tangible effect.

  • The sky movement of most Graha has a typically trivial effect on real life *unless * the native is * Simultaneously * experiencing a Vimshottari bhukti of the graha. During the bhukti, all attention is focused on the bhukti-pat * and the tertiary lords such as the pratyaantaradashapati. At this time even brief transit contacts to the period-ruler will be empowered to signify measurable events.

Exception to this rule is Shani!

  • Shani transits ALWAYS have some significance, regardless of the current bhukti. However, if gochara Shani is impacting a the current period lord, expect very tangible results. Professor Shani's effects are typically straightforward and characteristic of Shani: restraint, delay, perfectionism, lowest common denominator, rule-bound, heavy workload, and - usually - successful conclusion to the project after a long, careful process. Ultimately, Shani gives closure.

Shani's transit to Ravi: 2.3 years in duration

Professor Surya denotes pride and confidence.

  • If the native 's confidence is based in conscious awareness of the divine life force, Shani's transit will not harm one's public reputation or cause a fall from power. Rather, Professor Shani will impose the discipline of higher social knowledge upon the native .

  • Professor Shani's transit to Surya indicates that the time in the pre-incarnationally planned script has arrived when the native is being told (not asked!) to accept responsibility for their public behavior. The time has arrived for the native to undertake a deeper awareness of their role in society and to understand how they are perceived by the common people. For a well-positioned Ravi, this transit is a call to leadership development and perhaps also to accept moral authority.

  • If one suffers incomplete ego-membrane development (, if Ravi occupies an uncomfortable rashi or receives drishti signifying selfishness, insecurity, pride, or greed) this task of gaining mature wisdom can be painful.

  • Depending on the native 's age and moral awareness at the time of the transit, One may not be developmentally prepared to accept the premise that their "personal" choices do affect other people. The type of adult who has not matured past the teenage behaviors of irresponsibility and rebelliousness; who is socially unsteady or rationally unsophisticated; who hungers for adulation, attention or fame; or whose own adult role models were victims and blamers (all evidence of a poorly situated Ravi) will know much pain and suffering during gochara Shani's passage across the rashi of Surya. These ego-immature natives will experience social "battering" , being "put down" or "put in their place" .

Extremely damaged egos such as the "oppositional-defiant" diagnosis may experience physical punishment or other tangible restraint, because Shani transit to Surya increases the power of social authority and oppresses the people who resist it.

  • By contrast, The mature and rational person who has thought through the relationship of the individual to society, will accommodate the increased Shani pressure with dignity .

  • of course they will also feel quite tired! Gochara Shani brings an increased workload, temporarily reduced credit or praise for the social value of the work accomplished, much heavier responsibility for making conscious moral choices, and a pressure to restrain one's social behavior within conventional limits. This is not a time to try innovative new concepts or lifestyle options!

One is being asked to publicly acknowledge and demonstrate the Shani values of modesty, humility, commonality, habitualness, inclusiveness, respect for social conventions, respect for age, simplicity, safety, predictability, reliability, tried-and-true, scarce resource management,"if it ain't broke, don't fix it" , etc.

  • Shani enforces slow-down and review. The reflective person, especially as they age, will not find this 2.3 year course of study and behavior control too hard to accept. In fact, older persons may sincerely welcome it as a time to take stock of their past achievements and accept authoritative evaluations of their performance.

  • For older people the Shani transit to Surya may be a time of receiving accolades for long-time professional service, for stability and commitment in long marriages, and for other feats of stamina and endurance!

For best results

  • the native with a grounded and authentically confident (con=with; fide=faith) understanding of their individual role in society will experience a step up in career and public standing during Shani transit to Ravi.

  • The most important result of this transit is advanced awareness of social constraints on individual freedom.

  • Stoic Shani activates Time. One may not be permitted to use their time in the way they personally would prefer. Rather, their time is temporarily controlled by a more public agenda.


Crater Lake, Oregon


A fierce 10th Shani drishti incoming into an otherwise strong Surya position indicates social disapproval and excessively strict behavioral limitations impacting the creative, independent, self-directed, individualized Divine intelligence.

  • Homeopathic remedy for this socially-battered-ego situation is often Cuprum Metallicum. Copper metal signifies the Sun.

When Surya occupies the rashi opposite to Shani's rashi, Surya casts 100% graha drishti upon Shani,

This is generally a disruptive experience for Shani, who does not wish His law-enforcing domain to be disturbed by egoistic Surya.

The result of Surya's drishti upon Shani is generally uncomfortable , with the exception of Surya/Kumbha and Shani/Simha.

This is generally an oppressive experience for Surya, who does not wish His individualistic domain to be restrained by conformist Shani.

The result of any form of Shani's drishti upon Surya may be stunted ego-membrane due to fear of reprisal by punitive authorities. One may experience as a repeating pattern an ongoing shortage of praise, a lessening of the socially registered individual worthiness, and various institutional or legal mandates which require one to work harder than normal to earn social recognition for the validity of one's contribution to the social order.

The Sun is in 8, and Saturn is in 6.

" Death will be caused by tuberculosis or lung damage."


Regarding Shani's transit to natal Surya, Das / Behari : says:

" ... can bring good and difficult results. It is a time of tremendous responsibility and hard work leading to success of old projects and to get the best out of that.

If Saturn is significator and is well dignified,

  • This denotes much evils. Causes great loss from fire. Native becomes proud, lofty and unfortunate and has his pride often mortified by his superiors. One is dull Knavish, mean, servile, unhappy and bewildered.

If Sun is ill dignified

disposition and fortune will be much worse, disaster more frequent, unhappy life.

If Sun is significator, and Saturn is well dignified,

  • one is proud, mean, treacherous, wasteful, careless, loves inheritance and injury.

If Saturn be ill dignified,

  • one is infamous, miserable life and misfortune, proud, mean, covetous, rash and poor. He has often a mark or blemish in his face. Injury or broken limbs by fall or by accidents. Eye sores etc. The person will be clever, well versed in worldly affairs, intelligent, religious and good business man. One will have good friends and will spend on unwanted ventures but will be deprived from comforts of children. Not avaricious, strained relations with wife.

Combination or aspect in or to 10th house

  • makes one politician with heavy sufferings, struggle and one never enjoys the fruits of the labor or hard work put in. One will be devoid on conjugal happiness. It brings material success .

This conjunction will limit the working with freedom of movement in all your spheres like service, domestic life etc. You will feel restless, but be patient and concentrate on the issues. Do not take any new projects, too much responsibility can cause health problems of heart and circulatory system. A time of perseverance, hard work and heavy responsibility, there can be great potential for reward. The plans where you have not succeeded should not be regarded as complete failure, this time can be a time of personal and professional defeats.

Saturn will confine and restrict things of your life during this conjunction for 2 1 /2 years ... You may feel lonely and cut of from relations and others; may cause break. A time of concentrating energy, not scattering it.

Sun is a royal planet significator of power, authority and favor from Govt., whereas Saturn is a planet of limitations and restrictions. So when the two are connected in a birth chart in any way through any aspect, power, authority et-cetera becomes restricted . One does not get reward for his hard work put in. Sun gives the same effects with Rahu and Ketu. All the three planets have separative effects ."

Letter to a client who was struggling, during Shani bhukti, with the implications of her (prestigious, intellectual, but highly critical and unsupportive) father's death and looking for some way to grieve well and understand the role her father had played in her life.

The client is herself an accomplished professional with numerous intellectual credentials (although her father felt her credentials were inferior.) Her father had left a major inheritance. However, To understand how they are perceived by the common people. despite having devoted many hours to his demanding medical care in his final years,the native was not named as a beneficiary in her fathers will.


What concepts can I study? What new knowledge can I gain. I need new ideas and new credentials. I feel terrible disappointment, abandonment, and grief for my father. I am heartbroken and profoundly angry. I have heard mention of the Black Sun - can you tell me about it?


Black Sun is a compelling metaphor for your father, who is represented by a highly dignified Simha-Surya which is made inaccessible and largely obscured by a too-close moudhya-dosha Shani.

Esoteric Astrology 1925-2005 Jyotiṣika Bepin Behari commentary upon this Shani position

  • "Saturn may negatively affect the family status, create disaffection between siblings, and break the marriage tie. You will burn with an intense desire to achieve some supreme position or high ideal, but social conditions will seldom enable you to succeed. Dreams and visions will often be destroyed."

Shani-yuti-Surya can be a troublesome pattern within the Learning Pathway. Yet its results are exceptionally valuable for purpose of attaining a preincarnationally defined type of spiritual awareness.

The precious process can be delayed by intentional ignorance = refusing to know, refusing to engage with the inner voice. However, attaining the consciousness requiredto transcend this particular pre-incarnationally planned arrangement of Saturn with Sun is well worth the effort.

Luckily you possess the superior analytical intelligence to accomplish the transcendence - presuming that you also have the Will to engage that intelligence upon this most difficult task. This is the terrible task of identifying your father's fear and pain (Saturn) which prevented his brilliance (Sun) from accessing divine healing energy.

It is a huge disappointment that the Father, our Guru in whom we should be confident // with faith // is so crippled by historic suffering that he becomes a negative influence. This is high tragedy, and worth looking into not only on the scale of the single man and father, but on the scale of an entire culture professional intellectual culture) to see what the carrying of massive fear and pain does to men in the culture as a whole. Certainly being in Shani bhukti right now puts this matter of the father as a "Black Sun" in the front of consciousness.

All this personal reflection would seem to be leading to the target of you becoming a world-class trauma healer, so your own therapeutic work will pay rich rewards for many in your downstream, in the not so distant future.

The scientific astronomical literature is full of references to the galactic sun which is less a metaphor these days and more a reality. The concept of Black Sun is perhaps more compelling therapeutically because it is a Sun which should be a central life force of massive grandeur, but which in fact consumes more energy than it produces, becomes a sink-hole, and eventually sucks the whole system into destruction.

As you will discover if you haven't already, the Black Sun as a symbol was appropriated by the Nazi movement along with the previously pure symbol of tantric enlightenment, the Swastika. There is so much evil now embedded in these symbols that these symbols may be psychically too toxic to handle. When I first journeyed to India many years ago I was shocked at the proliferation of swastikas. Swa- means self, and -tika means mark or symbol. So, swastika is originally a symbol of self-enlightenment (tantra). But in my childhood it had become the evil black spider of Nazism - a terrifying sign. For quite awhile I shuddered every time I encountered one - some of them several thousand years old and carved into mountainsides! So beware that Black Sun too has been appropriated by an evil force and as a result the symbol itself can feel charged with evil, although the symbol itself is not, inherently, bad.

There is much conspiratorial literature regarding Black Sun on the market today which probably does not serve your therapeutic purpose. Rather, it would be useful to gain an overview of some of the 20th-century thinking about super-ancient civilizations to see whether the esoteric history is of natural interest to you.

Then, develop the metaphor as an archetype which provides a deeply meaningful, explanatory symbol of your father and his roles as a man, a father, a husband, a teacher, and a senior, elite intellectual, perhaps as a social leader. While sustaining a deep interest in esoteric history, Nevertheless, the current purpose is * not* to get sucked into one intellectual diversion after the next (in an infinite attempt to prove your validity to your father and succeed in negotiating your identity with him on his terms) but rather to acquire a potent symbol of his simultaneous greatness (Sun) and spiritual living-death (blackness) which gives you some superior leverage in that negotiation.

Surya = identity one's own terms and Shani = social control, other people's terms. You will likely never prove yourself on his terms - no one can prove themselves on someone else's terms. You will prove yourself on your own terms. The Black Sun might be a powerful therapeutic concept that provides a terminology for you to explain what happened with your father and what is happening inside of you, to the extent that you have internalized your father's dialog with you, that you have internalized your father's grad, critical, negative voice and you have heard that voice as your own voice since childhood. The tragic suffering of the final loss of the father during a Saturn bhukti can provide a splendid opportunity to objectify that voice and learn to hear it as *his * - not your - definition of who you are.

Suggested to read

if you seek the elaborate esoteric historical details. It is all very interesting. But it is also potentially very distracting if you get sucked into an infinite intellectual loop of trying to prove something (to your father/yourself) by owning that information. Your father based his identity on ownership of a knowledge base.

Be careful, you are not trying to justify yourself by acquiring new knowledge. You are trying to privately understand and interpret a psycho-emotional reality inside your own life. That means you can do all the essential spiritual healing work of using the Black Sun archetype without reading a single book or"studying"anything. Yes?

So, read and read and read if you want to, but do not allow the trauma of the impossible-to-please father distract you into the mental busyness of information-gathering at the expense of deep meditative healing. I believe that meditating on the symbol, painting it and dreaming it and poetry-writing it, will yield the fruit of healing if you specifically do not confuse"knowing about it" the Black Sun (savoir/savvy) for"knowing it" (connaissance/consciousness).

No doubt the paucity of expression in English, where we lack in English the vocabulary to make distinctions between knowing-outside and knowing-inside, is part of our problem! Of course these distinctions are readily available in German kennen-wissen, in French savoir-connaitre, and in Spanish saber-conocer, etc.

Anyway practice the inner knowing first, the triumph of Surya over Shani is our goal. We never disrespect Shani which is the structure of socially validated knowledge, which will certainly protect us and keep our bodies safe from danger as far as possible during the incarnation. However, the knowledge which we carry from lifetime to lifetime embodied in the soul, is knowledge of the Divine.

[Sparkling Surya] represents Divine wisdom and the light of Inner Truth reflected in Earth's magnificent Sun. During a Shani bhukti there is a strong instinct to cultivate Shani-knowledge which in the impoverished English expression is knowledge-about external life. But do not forget or disregard the Surya component, the eternal variety of knowledge, which is pure wisdom of the"wissen" variety. For lasting truth, go within.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama


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SURYA sends 100% drishti to Shani

Surya rashi

Shani rashi


Surya rashi


Shani rashi


Disturbs the sexual response, promotes narcissistic anxiety and blaming. Surya [uchcha], very powerful, in Kuja's rashi of masculine sexuality. Shani is uchcha, very powerful, in Shukra's rashi of feminine sexuality.

Native feels a powerful internal tension between heroic self-reliance vs. stable social approval in an elite profession. Dissatisfied with their social standing and their job; feels under-recognized and slighted. Despite their authentic intelligence, hard to work with and frequently unemployed.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi Vṛścika

The other occurrence of Surya in Shukra's rashi vs. Shani in Kuja's rashi. Less tension because Surya gets drishti from rashi of friendly Kuja, while Shani gets drishti of rashi of friendly Shukra. Traditional ly, denies marriage for the female. Hardworking and comfort-seeking person whose strong sense of personal entitlement is restricted by oppressive authorities. Tax troubles.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi Dhanau

Surya in a rashi of neutral Budha vs. Shani in a rashi of neutral Guru. This person is very careful with how they project their individuality in public settings, and seeks acceptance through rules and regulations. They succeed in the communicative professions which appeal to the masses such as public education and public relations.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi


Surya in a rashi of friendly Chandra vs. Shani in svakshetra. Shani is the stronger partner but Surya is not harmed. Individuality may present as moody, indecisive or inconsistent. Integrity suffers: rigid when he should be flexible; bends when he should hold firm.

Wants to"have his cake and eat it too." Seeks fame among conservatives, wants personal praise for upholding an old tradition.

Surya rashi



Shani rashi

KumbhaKumbha - Ghata

One of the worst situations for Surya-Shani. Native wants to be independent and recognized for one's own unique personality while also responsible to and protected by the group.

Mutual aspect creates severe inner tension, which is usually absorbed into the body as illness and accident. Criticism from the father, who is himself restricted and frustrated by limited professional opportunity and heavy responsibilities. Hard work combined with a willingness to accept a lower level of entitlement, seems to be the best strategy with this angle.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi

Meena - Antya

This situation is very similar to Surya/Mithuna in mutual aspect to Shani/Dhanau, above. The native is careful about their public presentation. However, in their anxiety to be accepted they may overextend that carefulness into actually fabricating information about themselves, intended to mask or compensate for some perceived shortcoming. Lacks true confidence. ego-membrane development is limited to mental plane; will not mature socially or emotionally. Health problems from nervousness, often appear in the skin (ruled by Shani).

Surya rashi


Shani rashi Mesha

[nīcha] Surya is handicapped in the rashi of His enemy, Shukra.

[nīcha] Shani is handicapped in the rashi of His enemy, Kuja.

[nīcha] Shani improves in the second half of life, but [nīcha] Surya remains sensualistic and fawning.

Traditionally deprives a female of marriage, or makes the marriage painfully difficult. Native is hardworking and productive similar to Surya/Vrishabha vs. Shani/Vṛścika, but the work is not recognized by the status quo. He will be an outsider.

The interesting thing about this dilemma = the native usually realizes that he will not be socially approved in any conventional setting. He sets about to do whatever he wants to do, often with remarkably independent and creative results. Much labor and little reward, until the 2nd half of life when avant garde behavior might pay off.

[nīcha-bhanga] can improve social recognition, and so can a good disposition for either Kuja or Shukra.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi



Surya in rashi of friend Kuja and Shani in rashi of friend Shukra, which makes the Surya-Shani relationship more hostile than ever. Native takes a leadership role energized by intense personal conviction, but finds himself at loggerheads with a resistant, comfort-seeking populace.

A purist who may be demanding and annoying; a shamanic leader who sees something his followers cannot see. Everything is fine until the day his judgment errs; then he is abandoned en mass by his supporters. The guru type, but his congregation are looking for money and the easy path to heaven. Tough spot.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi


Surya in rashi of friendly Guru while Shani enjoys friendly rashi of Budha. Similar to Surya/Meena-Shani/Kanya. Surya is comfortably positioned. Native is religious and generous, charitable and always willing to teach. A natural coach and purveyor of positive humanistic information. Yet, cultural misunderstandings and sexual intrigue can bring opprobrium.

Language causes polarizing catalysis for him, translations are incorrect or misleading. Those who handle language and culture concerns for him, will place form over content, limiting his effectiveness. His teaching mission may demand inappropriate sexual privilege; social punishment for this. Even so, honored as a worthy teacher.

Surya rashi


Shani rashi


Surya is doubly weakened by Shani's drishti into Shani's own sign. The native 's identity falls victim to fluctuations in external authority structures. Their public identity is determined by stronger personalities in their environment; frequently a moody spouse or parent. Many strictures from outside authority, including military and political organizations and their rules. Early separation from home, then marries a spouse much like the offending parent. Very restricted ego-membrane development.

Surya rashi

Kumbha - Ghata

Shani rashiSimha

parivartamsha yoga. Here is the one exception to the prognosis for polarizing catalysis in any relationship between Shani and Surya. Although not a complete resolution of the individual vs. society tension that is built into human life, a parivartana of Shani and Surya gives the native good timing.

May achieve a fine understanding of the balance between personal truth and social traditions, between individual creativity and large, stable, rule-driven networks. Can maintain their individuality while working within large organizations, particularly in technical engineering, electronics, or modern scientific environments.

Eccentric but earns reasonably well in his niche profession. Holds odd beliefs perhaps but remains free to believe them.

Surya rashi

Meena - Antya

Shani rashi


Surya is happy in Guru's rashi and Shani is adequately busy in the rashi of Budha. A very nice person but rather slow to progress. Helpful. Feels obliged to work in fields where organization and analysis are required yet rarely gains competence in these skills.

A cheerful bumbler who slowly acquires longevity if not respect within a bureaucracy. A"goldbricker" who fills the day with insignificant tasks. Friendly and childlike ego. Sensitively mirrors the feelings of others and therefore tolerated even while they bungle the mental process.

Dysfunctionally charitable, gives away their own necessities then becomes a burden on others. Made much worse with the common addition of [nīcha] Budha, who gives delusion.


SHANI sends 100% drishti to Surya

Shani's drishti to Surya constrains and sometimes damages ego development . Indicates fear and restriction from the father. The native 's access to Confidence, faith in the divine, is blocked by this patrimonial fear. It will be angry fear, if Kuja's rashi are involved. If some of these constraints seem unfair, remember that Shani gives better results in the second half of lifer.

Time, the hallmark of Shani , generally convinces folks to accept their situation and work intelligently within its limits, rather than fight angrily against unfair restraints as in youth. Any negative readings below are guaranteed to improve as the native ages and learns the value of patience as a tool for managing the pre-incarnationally planned restrictions in their life.

Shani rashi

Surya rashi



Mithuna -or- Makara

If Ravi occupies Mithuna, the 3rd ray from [nīcha] Shani creates nervousness. Shani is handicapped in Kuja's warrior sign, where Shani's quest for stability and the rule of law is thwarted by animal Anger coming from survival signals (get them before they get you) in the reptile brain. Surya the Soul is already mentalized in Mithuna; the native seeks social recognition primarily for their mentality.

However, [nīcha] Shani restricts the ability to trust that one is accepted into the group; stability is compromised; the native becomes verbally excessive, demanding recognition through excessive communications.

If Ravi occupies Makara where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better because Shani's ray enters Shani's own sign.

Makara-Ravi naturally seeks recognition in Makara's domain, which is conformist social organizations. Drishti from [nīcha] Shani, while exacerbating the native 's tendency to identify himself with punitive, rule-oriented groups, assures that the native will take no creative risks that might endanger his status within the group. Somber and conservative, but stable.


Karkata -or- KumbhaSurya-Karkata or Kumbha

If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better because Shani's ray enters Shani's own sign.


Surya-Simha -or- Meena

If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better because Shani's ray enters Shani's own sign.





If Ravi occupies Kanya, the 3rd ray from Karkata Shani creates r.

If uttama Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti from Karkata, ego development is twisted by angry fear Of"the system" . Similar to Shani-10th-ray-to-Surya-Simha (below) but with Surya-Mesha the anger is notrepressed. Confidence, faith in the divine, is constrained by fears originating in early childhood trauma.

Some structural flaw in the home environment due to weakness in mother/parents (Karka), which hurt the child in the tender years, warns one to super-strengthen the ego-membrane against future harm.

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

Anger against human structural weakness and cannot tolerate it . (See Adolf Hitler where Surya is much enflamed by Mangala) Lifelong determination to strengthen his individual position and contempt for human frailty.

High on leadership, very low on compassion.

Das commentary that when Surya occupies a rashi of Kuja, Shani's aspect upon Surya produces:"Sometimes because of your desire to lead or because of the actions of other powerful entities, you find yourself in various troubles in life which affect your health; but you have the ability to engage in hard work with steadfastness and concentration.

You can be very brave and sometimes even callous toward the feelings of others. For you, life is not a place where comfort is a top priority but rather getting the job done, even if that means being a little too intense for other peoples' feelings."





If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better


Surya-Vṛścika -or- Mithuna

If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better


Surya in Dhanau -or- Karka

If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better


Surya-Makara -or- Simha

If Ravi occupies Makara, the 3rd ray from Shani in Kuja's rashi Vṛścika will create an inner mental disturbance. ego-membrane constraints

If Ravi occupies svakshetra Simha, Shani's 10th drishti is very frustrating. ego-membrane development is constrained but not destroyed because the hostile drishti comes from the rashi of friend Kuja. Manual labor for this royal personage is insulting and disconfirming. But Kuja's rashi also increases the muscular energy; native is willing to work.

Native's lifetime energy is drained by repressed anger at"the system" including all outside authorities who try to restrain or control the native : parents, teachers, law enforcement, government officials. As agents of Shani, these conservative authorities impose repetitive, survival-level tasks which serve as payment for having forced others to work in parallel lives . Although of royal lineage the native 's leadership capabilities are never realized. Such is the power of Shani.

To escape the drudgery of Shani's repetitive and impersonal work, native seeks recognition for an unusual or eccentric profession. Establishes Aseparate kingdom where they have unchallenged authority and"the law can't touch them" . Lifelong battle of personal creativity versus animal survival constraints. Shani gives better results in 2nd half of life.

Whenever Ravi occupies a rashi of Kuja and receives drishti of Shani, Das commentary ,"Sometimes because of your desire to lead or because of the actions of other powerful entities, you find yourself in various troubles in life which affect your health; but you have the ability to engage in hard work with steadfastness and concentration. You can be very brave and sometimes even callous toward the feelings of others. For you life is not a place where comfort is a top priority but rather getting the job done, even if that means being a little too intense for other peoples' feelings."


Surya-Kumbha -or- Kanya

If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better


Surya-Meena -or-


If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better

Kumbha - Ghata

Surya-Mesha -or- Vṛścika

If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Kumbha where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better





If Ravi occupies Karkata, the 3rd ray from Vrishabha Shani creates r.

If Ravi occupies Dhanus where Ravi receives Shani's 10th drishti, results are somewhat better because the two rashi of Guru are both sending and receiving the drishti. However, because so much depends on the condition of Vrihaspati, this is a very sensitive angle.

A murderous tyrant Russ-Soviet 1878-1953 Man-of-Steel Josef Stalin was born with this precise aspect, within seconds of arc. For Stalin the key to outcome is a [Mūla] Surya-9 (very charming!) combined with nicha-Guru is hugely amplified by ambitious Rahu Imprisoning Shani-12 parivartamsha nīcha-Guru-10 materialistic philosophy of governance. Believing he could do no wrong and increasingly psychologically paranoid (Shani-12 materialized fantasies) Stalin developed (Guru-Rahu-10 development) a monstrously huge [Guru] huge government [Makara] penitentiary system.