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How to order Jyotishavidya Readings

offered by Barbara Pijan Lama

Wondering about lead time?

Most readings can be provided within 2-6 weeks of payment dater.

For more details and instructions about the structure of the reading and composing your questions for the reading, please see How Readings Work

Please note that Jyotisha readings are offered to students of the vidya for educational purposes only. Readings have no warranty either express or implied.

Two-hour Jyotisha reading = MP3 audio + PDF charts, delivered via

Traditional Jyotishavidya Sacred Jewels Ratana Gemstone recommendation = delivered via email or via (see samples below)

Annual Update Jyotisha reading = MP3 audio + PDF charts, deliveredvia

Rectification of Birth Time + + 2-hour reading * by previous arrangement only (see below)

PDF charts package =delivered via email or via

Additional question reading = delivered via

Couple's Readings * Compatibility Readings = delivered via

mp3download.jpg1. two-hour Jyotisha reading via MP3 file, delivered via internet


  • a PayPal account is not necessary.

  • PayPal accepts most credit cards.

  • also OK to use:

  • Generally, it will also work to send PayPal payments to


delivered via

  • MP3 audio = 2+ hour Jyotisha reading, recorded lecture-style

  • PDF = kundali-varga charts calculated for the reading, Vimshottari dasha timeline

Please email to Barbara , in advance of the reading, 5-to-10 of your own thoughtfully written questions that you would like answered from a Jyotishavidya perspective during the recorded reading.

Cost includes one clarification or follow-up question that is related to the content of the reading.

The clarification question may be answered via email or via audio MP3.

Required information:

  1. Your name and gender as you would like it to appear on the printed charts
  2. BIRTH-DATE format DD-MMM-YYYY - example: 24-Apr-2001
  3. BIRTH-TIME format HH:MM please mention AM or PM * Please mention the time in am/pm AND in 24-hr format (example: 8:20pm = 20:20) Yes it's redundant but using both formats helps to reduce mistakes :))Time must be accurate to the minute. Ideally, when possible, birth time should be known from an official birth certificate.
  4. BIRTH-PLACE name of your city, town, or village * AND its Google coordinates (example: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 12°59′N 77°35′E )
  5. Five-to-ten questions that you would like to have answered from a Jyotisha perspective. Please take some time to compose reflective, thoughtful questions. Questions should be as free of self-criticism as possible, specific, and meaningful for you.

In addition, please provide several biographical milestone dates such as marriage, divorce, injury-illness, diploma, professional license earned, death of parents, first childbirth, other important life events. These key life events are used to validate the provided birth time.

After you receive the Jyotisha reading files MP3 and PDF via, please download the reading files to your own storage device .

The reading files belong to the purchaser and Barbara does not keep copies.

Unless there is a special need to keep the folder active, your folder will be deleted three months after the reading was delivered.

3. Traditional Vedic gemstone recommendation


  • PDF report

  • Includes PDF of kundali and Vimshottari dasha

  • Delivered to your email inbox

  • PayPal button below

  • also OK to use:

Individualized Traditional Remedial Ratna reports include

  • kundali + varga charts * PDF

  • 120-year Vimshottari dasha timeline * PDF

  • 16-18-page (approximately) customized report suggesting appropriate traditional gemstones to match the energy of the nativity

The PDF-page marked KUNDALI contains the D-1 and D-9. The smaller varga are in the VARGA page. There are two pages of the Vimshottari Dasha calendar, covering your schedule from age birth until your age 120 years. As a fun bonus, there is included a world map with various lagna overlaid. (Please note: The worldmap is a popular graphic but it is still an experimental idea within the Jyotishavidya. )

Nativity requires the precise coordinates of the birthplace

Suggestions for the best pure traditional remedial gemstones to suit your Jyotishavidya nativity

. Written by Barbara, Not produced by a computer program.

  • You can take this Ratana Recommendation Document Vedic Gemologist, or compare to other Jyotiṣika opinions

  • Delivered via Email * approximately 16-18 pages

Please email Barbara with the birth details after paying via PayPal.

Required information:

For each person's nativity, please provide the accurate birth date, birth place, birth time, and gender

  • BIRTH-DATE format DD-MMM-YYYY - example: 24-Apr-2001
  • BIRTH-TIME format HH:MM please mention AM or PM - example: 18:34 PM B irth time must be accurate to the minute, and birth time should be known from an official birth certificate.
  • BIRTH-PLACE please provide NAME of the place and accurate Google location coordinates

Here are some example Ratna Recommendation reports:

Note on the limitations of the ratna report

Many folks greatly enjoy knowing which traditional gemstones match and support the subtle energies of their Jyotisha kundali.

  • However, please note that due to the low cost, the gemstone report is intended to identify - but not to discuss - the Jyotisha-ratna which suit your nativity. There are no questions included in the price of the ratna-report.

Detailed readings are available via item #1 above

You may also wish to read about Jyotisha remedial gems .

mp3download.jpg4. Annual Update Jyotisha reading


headphones.pngAvailable *only * for customers who have had a previous full two-hour reading with Barbara Pijan Lama

Update readings provide a closer inspection of the nine stages of the current mahadasha ++ consideration of the impact of active transits upon key lagna. (primarily gochara Shani ++ gochara Rahu)

After an overview of the current bhukti and transits, the update reading moves directly into your questions.

Most of the value of the update reading comes from the contemplative effort invested into your detailed written questions. Vague, generalized, or open-ended questions tend to produce vague, generalized, and open-ended answers.

Your questions will focus the information flow of the reading . By writing detailed questions that ask about the specific topics of immediate personal importance in your life right now, you are actively guiding the process of harvesting relevant insights from the Jyotishavidya nativity



  • Two-hour update reading, including 5-to-10 of your own questions that you would like to have answered from the Jyotisha perspective

  • download MP3 files from internet via

  • includes one follow-up question via email or via


" Additional question" after a full reading


  • also OK to use:

For clients who have had a previous full reading, when a question arises between annual readings.

The Jyotisha-based answer length is approximately 45-minutes responding to a single clearly formulated question. The audio answer is recorded on MP3, and when the MP3 it ready is can be downloaded from

  • Audio-MP3 response to one question

  • Please provide some background regarding your question, e.g. events surrounding the question, nature of the relationship. Please be as detailed and specific as possible.

If the question seems too general, I will ask you for clarification and specifics. Thanks!

9.PDF charts package -- Via Email attachment

US$_27.00 for each PDF charts package

  • PayPal only

  • delivery via PDF file = email or internet download

For clients who may wish to purchase only the chart PDF for a small number of nativities, this is a packet of five single-sheet pages.


Occasionally a beginning student of Jyotishavidya may be not yet ready to purchase one's own professional software, but would like to study a few charts of family members or co-workers.

  • There are free Jyotisha charting services easily accessible on the internet. Yet, there is always some question of their accuracy.

Please note that this charts package includes ONLY five PDFs comprising the kundali and Vimshottari Dasha timeline.

This service is not a reading and does not include any questions, commentary, discussion, prediction, or evaluation. If you have questions about the meanings of the features of the nativity, please select a reading.

One PDF charts package for one nativity = five documents

  1. radical rashi chart + bhava chart + sixteen Parashari varga charts (2 documents)

  2. the complete 120-Year Vimshottari dasha timeline (2 documents = page-1 + page-2)

  3. " World Map" overlay of Jyotisha graha placements upon a Mercator-projection world map (1 document)

All calculations from Shri Jyoti Star software ++ all calculations use Chitra-Paksha Ayanamsha [a variety of the Lahiri-committee ayanamsha]

Required information:

Please provide your accurate birth date, birth place, birth time, and gender

  • BIRTH-DATE format DD-MMM-YYYY - example: 24-Apr-2001
  • BIRTH-TIME format HH:MM please mention AM or PM - example: 18:34 PM (yes it's redundant but reduces mistakes :)) Ideally, when possible, birth time should be known from an official birth certificate.
  • BIRTH-PLACE please provide NAME of the place and accurate coordinates (available via Google)

Pls. email Barbara with the birth details after paying via PayPal.

There is no limit on the number of PDF Jyotisha charts that you may order. However, if you have a need to produce numerous Jyotisha charts, it's probably time to consider buying your own Jyotisha software :)

6. Rectification of Birth Time


Before starting any reading, the querent must supply a list of life milestone dates, such as marriage, major romance, childbirth, parent decease, diploma earned, major job promotion, serious injury-ailment, lawsuit, sudden identity change, large financial winnings-or-losses, buy/sell house, and other biographical markers that the person feels are important for their story.

This list of event dates is used for a normal verification pre-check, to confirm alignment of the major life events with the Vimshottari Dasha calendar. It is included in the price of 2-hr MP3 readings.

When the charts are being constructed, if it appears that +/- a few minutes to the birth time = a better alignment with the life history, I will ask the querent’s permission to make that small adjustment. Sometimes, one minute can make a big difference.


A more in-depth professional rectification is time-consuming and expensive, as can be seen in the price list. The rectification service is currently available for those who have no time listed on their birth record or who significantly distrust their recorded time.

How to use the RECTIFICATION WORKSHEET (MS Word format)

1. At your convenience, please open the worksheet on your computer. Ensure that your virus scanner approves the Rectification Worksheet before opening.

2. Type in as much information as possible. Naturally, some questions must be marked N/A.

3. Send the filled-in worksheet back to me.

4. I will read whatever information you have been able to provide.

5. Then I will be able to make the professional decision as to whether a rectification seems possible.

Expect to spend at least one hour -- and possibly much longer -- researching your key dates. For busy (most) folks this research may take weeks.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Rectification is available only for adults.

The rectification process matches likely birth times against multiple documented milestone events such as marriage, college diploma, and birth of children (These life events have not Yet, happened in a kid’s life.)

Rectification available ** but this will take some WORK from you and from me too!

  • The clock-t ime of birth can be rectified within a maximum 24-hour range.
  • The date of birth cannot be rectified.

Please be advised that rectifications are time-consuming for both the client and the Jyotiṣika. There is often a cumbersome series of email communications between the Jyotishi and the client while the inquiry is proceeding.

In order to find requested dates that can be confirmed, the client may need to do some research, into public records and into family memory.

  • For example, the worksheet asks for dates of weddings, childbirths, deceases, examinations passed, diplomas earned, and successful surgeries.
  • The dates need to be accurate.


Typically, a " no time known" rectification must examine 1440 possible birth-minutes (24 x 60 = number of minutes in one 24-hr day).

Even within a shorter time range, there are many checks and re-checks to locate the correct time of birth

To get started, please download Barbara's RECTIFICATION WORKSHEET (MS Word format)

  1. Step-1 fill in the worksheet. Client must supply a list of approximately 30 life milestone-dates. It may take many hours of research for the client to find these dates.
  2. Step-2 is usually some back-and-forth clarification via email queries.
  3. Step-3 is a professional determination of the likeliest birth time, based on the life-event dates corresponding the Vimshottari Dasha calendar.

Rectification service produces a conclusive result about the likeliest time of birth based on the timing of the key life events.


Combined rectification with 2-hour reading = USD_855

couples readings - compatibility readings



  • provide both partners’ birth data

  • provide 5-to-10 question written by each partner (concerning oneself or concerning one’s partner)

  • let me know via email that you two are a couple.

Couple's Reading Total cost = USD_1170


two-hour Jyotisha reading via MP3 file, delivered via internet


  • a PayPal account is not necessary.

  • PayPal accepts most credit cards.

  • also OK to use:

  • Generally, it will also work to send PayPal payments to

Yes, couples readings are available.


Couples Comparison readings are generally more valuable for sweethearts-lovers-affianced who are considering a contractual alliance, or partners who are already yoked into a marriage and are negotiating lifestyle conflicts.

If you and your beloved have reached the stage of mutual trust where you would like to harvest some relationship insights from an in-depth Jyotishavidya reading, please feel welcome to purchase two individual readings, and let Barbara know via email that you two are a couple.

The distinctive features of paired readings =

  • both partners may ask questions about the other partner.
  • Almost always, each partner grants permission for the other partner to listen to their reading.
  • Both nativities = on the viewing screen while the reading is being spoken.

The readings do assume a minimum level of cultural familiarity with the Jyotisha vocabulary, but it is not necessary for either partner to be a serious student of the vidya.


Two individual readings = delivered in a matched set.

This type of joint reading respects the individuality of each partner. Yet, information from one reading often refers to the other. Each reading is connected to the other via the 5-to-10 personal questions.

In a couple's reading, each partner gives the other permission to share their audio reading + their personal questions.

Each partner listens completely to both readings . This process gives a full view of ways in which, from a Jyotishavidya perspective, these two pure individualities can merge, diverge, overlap, conflict, and complement each other.

The two readings are done on two adjacent days (for example, Thurs-Fri, or Wed-Thurs). The partners decide whose reading will be done first.

Partner-1 + Partner-2 each receive a full reading based on the Jyotishavidya varga (charts) + Vimshottari Dasha calendar. The final section of each reading consists of 5-to-10 thoughtfully written, personally important questions that are submitted by the client. Each question is carefully answered based on the Jyotishavidya information that has been discussed during the reading.

This is where the dual reading really becomes a "couple's reading" .

  • Partner-1's questions ask about Partner-2.
  • Partner-2's questions ask about Partner-1.
  • Honesty is essential.
  • Benevolence is required.


Productive questions vs. Too vague

To get the best value from a couple's reading, the questions must be about specific areas of spiritual-mental-emotional-social-financial compatibility within the partnership.

TOO VAGUE = value-judgments, anxiety, self-worth

Open-ended questions such as "are we compatible?", "what does our joint future look like?", "will we get rich?", or "should we get married?" are too broad and unclear.

Eliminate verbiage that signals underlying guilt and worry, such as " should" , " have to" , " ought to" , " good" , or " bad" . Jyotishavidya is descriptive not prescriptive. As one of the holy vedanga, Jyotishavidya presumes that each unfolding human lifetime is divinely intelligent, pure, and worthy. Nevertheless, individual anxiety about self-worth, about parents, about social judgment, can block one's ability to hear the divinatory information.

Generally, if one of the partners is truly distrustful or worried about the future, a bit of psychotherapy might be more useful than a Jyotishavidya reading. However, after calming therapy, please do feel welcome to request a reading.


Behaviors or attitudes of the partners and their families

Specific vocabulary example: "partner-1's parents seem to partner-2 to be supportive / culturally-hidebound / generous/ demanding / critical / money-crazed / friendly / dogmatic / want grandchildren now / etc. If this partnership continues, what is the prognosis for me and my in-laws?"

These are just examples, of course! There are hundreds of more possible great questions about the dynamics of the relationship and its stakeholders (such as in-laws or children).

In framing the prospects for marriage or union-with-children, it is often helpful to ask about the Big Four Marriage Values-Alignments = Kids, Parents, Money, Religion [beliefs].


Please order two individual 2-hour readings.

Then, please email Barbara to tell me that you want these to be interlinked into couple's reading.

Then, I will schedule the two readings back-to-back (Sun-Mon, usually).

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Wishing you and your beloved every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Looking for a Jyotishika?

These professional groups offer vetted lists of certified practitioners

  • British Association for Vedic Astrology
  • American College of Vedic Astrology

7. Donation of any amount - thank you!

Any amount of support for maintaining the website learning materials is much appreciated! Thank you!

Your donations help make Jyotishavidya study materials available to students worldwide.

  • In countries where Jyotisha books and learning groups are not accessible, your generous support for student inquiry is especially appreciated


Q: Hello Barbara,

I paid for a reading last week. My birth time is from my mother's memory.

I was born in a hospital in my country, but my family left our homeland when I was a child. The hospital record seems to have been lost.

My mom remembers that birth was about 6 a.m. When I calculate my own charts, I use 6 a.m. (Daylight Saving Time). From my knowledge, which is beginner level, the charts look OK.

Should I get a rectification from you before doing the full reading?


A: Namaste,

If the birth time = from mothers' memory, then yes, it is wise to do a professional Jyotishavidya rectification of birth time.

  • Mom’s birth-time memory is usually unreliable .
  • As a mother myself, I have full sympathy! But sadly, unless there was someone else in the birth room who recorded the birth time when it happened, using the birth time from mom’s undocumented recollection is likely to produce an inaccurate divination.

Unfortunately, without a rectification, it is possible to produce misleading divinatory guidance due to incorrect lagna for kundali, for navamsha, for dashashamsha, ++ potential for significantly incorrect Vimshottari Dasha timeline of events.

This misguidance can be disappointing for the client and frustrating for the Jyotishika.

step-1 for potential rectification


Barbara's ability to do a rectification will depend upon

(1) whether enough information can be filled in

(2) whether the available information is accurate.

  • The best data is accurate to the specific date.
  • Second-best is accurate to the month such as “March-1991”.
  • Third-best = vaguely generalized such as “sometime during 2003-2004”.
  • It is OK to have about 20% of the dates = third-best quality

If you are interested in getting a rectification of birth time for yourself, then the first step is to attempt to complete as much of the rectification worksheet as possible.

Usually, 70-80% of filled-in, reasonably accurate answers is enough for me to have confidence in the likely success of a careful rectification.

Most important dates = childbirth, marriage, divorce, job promotion, academic graduation, professional licensing, decease of parents or grandparents, illnesses, injuries, move to new country. Other personally important info is also valuable.

step-2 = Barbara reads your worksheet data

I must read the data that you contribute to the rectification worksheet. Then, I can decide whether it is viable to do the rectification work. If there is not enough data to have confidence in the likelihood of a successful rectification, then your original reading payment will be refunded via PayPal.

Step-3 payment

Rectifications take several hours of analysis.

After PayPal payment for rectification or rectification-with-reading, then Barbara will do the analysis via MP3 file explaining the logical steps of the rectification (usually about 1-hour audio).

After the rectification audio is completed, then the real Jyotishavidya reading can be done. The full reading = 2-hours (sometimes longer). The full reading includes Jyotisha-based answers to all of your thoughtful questions.

I hope this process is understandable.

The short answer = yes, birth times from mom’s memory are not reliable. Rectification is required.

Please send the completed RECTIFICATION WORKSHEET to

Please let me know if you have questions.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Respected Mrs. Lama,

I just loved your site, it is enriching, educative and simple to understand, many inhibitions were cleared .

I don't have a Credit Card, I want to know the Vedic Gems I need to wear, how to send payments to you, can you guide please .... I also wish to talk to you before, I send you the payments, hope you don't misunderstand me, will appreciate your revert at the earliest .

Regards and Cheers,

A: Namaste

Thanks very much for your compliments. I am delighted to know that the case-study materials are helping your inquiry into the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya.

All of my Jyotisha readings are offered in pre-recorded audio files, in MP3 format downloadable from the internet.

Customized traditional Sacred Jewels (jewel) recommendations are provided via PDF attachment to email.

No in-person readings or telephone readings. This practice is necessary for me to preserve my own psychic sanctuary. Thanks for your understanding.


Right now, PayPal is the only mechanism by which I can accept payments. I do appreciate that not everyone has a credit card, but unfortunately this is a requirement for my business at the moment.

I hope that some of the sample remedial ratna recommendations will assist students of the Vidya of Jyotisha to learn to make their own decisions about which ratana are appropriate for which nativities, and why.

Also please consider a very effective alternative to wearing a gemstone, which is Seva conscious service to others.

Charitable service = Targeted Seva can achieve exactly the same goal as traditional remedial gemstones.

  • The regular practice of Seva is ideally targeted to serve those who have one's own problems but in a worse degree of severity (e.g., one who has anxiety of financial problems should serve the truly destitute poor).

  • Seva will quickly amplify one's most compassionate and creative thoughts, and easily produce a more positive material outcome.

  • And Seva is free!

Thanks again for your compliments, and best wishes.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Namaste Barbara

If I choose 2 hour Jyotisha reading, can I ask 5 - 10 question within a year period? and for future year If i have any question how much I have to pay and how many question can I ask? I already received gem recommendation chart from you and I am very happy for this.

A: Namaste,

I am delighted to know that you are enjoying your Jyotisha gemstone recommendation.

The 5-10 questions requested from the querent will be answered during the 2-hour audio reading. One follow-up or clarification question, which should be directly related to the issues discussed in the reading, is included in the price of the reading. That follow-up question may be sent to me at any time following the reading. (Even several years afterward is OK, although quite rare!) The answer to the included single follow-up question is provided via a brief email.

If a question arises regarding the Jyotishavidya nativity

which is not directly related to the initial reading but which does refer to the charts (including varga ) and Vimshottari dasha and that question arises within a year or so following the initial reading, the price for answering that single additional question is found under item 8: additional questions for those who have completed the 2-hour reading.

Wishing you every happiness, and continuing success in your Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: ... Can you please confirm as to whether it is possible for you to give Rahu dasha analysis as I am going through one. I just wanted to know how much you will charge for this. I have just started Rahu -Jupiter ...

A: Namaste,

Yes, Jyotishavidya readings can focus on one particular bhukti. However, the context of the larger Learning Pathway must be established first.

A person who is familiar with the details of one's own Vimshottari Dasha and who can formulate technically specific questions regarding expectations and concerns for the bhukti effects, may derive great benefit from an evaluation of a single bracketed period of the lifetime.

The cost for all initial readings is the same. In the space of two hours, the initial reading provides an extensive analysis of the kundali and the navamsha. If the questions require looking beyond D-1 and D-9, additional varga charts may be considered as well. Most commonly, D-9 is consulted for validating the career patterns in D-1 and D-9..

The Jyotisha nativity is a living textile [tantra].

If the reading is focused on a single bhukti, it is nevertheless absolutely necessary to FIRST examine the entire nativity.

The results of any planetary period are determined by the angular relationship between the main time-period lord (bhukti pati) and the sub-period lord = antara-dasha-pati. The relationships between all nava-graha and the bhava lordships must be articulated in order to develop a contextualized conclusion as to the predicted effects of interaction within that relationship.

  • A recent reading focused entirely on a Ketu bhukti in the mahadasha of Shukra. The client tells me that he was very pleased with the insights.

Typically, the reading evaluates the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical effects of each graha, and then consider those effects as they operate in any specific period. Therefore, a period with uncomfortable physical auspice may also offer spiritual achievement.

A period which is emotionally exhausting (for example, a Shani bhukti simultaneous with Sade-Sati or Shani Ashtamsha ) may indeed result in mental strength and clarity formed in response to the emotional challenge (if for example Budha "filled the vacuum" while Chandra was compromised during the Sade-Sati).

  • In the Ketu case, the reading was able to verify that Ketu was well-supported by other graha. In that favorable setting, even the normal exhaustion and excessive detachment of Shukra-Ketu, where Ketu as the final chidra-dasha of a 20-year mahadasha simply runs out of gas - even that great tiredness would not cause the native to lose his bearings in life, lose his property, etc. (all common and natural concerns with the Shukra-Ketu bhukti.)

The short answer = yes, for a client who is generally familiar with the sequence of one's Vimshottari Dasha, to focus on a single Vimshottari period is a useful way to structure the reading.

To address as many outstanding questions and anxieties about the period as possible, most client questions should be focused on the anticipated results of the planetary period.

However, a full reading is always required to achieve an adequate analysis of any period, long or short, and produce a viable prediction.

After the initial reading, annual updates (or every two years or every three years) may be valuable as the mahadasha progresses. Clients often request an update reading at the onset of each new bhukti within the mahadasha period that they are currently working to optimize.

Wishing you every happiness and best success in your Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama

Q: How much background information should I provide? I don't want to tell you so much that you figure out who I am from my background info.


The amount of detail provided by the client usually covers several paragraphs (at least) submitted via email.

At minimum, the reading will answer each of the 5-10 self-written questions, and there is usually some background info supplied to explain the motivation for asking those questions.

To verify the birth time, it is necessary for the client to provide several milestone dates that mark a Jyotisha timeline. The timeline should describe a sequence of important life events which occur during Vimshottari Dasha periods and during samchara transits that would be expected to generate those types of karaka events.

It helps my analysis to know some background for each of the questions. An example of a question that contains a bit of helpful background might be:

" I've been in the shipping industry for 30 years with mixed success, and am now looking at a joint venture involving a new warehouse in an adjacent country. This warehouse will be located in a major shipping port that has a criminal gang presence, and merchandise theft is a constant concern. I've suffered major losses from theft in past years and typically, these thefts are inside jobs. We plan to have normal amounts of insurance coverage and guards. What is the prognosis for matters of warehouses and inventory for the next few years?" .

Keep in mind that the number of factors that are "readable" in any Jyotisha-mapped environment is classically tallied at 144,000.

During any reading, the Jyotishi will be able to comment on only a few dozen of those factors.

You will receive a better reading if you disclose the relevant material facts of your life setting. Keep in mind that there are thousands of identifiable factors which are operating within any nativity, but only a few factors are going to be germane to the concerns of the present moment.

Aided by the background you supply, the Jyotishi will be able to highlight the active agents that are clustering around your questions. The total fabric of your life is complexly patterned and it is a moving textile. What causes the movement is choice-making intention. Therefore the reading will need to zero-in upon a small part of this total activated terrain.

The Jyotishika must select a specific vocabulary related to your current queries, rather than speak only in superstitious, generalities. [Of course, if you prefer superstitious, fear-driven generalities, there are many vendors readily available.]

Examples of helpful background information.

  • if a person asks whether it can be predicted that one may marry during the coming year, it is very helpful for me to know if the native has not yet married or if one has already been married and divorced three times. There is a pattern for marriages and it is important to know where the current relationship fits into that pattern.

  • Also, although I appreciate that this is very private information, if I may be informed whether a pregnancy has occurred (even if it was not carried to term) in any previous non-marriage relationship, that fact can be critically important to the correct counting of the relative bhava to predict a wedding ceremony. Naturally, I treat all readings with complete confidentiality and pass no moral judgment upon any event, since in the larger scheme all events are produced according to the higher law and it could not be otherwise. For a Jyotishi there is no good and no bad - there are only personalities, subconscious expectations , environments and events.

  • If a person already has a diagnosed medical condition, it is crucial to identify that reality when asking about health;

    otherwise instead of vocabulary targeted to their specific condition (heart, lungs, kidneys etc.) the querent will receive only a general vocabulary of wellness and predisposition to discomfort produced by various planetary rulers of bhava-6 and 6th-from-Chandra.

background info helps narrow in on the specific interpretations of the broad terms used in the Jyotisha commentaries. Additional knowledge of the client's material situation is not a trump for a parlor guessing game. Rather, the background details enrich the reading and make the interpretations more valuable by allowing the Jyotishi to select the most specific descriptive vocabulary.

Identity protection:

Your specific social identity markers will probably not emerge from the nativity unless you mention your specific job or rank (e.g., "I am presently the chairman of XYZ corporation" or " I was married to ABC public figure" ). If privacy is important, you might want to consider using a false name (alias) --- but please do not falsify the birth date, time, or place. With false birth data, the divinatory reading would be useless. I have some high-profile clients who use false names for many of their service relationships, including with their healthcare providers and of course their astrologer.

~~ BPL


Do you offer Astrocartography Readings?

A: Namaste,

Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, astrocartography readings in the tropical style are not offered. BP Lama Jyotishavidya readings are designed for listeners who have basic cultural or scholarly knowledge of the interpretive principles of the samayavidya.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Hello Barbara,

As you know, my family and I have ordered many readings from you -- for parents, grandparents, adult children, and even a couple of long-term employees. I enjoy gifting your readings to those I love and cherish.

I'm writing you today about repeating PayPal trouble. I am trying to make a payment for a close relative's reading. She heard my wife's and my audio and she asked for her own reading as a birthday gift. She has prepared her questions carefully, as you require.

Oddly, my payment is being declined! I have tried multiple times. I'm quite sure that we have sufficient funds on the cards. As you predicted long ago, our business is flourishing.

Would you please check with PayPal? Much appreciated, B.K.K.R.

A: Namaste B.K.K.R.,

So sorry to hear of the PayPal frustration. Several other reading payments have successfully transacted during this past week. It looks like the payment system is flowing normally.

Psychically, this sort of unexpected blockage in a normal financial process can indicate fear or resistance toward the reading.

The querent may feel unready to handle the emotional or social information which may be coming into view within the mirror of the Jyotishavidya reading.

If that is the case, then it might be more comfortable to wait a few days or even a few weeks before trying the payment again. Financial issues in particular can signal a conflict about worthiness or self-value.

Perhaps the querent would prefer a few days to relax and gather her thoughts? Space can be provided for her whenever she is psychically ready.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

(postscript: this situation resolved quickly when the issue was discovered to be inadvertently using an expired card. Psychic breathing room was created by the brief delay. All well.)


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