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Shukra-Mithunain 12 bhava

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  6. [Shukra-Kanya] [nīcha]
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  2. [Shukra in bhava-2] [svabhava]
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  4. [Shukra in bhava-4] [dikbala]
  5. [Shukra in bhava-5]
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  7. [Shukra in bhava-7] [svabhava]
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  10. [Shukra in bhava-10]
  11. [Shukra in bhava-11]
  12. [Shukra in bhava-12]


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

शुक्र śukra / शुक्ल śukla

Professor Shukra

सित sita = white color, pale, lustrous

श्वेत śveta = white color

श्वेतरथ śveta-ratha = having a white chariot

भृगुज bhṛgu Bhrigu = the bright one

शुचि śuci = shining, brilliantly white

षोडशार्चिस् ṣoḍaś-ārcis = 16-rayed

दैत्यगुरु daitya-guru / असुरगुरु asura-guru = grower of demons

कवि kavi = singer, bard, poet

सुक्रय sukraya = fair bargain




Venus - Venera


Ishtara Ashatarra

Phosphoros - Heosphoros - Lucifer

Vesper - Mathusias

Morgensteorra - Aefensteorra

Freya - Frigg = Friday

Dianna - Inanna - Nin-si-anna


Nogah - Ba'ah - Seba-djai

Delebat - Jingxing




Dvi - Twins

gracious and loquacious

ruled by friendly Budha


Green Tara

Kathmandu courtyard style c. 2010

" If Venus be posited in his own Rashi or in Mithuna,

the native will be infatuated by love."

~~ Jatakalankara, ch3 Shloka-2 0



[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Mithuna indriya-lagna] [entertaining vidya-pati for Mithuna indriya-lagna]

[embodies gracious conversational political diplomacy]

[Shukra-2] [svabhava]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Urisha indriya-lagna] [inimical-imbalanced rogesha for Urisha indriya-lagna]

[preserves gracious conversational diplomacy]

kept, remembered, voiced, historical arrangements

[2, capital assets, historical knowledge]



[banking-conserving dhanesha for Mesha indriya-lagna] [bargaining-balancing jaya-pati for Mesha indriya-lagna]

[announces gracious conversational diplomacy]

messaging, communicative arrangements


[Shukra-4] [dikbala]

[busy-messaging sahaja-pati for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna] [mysterious-revealing randhresha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[secures gracious conversational diplomacy] [enjoys talking in the home] [balanced domestic discussions] [smoothly gestures in the customary style] [occult property finance]

[courteously explains hidden household arrangements] [childhood home often shifts yet nicely decorated] [pleasantly communicative yet secretive mother]


[Yogakaraka philosophical-believing dharmesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna] [Yogakaraka homebound-anchoring bandesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[creatively gracious conversational diplomacy]

[enjoys talking with students] [arranges balanced political discussions] [pleasantly communicative displays of intelligence]


[Yogakaraka dutiful karmesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna] [Yogakaraka creative-displaying vidya-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[assists gracious conversational diplomacy]

[self-medication] imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, toxic arrangements

public reputation for diplomatic service, balance-seeking ministry

[Shukra-7] [svabhava]

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna] [friendly-gainful labha-pati for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna]

[partnering gracious conversational diplomacy]

[lifemate may be a mercantile attorney-advocate-bargainer-broker] [conversational relationships]


[Vimala Yoga]

[bargaining-balancing yuvati-pati for Vṛścika indriya-lagna] [retreating-enclosed vyaya-pati for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[graciously undisclosed conversational diplomacy] [enjoys talking about occult topics] [camouflaged intervention discussions seek balanced agreement]

[smoothly gestures in the initiated style] [occluded contractual finance]

[courteously explains hidden emergency arrangements] [hidden rejuvenating environments nicely decorated] [taste for catastrophic transformative process] [pleasantly communicative yet distant in-laws]


  • Jyotiṣika 1956- educator BP Lama [publishing-explaining Punarvasu-3]


[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Tulā indriya-lagna] [mysterious-revealing randhresha for Tulā indriya-lagna]

[philosophically gracious conversational diplomacy] [enjoys talking about global topics] [international equity discussions seek balanced agreement] [smooth gestures confer hidden patronage] [occluded individualized finance]

[courteously explains occult sacerdotal arrangements] [sangha congregational environments nicely decorated] [taste for ideologically transformative process] [aesthetic of personalized comprehension] [pleasantly communicative yet undisclosing father]


  • VPOTUS-pair Music Censorship 1948- Tipper Gore [imaginative-charitable Arudra-4] [navamsha Shukra-Meena-uchcha]


[conserving-acquiring dhana-pati for Kanya indriya-lagna ] [philosophical-doctrinal dharmesha for Kanya indriya-lagna ]

[dignified gracious conversational diplomacy] [enjoys talking about governance topics] [public policy discussions seek balanced agreement]

[smoothly gestures in the normal style] [standardized contractual finance] [reputation for music, finance, art, feminine relationships]

[courteously explains hierarchical arrangements] [state-room environments nicely decorated] [taste for elegantly structural process]

[pleasantly communicative knowledgable family] [womenfolk may have representational messaging seniority] [for masculine nativities, feminine partners have respected professional position]



[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Simha indriya-lagna] [busy-messaging vikrama-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[friendly gracious conversational diplomacy] [pleasantly luxurious fundraising networks] [earnings from media-messaging publication] [financial gain from valuable public reputation]


[homebound-anchoring bandesha for Karkata indriya-lagna] friendly-profitable labha-pati for Karkata indriya-lagna]

[invisibly gracious conversational diplomacy]


Sweet Pleasures of Conversational Narrative Mentality

Shukra-Mithunaexpresses appreciation of:

  • Gracious conversation
  • two-part, partnered, rapidly adaptive mentality
  • smoothly interactive multi-component mechanisms
  • companionship of siblings, cousins, schoolmates, coworkers
  • balanced presentations of information
  • pretty arrangements of words, ideas, sounds, and images
  • variety of partnerships for a variety of communicative tasks

Shukra-Mithunaexpresses an aesthetic of

  • delightfully quick thought (loves a speedy delivery)
  • harmoniously mercurial conversation
  • graceful gesture and signal
  • the beauty of binary, bilateral, bilingual, bicultural two-ness of all kinds
  • pleasing publications

Aesthetic appreciation for documentarians, reporters, craftspeople, writers, note-takers, instructors, secretaries

The pleasure-communicator.

Mithuna a rashi of Budha is a hospitable location for sugar-loving Shukra.

Typically Shukra-Mithunahas a pleasant voice (Mithuna natural ruler of 2nd-from-2nd).

Sexual [Shukra] communication is diversified, articulated. Mirrored, partnered, dualized, replicated, and compartmentalized.

Shukra-Mithunadoes not however guarantee affection for siblings-cousins.

  • (The better measure of relationship to siblings = 3rd from Chandra younger sibs, 11th-from-Chandra elder sibs)

Shukra-Mithuna = beautiful hands, arms, and shoulders.

One lives in harmony with language, conversations , character details, agood plotline, cultural diversity, all varieties of literature, philosophical arguments, small-group chat, compare-and-contrast discussion.

Enjoys reading and writing, hearing lectures, interactive traveling with local flavor, and lifelong learning in all branches of knowledge.

  • Mirroring marriage practices.

  • Appreciates a literate and conversational spouse with bicultural lifestyle and self-reflexive values.

In Mithuna, shukra's treasure-and-pleasure acquisition behaviors take on a variety of Budha-like communicative characteristics, and the native tends to have a persuasive style of engagement in human sensual-pleasure relationships.

These folk speak politely, even under duress.

One enjoys the art of conversation, and tends to be quite talkative in human company. (The content of the talk is determined by bhava.)

To please Shukra-Mithuna, invite one to join an interesting trip, where they can learn, absorb, and converse in several languages and codes of custom. Introduce them to interesting, literate people. Praise their sophisticated and discriminating perceptiveness. And above all keep them engaged in conversation!

Shukra-Mithuna in 12 bhava


pleasure from the coupling of two or more personalities or appearances. Enjoys a narrative of The earthen body . Much gracious writing, articulating, gesturing, conversation, presentation or publication regarding the themes of identity and vitality.

[Shukra in bhava-2]

pleasure from the coupling of two or more remarriages, animal herds, seed banks, financial accounts, libraries, databases, stories, songs, sounds, faces or voices.

Much gracious writing, conversation, presentation or publication regarding the themes of storage, family lineage, collections, and values.

  • France-Emperor 1769-1821 Wars Napoleon Bonaparte [systematic-connected Arudra-3] Twice married, second alliance [2] collapsed under abandonment [Ketu] due to financial and historical disgrace. Noted writer. [Arudra-Shukra-yuti-Ketu-Mriga]

  • Holy Science 1855-1936 Shri Yukteswara Giri [arranging-advocating Mriga-3] precious historical, astronomical, financial, and occult heritage knowledge

  • Sophie's Choice 1949- drama Meryl Streep [face-voice-values Punarvasu-2] [Atmakaraka] [Surya-yuti-Shukra] [Budha-1 parivartamsha Shukra-2] articulately gesturing, beautifully appearing, skilled storyteller

[Shukra in bhava-3]

pleasure from the coupling of two or more publications, announcements, messages, instructions, sibling-cousins. Much gracious writing, conversation, presentation or publication regarding these narratives of mentality, gesturing, signaling, and communication.


[Shukra in bhava-4]

enjoyment from the coupling of two or more shelters, homelands, cars, boats, schools, diplomas or licenses . Delights in schooling, basic literacy. Much gracious writing, conversation, presentation or publication regarding these foundational communicative skills.

  • POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George H.W. Bush [financial-heritage Punarvasu-2] [Budha-3 parivartamsha Shukra-4] oilfields, real-estate, valuable properties

[Shukra in bhava-5]

pleasure from expressions of unique individual creative intelligence, from the coupling of two or more students or lovers

delights in dramatic literature, romantic idealism, political narrative, photography or personal imagery, theatrical conversation or celebrity publications.

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung [remembering-collecting Punarvasu-2] extensive publications, many collaboratively written with feminine associates. [Budha-yuti-Shukra] occupies 3rd from Chandra [5] = CGJ's sister Trudi was his lifetime secretary/manager/editor. Decades ahead of his medical peers, cGJ supported the careers and writings of women psychoanalysts.

  • CGJ conducted several long-term, intimate, collegial relationships with womenfolk. His permissive wife [Guru in 7th-from-Soma] was said to have agreed [Shukra agreements]. The extra alliances [Budha-yuti-Shukra] were adjudged to have been creative [5] and non-exploitive [Shukra].

  • The Mirror 1895-1986 theosophy Jiddu Krishnamurti [regenerating-revelatory Mriga-4] + [Kuja-yuti-Guru] [Shukra-5 parivartamsha Budha-4]

[Shukra in bhava-6]

enjoyment from the coupling of two or more argument or litigation, conflicts or medications, servants and employees. Much gracious writing and conversation regarding these narratives of accusation, conflict, injustice, betrayal, litigation, divorce, illness, addiction, pollution, and exploitation.

[Shukra in bhava-7]

pleasure from the coupling of two or more contractual or sexual partnerships, and much gracious writing, conversation, presentation or publication regarding these narratives of bargaining, deal-making, match-making, agreement, trust, and arrangement.

[Shukra in bhava-8] [Vimala Yoga]

Masculine natitivies may have enjoyment from the coupling of two or more secrets or hidden liaisons, and much gracious writing, conversation, presentation or publication about them. Aesthetic appreciation for secretaries in undisclosed arrangements (LBJ, GHWB).

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson [mercantile-explaining Punarvasu-3]. LBJ conducted numerous extramarital affairs [Shukra-yuti-Rahu]. He enjoyed substantial hidden treasures (Shukra-8) from a camouflaged empire of radio-television holdings [Mithuna] under the name of his wife [Shukra].

  • Wikileaks 1971- Julian Assange [bargaining-contractual Mriga-3] [Surya-yuti-Shukra] Specialist in vetting and disclosure of hidden communications.

  • Jyotiṣika 1956- educator BP Lama [publishing-explaining Punarvasu-3] [vargottamsha]

[Shukra in bhava-9]

enjoyment from the coupling of two or more doctrines, theories, philosophies, ideologies, scope of beliefs and sangha of believers . Much gracious writing, conversation, presentations or publications regarding these narratives of belief.

  • VPOTUS-pair Music Censorship 1948- Tipper Gore [imaginative-charitable Arudra-4] [navamsha Shukra-Meena-uchcha] [11 fundraising, social networks]


  • Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini [announcing-managing Punarvasu-3] [Atmakaraka] [Guru-yuti-Shukra] Mussolini was a bombastic public speaker and a butcher of war, but he was also a gifted literary writer with a profound interest in history and culture.

[Shukra in bhava-10]

pleasure from the coupling of two or more professions or leadership roles. Financial writing, public conversation, communicative presentation, or publication regarding these narratives of executive decision-making and elite high-visibility positions.

The public performance specializes in Shukra-related topics such as music (esp singing) women, beauty, balancing, arranging, trusts, agreements, material treasury, visible display of relationship status, pleasures, attractions * akarshana

  • POTUS-30 Price of Freedom 1872-1933 Calvin Coolidge [imaginative-charitable Arudra-4] [navamsha Shukra-Meena-uchcha] [Chandra-yuti-Shukra] + [Mangala-yuti-Surya]

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland [face-voice-music Mriga-2] [navamsha Shukra-Kanya-nicha] [Atmakaraka] [Puna-Shukra-yuti-Budha-Arudha] [10 symbolic roles, public recognition] Shukra Mithuna occupies 10 + 5th-navamsha artistic performance. Legendary singer and dramatist. Her reputation spans the generations.

  • POTUS-pair-41 + POTUS-43 mother 1925-2018 Barbara Pierce Bush [optimistic-dogmatic Arudra-1] [Shukra-yuti-Mangala] [Shukra-10 parivartamsha Budha-9]

  • UK-Queen 1947- Camilla Rosemary Shand [imaginative-charitable Arudra-4] [navamsha Shukra-Meena-uchcha] + [Puna-Budha-yuti-Chandra-Puna] [Mithuna-10, photographs, public events, touring itinerary] CRS's mother was also a well-recognized public figure in the philanthropic -social-event circuit. Chandra-10, socially dignified planning-and-scheduling mother.

[Shukra in bhava-11]

enjoyment from the coupling of two or more sources of marketplace income or community networks , and gracious conversation about this social-economic distribution system.


A protective personality who prefers to have a hermitage, private retreat, or place of quietude. Escape into delightfully sexualized conversations and a private sanctuary of encoded communication. There is often a sibling "twinning" quality to the intimate relationships.

Private signals and a two-faced public-private arrangement permits long-term management of extra-marital affairs [12]

disposed to feel the pleasure of talkative enclosure. Aesthetic of invisible transactions, the busy bedroom, the scheduling of arrangements - away from the preying eyes of the public.

Property, security, friendships, and revenues result from Shukra-related matters such as finance, diplomacy, brokerage, middleman-meddler, bargaining, match-making. Most of the economic dealings are unidentifiable to the public. Yet the results of behind-the-scenes negotiation are tangibly beneficial for real-estate [4] and marketplace [11] roles.

enjoyment from the coupling of two or more spirit guides or sanctuary-spaces , from managing two or more psychic discourses, and much gracious private conversation regarding affairs invisible to the public.



Balance Polarity Asana

  • Pranayama (breath practice)

  • Asana for lungs, hands, arms

  • asana focused in Vishuddha chakra (5, throat) ruled by Budha

  • jyapa yoga


  • Brokerage, bargaining, and Negotiation

  • Balanced Design, ornamentation, beauty

  • Pleasures and Enjoyments

  • Counseling and Advising

  • Promises, agreements, trusts, betrothal

  • Matching-making and Deals

  • Contracts and Alliances

  • Brokerage, bargaining, and Negotiation in the world of literary publishing, writing, and hand-craft

  • Balanced Design, ornamentation, beauty in book design, media communications, film design, script-writing

  • Pleasures and Enjoyments of the productive mental narrative process , both talking and writing

  • Counseling and Advising in matters of writing, painting, and hand-craft;

    also medical matters of lungs, hands, arms, breathing

  • Promises, agreements, trusts, betrothal = enjoys the detailed discussion of relationships and may be a successful match-maker if Shukra is strong

  • Matching-making and Deals related to messaging, media packages, composition of writing, book-deals. If Surya is strong, may become a skillful and well-liked literary agent.

Contracts and Alliances in matters of communications media.

Can be a gifted attorney or mediator in the communications industry .


Arbo Magnoli

Marriage and Partnership:


When Shukra occupies the gossipy, descriptive, explanatory, gesturing, instructional rashi of Mithuna, the mental model for marriage harmony = youthful, mercurial, and above all talkative.

From the perspective of Shukra-Mithunain a husbandly nativity,

  • the wifely-companion is expected to have highly articulated and aesthetically elegant messaging skills including advanced literacy and numeracy.

She is associated with communications skills and technologies, with a natural gift for writing and instruction.

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson yuti Rahu. His wife's family business connections in radio and television (Mithuna Shukra) greatly facilitated his political campaigns by broadcasting advertising favorable only to Mr. Johnson's interests. At the time of marriage, mrs."Ladybird" Johnson was well educated for a woman of her day with a B.A. in journalism [Mithuna] and a teaching certificate. Rahu suggests his legendary undisclosed (8) relationships.

Gracious style of cooperative teamwork, witty remarks, knowledge of current affairs, enjoyment of matching and pairing

  • for example coordinating style-expressive fashions, making arrangements for publications, and refined sales-marketing-advertising skills in commercial business.

For the female,

  • marriage as a social practice should be fast-paced, interesting, diverse, and highly communicative.

  • Diverse, multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments are best.

  • The husband's ability to tell a story , make a joke, plan and schedule, explain the details of a situation and deliver clear instructions is much more important than his money or political power.

Male or female or in-between, the native is not exclusively physically oriented in the sexual expression. One appreciates that sexual relationship = a form of intimate conversation .

  • Likes to talk about anything and everything.

  • Budha in a rashi of Budha the Quickener enlivens intimate relationships quickly on the basis of shared immediate interests.

  • Prefers to bond with fellow team-mates, school-mates, fellow members of the department or bureau, those who have a sibling quality especially who are skillful and crafty.

  • Enjoys chat, laughter, giving and taking instructions, short trips, attending seminars and training sessions, information-exchange relationships.

  • Takes a quick-start and often quick-finish approach toward both intimate and more businesslike relationships. There is in practice not much boundary between business and personal.

  • The lover-partner should have bright, light, mentally skillful qualities and be a quick study.

  • Prefers an active commercial engagement, in life and within the partnership. For both the male and the female (there is not much difference between the genders in Mithuna) The spouse should be an alert and busy conversation-partner, the"customer service" half of the marriage, who can"talk to anybody" .

One seeks to partner [Shukra] with those who are bi-lingual or multi-cultural, like a sibling, atwin, mercurial communicators, witty and conversational, can talk to anybody, good planners and organizers, team-players, can tell a good story, skillful writers , painters, handy, tool-users, involved in the publications, media, or travel industry; those who dislike top leadership roles and careerism , who disregard rigid social rules and conventions; who can think out of the box (Mithuna = 6th-from-Makara).

  • Sensual pleasures through the hands , arms, shoulders, lungs, fingers, writing, conversation, telling stories.

Loves verbal-sexual interaction: not only physical, but also the non-physical bonding levels of intimate exchange.

Pleasure Experiences and Preferred Tastes

from conversation and narrative-sharing behaviors,

frequent and varied communications; romance by email Or letter

multi-lingual Or multi-cultural sexual relationships

loving actions of the hands, arms, and shoulders

may be attracted to the lover's hands,

seeing the colors sparkling emerald green and all crystalline jewel colors

short journeys such as holidays or tours with the beloved

The female with Shukra-Mithuna =

values relationships and environments that contain =

and appreciate in herself the qualities of =

  • literacy and numeracy; linguistic proficiency and fluency; vocabulary; writing skills

  • access to information; digestible information; accurately targeted information

  • diversity of narratives , multi-lingualism, multi-culturalism

  • clear, rapid, effective, diverse communication skills

  • facility with the hands: touching, holding, shaping, gesticulating

  • relationships with siblings, neighbors, co-workers, and correspondents

  • short-term travel to diverse pleasure spots

  • publications of every variety, from quick-hit websites and magazines to ponderous works of historical research

  • well-designed and balance-weighted tools, from computers to sewing machines to paintbrushes

Treasury -attracting activities and investments

  • from publications and media packaging

  • from commerce and communications

  • from messaging, telecommunications, transmissions, transactions

  • from instruction, explanation, description

  • from literary narrative, journalism, writing of all types

  • from short-term travel, business and holiday

  • from siblings, cousins, neighbors

  • from co-workers; from team-work; from small-group process

Treasury produced via:

  • treasuries and collections (2) from banking and food storage, herds and hoards , face and voice , moveable records, lineage collections, treasury chests, knowledge of history and languages

  • speculative fortune (5) from communities , economies, collectivities, distributive and associative networks, marketplace of goods and ideas, voluntary friendships, elder sibling

  • wisdom to have the right resources at the right time (9) from contracts , agreements, marriage, alliances, deals , diplomacy, design , negotiations, legal settlements [Tula]

  • profits, material achievement, gains of income (11) from new ideas, engineering, innovation , birth, physical competition, from athletes and warriors [Mesha]

Mithuna = 6th from Makara-Draco

Shukra-Mithuna dislikes

  • rigid corporate structures,

  • strict"no exceptions " regulations,

  • oppressive government bureaucracy,

  • conventionalism and conformism,

  • law-and-order regimes

  • elites

  • top-down hierarchy

  • social responsibility, high position

  • pyramid-shaped organizations

  • status climbing, status marker objects

  • bossiness, misuse of position, tyranny

  • slow systems

  • old things

  • dark, cold, dry environments

  • scarcity, austerity, naegativity, fear


Shukra-Mithuna in a husbandly nativity

may indicate a preference for a spousal partner who displays Mithuna attributes

who is a brilliant conversationalist

  • who is skilled in linguistics, communications, writing, reading, publications (she is often a writer)

  • who sincerely enjoys light conversation, small-group chat

  • who is ideally bi-lingual or bi-cultural

who has lovely arms, hands, shoulders

Able to work easily with nearly any team, in nearly any social environment

who enjoys the two-ness of things, with a tolerance for "hyphenated identities ", rationalizing duplicity and the forked tongue

who sees all narrative, whether public or private, as a story-line; likes to hear others ell their stories

who is flexible, open-minded, likes meeting and starting relationships with new people from a variety of social backgrounds

who dresses in hues of green and wears silver ornaments

More details about the male's taste can be derived from knowing the two bhava which Shukra will rule from lagna and from Chandra.

For example, the masculine nativity with Mithuna Shukra in context of a Mesha indriya-lagna and Meena Chandra.

  • He may enjoy the company of womenfolk with Mithuna traits, and in particular the female companion may exemplify the two domains, 2 and 7, which Shukra commands from Mesha indriya-lagna. Her gracious presence may contribute to one's material enjoyment of treasury , and the pleasures of marital conversation; likely she will have an interest in money and some measure of diplomatic skill in forming relationships with important people..

  • From the Meena Chandra lagna, bhratru-pati-3 + randhresha-8 Shukra is particularly volatile with quick and sometimes disruptive changing-nature. Emotionally, such a masculine nativity may attract a feminine partner who suffers from a suspicious mind, particularly in regard to her husband's hidden monies or inheritance, and issues of marital fidelity.

Financial well-being, sensual beauty, and luxury-attracting activities and investments

conversation, public speaking, information delivery, messaging, publications

communication skills training =

chatting, sexual exchanges, wandering talkatively among the people

  • Russ-Empress 1729-1796 Noble Maidens Catherine the Great + Chandra-yuti-Guru

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson media communications industry . Was a camouflaged owner [Rahu] with his wife [Shukra] of an important [Rahu] southern-regional Radio-TV business [Shukra + Rahu]

arms, hands, shoulders =

gesticulating, articulation, demonstrations

pleasure from the use of words - speaking, orating, announcing

delight in writing + explaining in a conversational style =

QUOTATION from Das / Behari WRT Shukra-Mithuna

" ... gives name and fame

  • through science, art, literature, composition of poetry and drama;

  • intuitive, ingenious, humorous,
  • income through varied sources,

  • conducive to mental growth.

  • Amicable and friendly.

  • Unfaithful in love affairs; more than one link." [end quote]


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