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Shani occupies 12th-from-Chandra

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  11. Shani-Kumbha [svakshetra] [mulatrikona if within 0-20 deg]
  12. Shani-Meena

"The light of the body is the eye:

Therefore, when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light;

but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness."

~~ Gospel of Luke , 11:34-35


OM sham shanaishcharaye samah

Professor Shani

Sauri * Sauron

Shanicarya * Sanisvaraya

Shanaideva Bhagavan

resides in

Vyaya-sthana * Shala-daya


must retreat in fear

imposed invisibility

cautious, conventional ancestor guides

SEVA for Shani-12 + Shani-Karkata



Saturan * Sauran * Shamash

Kronos * Kaivan * Khima

Anu * Ninurta * El * Eli

// The Old Sun, the Best Sun //


the twelfth house


Rigid retreat. Old ghosts. Sigh.


Stony Path in Turkmenistan

Shani in svabhava (12) Brihaspati


Shani-Mesha [nīcha]

[Yogakaraka believing dharmesha for Urisha indriya-lagna] [Yogakaraka dutiful karmesha for Urisha indriya-lagna]

Shani-Urisha [Sarala Yoga] invisibly screens shocking, initiatory, disastrous, self-destructive behaviors behind a curtain of sleeplike fog

Shani-Mithunaya [Sarala Yoga]

[bargaining jaya-pati for Karkata indriya-lagna][mysterious randhresha for Karkata indriya-lagna]

invisibly screens shocking, initiatory, disastrous, self-destructive behaviors behind a curtain of sleeplike fog

Shani-Karkata [Harsha Yoga] [lawful impunity protects against bitter conflict and chronic accusations] invisibly screens the unsavory facts of medical, legal, criminal, military conflicts behind a curtain of sleeplike fog

** *


[Harsha Yoga]

[dramatic vidya-pati for Kanya indriya-lagna] [inimical rogesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[rigidly ceremonial meditations] [maintains the formal prayer displays] [limited political rights in distant lands]



[Yogakaraka homebound bandesha for Tula indriya-lagna] [Yogakaraka speculative vidya-pati for Tula indriya-lagna]

  • USA Sec-State, Natl Security Adviser 1969-1977 Henry Kissinger + Budha

Shani-Tula [uchcha] [maintains clandestine social justice] [imposes legal equity in private arrangements]


Shani in Vṛścika

** *

Shani-Dhanus [energizing lagnesha for Makara-Draco indriya-lagna] [conserving dhanesha for Makara-Draco indriya-lagna]

Shani in Makara

[svakshetra] [energizing lagnesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna] [retreating vyaya-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[must regulate invisible environments] [obligation to maintain private hierarchies] [lawful conduct in sanctuary]

Shani-Kumbha [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 0-20 deg] [economic duties in distant lands] [responsible to structure dreamlike systems]

  • USA Sen, 2008 Pres Candidate John McCain - prisoner of war

  • 49th Nizari Ismaili Imam 1936- Agha Khan-4 Karim al-Husseini


LEARNING PATHWAY of Shani-12 may involve necessary dealings with

  • required retreat
  • social duty may limits the range of permitted conduct within states of isolation, receiving private spiritual guidance, understanding of dreams

  • intimidated by difficult spiritual-guidance decisions

  • stiff feet, stuck lymph

  • rigidly structured lawful enclosures

sanctuary-legitimizing elders

Shani-12 is empowered for purposes of research work, private rooms, engagement with distant worlds (both psychic and geographical), interior guidance, private prayer

Professor Shani's classroom in bhava-12 features the experience of matching fear of the ancestors , fear of the distant lands, fear of the dream-world, fear of clairsentience, fear of prayer, fear of interiority, fear of sleeping,

  • fear of the wealth of friends (2nd-from-11th)

  • fear of enemies of the marriage (6th-from-7th)

  • fear of The father's mother (4th-from-9th)

Shani's instruction = "stop matching that which is not lawful to you" (stop matching the fears of others) and proceed with care.

Support for socially-approved, rigidly dutiful roles as researcher, incarcerator, bedbound invalid, sanctuary maintainer, monastery or hotel worker

Shani-12 - Public Pressure from invisible places, Distant Lands

  • POTUS-17 Reconstruction 1808-1875 Andrew Johnson . AJ authorized the USA purchase of Alaska Territory from seller Russia. The deal was brokered via Secretary of State Mr. William Seward. Because few Americans could imagine ever living in Alaska, the expensive acquisition was called "Seward's Folly". Johnson was heavily criticized for wasteful spending.

  • When Shani occupies a rashi of enemy fighter Mangala, the public is often aggressively ignorant. After AJ's death, oil-and-mineral rich Alaska became a very valuable asset, and a beloved home-state to many.

Agents of vyayasthana enact a fearful, life-threatening [Shani] script of punishment and restriction.

Agents of bhava-12 = the family and its lineage values-fulfillment , the food and all parts of the mouth; stories, speech and song, voice and face; the treasuries of treasuries and animal herds; knowledge of history, and fluency in languages. The bhava-12 agents say:

You follow the rules, or else we (the family, the lineage-holders) will eject you from the lineage, and freeze your access to our stores of food, wealth, and knowledge.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 narrative of the threat of ignorance and starvation is further embroidered with contributing voices from Shani's rashi, incoming drishti to bhava-12, Shani's angle from Chandra, Shani's placement in navamsha, planetary tenants in those bhava ruled by Shani

Support for socially-approved, rigidly dutiful roles as researcher, incarcerator, bedbound invalid, sanctuary maintainer, monastery or hotel worker
  • necessity to seek retreat

  • Akashic memory patterning of distant lands, imprisonment, disappearance

  • [akashic memory patterning] of the bedroom, imagination, enclosures

  • obligation to take lawfully imposed sanctuary

In a comfortable rashi such as [uchcha] Tula or svakshetra-Makara or svakshetra-Kumbha, Shani-12 may suggest long, sustained campaigns of social-justice effort [Shani] in distant lands that involve repeated setbacks and resistance from government or institutional agents.

Shani can resist the gentle oscillations of neutral acceptance, replacing the soothing somnolence of dreamlike bhava-12 with fearful rigidity, punitive ghosts, and psychological repression of the intuition.

Post-traumatic shock disorder may be seen from structurally overwhelming loss of identity (12) during Shani bhukti, with radix Shani in 12.

* Structured, orderly, time-conscious sleep state. One must retreat in fear from the guidance of dreams and visions. Cautious, conventional fantasies; imposed invisibility; tense imagination, limited sleep, chronic resistance to interior wisdom; heavy legacy pressure against free channeling of clairsentient wisdom. Psychic fatigue. Resistance to new prayers. Resentment toward changes in meditation practice. Intolerance toward unconventional foreigners. Support for socially-approved, rigidly dutiful roles as researcher, incarcerator, bedbound invalid, sanctuary maintainer, monastery or hotel worker

One's anxieties regarding social conformity and punishments may be privatized, secluded, clandestine. The extent of the psychic burden may be invisible (12) to the public eye.

Shani-12 may signify repeated imprisonments or involuntary enclosures

[akashic memory patterning] (rule of dualism) of Invisible persons, Places, Thoughts, and Things

  • private spiritual guidance (12) may be blocked [Shani] in the earlier part of life

  • the amount and quality of effort [Shani] that one must expend in order to satisfy the pre-incarnationally planned law (both-halves rule of dualism) is not visible to the public. People may believe that one's life is much easier than it really is.

Effort due to Lack of clandestine, invisible credibility (anti-Surya)

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 represents resistance to change which necessitates the effort that is required to achieve a consistent and credible sanctuary, dream-world identity. Telepathic permissions and ancestor-guide support may be sparse.

Professional responsibilities [Shani] may manifest in environments of sanctuaries, enclosures, hospitals, camps, monasteries, retreats, other worlds, or distant lands, and much invisible (12) karmic effort (to satisfy the both-halves rule of dualistic systems) may be expended there.

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie = UN Goodwill ambassador representing those in refugee camps, orphanages, dormitories

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey [Svati-3] [uchcha] so. African school patron,

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin * government-authorized negotiator with foreign powers (12) behind the scenes. Shani-12 activates 10-government

  • France-Emperor 1769-1821 Wars Napoleon Bonaparte * Budha-yuti-Shani * Shani-12 parivartamsha Chandra-6 * captivity on two isolated islands

  • France-Pres 1955- financier Nicolas Sarkozy [Visaka-3][uchcha] despite being president of France, his most onerous duties were imposed by the European Union, which charged Sarkosy with the responsibility to arrange [Tula] a debt management plan for the failed economies of underperforming EU nations.

  • UK-Prince 2013- George of Cambridge [Svati-2][uchcha] [Shani-yuti-Rahu]

Difficulty to enter or remain in the worlds of peaceful, non-duty, voluntary sanctuary and prayer. Scarcity of easy dreams and peace-of-mind. Potential for sleep deprivation or insomnia due to heavy workload. Also these experiences may be expected when gochara Shani transits via bhava-12.

  • See: dealing with the negative expectations of Shani in bhava-12

All forecasts improve with planetary support from Guru who is neutral toward Professor Shani. Guru tends to relax Shani's stiff, punitive qualities and emphasize the benefits of Shani's structural order.

More comfortable results should be predicted if Shani occupies Tula, Makara, or Kumbha.

Shani-Simha * [Harsha Yoga]

rogesha-6 = Shani occupies bhava-12 * perceived as dignified and socially responsible despite the crimes of war * bitter conflict and accusations handled with impunity

Lifetime experience regarding dreams and spiritual guidance across the bridge from material to astral = characteristically stubborn, persistent, conservative and slow .

Heavy discipline and scheduled social responsibilities in distant lands .

The imagination = orderly, pragmatic. The Muse guides one along the path which is concerned with the maintenance of the social order.

  • Denies psychic evidence of parallel lives unless a parivartamsha or other benefit would awaken that wisdom.

  • Intuitively somewhat deadened.

  • Sleep deprived.

  • Difficult to obtain privacy

Shani the punitive Legalist = not especially well placed in a svabhava of philosophical teacher-preacher Guru.

Spirit guides are active in this life and much imaginative intelligence is engaged. However, the instructions of the ancestral Guide's tend to direct one along a portion of the astral-to-material path (12) which develops fear-driven material-social survival skills [Shani] rather than the channel which develops a relaxed intuitive wisdom via dreams or reflective prayer [Guru].

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 is lawful and practical in matters of prayer (by the book) distant travel (doing government work) and bedroom practice (restrained and often denied by the weight of work duty).

Parashari drishti to domains: 2, 6, and 9.

Graha Drishti upon bhava-2

  • One seeks a predictable, safe, conventionalized approach to banking, knowledge acquisition, and family relations.

  • Delays in gaining access to the family lineage values-fulfillment .

  • Family knowledge, history, and collected assets may seem inadequate or lacking in value. Tendency to initially reject the family-lineage identity in favor of broader social-group identity, but will return to the family lineage knowledge later in life.

Graha Drishti upon bhava-6

  • One seeks a predictable, regulated, and lawful approach toward the dissolution of marriage. Drishti from Shani the karaka of resistance upon Ripu bhava the house of conflict is actually a helpful factor in creating "resistance to divorce" - it is a positive element in maintaining marriage contracts.

Graha Drishti upon bhava-9

  • One seeks a lawful, routinized, conservative approach toward engagement with priests, temples, * worth-ship * worship practice, and philosophical wisdom.

  • Much depends on graha in dharma sthana. Naturally, if Guru-Chandra-Kuja occupy Meena-9 as for Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie , the prognosis for wisdom in action is much more favorable.

  • Nevertheless Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 resists innovation in the styling of transmission of sacred teachings, and prefers a neutral or conservative stance on most types of theological controversy.

SEVA for Shani-12 and Shani-Karkata

Due to Shani's rigid nature, it is quite likely that those who are being helped will remain steadfastly unappreciative. Therefore, it may be extra important to remind oneself that the purpose of Shani-Seva is to reinforce one's own awareness of the law which predicts that as one believes, so one experiences.

The goal is to listen carefully, while serving a material need (such as delivery of food, clothing, schooling, shelter). As the victims describe their plight, capture their repeating narrative of powerlessness, scarcity, and grief.

A wise minister of service may easily use this awareness for self-benefitting purposes. Armed with ability to recognize the beliefs which shape the victims experience of entrapment, one may to skillfully avoid the habit [Karkata] of unconsciously repeating this narrative. One may become better able to think soberly before agreeing to join the reality of the victims. One may develop the ability to recognize the Shani-12-Karkata pattern which is unshakable conviction of the ancestral reality of oppression, darkness, paralysis, and fear; and all the while bemoaning the hopelessness of one's fate.

The lawful rays of Professor Shani may be strengthened via intentional, pragmatic, targeted Seva during any bhukti period of Shani. Beneficiaries of the Seva may be those who are suffering the conditions of limited movement imposed by Shani-12. The target folk are elderly, brittle, rigid, sinewy, defeated, dull-minded and convinced of the reality of material scarcity. They are isolated, imprisoned, hospitalized, or kept within an enclosure of some type. Their sanctuary may be voluntarily chosen (such as a care-home for the elderly) or imposed by society (such as a prison). Although the victims rarely recognize it, their social invisibility is due primarily to their fear of movement.

This population may be characterized as impoverished Yet, hard-working. Typically, they experience severe oppression from a fixed ancestral [Karkata] social caste system [Shani] . Often their ancestral background is strictly farming and fishing [Karkata] and unfamiliar routines may be so uncomfortable that they cannot imagine living otherwise. Their environment is austere yet orderly. They are exceptionally fearful of social humiliation yet this curse often befalls them.

They generally cannot comprehend spiritual knowledge, but they recognize and believe deeply in ritual [Karkata]. If you can perform or arrange to have performed the protective rituals which have meaning in their culture, and if they can have tangible evidence of these rituals being done for their aid, this may be one of the greatest offerings. Also, you can help them with basic material needs – much to your own advantage -- slowly [Shani] and patiently [Shani] and with much delay [Shani] and very minimal appreciation [Shani].

Listen to their stories about what is true. Their truth is harsh [Shani]. Then, because you have a higher awareness, apply some critical thinking skills to their principles of interpretation. Question the unquestionable veracity of social class, punishment, and the misery of fate. Is it permanently true? Or is it a choice (conscious or unconscious) whether to accept these dark and fearful Shani-rules of poverty, ignorance, and invisibility?

Like any graha, Professor Shani offers a high view and a low view. By serving those who hold tightly to the low view, one may skillfully locate and choose Shani's higher options.

Shani in 12 gives obligation, separation, resistance, delay, and negation in matters of privacy and seclusion.

Shani in 12 produces frustration and heavy obligations in areas such as:

intractable clandestine foreign operations =

heavy duties toward private, socially invisible agents

blocked or delayed, clairvoyant and clairaudient spiritual guidance

frozen meditation, reflection, and private prayer

The Shani-12 nativity may bear significant responsibilities for dealing with sequestered identity-loss environments such as

monasteries, dormitory - boarding schools - hospitals * orphanages - convalescent enclosures - retreat centers

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey has long supported a girls live-away-from-home academic boarding school in South Africa

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie supports several orphages, and some of her adopted children hail from these environments. She also accepted responsibility to represent victims of war living in refugee camps and enclosures.

exclusion, isolation, places of banishment =

  • France-Emperor 1769-1821 Wars Napoleon Bonaparte banished first to the Mediterranean island of Elba and secondly to the remote south Atlantic island of Saint Helena

the imagination

  • blind singer-songwriter, Stevie Wonder

Shani in Vyaya bhava denies the utility of meditation, private prayer, astrology and dreams. Shani wants all attention to be focused on matters of immediate material survival.

He brooks no waste of time on imaginary or clairsentient information. Shani resists engagement with the traffic on the bridge between the astral plane (subconscious) and the material plane (conscious).

Professor Shani teaches materialism and scientific positivism. According to Scientific Shani, the only true reality is a physically measurable reality. Therefore, Shani blocks esoteric knowledge and astral guidance.

Shani in bhava-12 often does not dream lucidly, nor does one remember one's dreams. Hospitals and healing sanctuaries are less accessible and when entered may require work rather than rest. Shani-12 often sleeps little and understands less about the astral component of the human body and its needs.

However, if there are well place and comfortable graha in the 12th-from-Chandra, one may be emotionally quite capable of dreaming and depending on the graha located in 12th-from-Chandra those dream adventures might seem more real that the material world. 12th-from-Chandra may represent also distant lands, and if there are graha in 12th-from-Chandra one may have important connections to other worlds.

Shani-12 also contributes to the dissolution of the material plane identity. Professor Shani's heavy work habits and tendency toward worrying about survival may siphon the vitality from the animal, blood-fed, muscular body and transmit the life-force back into the dream world.

As a result Professor Shani-12 becomes associated with material losses. Yet, these losses may have great benefits due to the dictum that a papagraha in dusthamsha (6, 8, 12) may be exceptionally helpful for certain purposes. In moksha bhava-12, Shani may indicate a natural affinity for the strict austerity and discipline of monastic life, a general acceptance of material scarcity to the point of painful poverty, and a characteristic pattern of required prayer and a rigidly regulated astral life, such as a monk following Holy Office who follows an hour-by-hour prayer schedule. One may be organically suited to such a lifestyle and find it matches the inner rhythms when Professor Shani has occupied sthala * sanctuary * classroom-12.

Due to Shani's subconsciously driven survival anxiety, the two domains which are ruled by Shani-12 may become drained of materialization empowerment. However, certain placements of Shani such as Shani-Tula-12 where He rules 4 occupies 12 providing moksha empowerment (anti-materializing, leaves the body behind) or Shani-Kumbha-12 mulatrikona where He activates 12 occupies 12 also tends to direct life's work-effort toward de-materializing the perceptions to re-focus upon the structure of the non-material planes.

Habits of reflection, meditation, intuitive perception, and prayer are

= resistant to forward movement. Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 who wishes to move energetically along the path of clairsentient wisdom , will find such a project to be slow-going and demanding much time. Try as one might to change the package of attributes, one's ability to achieve rapid progress in the realm of astral-to-material transaction is much delayed.

comfortable and pleasing results

  • Shani and Guru are mutually neutral. Therefore over time, and with Shani's characteristic slow, careful plodding approach, communication with spirit guides and ancestors can be restored. Dreams will begin to yield valuable information about the laws of the universe, with persistent discipline in meditation and commitment to regular prayer.


White River with Mt. Hood, Oregon, winter 2013


When gochara Professor Shani moves across vyayabhava-12 from radical-lagna (material effects) or from Chandra (emotional effects) one has a background sense of "dissolution" Of the beliefs, behaviors, expectations, and wishes of the personality.

this is a relatively gentle effect unless Shani natally occupies the 12th. One may feel lost, or exhausted. However, most intuitive people feel quiet; and focused on some type of research activity.

May involved forced relocation to a foreign country, but only with a supporting bhukti.

30 years development of personality and body are coming to a close.

there may be sleeplessness. Too much work to meditate; dreamless sleep. Enforced work in a dormitory, bedroom, library, research lab, restricted camp or other sanctuary.

Oppresses values from family history(2), constrains the health (6), and skeptical of father / guru / priests (9).

Shani in bhava-12 = an identity-loss functionary who works the socially approved system of sanctuaries, enclosures, monasteries, prisons, and dream-state realities.

This person must apply sustained effort with limited resources (Shani the worker) toward the maintenance of protected enclosure spaces such as convents and monasteries, prisons and concentration camps, hospitals and asylums, ashrams and dormitories, libraries and research laboratories, and all the world's imaginative dream space.

Shani in bhava-12 =deficiency of sanctuary

core areas of initial lack of understanding + required repetition =

  • 12 = resistance to change via agency of conservative, rigid spiritual guides

  • 2 = resistance to change via agency of slow, unyielding accumulation of resources

  • 6 = resistance to change via agency of legally imposed, culturally inflexible debt, servitude, addiction

  • 9 = resistance to change via agency of conservative, rigid father, priests, professors

A regulator of systems of imagination and spiritual guidance.

An identity-loss functionary who works the system of sanctuaries, enclosures , prisons, and dream-state realities. [akashic memory patterning] of dealing with people who are stuck on the bridge between the material and the astral: those who are very sick but resisting material death, hospitalized, imprisoned, in distant lands, unreachable, cannot dream.

unhelpful or punitive spirit guides, withholding of spiritual guidance, fear of divination, ancestors withhold their spiritual support. Native resists prayers of gratitude; may grasp only petitionary prayer or no prayer at all.

Shani in 12 = good for realism because Shani resists fantasies. Shani in 12 is also good for marital loyalty because Shani resists 6th-from-7th enemies of the marriage.

may be rejected by the spirit guides.

Never free of anxiety about death due to fear of dreams .

Learning Curve

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 is challenged to repeat many"practice" iterations while learning the art of dissolving the attachment to materialization .

The lifetime is devoted to the slow and patient correction of the at-birth deficiency regarding spiritual guidance, prayer, meditation, instruction from dreams, relationship to the ancestors, and maintenance of the awareness of transactions across the material-astral bridge.

Shani can detect the astral presence of a threat to survival.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 's pre-incarnationally planned battle is focused in

  • physical and psychological work against threats from distant lands

  • physical and psychological work against threats from one's own subconscious

  • Or Both

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 may feel "forced" to be an international worker

If Shani is located in a comfortable rashi, the work can be prestigious,

Or one may feel during the lifetime"forced" to endure constant threats from spirit guides or from one's own inner mind.

Shani enforces obligations and responsibilities through the vehicles of the human sense of Time and Space.

Oppressive Shani in12 enforces denial Of the meditation, reflection, and fantasy imagination. Buried fears, repressed resentment,"skeletons in the closet" .

  • No patience for pleasure fantasies, adventurous imagination, astral travel, clairsentiently embroidered tales, or psychological sensitivities.

  • Sleep is for physical repair of the body, according to to Shani in 12!

Insists on applying material survival interpretation to the ephemeral values of the land of meditation, reflection, spiritual guidance, and dreams.

Only in special planetary yoga such as Shukra-yuti-Shani in 12 can the sense of being an unwanted foreigner be transformed into a beneficial experience

  • Stevie Wonder the musician who was born blind, was able to express his perceptual journey through his inner terrain with brilliant lyrics and rhythms. However, lasting success of Wonder's caliber is rare.

Limited or no dream recall. May suffer insomnia due to low permission to sleep.

Resistance to integrated processing of emotions such as grief, which involves acknowledgement of the role of dissolution in the cycle of life. Shani resists knowledge of dissolution and Shani resists awareness of the presence of astral imagery.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 lacks permission to have child-like fantasies, including the most primitive feelings of helplessness and rage. (Thus diseases of liver and lung are found here.) Native appears to be"under control" due to fierce internal suppression of uncertainty, ambivalence, and other vague emotions of bhava-12.

The two sthana ruled by Shani are often expressed in a 'dissolved' style, primarily via the imagistic channel of dreams. From bhava-12 Shani also slows and restrains savings wealth (bhava-2), illness and debt (bhava-6), and (hidden assets) bhava-8. Although Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 will not save much money, one will also not suffer much debt. Often a modest earning salary-worker.

A"tough guy," whether male or female. Excellent for hard-tack slash-and-burn positions in subsistence agriculture, poverty zones, refugee camps, areas of devastation and death, prison guard, executioner, other restrictive and restraining professions.

Does not dream and has limited memory of current life events. Good at ending things, has no regrets at the end of a relationship. Dislikes story telling, insists on facts. Excellent criminal detective, if combined with Budha. Benefits refugee and immigration work, helps one to leave one's former country or family completely behind.


Snowy dreamscape pathway 12

Sleep and Dreams

Meditative daydreams and fantasies repeat a dream-drama of imposing the rule of law, social conformity, elders and respect for tradition, fears and constraints, servants and workers, judges and being judged, rank and position the social hierarchy, difficulties and delays. Naturally, the reflective contemplation, dreams, and intuitive space are much darkened and prohibited by Shani.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 = a person of conventional respectability in a parallel life , with a strong connection to law enforcement, judgeship, and the rule of statutory law ..

By default, graha in bhava-12 are dissolved backward into astral imagery. Whether this distinction will manifest again in the current life depends on the supporting graha.

Favors scientific research into social systems and into the psychology of scarcity fears or anxiety caused by social isolation.


Shani in bhava-12 suggests that one may be hiding from knowledge of one's own [akashic memory patterning] ."Skeletons in the closet." One's sense of duty and obligation is often transferred away from the home culture and attached to duties in foreign lands. May provide a heavy sense of responsibility to care for the poor of the world, or to undertake massive burdens of global change.

  • Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 is bothered by dark dreams and a deep sense of foreboding, but the reason is rarely know to one who cannot bridge back to the parallel life , even though dreams. Spiritual guidance is often blocked.

  • Damages the relationship to servants: either loss of a servant by death or social-emotional dissolution of the relationship to the servants.

Professor Saturan teaching in classroom-12 must rely entirely on one's material sensibilities to derive meaning from their earthly path. It can be a sign of depression and despair, but usually is simply a mark of spiritual ignorance and the inability to receive guidance through meditation, reflection, or dreams.


Cave of Hira, where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is said to have received the first transmission

of Holy Qur'an from messenger Jibril = angel Gabriel



Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 = Core Practice Environments which require repetitive drill and careful study

  • 12 = spirit guides, gratitude, wisdom through prayer

  • 2 = accumulation of material resources

  • 6 = debt, servitude, addiction

  • 9 = father, priests, professors


Das / Bepin Behari WRT Sober Structured Serious Shani teaching in classroom-12

"You are persistent in getting what you want.

Spirituality may be attractive, but you will probably see such thoughts as your own and pursue them not out of devotion to another person, but rather out of devotion to your own path.

  • The voice of the mortal body is loud, urging you to pleasures.

  • You are an intense person in a number of ways--both positive and negative.

  • You associate with the average, the hurt and unhappy.

  • You have a hard time with standard morality.

Watch out for lung ailments and save money during Jupiter major period for harder times in Saturn major.

  • The right eye is in some danger due to Saturn in the 12th house.

You may be able to be a popular leader in some way.

At times you are rather dry, shameless and merciless , in the perceptions of others.

  • This is good if you are in such lines of work (such as law enforcement etc.).

  • It can make for a lack of beauty and charm in relationships however.

You may find gains and success in a land or state other than that of your birth.

  • You are reserved, like peace and seclusion, laborious jobs."


12, 2, 6, 9

bhava-12 = erosion, dissolution and loss of fleshly identity, which produces gains of astral, imaginative, and spiritual identity.

Due to Shani's subconsciously driven survival anxiety, the amsha which are ruled by Shani in 12 may experience a pattern of draining (12) of the vitality of the efforts toward materialization.

Some difficulties or maturation required before obtaining Wealth (2) due to restricted values transmission through the birth-family culture. (If bhava-4 is strong this can be reversed through the discipline of formal education.)

religious liturgy may be rejected; no expectation of help from deities or priests (9).

No confidence in borrowed money, fear of usury (6). This person is chained to fantasies, which may be vulgar in character [Shani], due to the imposed limits on values and temple religion plus a realistic tolerance for human exploitation and disagreement (6).

Good for work as prison-guard, manager of sanctuary or ashram, the hospital-based professions, and those who handle foreigners or restricted-access visitors. Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 encloses one's subconscious awareness in a protective shell of drowsiness = tamas = due in part to Shani preventing truly restful sleep.

Professor Shani teaching in classroom-12 has little or no access to guidance (12) from ancestors, divinations and dreams, unless some other graha intervenes.


Shani-12 fossilized memories * Moai Stone-Watchers on the island of Rapa-Nui * Easter Island


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