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  1. Guru-Meza
  2. Guru-Urisha
  3. Guru-Mithunaya
  4. Guru-Karkata * uttama
  5. Guru-Simha
  6. Guru-Kanya
  7. Guru-Thula
  8. Guru-Vrizchika
  9. Guru-Dhanuzya * Mulatrikona 0-13
  10. Guru-Makara * nichha
  11. Guru-Kumbha
  12. Guru-Meena * svakshetra

  1. Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala
  2. Guru in bhava-2
  3. Guru in bhava-3
  4. Guru in bhava-4
  5. Guru in bhava-5
  6. Guru in bhava-6
  7. Guru in bhava-7
  8. Guru in bhava-8
  9. Guru in bhava-9 * svabhava
  10. Guru in bhava-10
  11. Guru in bhava-11
  12. Guru in bhava-12 * svabhava


OM gram grim graum sah gurave namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

Professor Guru

Brihaspati * Devapati





* utta-amza *


Dio-petous * Dies Pater* De-us

Ze-us * Xenios

Enlil * Marduk * Her-wepes-tawy

Iuppiter * Jove * Thor

resides in

Canceris * Karkinos * Kraft

Khepra * Rak


expansion of the Cultural Foundations

"Founding Fathers" * priests of the Lunar Rite

Providence * agriculture

"and we got to get ourselves back to the Garden"

-- Crosby, Stills, and Nash "Woodstock"

Public Figures

Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala * Hamsha Yoga * multiple social attributes; growth of the flesh-body

Guru in bhava-2 * multiple voices * growth of treasuries


Guru in bhava-3 * multiple businesses * many announcements


Guru in bhava-4 * multiple settlements, multi-roots * Hamsha Yoga

Guru in bhava-5 * multiple intelligences; growth of genius, intelligence, drama, politics

Guru in bhava-6 * multiple service ministries, imbalanced expansion

Guru in bhava-7 * Hamsha Yoga * multiple alliances

Guru in bhava-8 * multiple secrets, many identity-changes


Guru in bhava-9 * multiple doctrines * growth of philosophical understanding


Guru in bhava-10 * Hamsha Yoga * multiple social responsibilities * growth of visibility

Guru in bhava-11 * multiple goals= growth of economic network


Guru in bhava-12 * multiple sanctuaries, many intuitions= growth of sanctuary

Sir Edmund Hillary (philanthropist, Mt. Everest climber)

dramatist Catherine Deneuve

New York mayor 1994-2001; 2008 pres cand Rudi Giuliani

Belief in Human Development via Rhythmic folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of Settled Peoples

  • protective, parochial, parental, nurturing, sheltering rashi of Karkata = a welcoming environment for priestly Brihaspati

  • Guru sees Karkata-pati Chandra as mitragraha = friend

  • Professor Chandra sees tenant Guru as samagraha = neutral companion

  • results depend largely upon the Guru's bhava and the character of Chandra

Ethnic Priest, Symbolizes (Guru) the ancient ways

Icon of Parochial wisdom

Guides the fertilized growth of the culture of a people settled upon the land

Founding Fathers who Expand the Nutritious, Sheltered Foundations (Karka) which prepares the basis for a future period of tremendous cultural growth:

  1. Starry Messenger 1564-1642 Galileo Galilei * uttama-Guru-yuti-Shani * Guru-4 parivartamsha Chandra-12 * Hamsha Yoga

  2. Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin

  3. POTUS-22-24 Interstate Commerce 1837-1908 Grover Cleveland * uttama-Guru-yuti-Mangala-nichha-Somana-yuti-Kuja-nichha

  4. Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore * Chandra-2 parivartamsha Guru-6

  5. Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner * Hamsha Yoga

  6. Principia Mathematica 1872-1970 philosopher Bertrand Russell * uttama (10)

  7. POTUS-30 Price of Freedom 1872-1933 Calvin Coolidge * uttama-Guru-yuti-Budha (1)

  8. Savitri 1872-1950 revolutionary poet Shri Aurobindo * nichha-Mangala-yuti-Guru * Guru-2 parivartamsha Chandra-7 * revolutionary political activist, poet, yogi

  9. Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Aryamehr M. Reza Pahlavi * father-figure, patron

  10. Pope-264 John-Paul-II 1920-2005 Karol Wojtyla * Il Papa

  11. Moonies 1920-2012 Rev. Sun Myung Moon * uttama-8 "True Father"

  12. God's Dream 1931- Anglican Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu * Somana-yuti-Guru-uttama * Hamsha Yoga patriarch of the English Church

  13. Tantra 1931-1990 professor OSHO Rajneesh * Guru-8 parivartamsha Chandra-1 * pitri

  14. USA Sen-MA 1932-2009 Ted Kennedy * father-figure, patron

  15. Zanjeer 1942- drama-politics Amitabh Bachchan * father-figure, patron

Human Culture

Seen from a distance, human cultures look rather like bacterial cultures in a petri dish.

Human ethnic settlements are small gatherings of similar life forms which inhabit an established Base. Given a hospitable environment with the proper temperature, moisture, and nutrient, animated life forms naturally proliferate.

Often intensively developed, often crowded and survival-competitive, often gloriously fertile, these cultures reproduce until they have consumed all available nutrient.

However, when the nutrient supply is exhausted, the colony dies out -- just as suddenly as it appeared.

uttama = best conditions

Karaka of great fortune due to abundant nutrient (Karkata) to supply the growth of one's ethnic culture, its values. its moral folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms , its earthly foundations.

In kendra, may be a great leader who lays a broad foundation for expansion of a human ethnic culture.

Even in dusthamsha (6-8-12) where Guru attracts many ailments and enemies, one may still be greatly successful in bringing forward the expansive improvements needed for a civilization to advance. Like all things supervised by Shri Guru, the matters of bhava-6 including animosity, conflict, accusation, and ailment are Typically, abundant.

The experience of bringing wisdom into a Budha-ized environment that characteristically lacks the breadth of awareness necessary to properly utilize this expansive wisdom can be very frustrating. The biochemical by-products of managing the constant remediation of conflict can take their toll on the fleshbody's own internal alignments, and disease conditions prosper.

Yet, however, Much the native suffers (6) through this experience, Brihaspati will succeed in expanding the consciousness of those who were ready to expand their reach into awareness of the realities of the three worlds.

Guru-Karkata guides the expansion of territory and amount of nutrient controlled by a cultural people.

Typically, there is a period of reactive contraction after this era of expansive wisdom-guided growth:

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin (3) = helped to lay the commercial (5) foundations for the huge growth of European cultural settlement in USA. Period of reactive contraction = Declaration of Independence 1776 until end USA Civil War 1876.

  • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Aryamehr M. Reza Pahlavi = laid foundation for the re-expansion of ancient Indo-European cultural rhythms in modern Iran. Period of reactive contraction = orthodox backlash of priestly authority, 1979-present.

  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner * Hamsha Yoga * laid the foundation (7 = 4th from 4th) for the re-expansion of ancient Indo-European cultural rhythms (organic farming, musical intuition) in the European diaspora. The Nazi backlash harassed, intimidated and ultimately exhausted him.

Guru-karkata = inclusive, generous, optimistic, globally minded person who nevertheless has deep roots in one's own culture.

Past-life carry-forward wisdom about nurturing, caretaking, parenting, protecting, and sheltering others.

Naturally patriotic and parental, yet not parochial. Uttama-Guru in any bhava brings extraordinary abundance in matters of the bhava. Of course too much of a good thing can also bring inflation, swelling, bloating, boasting, and over-proliferation Yet, in the human mind typically more is better, and most people find substantial contentedness in situations characterized by material, emotional, or spiritual abundance. Regardless of the operations of the occupied bhava, the fertility and abundance provided by uttama-Guru improves nearly any situation.

  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor = Guru-Karkata-5 occupies 10th-from-Chandra. ERT bore three biological children and adopted a fourth daughter, all the while pursuing a lifelong drama career. Her family was the center of her life. In her memoires, ERTdeclared that motherhood was the most satisfying of all her many dramatic roles.

It is said of that Guru in kendra may compensate for many other deficiencies. More so the uttama-Guru.

Guru-Karkata recovers easily from damage to the public reputation (10) and other scandal. After any period of public polarizing catalysis, Guru-10 or Guru-7 (10th-from-10th) remains well-liked and respected

  • Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore * Chandra-2 parivartamsha Guru-6
  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner * Hamsha Yoga (7) was blacklisted by the Nazi regime but he retained the trust of his international (Guru) audience

  • even while enduring lifelong suspicion that he intentionally drove his car off a bridge in order to drown his young female campaign-aide passenger, USA-Sen-Mass 1932-2009 Teddy Kennedy never lost an election from 1962 until 2009

  • despite having been terminated from a teaching position in New York City because the pious mother of a potential student perceived his out-of-class conduct to be licentious, British philosopher-activist Principia Mathematica 1872-1970 Bertrand Russell quickly rebounded with a better teaching job and a torrent of brilliant books. BR was hired-and-fired from several universities (Guru) Each cycle of reputation-expanding job turbulence produced a more visible, respected profile of a teacher who acted compassionately (uttamsha-Guru) as guided by philosophical principle.

  • Zanjeer 1942- drama-politics Amitabh Bachchan has had ups-and-downs in public reputation during a decades-long career in politics and entertainment. He always bounces back after scandal to receive public embrace. Master of Self-Reinvention lagnesha Guru-8

  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor * Guru drishti from bhava-5 reaches 9-11-1. Mutual aspect of Rahu-1 with lagnesha-uttama-Guru-5 provides extraordinary dramatic amplification (Rahu) of the physical appearance. ERT's visage was socially recognizable across the Anglosphere for decades.

Will help others whether the native is feeling personally happy or not. Believes in the wisdom of spiritual love, especially the love of children.

Wide scope of parental responsibility. Beautiful and generous breasts/chest in the physical body. Great healer, abundantly tolerant, caring and parental in attitude.

Philanthropic nature. Tends toward abundance of financial wealth . Welcoming, appreciative, inclusive. Yet may be patronizing (usually, inadvertently, as over-expansion of parental feelings) toward the little people. Behavior may tend toward a pattern of being manipulative and controlling when in Azlesa Nakshatra.

Much credit is available to the native in this life. If in kendra, or with the svakshetra Chandra, one becomes both materially and spiritually privileged.

Calling in the chips from good works in parallel lives .

Expansively charitable; protective; authentically caring. Will always support a friend in need. If dynamically energized by drishti of Kuja, can become overly aggressive in asserting material entitlement claims. Whether The financial wealth and privilege attending this position is smartly deployed or not, the native is generally a sincerely caring and compassionate person.

The female with Guru-Karkata seeks a (first) husband who is generous, inclusive, and parenting in nature.

This husband should have sincere desire to help heal shelter and protect along with abundance financial resources to do so.

He will function as a guide to those who seek shelter and those who want a broader connection to their folkways traditions.

He is deeply family oriented although he may indeed view the entire world as his extended family.


Autumn Colors in New England, USA


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