Excellent position for creative performers but somewhat stressful due to the shad-ashtaka6-8 challenge-angle showing willful resistance to conformist public-duty roles, and sometimes overt conflict with the government.
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Rashi * Gochara

Bhava * Graha * Ratna

Nakshatra * Amsha



OM hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah


the Planetary Regulator of





see also: Ruler of [5th-from-Chandra]

in the Twelve Bhava

role of the putra pathi

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-1]


vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-1]


vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-1]

[Mangala-Karkata] [nīcha]




vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-1] [dik-bala]



vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-1] [dik-bala]


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-1]





vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-1]


[Shani-Tula] [uchcha]


Everyone has some type of dramatic performance intelligence. Wherever the vidya-pati is placed, see the higher expressions of charismatic brilliance emitting from the celebrated ruler of bhava-5.

Normally this is a position that connotes fame, genius, individual intelligence, celebrity, a lack of concern for social restrictions, entitlement, creativity, and excellent fortune in matters of of gambling and speculation.

vidya-pati-5 in philosophical, professorial, paternalistic 9th-from-svakshetra = bhava- 1 = Raja Yoga, and hugely auspicious for creative endeavors of any kind.

Identified with politics, celebrity, creativity, games, and entertainments.

Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the physical identity, material body, and visual appearance.

Identity personality and physical appearance affiliated with

genius, games, creative intelligence, celebrity, politics

entertainers, charmers, genii

  • Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates * vidya-pati Chandra-1 * = the iconic face of his company, frequently appearing in meeting with federal agents, gatherings of stockholders, and user conventions (3)

A charismatic and large-aura personality: politically and theatrically radiant with abundant life-force energies .


Celebrities in Drama, Music, Creative Arts ++ Athletics


Uniquely intelligent, literary personalities

Generally a less easy position for a female, since vidya-pati-5 and lagnesha-1 are masculine placements.

However, can be successful for the female politician when vidya-pati-5 = yogakaraka Shani

When a friendly, compatible lagnesha occupies a trine angle toward the vidya-pati, exceptional fortune may occur in matters of gaming, fame, and speculative intelligence.

vidya-pati-5 seeks to win power games while embodying (1) the attention-seeking patterns of politics and dramatic arts.

  • celebrity bright

  • regally confident.

  • creatively intelligent

Chandra-1 prominent parents


vidya-pati-5 in lagna typically thrives in creativity-charged intelligent environments and adores Children .

  • Mormon Church 1805-1844 Golden Plates Joseph Smith [Dhaniṣṭha-2] [Shukra-yuti-Chandra] [Shukra-1 parivartamsha Shani-10-uchcha]. Father of eight children, born into his first marriage.

  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner [Dhaniṣṭha-1] although he produced no known children, RS dedicated considerable intelligence (5) to matters of creativity and dramatic performance for children

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan [oratorical-heritage Śrāvaṇa-2] + [Shani-yuti-Rahu] RM's son became a prominent figure in entertainment industry, music, drama

Depending on the characteristics of vidya-pati-5 and its relationship to Chandra (parenting), the vidya-pati-5 in lagna may just as easily take the role of Great Teacher philosophizing upon children (vidya-pati-5 in 9th from svakshetra) or priest or father figure.

If vidya-pati-5 = Chandra, more likely to take the more mundane parenting-role

  • Hugging Saint 1953- Ammach of Kerala

  • Aquero 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes + [Budha-yuti-Shani] * Shukra vidypathi. Due to Shani-1 and Rahu-12, she resisted the fame thrust upon her by attempted handlers both within and outside of the Church. She craved and eventually was rewarded with sanctuary in a local convent. Nevertheless (and typical of Uttarāṣāḍha-Vaizva lagna) a cult formed quickly around her feminine personality [Shukra] and a great shrine to the Virgin was funded by the Church in celebration (5) of the shepherd girl's visions.

Fortunate, financially privileged often,

blessed with children either offspring or devoted students,

optimistic and creative.

Adores politics. Even if one is not a contender oneself, may be identified and involved in the charismatic excitement. Dhavakaraka-Guru-1 feminine-figures often marry a politician.

When the indicator of intelligence vidya-pati ruler of 5 (rights, entitlements ) occupies bhava-1 self, the person is identified with political entitlements and expressions of individuality

  • Wikileaks 1971- Julian Assange has not been a political campaigner but as a publisher is both involved and influencing political outcomes.

Wins at gambling and succeeds in speculative ventures;

exhibits creative genius;

gets out of most scrapes through abundant natural charm;

cheerfully productive and enjoys life.

Naturally, entitled; radiant; charming; attracts admiration and applause.

"I am my speculative creativity, my entertainment skills, my political genius, and my confident intelligence."

Adolescent minded, center-stage, political, youth culture, children, innocent love, charm, bhakti, adventure, entertainment, creativity, ingenuity, wealth through speculation,

The social identity * bhava-1* is infused with the qualities of political elections, winnings, casinos, gaming and gambling, romance, amusements and entertainments , performance arts, individualism,

independent thought, poetic love and attraction * akarshana * , divine intelligence, brilliant new perceptions and new ideas .

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-2] * political, creative, literary, unique expression of political, dramatic, or intellectual values

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-2] * political, creative, literary, unique expression of secure traditional values

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-2]

political, creative, literary, unique expression of championship, competitive, activist values


vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-2] * political, creative, literary, unique expression of mental knowledge-values

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-2]



vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-2] * political, creative, literary, unique expression of artistic-financial values music


vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-2]

political, creative, literary, unique expression of social-ordering values


[Shani in Vṛścika]

Creative intelligence for politics, dramatic arts and entertainment enters the voice-face-speech-song

Everyone has some type of dramatic performance intelligence. Wherever the vidya-pati-5 is placed, see the higher expressions of charismatic brilliance emitting from the center-stage, drawing-applause, fame-game ruler of bhava-5.

vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 2

Musical performance

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna + Surya

political and dramatic intelligence expresses via speech, song, knowledge, lineage-treasuries

Gives a capacity to opine (5) intelligently upon matters of social importance (vidya-pati-5 in 10th from svakshetra) which may produce a "thought leader" in matters of values assessment (2). Broad, speculative, and creative (5) view of history (2).

Easy access to collections of books, songs, memories, treasuries of lineage history, and productive social use (10th) of these assets, but usually not a designated controller of these hoards e.g. not a banker, herder, or treasuries manager per se.

However, unless there are other materializing dhana-yoga in the nativity, the collected wealth of bhava-2 may be experienced as treasury of intelligence (5) rather than treasury of financial wealth , depending upon the individual graha and their lords.

One may expect to be protected from dire straits of poverty (unless the satkona is greatly empowered). However great riches are generally not forecast as one' sense of important values (2) has been intellectualized by the Vidyapthi-5.

  • Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce + Mangala * Casey might perhaps have acquired an estate by collecting income from his clairsentient readings but instead he invested in a healing hospital which failed, and other failed ventures too

  • Mad Monk 1869-1916 Romanov Grigori Rasputin rose from remote peasant to top status in the Russian royal court and he took bribes enough to support his lifestyle but was not considered greedy in fact he was distinguished by generosity

Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the realm of bhava- 2 = historical values, collections, Sustenance / values / food / wealth / birth family

  • carrying the personal genius, delight in games, sparkling creative intelligence, and charm of courtly politics

enters the world of

treasuries of family lineage, speech and song, knowledge of language and history, and heaped-up (skandha) storage chests of stored wealth

vidya-pati-5 in 10th-from-svakshetra increases the social visibility

Ruler of 2 in 5, or ruler of 5 in 2, generally benefits the public reputation due to their dignified 4-10 angle * so long as there are no papa-graha in 2. With Mangala, Rahu, or Shani located in bhava-2, care must be taken to rein the speech.

  • France-Queen 1755-1793 Madame Deficit Marie Antoinette [Vṛścika-Budha-7 parivartamsha Mithunaya-Kuja]-2] . Mangala-2 gains considerable strength. Her initial impression upon the French public was favorable. However, an outspoken style of speech eventually caused her unconsidered mentions of contempt for the suffering to become a source of deep hatred. Her Austrian family were perceived as predatory [Mangala].

Unless bhava-2 is damaged, vidya-pati-5 in 2 = dhanayoga

Family accounts, personal assets (apart from joint marriage funds)

If Shani, characteristically sloooow, but sure

  • POTUS-pair-34 Military Families 1896-1979 Mamie Doud Eisenhower * vidyapati = [uchcha-Shani-yuti-Budha]. Until the end of their lives, MDE lived modestly on her husband's military salary. MDE also had occasional luxuries from her birth-family monies. Only after retirement from government service (Shani time) did they realize considerable wealth, the result of grateful largesse from his political supporters. Following a frugal lifetime, they retired as HNWI, with a net worth of 9-million-USD in 1969 dollars = approximately 65-million-USD in 2020.

dignity and respect (10th angle) in the relationship with the children.

Usually when vidya-pati-5 occupies the professional 10th from putra-bhava, one's children have high-visibility careers.

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna * her eldest daughter is likely to become a high profile creative personality

  • Iran-Shah 1772-1834 Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar * his sons succeeded to leadership positions such as provincial governors

  • the four children of UK-Queen 1926- Elizabeth-2 are celebrity figures

Das commentary :

IF The lord of the 5 is in 2nd ,

and the lord of the 5 has at least one beneficial placement attribute:

"You will have a large family,

be intelligent, and will know astrology.

You will be good in the art of prediction.

You will enjoy good food.

Your spouse will be affectionate.

You will make money through God's grace and through your connections with people."

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-3] * brilliant expression of political, dramatic, or intellectual communications


vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-3] * brilliant expression of emotional communications

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-3] brilliant expression of championship, competitive, activist communications * innovative scripting

vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-3] [svabhava]

brilliant expression of mental-messaging communications * political announcements



vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-3] brilliant expression of multiple, global or humanistic communications


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-3] brilliant expression of aesthetic-financial communications


vidya-pati-5 = [Shani in Bhava-3]

brilliant expression of social-order communications

[Shani in Vṛścika]


vidya-pati-5 in gainful, profit-earning 11th-from-svakshetra = Sahaja bhava- 3

Highly beneficial placement for writers, publishers, announcers, journalists, evangelists.

Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the realm of bhava- 3

Profitable 11th-from-5th indicates revenues and awards from entertainment, politics, creative environments. Strengthened if Shukra dhanakaraka, Surya, or Budha writing.

the vidya-pati-5 genius of games and entertainments , creative intelligence, charisma, and politics enters the world of verbal-mental world of publications, writing, media production, and commercial business entertainment in meetings, romantic literature, cheerful and bright expressions of daily view

siblings and cousins / teamwork and collaboration / reports and announcements / administration of business / Local group / mental process

Children are general gainful and well-networked socially due to vidya-pati-5 in 11th from svakshetra

highly benevolent placement for profit (11) from political theatre, photographs, drama (5) played out in messaging media such as radio-television-cinema-internet, and literary (5) publications (3)

Splendid placement for Writers and Announcers, especially when Budha is involved

favors autobiographical or dramatic content

Speculative intelligence and a tendency toward self-projection + theatrical performance in thought-group ensemble; communications.

One works in teams but must be at the center of the team

Auspicious for writers seeking publication, particularly creative writers.

One's best ideas (5) may bear fruit in publication

  • Miraculous Medal 1806-1876 St. Catherine Laboure [uchcha] * after clairsentiently receiving design instructions (3) in a dream in 1830, CL told her confessor. He did nothing until 1832, then he arranged to have her medals crafted by a reputed Paris metalworker. The craftsman sold 2-million of the medals 1832-1836, and the design has been in continuous production in a variety of metals for nearly 200 years.

  • Meditations 1596-1650 logic Rene Descartes + [Shukra-yuti-Chandra] [Budha-3 parivartamsha Kuja-5] legendary philosophical discourses which were popular among intellectuals during the 1600's and still in print 400 years later.

Benefits the long-term success in the message-writing and media-production professions

  • POTUS-06 American System 1767-1868 John Quincy Adams [Surya-yuti-Shani] * before accepting the POTUS portfolio, JQA's career had consisted of writing diplomatic missives carried by courier to other emissaries

  • POTUS-10 Annex Texas 1790-1862 John Tyler [uchcha-yogakaraka Shukra] + [Shani-yuti-Surya] * although largely unsuccessful in the POTUS role, JT had served on countless legislative committees since the onset of his political career at age of 21. JT's debilities were primarily emotional and ideological. His skills in planning, management, report-writing, and literary correspondence were robust and enduring. He even helped to plan the Confederate strategy for the Civil War.

  • Ethica ordine geometrico 1632-1677 Baruch Spinoza + [Surya-yuti-Budha] BS was excommunicated by the Jewish leadership and publically reviled by the Christian leadership. His books were banned. Yet, 400 years later, all of Spinoza's brilliant philosophical writings are still being carefully read.

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 = [Surya in bhava-4] (father)


vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-4] [dik-bala] (mother)

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-4]


vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-4]


vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-4]

vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-4] [dik-bala]

vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-4]


vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 4 resides in the quiet-seeking, retreating, meditative, imaginative, distant, invisible, dissolving, dreamy, clairsentient 12th-from-svakshetra .

Agency of bhagya fortune of 5 goes into the realm of bhava-4, bringing familiar home-culture into the genius of games, creative intelligence, performance arts, and politics

Self-confident, fashionable, entitled vidya-pati-5 enters the world of schooling, property ownership-stewardship , parents, homeland, housing, protection, and emotional-social security, home * folkways * foundations * schooling

  • Germinal 1840-1902 J'accuse Emile Zola wrote about the daily rhythms and customary lives of the emerging bourgeois classes in 1800's France. Mangala-Surya-Chandra in 4 increases the emotional familiarity [Chandra] of his descriptions while Surya allowed a large measure of political and celebrity energy in the literary performance. Although Zola was demonized occasionally for his portrayal of modernizing, pretentious French families and the charming hypocrisy of their daily lives, and his outspoken defense [Mangala] of a countryman (4) Dreyfus against ethnic racism (4), overall his writings were hugely successful. Due to their brilliance, his fictions are still read in colleges 200 years later.

Creates some distance from the children .

Often the children have a second home (perhaps a joint-custody parent who lives some distance away) or attend a boarding school

  • due to the nature of his cinematic work which requires long absence during on-location filming, Top Gun 1962 cinema producer Tom Cruise has had extended absences from his children

Drains energy (12th-from) from the vitality of the children. The eldest child may become an educator, transportation expert, real-estate magnate, or farmer, depending upon the bandhu-pati.

  • POTUS-29 Teapot Dome 1865-1923 Warren G. Harding * [nīcha- Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Budha-yuti-Shani-uchcha] WGH adopted the pre-teen son of his wife Flossie. The boy chose not to follow Harding's path.

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung complained that his father, a village pastor, was often self-centered, distant, and critical toward the children in the family.


  • is based in the home environment, in the farm, in school, in vehicles


  • children are generally quiet and home-oriented, not much outgoing, but typically well-educated

vidya-pati-5 = [Surya in bhava-4]

Father may be discontented, although he is secure and takes pride [Surya] in culturally praiseworthy (5) rhythms and deep habits

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung' = pitrikaraka Surya-4-Karkata = Ways of Life.. CGJ's dad served for a lifetime as the local church pastor. Pastor Jung conducted the foundational and customary marriage, baptism, and burial rituals. Most essentially, dad protected and grounded the local moral culture (4). Trained in ancient biblical languages, Dad was avocationally interested in philology (Surya activates 5-genius) and he invested much identity in this study. Yet, living in a deep-rooted culture, dad did not pursue professional scholarship.

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-4] [dik-bala] (mother)

Mother is often deeply identified with her children. She is culturally secure and enjoys the praise granted to a well-established mother. May be less patient if [nīcha] Chandra.

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-4]

The childhood home (4) may be contentious and Mangala-4 produces a sharp Kuja Dosha for the first marriage. Parents may argue. Nonetheless, one is deeply patriotic, and willing to fight for causes of ethnicity and national security.

  • Israel-PM 1898-1978 Our Strength Golda Meir * renowned defender of nascent Israel

vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-4]

Often raised in a talkative, politicized home. The creative intelligence (5) expresses via explanations, definitions, discussions [Budha] that are delivered in a culturally familiar style. A bright caretaking sibling [Budha] may provide security and anchoring.

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-4]

Political intelligence of 5 is expressed via expanded property ownership-stewardship , nationalism, or farming. Life philosophy [Guru] focused on security. Often speculates (5) in real-estate and vehicles. May have Learning Pathway experience of indoctrination in a building, on the land, or on a boat.

vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-4] [dik-bala]

In a feminine nativity, the basis of relationships is customary home-keeping, teaching, and following the ancestral rhythms, Despite artistic potential genius, the individual intellect is less influential in partnership arrangements. In a masculine nativity, the feminine partner may be a uniquely creative scholar or artist. Yet her grounding effect occurs in the home, garden, protecting the ethnic values, taking a parent role, or via customary schoolteaching.

  • Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore + [uchcha-Surya-yuti-Budha] benefitting from Shukra's interaction with Budha, and Budha's parivartamsha with vikrama-pati Mangala, Tagore energetically wrote thousands of beautifully composed songs, poems, theatrical plays, and stories

  • UK Queen 1819-1901 Empress Victoria-1 [Budha-yuti-Shukra]

vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-4]

harsh realities of politics may impose distance from the children and obligation to defend the national territory.

  • Bello Gallico 100-44 BCE Julius Caesar rarely at home, away from children, and when at home beset by the requirements of exhausting nationalistic politics

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffett

  • Open Society 1930- capitalist George Soros [Mula]

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-5] [svabhava] * regal entitlement

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-5]

vidya-pati-5 = [Mangala in bhava-5]


vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-5] * Putra-sukha yoga

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-5]


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-5]


vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-5]


vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 5

Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the realm of bhava-5

  • the genius of games, creative intelligence, performance arts, and politics enters the world of children - willfulness - gambling - games - celebration - fame

  • brilliant performance and centrality of personal intelligence in politics, romance, creative and speculative endeavors

Splendid placement for anyone who operates at the center of public attention

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan * mom [Chandra-3] was an actress [5]

  • Raja Yoga 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda [mūlatrikoṇa Aśvini-2] spoke internationally on topics of religious culture and meditative transformation. Educated in traditional Hindu values and a graduate in philosophy of a British-system college, SV spoke clear academic English. He was adored by humanistic audiences.

creative performers, speculator, game-players, stage artists, politicians

  • POTUS-pair-39 Caregiving 1927- Rosalynn Smith Carter [Magha-1 mūlatrikoṇa] + [Surya-yuti-Mangala] = ruler of 3rd-from-3rd occupies 5. RSC has spent much of her lifetime public career engaged in ensemble speaking tasks such as delivering announcements+ presentations, attending meetings, and writing publications. Nearly all of her communications work has a political frame (Simha, Surya)

One's own childhood would have allowed independence from the family pressures. Personal creativity = innately supported.

Strict Shani can constrain and structure the expression of both physical and psychological freedom in both the childhood Learning Pathway experience and the adult output of creative art.

Yet, even in the case of vidya-pati Shani, one is permitted to develop as a unique individual person. Typical of the youngest or only child in a family who is less constrained by the group and left to their own devices.

Romance is dramatic, larger than life, and intelligent.

one seeks romantic self-definition through children, through lovers, and through the theatrical-literary performance arts.

Divine Intelligence expressed through children, politics, speculation, literary and performance arts.

A super-performer, designed for entertainment and constant publicity (except Shani)

  • Moneyball 1963- drama-commerce Brad Pitt

  • Publisher 1960-1999 attorney JFK-Jr + [Shukra-yuti-Shani] = not so easy to handle the constant public attention due to Shani-5

One generally remains in the public eye throughout life, although one may change roles; whatever is the role of the moment, however, tends to be a center-stage performance

  • even when fame is notoriety for terrible crimes, the publicity is endless = Charles Manson


Children are independent minded and self-defining. Depending on the quality of the Vidyapthi-5, children may be granted more or less freedom (much less if Shani) but whether physically free or not, their spirits are considered independent of the family culture.

Not tethered to the parents' values or perceptions, given a separate space in the home or otherwise separated by boarding school or other distinctive individualizing treatment.

Only vidya-pati-5 = [Mangala in bhava-5] has truly challenging implication for children. If Guru casts His abundant drishti upon Chandra or Guru casts His abundant drishti upon putrasthana-5, children likely will arrive. However, when Mangala-5 combines with other factors, therapeutic or natural abortions are signified (with live birth eventually forecast after much travail). Look for additional information from 5th-from-Chandra, 9th-from-Chandra, radical bhava-9 and its ruler, and periods of Guru in the Vimshottari Dasha to compose an overall forecast regarding procreations.

vidya-pati-5 = [Mangala in bhava-5]

  • Old Path White Clouds 1926- Interbeing Thich Nhat Hanh * although an avowed Buddhist monk, Thay engaged in political protests and government-challenging activism. Officially exiled, he worked for decades in foreign lands developing innovative, creative approaches to generating peace (Kuja also activates 12 distant lands)

vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-5]

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-5]

vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-5] attractive genius, harmonious approach to speculative funding

vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-5] = politics and glamorous entitlements become heavily structured under the rule of law

  • England-King 1491-1547 Henry-8-Tudor [vidya-pati-5 Shani-Makara law]. HT used the legal empowerment conferred through the divine right of kings (5) to overwhelm the claims of the (foreign) Roman Church hierarchy [Makara] and restore extensive (national) English landholdings to the British Crown.

  • Standard Oil 1874-1960 philanthropy John D. Rockefeller + [Budha-yuti-Surya] + [Shani-yuti-Shukra]

In theatre and entertainment industry, Shani imposes time-structured discipline, work-ethic, and mature responsibility for The Show. Although one may be required to hold the center-stage position, rarely does Shani-5 allow the Diva personality to enflame.

rings the agency of bhagya fortune of 5

from genius, games, creative intelligence, and politics * into the bhava- of romance, celebrity-royalty, self-expression, theatre, applause, and children.

vidya-pati-5 resides in svakshetra.

Comfortable and fortunate placement for creative or dramatic performance.

Regal, brilliant, delightful -- although slightly more somber when Shani activates the brilliant 5th.

Broad ability to channel divine intelligence.

Sustains creative output. Wonderfully auspicious for literati, theatre actors, every type of stage performer, artist, fashionista, gamer, and politician .

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-6]

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-6]

vidya-pati-5 Mangala in bhava-6]


vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-6] [svabhava]


vidya-pati-5 = [Guru in bhava-6] multiple service ministries; many health issues


vidya-pati-5 = [Shukra in bhava-6] pleasure in service-servants; addictions


vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-6]



vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 6 carries the fortunate agency of bhagya from the political, dramatic 5th-bhava into the unbalanced, exploitive, and accusatory - but also service ministering - realm of ripu bhava

As an expression of a ministry of service, vidya-pati-5 in bhava-6 can produce a variety of outcomes. One of the most common expressions is political corruption in the form of bribery and kickbacks. Another expression is use of charisma for criminal purposes, such as charming children into trafficking traps.

Another expression could be conscious use of political power to address the needs of the marginalized or exploited classes. Often the same person can do several of these these activities, mixing service with exploitation, mixing ministry with crime.

Politicians and royalty who may need to specialize in hostile argument, accusation, war, conflict, crime, disease, exploitation, toxicity, social or chemical pollution, poverty, grievance, slavery, animosity, injustice, attacks

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Armada Elizabeth-1-Tudor had Mangala-Urisha in competitive Mriga in 6. She waged an ongoing war of piracy against Atlantic shipping competitors. ET's aggressive maritime forces notoriously engaged the vastly more powerful Spanish Armada and won the contest, adding military conquest (6) into the portfolio of her royal empowerments (5). however, she constantly struggled with political competitors who tried to seize her royal throne or trick her out of its entitlements.

  • POTUS-04 USA-Constitution 1751-1836 James Madison [Kuja-6 parivartamsha Guru-10]. Madison supervised the devastating War of 1812 against Britain and against many Native American tribes who allied with Britain. This war was financially and militarily exhausting, and excruciating for Madison who was a career diplomat accustomed to brokering treaties rather than marshaling weapons. It crippled and nearly annihilated the young nation. He also suffered a wayward often-jailed son (ruler of 5-children in 6-jail).

  • Satyagraha 1869-1948 Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi

  • UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill + Surya

  • POTUS-08 Democratic Party 1782-1862 Martin Van Buren + [Surya-yuti-Budha]

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon [Kuja-yuti-Guru] + [Surya-yuti-Budha]

creative, political action on behalf of the victim classes, on behalf of the sick, on behalf of the poor enters the world of Loss of agreement - enemies - disease - Poverty - Crime - exploitation - victims

If a malefic vidya-pati-5 in 2nd-from- svakshetra = karaka for the death of children, particularly the first child. May choose social work or medical service serving child-victims, particularly those who were harmed by their own families.

Service specialties which address the speech, values, or family traditions of children include child-psychology, speech pathology, and legal child advocacy, according to the dignity of the malefic graha.

Whether malefic or benefic, wealth can be accumulated through children, and through creative activities in literature, performance art, speculation, entertainment and politics.


Bhava-6 = Budha's house of argument and criticism. vidya-pati-5 in satkona can expect to receive abundant criticism regarding one's children, personal genius, performance art (theatre, literature), gaming, and political activities.

Matters of children or politics may become scandalous or even criminalized.

  • POTUS-08 Democratic Party 1782-1862 Martin Van Buren [Shukra + Surya + Budha] [parivartamsha] [rogesha-6 Mangala-5]. Van Buren was personally blamed for the massive economic recession during his presidency; his alcohol drinking (Shukra-6) and financial mismanagement led opponents to label him "Martin Van Ruin".

  • Foursquare Evangelist 1890-1944 Aimee Semple McPherson was able to raise her children as a single mother largely by supervision from her own mother, but her unique ministry combining religious indoctrination [Guru] with entertainment (5) and her status as a second-class person in a male-dominated career (religion [nīcha] Guru-6) all combined to make her the target of misogynistic attacks

If benefic, vidya-pati-5 in satkona likes to make "political speeches" which are charming but at least potentially misleading. Theatrical talents put to exploitative use. May be a charlatan who advocates wealth-building but steals the investment money.

Pyramid schemes, political promises, chain letters, multi-level-marketing, other glamorization or rationalization for exploitation of those below.

The excessively sunny viewpoint of a benefic bhagya ruler, when imposed upon the dark environment of bhava-6, may result in severe cognitive dissonance. vidya-pati-5 in satkona = sincere inability to accept responsibility and deep psychological denial can mask some serious exploitation.

If vidya-pati-5 is dignified possibility for a creative (5) approach to conflict management (5) or a good career in health ministry (6) for children (5).

Damaged entitlements (5)

  • UK Earl 1964- Edward of Wessex + [Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Budha-yuti-Shani] At the time of his birth, the Earl of Wessex had a close position the queue to become King. However, as his elder siblings' children matured, his eligibility for the role moved farther away from realization.

Political enemies


Often vidya-pati-5 in 6 signals the absence of children

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Armada Elizabeth-1-Tudor is speculated to have lost her fertility during a near-death struggle with smallpox in her late 20's. Since she chose not to lose her financial independence by marrying, the question of her children or lack of them due to disease has no final answer.

The outcomes may be due to disagreement (6) between the spouses regarding the choice whether to have children; the spouse who has vidya-pati-5 in 6 may feel like the victim of a mate who does not want children and who may threaten divorce (6) if children are brought into the marriage.

James Madison did not produce his own children, but he did adopt his wife's son from her widowed previous marriage. Plagued by alcoholism and compulsive gambling habits, Payne Todd turned out to be an ongoing disaster.

  • POTUS-04 USA-Constitution 1751-1836 James Madison adopted the surviving son from her previous marriage of POTUS-pair-04 hostess 1768-1849 Dolley Payne Madison. Despite his stepfather's high social status , stepson Payne Todd Madison developed a disconnected wandering lifestyle plagued by alcoholism and gambling. He was in and out of jail including debtor's prison. His mismanagement of Madison's plantation destroyed Madison's assets and plunged Dolley Madison into penury in her old age. Shani-yuti-Rahu-Vṛścika occupies 5 while aggressive putra-pati-Mangala-6.

However, if the pre-incarnationally planned process requires the production or acquisition of children, then vidya-pati-5 in bhava-6 may indicate health-related difficulties affecting the production of children .

Alternatively conflict in the relationship with children, especially when the children become adults.

  • UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill * vidya-pati-5 Shukra in bhava-6. Mr. Churchill's relationship with his adult children was icy. A military professional and overall curmudgeon (mriga-sirasa) Mr. Churchill was immersed in the culture of conflict. After his tremendous service to Britain during two periods of prime-ministership, Churchill then retired into pursuit of his favorite pastime: drinking alcohol (Shukra-6) and criticizing his opponents. He abusively criticized (6) his children in public. In the end, despite their father's public fame, several of his alienated offspring entered into private "no contact" relationship with their father.

  • The eldest child of Satyagraha 1869-1948 Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi suffered from numerous maladies including alcoholism; he disowned his famous father and his birth faith expressing deep conflict and self-contempt throughout his life.

Also commonly the eldest child = scheduled to be working on health-related problem-sets during the present lifetime.

  • POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur + [Kuja-yuti-Rahu] * first child was born in Rahu-Rahu period, lived for three years, then died at the end of Rahu-Rahu period. The parents were devastated but they gave birth to two additional children afterward.

Alternatively, the relationship with the eldest child may be that of master-servant. The child is bound into some variety of servitude.

Financial speculation (5) imbalance

  • POTUS-

Creatively Exploiting the creativity of others

vidya-pati-5 resides in 2nd-from-svakshetra .

rings the agency of bhagya fortune of 5

  • from genius, games, creative intelligence, and politics

  • into the realm of social conflict and intra-bodily conflict (dis-ease).

Excellent position for a politician who can bring the charisma of 5 into the world of ethnic, class, and inter-demographic conflict as well as issues of debt or financial mismanagement .


Restricts the fertility, may damage the reproductive health.

In case there are children, the first child may be ill, adversarial toward one, or suffer heavy debts.

  • eldest son of "Ringo" Beatle Richard Starkey is a talented drummer like his father, but also like his father developed a severe alcoholism and premature marriage (afflicted Shukra)

Favors adoption of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • Love relationships with assistants, servants and employees.

BPHS, Ch 24, shloka 54

"If Putra's lord is in Ari Bhava,

one will obtain such sons who will be equal to his enemies,

or will lose them,

or will acquire an adopted or purchased son."

Das commentary = Aputra Yoga

  • "The lord of the 5 is in 6

  • or the lord of the 5 is in 8

  • or the lord of the 5 is in 12."

"The Lord of the fifth is in a Dushthana, a difficult house, which creates "Aputra" Yoga.

  • This means that there might be problems around the issues of having or keeping children,

  • or the child, especially the first one might at times bring problems of some kind into your life."

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 = [Surya in bhava-7]

  • cult murderer Charles Manson =nichha

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-7]

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-7]

vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-7]


vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-7]


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-7] * political celebrity relationships


vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-7] [dik-bala]


vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 7 = speculative winnings, publications recognition-success

charismatic advising, consulting, suggestions

bhagya fortune via deal-making, balancing, harmonizing, unions, equity, marriage, contracts, agreements, advocacy. Brings the agency of bhagya = good luck of the 5th amsha = into the realm of bhava- 7

the genius of games, creative intelligence, performance arts, and politics enters the world of advising relationships, peer-to-peer consulting, marriage, brokering, and alliances.

splendid placement for an entertainment lawyer or anyone in the modern entertainment-gambling-amusements industry, due to intelligence and self-focus always present during crafting of legal contracts

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey = among the most financially wealthy women in the world = Guru

If Budha, very shrewd and wealthy.

Also excellent for diplomatic communications on political matters

vidya-pati-5 resides in strategic, tactical, planning, communicative 3rd-from-svakshetra .

Ruler of 11th-from-7 occupies 7

Marriage union and business alliance provide a theatrical expression one 's creativity and speculative intelligence.

The spouse likes children or politics, and is socially identified with those adventures.

Spouse may be a performance artist, politician, literati, speculator, or member of royalty.

Dramatic, fashionable, splendid, Ceremonial style in relationships.

  • Amplified drama if Rahu. Very bright and self-central if Surya.

Channels one's highest creative expression through activity of making contracts, alliances, negotiations, partnership, pairings, matches, deals, and agreements.

The vidya-pati-5 is an ego-centered, attention-craving graha which -- whilst brilliant and entertaining -- is also explicitly independent and self-focused.

vidya-pati-5 in 7 is not a show-stopper to marriage but if the graha is strong, one may not be comfortable to share the stage with a spouse, and one's need for public acclamation may damage the marital harmony.

Potential for Marriage to the divine via religious avowal

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-8]

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-8]

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-8]


vidya-pati-5 = Budha in bhava-8

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-8] * many ego- transformations, much performance intelligence to enact the occult teachings

vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-8]

[Shukra-Simha] [for Makara-Draco indriya-lagna]

[Shukra-Makara-Draco] [for Mithuna indriya-lagna ]


vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-8]

long life, limitations on regeneration


vidya-pati-5 in randhra-bhava-8

Agency of politics, drama, creativity, speculation, gambling bhagya = lucky coincidences-5 enters the realm of join assets of marriage, in-laws, secret liaisons, identity-changes, and hidden assets bhava-8

  • the genius of games, creative intelligence, performance arts, and politics

  • secret, clandestine, hidden (8) political intrigue (5) and charismatic (5) tantric behaviors (8)

personal intelligence (5) enters the 8th-from world of eruption of hidden forces:

  • secrets, hidden forced catastrophic change, inheritance, surgeries, emergency, confidential information, tantra-yoga, magic, spouse's money, in-laws of marriage

Bhava 8 = 4th-from-5th AND 5th-from-4th

vidya-pati-5 in 8 and bandesha-4 in 8 are both auspicious placements in two distinctive ways.

Stabilization into rhythmic, customary cultural practice (4) of gambling and literary or celebrity genius (5)

Creative projection (5) from the folk basis (4)

Any graha which is born into randhra bhava becomes subject to the fast spinning of the cycle (8) of self-destruction and rebirth (8).

The speed of change-of-form is often terrifying. Matters of the bhava-s ruled by graha in 8 are controlled by this fast-turning, re-cycling , identity-destroying and regenerating hidden life force.

Brilliant Creativity (5) enters the realm of hidden worlds

  • Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 linguist J.R.R. Tolkien * vidya-pati-5 Shukra-8. He created (5) in his high-fantasy magical-fiction a elaborate civilization replete with their own languages, histories, and codes of law (Shukra-Makara). However, the great drama of his serial masterpiece was the thrill of romantic and moral crisis (8) in relationships [Shukra].

Effects of graha in 8 = frightening, secretive, occult, mysterious, hidden, shocking magical, rejuvenating and changing-changing-changing.

fortune from creative or political engagement with hidden powers or with the conditions of death, such as inheritance, wills and estates.

vidya-pati-5 resides in 4th-from-svakshetra . Favorable conditions the homeland folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms, comfortable habits, the transmitted generational rhythms such as melodies and prosody (the cadence of conversation);

patterns of language and dress, customary beliefs of the people and their land. potential for

  • financial wealth from skillful management of other people's money via stock market gambling - curbed by Shani drishti to 8

Conditions of death - dematerialization = disformulation

8 = 7th-from-2 ++ 8 = 2nd-from-7

Conditions of dematerialization often (not always) include political reaction or sentiment (5). If not political, then certainly dramatic.

Death of the flesh-body = shocking (8) but fascinating, celebrated (5), regal, dramatic, getting central attention, brilliant (5), heroic or tragic.

Life is often somewhat brief or does not live to a full age unless a strong Shani-8 or Shani drishti into 8

Death of a younger person in the peak of their creative output years is more fascinating, shocking, and riveting drama.

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda * death age 58, heart failure

vidya-pati-5 in randhrastana may become a famous celebrity in death ... a larger-than-life literary protagonist within a fascinating story of the turning of the wheel of birth and death.

One may become a celebrity (5) of revolution (8) or radical social change. Willingness (5) to undertake transformative healing, to deal creatively with confidential and secret information, hidden monies, or inheritances.

Excellent for dramatizing tantrik and magical practices through creative performances and literature. bhava-5 center-of-attention = autobiography


Despite the favorable 4th angle, vidya-pati-5 in randhra bhava may limit the number of children.

The relationship with the eldest child has a degree of obscurity. In some cases the child may mature into a surgeon or work with classified secrets. In other cases, depending on the ruler, the child may be in some sense unreachable, due to mental or physical obscurations.

  • Silly Love Songs 1942- Beatle Paul McCartney * Chandra-yuti-Mangala * his eldest child = the daughter of his first wife Linda, from her previous marriage. McCartney adopted the little girl before three more children were born to the couple. The eldest child is reckoned a talented artist, but unlike her more celebrated siblings she prefers to live under cover (8) in a foreign country. Some struggle with depression is also a factor.

Depending on the precise graha, there may be indeed children but not the wanted ones, or perhaps no children at all if Guru is ill-disposed, Shani in 5, or other intensification of the destruction of progeny

  • Methodism 1703-1791 preacher John Wesley [nīcha] + [Budha-yuti-Shukra] * At agef 48 JW married a wealthy widow. She brought her four children into their marital home. JW had no children of his own. Accounts of the time comment that JW was not pleasant toward his stepchildren. After a tumultuous period marked by JW's extensive itinerant preaching, JW was said to have been violent toward the family, and the marriage collapsed. The acquired children moved away with their mother.

Exceptions to this general principle can occur, producing children albeit with certain occult implications, Children are more likely when several graha occupy bhava-5 or when Chandra joins the putra-pati in bhava-8.

  • Lights Out 1968- singer Lisa Marie Presley + [Chandra-yuti-Budha] bore four children over a period of 20 years, including a pair of twins conceived with therapeutic fertility intervention (8).

Sudden transformation of children

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his partner Christine Vulpius produced five children, but only one survived to adulthood

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 = [Surya in bhava-9]


vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-9]

vidya-pati-5 = [Mangala in bhava-9] * drive toward doctrine, champion of paradigmatic belief




vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-9]


[Budha-Makara-Draco] [for Urisha indriya-lagna]

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-9] * easy elections

[Guru-Mesha][for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Guru-Karkata] [uchcha] [for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-9]

[Shukra-Kanya] [nīcha] [for Makara-Draco indriya-lagna]

[Shukra-Kumbha] [for Mithuna indriya-lagna]

vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-9]



vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 9 = vidya-pati-5 resides in the charismatic, political, creative, gaming, regal5th-from-svakshetra.

whenever the ruler of 5 would occupy 9, or the ruler of 9 would occupy 5, the prospects for creative success tend to dramatically increase for matters of politics, entertainment, and celebration of genius in the performing arts

A heady mix of creative arts and literature, Politics + Global Humanism + Ideological Doctrines

  • Germinal 1840-1902 J'accuse Emile Zola [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] * although he was for decades mainly recognized as a popular fiction-writing novelist, Zola became a polarizing political figure during the vicious anti-Jewish persecution of a military officer during the Dreyfus Affair

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie * primarily known as a cinema dramatist "action heroine". However, in maturity she is becoming known as a figure of global humanism via her role as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

Celebrity, creative genius, center of attention

May be perceived as having Royal Entitlement or Regal Celebrity

In some cases, may be literally worshipped by devotees

Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the realm of bhava-9 = courtly lifestyle and playing favorites genius of games, creative intelligence, performance arts.

Splendid placement for politics

Children and offspring of one's own creative intelligence enter the 9th-realm of fatherhood, indoctrination, philosophy, theory, royalty, celebrity entitlements, or public acts of spiritual guidance. Benefits humanized communication with world of Spirit; global travel, doctrinal scholarship, and wisdom teaching.

  • UK Queen 1819-1901 Empress Victoria-1 * her nine royal children all married royally

vidya-pati-5 = [Mangala in bhava-9]

vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-9] whether in Tula or Makara, this is a super-Budha for the terrain of communications overlap between higher-principles, politics, and business.

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin [ethno-rhythmic Śrāvaṇa-4] [Surya-yuti-Budha] Patron Saint of American Business. Founder of the USA-Post-Office, multiple colonial newspapers, and facilitator of countless discussions which guided the new nation into its frenzied commercial future. Legendary owner of printing shop. Frequent traveller on trans-Atlantic /packet-ships/ Nearly always surrounded by parcels of information.

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-9] = exceptional fortune in religious preaching or celebrity university roles

vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-9]

vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-9] = typically holds an orthodox position in matters of faith. Prefers a weighty, hoary, heavily obligatory, perhaps somewhat punitive, class-ranked approach toward the tenets of sacred doctrine.

  • POTUS-pair-04 hostess 1768-1849 Dolley Madison [Shani-yuti-Ketu] Ketu broke the typical starchy dogmatism of Shani-9. The legendary networker and social entertainer also promoted several progressive causes including the then-endangered right to freedom of religion.

Father is highly intelligent often a creative artist, theorist, scholar or literati with political inclinations

Exceptionally fortunate for global humanitarian and world-trade activities.

  • POTUS-pair-04 hostess 1768-1849 Dolley Madison [Shani-yuti-Ketu] DM's social relationships made possible her husband's work to obtain financial and legal agreements to end the War of 1812 and establish safe channels for the American international shipping trade

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie + [Chandra-yuti-Guru]

Fortunate in finance, esp. speculative (5) finance. Generally free of polarizing catalysis regarding money, as well-wishers abound.

Helps not only matters of 5 but also matters of 3 since 5 = 3rd-from-3rd

ruler of 5 in 5th-from-5th grants a doctrinal coherence to political announcements, political writing, political committee-work, political and speculative discussions

A highly positive (9) thinker who can take a creative approach to even the most dire situation, and generally succeed due to one's Faith (9) in one's abilities (5) coupled with faith in the Divine (9).

Elite celebrities of creative performance

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-10] [dik-bala]


vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-10]

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-10] [dik-bala]



vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-10]

[Budha-Tula] messages about deals, bargains, arrangements, negotiation


vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-10]


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-10] [Malavya Yoga]


[Shukra-Meena] [uchcha]

vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-10]



vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 10 = adversarial 6th-from-svakshetra.

Career indicator for professions in vidya, drama, politics, games, creative arts and scholarship, celebrity, royalty, and uniquely autocratic intelligence

Due to the shad-ashtaka * 6/8 angle, prone toward accusations, class conflict and culture war yet Typically, a capable executive officer who carries political idealism (5) into the pragmatic workday of institutional governance (10).

vidya-pati-5 residing in karma-sthana is creative and entitled, albeit always somewhat conflict about the 6/8 awkwardness between unique individual intelligence (5) and the lawful, no-exceptions requirements of social governance (10). The public career (10) expresses the creative domains of bhava-5 including politics , entertainment, celebrity-royalty, gaming, speculative finance, literary arts, and drama.

Political careers = outcome of karmesha-in-5

Celebrity and drama careers = never far from politics

May do well in gambling and other speculative fields as well. Overall However, one would rather play and create rather than organize things and set rules. Even when successful, native feels somewhat constricted and uncomfortable in the director role.

Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the realm of highest public visibility bhava- 10

the genius of games, creative intelligence, artistic performance, and political empowerment

enters the iconic, recognizable world of

profession - social reputation - class-caste Rank - dignity - institutional governance - leadership responsibilities, dignity of work, orderly environments, lawful hierarchies and step-wise ladder-climbing.

vidya-pati-5 resides in 6th-from-svakshetra, = conflicts, accusations, and disputes. made by enemies

  • can be an unfortunate (6) end to the public career (10), caused by enemies (6) or addictions (6) or both, even after much has been accomplished.

Self-dramatizing folk with a gift for high-profile, public lifestyles. Yet, the 6/8 angle between 5-and-10 demonstrates a high-velocity change cycle in the performance of public duty. Flamboyant, self-referential displace may replace the sober leadership of 10, and vice-versa by turns.

  • POTUS-pair-42 + USA Secy State 1947- Hillary Clinton + [nīcha] Kuja * Shani-10 parivartamsha Chandra-5 * Parivartamsha helpfully balances the 6/8 tension in a better-than-usual way. Her Shani-10 is highly capable of lawful leadership. Nevertheless, HRC spent more time campaigning (5) than governing (10).

self-expressive drive to enter highest public office, but often the personal willfulness exceeds the bureaucratic, conformist boundaries of government roles.

Too much ego-membrane expressive creativity in the sober and lawful 10th house can be problematic when the role is defined as public * servant*. The native may be perceived as overly literary, too attention-hungry, or too dramatic for long-term high ranking positions.

Children (especially the eldest child) may rise high into positions of public leadership responsibility and respect.

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro * his eldest son was at one time a high-profile director of Cuba's nuclear engineering program

The father's family, or the father's assets, the father's knowledge (10) or the father's abilities with language, history, or matters of the face-eyes-mouth is distinctive and socially recognized.

  • Harivansh Rai Shrivastav, the father of Zanjeer 1942- drama-politics Amitabh Bachchan earned his Ph.D. (9) in English literature at Oxford and worked as a professor at several colleges in India. Shri Shrivastav "Bachchan" became a great promoter of Hindi literature even within the English-medium curricula that he taught. Considered exceptionally knowledgeable, HRS' poetry was honored and admired by scholars worldwide.
Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-11]

economic gain from celebrity entitlements


vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-11] * economic gain from celebrity sensitivity, caring

vidya-pati-5 = [Mangala in bhava-11] economic gain from celebrity activity, battles


vidya-pati-5 = Budha in bhava-11 economic gain from celebrity announcements, explanations to community


vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-11] economic gain from celebrity philosophy


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-11] * economic gain from celebrity diplomacy, balancing * dhanayoga


vidya-pati-5 = Shani in bhava-11 * economic gain from intelligent governance, endurance


Very profitable business deals as the political vidya-pati-5 goes into the income-producing vriddhi-sthana.


vidya-pati occupies 11

vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 11 = diplomatic, deal-making, bargaining, harmonizing 7th-from-svakshetra.

Brings the agency of bhagya 5th amsha = intelligence, good luck, winning ideas = into marketplace - networks- interconnected communities

the genius of games, creative confidence, artistic performance, and political empowerment, royal entitlement

earnings from artistic performance and creative literature

earnings from political, regal, and center-stage roles

enters the networked world of webs of association, voluntary friendships, economies of goods and ideas, the distributive marketplace

Magnified by Rahu to super-profits via political association:

well connected in the world of financially wealthy royalty (5) celebrity (5) and high-entitlement investors (5)

  • El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila [Guru-yuti-Mangala] . Although famed for her advocacy of poverty and chastity as the holiest vows of her religious order, St. Teresa hailed from a financially well-connected community and she was generally able to obtain funding for all of her reform projects

atmakaraka Guru drishti to dhanapati-2 + Vriddhi-pati-11 Budha; rogesha-6 + yuvati-pati-7 [uchcha] Shani;

Genius of network-building (11) and developing interconnected communities through charismatic personal appeal (5).

one is well-connected politically, as are one's children.

One takes a leadership role in large, regulated social participation movements

Often knows or is socially connected to royalty, celebrity, and the creative classes

vidya-pati-5 = Shani in bhava-11 owns-and-aspects putra-sthana

Getting connected

Public Figure Examples

vidya-pati-5 [Surya in bhava-12]

vidya-pati-5 [Chandra in bhava-12]

[Chandra-Kumbha] [for Meena indriya-lagna]

vidya-pati-5 [Mangala in bhava-12]


vidya-pati-5 [Budha in bhava-12]



[Budha-Makara-Draco] [Sarala Yoga]

vidya-pati-5 [Guru in bhava-12] * many meditations, much sanctuary


vidya-pati-5 [Shukra in bhava-12]


vidya-pati-5 [Shani in bhava-12]


vidya-pati-5 in bhava- 12 * the putra-putriki-pati occupies 8th-from- putra-putriki-sthana

dreams / meditation / sanctuary /subconscious / private worlds Brings the agency of bhagya = fortune of 5 = into the realm of bhava- 12

the genius of games, creative intelligence, artistic performance, and political empowerment enters the private world of

  • distant lands, dreams, meditation, sanctuary, subconscious, ancestral voices, spiritual guidance, and clandestine affairs

vidya-pati-5 resides in 8th-from-svakshetra.

  • May try to solve gambling-related problem-sets due to the imaginary fantasies (12) about luck (5)

  • generally reduces the likelihood of producing children (although there are many more factors to assess before making this forecast)

randhresha-8 from putra bhava = for sudden, forced changes in children, politics, speculative wealth = not fortunate for children, politics, speculative investments, games.

Sudden political changes. Behind-the-scenes control of elections, empowerments, and games

  • POTUS-30 Price of Freedom 1872-1933 Calvin Coolidge [Chandra-yuti-Shukra] + [Mangala-yuti-Surya] = exceptionally gifted at invisible governance .JCC was the darling of highly capitalized industrialists due to his laissez-faire economics support for banking de-regulation. After JCC completed his continuation term following Harding's sudden death, these friends-and-supporters paid to have JCC re-elected.

Opportunity for authentic creative expression is somewhat dissolved * or may be pushed into the imagination. Depending on conditions in bhava-5 and bhava-12, the imagination and research environments (12) may express the conflict of the 6/8 angle, yet results may be beneficial

  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs * Budha-12 activates 5 = on the downside, SPJ denied paternity for his eldest daughter for the first 10 years old her life. Complicated by his Ketu-yuti-Guru-5. On the upside, SPJ's remarkable imagination (12) was suffused with the creativity of the vidya-pati-Budha-12. A Kumbha native, SPJ produced designs and technical fabrications (Budha handcraft) for the legendary computers and smartphones which ushered in the age of Kumbha social networking for the West.

The graha in 12 may be so rapidly transforming that only brief expressions of the creative output are permitted; or alternatively, the creative endeavors flourish mainly in distant lands or via actions of the imagination.

// Behind the scenes // (12) politics and political machinations in distant lands, if vidya-pati-5 is strong

  • UK-PM Global Alliance 1953- Tony Blair [Aśvini-1] [uchcha-Surya-yuti-Budha] following his British PM assignment, TB became an international private [12] discussion facilitator [Budha] and diplomat specializing in Middle East interests

Does not deny children, but can indicate that they may face invisible challenges, such as unexpected changes, eruptions of hidden force, secret information, or an un-diagnosed disease.

  • POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield * produced seven children. The first child and the last child died prematurely.

Circumstances combine to dissolve the relationship with children, particularly but not exclusively the first one.

  • Iran-Shahani 1932-2001 Soraya Esfandiari Bakhtiari was unable to conceive a child, which motivated her divorce.

  • NASCAR 1951-2001 motorsports Dale Earnhardt was said to have had a distant relationship with his children from his three marriages. His son Dale Jr. who eventually followed into the profession was initially much discouraged from competing by his father, and did not gain much visibility until after the father died.

In a scientific nativity, bhava-12 indicates research and the intuitive hunches which direct the research to choose particular paths of inquiry.

Q: my fiancée's vidya-pati-5 radix occupies bhava-8. Is this a poor forecast for having normal children?

There is no special disease pattern in her family nor mine, but I wonder about the consequences of the lord of putra bhava going into mrityu bhava?

Should we do a compensating puja?

A: vidya-pati-5 the putra-pati going into bhava-8 = less problematic than vidya-pati-5 going into Vyaya bhava-12, or indeed vidya-pati-5 going into Ari bhava-6.

There must be several negative pointers to make a negative forecast - never base a prediction on just one factor !

In general, vidya-pati-5 in the 2nd-from-svakshetra (Ari bhava) is not great for the initial health of the child. The infant might be sickly, perhaps have a good deal of contact with physicians and clinics, take some corrective medicines etc.

  • The child might get attention from social workers (6) or develop some adversarial or promise-breaking (6) behaviors in the classroom (not necessarily intentional, often biochemical) which require special placement, therapeutic intervention, special management.

  • All that can be expensive and worrying and it can drain the parents financially or emotionally, pulling down their mutual trust (6).

  • There could be some initial fertility issues which have to be corrected by medical intervention (6).

  • However, unless the rashi of the 6th bhava is a very hostile rashi for the Vidyapthi-5, not to worry. Most problem-sets that reside in bhava-6 are amenable to be fixed with yogic exercise and very careful attention to diet. Naturopathic medicine is often a successful choice in resolving any sort of health challenge that is astrologically visible in the satkona.

Also, vidya-pati-5 in 4th-from-svakshetra is not inherently bad, not at all.

4th-from is a very stable kendra.

Similar to vidya-pati-5 in 2: unless the rashi of the 8th bhava is a very hostile rashi for the Vidyapthi-5, not to worry. The child may have a penchant for secrecy and may develop amazing detective skills, but relationship with parents especially the mother (4) is likely quite good.

There can be cause for concern when vidya-pati-5 occupies the 12th bhava. In this case+ vidya-pati-5 occupies 8th-from-svakshetra which bhava-12 is also a dusthamsha for the parent. In this configuration if there are other factors pointing in the same direction we might forecast that one does not wish to produce one's own children

  • rather, one might be a splendid teacher who brightens the lives of thousands of young minds over a decades-long educational career.

  • one might prefer to express their Divine Intelligence (5) in areas like scientific research (12) or meditative prayer (12) or hospital nursing (12) which are often more suited to a celibate religious or a very dedicated lay religious or full-time scholar -- rather than a busy working parent.

Again, no one single factor can predict the outcome for children in a nativity. What other features are affecting the performance of Vidyapthi-5? What is Vidyapthi-5's relationship to the lord of His occupied bhava (friend or enemy)? Other graha with Vidyapthi-5? Combust? Receiving friendly drishti? Angle to Chandra?

Look also for positive evidence from child-karaka Guru,

and look also at the lord of dharma bhava who has nearly the same predictive power for children as the Vidyapthi-5.

  • Note that Guru residing in 5 or 9 reduces or eliminates children but Guru drishti received into 5 or into 9 is a positive indicator of having kids.

  • Have a look also at the role of vidya-pati-5 in navamsha; check the Saptamsha lagna and the vidya-pati-5 there also.

However, in case vidya-pati-5 resides in a dushthamsha it is really only vidya-pati-5 in 12 which is a concern.


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