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BPHS Chapter 34

shloka 1-46

Yoga Karaka


[begin quote] 1."O Brahmin,

thus I have told you about the effects,

  • derivable through Karakana .

  • Now listen to the effects, arising out of lordships of Graha over Bhava.

2-7. Nature due to Lordships of Graha.

[kendra adhi pati dosha]

Sukha-graha, owning Kendra, will not give benefic effects, while malefics, owning Kendra, will not remain inauspicious.

  • The Lord of a Kona will give auspicious results.

  • The Lord of Lagna is specially auspicious, as Lagna is a Kendra, as well as a Kona.

  • Putra and Dharma Bhava are specially for wealth, while Yuvati and Karma Bhava are specially for happiness.

  • Any Graha, owning Sahaja, Ari, or Labha Bhava, will give evil effects.

  • The effects, due to the Lords of Vyaya and Randhra Bhava, will depend on their association.

  • In each group the significance will be in the ascending order.

Lord of Randhra Bhava

Randhra's Lord is not auspicious, as he owns the 12th from Dharma Bhava.

  • If the Lord of Randhra Bhava simultaneously owns Sahaja, Yuvati, or Labha Bhava, he will prove specifically harmful,

  • [BPL: L-3+randhresha-8 = Mangala for Kanya Lagna;

    yuvati-pati-7 +randhresha-8 = Shani for Karkata Lagna;

    randhresha-8 +Vriddhi-pati-11 = Budha for Vrizchika Lagna ]

  • while his simultaneous ownership of a Kona will bestow auspicious effects.

The Graha, owning a predominant Bhava , will stall the effects, due to another, owning a less significant Bhava and will give his own results.

8-10. Natural Sukha-graha and Malefics.

Guru and Zukra are benefics,

  • while Chandra is mediocre in benefice

  • and Budha is neutral (a benefic, when associated with a benefic and a malefic, when related to a malefic).

  • Malefics are Surya, Shani and Mangala.

Ascending and Descending Order

Full Chandra, Budha, Guru and Zukra are stronger in the ascending order.

  • Weak Chandra, Surya, Shani and Mangala are stronger (in malefic disposition) in the ascending order.

  • In revealing maleficence, due to rulership of Kendra as, Chandra, Budha, Guru and Zukra are significant in the ascending order.

11-12. Lordships of Kendra and Kona.

If there be an exchange between a Lord of a Kendra and a Lord of a Kona,

  • or, if a Lord of a Kendra is yuti with a Lord of a Kona in a Kendra, or in a Kona,

  • or, if a Lord of a Kona is in a Kendra, or vice versa,

  • or, if there happens to be a full Drishti between a Lord of a Kendra and a Lord of a Kona,

they cause a Yoga .

  • One born in such a Yoga will become a king and be famous.

13. If one and the same Graha

  • gets the lordships of a Kona, as well as a Kendra,

  • or, if a Graha is in a Kendra, or in a Kona,

  • it will prove especially a Yoga Karaka .

14. Lordship of Kendra.

It has been said, that a malefic, owning a Kendra, will become auspicious,

  • which is true, only when it simultaneously Lords over a Kona and not by merely owning a Kendra.

15. If

  • the Lords of a Kendra, or a Kona

  • own simultaneously an evil Bhava,

he does not cause a Raja Yoga by mere relations stipulated

  • (as per Ch. 34, Shloka 11 and 12).

16. Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu give predominantly the effects,

  • as due to their yuti with a Bhava Lord,

  • or, as due to the Bhava they occupy.

Yogakaraka status for Rahu-Ketu

17. "If Rahu and/or Ketu are

  • in Kendra,

  • receiving a Drishti from, or in association with

  • the Lord of a Kona, or of a Kendra,

  • it will become Yoga Karaka."

18. O Maharishi Parashara, please narrate, according to the Rashi rising, as to which Graha is

  • a Yoga Karaka and which is inauspicious .

  • O Brahmin, listen to these with examples.

19-22. Graha and Mesha Lagna.

  • Even though Mangala is the Lord of Randhra Bhava, he will be helpful to auspicious Graha.

    • Shani, Budha and Zukra are malefics.

    • Auspicious are Guru and Surya.

    The mere Yuti of Shani with Guru will not produce auspicious effects (although they own a Kona and a Kendra).

  • If Guru is at the disposal of a malefic, he will surely give inauspicious results.

  • Zukra is a direct (independent) killer.

  • if associated with an adverse Graha (Zukra), Shani etc. will also inflict death, .

23-24. Graha and Urisha lagna.

Guru, Zukra and Chandra are malefics.

  • Shani and Surya are auspicious.

  • Shani will cause Raja Yoga.

  • Budha is somewhat inauspicious.

  • The Guru group (Guru, Chandra and Zukra) and Mangala will inflict death.

25-26. Graha and Mithuna Lagna.

  • Mangala, Guru and Surya are malefics, while Zukra is the only auspicious Graha.

  • The Yuti of Guru with Shani is similar to that for Mesh Lagna.

  • Chandra is the prime killer, but it is dependent on Soma's association .

27-28. Graha and Karkata Lagna.

  • Zukra and Budha are malefics, Mangala, Guru and Chandra are auspicious.

  • Mangala is capable of conferring a full-fledged Yoga and giving auspicious effects.

  • Shani and Surya are killers and give effects, according to their associations.

29-30. Graha and Simha Lagna.

  • Budha, Zukra and Shani are malefics.

  • Auspicious effects will be given by Mangala, Guru and Surya.

  • Guru's Yuti with Zukra (though, respectively, Kona and Kendra Lords) will not produce auspicious results.

  • Shani and Chandra are killers , who will give effects, according to their associations.

31-32. Graha and Kanya Lagna.

  • Mangala, Guru and Chandra are malefics,

  • while Budha and Zukra are auspicious.

  • Zukra's Yuti with Budha will produce Yoga .

  • Zukra is a killer as well.

  • Surya's role will depend on his association.

33-34. Graha and Thula Lagna.

  • Guru, Surya and Mangala are malefics.

  • Auspicious are Shani and Budha.

  • Chandra and Budha will cause Raja Yoga.

  • Mangala is a killer.

  • Guru and other malefics will also acquire a disposition to inflict death.

  • Zukra is neutral.

35-36. Graha and Vrizchika Lagna.

  • Zukra, Budha and Shani are malefics.

  • Guru and Chandra are auspicious.

  • Surya, as well as Chandra are Yoga Karakas.

  • Mangala is neutral.

  • Zukra and other malefics acquire the quality of causing death.

37-38. Graha and Dhanuzya lagna.

  • Only Zukra is inauspicious.

  • Mangala and Surya are auspicious.

  • Surya and Budha are capable of conferring a Yoga .

  • Shani is a killer , Guru is neutral.

  • Zukra acquires killing powers.

39-40. Graha and Makara Lagna.

  • Mangala, Guru and Chandra are malefics;

  • Zukra and Budha are auspicious.

  • Shani will not be a killer on his own.

  • Mangala and other malefics will inflict death.

  • Surya is neutral. Only Zukra is capable of causing a superior Yoga .

41-42. Graha and Kumbha-lagna

  • Guru, Chandra and Mangala are malefics;

  • while Zukra and Shani are auspicious.

  • Zukra is the only Graha, that causes Raja Yoga.

  • Guru, Surya and Mangala are killers.

  • Budha gives meddling effects.

43-44. Graha and Meena Lagna.

  • Shani, Zukra, Surya and Budha are malefics.

  • Mangala and Chandra are auspicious.

  • Mangala and Guru will cause a Yoga .

  • Though Mangala is a killer, he will not kill the native (independently).

  • Shani and Budha are the killers.

45-46. General.

Thus the auspicious and inauspicious effects, derivable

  • through the Graha,

  • due to their lordship,

  • according to the rising Rashi,

have to be estimated.

Apart from these, effects due to Nabhasha Yoga etc., should also be known,

  • which I narrate, in the following chapter." [end quote]