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Jyotishavidya Practice

No Single Indicator

Can Form an Accurate Basis for Prediction

Multiple Factors are Required.

Multiple Indicators Should Show a Recurring Pattern within relationships, Expectations, and Events


Respected Madam,

Thankz for the details of Rahu, but still some confusion.

You are right tht i have a habit of going to the depth of any analysis or reasoning,till tht time questions keep arising, Madam, I cannot reason in this matter bcoz i wud love to have Rahu in 27:16 degree ,bcoz of the Extraordinary dashamamsha -10 in strength,but bcoz the other softwares can also be correct so i am stuck by the arithmetics, but since i am not of that powerful career background(Fame) as shown in dashamamsha -10 ,i have no choice but to consult the experts opinion and not take my intution in this matter, Plz by your Intution which is correct calculation,bcoz i am getting biased and wud wish to have your and other softwares showing Rahu's 27:15 degree correct.

Becoz of The EXTRAORDIANRY D-10,had it been vice versa in other software my inclination wud be in tht direction.

Plz Guide this question,so i may get some confirmation.....of dream fulfilment ahead.

Best Regards,



Thanks for raising an excellent point in regard to the modern practice of Jyotishavidya.

It is generally not recommended to use the intuition or opinion of others as the sole frame of reference in any sincere inquiry -- including and especially, in Jyotishavidya.

First step in multi-dimensional inquiry is to claim one's own interior sense of appropriate direction. Skipping this first step or one will be seriously lost in the great sea of possible experiences.

Thr nativity features the delicate and often challenging yoga of Rahu/Shani-Simha indriya-lagna.

It is recommended to remain alert to Risk-rewarding Rahu 's propensity to jump off His path. Recall how demi-god roguish Rahu tries to become a top-ranked, full-fledged deity. Attention also is recommended to serious, sober Professor Shani 's propensity to punish risky Rahu's infractions.

Professor Rahu is a wild craver of privilege and entitlement. He is capable of generating delusion in the passion of the pursuit of the quarry. The object of Rahu's desire is higher rank and opportunities. A conscious awareness of ambitious Rahu would be advised to commit to a lifetime of skillful management of Rahuva's an inordinately strong Desire Nature.

To avoid strictly serious Shani's characteristic consequences, such as perceived punishments, the Shani-Rahu birth would be counseled to shepherd one's desires in a way that stays close and consistent with the higher consciousness Path.

Not to deny or squelch or suppress Rahu's elevation-seeking desires but to evaluate, channel, and manage the cravings very carefully to ensure that Rahu's path of the passions can coordinate with Shani's path of austerity and regulation.

This potentially brilliant nativity is a strong case in point, but indeed all humans suffer from anxiety and delusion which can disturb or distract [Rahu] from mature judgment [Shani].

Consider that there may be reactive anxiety and impulsiveness behind Rahu's wish "bcoz i wud love to have Rahu in 27:16 degree" .

Naturally, one wishes to fulfill Shani's command to obtain social approval and ego-membrane grandeur that this momentous degree and its arithmetical Jyotisha consequences (so believed) may seem to offer.

An intuitive check-in with the practitioner's own subconscious interior knowledge, while one holds an established, anxiety-free meditative state, is often the best method to confirm or deny whether this promised magnificence is useful and appropriate, or simply a projected anxiety reaction to the [Shani] fear of isolation or rejection.

Please note views on Jyotishavidya practice guidelines , below.

Why to get meditative intuitive feedback

To use as guidance when negotiating conflicting Jyotisha opinion:

One single indicator - whether it be a degree of Rahu or a spectacular [nīcha-bhanga] graha or an auspicious lagna et-cetera - can never provide the basis of interpretation.

A combination of factors must be identified as forming a pattern, all pointing in the same general direction. No single indicator = a valid predictor outside the contextual framework of a multi-factor pattern.

It would be advised to accept responsibility for engaging one's own intuition in the Jyotisha interpretation process.

The consequence of relying entirely on outside experts = disempowerment. Excessive reliance on outside opinion often leads to a negative mentality of superstition and fear of the unknown.

Furthermore, without intuitive guidance, one may easily become entrapped in the internal disagreements between scholars and adepts of the various sub-traditions, and have no solid basis for Adjudication of these many varying (and often quite valid) viewpoints.

Asking for supporting consultations , second opinions, alternative perspectives = respected practice in any field of inquiry. How much more so regarding the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya, which is just now emerging as an international, multicultural discourse.

However, relying on consultant opinion to the exclusion of one's own scholarship, common sense and meditative intuition may be foolish and misleading. Therefore, the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya is best utilized (in the current era) with concomitant intuitive perception.

How to get meditative intuitive feedback

To use as guidance when negotiating conflicting Jyotisha opinion:

Please go to a calm place (such as a temple or forest or quiet room at the top of an urban building) and sit in meditation. BTW your own room in your own house is fine so long as all electronics are turned off. Try to ensure that you will not be interrupted for 15-20 minutes.

Set your ego-membrane concerns aside for a moment. Release anxiety about what you should or"shouldn't" do/be/say/know. Take the attitude that you are asking for the power to help a trusted friend, rather than asking about your own personal success or failure in terms of social judgment. This attitude of compassion toward a friend is important. You are your own best friend. Have compassion for yourself!

1. Create a grounding cord and use it to connect your heart chakra to the center of the earth.

2. Shut down the base energy chakra, #1 (muladhara) , which is the seat of survival /self-preservation energy including fear. We need to prevent fear and social anxiety from disrupting your intuitive awareness. This is perfectly safe to do for 20 minutes it you are in a calm, protected environment. (Obviously if you are a soldier on a battlefield or driving a high-speed car on the autobahn, you will want survival chakra #1 running at full bore, but for quiet intuitive practice we can close it down safely for a short time.)

3. Shut down the acquisition/fertility chakra, #2 (svadhisthāna) , which is a nice chakra of course but it can emit a bit too much enthusiasm for ego-membrane acquisitions, social praise etc. even sometimes inflated to greed, so let us shut down #2 for 20 minutes to create a clear viewing screen.

4. Shut down the competition/athletic/success chakra #3 ( manipura , or hara ;

it has many other names too). Although the hara energy is essential for winning any type of competition (including competition within one's own self) and staying in good shape physically, its call to spirited movement can be disruptive to the calm, centered act of meditation.

5. Open the heart chakra (anahata ) wide. Seek a bright, light green vibration like fresh new tree leaves in spring season.

6. Open the Throat chakra (visuddha ) wide. Seek an electric blue vibration (it's in there; just request to see/feel it) and send this electric blue current, which protects you while you are in communication with subtle energy beings, all around your body like a protective shield. The purpose of the electric blue shield is to make sure that information you receive in meditation belongs to you and not to other busy-body spirits like nosy ancestors etc. You'll notice that some people have a strong bright electric-blue/azure aura all the time. These people are very creative, intuitive, and articulate. They are able to express "new" ideas clearly and in an"inspiring" way. They are geniuses - , they"own" by birthright some brilliant information. This is very nice energy to run and you may want to consider running it all the time! Not just in seated meditation! (Great for theatrical profession, teaching, writing.)

7. Open the Third eye chakra (ajna ) between the eyebrows. Colors of this chakra energy vary by individual, but often it is violet-purple , amethyst colored. It can be also dark blue like blue sapphire and very brilliant. Allow this vibration to expand. This is the"viewpoint" of the Witness (your inner self) which is the eye that sees what is on the"blank screen" in front of you.

8. Say hello to chakra #7 the '1000-petalled lotus' (sahasrara) located near the fontanel at the top of the skull. This chakra is open all the time for some people. For some people it is almost completely closed, rather permanently. Some people are aware of it and some people aren't. Don't open or close this chakra. Let it control itself. This is your channel to pure divine intelligence. It is pure intensely bright light which contains all colors. It may appear white but it is really just intensely bright like direct sunlight. Just acknowledge this chakra, don't manipulate it, and allow the divine to open or close it as appropriate to your capacity. The reason not to manipulate the crown chakra = too much open too quickly can produce intoxication with the Divine. This sort of amrit-drunken bliss is fine and glorious if you are living in a spiritually supervised environment such as a guru's ashram or a meditation center. However, it is not a functional state of mind if you have to go to work, raise children, or pay bills on time! (The Divine is not concerned with Time!) So just say"hello" to the crown and welcome the Divine into your field of awareness.

9. See a blank movie-projection screen in front of you. Ask to be shown the general pattern of the (your) life path. Watch what is shown to you.

You may at first be shown a combination of colors and sounds, or feel some other sensual impact such as heat/cold or see a picture of some type, e.g., a flower, mountain, ritual implement, vehicle, or item of clothing.

It can be any type of picture or any type of object, familiar or unfamiliar.

Accept all of this intuitive feedback, record it, and honor the spirits who have agreed to provide you the guidance you seek." You may ask specific"show me" questions such as " may I see a gauge measuring how much permission I have to be world famous/regionally famous+Locally famous?" ;"may I see the next step I need to take to heal an illness/increase my income/attract a quality mate?" etc."

The answers will come in colors, sounds, textures, hot/cold skin sensations, pictures of all kinds, and sometimes voices - but only one or two words."

If you are getting complicated verbal instructions, there is way too much analytical interference running. This would be coming from anxiety.

You want KINDERGARTEN SIMPLE images that even a small child would understand. If you are getting lots of verbiage, make sure the lower chakras are closed and that your grounding cord is working to continuously release anxiety and social judgment from your aura. End the viewing after your question has been answered. Say thank you to the Divine. Say thank you to yourself. Keep the grounding cord in place. Slowly open chakras 3, 2, then 1. It is a good idea to replace your grounding cord every day (or every few minutes if you are under a tremendous amount of judgment/criticism/performance-anxiety pressure.)

Practice makes perfect. There are plenty of other intuitive methods from various lineages. If your family or religious inclinations connect you to a specific intuitive skills lineage , please use the tradition for which you are best genetically or culturally suited. I like the above process because it is CHILD SIMPLE and fast and easy. (Of course, I am an American!)

One point that is worth repeating, this intuitive guidance seeking is not the same thing as petitionary prayer. You are not "praying for" anything. One is not asking the Divine to do things your way. (Hah! As if any human had the wisdom to direct the cosmos!)

Actually one is not asking for the Divine to force anything to happen in the outside world. One is asking for a moment of clarity to permit recognition of the reflection upon the blank screen of one's own inner awareness, of the contents of one's own subconscious knowledge.

The "movie projector bulb" which throws light into the projected images and allows us to see them through the third eye, is a"light bulb" of Divine Light. We are asking the Source to turn on the Divine Light so we can see the path a little better please!!

Anything that is going to happen or change in the outside world will be the result of one's own subconscious programming. The ultimate authority in that programming is of course pre-incarnationally planned lawful unfoldment of experience (a.k.a. karmic law). It can be challenging to accept the fierce justice of pre-incarnationally planned law when one first learns to inquire into the truth of one's own path.

Many weaker souls will prefer to do petitionary prayer or ritual manipulation/sorcery, praying to an outside spiritual power to make changes which seem convenient, desirable, or just. They lack an intuitive compass and rely entirely on outside opinion in making their choices.

Although the analytical thought and logical reasoning required in the practice of Jyotisha are far superior to superstitious techniques of potions, prayers, or spells, if the fearful motive = manipulation of one's path rather than coordination with it , enlightenment will be blocked.

One's motive MUST be spiritual Alignment and work-effort partnership with the deepest Divinely "lit" intuition.

Rational thought is a fine servant, but a dangerous master.

Always check your interior intuitive certainty first! .


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