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Amsha * Bhava

Graha * Karaka



area of socially recognized, noteworthy identity and activity

Public Figures

BPHS Ch. 33. Effects of Karakamsha 57-60.

Effects of the tenth from Karakamsha

"If the tenth from Karakamsha receives a Drishti from, or is conjoined by a benefic, the native will have firm riches, be sagacious, strong and intelligent.

  • A malefic, giving a Drishti to the tenth from Karakamsha, or occupying this Bhava, will cause harm to his profession and deprive him of paternal bliss.

  • Budha and Shukra, giving a Drishti to the tenth from Karakamsha, or conjoining this Bhava, will confer many gains in business and will make him do many great deeds.

  • Surya and Chandra, giving a Drishti to the tenth from Karakamsha, or conjoining this place and receiving a Drishti from, or be in Yuti with Guru, the native will acquire a kingdom."

Karakamsha = bhava-1 radix

Uniquely singular individuals

forceful movement toward a goal

  • muscular movement
  • championship
  • vitality and uniqueness
  • conditions of birth
  • social recognition via flesh-body appearance
  • iconic personalities
  • metonymic symbolism
  • cult of personality


Governance Authority + Institutional Religious Leadership


Government and religious leaders

Athletes, Dancers, and Entertainers


Philosophical Scientific Literary * Iconic Social Personalities


Philosophical Scientific Literary * Iconic Social Personalities

Karakamsha = bhava-2

Treasuries of Food, financial well-being , Language-sounds, accumulated valuables, and Historical Knowledge

  • the keep

  • financial well-being, precious metals, jewels
  • family history, bloodlines
  • lineage values-fulfillment , art, music, poetic tales
  • storage, museums warehousing, banking
  • collected resources
  • sense-pleasures, food
  • perfumes, textiles, ornaments
  • face , eyes, hair
  • speech, song
  • voice, teeth, mouth, jaw
  • herd, hoard, hold
  • knowledge of history and languages
  • saturation, death


family line, heritage assets, genetics, languages, values-fulfillment, history, storage, conservation, finance, treasuries, speech, song, face

  • POTUS-pair-04 hostess 1768-1849 Dolley Madison preservation of presidential library

  • POTUS-05-pair 1768-1830 La belle Americaine Elizabeth Monroe * languages, face, assets

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt * thousands of speeches

  • POTUS-pair-36 Wildflowers 1912-2007 Ladybird Johnson * finance, speeches, face, significant family treasury. 10th-from-Chandra-5

  • POTUS-pair-41 + POTUS-43 mother 1925-2018 Barbara Pierce Bush * kutumbha family genetics, treasury

  • UK-Duchess of York 1959- Sarah Ferguson * kutumbha family genetics, treasury. 7th-from-Chandra = marriage.


family line, heritage assets, genetics, languages, values-fulfillment, history, storage, conservation, finance, treasuries, speech, song, face. capital markets, money, currency

  • POTUS-19 Railroad Strike 1822-1893 Rutherford B. Hayes

  • Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie * capital containment and capitalism

  • POTUS-22-24 Interstate Commerce 1837-1908 Grover Cleveland

  • Twilight of the Idols 1844-1900 Ubermensch Friedrich Nietzsche * philosopher + social thought-leader on Values

  • UK-Duke-Edinburgh 1921-2021 Philip Mountbatten * family lineage, capital treasure

  • USA Black Power 1925-1965 Nation of Islam Malcolm X * public speaking, preaching, narrative of values

  • CNN buffalo lands 1938- Ted Turner * capital treasury accumulations, recorded cinema collections

  • USA-Congress 1943- Newt Gingrich * speech, vocabulary, conservative values, treasuries of knowledge, food eating

  • Super Brain 1946- Dr. Deepak Chopra * HNWI proponent of knowledge lineages. Much of the treasury acquired via speaking fees.

  • Iran-Pres 1956- traffic engineer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad * fiery speeches


Singers * Eyes-Face-Hair-Voice-Sound


Singers + Dramatists * Eyes-Face-Hair-Voice-Sound * Values-Fulfillment


Treasuries of Memory, History, Language, Remembered Knowledge

  • Meditations 1596-1650 logician Rene Descartes [mathematical knowledge]

  • Origin of Species 1809-1892 naturalist Charles Darwin ]scientific knowledge]

Karakamsha = bhava-3 radix

  • commerce
  • committee meetings, management, memoranda, documentation
  • information technology, programming, media-message, publications, reports, announcements, sermons, signals
  • = media production, writings, business administration, advertising, sales, marketing, photographic imagery,
  • cinema, television
  • transmission, communication, radio-television-internet, telephone, telegraph
  • frequent short-term travel, explanations, reports, descriptions, instructions, broadcast, propaganda, information,
  • cohort, teamwork, collaboration, small-group process, junta, declarations and proclamations
  • siblings, cousins, mental-gestural interactions


Writers, songwriters, publishers, advertisers, propagandists, evangelists, announcers, sermonizers, communicators

  • Dialogue 1347-1380 St. Catherine of Siena

  • POTUS-pair-13 Libraries 1798-1853 Abigail Powers Fillmore * literary correspondence

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant * famed for her literary correspondence with her husband on the battlefield, as well as her writing contribution to USG's celebrated Memoires * contains [Simha-Somana-yuti-Guru]

  • Secret Doctrine 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Hahn Blavatsky * most of her 1880's writing is still in print 150 years later

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan * event management, details, process, media-messaging, photography, travel itineraries, teamwork

  • Political publicist 1966- Calista Gingrich * marketing, media manager


Writers, songwriters, publishers, advertisers, propagandists, evangelists, announcers, sermonizers, communicators

  • Bello Gallico 100-44 BCE Julius Caesar * Commentarii de Bello Civili, inter alia. During his lifetime, Julius Caesar was respected as one of the best orators and literary authors in Rome. JC received wide praise for his sharp rhetoric and prosodic style.

  • POTUS-06 American System 1767-1868 John Quincy Adams * documentation, legal opinion, written correspondence, publications, announcements

  • Totem and Taboo 1856-1939 psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud

  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner * dozens of influential books about metaphysics and world order

  • Principia Mathematica 1872-1970 philosopher Bertrand Russell

  • Steppenwolf 1877-1962 anti-Nazi Hermann Hesse * lifetime essayist and novelist, writer of anti-Nazi articles + 1946 Nobel Prize for Literature

  • Navamani Malai 1879-1950 Bhagavan Shri Ramana Maharshi of Arunachala * explanations descriptions information about self-inquiry

  • Yogaville 1914-2002 Swami Satchidananda audio-video instructions, small-group collaborations, book publishing, travel itineraries, conferences

  • God's Dream 1931- Anglican Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu * writing, announcements, committee work, cooperative planning, constant travel

  • Tantra 1931-1990 professor Osho Rajneesh * 650 books and articles

  • Truth Be Told 1933-2021 interviewer Larry King * radio-television journalism long career

  • Shambala 1939-1987 Tulku Chogyam Trungpa * philosophy, poetry


Commercial Business + Project Management + Communications Skills - team-builders - - administrators - managers

  • POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur *as the Collector of the Port of New York, Arthur essentially operated a large, efficient bribery business

  • Pucci Prints 1914-1992 fashion Emilio Pucci * garment business

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter * peanut sales, humanitarian projects

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro * radio, announcements, presentations, propaganda

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald Trump * television, marketing, scripts. consumer goods

  • USA-Sen-Utah 1947- finance Mitt Romney * commercial business management


Scripting, cinema, touring performances, ensemble production

  • Swing Time 1911-1995 dance theatre Ginger Rogers choreography, ensemble drama

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie * cinema production, committee work


Scripting, cinema, touring performances, ensemble production

  • Grateful Dead 1942-1995 guitarist Jerry Garcia * the band, songwriting, touring

Karakamsha = bhava-4 * the Old Tracks

Ethnos, Settlements, Ancient Rhythms, Homeland

  • the Old Ways and folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms;
  • ancient lifestyles,
  • comfortable routines
  • rhythms, oscillating patterns and habits,
  • predictable movements
  • environmentalism


  • home, dwelling
  • school
  • shelter,
  • parents, protection, paternalism;

nationalism, patriotism

property ownership-stewardship ,

  • fences, boundaries
  • defense of the land
  • agriculture
  • guardians of the old ways
  • farm, garden, lands;


  • shell-protection that is provided by vehicles
  • transport vehicles, roadways, pathways


Parents, Schoolteachers, Patriots, Property-Owners, Root-Protectors, Police


Educators, Schoolmasters, Fundamentalists, Protectors of the Ethnic Roots and folkways, ancient customs, established cultural norms Parents

Patriots, Nationalists, Planters, Boundary-defenders. Police

Land-Stewards, Earth-watchers, Groundsmen, Environmentalists

  • POTUS-15 Oregon Treaty 1791-1868 James Buchanan * plantation agriculture, States' Rights (localism)

  • POTUS-14 Bleeding Kansas 1804-1869 Franklin Pierce * proponent of local States' Rights, defender of slave-owners' rights to own human property * real-estate magnate

  • POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield * Civil War general, abolitionist defender of ethnic morality, schoolteacher, school principal

  • POTUS-23 National Forests 1833-1901 Benjamin Harrison

  • France-Pres 1890-1970 Mémoires de Guerre Charles de Gaulle * stabilization, patriotism

  • 52nd Dai, Dawoodi Bohra 1915-2014 Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin * literacy, education, ethnicity, security, property ownership-stewardship (4)

  • Raag Khamaj 1920-2012 sitarist Ravi Shankar * worldwide ambassador and exemplary performer of the rich ethnic traditions of Indian Classical music

  • POTUS-42 My Life 1946- Bill Clinton * leadership roles focused on education, housing, basic well-being, social stability

  • Dittoheads 1951-2021 radio polemic Rush Limbaugh * ethnocentrism, patriotism, root culture, land rights


guardians of the Old Ways, caretakers, homebuilders, providers of Security and Shelter

  • Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce * folk medicine

  • Yogaville 1914-2002 Swami Satchidananda * communal settlement property developer = chain of hatha-yoga schools * developed dozens of valuable properties, including a 750-acre yoga compound (4)

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffet * homebody

  • Ring of Fire 1932-2003 rockabilly Johnny Cash * patriotism, parochialism, farming, old ways, old settlements

  • Clairsentient 1939-1994 social justice Paul Solomon

  • Silly Love Songs 1942- Beatle Paul McCartney * parent above all

  • NASCAR 1951-2001 motorsports Dale Earnhardt * vehicles, local folks, chicken-farmer

Karakamsha = bhava-5 radix * vidya

  • Politics
  • celebrity, theatre, literature, fashion, bright lights, artistic creativity, royalty, center-stage roles,
  • glamour, fashion, brilliance, amusement
  • creative intelligence, genius

  • games, artistic performance arts, curiosity, speculation, entertainment, parties
  • creative thought and unique demonstrations, Children, genius


Politics and Royalty


Politics and Royalty


Celebrity * Dramatic performance * Genius * Literati + Glitterati * bhavat-bhavam 5 = 3rd-from-3rd * celebrity entertainers + literary writers


Celebrity * Dramatic performance * Genius * Literati + Glitterati * bhavat-bhavam 5 = 3rd-from-3rd * celebrity entertainers + literary writers

Karakamza = bhava-6 radix * either ministry or misery = serve or suffer

  • ministries of service
  • exploitation of labor, servitude, slavery
  • betrayal, treason
  • distrust
  • illness, drugs,
  • injury, "accident", medical distress,
  • addictions
  • alcoholism
  • poverty, destitution, prostitution
  • crime, greed, corruption
  • usury- loans
  • military professions
  • war, class warfare, social conflict;
  • disparity, despair
  • animosity, accusation, argument
  • broken contracts, betrayal, divorce
  • environmental pollution
  • financial corruption
  • drug addiction, spousal abuse, victimization [being eaten]


Service Ministry, Military, Medicine, Misery - Litigation, Pharmacy, Pollution, Servitude, Slavery, Animals

  • Miracle Roses 1207-1231 St. Elizabeth of Hungary * dedicated her career to a ministry of service providing care to the sick, poor, cast-off (6)

  • POTUS-pair-16 Illinois 1818-1882 Mary Todd Lincoln * Retrospectively, medical historians opine that Mary may have suffered from bipolar disorder, which resulted in terrible migraine headaches, wild spending sprees, and psychotic episodes in response to severe life stress.

  • Aquero 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes * hospice nursing sister, icon of peasants

  • POTUS-26-pair Whitehouse Restoration 1861-1948 Edith Carow Roosevelt * service ministries

  • UK-Duchess 1981- Meghan Markle * ministry of service, medical aid, poverty aid

  • UK Duchess 1982- photographer Kate of Cambridge * dedicated her career to a ministry of service focused on charities for the disadvantaged (6)


Service Ministry, Military, Medicine, Misery - Litigation, Pharmacy, Pollution, Servitude, Slavery, Animals

  • Annunciation 1452-1519 logic Leonardo daVinci

  • Four Seasons 1678-1741 Baroque sacred music Antonio Vivaldi * renowned as music teacher and director of famed girls' choir for Venetian orphanage

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin * American Revolutionary War (6) negotiator (Tula Shani)

  • POTUS-12 California Statehood 1784-1850 Zachary Taylor * career military, fought numerous Indian Wars, exploitation of native peoples, [Sarala Yoga]

  • My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla * Obsessive Compulsive Disorder * gambling addiction; bankruptcy; broken relationships

  • Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore

  • Jungle Book 1865-1936 Empire Rudyard Kipling * war propaganda, deaths of 2 of his 3 children, deprecated as a figure of colonial oppression

  • Savitri 1872-1950 revolutionary poet Shri Aurobindo * (contains Ketu) ministry of service

  • Waste Land 1888-1965 publisher T.S. Eliot * war, exhaustion from overwork, emotional punishment

  • India-PM 1889-1964 Toward Freedom Jawaharlal Nehru circumstances of exploitation, servitude, second-class treatment (contains Rahu-Kanya)

  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Zedong (propaganda. contains Surya-Mula.)

  • The Mirror 1895-1986 theosophy Jiddu Krishnamurti JK was involved in a lifetime of lawsuits. The litigiousness began at his age 16 with a custody battle between Annie Besant vs. JK's father. The pattern finally ceased during JK's late 80's, when his bitter, long-running copyright ownership fight against his publishers finally drew to a close.

  • Way of Zen 1915-1973 radio philosopher Alan Watts * counter-culture unrest, personal alcoholism

  • Be Here Now 1931-2019 Baba Ram Dass [Mula-Shani-6 Seva]

  • Banker to the Poor 1940- microcredit Muhammad Yunus * zero-interest money loans for severe poverty alleviation

  • Experience 1942-1970 guitarist Jimi Hendrix JH was a military parachuter before an injury ending his soldiering. His celebrated musicial performances expressed antiwar protest [6] and his counterculture lifestyle was drug-infused [6]. He died of drug overdose age 27. JH music and image remains highly symbolic of the frustration of youth.

Karakamsha = bhava-7 radix

  • relationships
  • deal-maker
  • trade * exchange
  • agreement
  • trusts
  • equity
  • justice

  • bargains, deals, fairness,
  • vow, promise, trust
  • covenant, consecration
  • alliances
  • counseling, advising,
  • business contracts
  • marriage; unions
  • law court settlements
  • negotiation, brokerage
  • design, designation,
  • decoration, ornament
  • beautification, cosmetics
  • partnerships of every variety,
  • arrangements,
  • agreement
  • equity, balancing, yoga,
  • pairing, parity, peers
  • equanimity
  • mutuality


Relationships, Bargains, Contracts * Middleman, Broker, Arranger

Marriage Alliance, Negotiation, Deal-making, Harmonies, Diplomacy, Agreements, Equity, Justice, Trust and Troth, "Other Half" , Vows, Promise, Covenant, Oath, Pledge

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington * tobacco broker, negotiator, financial representative, diplomat

  • Le Petite Voie 1873-1897 St. Therese von Lisieux * holy vows

  • India-PM 1917-1984 Martial Law Indira Gandhi * deal-maker, political bargains, alliances

  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot * sexual engagement, marriages

  • Law of One 1943-2015 Ra Material Carla Rueckert * trance-medium, middleman, clairsentient conductor

  • Fijación Oral 1977- singer Shakira Mebarak *relationship narratives

  • drama-commerce 1978- Katie Holmes * celebrity marriage


Relationships, Bargains, Contracts * Middleman, Broker, Arranger

Legal Agreement, Judicial Decision

Marriage Alliance, Negotiation, Deal-making, Harmonies, Diplomacy, Equity, Justice, Trust and Troth, "Other Half" , Vows, Promise, Covenant, Oath, Pledge

  • Protestant Reformation 1483-1549 hymns Martin Luther ML was the face of the Protestant Christian Reformation of 1500's Europe. His theology removed the middleman [priests] allowing each believer to enjoy an unmediated personal relationship with the Divine.

  • POTUS-07 Indian Removal 1767-1845 Andrew Jackson * attorney, land purchase contracts

  • POTUS-11 Manifest Destiny 1795-1849 James Knox Polk * attorney, deal-maker

  • POTUS-08 Democratic Party 1782-1862 Martin Van Buren * attorney, deal-making, brokerage

  • Bacteriology 1822-1895 Microbes Louis Pasteur

  • Moonies 1920-2012 Rev. Sun Myung Moon [marriage ceremonies, financial contracts]

  • POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George H.W. Bush * partnerships, advisors, alliances

  • Calif-Gov 1938- Moonbeam Jerry Brown * partnerships public-private, advisors, contract law


Negotiators, Advocates, Representatives, Counselors

  • POTUS-16 Emancipation 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln [preservation of the Union * contains Guru + uchcha-Shukra]

  • War and Peace 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy [novelist of relationships]

  • Mad Monk 1869-1916 Romanov Grigori Rasputin [advisor, counsel]

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda [adviser, partner]

  • 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika B. V. Raman [granted countless numbers of consults on marriage and business decisions throughout his long and productive professional advising lifetime]

  • Hour of Decision 1918-2018 Rev. Billy Graham [promise, covenant, trust, oath, pledge]

  • Basic Instinct 1944- drama-commerce Michael Douglas [marriages, deal-making, arrangements]

  • Purple Rain 1958-2016 guitarist Prince [ legal contract intellectual property success]

  • UK Earl 1964- Edward of Wessex

Karakamsha = randhra-bhava-8 * Revolution - Trauma-healing - Discovery

  • secrets,
  • hidden powers
  • the forbidden;
  • hidden resources
  • undiscovered wealth,
  • sudden and radical transformation
  • camouflage * masks
  • tantra
  • breaking taboo

    sudden disclosure, exposure, revelation

  • identity change
  • exposing unknown powers
  • healing therapeutics
  • transformative surgeries
  • gender re-assignment
  • widowhood
  • occult knowledge
  • rebirth; circumstances of death;
  • disaster and recovery
  • emergency response


Hidden information, secret-keeper, confidant * disclosure, discovery, revelation

Sudden unexpected change, revolution, upheaval, disaster response, collapse and recovery * taboo-breaking

  • UK Queen 1819-1901 Empress Victoria-1 * widowhood (8) along with insistent non-disclosure of her second lifepartnership

  • Christian Science 1821-1910 Mary Baker Eddy * mysterious healings

  • Second Sex 1908-1986 Simone de Beauvoir * revelation (8) exposure (8) in philosophical categorical language, of gender-roles . Initiator (8) of feminist revolution

  • POTUS-pair-38 Addiction Recovery 1918-2011 Betty Bloomer Ford * therapeutic healing transformation

  • POTUS-pair-39 Caregiving 1927- Rosalynn Smith Carter * secrecy, therapeutic investigation, trauma healing * broke taboo on mental disorders

  • Out on a Limb 1934- drama-esoterica Shirley MacLaine * occult identities

  • Lipstick 1954-1996 drama-model Margaux Hemingway * sudden identity change, destructive cycles

  • POTUS-pair-44 Let's Move 1964- Michelle Robinson Obama * transformative icon, keeper of confidential knowledge

  • Human Rights 1978- attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney * transformation of society via systems of human rights. Discovery (8) of hidden relationships, masked power, secret imprisonment, camouflaged assets.

  • Fashion design 1981- real-estate Ivanka Trump


Hidden information, secret-keeper, confidant * disclosure, discovery, revelation

Sudden unexpected change, revolution, upheaval, disaster response, collapse and recovery * taboo-breaking

  • POTUS-13 Slave Trade Compromise 1800-1874 Millard Fillmore * addressed the financial emergency created by the imminent collapse of the NY State Bank (then his new bank model was used to create the USA Federal Reserve.)

  • POTUS-28 The State 1856-1924 Woodrow Wilson

  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt

  • Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 assembly line Henry Ford * secret assets, undisclosed wartime affiliations, spying on workers

  • Russ 1870-1924 Proletarian Revolution Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin * revolutionary

  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover * associated with the catastrophic Great Depression

  • Standard Oil 1874-1960 philanthropy John D. Rockefeller [ hidden assets, tax avoidance, private equity investments]

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson * assassination of JFK

  • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Aryamehr Mohamed Reza Pahlavi [secret operations, hidden wealth, revolution, catastrophic change]

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King [sudden, unexpected eruptions of strange energy]

  • Rus-Pres 1952- First Person Vladimir Putin * hidden assets, secret police, undisclosed arrangements

  • Syria-Pres 1965- ophthalmologist Bashar al-Assad [hidden assets, revolution, catastrophic destruction]

  • UK Duke 1982- William of Cambridge * helicopter disaster-rescue pilot

Karakamsha = bhava-9 radix * patronage, priesthood, patriarchs, paradigms of belief

politics, celebrity, charisma, theatre = 5th from 5th

  • ideology
  • philosophical doctrine
  • guru, father
  • priesthood

  • public ceremonies
  • religious principles, catechism
  • theology
  • philosophical teaching
  • theory
  • first principles
  • patriarchy, fatherhood
  • professorship, punditry
  • university culture
  • globalism
  • internationalism
  • study of sacred scripture
  • world travel for wisdom
  • divinely fortune


Philosophers, Theorists, Professors, Ecclesiastics

Public Spiritual Guidance figures


Celebrities, Dramatists

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan * animal-rights + civil-rights activist

  • Harry Potter 1965- magical-fiction J.K. Rowling * charities,


Philosophers, Theorists, Professors, Ecclesiastics

Public Spiritual Guidance figures

Politics * 5th-from-5th (9) = ideology, paradigm of belief, doctrinal politics


Celebrity, Creativity, Patronage, Patriarchs, Royalty


Theorists, Philosopher-Divines, Ideologues, Globalists

  • Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau * philosophy of nature, abolitionism

  • Duino Elegies 1875-1926 mystical poet Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein *university professor, theory of relativity (9) scientific formulation of time [Kumbha]

  • Pope-266 Francis 1936- Jorge Bergoglio * Roman Catholic globalist

  • Archbishop of Canterbury 1950- Rowan Williams * philosophical, theological, academic poetics (9)


Creative, Inspirational Humanists associated with their fathers, or with the patriarchal paradigms of belief

Karakamsha = bhava-10

Governance, Leadership, Symbolic Roles, Regulatory Authority

  • Social prominence
  • elite social rank and Titles
  • iconic figures from all walks of life
  • public recognition
  • professional authority

  • director roles
  • head of organization
  • recognition, respect, dignity
  • corporate president
  • honors
  • public roles and duties
  • Public appearance * very well known in their field

  • lawmakers
  • government officials


Social Governance Roles

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Armada Elizabeth-1-Tudor 44-year reign

  • POTUS-pair-22-24 Needlework 1864-1947 Frances Folsom Cleveland * her extremely high-visibility iconic image was appropriated by commercial sellers and news media, widely reprinted throughout the Anglosphere. With Purvaphalguni lagna accepting the attention naturally, she allowed it as a way to serve her causes.

  • POTUS-pair-34 Military Families 1896-1979 Mamie Doud Eisenhower

  • Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel * 16 year chancellorship

  • USA-Sen-Calif 1964- Kamala Devi Harris * governance, rule of law


Social Governance Roles


Public Figures of Distinctive Reputation

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland * cultural icon

  • Entertaining 1941- housekeeping Martha Kostyra Stewart * executive owner of television, magazine, and homewares corporations

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey * media magnate, social icon

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna

  • D'eux 1968- balladeer Celine Dion * multi-decade career in musical performance and luxury goods business


Public Figures of Distinctive Reputation

Karakamza = bhava-11 radix

  • community links
  • fan clubs
  • social-economic associative and distributive networks
  • the masses and the classes


  • social participation
  • community organization
  • commonwealth
  • earnings, profits, gains
  • aims, goals
  • awards and prizes for socially recognized achievement

economies of services, goods and ideas

  • linkage, connection
  • principled expansion of marketplace participation,
  • voluntary friendships, profit, income, father's brothers. mass social movements,

social participation, material goals and opportunities

  • science,
  • elder sibling, mentor
  • conceptual and social networks, marketplace connections


community activism, social-participation networks, distribution systems, economics, friendship linkage, futurism, fantasy, observational science

  • La Pucelle d'Orléans 1412-1431 St. Jeanne d'Arc * leader of populist (11) movement to re-assert local rulers within conquered lands

  • POTUS-pair-02 Letters 1744-1818 Abigail Adams

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 esoterica Alice Bailey international social network of spiritual aspirants

  • Israel-PM 1898-1978 Our Strength Golda Meir * collectives, fundraising

  • POTUS-pair-37 Watergate 1912-1993 Pat Ryan Nixon * political fundraising, rallies, assemblies

  • UK-PM Path to Power 1925-2013 Margaret Thatcher * privatization of UK economy, political fundraising

  • Ms. Magazine 1934- women's rights Gloria Steinem * social community activism

  • Sophie's Choice 1949- drama Meryl Streep * astonishing number of awards, prizes, fans. Political fundraising.

  • Uptown Girl 1954- supermodel Christie Brinkley

  • Zorro 1969- drama-commerce Catherine Zeta Jones * commercial profits


community activism, social-participation networks, distribution systems, economics, friendship linkage, futurism, fantasy, observational science

  • Harmonices Mundi 1571-1630 Johannes Kepler * scientific community networks in Europe

  • POTUS-05 Monroe Doctrine 1758-1831 James Monroe * exceptionally well connected through the royal courts of France, England, and Spain, Monroe served in the US diplomatic abroad during the first half of his career and he managed continuing treaties from stateside during the second half of career

  • Holy Science 1855-1936 Shri Yukteswara Giri * scientific frameworks, social networks

  • POTUS-29 Teapot Dome 1865-1923 Warren G. Harding * women suffrage, community activism, economic gains

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock

  • Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. Josemaria Escriva * Opus Dei worldwide social-economic network

  • Scientology 1911-1986 Lafayette Ron Hubbard

  • POTUS-34 Interstate Highways 1890-1969 Dwight D. Eisenhower * massive systems builder

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon

  • POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford mixed economic systems regulation (Bilderberger)

  • Egypt-Sudan King 1920-1965 Faruq al-Awwal * vast income

  • Puttarpathy 1926-2011 Sathya Sai Baba massive economic networks

  • USA-Sen-Mass 1932-2009 Teddy Kennedy economic connectivity (11) and increased social participation (11) for the masses and the classes (11, large groups).

  • Oracle Database 1944- Larry Ellison * computer relational databases, global economic profits

  • Nepal 1945-2001 The Last Hindu King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah * economic systems, social participation schemes

  • Chariots of Fire 1955-1997 Dodi Al-Fayed

  • Top Gun 1962 cinema producer Tom Cruise * fan clubs, marketplace revenue

  • Wikileaks 1971- Julian Assange * computer networks, social access to information

Karakamsha = bhava-12

  • privacy
  • clairsentient comprehension
  • activities occurring within shielding walls, invisible to the public
  • seclusion, enclosure
  • hospital, ashram, monastery
  • spa convalescence sanctuaries
  • clandestine activities, under-the-table, behind-the-scenes
  • distant lands
  • bedroom,
  • meditation centers
  • private prayer
  • sanctuary, behind-walls
  • behind-screen, chancellery
  • imagination, long sojourn
  • imprisonment, isolation
  • retreat
  • dreams, sleep, trance-state
  • astral bridge

Hospitals, Meditation Retreats, Restorative Spa, Sanctuaries

  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata * sanctuary for dying

  • Runaway Bride 1967- drama-commerce Julia Roberts

  • Methodism 1703-1791 preacher John Wesley * private interior experience of salvation

Imprisonment, Involuntary Enclosure

Scientific Research, Secluded Laboratory, Night Observations

  • Starry Messenger 1564-1642 Galileo Galilei

  • Homeopathy 1755-1843 Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung * research in psychotherapeutics, imagination, subconscious imagery

bedroom adventures

foreign diplomats, internationalists, masters of espionage


  • POTUS-04 USA-Constitution 1751-1836 James Madison * secretary of state and intl diplomat, invisibly seeking funding and support for the fledgling nation

  • POTUS-10 Annex Texas 1790-1862 John Tyler behind-the-scenes development of Confederate rebellion, private negotiation to annex the Republic of Texas into the USA

Artistic visionaries

  • Realm of Light 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich * visionary paintings

  • Imagine 1940-1980 Beatle John Lennon * future world visionary

Clairsentients, contemplatives, and intuitives

exemplars of imaginative fantasy or private prayer

  • Meditations 1596-1650 logic Rene Descartes * philosopher, mathematician, intuitive

  • Ethica ordine geometrico 1632-1677 Baruch Spinoza * clairsentient philosopher

  • Mormon Church 1805-1844 Golden Plates Joseph Smith * clairsentient

  • Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 linguist J.R.R. Tolkien * conservative Roman Catholic, fantasy worlds creator imaginative stories

  • TM 1917-2008 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi * Advaita-Vedanta, exponent of meditation

  • Old Path White Clouds 1926- Interbeing Thich Nhat Hanh * Zen Master, exponent of meditation

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King * // I Have A Dream //

  • Prodigals 1920-2007 writer-illustrator Ruth Bell Graham Presbyterian Christian confession, private prayer

  • VPOTUS-pair Music Censorship 1948- Tipper Gore (fantasy musical threat)


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