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Vimshottari Dasha - Rashi - Gochara - Bhava - Graha - Ratna - Nakshatra - Amsha - Karaka - Varga - Bala


of Budha

ruled by instructional, conversational Budha


Snake Goddess of Minoan Civilization c. 1600 BCE


Asavari Ragini, Ragamala Tradition, c. 1610

(woman with snakes in a rocky cavern with wild animals)


Traditional Chinese art (no date)


OM hrim krom aim grhanathaya budhaya svaha

AUM som somaya namah



Professor Chandra


Thoma - Tha


resides in






the leash, binding embrace

need to squeeze * extortion, twisting

soothed by restraining embrace * guards the ethno-cultural environment * needs familiar folk narratives

protector of defensive communications

won't let go

bound to rhythmic repetitive patterns, restraint, guilt

emotional patterning delivered into the Earth consciousness grid

conferred by the races of Hydra

Aśleṣa * Hydra

  • ruled by Budha

  • [16-40 until 29-59 Chandra-Karkata]

  • comforted by maternal soothing * settled into tidal rhythms * needs to protect

Navamsha quarters * pada * charan


Nakshatra Trine of blarney Professor Budha provide an emotionalized infusion of caretaking, sheltering, rhythmic, familiar, ethno-cultural sensitivity into Budha's activities, such as

  • Media-master * news-radio-television-internet-cinema
  • Instructor
  • Advertiser
  • Seller
  • Explainer
  • Evangelist
  • Messenger
  • Manager
  • Administrator
  • Publisher
  • Announcer
  • Planner
  • Scheduler
  • Articulator
  • Spokesperson

See also: Chandra in a nakshatra of Budhan

Each of the Budha-ruled nakshatra of Chandra is emotionally compatible with the other chatty, instructional, descriptive, evangelical, explanatory Budha-ruled Communicators

  • [Chandra in Aśleṣa - Naga] soothed by restraining embrace * guards the ethno-cultural environment * needs familiar folk narratives

  • [Chandra in Jyeṣṭha -Kita] calmed by competitive signals * protector of comforting prophetic messages * narrative of cultural pioneering * familiar face of direct announcements

  • [Chandra in Revatī - Pushana] soothed by wayfaring rhythms * protector of poetic interpretations * wise familiar lyrics * Soothing dreamlike songs * ancient folk narratives

Public Figure Examples

Chandra in Aśleṣa - Naga

[optimistic-doctrinal Aśleṣa-1]

[navamsha Chandra-Dhanus] intuitively sensitive inspirational-guiding


[governing-hierarchical Aśleṣa-2]

[navamsha Chandra-Makara-Draco] intuitively sensitive class-conscious ordering

// QUOTATION Das / Behari // This moon placement indicates a troubled relationship with your mother. //


[systematic-profitable Aśleṣa-3]

[navamsha Chandra in Kumbha] intuitively sensitive economic-populist

[visionary-charitable Aśleṣa-4] [26:40 until 30:00 Karkata] [Gandanta location]

[navamsha [Chandra-Meena] intuitively sensitive visionary-contemplative

  • USA Sec of State Condoleezza Rice

  • New York mayor 1994-2001; 2008 pres cand Rudi Giuliani

  • Gov. NY State Eliot Spitzer prostitution shaming-scandal

  • Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky

  • USSR Supreme Leader Nikita Khruschev

  • father of POTUS-35, JFK Joseph Kennedy s.

  • dramatist Catherine Deneuve

  • Placido Domingo (opera singer)

  • Zubin Mehta (symphony director)

  • Thomas Merton (mystical spirituality writer)

  • oceanographer Jacques Cousteau


Moon-Mens occupies Aśleṣa Nakshatra

emotional clinging, mentalized feelings

Serpentine entangling, embracing, insinuating, coercive, binding

Hands-on parenting and ensuring of Security


the leash, snake-holding, guilt bondage; restraints

deeply emotionally concerned with matters of security and continuity

natural affinity for psychological or physical binding, straps and ligatures, squeezing and containment, tight embrace, restraint of hands or arms; engineering via pins, nails, brace, winch, and vise; flow-control devices like levies, locks and dams; coercive politics;

entanglement and guilt by insinuation

Budha-ruled Aśleṣa-Chandra = "thinking about feelings "; may be perceived as self-absorbed

excellent placement for

  • behavioral psychologists * especially working with those bound by a compelling fixation such as autism, addictions, restrictive ideation, or punitive attachments

  • structural engineering of reinforcement, compression, bracing and containment

  • any work that involves holding, leashing-lashing, tie-lines, restraints, strapping, binding, mandatory adherence, coercion, extortion, or manipulative control

  • guardian functions such as border security, denial of passage, prevention of release

Aśleṣa's challenges reflect the planetary animosity between

  • mentalized, chatty, manual-manipulative, adolescent, sexually conjoining Budha who rules Aśleṣa Nakshatra


  • sensitive, protective, securing, defending, parental Chandra who rules Karkata Rashi.

The Aśleṣa Chandra = nervous (Budha quickening) about matters of security, and emotionally motivated to be involved in the intimate lives of others as a method of self-defense.

Aśleṣa-Chandra may appear to be characteristically over-involved in the effort to secure the emotional well-being of others, Yet, the underlying motive is a self-feeling of insecurity and lack of protection.

the negative implications of Aśleṣa can be corrected by spiritual practice that re-instates the Missing Mother

Aśleṣa = covertly manipulative emotional style

Deeply engaged in emotional strategies designed to increase one's personal security and well being.

  • Security consultant New York mayor 1994-2001 Rudi Giuliani

The Ritualized Family

Aslesha folk tend to feel very close to their family, and Naga may bond especially deeply with the Mother. Yet there is often a sense of not being able to get quite enough attention from the mother, or from the parents generally, which leads to a lifetime pattern of needing to firmly secure the post-parental supportive partnerships.

Closeness to the family can merge into an obsessive need to stay in touch very frequenttly [Budha frequency] even when the family members have matured and undertaken independent lives. Naga may reinforce the demand to bond at ritual seasonal gatherings, perhaps using guilt as a common tool of manipulation to ensure that all family members attend.

Hydra can extort verbal declarations of loyalty from those in the family circle [Budha messages] and respond with frustration if this emotional nourishment does not flow.

Parenting and Caretaking

Aśleṣa expresses their devotion to family through profound concern for the welfare of others. Often the unshakable heavy-set anchors of multi-generational homes, the nurturing Aśleṣa-Chandra parent is sensitive and verbally communicative (Budha-ruled) while they rule the roost.

Aśleṣa concern for stability and family comfort may be expressed as both manual and psychological manipulation. Professor Budha signifies manus = hands.

Paramount need to protect the family welfare against a perceived threat of family members wandering away from the safe core.

Aśleṣa is capable of interference with the plans or intentions of others, even to the point of extortion. The issue may be that concern for the well-being of family members morphs into a Naga-style compulsion to maintain one's own importance by ensuring that one will be needed.

Psychological co-dependence and food-drug disorders for the native and their families are sometimes the result of negotiating this tension between the independent paths and interests of the Others versus the Aśleṣa behavior of binding the wandering thing to a fixed anchored base-place-ground.

The nurturing touch and psychological engagement of the less conscious Aśleṣa-Chandra may develop into a subtle, entwining, choking embrace.

Binding, strapping, anchoring, squeezing * holding-back, embracing, stabilizing Aśleṣa emotion is a fierce energy to protect and defend, but can be choking, strangling and micro-managing too.

Aśleṣa Chandra may indicate manipulative behaviors in actions of parenthood, particularly in the role of primary caretaker, mother-figure or mother.

  • Lipstick 1954-1996 drama-model Margaux Hemingway [systematic-profitable Aśleṣa-3] [12, imagery] Mom was a victim and an enabler of domestic violence. Mom suffered from cancer during most of Margaux's upbringing. Mother and daughter were said to be emotionally attached, yet the pair had a polarizing catalytic relationship in an abusive household. MH's mother as well as MH herself were molested by their fathers.

There are usually plusses and minuses to living with an Aśleṣa Moon.

Aśleṣa Chandra parents = masters at holding together their extended families even under great duress.

On the other hand, the children may find that she who must be obeyed is clinging and clinging. Chandra-Aśleṣa may be prone toward the use of guilt as a family glue and perhaps resistant to release the children into their independent adulthood.

Tends to get tangled up in other people's business (other corporations, other nations). Budha-characteristic Instinct to manipulate both friend and foer.

May not hear the psychic alarm which signals that it is time to pull out of another's decision process. May remain engaged for too long with a strong tendency to interfere .

  • Emotional need to intervene in the love-lives of others, distinctively in the romances and marriages of their children. May be the matriarch or patriarch who feels a need to insinuate (Naga) their own narrative into the intimate lives of family members.

  • Slithering, entwining instinct tells Aśleṣa to keep wrapping around their victim until that victim becomes paralyzed.

The Aśleṣa intends the squeezing embrace as a loving way to engage with the beloved and to ensure one's own security. Yet, their friends, family, clients (and other victims) may experience Aśleṣa as a psychic vampire.

  • One prefers to work in stealth, not announcing one's plans to imminently enter or re-enter an involvement .

Aśleṣa is well-suited to therapeutic professional relationships where the helping agent is socially approved to become over-involved with clients, such as psychologist, social worker, counselor, divorce attorney, or diplomat. (Also snake-handling.)

  • Brilliant in depth-work , such as therapeutic psychological healing that involves tight holding , or interpretive and exploratory work with Oceans (Cousteau). Cf. Granville

Specialists in"intervention" , which is a sudden attack made possible after a long period of quietude and building trust. Aśleṣa Chandra:

  • tendency to get entangled into manipulate emotional relationships

  • seduced into other people's business. Emotionally needy and surreptitious behavior in affairs of the heart

  • highly verbal and exotic involvement with foreigners


Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci by Piero di Cosimo, c. 1490

Aśleṣa = The Coiled Leash


Often the lifemate is older due to Karkata attracting the more senior, experienced patterns of Makara.

The plus side may be an enduring marriage contract.

The minus side may be limited permission to develop psychologically and spiritually given the requirement to stay put emotionally.

  • UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2 Aśleṣa Chandra-7 also binds the marriage partnership. UK-Duke-Edinburgh 1921-2021 Philip Mountbatten - six years her senior - also Aśleṣa Chandra, suggesting that both of these marriage partners = unwilling to let go of the bond, no matter the exigencies.

Budha = /inter/ . Aśleṣa likes to be intertwined with the center of nurturing energy [Chandra], regarding interpersonal, interfamilial, or international matters.

  • Chandra-Aśleṣa may crave to be in every nook and cranny of the environment.

  • Thus Aśleṣa's self-protective actions may be defensively sneaky or invasive .

Social leadership - extension of parenting

Aśleṣa-Chandra = typically patriotic and roots-loving family-oriented folk. Yet, the characteristic holding-and-binding tendencies can make Aśleṣa a challenging boss. In leadership roles, Aśleṣa may show affinity for defensive security operations

In bhava-1, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on the fleshly identity and visible shell of social attributes and upon the importance of one's own personality

  • UK-Duke-Edinburgh 1921-2021 Philip Mountbatten, national defense, Royal Navy. Once he swore allegiance to Britain becoming a citizen of United Kingdom, his loyalty and devotion to the homeland were tightly bound (Aśleṣa)

  • Political publicist 1966- Calista Gingrich

  • Oops-pair 1978- Kevin Federline

In bhava-2 , Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on protection of the treasuries, and upon the character of the family lineage

In bhava-3 , Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on securing the communications, and upon the personality of the sibling-figures

In bhava-4, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on the root-culture and folk habits, seasons and of the people and upon the persona of the mother-figure

In bhava-5 , holds to the children, binds the romantic lovers, squeezes the creative collaborators and upon the personalities of the father's father and of the children

In bhava-6, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on accusative lawsuits and litigation and upon the personalities of the mother's relatives

In bhava-7, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on contracts, agreements, alliances, marriage and diplomatic arrangements and upon the personality of the mother's mother and of the peer-partners

In bhava-8 , Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on secret-keeping, therapeutic and transformative non-disclosure and upon the personality of the hidden partners

In bhava-9, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on ideology, doctrine, theory, first principles, catechesis, beliefs and upon the personality of the father-figure

Aśleṣa- Chandra within dharma bhava gives a need for patriarchal control via a manipulative and binding style of emotional inquiry. One may feel that the father should be the guru within his own family. In one's own view, religion is an important bond between family members and essential glue which helps the culture to thrive. However, while family and religion are important, the self always comes first. Whatever one's own beliefs and whatever Chandra-9's self-chosen ritual practice, these must be emotionally nourishing and help to strengthen one's influence within relationships.

In bhava-10, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on the institutional structures of social class, corporation and government and upon the personality of the authority-figures (boss)

In bhava-11, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on the social network and community structures of social participation and economic gain and upon the personality of the closest friends

In bhava-12, Aśleṣa's binding and defensive manipulation focuses on the private environments such as bedroom, meditation hall, and prison cell, and upon the personality of the mother's father, the father's mother, and the ancestral spirit guides

Chandra-Aśleṣa"Naga" tends to manipulate relationships via the snakelike techniques of emotional bondage.

Not trusting the options of personal preference and free choice, Naga may use surreptitious methods to hold, restrain, and bind those close to them.

The most common bondage device is the time-honored method of guilt.

A sticky glue which can adhere family members to each other for generations, guilt has been handed down from mother to daughter since time immemorial.

Threats and counter-threats

Unfortunately Aśleṣa can get embroiled in one's own convolutions.

If the object of Aśleṣa's possessive need might gain sudden independence or a burst of superior strength, built-up resentment toward Aśleṣa's psychically invasive behaviors can result in the Naga being punished by the one who felt threatened.

Affinity for subtle poisons (both chemical and emotional). In very extreme cases, murder by squeezing or choking may seem to Naga like the only effective way to prevent the beloved from leaving them. Also financial extortion and blackmail.

Quite capable of excoriating criticism of others. Yet, Aśleṣa may be unable to bear verbal criticism which is perceived as a deadly threat. In particular, Chandra-Aśleṣa needs (Chandra need) to receive a family-based approval and be received within the folk of the place of settlement [Old Pathways Karkata] as a fundamentally moral personality. Aśleṣa-Chandra abhors the immoral, unethical tag and may mount a campaign of defensive words [Budha] in self-protection of one's moral purity.

(Compare to criticism-embracing Arudra - Betelgeuze folk, who live by the slogan that there is no bad publicity ).

Naga-Chandra may seek revenge if feeling a threat of emotional annihilation threatened.

  • Deep emotional need to embrace, involve and control

Hypnotic eyes . Extremely sexual (Nakshatra of Budhan ) and seductive , able to mesmerize their prey.

Crafty, sneaky. Potentially self-poisoning via the guilt.

Best result = applied medicine, when Aśleṣa uses their genius for poisons or "extreme holding" in the service of healing, for example holding of children who benefit from therapeutic squeezing pressure, professional healing massage, even professionally supervised psychiatric methods of restraint-strapping to prevent suicide - these can all be methods for Naga's instinctive binding to express compassionate service to others.

Also can channel positive effects by defeating the public enemy through extremely skillful manipulation and deceit (espionage, disinformation). May be a highly skillful jailer.

Mother and Mother Figure

Mother may have need for manual and mental communications which deliver validation via emotional security .

  • She may place security above honesty in her quest to nurture others [Chandra].

  • May be the needy mother or grandmother who demands that the children sit or sleep with her.

Mother may be a clinging person

Chandra in dusthamsha = mother may die prematurely (either emotional or physical death)

  • UK-Duke-Edinburgh 1921-2021 Philip Mountbatten= bipolar mother sent to mental-asylum his age 9, no contact

Mother may remain physically manifest but emotionally unavailable to the child. E.g., the mother may practice /emotional withholding/ as a control strategy. Or, nannies may substitute because a busy mother is distracted by her other duties - potentially including the mother's demanding husband.

Aśleṣa-Chandra may be consumed with an intensely mentalized emotional narrative about how and when one may obtain the next sensual embrace with the beloved, or with substitutes like food, alcohol, or


  • UK-Queen 1926- Elizabeth-2. Her majesty's Chandra-7 binds the Other, and Mom is the primary life partner. Despite some early anxiety, the long-lived mother-daughter pair stayed together.

  • QE was primarily raised by nannies, as was the custom. During QE's delicate childhood, mom was deployed on constant public ceremonial duty. Yet as they matured, the pair became staples of the royal parade narrative, often posing together. They clung to each other as the years went by, sharing an appreciation of alcoholic comfort.

In reaction to her own deprivation or abandonment threats as a child, Chandra-Aśleṣa feminine-figure may become a /'mega-mother/ who over-holds, over-binds, over-anchors.

Chandra-Aśleṣa= a Jyotisha signature that in some ways paralles the modern DSM-V borderline personality disorder.

Prenatal epoch maternal narrative and Born into Budha Mahadasha

A central structural challenge to the healthy development of the emotional personality which faces the Aśleṣa birth is that one will be born into the period of Budha.

Budha as ruler of the less benevolent 12th and 3rd from Chandra suggests that the mother [Chandra] is not fully available to the child emotionally during the critical early years.

Budha is an enemy of Chandra. as ruler of 3rd-from Budha suggests emotional ungroundedness and distraction due to excessive mentalizing of the personality. Mother is often over-involved in messaging, conversations, writing-publishing projects while the child is young.

Budha as ruler of 12th-from Budha suggests withdrawal into a busy imaginative"head space" in which ideas, narrative, and mental traffic consume the life force energy which ideally should be directed toward nurturing the child.

This is the basis of Aśleṣa's reputation for manipulative wheedling and squeezing to try to get the soothing and holding reassurance that young children naturally need, and without which they feel permanently uncertain of their worth and socially insecure regardless of all external [Shani] achievements.

Spiritual director of this section of the path

Sarpa (Naga)

It may be growth-challenging for Aśleṣa (the Naga-sarpa) to disentangle from negative situations.

It is quite counter-intuitive for this type to release their instinctive desire to wrap and control. The best example in public life is dear old UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2, who tried to control all her children's marriages and is still apparently a manipulative force to be reckoned with!

The control force has to be re-focused, away from trying to control the healing process of the wounded surrounding one, and toward one's own healing. It's much more attractive for Aśleṣa to keep coiling around the others, than to look within. It's more comfortable and instinctive to cling and slither.

But... If Aśleṣa is going to get anywhere liberation-wise, the control-force needs to be redirected within, into the kundalini channels. After that shift is accomplished, it won't be so tempting to over-cling. Then what's going on with the inside-snake becomes much more compelling.

Childhood security was endangered by a distracted mother/caretaker. Often the mother had important public duties or perhaps was ill, making her physically or emotionally unavailable to the child.

  • Aśleṣa learned to get caretaker attention by clinging .

  • Subtle, hypnotic, movements allowed the child to wriggle into the arms of the caretaker without resistance.

  • They learned to be sneaky and controlling in getting love.

The reptile brain signals, "manipulation and clinging is the Only way I can get what I need ."

Aśleṣa = invasive, manipulative, and binding. = a world-champion ocean racing sailor with a legendary ability to manage an elaborate, urgently quick dance of lash-release-and-re-lash of huge sails on enormous racing yachts. Part of winning involves invasion-and-control of the path of the competing craft. Aśleṣa folk are generally ocean-oriented.

Navamsha Somana occupies D-9 Aśleṣa -

psychic mirroring function o f intimate relationships

Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot

* * *

Iran-Shah 1772-1834 Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar

Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 assembly line Henry Ford

Clairsentient 1939-1994 social justice Paul Solomon

Calif-Gov 1947- Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Aśleṣa behavior.

Navamsha Chandra-Aśleṣa may indicate a passive-aggressive spouse who " won't let go" .

In the words of a famous USA rockabilly song " s/he turn me every way but loose!"

Q: Hi Barbara -- What is it about Aśleṣa - Naga ? It seems like the Jyotish scriptures, and most consulting Jyotishi's, complain about Aśleṣa too much. I have an Aśleṣa Moon - and I've been warned by several Indian jyotishi that this thing can get me into trouble. Something about snakes? What can you tell me about this position?

Anything to watch out for emotionally? Do I tend to get stuck in a particular type of anxiety or unmet need? Any good stuff? Healing powers? Thanks.

A: As 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso says, the desire for happiness is the most fundamental characteristic of human life. Everyone wants to be happy!

The question of whether or not a person will be happy, feel happy, register the confirming thought that one is indeed experiencing a state of happiness - all depends on the person's belief system. Whether one achieves the happiness of a deep and satisfying connection with divine love, or whether one spends most of the incarnation in a state of resistance to that love, depends on one's subconscious expectations and one's consciously held beliefs.

For example, there are people who subconsciously believe that money is the root of all evil, or who believe they are not worthy enough to earn cintamani * mani * money themselves and therefore must steal it in order to have any at all. Those people will not ever be happy in the money department! Every time they go out to earn money, spend money, or have anything to do with money, their subconscious belief that this stuff is evil will destroy their ability to manage, possess and enjoy treasury

Similarly in the love department, what is one's fundamental belief about love? Is love defined as one's ability to see the divine in another human? If so then one's potential for happiness is amazingly complete and absolute. By contrast, if one's definition of love is "Attention for me, meeting my unmet childhood needs, flattery and sexual attraction" then this anxious desire to meet a chronic emotional need, rather than to simply bask in the glory of divine life, will frustrate that person in all of their love relationships.

There is one key first step to transforming every single experience in life from a negative judgment into a positive confirmation of the presence of the divine in every molecule and every moment. That is to realize that here are no victims.

Nothing happens "to" anyone and no experience is inflicted " by" any outside authority. The passive voice is simply a grammatical construction, and does not indicate spiritual reality..

Each person is intentionally and individually creating one's own experience, every detail of it. Conscious experience is generated precisely from The Script of one's own subconsciously held beliefs and expectations. There is only one person who has the power to control one's script. No outside person or agency can originate any action or influence with which the native does not subconsciously agree.

It is dysfunctional to sit around waiting for "good" things to happen "to" oneself and at the same time living in fear of "bad" things possibly happening "to" one is a form of psycho-spiritual debility called superstition. Superstition literally means "above one's own place" . Superstition is the extremely self-destructive mental act of placing the responsibility for one's own experience outside of the self, of investing one's reality-creating Authority in to the person of a mysterious "Other" . There is no "Other" . The divine is the creative force, and The divine lives within . The divine is the source of all experience and the seed of all Love.

If you are interested in looking CLOSER to the pre-incarnationally planned learning curve assigned to the Aśleṣa Moon, look to one's own childhood trauma. Aśleṣa = a deeply needy Moon. Aśleṣa Chandra wants endless holding and attention .

Yet, Aśleṣa is convinced in advance (due to past-life and early childhood trauma) that it must sneak and slither and manipulate and cajole, invading boundaries, both physical and psychic, in order to get the loving emotional recognition * especially touch * that it needs. Typically, the seeds of this script are buried in childhood rejection trauma. The parents were too busy or unavailable to the child in a way that the child needed to sneak into the parents' lap, or their bed, or slither in like a snake silent and deceptive, in order to have the only possible chance at being recognized and held.

Mom in particular is likely to have been mentally distracted and unable to sit quietly with the nurture-craving child. Most likely the mother's attention was directed to her own mercurial sexual-conversational relationships (Aśleṣa is a Nakshatra of Budha ) not only personal but also administrative and commercial activities. Mom is a busy person with a lot going on in her head, and the child develops a manipulative style of getting her attentive touch - often involving deception.

The key childhood behavior is to sneak into the parental embrace - such as waiting until the busy parent sits down for a work break, and instantly sliding into their lap - or sneaking into the parent's bed when they are sleeping. Then (here is the key Aśleṣa behavior) refusing to let go. Aśleṣa develops a pattern of putting their loved ones into psychological and sometimes physical bondage , and even to the point of entrapment, in order for Aśleṣa's need for touch-healing and emotional attention to be satisfied.

As a result of deep unmet needs getting locked into the repeating deceptive-entry and bondage pattern, Aśleṣa can be a manipulative and demanding control-freak in adult relationships. In Aśleṣa's own mind, one tells oneself that one is reaching out to touch others as a nurturing healer. But the deeper motive is usually a profound personal need. Unless that need can be satisfied on the level of divine union, Aśleṣa tends to exert too much Anxiety-drive control in human unions, and their marriage -type unions generally do not last long.

Despite the fact that when Aśleṣa factors are conscious and controlled, the Aśleṣa moon can be a great healer, the partners and children of less conscious types of Aśleṣa natives often learn to resent the man or woman with Aśleṣa Moon.

One famous Aśleṣa-Chandra= UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2. Among her majesty's many admired qualities are some which are not so widely admired. The less reputed include manipulating her children, but at the same time being unavailable to them due to her public responsibilities. In reality, she rarely held them. Typical of Aśleṣa, Elizabeth used guilt and psychic manipulation as the primary glue to try to hold her core emotional relationships together, and naturally she felt resentment and anger from most of the recipients of this treatment within her family. The public may admire her, but she is not overly loved in her own family, due to the constant insecurity that drives her to manipulate anxiously rather than trust that her need for connection will be met in an honest fashion. Aśleṣa tends to be emotionally dishonest. Aśleṣa Moon also represents her own anxious upbringing with distant, distracted parents who used guilt and moral obligation As the primary method of bonding with their loved ones.

Unique factors for your personal Jyotishavidya nativity



Vimshottari Dasha periods of Rahu tend to exacerbate the traits of Chandra. You're enjoying a Rahu bhukti now!

Because your Chandra sits directly in the Ascending rashi * the seat of the social personality psycho-physical "self" * it is especially difficult for you to be objective regarding how you might be affecting other people.

Moudhya-dosha Chandra and Surya in kalpa-sthāna-1 gives characteristic solipsism.

With Surya, Shukra, and Chandra all in Aśleṣa lagna, there is an All-defining need for validation and attention for the Self, but not much energy available for validating and attending to the divine in others.

Attention is sought for one purpose, and that is to feed a deep need for love . Unfortunately, it is impossible to love others in the true sense of love when one believes that the love comes from outside field of projected images. Love does not originate from the other person (who is a construction of one's own field of expectation). Rather, love is a recognition, an intelligence, and it (like all reality) emanates from within oneself.

Much of the pain in this relationship scenario will reduce when one realizes that love is not an act of possession but rather love is a consciousness of shared divinity.

Holding, squeezing, twisting, binding love relationships ... challenge to release ... potential for extortion

Certainly the Aśleṣa graha in this nativity exacerbate the drive to possession, but at the same time Shani's harsh and invalidating transit to Simha-Rahu is battering Rahu's similar need to possess the object of its desire. Shani's gochara oppression to Rahu temporarily imposes an unethical quality upon the objects of one's desire.

One may be involved in a hopeless dilemma of being entwined in a profoundly unethical love relationship which seems to be ill-conceived (Shani-Rahu) and yet due to the compulsions of Aśleṣa one feels a deep and driving need to hold this person in sexual and emotional bondage.

Love indeed has nothing to do with any other person. Love originates not outside the self but rather inside oneself. Love is always present inside the self. In a love relationship, love is a gift to the other person. Love can not be obtained - especially not from surreptitiously binding and controlling another person!

These may be the Simha lessons intended to be learned in this nativity during this extra challenging period. The lessons are in reality multiple opportunities for accepting of gifts of understanding.

With such a cluster of personal graha near the Chandra-kundali indriya-lagna , this incarnation features a tremendous focus on attention to self. A constant questioning of "what about me?" "what am I getting out of this ""where is my reward?" along with psycho-mental distortions such as jealousy can be expected whenever the Aśleṣa cluster is triggered by bhukti or by a strong gochara graha.

One is usually quite positive even radiant socially and a pleasurable companion -- until the emotional hunger for attention rises to the moment of urgency . Even while one believes that one is acting from a motivation to love others, all decisions in relationship are ultimately motivated by one's very deep expectation that without boundary invasion, without manipulation, and without guilt, one will never be loved.

These are deep convictions that are often buried down in the subconscious expectations. Yet, it's worth looking into if one is interested in looking CLOSER.

Often childhood security was endangered by a distracted mother or mother-figure caretaker. Often the mother had important public duties or perhaps was ill, making her physically or emotionally unavailable to the child. Aśleṣa learned to get caretaker attention by clinging . Subtle, hypnotic, movements allowed the child to wriggle into the arms of the caretaker without resistance.

The child may have learned to be sneaky and controlling in getting love. The reptile brain signals, manipulation and clinging is the only way to assure obtaining what is needed.

Aśleṣa folk may have the constant potential to develop into great healers especially in any of the physical or psychological healing-touch professions. They are wonderful with children because of all the touch and emotional bonding that teaching, nursing, and other therapeutic professions require. Attentive and successful psychologists, psychiatrists, hair stylists, and match-makers in traditional cultures. They are angels to the weak, the addicted, and the victim class.

Aśleṣa Chandra does tend to alienate their emotionally mature partners in adult life . Aśleṣa has the contradictory traits of being psychically invasive. Initially, the Aśleṣa native makes a concerted effort to earn the other person's trust. Aśleṣa works assiduously to discover as many private details as possible about the other person.

  • In the beginning of a relationship, Aśleṣa's hunger for information may feel to the new partner like flattery or admiration.

  • Yet, the soon- alienated may come to realize that Aśleṣa's motive for prying and slithering so deeply into their psychic-emotional-physical space and trying to bond so tightly, is really just a way for the Aśleṣa to feel secure.

  • The Aśleṣa native bonds through manipulation and entrapment, seduction, and guilt.

  • The longer term prognosis for honest and open relationships with almost any other adult (except possibly other Karkata or Vṛścika Moons) is typically quite limited when Aśleṣa consciousness remains trapped in its default, emotionally urgent bonding patterns.

Aśleṣa mothers love their children. Mothering style often combines a distancing-rejection pattern with a guilt-bondage pattern (in psychology textbooks, matches the famed borderline pattern). They pry into their adult children's lives claiming a motive of love; but Unfortunately, it is a deeper motive of hungry neediness for bondage and control UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2

There are no victims. Aśleṣa is always capable of reversing the emotional dysfunction but few actually do. Aśleṣa's early deprivation of affection trauma imposes is a deep pattern of waiting passively for prey, invading, not trusting, and then feeling extremely resentful that the Other has withdrawn.

Usually, in Jyotisha readings, it is best to focus on positive traits. Most people get more than enough criticism in their daily lives. It is usually not helpful to frighten people! There is a preference to validate Spirit, knowing that everyone is doing the best they can at one's current level of consciousness.

Yet, one of the blessings of the samaya-vidya is the power of to detect certain past-life originating behaviors. Aśleṣa-Chandra is a notorious marker for superstition (placing love power outside oneself) as well as self-centeredness masquerading as a sincere concern for others.

The Aśleṣa native may be healed from the dysfunction through conscious replacement of the subconscious conviction that things happen "to" one with the conscious conviction that one is completely in charge of the moment-to-moment roll-out of one's own incarnation. And as a corollary, confirmation of the principle belief that love comes only from the divine heart within - love can never come from without.

With these positive beliefs in firmly in place, there is no need to feel anxious regarding the love behavior of another person. There is no basis for the compulsion to bind and manipulate so that one can "receive" love, be validated, be held, be praised, be recognized, be honored.

All the wonderful feelings of support and validation indeed originate within. These feelings can be matched by outside mirrors whom we attract through the beauty of our souls. Let us not be deceived (like Narcissus!) into believing that the truth somehow originates in the mirror. The true source of love is the eternal and unchanging brilliance of the heart-centered Divine.


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