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  1. [Mesha - Arya]
  2. [Vrishabha - Urisha]
  3. [Mithuna - Dvamdva]
  4. [Karkata - Kadaga]
  5. [Simha - Leya]
  6. [Kanya - Parthya]
  7. [Tula - Vanika]
  8. [Vṛścika - Thriketta]
  9. [Dhanus - Haya]
  10. [Makara - Draco]
  11. [Kumbha - Ghata]
  12. [Meena - Antya]

Financial Bhava for Mithuna indriya-lagna

9 graha bhava-ruling effects from Mithuna indriya-lagna

Mithunaya rashi contains three na-kshatra

  1. Mrigashiras - Invaka - Mrigashirsha * Mraga * pada 3-4

  2. Arudra - Betelgeuze - Ardra * Raudra * Rudira * Pada1-2-3-4

  3. Punarvasu - Yamaka * Pada 1-2-3


OM Keshavaya Namah

OM Kleem Krishnayana Namaha

Priyangu kalika shyamam * Roopenaa pratimam budham * Sowmyam sowmya Gunopetam * tam Budham Pranamamyaham

Rashi governed by Professor Budha





mithu - mithuna - midhunam

Yugma - युज् yuj

nrimithuna - नृयुज् nṛyuj


जितुम jituma

निशाबल niśābala

द्व्यात्मक dvyātmaka

मानुष mānuṣa

Chandra in Mithuna


zwillinge - tweelingen - twins

didimos - dvyniai - dvini - dvojcka

blizanci - ikizler - ikek

thomas - teomim


राशि names in numerous languages

sign, signal, signature, signatory, design, designation, assignment, enseigneur


NASA Milky Way Mosaic


Rama, Sita and Lakhshmana at hermitage, opaque watercolour and gold on cardboard, Pahari, Kangra, ca. 1840

Painting, in opaque watercolour and gold on cardboard, Rama, Sita and Lakhshmana at the hermitage, illustration to a Ramayana series. The sage Agastya receives Rama, Sita and Lakshmana in his hermitage of Panchavati in the great southern forest at the source of the Godaveri.

Rare Book Society of India ** Image and text credit:Copyright: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The constellation of Gemini from Richard Dibon-Smith

nakshatra names in red added by BP Lama

Mrigashiras - Invaka + Arudra - Betelgeuze + Punarvasu - Yamaka

Punarvasu (Castor-and-Pollux) Nakshatra is found in Gemini but Mriga-Sirasa and Arudra are found off this map, in the constellation of Orion

9 graha Rulerships from Mithuna radical lagna

12 sthāna from Mithuna lagna

Properties of Mithuna Rashi

Gems for Mithuna Lagna

Bhava Characteristics

Mithuna Lagna conflicts in Domain Rulerships

Leadership Capacity and Style Friendship Networks


  • programming and scripting,
  • writing and editing,
  • publicity and publications
  • conversation
  • announcements
  • declarations and documentation,
  • media-messaging
  • evangelism
  • cinema, radio-television-internet,
  • books-magazines-journals-blogs,
  • travel itineraries, scheduling, schematics, planning,
  • meetings,
  • business administration,
  • project management,
  • conferences, seminars,
  • presentations, instructional delivery,
  • description, explanation, diagrams,
  • photography, drawings,
  • hand-craft, tool-use, tecnology
  • apprenticeship,
  • sibling-cousin-schoolmate-neighbor communications

Mithuna Regional Names


  • Thomas (syriac, aramaic, hebrew)
  • Teomin (hebrew)


  • Dithumoi = twins = Jitunia
  • didemos


  • Mithun


  • Gemini


  • Gémeaux

Mithuna * Maithuna * Midhunam * Nrimithuna

Nriyuj * Yugma * Yuj




Mith * Roman cult of Mithra

  • Theosophical uses of thuna include the first andro-gyne, or the androgynous portion of third root-race.

  • The syllable mith = "light" , as in Mithra the Sun


Europe 15cen CE


" [They] are tall, upright and have a straight body, the hands being long.

  • Their complexion is moderate, fair or dark.
  • The eyes look sharp and active .
  • The nose is long.

Persons with this lagna live mostly in mind .

  • They are carefree and joyous.
  • Their mind is positive and strong.

They are versatile, restless and like change very often .

  • They are good readers and writers .
  • They can adapt themselves to all kinds of circumstances.
  • They like to travel frequently .

They are always of two minds and are incapable of taking quick decisions.

  • They are able to follow more than one occupation at a time.
  • Although they are fickle-minded , they possess intellectual qualities.
  • They are curious to know new things.

They are good husbands ."

BPHS Sarga 4: 9-9.5

" The Rashi Mithuna rises with its head

  • and represents a male and a female, holding a mace and lute.

  • It lives in the West and is an airy Rashi .

  • It is a biped Rashi as well and is strong in nights.

  • It lives in villages and is windy in temperament.

  • It has an even body with a green (grass like) hue.

Its ruler is Budha."

Mithuna Meanings = Chandra in Mithuna

comforted by conversational messaging = Mithunaya navamsha

" The Embrace" = arms = a sharing, a pairing, a complement, a twin

  • Shoulder, Lungs, Arms and Hands.

  • Talk.

  • Business of the day, talk on the street, commerce, transaction, information exchange.

  • tactics; technology; tools; equipe and equipment

  • idiom; chat; conversation; recent news, mental traffic

  • groupwork; teams; entourage, assembling and ensemble work

  • administration sales marketing advertising meetings.

  • Message and Massage. Communication skills; writing; group interactions.

Properties of Mithuna Rashi

Mithunaya * Dvamdva * Jaimini characteristics of the rashi

Mithunaya - Guna

  • tamo-guna * tamasya, inert

Mithunaya group dvyAtmaka = "double-natured"

  1. Mithuna
  2. Kanya
  3. Dhanus
  4. Meena - Antya
Mithunaya group * manushya = humane, human-being
  1. Mithuna
  2. Kanya
  3. Tulā

Mithunaya tattva = "that-ness ", element

  • vayu tattva * air or gassy element

Mithunaya owner

  • Budha * Mercury
Mithunaya group niza-bala
  1. Mesha
  2. Vrishabha
  3. Mithuna
  4. Karkata
  5. Dhanus
  6. Makara
Mithunaya group * zirshodaya * Shirsho-daya * head-first = 'daya = presentation, delivery, or showing-portion
  1. Mithuna
  2. Simha
  3. Kanya
  4. Tulā
  5. Vṛścika
  6. Kumbha

Financial Bhava for Mithuna indriya-lagna

  1. Chandra-ruled Karkata Bhava-2 savings, conservation, capitalization, family assets, banking, treasure-chest, mani (jewels) animal herds, seeds, mobile valuables
  2. Shukra-ruled Thula Bhava-5 gambling, stock market, casino, venture capitalism
  3. Shani-ruled Kumbha Bhava-9 * dharmic perspective grants awareness of resources without the need to earn, save, insure, or gamble. Monies for charitable or philosophical purpose.
  4. Mangala-ruled Meza Bhava-11 * profits, earnings, rents, royalties, dividends, bonus, commission, paycheck, salary, marketplace revenues, income, gain of social - material goals

Mithuna Public Figure Examples

[Mithuna-Dvamdva] specializes in the interactive, communicative coupling of polarities and opposites.

  • If the rising nakshatra is Kuja-ruled Mrigashiras - Invaka pada-3 or pada-4, one suspects the friends of being enemies and finds enemies to be more trustworthy than friends.

  • If Rahu-ruled Arudra - Betelgeuze marks the rising nakshatra, the sensual body does the explaining via messages of fascinating, passionate movement. Often communicates wild, stormy energy.

  • Guru-ruled Punarvasu-Aditya pada 1-2-3 may produce a wise and charitable teacher who shows that life includes death and good includes evil.

Mrigashiras - Invaka = Agrahayani

Mithuna, pada 3-4 * ruled by Mangala = movement, inquiry

Kuja mulatrikona Mesha 11th counted from Mithuna lagna = community, economy, ecology, association, opportunity, friendship, gains, earnings, distributive networks, interlinked connections, large gatherings, principled social participation movements, marketplace participation


[pada-3 Tula]

[negotiating, brokering, adjusting, equity, attorney, advocacy, accommodating, graciously arranging, pleasant, diplomatic, deal-making, trust-building, dithering, compromising, contractual, balancing, fair-deals, trade.]

[Karkata 10th-navamsha Career Reputation = agricultural, customary, fluctuating, border-defense, wall-builder, farmer, sustains a way-of-life, marine, protective, caretaking, ritualized-rhythmic, stays in the ancient ruts, building, property-owning, transport ]


[transformative, identity-changing, mysterious, eruptive, shocking, penetrating, recycling, secret-keeping, revolutionary, healing, disguising, discovering, hidden-power.]

[Simha10th-navamsha Career = political, theatrical, entitled, ceremonial, creative, idealistic, flamboyant, games, genius, romance, artistic performance, solar-energy, flamboyance, demonstrating, bright display]

Arudra - Betelgeuze * Raudra

ruled by Rahu

taking risks to gain entitlements * = Rahu mūlatrikoṇa = ?


[pada-1 Dhanus]

[ideological, dogmatic, doctrinal, pontificating, inspirational, optimistic, believing, principled, preachy, patronizing, patriarchal, sacerdotal.]

[Kanya 10th-navamsha Career = ministering, methodical, master of logical argumentation, assistive, accusing, complaining, analytical, aggrieved, medicating, ailing, helping, laboring..]

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna [Purvashadha svamsha]

[pada-2 Makara]

[class-conscious, hierarchical, ranked positioning, timeclock, pyramid, ages-and-stages, sober, architectural, governing, regulator, lawful, structural, stones-and-bones pragmatism.]

[Tula 10th-navamsha Career = brokering, contractual, alliance-building, diplomatic, equalizing, pleasant, musical, harmonizing, partnering, adjudicating, arranging, balancing, match-making, deal-making.]


[pada-3 Kumbha]

[systematic, gridworked, community-connecting, distributive, interlinked, socio-economic, networking, friendly, associative,


[Vrischika 10th-navamsha Career = undisclosing, dangerous, shocking, healing, penetrating, recycling, , explosive, identity-changing, mysterious, transformative, rejuvenating, evolutionary. ]

[pada-4 Meena]

[visionary, fantasizing, imaginative, conceptual, contemplative, privately guiding, interior, theoretical, diversifying, developing, inclusive, charitable.]

[Dhanus 10th-navamsha Career = preachy, pontificating, patronizing, inspirational, globalized, optimistic, expansive, believing, ideological, theological, philosophical, principled, indoctrinating. ]


  • Ring of Fire 1932-2003 rockabilly Johnny Cash [Revati svamsha]

  • Heartbreak Hotel 1935-1977 Graceland Elvis Presley[Revati svamsha]

  • Imagine 1940-1980 Beatle John Lennon [Revati svamsha]

  • Experience 1942-1970 guitarist Jimi Hendrix [Revati svamsha]



Mithuna portion Pada-1-2-3 * ruled by Generous Gardening Guru the environmentalist philosopher-preacher

Guru's mulatrikona 7th counted from Mithuna indriya-lagna = fair-deals, bargains, diplomacy , trusts, vows, promises, relationships, negotiation, agreements, equity, fair-trade, marriage, equality, similarity, parity, partnership, mutual interest, justice, balance, valance, yoga * s eeing both sides of a polarized situation, representing both sides of a conversational dialog

[Punarvasu Pada-1] [Mesha]

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant famed letters of correspondence [Krittika svamsha]

[Punarvasu-pada-2] [Urisha]

  • POTUS-22-24 Interstate Commerce 1837-1908 Grover Cleveland [Krittika svamsha]

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [Rohini svamsha]

  • A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf [Krittika svamsha]

[Punarvasu-pada-3] [Double Mithuna]

  • Way of Zen 1915-1973 radio philosopher Alan Watts [Puna svamsha - triple]

  • Turtle Island 1930- poet Gary Snyder (poet environmentalist) [Mriga svamsha]

  • Be Here Now 1931-2019 Baba Ram Dass [Punarvasu svamsha]

  • Among the Believers 1932-2018 culturalist V.S. Naipaul [Puna svamsha - triple]

Vocabulary for Mithuna

  • Definitions from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

  • paired, forming a pair, any couple or pair
  • pairing, copulation
  • twins
  • the other part, complement or companion of anything
  • honey and ghee

Yugma =

  • (yugya)
  • "even" (as opp. To odd)
  • a pair, couple, brace
  • twins
  • the sign of the zodiac Gemini
  • a double Sloka
  • junction, confluence (of two streams )

dvaMdva = [cognate English twin from dwi]

dva = pair, couple, male and female

  • by two, face to face, secretly
  • a pair of opposites (e.g. heat and cold, joy and sorrow etc.)
  • strife, quarrel, contest, fight (esp. between two persons, a duel)
  • stronghold, fortress
  • a copulative compound (or any compound in which the members if uncompounded
  • would be in the same case and connected by the conjunction, 'and'
  • the sign of the zodiac Gemini
  • (in music) a kind of measure
  • a species of disease,
  • a complication of two disorders,
  • a compound affection of two humours" [END QUOTE]

QUOTATION from T. Subba Row. (1881)."The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac" in Five Years Of Theosophy. George Robert Snow Mead (ed.).London. (1885, 1894).

"Mystical, Philosophical, Theosophical, Historical and Scientific Essays Selected from "The Theosophist" . Available at

" III. Mithuna.

  • As the word plainly indicates,

  • this sign is intended to represent the first Androgyne , the Ardhanaree-swara,

  • the bisexual Sephira -- Adam Kadmon." [end quote]

Professor Budhan rules Mithuna. USA is located within the Mithunaya paradigm.

is the land of mercurial communication, commerce, business, transactions, conversations, narratives, superficial explanations, messaging, and a pervasive entrepreneurial spiritr.

QUOTATION - Rev Paul Smith

" Christianity began in Palestine as an Experience.

It moved to Greece and became a Philosophy.

It shifted to Italy and became an Institution.

It arrived in Europe and became a Culture.

It came to America and became a Business."

11th-from-Mithuna = Natural Friendships, Social Participation, Connectivity, Community, Economy

Mithunaya befriends (11) Mesha - Arya-types:

  • the bold and innovative
  • pioneers, progressives, pushing forward
  • the active, movement-seeking, vital and the body-based
  • moving, motivated, muscular
  • those involved with blood, head, birth and uniqueness
  • the assertive and masculine
  • the dominating, winners, conquistadores
  • the hot-blooded and athletic
  • competitive, champions
  • independent winners
  • those innovators are typically disconnected (12th-from) more established collections of articles representing values of wealth and beauty (Vrishabha)
Breath and Mental Narrative

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso from How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life, by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, translated by Jeffrey Hopkins, p.133

" If you cannot stop worrying over something in the past or what might happen in the future, shift your focus to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath.

Or recite this mantra: om mani padme hum (pronounced "om mani padmay hum" ).

Since the mind cannot concentrate on two things simultaneously , either of these meditations causes the former worry to fade."

General Suitability of Gems for Mithuna Lagna

Generally Recommended Jyotisha-ratna Sacred Gems

  • Pannya = emerald Budha-ratna supports physical vitality of lagnesha Budha + education and cultural roots via Budha bandesha-4

  • Hira = diamond Shukra-ratna supports creative political intelligence vidya-pati-5 + meditative, prayerful spiritual guidance via Shukra ruler-of-12

  • Nilamani Shani-ratna blue sapphire supports confidential information gained via randhresha-8 + wise world-traveling = Shani Dharmesha-9

  1. Surya ratna = no, because Surya = bhratru-pati-3 and does not rules any other good house

  2. Chandra ratna = no, because Chandra = dhanapati-2 and does not rules any other good house

  3. Mangala ratna = no-no-no, because Mangala = rogesha-6 and vriddhi-pati-11

  4. Budha ratna = yes! because Budha = the auspicious lagnesha and bandesha-4. Promotes vitality and commerce of all varieties, particularly in matters of real-estate, housing, pathways of transportation, vehicles, and foundational schooling.

  5. Guru ratna = no, because Guru = yuvati-pati-7 and karmesha-10

  6. Shukra ratna = yes, because bhagya Shukra = vidya-pati-5 and ruler-of-12

  7. Shani ratna = yes, because bhagya Shani = randhresha-8 and Dharmesha-9 . General a graha will provide stronger results for its mūlatrikoṇa rashi [Kumbha]. However, prescriptive caution is warranted if there is activity in bhava-8.

  8. Rahu-ratna = unknown. Prescription depends on Rahu's ruler

  9. Ketu-ratna = unknown. Prescription depends on Ketu's ruler

There are exceptions to all of these general rules which are caused by the position of Chandra, the active Vimshottari time lords, and one's personal goals, inter alia.

The Nodal House Pair for Mithuna Lagna: bhava-6 and bhava-9

The nodal house pair = the two domains which are afflicted by association with Rahu-Ketu and Shani and Mangala.

These are the two domains which are controlled by

For Mithuna lagna,

Ketu co-ruler of Vṛścika afflicts the sixth amza = dissolution of agreements, exempli gratia

  • medical professionals such as physician, nurse, med-tech, pharmacist

  • conflict-management professions such as attorneys, military officers

  • human service ministries such as psychological counselor, pastor, social worker

Rahu co-ruler of Kumbha afflicts ninth amza

  • father, wisdom-teachings, guru, professor, temple, university, and priests.

Raja Yoga for Mithuna lagna = Budha + Guru-Mithuna indriya-lagna

QUOTATION from BPHS, Sarga-40, Sl. 13

" An exchange of Rashi between Karma's Lord and Lagna's Lord will make the native associated with the king in a great manner."

Raja Yoga for Mithuna lagna

QUOTATION from BPHS, Sarga-5, Sl. 41 "If the lord of the Lagna and the 10th exchange houses with each other then they form a Raja Yoga. They will confer high position, reputation and power."

Leadership Capacity and Style

Career - Vocation additional required assessments

  • yuvati-pati-7 + karmesha-10 from Chandra Lagna

  • 10th navamsha and its lord within the radix

  • Guru the Guide = karmesha-10

  • Generous Guru = yuvati-pati-7

A fortunate combination for organizational leadership (10) and peer-advising collegial relationships (7) -- provided that Guru is well-disposed.

Mithuna nativities generally enjoy successful material careers in all departments of the productive economy.

Mithunaya specialize in guidance activities, which range from religious preaching to philosophical publishing to travel guide to law-school professor, as well as dozens of teacher-preacher-adviser-counselor roles in other humanistic content areas.

Guru provides both leadership-guidance (10) and counseling-guidance (7). Frequently Mithunaya works for a large [Guru] humanistic organization, often taking the role of the scholar-administrator .

Guru loves wisdom-seekers and wisdom-providers such as teachers, travelers, and truth (9) .

Guru also loves the sanctuary enclosures (12) such as hospitals, meditation halls, dormitories, and counseling rooms where spiritual guidance occurs. Mithuna nativities Therefore, a drawn to Guru-ist vocations

  • professional educators

  • the education industry = teachers and academic advisers

  • divinity: teaching, preaching, pastoral counseling

  • law: consulting attorneys, law professors, managing partners

  • medicine: consulting physician, philosophy of medicine, psychologist-psychiatrist

Mithuna-lagna is blessed with broad-minded and compassionate [Guru] peer-advisers and colleagues (7).

Mithuna nativities = the spouse-partner (7) is likely to share the same Guru-oriented profession (10).

Health for Mithuna lagna

rogesha-6 = Kuja

Mithuna lagna is more likely to have health problems = consequences of repressed anger or a psychology of excessive self-control.

rogesha-6 +Vriddhi-pati-11 = friends become enemies and also enemies may become friends. The native earns via direct intervention [Mangala] into situations rife with conflict, debt, and disease.

The physical manifestations of illness are somewhat mysterious due to Ari Bhava = Vṛścika.

Mithunaya nativities tend toward the expression of the secret, unspeakable anger that articulate, conversational Mithuna rarely feels permitted to express during day-to-day business transactions.

Look to Kuja's bhava for the relationship and the location which show the key to the origin of the ailment.

The origin of Mithuna 's ailment = usually angry frustration with"psychic attack" .

  • Some variety of psycho-emotional aggression has produced a pattern of attempted take-over of the native by the siblings [Mangala], male peers [Mangala], possibly co-workers * especially males * or even indirectly one may feel attacked by economic forces of the marketplace (11) .

rogesha-6 = the contract-dissolver. In contractual relationships, during the period of rogesha-6 , the native will struggle with impulsiveness and a tendency to break promises (6).

  • If other factors suggest impending dissolution of marriage, Mangala bhukti may signal legal divorce. rogesha-6 Kuja in bhava-1, bhava-4, or bhava-12 is very challenging for marriage.

  • Shani in 6 for Mithuna lagna = native wants to get out of a frustrating marriage, but cannot due to responsibilities or fear of censure.

More than any other lagna, Mithuna's health problems are resolved effectively through surgery.

If rogesha-6 Kuja also occupies the Mithuna kundali indriya-lagna ,

  • the native 's life = fraught with adversarial conflict.

  • The individual is exceptionally competitive to the point of chronic, often destructive, aggressiveness.

  • The animosity affects the physical body when rogesha-6 occupies the janma lagna. Kuja in Mithuna lagna may encourage the native to undertake a career in dispute management, particularly a career the involves large-scale economic activity since Kuja = Vriddhi-pati-11 while Guru as karmesha-10 tends to grant a large scope to career influence upon the society.

  • If the randhresha-8 +dharmesha-9 Shani is involved with Kuja (yuti or drishti or parivartamsha) the aggression can be channeled into a university career but most like the earnings Mangala vriddhi-pati-11 are obtained via a secret Shani randhresha-8 structure.

Mithuna Lagna Domain Rulerships

domains with planetary animosity between natural and temporal lords = marked in yellow

Domains with lordship conflicts are inherently problematic And require conscious management


Natural Lord

Temporal Lord


Natural Lord

Temporal Lord











[Kuja] co-ruler Ketu







[Shani] co-ruler Rahu











[Shani] co-ruler with Rahu




[Kuja] co-ruler with Ketu





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