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Planetary Friends, Neutrals, Enemies


  • Ati-mitra-graha = very friendly graha * intimate friend

  • Mitragraha = friendly graha

  • Samagraha = neutral graha

  • Satrugraha = enemy graha

  • Ati-satru-graha ( Adhi-Shatru) = very inimical graha * arch-enemy











Surya-Simha gains swa-avasta (swastha)

Chandra * Mangala * Guru

Surya in friendly rashi of Meza, Karkata, Vṛścika, Dhanus, or Meena thus gains Pramudita-avasta

In Meza, also Dipita-avasta

Shani = Ati-Shatru -



Surya in adversarial Vrishabha, Tula, Makara, or Kumbha thus gains Khalata-avasta


Surya in neutral Kanya or Mithuna thus gains Deena-avasta

Chandra = Soma

  • Chandra sees no graha as an enemy

  • Shukra, Shani, and Rahu-Ketu *all* dislike Chandra

Surya * Budha

Chandra in friendly Mithuna, Simha, or Kanya thus gains Pramudita-avasta

In Urisha, also Dipita-avasta

None [Rahu]

All except Surya and Budha

Chandra in neutral rashi of Meza, Urisha, Karkata, Tula, Vṛścika, Dhanus, Markara, Kumbha, or Meena thus gains Deena-avasta

Kuja= Mangala

Surya * Chandra * Guru

In Makara, also Dipita-avasta


Kuja in adversarial Mithuna or Kanya thus gains Khalata-avasta

Shukra * Shani

Kuja in neutral rashi of Urisha, Tula, Makara, or Kumbha thus gains Deena-avasta

Budha = Parya

Surya* Shukra

In Kanya, also Dipita-avasta


Budha in adversarial Karkata thus gains Khalata-avasta

Mangala * Guru * Shani

Budha in neutral rashi of Meza, Vṛścika, Dhanus, Makara, or Kumbha or Meena thus gains Deena-avasta

Guru = Brihas-pati

  • No graha sees Guru as an enemy

  • Guru dislikes Budha and Shukra

Surya , Chandra, Mangala

In Karkata, also Dipita-avasta

Budha* Shukra

Guru in adversarial Urisha, Mithuna, Kanya, or Thula thus gains Khalata-avasta


Shani in neutral rashi of Makara, or Kumbha thus gains Deena-avasta

Shukra = Bhrigu

Budha, Shani

In Meena, also Dipita-avasta

Surya * Chandra

Shukra in adversarial Karkata or Simha thus gains Khalata-avasta

Mangala * Guru

Shukra in neutral rashi of Meza, Vṛścika, Dhanus, or Meena thus gains Deena-avasta

Shani = Saturan = Kevan

Budha, Shukra

In Tula, also Dipita-avasta

Surya = Adhi-Shatru

Chandra - Mangala * [Rahu]

Shani in adversarial Meza, or Karkata or Simha or Vṛścika thus gains Khalata-avasta


Shani in neutral rashi of Dhanus or Meena thus gains Deena-avasta

Assignment of Avasta to Upagraha, such as Rahu-Ketu, is controversial.


Budha* Shukra * Shani

In Urisha, also Dipita-avasta

Surya, Chandra, Mangala

RAHU in adversarial Meza, or Karkata or Simha or Vṛścika thus gains Khala-avasta


RAHU in neutral rashi of Dhanus or Meena thus gains Deena-avasta


Mangala, Shukra, Shani

Surya, Chandra

KETU in adversarial Karkata or Simha thus gains Khala-avasta

Budha, Guru

Why the animosities between neutrals and benefics?

Guru vs. Budha

  • Professor Budha is mentally discriminating. Bidding Bantering Budha's overarching purpose is to stimulate more and more exquisitely detailed mental discrimination in the thinking human.

  • Professor Guru is inclusively non-discriminating . Guru is fundamentally opposed to categorical discrimination. Guru teaches the highest dharma (outlook, worldview), at which level of perception there is no role for mental discrimination! At the level of Brihaspati's teaching, the dharma includes all, embraces all, honors all, understands all.

  • It is important to appreciate that Kumara is the younger one . It is necessary for the native to complete Budha's tutorial along the spiritual path before one can be in a position to apprehend the massively awesome dharma of Brihaspati.

  • Nevertheless, the philosophical teaching program of the Great Sage is permanently at loggerheads with the mental training program of the Quick Minded Adolescent.

  • Rather ironically, at the higher levels of consciousness, one must unlearn some of the values of the lower education. For example, it becomes necessary to surrender attachment to the distinction between human right and wrong . But this surrender should occur only AFTER the distinction has been acquired so that the native can apply the discrimination skill in human society as needed to protect those with lower consciousness.

  • Naturally, Budha enters the nīcha state in Guru's rashi of Meena. Interestingly, a [nīcha-bhanga]Budha - extremely non-discriminating or childlike thinking projected to a high level of clairsentient awareness [Meena]- may be found in the nativities of some great teaching mystics such as Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein.

Shukra vs. Guru

  • Brihaspati prefers a one-to-many, professor-to-class, preacher-to-congregation, divine-to-worshippers modality that focus upon wisdom and inclusion .

  • However, Shukra prefers one-to-one relationships that focus upon material pleasures and accumulation of values; these relationships are generally human-to-human and based on exclusive contracts.

Friendly and Not-So-Friendly Rashi Environments

for each Graha

Rashi * zodiacal sign

Rashi Pati * Sign ruler

Graha which see This Ruler as a Friend

Friendly Environment for:

Positive Effects Graha which see This Ruler as a Enemy

Hostile Environment for:

Mesha - Arya * Aries

Ruler = Mangala

Surya, Guru, Ketu Surya's independent, confident behaviors flourish in uchcha mesha; Guru's expansive, inclusive wisdom burns brightly, and even separative Ketu enjoys Mesha's sharp, clean cut Shani, Rahu

Shani's regulatory, resistant behaviors are disrupted in nīcha mesha; while risk-rewarding Rahu's sneaky risk-taking * too fast and too aggressive to escape detection

Vrishabha - Urisha * Taurus

Ruler = Shukra

Budha * Shani * Rahu * Ketu

Vrishabha promotes the Treasury and sensual pleasures. Budha's pleasant conversation, Shani's orderliness.

[uchcha] Rahu 's lust for wealth, and even Ketu's unbounded intake all flourish in this indulgent setting.

Surya, Guru

Surya's divine faith limits golden truth to the shape of golden coins;

Guru's wisdom-preaching channels into false cults of affluence and visual beauty.

Mithuna-Dvamdva = Gemini

Ruler = Budha

Chandra* Shukra * Shani * Rahu

Mithuna promotes every type of information exchange, from bookkeeping accounts to sexual encounters. Chandra's emotional needs can be satisfied by a steady flow of information.

Shukra's develops relationship curiosity, while Shani enforces an order upon the tale-telling but does not stop the story.

Rahu the Poseur thrives on new information and uses it to propel Himself to an illegitimately higher station in life.

Kuja, Guru

Kuja converts conversation + media communications into weaponry. The native speaks sharply and gossip can become an issue.

Priestly Guru's wisdom produces a trivial, mentalized understanding of life.

Karkata * Cancer


Surya, Kuja, Guru Surya's paternalistic behaviors flourish Karkata home + homeland; [uchcha] Guru 's compassionate wisdom does its caring best in Karka.

Although Chandra's quest for security does pair well with Kuja's wealth-pursuing powers in the Chandra-Mangala yoga, [nīcha] Mangala = a covert, guilt-pandering, underwater explosion, and may sexualize [Kuja] the parenting (Soma).

Budha, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu

Budha, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu = incapacitated in the emotional ly oversensitive, security- focused environments of the Moon.

All to some extent suffer from Chandra's emotional bondage , and slip into manipulative behaviors including guilt -mongering, according to their own tools.

[Simha - Leya] * Leo


Chandra, Kuja, Guru Kuja and Guru are exceptionally strong in Simha, where they promote a regal quality of divine confidence, faith, and ideals.

Chandra-Simha is less maternal but it benefits the woman who must be both mother + father, or mother + business executive, or mother + king.


Harmonious human partnership becomes nigh on impossible for Shukra to accomplish in self-centered, idealistic Simha

Kanya * Virgo


Chandra, Shukra, Shani, Rahu Kanya's logical arguments dissolve agreements but the methods of Chandra (emotional bond) Shani (public law) and Rahu (surprise) are not harmed by petty disputes.

Although Shukra's relationship behaviors benefit from bantering Budha's communicative skills, chronic disputes do harm the [nīcha] Shukra, which does much better in conversational Mithuna than in prescriptive, argumentative Kanya.

Kuja, Guru

Mangala uses logic as a weapon, so that critical bickering becomes a behavioral issue. Guru's religious wisdom deteriorates into petty argument and catechism.

[Tula - Vanika] * Libra


Budha, Shani, Rahu, Ketu Thula promotes agreement and balance, therefore Budha's bargaining skills and [uchcha] Shani 's scheme of social rewards + punishments flourish here. Surya, Guru

Surya's independent, divine-centered behaviors are channeled into human partner-pleasures in nīcha tula; Guru's religious wisdom similarly descends into sense pleasures and affluence .

[Vṛścika - Thriketta] Scorpionis


Surya, Guru, Ketu Vṛścika encourages penetration and discovery. Therefore, Surya's independent, confident willpower and Guru's expansive, fearless wisdom burns brightly in the sign of mystery, while fearless Ketu enjoys a Vṛścika plunge into the unknown . Shani, Rahu

Shani's conformist regulating behaviors are upset by instinctive competitive Kuja while Rahu's sneaky risk-taking * too fast

[Dhanus - Haya] Sagittarius


Surya, Kuja Dhanus's environment promotes ceremonial religion and philosophical preaching. Naturally, Surya's confidence in divine truth and Kuja's vigorous pursuit of the prize do well in this setting. None

All graha can express their portfolio actions adequately in Dhanus.

Makara - Draco * Capricorn


Shukra, Rahu, Ketu Surya

Surya's confident, independent, self-constrained in the law-and-order hierarchy

[Kumbha - Ghata] * Aquarius


Shukra, Rahu, Ketu


Surya's creatively independent, self-centric behaviors are severely constrained in complex, regulated systems

[Meena - Antya] * Pisces


Surya, Kuja None

All graha can express their portfolio actions adequately in Dhanus.



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