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Jyotishavidya Practice


Padmapani in Ajanta Caves, c. 450 CE




Reflective Awareness

Healing Intuition Speaks

"The light of the body is the eye: Therefore, when thine eye is single,

thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil,

thy body also is full of darkness.

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness." Gospel of Luke - 11:34-35

  • Sura-25 The Statute Book = al-Furqan

Quran: The Final Testament : Authorized English Version by Rashad Khalifa [25:63-66]

" The worshipers of the Most Gracious are those who tread the earth gently,

and when the ignorant speak to them, they only utter peace.

  • In the privacy of the night, they meditate on their Lord, and fall prostrate.

And they say,

"Our Lord, spare us the agony of Hell; its retribution is horrendous. It is the worst abode; the worst destiny."

"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind.

To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again.

To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."

~~ Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau

1996 interview with Adrain "an astral traveler and inter-dimensional communicator-observer"

* copied in its entirety * italics and yellow highlights by BP Lama

" Sean: Also, can you relate your meditation technique? Is it fairly easy?

Adrain: Easy?

Sean: Could you explain it to us?

Adrain: Sure. All you have to do is sit or lie down very comfortable, somewhere where there is no noise, no distractions.

Close your eyes, look up to stimulate the third eye, that gland right in the center of the forehead, the pineal gland at the center of the brain.

Place your feet full on the floor, and you focus.

The pineal gland is the connection that links your mind to the soul force. You must go into the meditation with perfect, positive feelings of harmony. It will bring a comfortable, complete feeling of love, peace, joy and happiness.... full of wisdom, full of power, full of freedom.

Everything in you realizes all of these things that you are. When you concentrate and focus on this point, with this understanding, you become one with all things for a while. Just do that, for a couple of minutes, until you see something. By that time you start controlling all your thoughts. And when you have your blank screen, at this point then start taking very slow, very deep breaths. Fill yourself with that light and power of all that you know that you are.

Imagine that you are breathing the life and light in and out. In through the nostrils, and out through the mouth. Breathe out everything negative that doesn 't belong to you . That helps raise your level in many ways. It not only raises the cosmic level and the ambiance around you, but you go deeper, into yourself.

All the time your focus is here, [the center of the forehead] as you take in the breath.

Now, by this time, you are aware that you are calling your own soul to manifest. You have to call your cosmic master teachers, and together you combine the great experience that you have deserved according to your highest cosmic intelligence at that moment. Whatever it is for you now, that 's what is going to happen.

But you must call for these teachers over the course of the meditation otherwise sometimes they don 't interfere. Even your own higher soul will not interfere, it doesn 't manifest, unless you call for it to do so.

So now that you 've done that, that 's when you start chanting. You begin to chant your Mantra, your personal secret word, that is your own soul vibration sound. You get it through a meditation such as this one, or in the dream state, usually by yourself, before you go to sleep, you just talk to yourself, and you tell yourself that you are going to receive the sound of your own soul. It usually comes in two or three sessions.

Sean: Like OM or Aum?

Adrain: Something like that. The soul will tell you. You will see it in a dream.

For instance, you fall asleep, you start dreaming, and they will show up maybe in something that hangs in a frame, like a picture. Once they give it to you, if you don 't write it down, you will lose it.

While you are doing it you have to kind of hypnotize yourself into remembering the name and the sound. You are going to tell yourself that as soon as you get it, you are going to wake up and write it down. And believe me, it 's not the first or second or third week later you are going to receive it.

This is very important and it is worth all of the polarizing catalysis . Because it is a sound that you are going to use for all this lifetime. The sound may even change later on, when your soul goes to another level... but that 's the level that they have to work with. The old name doesn 't work any more. It 's very interesting. That 's how it works. Anyway, you start chanting your name, whatever it is. Let 's say it 's Om.....

Sean: Is that what you use?

Adrain: Sometimes I use it. But I have my own private name. Everybody has their own private name and you shouldn't say it to anybody else.

You say, ooommmm, carry the last syllable, until you run out of breath. There are people who say Om, like this, ooooooom, and then stop. That's all contrary to what you are really trying to do because the vibration is cut. There is no vibration, no force there. It stops.

Adrain: Focus 1 inch, above the eyebrow and concentrate towards the back in the middle of the brain. Towards the pineal organ, the seat of the soul. Concentrate on your life force, your soul, who you really are. With a conscious deep understanding of who you really are, as are all powerful, all wise, all free. You are the eternal life force. You are God that has been created in principal on life force, of the universal creation. You are all perfect, positive, harmony, freeing you, comfortable, full of love, peace, joy and happiness. You are a complete soul. Let's meditate on life.

Knowing that you always were this life force and you always will be. In the greatest characteristics of the soul that was deep and beautiful and this is where we are going to go, this is where we always see that quietness, that stillness, that inner peace of silence. Keep concentrating on your third eye.

Now at your own discretion, call out for your soul to manifest and together call out for your inner master teachers that they may come and join as one with your soul as they may determine that this experience that it is for you at this time according to your highest cosmic intelligence in the now. Saying the AUM chant for at least a dozen times and then we will remain in the silence and there we will receive.

We shall do the ohm in a rolling way, without stopping. When I stop, all of you will stop also. Keep the concentration on the third eye all through the meditation. It is the understanding of who you are when whatever you think manifests. And if we are thinking on our souls, they shall manifest. And all its characteristics and everything Ooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmm, oooooohhhhmmmm." [end quote]

Any type of intentional, reflective practice creates medi-tation, "being stationed in the middle" .

It is not necessary to be seated, although it is essential to be grounded . If one is not seated and grounded through the 1st chakra touching a supportive surface, then one should be grounded through the feet chakras touching same.

For most people in the modern age of excess mentalization, the most beneficial meditation posture is actually sitting in a rigid, supportive chair with the soles of both feet planted securely on the floor.

However, one can also meditate while pitched upside-down in head-stand asana; while pushing a shopping cart in a supermarket; or while floating in the ocean - as long as these positions are psychically grounded through one of the central chakras.

Q: I'm so stuck. There's a lot I could do in this world, but nothing seems to gel. I get compliments for being a "spiritual person" -- but my family thinks I'm a lazy freeloader. I'd like to serve in a non-profit/NGO, but the salaries are not sustainable. I'd like to teach spiritual skills or subjects, but again I like my luxuries.

My dad says that I need to set priorities and make a career plan. So far I can't do anything except go to yoga class. I'm swinging like a big pendulum. I want a lux lifestyle but I also want a calm peaceful no-conflict space. I know that my lagnesha in bhava-4 points to teaching fundamentals... but I actually don't like kids. Why do all my sentences end with "but"??


Use your Daily Meditations to Actively Visualize

If you have a daily meditation practice, it would be recommended to visualize yourself holding the ideal job.

If you want the continuous experience of polarity-balancing, visualize yourself experiencing that state of mind in the way you believe it would feel.

Visualization is the best way to create an intentional future.

The best advice is to visualize having all of these things that you want.


Remember the feeling,

revisit the feeling of well-being, delight, creativity, and satisfaction.

Remember that feeling throughout the day.

It's that feeling which sets up the magnetic attraction,

that attraction will pull you into your intentionally crafted, deeply wanted future - unless you block that pull.

If you want moksha, then visualize yourself in a state of moksha, the way that you believe that state would feel.

If you want to be a billionnaire, then visualize yourself in a state of billionnaire-ness, the way that you believe that state would feel.

Visualize yourself having and doing a job that you love - how does that feel?

If you don' t meditate on the next job or the next relationship or the next spiritual adventure or the next paycheck or the next bicycle, other people with stronger control energy can impose their agenda too easily.

Your dad is right - orderly priorities and career planning are must-do.

As a Jyotishiki, naaturally I would also recommend a deep dive into your nativity to learn about your pre-incarnational plan.

You have already done most of the structural design for the incarnational learning sequence.

However, the technique which ACTIVATES all of the plans and lists and hopes and yearnings is VISUALIZATION with body feelings.

In your daily meditation, see yourself holding an enjoyable meaningful service job which benefits many people.

Check how you feel psycho-emotionally about this position. Do you feel comfortable and healthy?

Do you feel validated and appreciated? Check how you feel physically.

See your office or workplace.

See your closest co-workers.

See your clothes, your shoes, your face, your hairstyle, your hands.

See your paycheck and your bank balance.

See yourself going to work by bus, bicycle, or private jet – however you want.

If you want a car, see your car.

See yourself being at home after returning from work.

Notice how you feel after work. Do you feel satified and grounded?

Do this visualization every day and every evening.

Remember that body-feeling of well-being. It has a hum, avibration, of happy creativity and meaningful effort.

If there is anything uncomfortable or conflicted that you notice during the visualization, acknowledge the upset and ask your guides how to fix it.

Make adjustments in your work or home environment within the visualization, as needed. All these adjustments happen BEFORE you actually get the job!

This is not a silly fantasy game.

It is the direct way to create the future to be how you prefer it.

Do all of this psychic work BEFORE the job materializes.

Then your career will be primed and ready for you to invest your energy into meaningful, sustainable projects.

Q: I'm feeling utterly desperate after more than three years of joblessness.

Even while the economy is booming, and I've sent out countless job applications, there is hardly a nibble for all of the self-promoting effort I've put out. I'm signed up with every head-hunter in this region. I call all of my contacts regularly, but no one calls me. I have twenty years of experience in the industry, and I need a position that is commensurate with my professional experience.

It's unthinkable that I would accept less than the going rates in my field (about 100K but really 120K is a more appropriate start). I really do have the track record, although my area (marketing) is very youth-oriented, idid some important work using the new technologies only a few years ago, and I feel competitive. At least, ithink I feel competitive... But the few offers I've received have been insultingly low paid.

You said that there is nothing notable in my Jyotishavidya nativity

that would create this blockage, except for untreated depression and anxiety. However, in my upbringing, no one acknowledges depression; people are impressed by money and title and if you can't compete then you are weak and a loser. I'm terrified of being a loser. I'm humiliated that my wife is supporting our family with her clerical job and relatives are gossiping about me. How can I break this spell?? I cannot go into therapy as you suggest as in my culture that is very embarrassing.

I want to succeed and that means millions! HOW?

A: Namaste,

The present Vimshottari bhukti is not an inherently difficult or damaging time period. It simply indicates depression. You are allowing other people's opinions and prejudices to negatively define your reality. Depression is a mask for fear.

Are you afraid that you have become out-of-date in a youthful profession where the technology changes every month? Are you afraid that being any less than superman-billionaire will not be enough to satisfy your gossiping relatives? Are you setting impossibly high standards as a way to guarantee failure? Probably yes to all of the above!

Meditation would help you to take back your power. It would help to disempower the psychic vampires around you. Why do they need you to be so spectacular? Their pressure is making you self-destructive. You only need to be competent, capable, and provide for your family. You are going to have to regain control of your psychic space before you can regain control of your social and financial space. Meditation is a splendid way to take back your power.

Every single day, or even twice per day since you are not presently working, sit for 10 minutes in a quiet room. Leave silenced electronics in another room. Envision the position that you want and flesh out all of the details in the imagination. That is always the best way to create a "next step" in life.

Meditate every day for 10 minutes and use your imagination to place yourself in exactly the professional position you desire. Overlook no detail. The meditation must be specific and clear.

Ground your emotions such as worry or anxiety using an imaginary grounding cord that drops heavily into the center of the Earth. This grounding core will move all interfering energy down and away from the meditative envisioning screen, so that you can see and validate your own future clearly without anyone else's opinion disturbing the authenticity of your view.

Envision the office, its furnishings, the colleagues, what papers are on your desk, what information is on your computer screen, what clothes you are wearing, even the shoes. (In case you are in a country that does not wear shoes in the office, find out where your shoes are. Near the door?)

See the house that your family is living in, your mode of transport, note what you are eating for lunch, see the front of the office building or workplace, see the employment contract in your imagination and note the date on the contract. Note your emotional status. How do you feel? Pleasant, anxious, pressured, relaxed, friendly, hostile, naeutral?

You can know every detail by psychic meditation if you will devote the time to sitting for it and also refuse to allow depression and anxiety to inflate the drama of the current situation.

Life is very manageable when you follow your intuition and you are completely in control of creating your future.

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso and Alexander Berzin

The Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra

"While in a state of total absorption, like a tiny fish flashing about in a lucid pond and not disturbing it, intelligently inspect the self-nature of the person who is meditating."

~~the First Panchen Lama, Lozang Chokyi Gyeltsen

" How do we meditate here?

While in a state of mind that is totally absorbed on mind, we employ a small part of that mind to inspect and scrutinize, intelligently, learnedly and discerningly, the nature of ourselves as the person or individual who is conventionally"me"and who is focusing with absorbed concentration on mere clarity and awareness.

In other words, we supplement our serenely stilled and settled mind with the additional accompanying mental factors of inspection and scrutiny."

Any intentional action, in which the mind is observed locating a motive for action, making the determination to execute the action, executing the action, and reflecting on the results of the action, is meditation.

It is not necessary to go slowly, but it is essential to go intentionally. A fighter pilot could meditate while flying faster than the speed of sound. Many report extraordinary spiritual well-being in this mode. The meditating warrior of ancient virtue, such as Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita or Achilles of the Iliad, could maintain intentional focus and communication with the Divine even while practicing the bloodiest destruction of war.

Intentional, reflective, grounded. No special cushions, temples, gurus, costumes, dogmas, secret languages, scriptures, incense, mysterious rituals, or superstition (placing power outside oneself) are needed.

One may indeed find particular cultural cues helpful in one's lifelong quest to * remember * to establish the intentional and reflective mind.

I personally am triggered to remember to intentionalize my thoughts by the scent of a certain exotic incense. It is wonderful, and it works! That power of sight, smell and sound cues to call the mind back to center is magnificent and delightful!

However, the point is not to confuse the centering behavior itself with one's preferred aesthetic cues. Meditating is not separate from normal living, working, cooking, changing diapers, riding the bus, making stock transfers, signing documents, going to parties, doing laundry, running, brushing one's teeth.

Activity does not cease in a state of meditation and Meditating is not itself an activity. Meditation is a state of Mind which frames and interprets activity.

QUOTATION from -- Caroline Sutherland =

" The key to medical intuition or any other intuitive ability is a quiet, receptive mind.

A mind that is well-trained in any profession will almost always develop intuitive ability.

The more a person works at their craft, the more intuitive that person will become in their area of expertise.

The rational or trained mind becomes the filter through which the intuitive impressions are received.

Meditation, prayer, and quiet receptivity are prerequisites for this ability.

Medical intuition comes from the spiritual level; it comes from God where everything is known."

Calm Abiding

Dzong-ka-ba and 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso .(2005). Yoga Tantra: Paths to Magical Feats . Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. and Ed.).

" Calm abiding is predominantly stabilizing meditation , in which the mind is kept on a single object, rather than analytical meditation, in which a topic such as impermanence or emptiness is analyzed with reasoning.

The purpose of developing calm abiding is that, since a mind that is scattered to external objects is relatively powerless, the mind needs to be concentrated in order to become powerful.

If you do not have concentration in which the mind is unfluctuatingly stable and clear, the faculty of wisdom cannot know its object, just as it is, in all its subtleties. Therefore, it is necessary to have a highly focused mind.

...In order to set the mind steadily on an object of observation, it is necessary initially to use an object of observation suited to counteracting your own predominant afflictive emotion, since its force remains with your mind now and can easily interrupt any attempt to concentrate the mind.

Therefore, buddha described many types of objects for purifying behavior:

  • For someone whose predominant afflictive emotion is desire, ugliness is a helpful object of meditation. Here,"ugliness " does not necessarily refer to distorted forms; the very nature of our body--composed of blood, flesh, bone, and so forth--might seem superficially to be very beautiful with a good color, solid and yet soft to touch, but when it is investigated, you see that its essence is quite different--substances like bone, blood, urine, feces, and so forth.

  • For someone who has predominantly engaged in hatred, the object of meditation is love.

  • For someone who was predominantly sunk in obscuration , the meditation is on the twelve links of the dependent-arising of cyclic existence because contemplating its complexity promotes intelligence.

  • For someone whose predominant afflictive emotion is pride , the meditation could be on the divisions of the constituents because, when meditating on the many divisions, you get to the point where you realize that there are many things you do not know, thereby lessening an inflated sense of yourself.

  • Those dominated by conceptuality can observe the exhalation and inhalation of the breath because, by tying the mind to the breath, discursiveness diminishes.

A particularly helpful object for all personality types is a Buddha body, since concentration on a Buddha's body causes your mind to mix with virtuous qualities. No matter what the object is, this is not a case of meditating within, looking at an external object with your eyes, but of causing an image of it to appear to the mental consciousness."


HH Dalai Lama. (2005).

Lighting the Way . Geshe Thupten Jinpa (Trans.)


" Generally speaking, there are Two forms of meditation on emptiness .

  • One is the space-like meditation on emptiness, which is characterized by the total absence or negation of inherent existence.
  • The other is called the illusion-like meditation on emptiness.

The space-like meditation must come first, because without the realization of the total absence of inherent existence, the illusion-like perception or understanding will not occur.

For the illusion-like understanding of all phenomena to occur, there needs to be a composite of both the perception or appearance and the negation, so that when we perceive the world and engage with it we can view all things and events as resembling illusions.

We will recognize that although things appear to us, they are devoid of objective, independent, intrinsic existence. This is how the illusion-like understanding arises.

The author of the "Eight Verses for Training the Mind" indicates the experiential result when he writes:"May I, recognizing all things as illusion, devoid of clinging, be released from bondage."

When we speak of cultivating the illusion-like understanding of the nature of reality, we need to bear in mind the different interpretations of the term 'illusion-like'....

For example, the Buddhist realist schools explain the nature of reality to be illusion-like in the sense that, although we tend to perceive things as having permanence, in reality they are changing moment by moment and it is this that gives them an illusion-like character."

Tenzing Gyatso . (2006, rev. and updated, 25th anniv. ed.). Kindness, clarity, and Insight 25th Anniversary Edition. Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. and Ed.), Elizabeth Napper (Ed.).

" ...particularly in Buddhism while we practice we must use the brain as well as the heart.

  • On the ethical side, we must practice the quality of a good and warm heart; also, since Buddhism is very much involved in reasoning and logic -- the wisdom side --intelligence is important.

Thus, acombination of mind and heart is needed. Without knowledge, without fully utilized intelligence, you cannot reach the depths of the Buddhist doctrine; it is difficult to achieve concrete or fully qualified wisdom. There may be exceptions, but this is the general rule.

It is necessary to have a combination of hearing, thinking, and meditating.

The Kadampa teacher Dromton ('brom ston pa, 1004-1064) said,

  • " When I engage in hearing, ialso make effort at thinking and meditating.

  • When I engage in thinking, ialso search out more hearing and engage in meditation.

  • And when I meditate, idon't give up hearing and don't give up thinking."

  • He said, "I am a balanced Kadampa," meaning that he maintained a balance of hearing, thinking, and meditating."

Tsong-ka-pa and 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso . (1987)

Deity Yoga in Action and Performance Tantra. Jeffrey Hopkins (Ed.).

" Meditation on [or cultivation of] the six deities is like faith or love meditation in that the mind is being generated into the entity of the object meditated.

  • When faith or love are meditated, those two are not the object observed but the entity into which the consciousness is being generated.
  • Meditation on impermanence or emptiness , on the other hand, means to take these as the object and meditate on them.

Thus, there are two types of meditation--of a subjective aspect and on an objective aspect.

Meditation on the six deities is the former, for first one generates a wisdom consciousness knowing the sameness in suchness of oneself and the deity--the ultimate--and then causes it to appear as the sounds, letters, and finally the form of the deity."

"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.

For those who do not, no explanation is possible."

Tenzing Gyatso . (1991). Path to Bliss: A Practical Guide to Stages of Meditation. Geshe Thubten Jinpa (Trans.), christine Cox and Huboam G.T. (Eds.)

" For those of you who are not able to devote all your time to meditation, there is Nevertheless, the possibility of engaging in practice in a serious way.

For example, the students at the monastic universities in South India can, with some effort, do meditations during the prayers.

When you recite the prayers, you can mentally do the contemplation. The lifestyle and daily routine at these monasteries have been structured by the great masters of the past in a way that is most conducive to individual practice as well as to the flourishing of the dharma.

If you find that your mind is in a very fluctuating emotional state--displaying anger, hatred, caste bigotry, attachment and so forth--then you should first try to calm down that state of strong emotion.

This should be done by first transforming it into a neutral state of mind, because there is no way that one can switch directly from a negative state of mind to a positive oner.

Therefore, you should first reduce the force of these emotions and fluctuations and try to bring about some sort of calmness, using any means--such as taking a stroll or concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath--that will enable you to forget what you are immediately feeling.

This will help you to reduce the force of strong emotion, thereby giving you the calmness necessary for the practice of dharma. Like a white piece of cloth which could be dyed any color that you desire, such n eutral state of mind could then be transformed into a virtuous state of mind.

You could also engage in the preliminary practices of performing 100,000 prostrations, recitations of the Vajrasattva mantra, and so forth.

When you undertake these practices, you should do them properly, not being only concerned about the number.

Many great masters of the past of all traditions have emphasized the importance of these preliminary practices --they will enable you to have a very firm start.

If through them you can acquire a fertile mind, then when the seed of meditation is planted, it will readily bear the fruits of realizations.

Having successfully neutralized the emotional fluctuations within your mind and having restored a reasonable degree of calmness, engage in the practice of taking refuge and generating the altruistic aspiration to attain full enlightenment.

Taking refuge in the Three Jewels is the factor that distinguishes one's practice from that of an erroneous path, and the generation of the altruistic mind makes it superior to the paths aiming at individual liberation."


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