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TRANSIT CALENDAR = Shani Transits by Rashi 1900-2099 CE

Shani transit via Mesha

Shani transit via Urisha

Shani transit via Mithuna

Shani transit via Karkata

Shani transit via Singha

Shani transit via Kanya


Shani transit via Tula

Shani transit via Vṛścika

Shani transit via Dhanus

Shani transit via Makara

Shani transit via Kumbha

Shani transit via Meena

  1. [Mesha - Aja]

  2. [Vrishabha - Urisha]

  3. [Mithuna - Dvamdva]

  4. [Karkata - Kadaga]

  5. [Simha - Leya]

  6. [Kanya - Parthya]

  7. [Tula - Vanika]

  8. [Vṛścika - Thriketta]

  9. [Dhanus - Haya]

  10. [Makara - Draco]

  11. [Kumbha - Ghata]

  12. [Meena - Antya]


Himalayan Blue Poppies

  1. [Shani in classroom-1]

  2. [Shani in classroom-2]

  3. [Shani in classroom-3]

  4. [Shani in classroom-4]

  5. [Shani in classroom-5]

  6. [Shani in classroom-6]

  7. [Shani in classroom-7] [dikbala]

  8. [Shani in classroom-8]

  9. [Shani in classroom-9]

  10. [Shani in classroom-10] [svabhava]

  11. [Shani in classroom-11] [svabhava]

  12. [Shani in classroom-12]

  1. [Shani-Mesha] [nīcha]

  2. [Shani-Urisha]

  3. [Shani-Mithuna]

  4. [Shani-Karkata]

  5. [Shani-Simha]

  6. [Shani-Kanya]

  7. [Shani-Tula] [uchcha]

  8. [Shani-Vṛścika]

  9. [Shani-Dhanus]

  10. [Shani-Makara-Draco] [svakshetra]

  11. [Shani-Kumbha] [svakshetra] [mulatrikona if within 0-20 deg]

  12. [Shani-Meena]


OM sham shanaishcharaye namah

30.5-year cycles of Shanicarya


Visiting Professor


samchara - gochara



Makara - Draco

Makhar = Ena Enadriz = Mrigadriz = Akokera

Saturan's 2.3 year transit


Capri-cornus = the Horned One

steinbock = Stone-buck

aiko-kheros = egokeros

gdi = al-jadi

duration in rashi = 2.3 years = including vakri = retrogrades

frequency of occurrence = once every 30.5 years

Gochara Shani via Draco Effects upon the 12 Bhava Sade-Sati

How does Professor Shani behave in transit?

11-Feb-1902 until 04-Feb-1905

11-Apr-1931 until 07-Dec-1934

01-Feb-1961 until 27-Jan-1964

20-Mar-1990 until 09-Nov-1993

23-Jan-2020 until 17-Jan-2023

06-Mar-2049 until 24-Feb-2052

14-Jan-2079 until 06-Jan-2082


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What is the typical duration of a Shani transit?

Following His enduring teaching circuit, samchara Visiting Professor Shani travels through each of the twelve classrooms at the rate of approximately one rashi per 2.3 of earth's solar-years = including vakri = retrogrades

23-Jan-2020 until 17-Jan-2023

including periods of vakri = retrograde

This is the First transit of Shani via Makara - Draco to occur within the galactic precession crossover [1994 until 2031]

The crossover phase starts with Rahu-gochara-Tula 1994 and concludes with Rahu-gochara-Tula 2031.

Gochara Shani's effects are often framed as governmental, hierarchical, and lawful.

During His visit to the rashi of dry-cold-slow-reliable Makara - Draco,

Professor Shani able to TEMPORARILY affect the visitation bhava in His typical ways:

  • limit - delimit
  • fence - finalize

  • freeze
  • seize
  • cease - decease
  • restrict - constrict
  • restrain - constrain - strain
  • legalize
  • standardize
  • hierarchize
  • bureaucratize
  • cramp - crimp
  • judge
  • withhold
  • delay
  • deny

  • retard
  • slow
  • impede
  • prevent
  • normalize
  • conventionalize
  • structure - stricture


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Shani's seize-amd-freeze limitations stop or block movement in the bhava through which Shani is transiting

Makara is Shani's svakshetra. Shani is perfectly matched to the extremely patient and strictly regulated conditions of the Crocodile.

Shani's style in Makara is typically senatorial [senex = age]. However, not senile. Just patient.

So patient.

He creeps along at a snail's pace, but once Professor Shani is set into a lawful paradigm of blockage and resistance, shani's restrictions tend to last for a long time.

  • delayed
  • lawful
  • regulatory,

  • governmental,
  • institutional
  • conventional,

  • preferring age and caution
  • preferring social leadership of the elders

  • based in consensus-reality,

  • pragmatic,
  • hierarchical,
  • dry,
  • cold,
  • official,

  • bureacratic,

  • governed by the calendar and the time-clock

Normalization, order, Law

Stepwise Hierarchies

Traveling through Draco rashi, shri Shanideva Bhagavan apprehension of large-scale, socially ordered consensus-reality .

Shanaicarya is not concerned with individual reality, intelligence, or unique qualities. Individual uniqueness = a province of Simha and Shri Vishnu, the all-seeing Sun. Shani feels an intense dislike toward Surya's traits.

Samchara Shani via Makara becomes the Master Teacher of rule-governed social pyramids.

From the most miniscule sub-particles to the most massive multiverses, when constituent elements become organized into hierarchies, Shani is the Boss.

Public Order

Lawful Shani is predominantly concerned with the res-publica, the things of public life. Shani regulates large-scale social behavior. He shows little concern for matters which are private or singular in nature.

If Shanideva Bhagavan is touring a more private bhava, such as bhava-12 sanctuary or bhava-4 home, then He may be regulating the private life by imposing the rules of public order upon the more personal environments. One may feel the long arm of the law reaching into areas of life which are normally self-directed.

Normally, professor Shani is tightly focused on class-stratification and the proletarian levels of social hierarchies.

His attention is directed toward regulating imposing social behavior and lawful consequences.

Regime of the Lowest Common Standard

Normally, shani requires conformity to the lowest-common-denominator standard.

Using His highly reliable toolkit of ignorance, delay, scarcity, anxiety, and fear, shani ensures that optimum social regulation is obtained.

He can permit superstition and compassionless cruelty if these evils would facilitate social conformity.

Professor Shani supports whatever government-approved rules, regulations, or step-wise ascents that best support His agenda of uniformity and hierarchy.

Hard Work and Steady Effort

Shani is a Taskmaster

Shri Shani Dev supports hard labor, heavy workloads, scientific effort, materialistic worldviews, and tangible evidence.

Realism is Rewarded

Shani is a Realist above all.

The concrete architectonic of the universe can be revealed to humans via Shani's systems

In order for the higher dimensions to be perceived, life must be orderly enough to permit sustained scientific observance. Shani supports the patiently diligent inquiry which can ultimately reveal the higher laws and their interlocking frameworks.

Under Shani's regime, the system must be reliable and governable with no exceptions.


Denali Alaska

Will Shani succeed in imposing His structuring, law-abiding, limiting and restricting program upon Makara - Draco's field of government, hierarchy, and institutional structures?


Results depend upon the role of Makara - Draco in the individual nativity - including the nativities of nations.

Graha which can impede or harass Shani include His typical adversaries Surya, chandra, and Mangala as well as Opportunistic Rahu the merchant of chaos.

Check for the roles of these graha within the nativity, and anticipate the effect of Shani's transiting contact upon each of them.

Effects are determined by factors such as bhava-activating rulership, incoming drishti, and inherent friendliness of the bhava toward Visiting Professor Shani.

  1. Surya - Makara
  2. Chandra - Makara
  3. Mangala - Makara
  4. Budha - Makara
  5. Guru - Makara
  6. Shukra - Makara
  7. Shani - Makara
  8. Rahu - Makara
  9. Ketu - Makara

Samchara Shani contact Makara - Draco radical lagna

Samchara Shani-Makara imposes a variety of reinforcing, disciplinary, austerity-imposing, and structuring effects upon the indriya-lagna Makara - Draco .

Effects include unrelenting social duty, heavy regulatory responsibility, more attention paid to the structural postural requirements of the fleshbody, and other effects which signify maturity, lawfulness, no tolerance for wastefulness or frivolity, and in severe cases institutional oppression.

Normally, shani's 2.3-year-long visitation in Makara = a smooth transit because Shani's character as lagnesha is already compatible with the overall materialism and conventional viewpoint of the nativity.

Sade-Sati Makara

In addition to the rigidly disciplining effects of Shanideva Bhagavan transit to the radical lagna, If Chandra-Makara-Draco occupies the radical lagna, emotionally overwhelming Sade-Sati impacts can be anticipated.

Features of human life that Shani restricts and retards while traveling through Makara

Restrictions are not severe due to Shani via svakshetra Makara.

It is reasonable to expect some temporary limitations on matters of public respect for law and properly regulated government bureaucracies, due to Shani's need for scarcity and restriction

  • Tighter austerities may be imposed on elderly people, those who are brittle in body or personality, lands which are dry or rocky
  • Extreme materialism in public opinion, preference for common sense, law-and-order, social mainstream, imposed conformity
  • Opposition to fun, spirit, light, romantic idealism, creativity, individual entitlements
  • There may be a tightening of resources directed toward good governance, toward regulatory agencies, toward social provisioning of support for oversight and supervision
  • Scarcity may be experienced by government workers, officials, bureaucrats, regulators, policy makers, legislators
  • There may be a heavy pressure that temporarily constrains normally orderly social conduct such as citizens seeking services from government offices,
  • legal systems may seem slow
  • older persons or conservative personalities may seem to have inordinate influence in public affairs

Younger, more creative, and more independent personalities are overall disadvantaged by Shani's pressure to mold diverse societies into conformity, uniformity, and strict class hierarchies

Shani gochara via Makara continues to support and resource most expressions of

density, gravity, sobriety, scarcity, elegance, streamlining, regulation, legalization, legislation, lawfulness, maturity, patience, naeutrality, and chronicity in all matters related to social ordering.

Those working toward lawful, functional, operable, statutory governance methods for regulating a strictly hierarchical society with the preponderance of resources concentrated into the tiny elite at the top may receive substantial support from class-conscious Shani

However, those interjecting Mangala-type aggressions or Surya-type unique intelligence or Rahu-type social-mobility opportunism into the working process might not get much resource allotted to them.

The Old Guard is entrenched.


Samchara Shani via Makara - Draco

Effects upon the 12 bhava

Naturally, if the transit of Shani via Makara rashi occurs simultaneously with an important Vimshottari Dasha bhukti of Professor Shani, particularly Shani-Shani svabhukti = then the demands of limitation, discipline, austerity, elegance, maturity, sobriety, and social responsibility are further imposed.

  • Although Shani's effects can be recognized during His entire journey via all 30 degrees of each rashi, the most tangible results of His influence are often noticed when He contacts an important lagna

Shani Gochara

Date of Entry into Makara - Draco

Shani gochara

Date of Entry into Kumbha Rashi













01/23/2020 04/28/2022




01/14/2079 04/11/2081


  1. [Shani in classroom-1]

  2. [Shani in classroom-2]

  3. [Shani in classroom-3]

  4. [Shani in classroom-4]

  5. [Shani in classroom-5]

  6. [Shani in classroom-6]

  7. [Shani in classroom-7] [dikbala]

  8. [Shani in classroom-8]

  9. [Shani in classroom-9]

  10. Shani in classroom-10
  11. [Shani in classroom-11]

  12. [Shani in classroom-12]

  1. [Shani-Mesha] [nīcha]

  2. [Shani-Urisha]

  3. [Shani-Mithuna]

  4. [Shani-Karkata]

  5. [Shani-Simha]

  6. [Shani-Kanya]

  7. [Shani-Tula] [uchcha]

  8. [Shani-Vṛścika]

  9. [Shani-Dhanus]

  10. [Shani-Makara-Draco]

  11. [Shani-Kumbha] mulatrikona 0-20

  12. [Shani-Meena]

  1. If Makara = bhava-1 measured from Makara indriya-lagna or measured from Makara-Chandra = The earthen body size may contract due to restriction of the flow of kinetic energy. The attribute-cluster personality may temporarily embody the Shani-sponsored virtues of maturity, sobriety, austerity, and patience. The social personality is pressured into accepting heavier workload responsibilities. However, the demonstration of dutiful conformity to the hierarchy may grant a welcome sense of identity with the institution. Time schedules for personal movement may be more rigorous and limited. Narrowed scope of operations for graha-in-1. Sporting competitions, individual championship, unique appearance may be discouraged. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Nota Bene: if Shani's transit via bhava-1 also contacts Makara-Chandra, then in addition to the normal effects of Shani's slowing, drying, seizing, restricting of the fleshbody, there may be also a freezing of the flow of emotional nourishment during Sade-Saati. Shani's (Parashari) drishti upon 3 ++ 3rd-from-Chandra may produce temporary mental depression. Shani pressure upon Soma-yuvathipati may signal a need to preserve the existing personality (1) against the influence of the lifepartner (Chandra activates 7).

  2. If Makara = bhava-2 as measured from = Dhanus indriya-agna or measured from Dhanus-Chandra = Shani may desiccate the sustaining foods (2, pantry). Stored foodstuffs may be drier or preserved (such as via salt or other chemicals). Shani prefers more cautious speech , telling of hoary stories, singing the old traditional songs, reciting the approved histories. He cherishes frozen hoards of worthy objects. Compression of teeth-tongue (2) due to fear of telling the truth. Corrective dental work is slow but steady. It may be hard to speak the Makara truths which describe the fixed edifice of law and ordered structures of materialization. Fearful of nonconformity, the family of origin may be punitive or harshly judgmental. The family may temporarily withhold validation (validity, 2). Culling of the animal herds, naarrowed lineage knowledge, shrinking of historical consciousness, blocked language fluency.. Depreciation of contained, warehoused, cooped, banked values. Compressed output of graha-in-2. Financial accounts, precious collections, libraries and databases may be blocked or access delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.

  3. If Makara = bhava-3 as measured from Vṛścika indriya-lagna or measured from Vṛścika-Chandra = * reduced frequency of communication events. Fewer business transactions, explanations, descriptions, instructions, diagrams, trainings, and teamwork. Reduces the scope of evangelism, propaganda, including writing, radio-television-internet. Messages must adopt a class-conscious [Makara] plebeian vocabulary. Narrows the range of the target audience. Institutionalizes and bureaucratizes administrative process. Temporarily diminished frequency of short-term travel, tours, conference attendance, seminars, short courses. Or, attending these meetings becomes more laborious, dutiful, colder, discouraging. Instructions = legalistic, pragmatic, cautious, structured, or socially responsible. Orderly Shani is quite comfortable in a svabhava of specific, instructional, tool-using Budha the Messenger-Merchant. Messages must demonstrate a practical usefulness measured by their direct application to the mental or manual task. Compressed output of graha-in-3. Entrepreneurial commerce, ensemble collaboration, publication, programming may be hampered. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.

  4. If Makara = bhava-4 as measured from Tula indriya-lagna or measured from Tula-Chandra - gochara Shani slowdown drishti into 6-10-1 = Due to gochara Sauran's cold, stiffening, stony drishti upon tanu-bhava-1, the mineral-body can age visibly during these 2.3 years.Delays and restrictions in the established rhythms of home life, including reduction or retardation of the shelter, limitation of the property boundaries, + dryness or rockiness of farmlands. Activities of government boundary-protection = legally imposed. Schools of all kinds may experience harsher austerities imposed by elites. Maraka concentrates the resources into the peak of the pyramid. Conformist policies may restrict individual freedoms while emphasizing social uniformity. Transportation systems (4) may be slower or more constrained financially. Local infrastructure underfunded. Schoolteachers and local police delayed pay. Officers of the state may regulate one's home or lands. Unorthodox buildings or bright house colors may be forbidden. Stricter building inspections for new construction. Compressed output of graha-in-4. Local infrastructure, building, shipping, vehicles, roadways may suffer delayed maintenance. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Shukra lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Additionally, shani = yogakaraka from Tula indriya-lagna. Therefore, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  5. If Makara = bhava-5 as measured from Kanya indriya-lagna or measured from Kanya-Chandra = Restricted expression of free individual creativity. Constrains the range of theatrical genius, glittering fashion, political display. Structures imposed by social order tend to limit personal entitlements. Temporary oppression of the unique brilliance of children, including students . More pressure to use standardized testing + less tolerance for individualized learning styles. Conceptions = reduced, fewer children are born, the burden of raising children feels heavier. Kids may undergo more regimentation. Poets and literary artist s may experience resistance to fame. Politicians may be pressured by the government away from flamboyant campaigning and celebrity sparkle. Speculative finance cramped by legalities. Compressed output of graha-in-5. Elections, entertainments, prizes, and games may be onerous or delayed. . The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Budha lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Therefore, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  6. If Makara = [bhava-6] as measured from Simha indriya-lagna or measured from Simha-Chandra lagna = overall beneficial effect due to Samchara Shani-6 drishti upon 8+12+3 = the scope of vata [Makara] imbalance may shrink because Shani-via-6 slows disease. Chronic conditions may entrench.. Shani restrains the production of toxins and limits options for self-medication. The volume of accusations, disputes, treachery, broken promises or unsatisfied contracts may decrease. Strictly pragmatic, legalistic, and lowest-common-denominator attitude toward matters of litigation. Tendency to accept exploitation while sustaining complaints. Simmering hatred but no physical altercation. Shani limits the movement of adversarial personalities in the workplace. Status = unfair yet unmovable. Professor Sauran has enduring patience for slavery and servitude. Ailments of coldness, dryness, bone pain, may be treated with cold, dark, stiff, old, stony materials. Arthritis. Compressed output of graha-in-6. Medical treatment, litigation, divorce, criminalization / crime, provision of aid may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or desiccation. Surya lagnesha is a bitter enemy of class-conscious Shani. During this Shani Tour, the Systems Master = especially hostile to personal entitlements and individual exceptions.

  7. If Makara = bhava-7 as measured from Karkata indriya-lagna or measured from Karkata-Chandra lagna = Shani gets temporary [dikbala] for 2.3 years. Strict Shani imposes contractual obligations upon relationships both business and personal. Professor Shani's zero-exception legal judgments generally benefits the svabhava of balance-seeking, contractual Shukra. Conventionally conservative advisors + cautious consultation + a preference for existing partnerships rather than new ones. Social pressure to complete brokerage, match-making, betrothal. Partners demand adherence to terms of agreement. Shani may be less willing to extend cooperation + more insistent on legally vetted contracts. Due to gochara Shani's cold, stiffening, stony drishti upon tanu-bhava-1, the mineral-body may age temporarily during theses 2.3 years. Only the most socially approved types of alliance, promise-making, avowal are supported. Unions formed in the time-honored way can benefit from unchanging old rules for maintaining vows. Compressed output of graha-in-7. Vows, trusts, marriages, promises may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.

  8. If Makara = bhava-8 as measured from Mithuna indriya-lagna or measured from Mithuna-Chandra lagna = Shani feels threatened in Kuja's svabhava-8. Kuja is a warrior who fights to the death, but Shani's shield must resist Kuja's sword. . Shani delays dematerialization during His visit to randhrasthāna. Suppression of occult wisdom. Common-sense materialism denies the reality of unseen forces. Impulse toward rebirth is delayed. Reduced tolerance for the unexpected. Reluctance or refusal to respond to frightening events. Shani seals the lid which hides the secret caches. Shani camouflages the gateway to forbidden power. Slows transformations. Few initiation ceremonies. Those which occur would be minimal and performed in cold wind, with stone and iron. Stony Shani obscures the secret boiling magma underlying the telluric crust which causes the continents and their civilizations to rise into mountains or fall into the sea.. Stops earthquakes or minimizes their violence. Shani usually prefers to block release of the tectonic pressure. Limits discovery of new power sources. Dims insight into condition of rebirth. Retards delivery inheritance from the estate of the parents (5th-from-4th). Compressed output of graha-in-8. Disaster response, recovery operations, exploratory surgeries, emergent new identities may be deprioritized. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Budha lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Therefore, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  9. If Makara = bhava-9 as measured from Urisha indriya-lagna or measured from Urisha-Chandra = Shani focuses upon orthodoxy while He limits the scope of higher philosophical wisdom. Shani deprioritizes individual authenticity while He emphasizes conformity of credenda. He temporarily suppresses doctrinal questioning and dissent. Duty toward the sangha. Less conceptual theory in science, more demand for applications. Less theological inquiry, more requirement for indoctrination. Cautious behavior of professors , priests, proselytes, presbyters, preachers, kohen, kahuna, popes, pater-nostra. Institutionalized patronage. Father-figures tend to be withholding of praise. Sacred priesthood strictly imposing laws. Bhava-9 = generally a neutral location for Professor Shani, and His transit via 9 often indicates a long period of higher studies. For scholars, limitation by rigid theories or cramped fundamentalist interpretations. Opulist preachers are benefitted. Compressed output of graha-in-9. Timing of university results may be onerous or delayed. Pragmatic approach to internationalism. Old professors teach rigid rules. Compressed output of graha-in-9. Fatherhood, indoctrination, obtainment of university doctorate or high-priesthood may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or desiccation. Suave Shukra lagnesha = a close friend of Shani. Therefore, despite its dryness, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  10. If Makara = [bhava-10] as measured from Mesha indriya-lagna or measured from Mesha-Chandra [svabhava] of Shani benefits from austerity, order, discipline = Professional leadership necessary but burdensome. Respect for bureaucratic leaders. Social reputation may dwindle due to restricted venues for public display of capabilities. Weight of decision-making. Social reputation steady respect for maintaining conditions of law-and-order. Less enthusiasm for iconic roles yet more obligation to appear as a conventionalized icon of elite responsibility. Rarely any changes of career since the duty-roster is locked in place. Keep working. Efforts invested now can sustain the career during Shani's next tour via 11-goals. Supports lawful executive decisions within a period of relatively scarce resources. Shani dislikes praise. Therefore, little applause for work accomplished at the peak of the social pyramid. Enduring reputation for mature sobriety. Even if one does not normally fill a leadership role, social ordering duties may be imposed. Bureaucratic officials in public institutions must follow strict rules and protocols. Authority is granted to one who follows the socially approved dictums, acting in the most mainstream fashion, while following the prescribed steps upward toward the sky. Compressed output of graha-in-10. Step-wise promotion, official investiture, command-post may be frugally accomplished without ceremony. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark. Because karma-sthāna = svabhava, this Shani Tour is efficient, effective, but dry.

  11. If Makara = bhava-11 as measured from Meena indriya-lagna or measured from Meena-Chandra = Maintaining large-group networks requires enduring patience. The web of friendships remains reliable but it rarely expands. Tedious application of marketplace regulations. Social-participation movements build groundwork slowly. Temporary plateau in profits. Gains from frugal products that cater to the lowest common denominator.Favors economic engagement with the proletariat. Oppression by popular fear of scarcity. No spectacular gains + no serious losses. Slow but steady, hardworking Shani-11 follows the rules. He rarely has big losses. Older friendships are sustained . Existing allegiances between communities are reinforced. Rarely any new links but proven connections endure. Limits the flow of income.. Preference for proletarian friends. Obligatory assemblies. Attendance at large gatherings may be required. Compressed output of graha-in-11. Revenues, profits, earnings, achievements may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark. Because vriddhisthāna = Shani's svabhava, this transit is lawfully responsible but dry.

  12. If Makara = [bhava-12] as measured from Kumbha indriya-lagna or measured from Kumbha-Chandra = hampers the volume and frequency of spiritual shepherding. Fewer dreams. Night visions may contain less profound wisdom -- albeit perhaps more pragmatic guidance. Invisible pastoral figures may dry up completely. Blocks travel to distant lands or the travel become onerous. Fewer sanctuary spaces welcome the meditator. Institutionally defined meditation practice may require stronger discipline. Makara demands adherence to terrestrial time-clocks. Less secluded private artistic studio time available for reflective reverie. Time is regimented which negates creative work, fewer new ideas in the research vision. Yet, there is stronger discipline for completing existing research projects. Less intuition. Dimmed insight. Common sense dries-out the fertile imagination. Less prayer, less sleep , less contemplation, less privacy . Guidance from elders is allowed. Elder wisdom features material applicability and common sense. Compressed output of graha-in-12. Privacy, astral perception, restful sanctuary may be less available, or heavier workload to maintain them. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Enadriz are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.


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