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Varga - Vocation

Mantreswara's Phala Deepika

Chapter 5

Source of livelihood

  • English Translation, Commentary and annotation by Dr. G. S. Kapoor , p. 51-54

  • examples provided by BP Lama

  • edited and adapted by B.P. Lama

BPL commentary

Going outside one's native land (referenced below) can mean leaving the regional state, the language region, the religious region, the tribal region, or the passport country.

Going away from one's native land generally means leaving the place in which one's parents home exists, the ancestral village, or where one was schooled.

Leaving the birth place does not require leaving the passport nation.

shloka 1. " Which planet helps to acquire wealth [career, livelihood ]?"

" according to which planet is in the 10th to the Lagna or Moon, whoever is stronger, The source of acquisition of wealth will be

  • father if the planet be the Sun.

  • mother if the planet be the Moon,

  • An enemy in case of Mars,

  • A friend in case of Mercury,

  • A brother in case of Jupiter,

  • A wife in case of Venus

  • And a servant in case of Saturn.

The profession of the native will be that assigned to the lord of the Navamsha occupied by

  • The lord of the 10th house from the Lagna,

  • The lord of the 10th house from the Moon

  • And the lord of the 10th house from the Sun

(severally) whoever is the strongest."


shloka 2.

" If the lord of the 10th house be placed in the Navamsha of Surya "

" The sources of livelihood [wealth] of the native will be through

  • fruit bearing trees,

  • by the recitation of mantras,

  • by fraud and cunningness,

  • by gambling

  • by speaking lies,

  • through wool, medicines and the like,

  • by working on metals

Or through service under a king or respectable person,

[BPL commentary: in the modern age, Surya is often associated with politics , regal or celebrity glamour, drama and creativity, autocracy , and entertainments.]

shloka 3.

" If the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 10th house is that of Chandra "


The sources of income or livelihood will be through

  • trade in water products (pearls, corals etc.),

  • Agriculture and cattle breeding,

  • pilgrimage to holy places,

  • service under a woman

  • and trade in drapery.

[BPL comment]

implication to have a feminine boss, or be substantially governed by mother-figures, when karmesha-10 occupies a navamsha of Chandra. Involvement with housing, walls of the village, shelter, ancient and customary rooted folkways, agriculture, estuary and ocean, fishing, ethno-nationalism, tribalism, defense of boundaries of the settlement. Involvement with the foundations of civilization , schooling, and behaviors that become basic for the root-race.]

shloka 4.

" If the lord of the 10th house occupies a Navamsha of Mangala


" The sources of income or livelihood will be through:

  • metals,

  • serving for fighting battles,

  • cooking,

  • lands ,

  • gold ,

  • causing troubles to others,

  • weapons,

  • adventure,

  • association with wicked men,

  • spying

or through theft."

Public Figure Examples


shloka 5.

" In a nativity where the lord of the 10th house is posited in a Navamsha owned by Budha

" The earning will be through

  • composition of poem,

  • study of sacred scripture,

  • by being a writer,

  • or through clerical work

  • or through tricks,

  • through the knowledge of astrology,

  • through the study of Vedas,

  • by recitation of Mantras,

  • through priesthood

Or by some pretext ."

Public Figure Examples


shloka 6. " If the lord of the 10th house occupies a Navamsha of Brihaspati"

" The sources of livelihood or earning will be through

  • dependence on Brahmins,

  • Or through dependence on temples (serving as priests etc.)

  • Or religious Ashramas,

through the beneficence of the king [translator's note: Government],

  • through study of Puranas, Shastras, or Vedas,

  • through practicing of righteous paths and actions,

Or by religious instruction ."

shloka 7. " If the lord of the 10th house occupies a Navamsha of Shukra


The sources of earning will be through

  • dependence,

  • serving a woman [ translator's note: she may be wife, prostitute, queen, a cinema actress or any other woman],

  • through cows, buffaloes, elephants, horses, etc.,

  • through teaching music or through musical performances ,

  • by singing or dancing,

  • through silver [ translator's note: sale and purchase]

  • scents,

  • milk, curd etc.,

  • Ornaments ,

  • through silken and other expensive dress materials,

  • by being a companion or aides of a lady of high standing,

Or by his poetic talents."

[BPL commentary: in the modern age, Shukra is often associated with music , women, financial well-being, treasuries, banking, archives, storage, curated collections, drugs, alcohol, sweets and sugars, music, design, deal-making, alliance -building, relationships, justice and equity, political diplomacy , legal negotiations, and contract law. By " serving a woman" can be meant employment in all of the service industries which cater to women, including hairstylist, gynecologist, or women's psychologist, to name a few of hundreds. ]

shloka 8. " If the lord of the 10th house occupies a Navamsha of Shani "


The sources of income or livelihood, will be through

  • dealing in roots and fruits,

by hard physical labor,

  • through servants or menials, rogues

  • and through the earnings of men of low morality,

  • through grains of bad quality,

by carrying loads,

  • by following low kind of professions,

  • through sculpture,

  • wooden materials,

and by serving under a butcher.

[BPL commentary: in the modern age, Shani is most associated with economic systems and institutional governance , large corporations and legal structures, social hierarchies, bureaucracy, proletarian identity, and the base of the pyramid, " The masses and the classes" of common folk who practice conventionality, conformity, and adherence to rule of law. Also Shani activates large-scale rule-governed electrical or scientific systems and marketplace communities ].

shloka 9. If the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 10th house be strong

  • There will be accrual of wealth without any obstacle or exertion.

If the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 10th house be weak ,

  • very little earning may be expected.

The country from which the accrual of wealth will be Indicated

  • by the sign representing the 10th house

  • Or the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 10th house.

If the sign be occupied or aspected by its lord ,

  • the source of income will be found in his own country.

When the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 10th house is a fixed sign.

  • the same will happen

If the sign of the 10th house be occupied or aspected by planet other than its lord,

  • the person concerned will earn in the place other than his native land."


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