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Aum Som Somaya Namah



emotional dignity

  • Comfortable Career Identities

  • Security of Public Honor

  • Soothing routines while performing Professional Duties

  • Protection obtained from holding Leadership Roles and Ranks

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radical Karmasthana-10

10th-from-Chandra Leadership roles and effects of Vimshottari Dasha period of the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

Although some public figures are successful at compartmentalizing their private lives, those with strong graha in 10th-from-Chandra may experience notoriety that is sometimes beneficial for career promotion, and sometimes more challenging. One may feel that one is living in a fishbowl in regard to the matters associated with the graha in 10th-from-Chandra.

Maya-culture Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, in Yucatan Mejico

Planetary yoga measured from 10th-from-Chandra

Gaja-kesari Yoga

Quotation from from B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations.


If Jupiter is in a kendra from the Moon the combination goes under the name Gaja Kesari.


  • Many relations,
  • polite and generous,
  • builder of villages and towns or magistrate over them;
  • will have a lasting reputation even long after death.


Here as well as elsewhere, great difference in the enjoyment of results should be pronounced.

The original writers say that the person born in this yoga will build villages and towns. A literal interpretation of the results leads one nowhere. They have to be adapted to suit modern conditions and climes.

One born in this yoga may become a member of Municipality and engineer or if the yoga is really powerful, a mayor. The results ascribed to a yoga are subject to qualification or modification according as the yoga-karakas are strong or weak.

There are magistrates from the village to the district with different powers. From a builder of a small shrine or choultry to the builder of a large and rich temple there is much difference.

Combinations are given but the results of the same conjunction will vary with the strength of the planets, bhavas and the constellations."

Planetary yoga measured from 10th-from-Chandra

13. Amala Yoga

QUOTATION from from B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations.


The 10th from the Moon or Lagna should be occupied by a benefic planet.


The person will achieve lasting fame and reputation. His character will be spotless and he will lead a prosperous life.


As in interpreting every combination, due consideration should be given to the strength of the lord causing the Amala and the aspects and associations he receives.

Some benefic planets must occupy the 10th from Lagna or the Moon to cause Amala.

If no benefic is present, then Amala is not caused.

But yet on the strength of the dictum "Udayat Indutovapi Yegrahadasamasthithaha Te sarve artha-pradagneya swa dasasu yatoditha" which means that any planet in the 10th from Lagna or 10th-from-Chandra would give, during his Dasa, much wealth, a malefic also is not ruled out.

Amala means pure and when the Yoga is present, prosperity and affluence will be achieved through fair means while a malefic, whilst giving wealth, may make the means questionable.

After all, the end justifies the means according to some and, therefore, Amala makes one scrupulous as to the means he employs for earning while a malefic in the 10th while no doubt good in its own way, as causing wealth to come, would not make one famous or a man of character."

Does one emotionally expect to be respected?

Characteristics of the emotional predispositions toward public life and social standing, as exhibited in 10th-from-Chandra

10th-from-Chandra is an important career and social rank indicator which describes:

Emotionally-based experience of receiving honor or paying respect

feeling of being the object of public reverence or esteem

emotional orientation toward one's own social status, station, or rank

emotional expectations regarding those actions for which one may be honored, receive respect

rhythmic, often intuitive, styles of behavior that are publically regarded as noble or showing dignified character or manners

a mark of respect or esteem; a source of glory, a cause of good reputation

Emotionally originating Contributions to the Social Order

Affection and Feelings toward government, hierarchies, social ascent, high-visibility public roles, leadership, law-making, social ordering processes

Emotionally based sense of responsibility for the social order * not always public leadership identity but the obligation is tangible

Career satisfaction is strongly influenced by the emotional comfort prognosis related to the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra may be located in a leadership-supporting placement - or not

If not producing recognition and respect, the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra may produce a never-ending grumpy imbalance of responsibilities exceeding resources

Much of the dissatisfaction arises from incomplete understanding of the distinction between process management versus regulation of an entire organization

Emotional orientation toward public, recognized social ordering roles

The relationship between

  1. character of the graha which rules 10th-from-Chandra
  2. the angle-from-Chandra occupied by the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra
  3. location of the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

may reveal the overall career direction, ability to achieve authority in the directing roles, and perceived effectiveness and importance of the leadership duties.

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in 2nd-from-Chandra

  • POTUS-18 Civil War Ulysses S. Grant. His career had a very weak start when he was first discharged from his Army Officer rank for alcoholism. Then, his various attempts at farming and commerce failed miserably. Mangala-yuti-Ketu rules 10th-from-Chandra and Mangala occupies 2nd-from-Chandra, a 9th-from-10th angle that has dharmic wisdom potential despite a forecast of eccentric and violent pathways toward career success. His Meza-7 which is the 10th-from-Chandra is packed with high-powered leadership graha including uttama-Surya, nichha-Shani, and Guru. The circumstances of career ascent were grim including a hideous, bloody war (to which he was accustomed by a childhood of brutal animal butchery) and his own black-out drinking (Zukra-6). But in the end Grant did feel the satisfaction of a horribly necessary job brought to completion, and history has judged him a fairly able executive during the post-war devastation and rebuilding period.

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in 3rd-from-Chandra

  • USA-Sen-Tenn VPOTUS Climate Change 1948- Al Gore = Budha in bhava-8 in scientific Kumbha ruling the career-defining Kanya-3 = 10th-from-Chandra Graha located in 3rd-from-Chandra may discuss emergencies, hidden asse4ts, or discoveries. Gore demonstrated over the decades, and particularly when he became a global spokesman for Climate Change Awareness, that he was emotionally comfortable to handle responsibilities in communicative, explanatory leadership roles. Kanya-3 is a location for detailed argument, and Budha's role is often to announce news about crime, suffering, unfair, or imbalanced conditions. Gore's cinematic (3) descriptive pronouncements were so effective that he was awarded the shared 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Ruler of 10th-from-Chandra located in 6th-from-Chandra

  • Institutes 1509-1564 John Calvin was intensely intellectually involved in his theological and theocratic work, but he had a very hard time of it. He was banished, hunted, jailed, and forced into exile. He generated a huge wave of controversy with his teachings upon the structure of heaven and the theme of scarcity (10th-from-Chandra Makara and Shani-1). His views incited violence among the warring (6) believers, and most government officials wanted to keep him in the gaol (6). However, some Swiss officials (Makara) with commercial interests saw the potential of making Calvinism the State Religion. Calvin's dogma that material wealth was proof of Divine Favor suited their agenda perfectly. He lived to age 63 and changed the course of Western history, when later English Calvinists escaping persecution helped to found Euro-America. But his daily life was subject to accusatory litigation, often physically dangerous, and psycho-emotionally rugged. (Also, Chandra-8.)

Radical bhava location of ruler of 10th-from-Chandra

The emotional need to be accorded a basic adult social dignity is fundamental to human nature, and all born humans make some recognized contribution to the stability of the social order.

Numerous other factors such as the graha which occupy 10th-from-Chandra (which is of greatest importance) the characteristics of the ruler of the 10th-from-Chandra, that ruler's companion graha, consideration of the radical karma-pathi, et-cetera must naturally be considered.

Nevertheless, the bhava residence of the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra offers a reliable guide to the social-reputation outcomes that result from the Chandra-based emotional motivation to contribute to the social order in a meaningful way.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-1, it suggests a career the significantly involves one's unique personality. Social leadership is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as an agent of pioneering innovation and dominance .

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton * ruler of 10th-from-Chandra = Guru-yuti-Zukra-1.

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter carried innovative, pioneering yet publicly responsible roles for a variety of nationally important governance and housing organizations for his entire life, well into his '90's. Also his Rahu-Karkata-1.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-2, it suggests a career featuring treasuries, fleshdeath, historical values, and sensuality that is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as an agent of saturation and containment.

  • POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant. Overall trajectory of his career in warfare is complicated by the parivartamsha between Kuja ruler of 10th-from-Chandra with uttama-Surya residing in 10th-from-Chandra, as well as many other factors including * uttama-Surya + nichha-Shani + Guru all residing in 10th-from-Chandra. Grant's career followed a roller-coaster path including business failure and a dishonorable military discharge from the Army due to alcoholism. His disregard for colossal-scale human slaughter via Simha-Kuja-yuti-Ketu in 2nd-from-Chandra (his family ran a slaughterhouse) made his career full of ups-and-downs but also made Grant the perfect candidate to lead the Northern Armies toward annihilation (Ketu) of the enemy. From this carnage-based success (Kuja-Ketu) Grant was then propelled to POTUS-20 where he proved a capable leader in the horrible aftermath of the Civil War.

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy had the wealth-and-values cluster of Surya + Guru-yuti-Zukra-Vrishabha located in 10th-from-Chandra. Vrishabha-Zukra also occupies bhava-2 suggesting that he was a delightful speaker and worked harmoniously in family-based environments.

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy was said to have won the razor-edge 1960 POTUS-35 election on the strength of his charm in front of the camera. Young Kennedy understood the new medium of television as a political tool; he appeared bright, alert, and clean-shaven for an evening broadcast. By contrast, an elder, media-un-savvy POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon appeared uneasy, tired and grumpy with a "five o'clock shadow" of beard growth.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-3, it suggests a descriptive, explanatory, commercial, evangelical career that is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as an interpreter and explicator.

  • My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla had a striking cluster of Shani-yuti-Budha + Zukra + Surya located in 10th-from-Chandra identical to radical bhava-3, suggesting that he would obtain socially recognized leadership roles in project management, explanation, diagramming, instruction, component assembly and commercial applications. Mithunaya-Budha ruler of 10th-from-Chandra proves the descriptive, detailed function of his social reputation.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-4

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-5, it suggests a charismatic, dramatic, political, celebrity career that is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as a bright entertainer and charmer.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-6

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-7 it suggests a contractual, alliance-based, negotiating career that is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as an agent of agreement, equity, and fairness.

  • France-Queen 1775-1793 Marie Antoinette * Kuja-2 parivartamsha Budha-7 * her career was essentially her marriage, which placed her in a constant state of negotiation and bargaining. Kuja-Mithunaya-2 in 10th-from-Chandra shows emotional expectation that superficial yet aggressive words (Qu'ils mangent de la brioche ** Let them eat cake) would define her reputation.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-8

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-9 it suggests a philosophical, theoretical, public-guidance career that is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as an agent of higher principles of understanding, global worldview, and paradigms of belief.

  • Second Sex 1908-1986 Simone de Beauvoir * ruler of 10th-from-Chandra = uttama-Guru-9 while the 10th-from-Chandra is occupied by Budha-Dhanuzya + Surya-yuti-Ketu indicating her advanced philosophical writing.

  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs * 10th-from-Chandra = Dhanusya-9 containing Zukra-yuti-Rahu-9 and ruled by Guru-yuti-Ketu-3. Jobs had many ups-and-downs in his famous electronics-design career, but he was most successful as a prophet, preacher, and inspirational salesman.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-10

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bhava-11 it suggests a economically oriented, socially-networked, community activist career that is motivated by one's emotional need to obtain social recognition and respect as an agent of increased social-economic participation and profit, extension of the commonwealth, and linkages of friendship.

If the ruler of 10th-from-Chandra occupies radical bbhava-12

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt ruler of 10th-from-Chandra = Surya-12

pitrikaraka Surya resides in 10th-from-Chandra


Professor Surya's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Ravi become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public. Public recognition for brilliantly visible roles in politics, entertainment, gambling and games, fashion, or dramatic performance arts. One may be an iconic figure.

  • His nichha-Shani with uttama-Surya in 10th-from-Chandra signifies the terrible conflict of the USA Civil War (Shani) and his decisive role in finishing that Mesha bloodbath. POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant is well remembered a more than a century afterward as a distinguished national leader

  • POTUS-pair-34 Military Families 1896-1979 Mamie Doud Eisenhower famously said "I have only one career (10) and that is Ike". As her mother had promoted her father (Surya) also Mamie networked (her Chandra-Kumbha) vigorously on his behalf at every stage of his career.

Mangala resides in 10th-from-Chandra

Professor Mangala's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Kuja become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

Budha resides in 10th-from-Chandra

Professor Budha's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Budha become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

One may be recognized for excellence or accuracy in planning, communications, strategy, tactics, argumentation, studentship, and youthfulness of demeanor.

Guru occupies 10th-from-Chandra


Generally, Guru in 10th-from-Chandra indicates that the native is emotionally capable of holding a multiplicity of public roles in a generous and expansive fashion.

  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor * uttama-Guru. She was an exceptionally famous and popular dramatist until her forties, then morphed into a highly successful businesswoman vending luxury goods such as perfumes and jewels. In addition she held a high-profile position as the leader of the earliest crusades to bring government and medical attention to the plight of the AIDS patient population.

Professor Guru's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Brihaspati become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

  • Oops 1981- entertainer Britney Spears * Brihaspati rules 4 and 4th-from-4th for her Kanya radical nativity. Due to vidyapathi-5 Shani-1 endurance in entertainment-5, Ms. Spears' long-lasting musical entertainment career has placed her home life and parenting (4) along with her marriage life and legal situation (7, 4th-from-4th) brightly into the public view. Compounding effects from Zukra ruler of Brihaspati, located in bright-lights center-stage vidya-bhava-5.

From the perspective of a wifely-figure

husband-1 is a great support for career and the acquisition of leadership responsibilities in society. He brings prestige and recognition to the female.

The relationship is typically emotionally stable and of life-structuring value to the native, even if there is material difficulty.

Guru in 10th-from Chandra = expect 10th-from characteristics in the emotional relationship to the first husband. Guru in 10 = splendid for visibility promotion + career-reputation assist from the marriage partner.

One feature of the career profile should match the Guru-themed behaviors of education, indoctrination, inclusive ideologies, theoretical philosophies, and global outreach.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury 1950- Rowan Williams * Guru-Kumbha * icon of the philosophy and theology of the Age of Kumbha with its distinctively egalitarian, network-inclusive features. Williams proposed radical innovations in Anglican practice such as ordination of women bishops. He was roundly criticized and received a great deal of pushback, but the social change action was put in motion.

  • POTUS-pair-37 Watergate 1912-1993 Pat Ryan Nixon * Guru-9 * traveled the world as an informal USA ambassador during her husband's presidency1968-1972. Sometimes he accompanied her, but often Mrs. Nixon conducted the visits on her own strengths. Historians now opine that her significant educational and leadership skills, along with an inclusive and generous attitude, would have made her a suitable and successful appointee to official ambassador roles.

Zukra resides in 10th-from-Chandra


Professor Zukra's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Bhrigu become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

From the perspective of the Husband-figure

Zukra in 10th-from Chandra =10th-from characteristics in the emotional relationship to the wife(s). Splendid for visibility promotion + career-assist from the marriage partner. Spouse typically enjoys professional dignity, often an institutional role in large organizations, or government regulatory or legislative capacity. Mate need not earn a paycheck (11) but rather the public respect is high and maintained.

Also an indicator of public roles in music, art, design, and graceful occupations.


Shani resides in 10th-from-Chandra

Public Figures

POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant yuti Ketu

Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel * uttama * Sasya Yoga

Best Is Yet to Come 1949- designer Ivana Zelnickova Trump (Donald Trump was Ivana's 2nd husband)

Seven-Year Itch 1926-1962 Marilyn Monroe * uttama

Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 singer Judy Garland * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Shani-yuti-Rahu

Human Rights 1978- attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney


de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton * Shani-yuti-Ketu

Flowers of Evil 1821-1867 poet Charles Baudelaire

POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant * nichha + uttama-Surya-yuti-Guru

Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie * Shani-yuti-Budha

Germinal 1840-1902 Emile Zola

My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla + Surya-yuti-Budha + Zukra

SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela (10)

Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Mohamed Reza Pahlavi + Kuja-yuti-Zukra

Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell * Shani-9 old religion

Thriller 1958-2009 Michael J. Jackson

Purple Rain 1958-2016 Prince

Shani in 10th-from-Chandra indicates a significant burden of leadership responsibility in the environments of Shani's bhava and rashi. These nativities are emotionally engaged with governance duties and usually they are known for their capacity to organize and order from the platform of the familiar home-base.

Professor Shani's characteristics, owned bhava counted from various lagna, drishti relationships, and other features of Lord Shanaicarya become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

Excellent placement for public leadership roles, wherein the nature of the responsibilities is characteristically responsible, reliable, conventional, sober, lawful, and systematic.

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant * Shani-yuti-Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra. Mrs. Grant was recognized by the public for her role as the careful enabler. Although her husband was a career alcoholic whose drinking binges had the potential to destroy himself, his family, and many under his military command, Mrs. Grant was known as the one who could "talk him down". Her presence brought a modestly lawful condition to Mr. Grant, reducing his state of addictive toxicity so that he could resume command. Shani parivartamsha Zukra implies her ability to impose conditions of sobriety and balance. It was said that when she arrived in camp the general stopped drinking, and the soldiers greeted her with respect (Shani). She continued to regulate (Shani) the environment during Gen. Grant's subsequent eight years as POTUS-18. However Julia's nichha-Shani-yuti-Ketu suggests that Shani is not fully empowered and she could never fully prevent his poor judgment.

Often the mark of a long and distinguished career, so long as Shani is not interrupted by Rahu or deranged by Surya.

"rehearsal" karma

regulatory and restraining behaviors

highly disciplined and responsible worker

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 singer Judy Garland * Guru-yuti-Rahu * Shani-yuti-Rahu worked in public, salaried roles for 45 of her 47 years of life. Beginning as the toddler-age youngest sister of the Gumm Sisters burlesque singing family, she continued to work with various cohorts, managed teams, and ensemble performance groups for the rest of her life.

generally Shani in the 10th-from-Chandra grants a supportive mother at the foundation of life

  • Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell * Shani-9 old religion . Falwell often credited his mother (Chandra-12-Bharani) with laying the foundations of his faith, identity, and career

in order to experience emotional security, one feels Beholden to the government, the father's money or father's family, the lawful leadership duties and the social reputation

Longevity and discipline are distinguishing characteristics of the public career

  • Germany Bundeskanzlerin 1954- Angela Merkel is the longest ruling president of a European country (and de facto head of the EU) in modern history. This accomplishment is due mainly to her extraordinary patient, architectural balanced (Thula) style of crafting alliances and agreements. Shani in bhava-1 * Shani-Thula * uttama * Sasya Yoga

Graha-drishti of Shani contacts only the 7th-from-Chandra which gives a materially responsible but emotionally distant Shani flavor to the character of the 1st spouse and all close business partners. the native 's career may reflect one's emotional need to stabilize and conserve traditional, law-abiding, culturally fixed, hierarchical behaviors.

either by their presence or by their absence,

  • Social Leadership Duties become the primary instructional agents in the karma struggle to transform emotional ignorance into emotional wisdom.

One may hold a symbolic social role which requires one to act in ways that are very difficult emotionally.

Strong negative impact on the marriage relationship, unless the spouse is very deeply invested in the native 's performance of iconic leadership duties.

In traditional marriages, a man's wife may find it easier to accommodate his constant attention to duties and the emotional drain he suffers from public performance, so long as her community offers material support to compensate for an often-gone husband.

A woman's husband may find the social obloquy of a wife who is emotionally unavailable because she is consumed with public duty, to be unbearable.

Much of the difficulty can be avoided by choosing a chronologically elder or emotionally very mature or socially conservative spouse.

  • Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell had a socially ultra-conservative spouse, and in the public view the couple enjoyed an honorable marriage.

Prognosis always improved if either Shani or Chandra is dignified by rashi or if either rules a kendra or a bhagya sthana. Shani-yuti-Rahu -or- Chandra-yuti-Rahu = amplified results.

From the perspective of the wife-figure

Shani in 10th-from Chandra = 10th-from characteristics in the emotional relationship to the second husband. Shani in 10 = splendid for visibility promotion + career-assist from the marriage partner.

RAHU resides in 10th-from-Chandra


A highly empowered placement which often signifies a symbolic, iconic, high-recognition social role. One is able to display an fascinating empowerment upon which the viewers may be mesmerized.

Professor Rahu's characteristics, particularly the behavior of His planetary ruler and the bhava owned by His ruler, drishti relationships, and other features of the chhiplo-karaka (slippery agent) become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro * Rahu-3 in 10th-from-Chandra * fascinating center of attention for his people, with the cult of leadership perpetuated via radio-television speeches, newspaper proclamations, and a magnificent propaganda machine

Rahu-the-Opportunist in the stability-seeking 10th-from-Chandra

Exceptionally strong placement for a high-visibility career in iconic roles, institutional governance or corporate leadership.

One may be emotionally apprehended by the public (10) as an interloper or an illegitimate poseur (Rahu). Yet if Rahu gains support from other graha - particularly His ruler - Rahu-the-reckless may thrive in environments that favor ambitious excitement and clever methods of obtaining privileged entitlement.

  • Foursquare Evangelist 1890-1944 Aimee Semple McPherson was a gate-crasher, glass-ceiling breaker, and phenomenon of the radical mixing (Rahu) of entertainment with religious preaching. Uttama-Mriga-Rahu in 10th-from-Chandra receives the drishti of ruler Zukra. She was the among the first women, and certainly the first divorced woman (three marriages) to be nationally recognized as an inspired Pentecostal Christian teacher and healer. McPherson saw opportunity (Rahu) in the misery of the Great Depression, when people desperately sought entertainment and were shocked into looking for a new perspective. With a rural Ontario high-school education that included no training in Biblical exegesis and no awareness of the vicissitudes of language translation, she dramatized the scriptures from her heart (Simha Chandra and Simha radical lagna). From the appropriated authority (Rahu-10) of her populist mission, she preached an emotionally based (Chandra) gospel while millions listened fervently in revival tents, on the radio, and in her non-denominational (Rahu) megachurch.

Where there is opportunity due to weakening of the conventional structures, an interloper may flourish.

Emotionally driven desire to be recognized as a Top Performer in large hierarchies, agencies of government , or top levels of institutional leadership. The fall with Rahu may be spectacular.

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 singer Judy Garland is generally recognized as a tragic progeny of the Studio System. Rahu-yuti-Shani yuti Rahu-yuti-Guru occupies career 10th-from-Chandra. A famous child-actor whose early cinema celebrity matured into a popular singing career, Ms. Frances Ethel Gumm (her real name) began her working career as a toddler age 2.5. She basked in the national entertainment spotlight from age 12. Chandra-5 rules 12-escapes. Initially her mother was her manager matrikaraka Chandra-5 in 3rd-from-3rd. But Chandra-Mula is unstable and rules invisible-12. Mom was accused of financial malfeasance with her daughter's earnings. After a huge fight, Ms, Garland alienated the mother completely. Ms Garland bore several children and married five times, all while trying to show the world (1) an image of the fertility (Guru) work-ethic (Shani) and mesmerizing charm (Rahu). After 30-plus years of high-pressure lifestyle, her later career floundered due to relationship, drug, and stage performance issues. She died age 47 in a dramatic collapse, from a barbiturate overdose while her career was spiraling downward, during onset of Rahu Mahadasha . News of her tragic death made international headlines, and she remains an icon of the abusive but lucrative Studio System fascinating (Rahu) workhorse (Shani) lifestyle.

One's government or corporation suddenly turns against one; one sees the demonic underbelly of power-hungry personalities, pretending (Rahu) to legitimate leadership.

Rakshasic actions of the headman, top dog, or boss.

  • POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur * Surya-yuti-Rahu and Kuja-yuti-Rahu-Kanya. Arthur built a substantial career within the bribery-and-graft economy of New York City and state bureaucracy. He was based in the Customs Bureau of the huge New York Harbor which handled the complex accounting (Kanya) of taxes and fees upon imported good.

Social standing and public reputation are somewhat volatile, with high highs and low lows in public approval, recognition, and fame.

One may gain and lose high positions via a spring-high-rejection-fall pattern, several times over the course of a lifetime

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter was considered one of the most incompetent USA presidents in history. Yet, he rose to a level of great respect later after starting Habitat for Humanity and being a force in the world of intentional democratic elections supervision. By the time of his death he was in possession of high honors.

One's leadership roles in society, particularly those roles positioned at the top of large, stable, conventional hierarchies such as government and large corporations, will become the unlikely agents of personal disruption.

Leadership style is emotionally unstable and Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-10th-from-Chandra may change professional direction or change careers impulsively. Government may alternately promote or punish Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-10 for taking risks.

KETU resides in 10th-from-Chandra


Disrepute, along with disregard for that disrepute.

Professor Ketu's characteristics, particularly the behavior of His planetary ruler and the bhava owned by His ruler, incoming drishti, and other features of the chidra-karaka (severing, cutting, amputating one) become emotionally tangible to observers and recognized by the public.

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton * Shani-yuti-Ketu-in 10th-from-Chandra. Newton had a widespread reputation as a brilliant scientist and an elite, wealthy officer of the royal government. Shani in 10th-from-Chandra helped make him Master of the Mint. As well, Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra gave him a somewhat anti-social (Ketu) mentally unstable loner profile.

Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra may be generally perceived as unqualified to govern. One may be emotionally apprehended by the public (10) as a disregarded person without credibility-credentials.

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King was broadly perceived, during his life, as an outsider with no recognized portfolio and no substantial ability to make legal, structural, or social decisions. Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra can also indicate that a person is emotionally apprehended as being saintly in their state of disconnection from the power structure. After his death, MLK was revered as a saintly figure.

  • Iran-Pres 1956- professor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 Alice Bailey + Budha-yuti-Surya-Mithunayaya-3 writing in 10th-from-Chandra-Kanya * Alice Evans Bailey struggled throughout her lifetime with institutional legitimacy issues, including the first few decades of her missionary affiliation with the Anglican Church. As her career progressed, and despite her hardworking character serving on various directing boards and committees, the esoteric organizations which should have supported her career indeed refused her recognition as a knowledge-holder. (Much exacerbated by her nichha-Shani-1 chronic scarcities.) After dissolving (Ketu) her expectations of public approval, she created an independent editorial and publishing (Mithunaya) company, and the production from this commercial venture was highly successful in reaching its social goal of disseminating esoteric information (Ketu Mithunaya). After her death, she became revered as a saintly esoteric figure (Ketu-3) and icon in the distinctively Ketu-genre of psychically channeled otherworldly instructions (3).

Particularly with identity-eschewing Ketu, graha-yuti-Ketu can substantially change the Ketu-insubstantial picture seen by the public.

Ketu in 10th-from-Chandra often indicates a figure of apparently intentional, not accidental, delivery of dispersion and disorientation in domains of the hierarchical social order (10).

Often in a "power behind the throne" role.

One may be cast in the public eye as a usurper of the legitimate authority who has a dissolving or disorienting effect upon the approved governing structure due to the native's emotional hold upon the legitimate ruler.

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan was broadly perceived as an agent of disinformation, surrounding her husband's environment like a swirling wind of cold fog.


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