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Commerce and Material Economy


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Steve Jobs photo youth.jpg

Steve Jobs signature

Apple Computer

Master Showman * Billionaire Icon

Corporate Entrepreneur * Product Designer

Steve Jobs

Earthbody-Entry Thursday 24-Feb-1955

Earthbody-Exit 05-Oct-2011 (age 56)



Computerized appliance designer, visionary entrepreneur, showman * 1955-2011 * Steven Paul Jobs

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotisha

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Biographical details matched to the Vimshottari Dasha



Shani mahadasha

24-Feb-1955 flesh birth * Shani-Zukra period

Budha Mahadasha

1972 first romance (age 17) * Budha-Zukra period

1974 quits college (although continues to slip in unpaid to art classes); claims he is impoverished * Budha-Chandra period * Chandra-12 imagination

1975 wander to India * Budha-Mangala period * Mangala lagnesha randresha

17-May-1978 child-1 , paternity denied * Budha-Rahu period

Ketu Mahadasha

1986 decease of adoptive life-mother * Ketu-Rahu period

Oct-1989 meet the future wife-2 at a university lecture * Ketu-Budha period

Zukra Mahadasha

18-Mar-1991 marriage-2 * Zukra-Zukra swabhukti * samchara Rahu-Ketu via Dhanuzya-Mithunaya contact radical R-K

05-Mar-1993 decease of adoptive life-father * Zukra-Zukra swabhukti * Zukra rules 2nd-from-8th-from-Surya = decease of the adoptive father

April-2009 liver transplant surgery * Zukra-Budha period * Budha rogesha-6 medical treatment

Surya Mahadasha

05-Oct-2011 3pm Earthbody-Exit (age 56, pancreatic cancer) * Surya-Rahu period

Distinctive Features of the Nativity


Surya * pitrikaraka * jyotikaraka

  • Surya-Kumbha (Shata-taraka) * Arka * the radiator * radio
  • Surya in bhava-1 * center of identity, brightly embodied vitality, intelligence for competition, focus on appearance, championship entitlements, eye on personality

Surya rules and casts drishti into swabhava Simha-5 = 6th-from-Chandra agency of emotional conflict. 6th-from-Chandra and its denizens become agents (persons and environments) of accusation and betrayal. Economic activities (11) in general, and the father-figure in particular, become charged with the patterns of accusation and grievance.


Jobs' bio-father * Abdulfattah Jandali immigrated into the US from Syria. At the time of Steve Jobs' birth, Jandali was a graduate student completing his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The father's adult livelihood was gained as casino manager (Surya games, gambling) and small-businessman

Surya-Kumbha loses some of the natural confidence of Surya due to materialism of dispositor uttama-Shani. The father said that he had no interest in meeting his famous son and Jandali feared to be accused of wanting money. Jobs publicly disavowed his bio-dad.


In early infancy, the baby boy was adopted and named Steven Paul. Jobs acquired a supportive adoptive father who raised him securely if modestly. The adoptive father is seen via 8th-from-Surya = bhava-6 Kanya.

The adoptive father was a modest rank-and-file worker = 8th-from-Surya = bhava-6. Adoptive father's career = "repo man" who must repossess the automobiles of those who failed to repay their car-purchase loan Failed loan contract = 6.

The adoptive father supported young Steve's interest in electronics, and this foundational support eventually created Jobs' career = 6-Kanya ruled by Budha-Makara-10.

Compromised Surya suggests a tendency toward dishonesty or irregularity

displays of individuality and showmanship (Surya) within large, lawfully regulated systems (Kumbha)

For a masculine nativity, in the swabhava-swakshetra of Shani, solipsistic Surya-11 has Shani-weakened confidence in one's ability to live by the bright light of Surya's divine truth. This placement often indicates dishonest male figures who do not lack intelligence but who do lack confidence in reality. They may believe that unless they personally regulate (Kumbha) the revenue, rewards, earning, or profits, that they will be defeated by the economic system. This system-gaming (Kumbha system; Surya gaming) behavior typically begins with the father (Surya pitrikaraka) and father's siblings (11 = 3rd-from-9) and extends to the male native. Jobs' father worked in casino gambling.

Surya in bhava-11 in Kumbha may indicate attempts to express personal political, creative or dramatic genius (Surya) within a strict system-regulated economic transaction network (Kumbha) resulting in occasional acts of personal-override of the community rules, producing dishonesty in obtainment of marketplace revenues.

Wikipedia, "According to Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Atari had offered US$100 for each chip that was reduced in the machine. Jobs had little interest or knowledge in circuit board design and made a deal with Wozniak to split the bonus evenly between them if Wozniak could minimize the number of chips. Much to the amazement of Atari, Wozniak reduced the number of chips by 50, a design so tight that it was impossible to reproduce on an assembly line. At the time, Jobs told Wozniak that Atari had only given them $600 (instead of the actual $5000) and that Wozniak's share was thus $300 ."

Fortune magazine profile:

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Chandra rules swamsha


At the time of the birth of her son, the bio-mother was an undergraduate student in the same economics classes wherein the bio-father worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

(Compare to the birth parents of POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama, similar situation, University of Hawai'i.)

Chandra-12 occupies 3rd-from-Budha

emotionally sourced talkativeness, often talking about phenomena of 12 including imagination, visionary scenarios, private experiences.MARRIAGE emotional support partnership

marriage-1 un-avowed, distanced = 7th-from-Chandra bhava-6 Kanya = conflict, unsustainable relationships, criminal environment, poverty, injustice

Kuja-1 in 2nd-from-Chandra profiles the second marriage (to Ms. Powell)

2nd marriage public, avowed = Mangala-Azvini-1 in 2nd-from-Chandra= a strong, personality-supporting partner who is allied naturally with the native's identity


Difficulties with bio-parents, well spoken toward adoptive parents = Chandra-12 bio-parents ++ Thula-7-uttama-Shani = adoptive parents. Shani powerfully structures the personality and tempers the aggressiveness of mangala-1 via drishti into bhava-1.


Professor Chandra rules bhava-4 schooling. In the absence of graha in 4, ruler of 4 in 12 shows that the imagination is empowered and the conventional schooling energy is drawn into 12, an environment of research, studio-art, and private meditation.

10th-from-Chandra = Zukra-yuti-Rahu-9

bhava-9 career = ruled by Guru-yuti-Ketu-3 information technology. Guru casts drishti into 7-9-11 and 10th-from-Chandra = 11th-from-11th. This pattern generates an extraordinary highly volatile dhana-yoga. Mr. Jobs' roller-coaster career swung from ignominy and rejection toward fame and glory and back again.

Rahu is a barrier-breaker and Ketu is a disperser. He had both. Jobs had many ups-and-downs in his storied electronics-design career, but he was most successful as a preacher (Dhanuzya) hyper-promoter (Rahu) and designer (Zukra).

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Ruchaka Yoga

  • Mangala-Meza * moolatrikona 0-18 deg. * vigorous pursuit of championship, innovation, first-arrivals; push toward conquest
  • Mangala in bhava-1 * drive toward vitality, pursuit of competition, direct physical action, thrusting vigor, energized muscular conquest

Mangala-1 receives regulatory drishti of uttama-Shani

Randhresha in lagna-1 is a revolutionary figure representing unexpected evolutionary changes * may affect lifespan

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

  • Budha-Makara-Draco * bureaucratic communications, articulation of lawfully orderly process
  • Budha in bhava-10 * narrative of leadership, governance, decision-making, lawful social order

Jobs is credited with taking a major leadership role (10) in the broad effort to make the computer into a home appliance and changing the familiar telephone device (3) into a robotic personal servant (6) * Budha-10 rules 3+6

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

  • Guru-Mithunaya * much communication, many merchants, conversations about belief, doctrine of inclusive messaging, expansive evangelism
  • Guru in bhava-3 * many messages, much commerce, many sibling-cousins, much publication, many tours, frequent business trips, many sales, numerous discussions, much cohort interaction
  • Guru-yuti-Ketu upeksha-karaka * multiple disregarder-disperser figures, many disconnections,

Guru-yuti-Ketu rules Chandra-6 = the mother disappears, the childhood home the defensive, culturally-rooted, routine-loving, patriotic, nationalistic, comfort-seeking, home-loving, foundational, property-owning 4th-from-Chandra evaporates (circumstances of infant adoption

GURU Guru-yuti-Ketu-9 rules Chandra-6 issues with parenthood

the computer designer and showman was famously adopted as an infant. Chandra = ruler-of-10 and he wished to live as securely as possible yet his privacy was constantly disturbed (Ketu). Guru-yuti-Ketu-9 in 4th-from-Chandra ensured that the identity of his birth parents remained surrounded by a haze (Ketu) for a long time. In addition he became himself a parent as a young bachelor, but evaded the fact of his parenthood claiming (variously) that he was sterile (Ketu) or that the paternity tests were unreliable (Ketu unreliable) Adversarial Guru ruler of 3-and-6 is often a problematic agent for Thula radical nativity, and when Brihaspati rules Chandra-6 then Professor Guru can carry an emotionally charged argument farther than normal.

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

  • Zukra-Dhanuzya * appreciation of humanistic belief, pleasures of theory, dogmatic arrangements, aesthetic of philosophical worldview
  • Zukra-9 * pleasure of philosophical doctrine, enjoys paradigmatic, global equity, appreciation of theory
  • Zukra-yuti-Rahu-Mula * gracious opportunism, amplified beauty, sweetly ambitious desire

Zukra receives

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka


atmakaraka * uttama

  • Shani-Thula * uttama * old agreements, pressured kidney-pancreas, imposed agreements, must trade, must negotiate with scarce resources
  • Shani in Bhava-9 * must preach the old doctrine, old paradigms of belief; punitive, unyielding ideologies, cautious, conventional father-figures; tense and fearful religious teachers, chronic rigidity of worldview; heavy pressure against freely chosen convictions

Shani-9 mutual aspect to Mangala-3

This pair indicates a tense, conflicted, and contentious personality, due to the immovable object (uttama-Shani) placed in constant tension with the irresistible force (swakshetra-Mangala). The result = extremely productive, irascible, offensive, dominating, and brooks no resistance until Shani gains strength via transit or bhukti rulership.

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu-Dhanuzya * mask of global humanistic belief
  • Rahu in bhava-9 * privilege via glamorous or unusual doctrine, theory, dharma, worldview; seeks a special, important teacher-preacher role in catechesis, principled discourses of abstract ideas, ideology, philosophy. Opportunistic father-figure, ambitious professors and religious teachers.
  • Zukra-yuti-Rahu * amplified attractions, exotic art-music, tricky sweets, opportunistic feminine-figures

During Surya-Rahu period in 2011, Mr. Jobs left his terrestrial body (age 56) following a siege of pancreatic cancer. Rahu-9 iconic preacher. His fleshdeath was reported and evaluated in the international news for months.

foreign guru Rahu-9 = Japanese Zen priest lifetime spiritual guide

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

  • Ketu in classroom-3 * absentee sibling, dissolved messaging boundaries, disregards discussions, irrelevance of the mental narrative
  • Ketu-Mithunaya * incomplete message, empty conversation, dissolute signals
  • Guru-yuti-Ketu * surrendered abundance, empty expansions, apathetic diversity

Ketu-yuti-Guru Mithunaya-3 * vague, conceptual, philosophical, unclear, inaccurate, information about father, religious doctrine, international view. Apathetic toward orthodoxy.

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell, 2009


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