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Graha * Amsha



root-base of the Triangle

graha in moolatrikona acquire Garvita-avastha

What is mula-trikona?

Classical Jyotishavidya assigns a super-performance degree range to each planet, called Mula-Trikona = root of fortune

  • literally, "base (root) of the triangle ", a cosmological power position

When a planet occupies its Moolatrikona range in radix, navamsha, or any varga, it produces strong beneficial effect.

Be on the lookout for negative aspects which might hinder an otherwise glamorous mulatrikona planet.

However, unimpeded, these planets will give exceptionally comfortable and pleasing results.

Graha * MULATRIKONA degree range

Bhagya double benefits for

  • Fire-element lagna
  • Air-element lagna
  • Earth-element lagna:


Surya gives Bhagya double benefits for:


Simha lagna

Dhanuzya lagna

other lagna

Vrischika lagna


Candescent Chandra gives Bhagya double benefits for:


Vrishabha lagna * Chandra in classroom-1

Karkata lagna * Lagnesha

Meena lagna Chandra-3

Kanya lagna * Chandra in classroom-9 * comfort in doctrine, philosophy, globalism

Makara lagna * Chandra in classroom-5 * comfort in creativity, charm, children, artistic performance


0-18 degrees of Kuja in Mesha

Mangala gives Bhagya double benefits for:

Mesha lagna * Mangala in bhava-1 * Ruchaka Yoga

Simha lagna * Mangala in bhava-9

Dhanuzya lagna * Mangala in bhava-5

Vrishabha lagna

Mithunaya lagna

  • Material Girl 1958- Madonna yuti Ketu

Karkata lagna

Kanya lagna

Thula lagna

Makara lagna

Kumbha lagna

Budha * Parya * Mercury

Budha gives Bhagya double benefits for:


Parthya radical lagna

Thula radical lagna

Makara radical Lagna

Mithunaya radical lagna

Guru-Dhanuzya = 0-13 degrees

Brihaspati obtains mulatrikona only when He occupies the nakshatra of Mula

If located in trikona bhava 1-5-9, Bhagya Guru gives double benefits for:

Dhanuzya lagna Guru in bhava- 1 exceptional vitality and good cheer

Simha lagna Guru in bhava-5 radiant charisma and amusement

Mesha lagna Guru in bhava- 9 inclusive and generous life philosophy; uncritically develops the beliefs of the time

  • Steppenwolf 1877-1962 anti-Nazi Hermann Hesse * Guru-Mula-6 * 05-deg


Zukra-Thula * Venus in Libretis

  • Zukra mulatrikona = 0-10 degrees of Thula

Zukra gives Bhagya double benefits for:


Thula radical lagna

Shani-Kumbha * Saturan in Aquarius * Aquila

Shani gives Bhagya double benefits for:

Caput Draconis * * Dragon's Head * North Node * Anabibazon

Vrishabha, Karkata, or Mithuna have been suggested ... and Vrishabha is often recognized as the uttama-amza of Rahu... but there is no agreed assignment**

Cauda draconis * Ketu

Vrischika, Maraka, or Dhanavana, have been suggested ... but there is no agreed assignment

  • please see Rahu page for discussion of Rahu-Ketu uttama and nichha rashi

No special benefits due to mulatrikona =
  • Karkata lagna
  • Vrizchika lagna
  • Meena lagna

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