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Commerce and Material Economy


born three months before

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Human Rights activist, dramatist, businessman

George Timothy Clooney

Earthbody-Entry Sat-06-May-1961


Human Rights activist, attorney

Amal Ramzi Alamuddin Clooney

Earthbody-Entry Fri-03-Feb-1978

nativity of Amal Clooney

dramatist, political activist, cinematic producer * 1961- * George T. Clooney

birth information from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativities

Jyeztha * Kita * Thrikketta

BPL commentary:

For Jyeztha nativities, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

Siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Guidance from instructors in the civilizations of Antares.

Budha-ruled Jyeztha gentlemen are typically outspoken, incisive and decisive, competitive, descriptive, and authoritative communicators. They maintain a deep sense of mental seniority. Capable writers, Ketta men are quick-witted and skilled in handcraft. Articulate and pro-active to the point of verbal aggression, they find a ready audience on topics of a mysterious, hidden, or forbidden nature.

Thriketta fellows may be handlers of secrets of a sexual, psychological, political, military, engineering, or financial nature.

Masters of verbal control and manipulation, Zakra chaps are often found in politics. Jyeztha use words to manage an ever-transforming experience of power. In the process of channeling these mysterious and compelling kinetic energies, Thriketta men may engage in sexual intrigue and dangerous liaisons. Ketta-born are natural psychologists., and they can become transformative healers when their sexual energy consciousness evolves. Themes of verbal contest, sexual energy transfer, and healing discovery may contextualize Jyeztha's terrestrial experience. Also applicable to Chandra in Jyeztha

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 85

"A dark and sensitive nature ...

  • superficially religious

  • but are hypocrites at heart.

On the surface they are respectable, law abiding citizens, ostensible church-goers,

  • but secretly their morals are loose

  • and their tempers passionate.

Smooth, oily, and suave to all appearances,

  • they carry in their hearts schemes and thoughts which might not stand the light of day."

Biographical events matched to the Vimshottari Dasha timeline


Syriana 1961- drama-activist George Clooney c. 2017

Chandra Mahadasha * age birth until 5.4

Saturday-06-May-1961 Earth-birth * Chandra-Shani period

Mangala Mahadasha * age 5.4 until 12.4

Rahu Mahadasha * age 12.4 until 30.4

15-Dec-1989 Marriage -1 * Rahu-Chandra period * Chandra rules 7th-from-Chandra

Guru Mahadasha * age 30.4 until 46.4

1993 divorce-1 * Guru-Guru swabhukti * Guru rules 2-

1994 begins work in popular ER television show * Guru-Shani period * Shani rules 3-television

Dec-2004 ruptured disk in spine * Guru-Mangala period * Mangala rules 6-injuries

05-Mar-2006 * Prize Best Actor for Syriana * Guru-Rahu chidradasha

Shani mahadasha * age 46.4 until 65.4

27-Sept-2014 Marriage-2 to Human Rights 1978- attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney * * Shani-Zukra period

06-June-2017 child-1-2 (twins) * Shani-Zukra period * Zukra rules 5th-from-Chandra

Budha Mahadasha * age 65.4 until 82.4

Distinctive features of the nativity

Surya * pitrikaraka * jyotikaraka

  • Surya in bhava-6 * center of service, brightly conflicted, focus on imbalance, eye on injustice * intelligence for helping ministries of social work, injury and disease, broken contracts and litigation, accusation, divorce and disagreement, pollution and exploitation, poverty and crime, usury and debt, medicine and addiction, military and war
  • Surya-Meza * uttama * Suryaya * the supreme one
  • Surya-yuti-Budha

His father Nick Clooney = well-known, Surya rules 10. Father was Radio announcer and related speaking tasks Surya-yuti-Budha. Father ran for political office but lost due to local political turmoil. Surya-6

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Ketu occupies 2nd-from-Chandra indicating second marriage. Prominent Ketu-1 in Amal Clooney's nativity. There may be some challenges to sustain the second union, due to scattering of focus.

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

* Sarala Yoga


  • Budha-Meza * innovative communications, articulation of dynamically competitive movement
  • Budha in bhava-6 * narrative of conflict, medical remedies, litigation, argument, accusation, treason, describer of broken promise, explainer of toxicity, pollution, delivers instructions for ministries of service
  • Budha-yuti-Surya * articulation of radiant confidence, message of willpower and charisma, talkative father

Ruler of 8 located in 6 = Sarala Yoga

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

  • Guru-Makara-Draco * nichha * much social structure, many rules, materialistic beliefs, doctrine of rank and structure
  • Guru in bhava-3 * many messages, much commerce, many photographs, many publications, many sibling-cousins, much publication, many tours, frequent business trips, many sales, numerous discussions, much cohort interaction
  • Guru-yuti-Chandra matri-karaka * multiple mother-figures, much expansion of folkways, much humanistic cultural philosophy
  • Guru-yuti-Shani atta-karaka * multiple elder-figures, abundant structure, many rules, much humanistic social philosophy

Guru rules 10th navamsha containing Ketu + Budha + Zukra

Guru rules Karakamsha = Dhanushya-2 idealistic speech, face, eyes, hair

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Ketu + Zukra + Budha in navamsha indicate potential for two (or more) marriages

Second marriage to Syrian-British social-activist attorney = Shani-Zukra period

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

Nishturabashi yoga * cancelled due to Guru-yuti-Shani. According to the public spin, Mr. Clooney enjoys a pleasant and supportive relationship with his mother.

Shani rules Arudha lagna containing Ketu-Kumbha-4 homeland, home, security, parenting. Mr. Clooney owns a famed estate at Lake Como in Italy, along with homes in USA and UK. However he is not exclusively associated with any of these luxury properties; instead, he wanders from one to the next (Ketu).

Shani = Dara-karaka = the graha which holds the 7th-from-the-highest degree within the radix. The dara-karaka indicates marriage, partner, unions, partnership behavior.

Mr. Clooney's SShani Mahadasha began in Sept-2007 his age 46. Under Shani's influence, he may feel (Chandra) that he is possessed of the maturity (Shani) necessary to accomplish a marriage. Wait for Rahu-Ketu to enter the Kanya-Meena axis of his radical lagna in July 2014.

Shani in her 7th navamsha suggests an older husband.

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

Among his other mesmerizing qualities, Clooney is considered to reside in the class of Matinee idol

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

Ketu=4 = displacement. Clooney is a committed defender (4) of the Darfur displaced peoples.

international human rights attorney * 1978- * Amal Ramzi Alamuddin Clooney

birth information from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativities

Uttarabhadrapada * Ohibridna * Uttara-Proshtha-padas * Andromeda

BPL commentary:

For Uttarabhadrapada ladies, the influence of rigid, chronological, lawful, enduring strictly structural sober serious systematic elderly durokaraka Shani can considerably affect the outcome.

Elder persons, old rules, rigid structures, age and time, resistance to change, status hierarchies, social class barriers, large organizations, public opinion, bureaucracies, regulatory requirements, legal systems, and corporate or institutional officials may be especially influential.

Guidance from the instructors of the civilizations of Andromeda. Their purpose is multi-dimensional structural integrity and species resilience.

Meena pada 1-2-3-4 represents Shani's rulership of 11-systems ++ 12- distant worlds, imaginative vision. Guru and Shani are mutually neutral, suggesting that personality distortions are uncommon with Andromeda-born. Pada 1-2-3-4 have an extraordinary capacity to carry responsibility for others. They are often found in economic, ecological, community linkage, and networking roles which structurally engage invisible understandings, distant realms, interior visionary comprehension, and enduring patience.

Themes of maintaining continuity between systems, containment of inner understanding over time, and sustaining of proven profitable patterns may characterize Ahirbudhnya's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Uttarabhadra

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 101.

"... affectionate to her husband.

She is generous and is a good helper in bad circumstances.

  • Her nature is forgiving .

She is careful in any work she undertakes.

  • She never indulges in silly or irrelevant discussions

and will always answer straight to the point."

Biographical events matched to the Vimshottari Dasha timeline

born 10 months before

Budha Mahadasha * age birth until 11.8 Fri-03-Feb-1978 Earth-birth * Budha-Zukra period * Zukra atmakaraka

Ketu Mahadasha * age 11.8 until 18.8

Zukra Mahadasha * age 18.8 until 38.8

2000 diploma Oxford College (Jurisprudence/LLB) * Zukra-Zukra swabhukti * Zukra gives effect of Budha

2003 diploma New York University Law School (LLM) * Zukra-Mangala period * Mangala rules 9-philosophy of Law

27-Sept-2014 marriage-1 * Zukra-Budha period * Budha gives effect of Zukra

Surya Mahadasha * age 38.8 until 44.8

Janma Sade-Sati Vrischika Nov-2014 until Jan-201706-June-2017 child-1-2 (twins) * Surya-Chandra period * Chandra rules-5

Chandra Mahadasha * age 44.8 until 54.8

Mangala Mahadasha * age 54.8 until 61.8

Rahu Mahadasha * age 61.8 until 79.8

Guru Mahadasha * age 79.8 until 95.8

Distinctive Features of the nativity


Surya * pitrikaraka * jyotikaraka

Surya rules 10th navamsha containing Mangala-yuti-Zukra

Institutionally, legally oriented Surya-Makara-Draco occupies the managerial, publishing, commercial, documenting, paperwork-producing 3rd-from-Chandra, suggesting a lifetime engagement in the management and delivery of reports and announcements

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Mangala-Karkata * nichha occupies 9th-from-Chandra suggesting that the maternal grandfather may have been a challenging character, particularly in matters of ideology and doctrine.

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

Institutionally, legally oriented Budha-Makara occupies the managerial, publishing, commercial, documenting, paperwork-producing 3rd-from-Chandra, suggesting a lifetime engagement in the management and delivery of reports and announcements

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka


  • Guru in bhava-4 * many roots, much owned property, many homes and homelands, multiple mother-figures
  • Guru-Mithunaya * much communication, many merchants, conversations about belief, doctrine of inclusive messaging, expansive evangelism

lagnesha Guru rules Meena radical lagna

Guru in bhava-4 as lagnesha in the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra suggests that although there would be many homes and abundant schooling, one may be uprooted (8) early from the birthplace (4) usually due to decision of the parents (Chandra). When she was two years old, her parents fled instability in Lebanon and re-settled in England. Ms. Alamuddin has taken temporary residence in many lands while she works on human rights legal cases. After marriage, she acquired several stately home with her husband Syriana 1961- drama-activist George Clooney. This pattern of lagnesha in 8th-from-Chandra enforces a cycle of multiple (Guru multiplier) identity changes which require movement from place to place, from home to home.

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Institutionally, legally oriented Zukra-Makara-Draco occupies the managerial, publishing, commercial, documenting, paperwork-producing 3rd-from-Chandra, suggesting a lifetime engagement in the management and delivery of reports and announcements

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

Shani rules Uttarabhadrapada radical lagna

Shani in Bhava-6 occupies the professional 10th-from-Chandra, suggesting a lifelong responsibility portfolio primarily with leadership duties in the area of institutionalized political crimes

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu in bhava-7 * glamorous marriages, consecration, vows, agreements ; seeks privilege via contracts and trusts
  • Rahu-Kanya * mask of service ministry

Rahu in bhava-7 occupies the marketplace revenue-generating 11th-from-Chandra indicating that the legal service work (7) either directly or indirectly generates substantial economic gain. The placement of Rahu's ruler Budha-Makara-Draco * Budha in bhava-11 emphasizes the gainfulness via Budha-type activities such as reports, announcements, paperwork, detailed argumentation, logical thinking, and formal (Makara) communications.

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

Ketu occupies 5th-from-Chandra, suggesting the possibility of an early miscarriage and a lifelong distancing from children. However, Ketu in classroom-1 also provides a deep identification with the phenomena of 5th-from-Chandra which includes both children and political drama; therefore overall the detachment factor of Ketu is well compensated and the bond is adequate.


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