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Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah

Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah




Caput Draconis

Head of the Dragon * North Node



Shrapita Yoga

survival fear (Shani) of over-reaching (Rahu)

ambitious passion (Rahu) for earned privileges (Shani)

interruption (Rahu) of the normal effects of Time (Shani)

order ... interrupt the order ... order... interrupt the order ...


Sheikh Zayed Masjid in United Arab Emirates

"Gertrude" (1910) by Steppenwolf 1877-1962 anti-Nazi Hermann Hesse "That life is difficult, I have often bitterly realized. I now had further cause for serious reflection.

Right up to the present I have never lost the feeling of contradiction that lies behind all knowledge. My life has been miserable and difficult, and yet to others, and sometimes to myself, it has seemed rich and wonderful.

Man's life seems to me like a long, weary night that would be intolerable if there were not occasionally flashes of light, the sudden brightness of which is so comforting and wonderful, that the moments of their appearance cancel out and justify the years of darkness."


public figures

Rahu-Meza yuti Shani-Mesha * nichha

Rahu-Vrizabha * uttama yuti Shani-Vrizabha

Rahu-Mithunaya yuti Shani-Mithuna

Rahu-Karkata yuti Shani-Karkata

Rahu-Singha * nichha yuti Shani-Simha

Rahu-Kanya yuti Shani-Kanya

Rahu-Thula yuti Shani-Thula * uttama

Rahu-Vrizchika yuti Shani-Vrizchika

Rahu-Dhanuzya yuti Shani-Dhanuzya

Rahu-Makara yuti Shani-Makara

Rahu-Kumbha yuti Shani-Kumbha

Rahu-Meena yuti Shani-Meena

The bhava of Rahu-Shani is determinative.

Rahu in classroom-1 * Shani in classroom-1 * Rahu drishti to 5-7-9 + Shani drishti to 3-7-10 * bhava-7 contracts partnership double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-2 * Shani in classroom-2 * Rahu drishti to 6-8-10 + Shani drishti to 4-8-11 * bhava-8 occult transformations double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-3 * Shani in classroom-3 * Rahu drishti to 7-9-11 + Shani drishti to 5-9-12 * bhava-9 ideology doctrine belief double-impacted

  • UK-Queen 1819-1901 Victoria-1 + Mangala * ideology and politics

  • POTUS-40 American Life Ronald Reagan radio-television announcer and product representative, "The Great Communicator"

Rahu in classroom-4 * Shani in classroom-4 * Rahu drishti to 8-10-12 + Shani drishti to 6-10-1 * bhava-10 responsibility high visibility roles double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-5 * Shani in classroom-5 * Rahu drishti to 9-11-1 + Shani drishti to 7-11-2 * bhava-11 economics friendship double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-6 * Shani in classroom-6 * Rahu drishti to 10-12-2 + Shani drishti to 8-12-3 * bhava-12 clairsentience sanctuary double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-7 * Shani in classroom-7 * digbala * Rahu drishti to 11-1-2 + Shani drishti to 9-1-4 * bhava-1 appearance personality double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-8 * Shani in classroom-8 * Rahu drishti to 12-2-4 + Shani drishti to 10-2-5 * Ketu-bhava-2 family lineage double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-9 * Shani in classroom-9 * Rahu drishti to 1-3-5 + Shani drishti to 11-3-6 * bhava-3 evangelism media-message double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-10 * Shani in classroom-10 * Rahu drishti to 2-4-6 + Shani drishti to 12-4-7 * bhava-4 roots homeland double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-11 * Shani in classroom-11 * Rahu drishti to 3-5-7 + Shani drishti to 1-5-8 * bhava-5 politics drama double-impacted

Rahu in classroom-12 * Shani in classroom-12 * Rahu drishti to 4-6-8 + Shani drishti to 2-6-9 * bhava-6 conflict service double-impacted

Lawfully (Shani) Over-reaching (Rahu)

passion for systems, networks, lawful structures, social order, rules, regulations, statutes, policies, judgments

extraordinary, taboo-breaking use of chronology, mixing of systems

Amplification of ambition to obtain entitlements (Rahu) of Shani= lawfully obtained, socially approved entitlements

Amplified orderliness

Exotic (and perhaps notorious) qualities of the elderly and respected

taste for unusual or forbidden elements in the regulatory structure

socially approved hierarchical systems may be over-expanded past conventional limits.

Exotic and excessive demonstrations of orderliness and approved competence in systems

Takes the abnormal and in a mesmerizing fashion makes it systematic, makes it socially normal

Fascinating, outlandish, unfamiliar "mixing" in the professional status and domain of socially recognized work

With Mangala, the Shani-Rahu pair can conspire to brand "the new normal" indicating social change via fascination with a new paradigm for order

One may take risks (Rahu) and break taboos (Rahu) in order to pursue social respect and recognition

Obtains status and position via dealing with exotics, foreigners, taboo content, mixing of cultures-races-religions,

mixed but legal marriage, mixed but legal profession, mixed but legal social rank

Often some irregularity in the social standing of the family of origin

Professor Rahu seeks respect through hierarchical position (Shani) with attributes that may be surprisingly marginal, extreme, exotic, or forbidden

One may be magnetically fascinating to those interested in exotic systems

In a hierarchy governed by elders and high-status holders, those of higher rank may have amplified entitlements; the governors of the social order may however over-reach in order to expand their entitlements to material status objects

It can be confusing, since social regulators seem to break their own rules in order to fast-track their entitlements.

Obsessive or exotic ordering behaviors.

Rahu + uttama-Shani provides extraordinarily high levels of permission (Rahu) to impose rules, potentially to excess.

Passion for Regulation, Statutory structures, orderly process and protocol * with an exotic twist, often legislating exotic materials or behaviors

  • POTUS-25 Gold Standard William McKinley * Mula lagna * served as a legitimating face of governance. Behind the facade of his affable, diplomatic (Zukra-1) personality, he was controlled by a cohort of elite businessmen and empire-makers who used him to promote their capitalistic market dominance, no matter the consequences for "the little guy".

Expedient regulations, Instrumental social functions

Rahu-yuti-Shani in classroom-2, In classroom-2, Professor Rahu's ambitions may combine with Professor Shani's fears in a rather infelicitous way that afflicts the treasuries of family lineage, speech and song, face and eyes, capital wealth, and knowledge of history.

The native may be challenged to deal with lying by social authority figures and misrepresentation of the historic values lineage by Rahu-style impostors.

The positive result (available after Rahu matures age 48-50) is compassionate and effective skill in identifying and managing the agents of mayhem. Rahu-yuti-Shani enforces the study of human motivation. The outcome of this "boot camp" intensive immersion in falsification and deception under social camouflage may be a remarkable understanding of falsified histories and the personality disorders of those who fabricate socially accepted lies.

Typical of Professor Rahu, these agents are "tricky" and their camouflage is particularly challenging to assess due to its mask of social legitimacy. However once Shani and Rahu have both matured, the native's understanding of truth-and-lie may become quite advanced.

Much depends upon the rashi, since certain rashi such as Kumbha actually support the Shani-Rahu pairing quite well. However in a rashi that is hostile to both Shani and Rahu, such as Vrischika, the family history may be woven from lies designed to disguise some socially uncomfortable truth.

Those who lie do so because it empowers them to lie, and compulsive liars are generally only able to end their lying by an act of death. Rahu feeds on deception and interruption of all kinds, which He uses as a platform to launch Himself toward higher privilege.

Professor Shani's fear of punishment and imposed conformity along with Professor Rahu's ambition to self-promotion via preposterous lying can create an unsavory combination in the family lineage. The agents in 2 are also 6th-from-9th therefore they are enemies of the father, and Impostors (Rahu) who are not properly members of one's family may claim to be legitimate parents or legitimate children, and take the social privileges allocated to those roles.

Family treasuries such as bank savings (2) may be misappropriated by such agents, and knowledge of the family or financial situation altered (Rahu) then misrepresented in social-authoritative environments such as the law courts. Vimshottari periods of Rahu tend to feature not only the typically over-reaching of the Rahu-agents but also the particular feature that these agents are disguised as family members or holders of the true lineage.

The Shani-Rahu problems are most acute during youth and early adulthood, when the young person may feel heavily oppressed by a social order in which they have not yet earned personal authority. The most challenging outcomes are partly finished after Professor Shani's pakvatya * maturity at age-36 and completely finished after Rahu matures at the native's age-48. Outcomes are not any easier to manage in youth but the after-48"magic 50" empowerments are more accessible when Shani-uttama or Shani-yogakaraka.

During Vimshottari periods of Rahu, agents appear who claim "I hail from your lineage; I represent your values; I know what you know; we share history; I am family." However, with the Shani trying to legitimize the ever-illegitimate Rahu, the subsequent Shani bhukti will typically bring a testing approbation (Shani). Prolonged or strict testing is likely to expose the false or pretentious values of the poseurs. During the Shani bhukti, one returns to the most reliable and conventional Shani-2 status including a return to reduced resources and cautious speech.

Shani receives drishti from Rahu = similar but slightly less intensely conflicted

Celebrity 1960-1999 publisher JFK-Jr

Rahu receives drishti from Shani USA-Congress 1943- Newt Gingrich

Cleveland Arcade in Cleveland, Ohio


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