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Surrendering Ketu reaches maturity = age 48

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OM shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah

B. P. Lama Modern Commentary


Vimshottari Dasha

Further Observations upon the Processes of the


* duration 7 years -

seven years of wistful wandering and liberation

The Second Coming (1920) * * by William Butler Yeats

" Things fall apart the centre cannot hold

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity."

Those who typically do not experience the Mahadasha of Ketu in their present physical lifetimes
One born with Chandra in nakshatra of Shukra would experience the Ketu mahadasha within the final 27 years of the 120-year Vimshottari Mahadasha. Therefore, these natives would be at least 93 solar-years old at the beginning of Ketu Mahadasha.

Also, depending on the actuarial realities of the home culture, folks born with Chandra in a Nakshatra of Surya are rather less likely to experience Ketu Mahadasha during the present incarnation.

Their Ketu mahadasha within the final 33 years of the 120-year Vimshottari Mahadasha. Therefore, these natives would be at least 87 solar-years old at the beginning of Ketu Mahadasha.

Collapsing Ketu vs Ravenous Rahu

Ketu's // Tyranny of Hope //

cut-off from the matching half

Ketucan see Rahu, but Ketu cannot connect with Rahu.

The notorious "tyranny of hope " during bhukti of Ketuva results from Ketu's constant gazing upon the unobtainable object of Rahu. One tends to remain fixed upon an unobtainable object to which vaguely completing or matching attributes have been applied.

The vaguely felt, wistfully hopeful path into the field of Merged Completeness is likely to be

Find the ruler's bhava and Ketu's bhava to know the environments through which Ketu wanders.

  1. If Ketu's ruler = Surya:seeking ineffable completeness via male honor . For example, POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant had Ketu-Simha yuti Mangala. Surya + Shani + rogesha-6 Guru indicates young Ulysses' difficult relationship with his Father. He sought success in the all-male Military. However, during Ketu Mahadasha, Grant was dishonorably discharged due to alcoholism and misbehavior. His commanding officer said that Grant had"strayed from the path of righteousness ".

  2. If Ketu's ruler = Chandra: seeking ineffable completeness via security and comfort.

  3. If Ketu's ruler = Budha: seeking ineffable completeness via communications and coupling.

  4. If Ketu's ruler = Guru: seeking ineffable completeness via philosophy and doctrine.

  5. If Ketu's ruler = Shukra: seeking ineffable completeness via agreements, alliances, relationships, financial contract.

  6. If Ketu's ruler = Shani seeking ineffable completeness via rules and systems.

A Perception of Incompleteness

Ketu generates a narrative of amputation, two halves severed, a fixed distance, forever gazing but never to touch,

Vaguely sensed pathways guide thesearch for completeness

Wandering around the World

Professor Ketu's quixotic quest for Completeness is the great source of His legendary energy-drain. Ketu only has eyes for Rahu. Rahu appears to Ketu as "All That Is ", the only object of attention, the Source of Identity and Meaning.

Ketu wants to merge with All that Is

The desire to merge with All That Is = beset by a particular irony.

All That Is = formless, meaning-less, and generic.

Yet, pursued steadily, Ketu's habit of abandoning, jettisoning, disconnecting, and disregarding everything He encounters on that path will often produce the Enlightenment experience.

Enlightenment = Dis-emburden-ment

Ketu's narrative I believe this, I believe that is abstracted, disconnected from material experience and thus a source of mental disquiet due to the swirl of desiccated, groundless beliefs which taunt the native with their delusory potential to materialize.

Professor Ketu's paradigm of belief does not foster the quickening seeds of impending reality. Rather, Ketu's teaching points to the final flickering images of Akashic memory patterning already accomplished.

Dissociative Ketu's imagery = vestigial, antiquated, ready to collapse into dust.

But so long as Ketu periods persist, one hears the siren song of Ketu's endless, helpless, hopeful longing to reconnect with Rahu.

Meanwhile, ambitious entrancing Professor Rahu is busy seeking opportunities to acquire status privileges. Passionately seeking social mobility, Rahu has no time for directionless, prestige-less, goal-less, status-less Ketu.

Vimshottari Periods of Ketu

beneficial spiritually liberating

but unproductive materially

chidrakaraka Ketu produces material dispersal of collected assets, emotional abandonment, and mental scattering -- Yet, also spiritual enlightenment caused by a"dis-em-burden-ment " from unsustainable and outdated ego-membrane attachments.

Ketu Wind

Ketu's process resembles pile of dried tree-leaves that have fallen upon the ground, getting swirled up and scattered by several multi-directional winds. Ketu signifies rootlessness and release from earthly density, but this superbly spiritual experience is often accompanied emotionally by feelings of abandonment and surrender to higher forces.

  • Best results of Ketu the Wanderer are uniquely spiritual

Ketu periods create no obstacle to success. If Ketu's ruler is materially productive, Ketu's vimshottari periods echo the behavior of that materialistic, positivistic ruler.

One consideration regarding material success however is the need for Realistic Expectations during any period of Ketu.

Professor Ketu teaches on the expert topic of unsettlment and disconnection from the density of Earth. Ketu skills include the ability to change dimensions via separation and later reassembly of the molecular structure.

Unhappiness may ensure if one clings to a mental expectation that things should be more coherent. Ketu Mahadasha and indeed any bhukti of Ketu are scheduled times of intentional incoherence, dis-association of linkages, and freedom to wander.

Similar to any chidra-dasha, Ketu Mahadasha requires a constant, relentless attitude of forgiveness , release, dispersal, and removal of the barriers that often prevent busy humans from experiencing direct contact with the Divine.

These separative behaviors are spiritual enlightening in that these actions and electro-magnetic initiating thoughts can lighten the burden of materiality so that one may begin to float upward toward more delicate dimensions of time and space. In fact, Ketu has relatively little engagement with Time as known on Terra (time is a province of Professor Shani). Therefore, Ketu's primary duties are dissolution of outdated, completed bonds to conventional third-dimension space.

Ketu will bless you, in the unbound state, with many moments of direct apprehension of the Divine -- as if a curtain has been lifted (the curtain of day-to-day mental activities) and suddenly the full landscape appears. It was always there. Ketu simply pulverizes some of the layers of delusion that were blocking awareness of the Presence.

One who is experiencing seven years of Ketu Mahadasha is actually in a highly fortunate spiritual era of life. However, Materially Ketu disperses attachments and does not permit new ones.

When Ketu Mahadasha expires after seven years, the subsequent Shukra bhukti will generate new relationships and new opportunities to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Ketu's Great Wander may manifest on any combination of the physical, mental, social, emotional, or spiritual planes.

The scale and intensity of the wander depends very much on the characteristics of the bhukti-patis.

Typically, Ketu bhukti cuts one free of spiritually restrictive moorings. In the beginning this is disorienting, but after a period of adjustment one may begin to feel comfortably numb.

Ketu in a dusthamsha can force confrontation with some difficult Akashic memory patterning during the wander.

In 6, Ketu may create inscrutable and often painful physical ailments.

In 8, constant and occasionally catastrophic identity change, along with introduction to mysteries and access to information or hidden places.

In 12, pilgrimage, often entering a cloister, and seeking sanctuary in meditation. If ill-disposed, potential imprisonment.

From the onset of Ketu Mahadasha, one's earthly moorings may become increasingly loose until the bhukti of Ketu's ruler .

If Ketu's ruler is one of the earlier bhukti-pati such as Shukra or Surya, the wander begins earlier in the mahadasha. If the bhukti-pati is one of the later lords such as Shani or Budha, the length of the total walkabout is less but intensity of disconnectedness may be stronger. Particularly if Ketu's ruler is Shani, the emphasis on austerity and lonely wandering may be very well defined.

Ketu Mahadasha = only seven years long.

Somewhat dependent upon one's age at the time of onset naturally an older person is less inclined toward the hippie-backpack lifestyle of a younger students.

In middle age and afterward, Ketu periods tend to instigate social disconnectedness such as job loss and divorce, and can be associated with the"spacing out " behaviors of alcohol and drug use to avoid or numb emotional suffering of loneliness.

Ketuthe Psychic

How to situate the attitudes and expectations for a pleasant and productive Ketu experience.

Reality is not Real.

Ketu dissolves boundaries and scatters the awareness. For some people, Ketu's openness to"whatever happens "as opposed to the typical adult daily"planning and procedure"attitude can produce what appears to be a sudden emergence of

(1) powerful psychic capabilities to see"what is " rather than"what should be "

(2) inability to maintain strictly expedient bonds with others (such as workplace relationships) loss of common-sense good judgment and openness to unsavory or unapproved relationships

(3) apparent immaturity, incompetency, ungroundedness, idiocy, or spiritual genius.

It's nothing new of course - those abilities were always there - but Ketu takes down the barriers of conventionality and conformity that had been denying the permission and blocking the abilities.

The problem with this magical gift = very few people in our era know how to use this perceptive power to see"what is "as opposed to"what should be " . Ketu blasts out the should and one can be left with a confused awareness that things are not as we may have been indoctrinated to see them, like the child in The Emperor's New Clothes .

But, due to our cyclical Akashic memory patterning, we get the power anyway, like clockwork...

The nice thing about a Jyotishavidya viewpoint = it is not necessary to worry overly about externalizations and projection such as people in the environment. The model asserts that all outside reality is a projection of those fuzzy phenomena of the astral plane: your beliefs, hopes, dreams, fears, et-cetera. Reality isn't real.

Our astrological interpretive model says that one creates reality in the same way that a movie projector creates a movie: by projecting stored subconscious images through the always-on divine light, upon the blank screen of appearances.

It's important to understand that the appearances aren't absolutely real. However, just like when one is involved as a dramatic actor in a really exciting cinematic production, it's easy to forget that appearances are just .... appearances. It's easy to forget that it's a movie and to believe that this stuff is really happening to me.

OK, so that's the model. Let's assume that (A) part of the time one understands that the movie is just a movie, and allow yourself to be entertained but you don't get hooked into it. Then (B) part of the time you are hooked into it, and you really think the movie is real.

If one is in mental state (A) then Ketu's barrier-scattering function can cause a person to feel very psychic, sensitive, and easily aware of other people's motivations because the facade of socially expedient conventionality has Ketu-dispersed.

The psychic disorientation of Ketu can be unsettling at first if one begins to sense that one might apprehend the motivations of others quite a long time before they themselves know what they are doing or trying to do.

In mental state (B) one may feel be worried, anxious, or victimized because one suspects that someone is trying to manipulate you. However, in state (B) one does not permit oneself to know any more about the previously masked motivation because one is stuck in fear. As in the legendary Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho : the female lead could easily have defended herself, but she was so stuck in fear (Ketu inhibited by Shani) that she had the victim experience.

Unfortunately Ketu gives *good* experience when the person is conscious but Ketu tends to produce the *weird* experience when one is for various reasons not-so-conscious.

" not-so-conscious " tends to be related to a drishti of Shani Lord of Ignorance...

Cease creativity

Cease self-defense

Cease new ideas and plans

Cease the demands for reliability, clarity, and coherence

During major and minor periods of Ketu the Vacuum, the wheels of creation grind to a halt.

Generally, the native ceases creating one's own reality and becomes entirely passive, allowing the default conditions to evolve on their own organic basis. It is not possible to produce anything new, because the psychological projection machinery is shut down.

There is actually a strong tendency to do nothing whatsoever in the world , or the minimum possible in order to obtain food clothing and shelter. Previous interests and contracts seem to dissolve.

In truth when there are no new projections for a term, the default conditions of human experience become so neutral that the native often becomes the result of other people's objectives and ambitions.

As Ketu was a victim of Rahu's selfish aspirations, thus off with His head by Vishnu, It is possible to unwittingly become a victim of other's stronger, more organized, more clearly articulated desires.

during bhukti of Ketuva is little concern or connection to the concept of futureand major risks can be taken due to Ketu's classic disregard for consequences. It is liberating but also undefended and vulnerable to separations.

For the duration of Ketu periods the native does not care very deeply what happens or why. A splendid time for meditation and withdrawn, reflective spiritual practice or extended pilgrimage. Yet, be on the lookout for psychic predators who can capitalize on the native 's "openness to all possibilities and resistance toward none " during the"headless " era of the chidrakaraka.


  • Discontinuation

  • Splits

  • Abandonment

  • Ketu = chidrakaraka

chidrakarakaKetuperiods generate a psychic beheading: one can no longer accept instruction from the Other.

Longer periods of Ketu often feature an abandonment experience: one is unable to create the continuation of the bond, attachment desire toward the Other seems to dissolve, and the default human situation of isolation and wandering comes to fill the vacuum.

The clean-up period after Ketu bhukti is usually a Shukra era which re-establishes contracts and reinvigorates one's interests in the lives of other human beings.

The exception is Shukra-Ketu, the final bhukti of the 20-year Shukra bhukti .

  • Shukra-Ketu is followed by Surya-Surya svabhukti.

  • There is no agenda for recovery of the abandoned relationship at this time and if a partnership split has occurred during Shukra-Ketu it is likely permanent, as the subsequent agenda of Surya is the narrative of Self.

  • Potential exceptions such as when Surya activates navamsha 1-7 or Surya has another contract-enforcing power.


divorce vs. separation


  • when Ketu rules Chandra-nakshatra

  • when Ketu's ruler = mahadasha pati

" Surrender "




Legal Divorces can occur in periods of radix rogesha-6 (12th from 7th = dissolution of legal contract)

Psychic and consequently physical separations can occur in periods of Ketu. If not a physical separation, Bhukti of Ketuva may induce a reflective, detached observer's distance from marriage.

Should Ketu be lord of Chandra's nakshatra (Aśvini, Magha, Mula) or Ketu's ruler = the Mahadasha-pati, Ketu's witness view may have a more determinative influence in decisions about emotional [Chandra] or social material yuvati-pati-7 marriage direction.

Ketu gives an apathetic relationship-separative tendency (Ketu chidrakaraka = "the beheaded one " ) . Marriage separation under Ketu influence produces a significant spiritual advancement However, society (Shani, anti-change) will not generally appreciate any sort of marriage separation and one should expect significant criticism for wandering away from the task of upholding social structure (being married).

Psychic benefits of separative Ketu

Periods of Collapsing Ketu may offer protection from the effects of most external-material fluctuation. One may feel so numb that criticism does not penetrate the consciousness. Unless Shani-yuti-Ketu, very little ego-membrane invalidation may be felt from other people's negative opinions, and one does (un-does) what one feels to be 'inevitable' whether it is socially popular or not. There is often a profound sense of spiritual certainty during periods of Ketu which is not confirmed by any external agency but which produces a tangible sense of dissolution into the greater soul of the universe.


Staying connected: a spiritual approach that can work.

Ketu eradicates Lust to possess, Desire to join something to make Whole.

If the previous Budha bhukti was uncomfortable for marriage (Exempli gratia, Budha-yuti-Ketu or Budha yuti rogesha-6 or Budha-in-lagna = Makara-Draco or Mesha-Arya ) it may feel difficult to maintain intimate connection during the subsequent Ketu period. One possible solution can be to re-think the whole purpose of marriage.

If one is able to identify a high-value spiritual outcome from the spiritual practice of partnership, Bhukti of wandering Ketu can produce transformative watershed recommitments to move the entire relation into a new framework .

It can be worth a try to transform a required-participation social-material relationship like marriage (upon which Ketu by nature has only a witness perspective) into a well-defined spiritual practice with measurable spiritual goals. If this re-configuration can be accomplished, the re-assessed marriage can last long into the future .

The defeating factor is often resistance from friends and family who habitually define marriage in material-contract terms and who fervently believe that sensual attachments to cintamani * mani * money, pleasure and status are signs of marital success while those who detach from lust are maritally incompetent.

During a Ketu period, mental health depends on stepping back from conventional social values . The native will (whether consciously or not) take the broader view of looking into Krishna's mouth seeing all things whether morally good or morally bad via the neutral observer's perspective.

Marriage can indeed function very happily upon a detached spiritual foundation. However, the partners must be willing to hold and defend the broader view of human relationships. From the broader spiritual perspective, human relationships with their weighty skandha (heaps) of attachment are justified only via their ability to serve as stepping-stones toward full merger with the Divine.

If marriage was avowed during a Rahu bhukti

For one married during a Rahu bhukti (marriage to a foreigner or Other of diverse social station) Bhukti of wandering Ketu can have a more vivid effect of highlighting the cultural gap between self and partner.

At a deeper psychic level Ketu will broadcast a subliminal message regarding the hopelessness of all human endeavors .

This type of psycho-mental climate is normally not too motivating when one is trying to start something new, such as attempts to rejuvenate an unsatisfying marriage.

Predict by Angle

Predict effects by the mutual angle from Ketu to the current bhukti pati.

Ketu-Ketu bhukti must be 1/1 and Ketu-Rahu bhukti must be 7/7.

Otherwise look into the kundali to see the anglesfor each unique nativity

  • 1/1 angle = self-confidence, vitality

  • 2/12 angle = mutual suspicion, agenda for cintamani * mani * money/values hoard, family intrigue

  • 3-11 angle = collaboration with groups and increased income from publications

  • 4-10 angle = stability and public respectability

  • 5-9 angle = creativity, good luck, and wisdom

  • shad-ashtaka 6-8 challenge-angle = inner argument, emotional upsets, transformation

  • 7/7 angle = alliance, mutual engagement, bargains and deals

Predicting the Effects of Collapsing Ketu

Ketu is a psychically permeable, passive, identity-less, spiritual, dependent, absorptive, Other-oriented, non-directive graha. Ketu"the Witness " is a passive observer .

Ketuva absorbs everything and deflects nothing. Ketu has no active role, nor personality of His own. Therefore, predicting the effect of Ketu's periods is trickier than predicting periods of active, bhava-owning graha.

Ketu's effect is best understood through evaluating the combined effects of the Graha who associate with and control Ketu .

Collapsing Ketu mirrors the effects of other graha -- especially Rahu

Detecting the influence of Ketu is similar to using a car's rearview and side mirrors to see the"blind spot " before proceeding into traffic.

  • Collapsing Ketu is like those blind-spot mirror. Ketu is always present, but we are not normally aware of His viewpoint until a Ketu period exposes this subtle psychic information. However, Ketu's radix and navamsha lords, plus any drishti upon Ketu, can define to a good extent the type of psychic information seen in Ketu's witness-mirror.

The 'subtle psychic information' see through Ketu the passive Witness can be as large as an uninterrupted movie-screening of the whole cosmic process or as small as one's personal cycle of separations and disappointments. The scale of the"view " Ketu provides will depend on His lord, drishti, domain, etc.

Being the most subtle and spiritual of all the graha , Ketu's performance is strongly influenced by His situation in navamsha.

The lord of Ketu's navamsha has a highly directive role, which can cause Ketu Bhukti to give The effect of Ketu's navamsha lord

  • of course, all Grahawill display the results of their navamsha lord to some extent. The strength of the effect of the navamsha lord depends on many factors including the radix position of the graha, the ruling mahadasha pati, the bhukti-pat's radix angular relationship to the bhukti-pat's navamsha lord, etc.

Under some conditions the navamsha lord of *any * graha may indeed have dramatic power to enforce His own agenda during the bhukti of a planet occupying His navamsha.

However, for the purpose of making Jyotisha predictions, the point of awareness with Ketu is that"secondary " influences such as graha drishti and the agenda of the navamsha lord will always play a dominant role in creating events of Ketu's period.

Others whose directing agenda emerges clearly during bhukti of Ketuva will include Ketu's radix lord but will also always include Ketu's navamsha lord.

If during Ketu bhukti,

  • Ketu's navamsha lord has a strong relationship to Ketu (such as being a radix or navamsha co-tenant with Ketu)

  • And Ketu's navamsha lord's relationship to Ketu is ALSO temporarily strengthened due to a Rahu-Ketu transit through Ketu's navamsha lord's radix bhava,

Then the agenda of the navamsha lord can very easily predominate, even over the effects of Ketu's own radix lord.

Because Rahu-Ketu do not own any kshetra, successfully predicting the effects of Rahu periods requires a similar awareness of the effects of secondary influences, such as Rahu's radix lord, navamsha lord, incoming drishti etc.

However, Rahu has a much stronger, outgoing personality than Ketu. Ketu casts no drishti, but Rahu casts powerful drishti. Rahu dramatically amplifies the agenda of His radix lord at all times, but particularly during Rahu's periods.

  • Therefore, the agenda of Rahu's navamsha lord and effects upon Rahu of received drishti are truly secondary considerations in predicting the events of any Rahu bhukti.

  • Rahu is more similar to the seven visible graha in the sense of Rahu having a strong personality and acting definitively in the material world. It is only the uniquely subtle and psycho-emotional Ketu who is so prominently directed by His navamsha lord, and so remarkably subject to the influence of incoming drishti.

(The lucky person who can"hitch their wagon to a star"and speak a vow that their primary Other is the Divine, will receive the most beneficial effects of Ketu. Unfortunately the default Other is another human and where other humans control one's destiny there is much contradictory direction, disappointment, and grief.)

Creativity can be helped, but usually Ketu bhukti = a mind-clearing pre-step

during bhukti of Ketuva whether long or short, there is often a partly good result of enhanced intuition leading to a deeper creativity, but the results of this inner improvement don't materialize until the Ketu period ceases and the more artistic Shukra bhukti starts up.

Exceptions: Ketu-yuti-Shukra

or, a strong Shukra that rules Ketu, can produce works of art or music based in contemplative witness mind, during the actual Ketu period.

However, if you like to de-materialize, purge, release, and purify -- then Ketu can be very helpful in these pursuits.

Partnership scattering of focus, distancing, disinterest

Ketu evokes the subconscious script of separation and abandonment in relationships. Expect some mental distancing behavior exhibited by the partner. This is after all the period of the chidrakaraka.

Ideally, human intimate relationships should go completely and consciously on hiatus, because Ketu is explicitly the disconnector and human-to-human connections are under Ketu's influence temporarily unsustainable.

One's relationship to the Disincarnate Divine is however enhanced. Therefore, one should take the opportunity for retreat and live solo like a"mono " (monk) during Ketu-times.



scattering of the process of conceptualization advancing to production of tangible reality

keep the psychology of"material expectations "as low and modest as possible. Very little can be reasonably expected to manifest in the material plane during any Ketu period, since Ketu is the anti-materializing agent.

Health not affected unless Ketu in 6 or 12

Try to avoid heavy metal drugs (most pharmaceuticals) however homeopathic remedies are often very successful due to Ketu's psychic fine-tuning.

Scattering, sweep of the dry brittle outdated stuff

Ketu's job to to eliminate outdated, outgrown, brittle, unnecessary ego-attachments. Ketu sweeps old attachments off the path like so many dried sticks and leaves. It can feel a bit stark sometimes.

But, spiritually, each of us has programmed specific interludes of Ketu to do precisely this release, severing, and surrender of outdated attachments so that we can move forward less impeded upon the path to realization of our underlying foundational identity with the Divine.

Out with the Old -- but not quite Yet, in with the New

Hiatus in Attachments

Naturally other less valid identities are subject to the"sweep " .

Sometimes it seems like the baby has gone out with the bathwater.

The major attributes of social and material identity can feel quite worthless, and occasionally a previously ego-attached person becomes so disconnected that they quit the job and go live in their car, or on the street...

But that is extreme. The more normal effect is a continuous discontinuity : ) or pervasive ennui, caused by not having much external attachment.

Depending on the Vimshottari period in questions, the length of a Ketu bhukti produces some several months of continuous dissatisfaction, especially in the area of relationships where it may seem that since one is born alone and dies alone, there is very little purpose in mating during the middle part.

Meditation Excellent

Properly understood, Ketu bhukti are splendidly productive for one thing only, and that is psychic meditation.

If you have an established meditation practice, you are exceptionally well positioned to made productive use of an otherwise unproductive and sometimes overtly destructive Vimshottari period.

The best thing about Ketu, for people who know how to use the psychic process of forgiveness and release, = the chidra-karaka - the significator of "beheading " -- literally cuts the head off of the ego-desire entity [Rahu].

Temporary Freedom from constant disrupting Desires

Many desires are quite negative, for example the desire for another to suffer or the desire to hurt someone, revenge, reprisal, other attachment to a specific moral repayment outcome. Also, many people are completely unaware of their subconscious attachment to the destructive and frustrating emotions of grief and guilt, which can hold a person back for lifetimes.

In the attempt to 'liberate' these dysfunctional emotional attachments to a negative narrative loop, Ketu is a tremendous asset. However, subconscious attachment s are often discovered only via meditation, and thus the meditator usually knows much more about what she or he would like to release at the earliest possible opportunity.

Luckily, Ketu provides that opportunity.

Old Grievances Going Out

Ketu bhukti deliver a splendid window of opportunity for psycho-emotional release of outdated attachments. One will likely feel that one simply does not care enough about these old grievances to keep maintaining them.

Down the drain, into the black hole of Time, these old psychic corpses will go.

Health issues related to the abandonment response

For simple and practical guidance regarding the emotional cause of many physical symptoms, Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life " (1984) is much recommended, mainly for the index to ailments in the back of the book.

This book also provides hours of amusement from looking up the ailments of one's favorite cranky relatives, whom Ketu allows us to see with non-discriminating non-judgmental Witness Eyes during the Blessed periods of the Teachings of Professor Ketu .


  • mate (Rahu, Other) may seem Incoherent

The swa-bhukti of any mahadasha gives the most attention-getting symbolic effects, usually opening the period with some type of distinctive theatrical signal that the scene has changed.

The Ketu-Ketu bhukti typically generates perceptions of observer detachment and dissociation, monastic inclination to reflection and Witness perspective that is alert but specifically and intentionally disengaged.

One may be acutely aware of things breaking apart, with a sense of both abandonment and liberation.

On the liberating side, Ketu helps to release old, intractable problems which never found a solution during the Budha mahadasha."Problems "are a product of mentalized Budha. Some problems which may have started at the Budha-Budha svabhukti and persisted for 17 years of the Budha mahadasha may rather suddenly seem to vaporize and become unreal. One suddenly perceives the obvious freedom to walk away, to abandon ship, to cut the losses, to surrender.

Surrender with honor or surrender with dishonor -- it matters not to Ketu. The chidrakaraka simply cuts off the bindings and drifts away.

Ketu can also pulverize old conventional social bonds, turning ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. Historic, previously affectionate, legal, filial, parental, financially essential, or professionally-institutionally mandatory relationships may begin to seem incoherent, unreliable, or even meaningless.

Most associations acquire a peculiar hazy quality, characterized by neither party being quite sure why the connection exists.

While normal relationships tend to continue normally, if momentum toward terminal break has been building in the preceding Budha-Shani bhukti , Ketu the chidrakaraka (significator of beheading!) can precipitate a mate-relationship or job-contract break that was imminently pending from earlier causes.

Effects of Ketu's Bhava

  1. [Ketu in Bhava-1]
  2. [Ketu in Bhava-2]
  3. [Ketu in Bhava-3]
  4. [Ketu in Bhava-4]
  5. [Ketu in Bhava-5]
  6. [Ketu in Bhava-6] *
  7. [Ketu in Bhava-7]
  8. [Ketu in Bhava-8] *
  9. [Ketu in Bhava-9]
  10. [Ketu in Bhava-10]
  11. [Ketu in Bhava-11]
  12. [Ketu in Bhava-12]*

Ketu and Rahu give primarily the effect of their Bhava and of their planetary lords. Their rashi significance is quite secondary.

  • [Ketu in Bhava-11] affects the social and conceptual, associative and distributive networks. Rahu-5 feels passion for the lover and childrenbut Ketu"the guillotine " in 11 feels apathetic and dispersed in regard to friendships with equals (11). Unless there are other graha in 5-11, Ketu-11 often signifies a talented dramatist, politician, or celebrity figure with few real friends. Ketu-11 disengages from pursuit of material income and coherence of the social community. Eccentric elder sibling of the native or odd paternal sibling. during bhukti of Ketuva one may earn via unusual, peculiar, or abandoned sources. If Ketu's ruler is well disposed the income is not harmed, in fact barrier-free Ketu-11 can signify a huge income depending on the vriddhi-pati.

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie = 3 graha in sthana-11, Vriddhi-pati-11 Shukra strong in lagna, very high income.

  • [Ketu in Bhava-2]: Ketu suggest a draining of administrative business energy along with a certain amount of apathy toward eating food, saving cintamani * mani * money, collecting things, or acquiring historical knowledge. These are very spiritual periods during which one may feel liberated to give away possessions and live amongst less avaricious peoples.

Rashi significations of Ketu

(less predictive effect than Bhava traits)

  • Ketu in rashi of Shukra , favors aimless relationships with other wanderers, or with those who are addicted to escapist behaviors. Surrender of monies, devaluation of trust, dissolution of stored wealth, famine, scattering of diplomatic intentions. One remains physically attractive, but feels deeply unsettled in human relationships.

  • Ketu in rashi of Surya , favors groundless self-assertion and meaningless moral claims. Comical self-righteousness a clown. Pretty much a nutcase, but wildly excited by their own genius proposals. Easily offended.

  • Ketu in rashi of Chandra , painfully sensitive to all feelings. Due to psychic nerve pain, the native must withdraw from interaction. One may remain at home with the mother, or seek a similarly safe enclosed space. Fear of the ocean, of dying, of loss. Terror of abandonment, often projected upon the caregivers.

  • Ketu in rashi of Kuja = sporadically aggressive and competitive, while appearing physically passive most of the time. Overall passive-aggressive psychology. Favors surprise attacks and brilliant insights. Ketu periods have a fleshly expression because Ketu occupies a rashi of muscular, sexualized, competitive Mangala. Requires a strong, supportive Kuja to achieve comfortable and pleasing results .

  • Ketu in rashi of Guru =ambivalent about humanistic goals due an underlying despair about the human condition, but wants to "do something " about large-scale social ills. Prone to take off traveling, saying one is going to "help " - but gets distracted along the way. Accepts teaching assignments but does not fulfill them. Angry at times.

  • Ketu in rashi of Shani = passive and depressed. Complete apathy. May have no motivation to make choices or participate in social life. Tends to wear grey, black, and dark blue clothing. Extreme detachment may lead to enlightenment. May stop eating.

  • Ketu in rashi of Budha = mentally confused and chattery speech. Wrong analysis proposes unsupportable claims and argues for their defense. Calculation mistakes. Unintentional incursions into the lives and conversations of others. Cannot be trusted. Does not know where the social boundaries are.

Starting a new relationship during bhukti of Ketuva:

Shri Shri Gana-pati


I am a professional woman of respectable background. Since the onset of Shukra-Ketu bhukti , I have fallen desperately in love with a person that I would never have expected to be my"type " .

He is from a different race, different religion, has been married and divorced several times. (I am seeking a first alliance.) Furthermore he has in several important matters failed to disclose the truth of his background until the facts surfaced from other sources.

I have felt one disappointment after the next with this guy, my parents don't like him at all, he doesn't seem deeply interested in me or wanting to build a future with me... but I am so in love with him, I can barely concentrate on my work!

Is there any chance that, despite the social barriers, this fellow is the"One " ? I feel so lost in this relationship -- my craving to connect with him seems to know no bounds. I can hardly think of anything but this man when I am away from him. (Not the best mentality for success in my professional duties!)

Yet on his part he seems to be able to carry on daily without asking for my support. He seems preoccupied with his job and his future (building accomplishments, getting promoted), his car (showing off his racing car to other sports aficionados and seeking the company of wealthy racers) and his own thoughts. He doesn't seem to care whether I am his partner or not .

Despite my parents' inevitable objections -- can I make it work?

A: as a general rule of interpretation for periods of Ketu regardless of the Mahadasha-pati, drishtiinto Ketu etc.

Collapsing Ketu = // I surrender //

  • Ketu = a karaka for separation, detachment, and despair.

  • Attachments formed in Ketu periods tend to break.

  • Ketu periods tend toward non-attraction However, in mahadasha of Shukra or lord of navamsha 1-7 or Rahu, the Ketu bhukti might bring an unobtainable prospective partner who is pre-occupied with other things and may not take much notice of the native

Collapsing Ketu may naturally provide the result of His lord,

  • so have a close look at the bhava and karaka function of Ketu's ruler to get more information about what the subconscious is trying to accomplish by creating a new relationship in a period that usually signals some script for abandonment

Think of the myth of Rahu-Ketu ! Ketu is the hapless, headless tail cauda draconis whose fate is the result of another person's inauspicious choices (the other person is usually a Rahu-intensive personality).

The head Roguish Rahu, full of passionate desire, pays very little attention to the intuitive balancing function of Cut-off Ketu its severed tail.

If a new attachment forms during bhukti of Ketuva, it is quite likely that the object of affection is a manifestation of Shri Shri Gana-pati (lord of the 'gana' or the common troops) who is the agent of a very important spiritual teaching about attachment and revulsion, passion and disappointment, exhilaration and despair. Shri Ganesha completes the last, teeny, tiny bit of an almost-completely outdated attachment, and pushes onward.

Comfortable results from Ketu:

Ketu is an excellent influence for meditation to cultivate the objective, neutral witness perspective.

Ketu favors scientific observation, spiritual practices of all varieties, inner discipline to reduce ego-membrane attachments, divorce, attendance at rituals as an observer (not a priest), cultivation of emptiness (in the Buddhist style), and * worth-ship * worship of Shri Ganesha the"remover of obstacles ". Ketu's job is to remove outdated attachments in order to clear the path toward complete reunion with the Divine.

Best outcome

  • As one engages in affectionate discourse with the object of desire, try to have part of the mind fixed in"observer " mode and keep a diary of the expectations, fantasies, emotional needs which arise seeking fulfillment, hopes, wishes, and desires.

  • If one can form a detailed scientific picture of all the subconsciously motivated impulses which are arising in the context of the relationship, it is possible make a big picture lifetime knowledge profit during separative Ketu periods!

  • Indeed self-observation and spiritual awareness are Ketu's great gifts.

Wishing you best success in Jyotisha studies,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Shri Shri Gana-pati

How to use a Ketu period effectively, with sanity and awareness.

Utilizing the apathy and detachment to good effect

For Ketu to give positive results, it is Essential to be grounded in a meditation practice


Namaste Barbara, thank you very much for encouraging me to match up my life drama with the Vimshottari dasha you gave me.

And thanks for saying that Ketu is good for meditators. That makes me feel less apprehensive. I have to tell you that I am scared.

Yes, I am a lifetime meditator but I don't quite know how to approach my Chandra-Ketu bhukti with positive expectations.

In the past, my Budha-Ketu bhukti, all seven years of my Ketu mahadasha, and my Shukra-Ketu bhukti , gave me ba-a-ad trouble. All of these periods match times of health crisis for me especially drug-related (even as a kid I got wrong drugs from doctors). Also Ketu periods match times of serious relationship stress.

Ketu-Ketu produced a nasty divorce and in Shukra-Ketu my second husband at the time brought home a drug-addict prostitute and had intimacy with her in my home. In Surya-Ketu I lost my job due to insane jealousy of a co-worker. I think I am OK now but I hope you can see why I am scared of no-boundaries no-respect pulverizing Ketu!


Yes, Collapsing Ketu // surrender // periods of any length can be deeply disorienting and even sometimes explicitly emptying of the container called social-material identity.

It does make sense that Ketu periods tend to harm your health being in the 6th bhava (jealousy, marital discord, upset employees) from radical Kanya indriya-lagna and accepting drishti of Shani-Rahu from 12th.

Plus Ketu-6 can be associated with iatrogenic (physician-caused) disease, especially due to wrongly prescribed drugs and treatments. It is as if the doctor has "lost his head " when forming the treatment plan or the pharmacist was "out of his mind " when handing out the drugs.

Collapsing Ketu gives mainly the effects of His lord who is Shani, the Vidyapthi-5+rogesha-6 -- so there is often a partly pleasant result of bhava-5 charisma mixed with the Generally, irritating effects of bhava-6 disagreement and imbalance-seeking-a-remedy .

For the upcoming Chandra-Ketu, it would be recommended to adopt the Witness viewpoint and just watch the parade of psychic corpses as they walk out of your life, taking their paid-up Akashic memory patterning with them.

Ketu can scatter old outdated mental habits with a tormenta of cosmic wind.

Be prepared to let go and let God .

So glad to know that you meditate ! You are one of the few who can profit from Ketu's special gifts of forgiveness, separation, surrender, and release.

Wishing you best success in all of life's endeavors,

wishing you every happiness,

Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Ketu in the Workplace

Supporting a Family during Ketu Dasha

when compulsive grasping, self-elevating, and competition become suddenly not interesting

predatory personalities in the workplace

should I quit?

Cleaning Out Negative Energy from Your Workplace

Setting Your Performance Energy at Seniority and Fun

" I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. "

Think Teflon!

The people in one's work group are [ partners. In terms of the expectations-vs-reality continuum, co-workers act like marriage partners. They may have fantasy expectations of unconditional acceptance in an adult relationship (incomplete parenting), personality disorders based in guilt or shame which cause them to dominate and exploit others, etc.

Similar to the traditional /arranged marriage consciousness, workplace co-dependencies must maintain a culture of don't ask/don't tell " to the script = Vimshottari Dasha, akashic-memory personalities enter into one's life script on cue.

If during His periods Professor Ketu detects an unsavory personality in the workplace environment, yet one does not allow oneself to find out more about the matching energy between oneself and the predator, and then one may sense the evil taste of ignorance which may be called the"victim " experience.

Taking full advantage of Ketu's high-consciousness non-filtered mind, it is recommended to use Ketu's special awareness to view the co-workers psycho-spiritually, rather than via the conventional social-material lens.

Look at the interpersonal relationships in the workplace. In first world economies, most adults spend considerably more time interacting with co-worker colleagues than with the at-home family. Even if one works outside the corporate office structure, communications with the colleagues are constant and mentally dominating. They consume vast portions of the waking (and dreaming) mind-share.

These constant communications and interactions might not be overtly sexual, but they are psychologically intense and complex, full of expectation, disappointment, praise, and frightening potential for psychic punishment. The corporate workplace can feel like a fraternity hazing for the ego.

Naturally one already knows ALL of these colleague-beings from parallel lives and they ALL have a [ agenda!! Ranking second only after the super-demanding spiritual practice of marriage, workplace environments can produce some of the heaviest Akashic memory patterning = obligatory interaction following a script of anger, grief, and resistance to truth (ignorance).

Where is the energy stuck?

Whatever is stuck, outdated, archaic, desiccated, creating an unnecessary burden along the path -- Ketu will un-stick it. Breaking apart stuck patterns of fear and resistance is a free service of Professor Ketu :) However, if one does not appreciate the timing of this spiritually liberating Ketu-function, fear in the mind may cause one to attempt to re-stick oneself. Fear and anxiety may not be pleasant but they are familiar and we humans do seek the familiar.

of what is one afraid? What consequence. Lords Rahu and Ketu of course have no regard for consequences.

  • Rahu does not care about consequences of sudden gain
  • Ketu does not care about the consequences of sudden abandonment.

If one might fear that"they " (the Scripted Ones) know more than oneself, it can be very helpful to release that fear and bring in the energy of seniority .

" Seniority " is the attitude-energy of"knowing what you are doing"and deserving to be recognized and appreciated for knowing and doing good work. Perhaps surprisingly, Ketu the Detached One is also capable of channeling high levels of Seniority and Entitlement when Ketu's power of"no barriers " is consciously invoked. One of the Big Secrets of material success is knowing how to release the fear of success. It's huge. And there is no better, faster, more effective agent of dissolution, beheading, and release than Shri Shri Ketu. Want to lose a burdensome"head full of fear " ? Call upon Shri Ketu to drop His guillotine. Fear Be Gone.

Q:I feel like Ketu Mahadasha destroyed my personal life. Business and personal relationships were destroyed. I feel dead. I have nothing left. A: From a Jyotisha perspective, Ketu disconnects, desiccates, and disperses only those outdated ego-membrane attachments which have outlived their purpose. The only items in life which are affect-able by Ketu are those which are outmoded, unnecessary, and so dried out that they can no longer support life.

Ketu does not destroy (Mangala destroys) ... so it is not clear what is the claim about 'destruction' during Ketu mahadasha.

If an object of perception was "cut off, dried up and blew away " during a Ketu period, chances are that one had long since finished the attachment.

Relationships which begin during Ketu mahadasha tend to be short-duration, because these relationships are nearing the end of their multi-lifetime [ cycle. Even the Ketu-Rahu bhukti, which can bring into the field of perception some intense attractions * akarshana * to an all-defining "Other " , will normally produce fascinating but unsustainable bonds.

Nothing was aggressively "destroyed " by Professor Ketu .

Ketuva is not a destroyer. Destruction = the portfolio of Professor Mangala . However, anything that was already breaking apart and entering a state of organic decomposition post-mortem was therefore on schedule to be released -- was released.

By removing debris and "mulching " the dried, decaying material to provide cover for new growth emerging, Ketu mahadasha clears the way for the Great Spring Blossoming of Shukra - a riot of beauty, harmony, and relationship bliss.

There is significant Love stored in the bare naked branches which are all that can be seen after Ketu's dead leaves fall away. You just won't see this amazing love beauty until those branches begin to bud again in Shukra Mahadasha .

Remember to allow time for dasha sandhi which lasts for approximately 30 months spread from end of Ketu dispersion to beginning of Shukra yoke. First rustlings of new attraction * akarshana * (or rejuvenation of existing attraction, if one is already married) can be expected to be felt approximately 15-16 months counted from the onset of the Shukra Mahadasha.

wishing you every happiness,


To a young, aspiring corporate CEO in the Ketu-Ketu svabhukti for Ketu in bhava-7 :

Young CEO's of big organizations, who *are* smart and * do* have a clear vision and intellectual ability to run their organizations, may have to fend off threats of invalidation from older, more experienced in years, but less ambitious and less talented senior managers.

In literary drama this scenario, an eternal dynamic in human culture, called the"senex " complex. Older men like warrior-kings resist losing their hard-won authority. Old king attacks up-and-coming new king.

Young CEO's may be very talented, but they must constantly consciously reinforce seniority energy as the counterforce to Shani's negating, change-resistant, age-entitled privilege hierarchy. Age in years and number of years with the company are not proof of ability - although insecure and predatory personality may attempt to assert so. The quality of your work is the only valid proof of your ability.

During seven years of Ketu mahadasha, and particularly in this acute"things fall apart " stage of Ketu svabhukti, one may need to * set the energy * of work communications at"seniority, validation and FUN " .

Where does energy get"set " ? In daily meditation, every single morning (or evening) but at least once per day.

Without a daily meditation it is very easy for Ketu-scattered astral pulverizing effect to cause material actions to seem incoherent. However, with the attentiveness and wisdom of a daily meditation, it becomes possible to track the shifting sands of Ketu's liberating disconnections. Much like watching the shifting sands of the Sahara or Gobi deserts from an above-earth satellite telescope, one can see via insight that just like the patterns of sand-hill dispersion in the great deserts of earth, there is indeed a pattern to Ketu's disconnecting-and-rearranging of in the mind's psychic field.

Meditation is essential to re-ground and re-orient the material consciousness via intuitive pre-alerts that arrive in the state of equipoise. Without meditation, Ketu mahadasha can be a time of disorientation and sorrow.

One born with natal Ketu in bhava-7 comes into this life with past-life originating uncertainty about the reality and location of the points of mutual interest and mutual benefit that structure and anchor coherent social agreements -- exempli gratia, marital union, collegial partnerships, advising and consulting peerage * pariage.

Ketu-in-7 = born with a bit of a handicap in relationships: the value of bargaining, balancing, mutually supportive pairings that may seem obvious to others may seem rather vague and incoherent to the Ketu-7 nativity.

In order to release the fear of release and rebalance the [ accounting sheets, it is usually necessary to re-meet beings whom one may have harmed in parallel lives and actually permit them try to return the harm.

The re-meetings may occur on the astral plane of consciousness (daydreams, night-dreams, meditation, contemplative reflection) or upon the material plane of daily consciousness.

The nature of the harm -- and the reason that Liberator Ketu is considered to be a malefic graha = social-material agreements break up rather quickly during bhukti of Ketuva.

Each time the bond of a pairing reaches an end-of-old-beginning-of-new phase (chidra) the energy that was being used to hold that bond together becomes available for other purposes. It can be very liberating, particularly if the other purposes are psycho-spiritual in nature. Ketu's newly available un-doing energy can unlock many doors!

However, unhappiness may ensue if and only if the native was clinging to outdated expectations regarding longevity and identity in social relationships. one feeling fear of freedom might report I was not ready to let go.

These past-life rebalancers need not cause material harm. However, it is necessary to insightfully see the functioning psychological motivation (one's own beliefs, interacting with the beliefs of the Other) in Real Time in daily life in order to identify the [ Ketu-problem.

One has the option then to consciously choose to accept the causes and accept the consequences of break-up, dissolution, uncertainty, irrelevance, or incoherence in the relationship (7).

In general, the decision to accept rather than resist will immediately clear the mind of Ketu's dust-cloud and one may have the experience of looking into Shiva's mouth wherein ALL that is - good, bad, and other - is seen as WHAT IS. This moment of enlightenment is brought to you as a free service of Shri Shri Ketu!

Principles of understanding Ketu periods

  • What Rahu gains, Ketu loses.
  • To which Rahu adheres, Ketu is inadhesive.
  • To which Rahu sticks, Ketu un-sticks.

Ketu mahadasha special considerations for Ketu-7, especially in context of a significant professional aspiration knowing that Ketu in 7 occupies 10th-from-10th and that public careers are built upon peer relationships (7). Ketu-7 may have trouble believing that other people have needs and realities that are different from one's own but equally valid.

  1. During Ketu's dasha, Ketu in bhava-7 may re-attract people from one's parallel life inventory. These beings are on schedule to be re-attracted because one previously "did a Rahu " upon them, used these folks in some means or manner as expedient platforms upon which to launch one's own ambition for gain of privilege [Rahu].

  2. During Ketu's dasha, Ketu in bhava-7 may have the experience of having these beings try to do to you, what you previously did to them . During Ketu mahadasha, Rahu-personalities dominant the field of "Other " in both business deals and intimate relationships.

  3. During Ketu's dasha, Ketu in bhava-7 has the *opportunity * due to divine blessing to catch the disinterested scattering of shared agreement *in the act* and become consciously aware of the dynamic of Ketu-native apathy paired with Rahu-personality's ambition

  4. During Ketu's dasha, Ketu in bhava-7 re-set personal identity energy = release of fear of dispersal = no longer "matching " that false [Rahu] interpretation of completion and closure as "failure " . Ketu's dispersal of ego-membrane attachment is not failure! It is a huge success from a spiritual point of view. One may feel a great peace in the moment of this realization.

recommendation for psychically supporting devices during Ketu mahadasha:

  • daytime = pure essential lavender oil for environmental cleansing and eradication of infective spirits
  • evening-time =santala-wood for calm wisdom and awareness of the presence of helpful, guiding, disembodied friendly beings
  • when Ketu's rashi-pati = strong and positive, and the native would welcome an increase in spiritual perceptions accompanied by a decrease in ego-membrane attachments, wearing a chatoyant cymophane chrysoberylKetu-ratna may provide beneficial insights


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