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Vimshottari Dasha

Graha - Bhava

Dasha Sandhi

" Gear-Change"

Transitional effects

between the Maha-Dasha Periods

of the Vimshottari Dasha

What is Dasha Sandhi?

Sandhi = rule for changing something. Functionally, sandhi works like a bridge, a ligature, a span.

In language grammar, sandhi is a rule for changing a sound, such as the English plural rule for when plural-s sounds like 's' and when it sounds like 'z'.

In calligraphy, 'sandhi' is a ligature that bridges two characters.

Sandhi is a rule for how to make a change-over.

In Jyotisha, dasha-sandhi is the rule for calculating how long the change-over effect may endure, when the native shifts from one mahadasha to another mahadasha.

Experientially , dasha-sandhi can be thought of as " time required for changing planes " in an airport, or as the gear-shift period in automotive gear transmissions.

  • As the momentum of the previous mahadasha dies down

  • the momentum of the next dasha begins to build up

Neither the passing mahadasha nor the arriving mahadasha performs at maximum power during dasha-sandhi.

Wait for full mahadasha effects until end of dasha sandhi.

Also, it is helpful for predicting events to calculate the dasha-sandhi period between some of the longer bhukti during the longer mahadasha such as periods of Shukra, Budha, and Shani.

To calculate the length of dasha-sandhi [approximately]


1. Combine the length of the previous dasha + the length of the next dasha

2. calculate 10 percent of this total

3. divide this 10 percent figure roughly in half

consider dasha sandhi to START at the mark of half of 10% of the combined total number of months before the end of previous mahadasha,

consider dasha sandhi to END at the mark of hhalf of 10% of the combined total number number of months after the beginning of the subsequent mahadasha

For Example

if advancing from Surya Mahadasha into Chandra Mahadasha, add together 6 years for Surya and 10 years for Chandra. The two combined periods = 16 years

= 10% of 16 years = 1.6 years (approx. 18 months)

= dasha sandhi begins approximately 9 months before the end of Surya mahadasha

= dasha sandhi ends approximately 9 months after the start of Chandra mahadasha

= Surya Mahadasha will start losing momentum soon after the start of Surya-Shukra bhukti Chandra Mahadasha will give full effects only after the first 9 months of Chandra/Chandra.

Sandhi Period Mahadasha passing away Mahadasha approaching Days-months

of the sandhi" gear-shift" period =

from Ketu to Shukra

10% of Ketu's 7-year mahadasha

= the final 256 days of Ketu mahadasha

+ 10% of Shukra 20-year mahadasha

= initial two years of Shukra

approx 2 years 9 months

from Shukra to Surya

10% of Shukra 20-year mahadasha

= final two years of Shukra Mahadasha

+ 10% of Surya 6-year mahadasha

= initial 220 days of Surya

approx 2 years 7 months

from Surya to Chandra

10% of Surya 6-year mahadasha

= final 220 days of Surya mahadasha

+ 10% of Chandra 10-year mahadasha

= initial one year of Chandra mahadasha

approx 1 year 7 months

from Chandra to Mangala

10% of Chandra 10-year mahadasha

= final one year of Chandra mahadasha

+ 10% of Mangala 7-year mahadasha

= initial 256 days of Mangala mahadasha

approx 1 year 9 months

from Mangala to Rahu

10% of Mangala 7-year mahadasha

= final 256 days of Mangala mahadasha

+ 10% of Rahu 18-year mahadasha

= initial 1 year 10 months of Rahu mahadasha

approx 2 years 6 months

from Rahu to Guru

10% of Rahu 18-year mahadasha

= final 1 year 10 months of Rahu mahadasha

+ 10% of Guru 16-year mahadasha

= initial 1 year 6 months of Guru mahadasha

approx 3 years 4 months

from Guru to Shani

10% of Guru 16-year mahadasha

= final 1 year 6 months of Guru mahadasha

+ 10% of Shani 19-year mahadasha

= initial 1 year 9 months of Shani mahadasha

approx 3 years 3 months

from Shani to Budha

10% of Shani 19-year mahadasha

= final 1 year 9 months of Shani mahadasha

+ 10% of Budha 17-year mahadasha

= initial 1 year 7 months of Budha mahadasha

approx 3 years 4 months

from Budha to Ketu

10% of Budha 17-year mahadasha

= final 1 year 7 months of Budha mahadasha

+ the initial 255 days of Ketu mahadasha approx 2 years 4 months

About Dasha-Sandhi timing and effects

Dasha-sandhi occurs because The earthen body is slower to accommodate the psychic programming changes which have already taken place on the astral plane and above.

Human hopes, wishes, desires, expectations, paradigms of belief, anxieties, fears, and faith are woven into psychic patterns. If not apprehended and managed directly in their psycho-mental form, The psychological projections forthcoming from these expectations and desires will begin to percolate down into the emotional and material planes, causing sensually tangible changes.

The social and emotional perceptions are more flexible and Therefore, one might notice the appearance of a new person, a change of social relationship, or a new set of emotional responses during the dasha-sandhi period. However, it may be quite awhile before The earthen body is prepared to fully accommodate the new goals, new akashic-memory pattern, and new wisdom indicated by the change in spiritual agenda.

Naturally, as a person ages, there is increasing physical body resistance to changing environmental conditions.

  • The earthen body is locked into habitual reactions increasingly since childhood.

  • Our habits get ever stronger as we age. So, dasha-sandhi effects increase as we age. Entering any new mahadasha in mid-life or later, expect dasha-sandhi effect-delay factor will be strong.

  • We might wantthe changes emotionally or intellectually - but physically the body prefers the security of known habits. The body puts up ever-more valiant resistance to change as we age.

Unless one is psychically vigilant to maintaining high creativity, trust, and permission levels, the body's survival instincts can squash even the most brilliant mahadasha prospects during dasha sandhi.

Slowing for Survival

Have Patience When Entering New Dasha

To be compassionate toward The earthen body and its natural survival programming, appreciate that at time of dasha sandhi, the body has been long accustomed to managing the psychic inflow of the old mahadasha . \

  • All of its natural balancing and preserving systems have been dedicated to managing the old stuff.

  • If you are finishing a mahadasha of Saturn or Rahu, that means your body has been dedicated to managing Saturn-karma or Rahu-karma for 19 or 18 years!! That's a lot of habit!

  • When new psychic information from the new mahadasha starts to enter the consciousness, The earthen body 's reflexive defense systems will resist the new opportunities/new information flowing from the new mahadasha in preference to the established older way of being. \

It will take most of the allotted dasha sandhi time for the evolutionary new-growth to become evident. The more insight one has, the more obvious the emerging fresh energy will be.

New mahadasha brings new attitudes preceding new events

New expectations generate new experiences

Nevertheless, there are usually a few confirming events right at the beginning of a new mahadasha that prove a noticeable shift in your aura. Since energy percolates down from the aura's higher pictures into the time-space world, you will notice some significant improvements in mental and emotional health first - before any material changes. Often the psychic excitement of gaining more information from your memories at the onset of a new mahadasha generates a burst of enthusiasm for life (at least for a positive mahadasha).

Right at the beginning of the new mahadasha, even though dasha sandhi may prevent dramatic events, you start to get fresh insights regarding your psychic interrelationships with important people in your life. At least one significant new relationship should start within the first" double" bhukti - and often there are several new" key" people introduced at this time.

  • Look for signals of impending change - impatience with the old job, relationships, location -- people treating you differently, et-cetera - if your change-denying survival instincts will permit you to acknowledge deep change!

You may not be able to use the information right away, but you will be given it very near to the beginning of the new mahadasha. An astrologer can see and confirm the changes that have coagulated on the astral plane, but you personally will need to set aside that voice of stability and social control which insists that" nothing has changed" .

Remember, anything which is naturally controlled by physical body systems is especially slow to change. E.g., appearance, skin, weight, food, sexuality, etc.

  • So, give it some time. By the onset of the new mahadasha, Auspicious spiritual changes will have been already completed on the spiritual plane. These new instructions are moving quickly through the mental and astral planes, en route to the material - if necessary.

It is most desirable of course to do most of your change work on the spiritual and mental planes themselves, where fast-paced creative inspiration gives shockingly fast results, and the body's survival/change-resistance patterns don't get in the way.

Folks who do most of their pre-incarnationally planned work on these higher planes ( via meditation and creative visualization) are not much encumbered by the sloth of the material plane, and dasha-sandhi barely affects them.

  • However, even before entering the material plane, en route through the astral, emotional transitions get reactively sticky, and change is slowed. If consciousness of the changes doesn't arise until the change-force has reached the emotional [astral] plane, it will take most of dasha-sandhi for the changes to significantly impact the physical plane where they generate time-space tangible results.

Stay open-minded and be willing to be amused.

Watch now as the new green shoots push through that ancient pre-incarnationally planned mud.


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