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Rashi Lagna * Graha * Samchara

9 graha from Meena indriya-lagna

12 bhava from Meena indriya-lagna

lagnesha = Guru

Friendship Networks


OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

OM Krim Rathanga - Chakraya Namaha

OM kleem uthritaya vuddarene namaha

OM aam kleem udhvatai uddharine namaha

Om aam kleem udhvatai uddharine namaha



the 12 Bhava

counted from

Meena indriya-lagna

read also from Chandra-Meena


woodcut from Liber Astronomiae * by Fra. Guido Bonatti, circa 1277


Matsya pulls a boat carrying Manu and Saptarishi during Pralaya

University of Toronto Collection

Bhava-1 * Meena-Antya * Pisces

Lagnesha Guru activates a svabhava of friend Kuja

Bhava 1 * Appearances, Physical Form

Competition for social validation. In order to win the competition the human needs to be born with a healthy, vital, well-coordinated combination of physical behaviors and social traits

Meena seeks to develop the physical personality identity through association with dreams and meditation, hospitals and prisons, monasteries and convents, sanctuary and privacy. Meena has the capacity to communicate with beings who do not use fleshly bodies, particularly with one's immediate ancestors.

In particular Meena benefits from the guidance of the Muse , one's (musical) creative-genius spirit.

The social personality has an inherent affinity for long residence in foreign lands, the art or music studio, the meditation altar, religious retreat, the laboratory, the library, the ashram and the dormitory.

Meena is particularly influenced by one's privatestudio or bedroom companions. These are typically invisible to the public (whether they have bodies or not). The private companion may serve ase Muse. This being is "dissolved" from public view. Meena, while a private person overall, nevertheless prefers a Guru-style inclusive and optimistic response to life.

Meena natives are generally quiet, intuitive, prayerful, privacy-seeking folk who have a strong humanistic interest in counseling and advising directing others along various paths toward apprehension of other-worldly realities.

Music is perhaps their strongest tool in this pursuit however imagistic arts using form and color are also used by them to show the path toward greater comprehension and compassion.

Meena strives to maintain a competitively optimistic personality and physical appearance.


  • Appearance depends on Professor Guru's condition - rashi, bhava, companion planets, drishti, etc.

  • Meena-lagna folk may have a kapha or slightly golden-yellowish cast to their complexion, relative to their gene pool. (Moon's rashi and characteristics also influence appearance.)

  • Meena indriya-lagna tend to possess an abundant body, soft but healthy , with a generous personality overall.

  • If randhresha-8 [uchcha] Shukra in lagna: extremely beautiful, financially privileged, and involved in secret dealings.

Bhava-2 * Values, Gatherings, Collections, History, Hoard * Mesha-Arya * Aries

Kuja -Mars rules a svabhava of Shukra * pleasure-seeker

Graha in Bhava-2 expression prize * price * appreciation * preciousness or changes to the appreciativeness of the family (2) toward the native. The type of appreciation is determined by the character of the graha.

Verbally forthright, ranging from proactive to aggressive, depending on the condition of Mangala. They value quick, decisive action, and favor a sporting lifestyle, for its moral and aesthetic benefits.


  • Family members share the sporting values (unless Mars is troubled).

  • Family tends, as a group, to be decisive (or impatient) folk, reflecting the qualities of Kuja in the nativity.

Surya in bhava-2 , speaks as a virtuous warrior on behalf of the underclass. A fallen family lineage.

For Meena indriya-lagna, presuming that Mangala is fairly well disposed, periods ofdhanapati-2+Dharmesha-9 Mangala generate considerable wealth via family-of-origin hoarded assets and knowledge-values, as well as via the higher philosophical education and world travel.

Surya in bhava-2 * the family is charismatic, political, and theatrical with characteristically bright faces. Their their style of showing appreciation to the nativedepends upon the treasury that one brings into the family coffers.

The father is a self-identified pioneer and champion. He primarily concerned with maintaining the financial well being of the lineage. Father may be involved in banking, archives, storage, collections, conservation, value, traditional knowledge, genetic breeding, historical records. Patriarchal figures are prone toward self-righteousness and usually the noble father is the solar center of this lineage.

Surya occupies Mesha [uchcha] * ruler of 12 resides in 2

Chandra in bhava-2 * the family is sensitive and routinized in their style of showing appreciation to the native. Mother may be primarily concerned with maintaining the financial well being of the lineage. She can be involved with banking, archives, storage, collections, conservation, value, genetic breeding, lineage knowledge, historical records. Mother is often the center of this lineage which features pale, gently radiant moonglow faces.

The family lineage is deeply identified with the Old Ways (Soma) but feels a need to bargain and negotiate the values of the traditional folkways.

Chandra-Mesha * comforted by forward pursuit * settled into warrior rhythms * needs vitality * ruler of 5 resides in 2

Mangala in bhava-2 * the family is competitive and outspoken in their style of showing appreciation to the native. Brothers are dominating and vigorous. Often an athletic or warrior lineage. The native and the brothers are concerned with financial well-being, which is typically present at birth and energetically pursued by the native.

The family may be dynamically successful in their pursuit of material treasures, particularly conserving wealth derived from Mangala acts such as military invasion, forceful explorations, weaponry, engineering, surgical tools, driving, diving, drilling, plumbing, plowing, hunting, excavating, explosives.

Mangala-Mesha [mūlatrikoṇa 0-18] * ruler of 2-9 resides in 2 * substantial dhanayoga

Budha in bhava-2 * the family is communicative and gesturing in their style of showing appreciation to the native. Younger siblings of either gender may be managers of the financial well being of the lineage. Siblings and cohort-members can be involved with banking, archives, storage, collections, conservation, value, genetic breeding, lineage knowledge, historical records. Siblings are often active in the center of the family lineage.

Lineage expression tends to be commercially oriented, athletic, competitive, and innovative.

Budha-Mesha * ruler of 4-7 resides in 2

Guru in bhava-2 * the family is expansive and inclusive in their style of showing appreciation to the native. In the nativity of a wife, her husband, represented by dhava-karaka Guru, is a curator of the marriage finances. In the nativity of a husband, one's financial holdings are influenced by the paradigm of belief.

One's own knowledge of values and history is expanded by the presence of teacher-preachers in the family lineage. Sacred doctrine may play a central role in the family tradition.

Guru-Mesha * ruler of 1-10 resides in 2

Shukra in bhava-2 * generally, the family = balanced, aesthetic, and aligned to financial well-being in their style of showing appreciation to the native. For a husbandly nativity, Shukra indicates the wife. For either husband or wife, Shukra indicates sister, sisters-in-law, aunts, and female associates are lovers of luxury and beautiful in a mysterious way. The native often has a charismatically attractive voice. The sisterly-ones are concerned with financial well-being, which is typically present at birth and improved by the contractual, agreement-making abilities of the women and the native.

In the nativity of a husband, if a second marriage is indicated, may be an actively challenging wife.

Shukra-Mesha * ruler of 3-8 resides in 2

Shani in bhava-2

* the family is delayed or stalled in their style of showing appreciation to the native, but in time the necessary innovations will arrive. nīcha Shani is heavily compromised in Mesha, indicating a family that suffers scarcity and infighting. Shanicarya casts drishti into 4-8-11 straitening conditions in the childhood home, imposing strictures in the foundational education, limiting the inheritance, and slowing the pace of economic gains.

Material treasuries are slowly obtained However, due to the auspice of ruler-of-11 residing in 2.

The family carries a weight of perceptual limitation due to materialism and bloodline handicap, preventing it from appreciating its own lineage. Agents of the government, officers of the social order, the elderly, hierarchs, and other Shani-figures may limit and restrain the family's acquisitions. Shani produces heavy restraint and social obligations upon the lineage, constraining but not denying wealth acquired via physical imposition. Family is often involved in the social governance traditions.

Shani in bhava-2 * steady time-structured values-fulfillment * scarcity of precious resources * must preserve historic traditions * must gather * must catalog * obstructionist family-of-origin * must remember * cautious use of words * boney face * tense eyes * class-conscious speech * speakers' fatigue * chronic financial insufficiency * undernourished eye-teeth * must use old libraries * cold dried food hoard * limited sight * ossified heritage * language regulator * appreciates ignorance * maintains treasuries of proven knowledge * elders impose know-nothing rules

Shani-Mesha [nīcha] * ruler of 11-12 resides in 2

Rahu in bhava-2 * The family is ambitious and seeking social mobility. Often the lineage is irregular in some fashion; most Typically, an imposter from another line is claiming legitimacy in the family line (usually a case of disguised parentage. risk-rewarding Rahu's angle from Chandra will reveal this impostor.). Rahu-2 indicates a craving to expediently obtain the privileges accorded to the class of bankers, hoarders, treasurers, and preservers.

May be an obsessive collector of innovative things, and use this collection as a platform for social ascendance. Mesha favors direct action; the family's response to the native is often deceptively direct. If the family finds it expedient to promote and appreciate the native, this may occur. Yet, if the family finds it expedient to disgrace the native, this may also occur. Find Rahu's ruler Mangala, and evaluate other graha in 2, to determine which path is most instrumental for shape-shifting Rahu.

Lineage features individual or family over-reaching [Rahu] via aristocratic claims of first-arrivers, pioneering, invention, engineering, exploration, or invasion.


Ketu in bhava-2 * the family is dispersed and disregarding in their style of showing appreciation to the native. The family's lineage wealth may dissipate over the period of one's lifetime. Second marriage is rare with Ketu-2, and if it occurs (due to Ketu conjoined with another bhava-2 graha) then the spouse is eccentrically detached from oneself. Find Ketu's ruler Mangala, and evaluate other graha in bhava-2, to determine which outcomes are likeliest.


Sahaja Bhava -3 - Mental Process - Vrishabha-Urisha * Taurus

Shukra -Venus the pleasure seeker rules svabhava of Budha the story-teller.

Sentimental thinkers. They are sensual lovers of nature and worldly environment, with sensitive mental radar that picks up a group vibe very accurately.

Small groups, siblings, teams

  • Meena likes small group activities, enjoy the company of their siblings throughout adulthood

  • Natives mentally flourish in conversations and reports which emphasize and value technical details

  • Particularly these natives like to"talk shop"about their sports, hobbies, and coworkers. Somewhat prone to non-malicious gossip.

Chandra in bhava-3, a neighborhood full of wonderful children and fine arts business.

Bhava -4 - Home, family, security, schooling - Mithunaya-Dvamdva * Gemini

  • needs a busy, commercially oriented home property

  • ideally in cities or otherwise easy for teamwork and conversations

  • Often conducts skill-training classes + business meetings at home

The amount of communications and message-transmission technology in this home is often notable, from quill pens to satellite links.

Whether male or female, Meena takes the conversational, younger-sibling role at home.

Budha -Mercury the story-teller rules a bhava of enemy Chandra the sheltering parent

Bhava-4 lord * Professor Budha * Enemy of Professor Chandra

Expect some complication along the path to achieving the deepest physical and emotional security in life.

Prefers a practical, commercial or technical, education that provides quick, secure employment and marketplace mobility. the native may abort one's formal educations in order to satisfy the mind's need for security.

One goes too quickly to work, or resists a graduate education in order to retain a steady if lower paycheck. Budha needs a quick turnaround.

Parenting and School-teaching

  • Wonderful in commercial and corporate management, where they can function as both friend and parent to their workers.

  • Finely tuned informational teachers and trainers.

  • In schooling, prefers a skills-based, hands-on educational approach.

House -and- home

Meena is not disturbed by frequent house moves, so long as there are friends waiting to talk with in the new home setting. One may move frequently without upset, using communications technology to stay in touch with everyone.

Yet one has an extremely specific order of housekeeping in their homes wherever the job assignments might dictate the residence.

Prefers a home and furnishings which facilitate communication, enjoys apartment buildings, compounds, and living in company housing with other workers.

Enjoys teaching and learning about communications technology and hand-craft.

Although general a positive placement for happiness via ownership of non-moveable wealth (shelters and lands) + moveable shelters (vehicles), some combinations spell loss.

Common patterns of property loss through miscalculation * Budha occupies 12th-from-4th (3); or, Budha suffers moudhya-dosha while bantering Budha's ruler occupies 6th-from-4th * bhava-9.

Sample placements:

Professor Budha provides a Bhadra Yoga * splendid for teachers much good business in real-estate and vehicle buy-sell . May have a conversational relationship with nearly everyone in the home neighborhood. Excellent for operating a home-based business especially in the communicative and messaging technologies

Mangala (less benevolent) * prone to petty arguments about day-to-day things. Parents are often too busy to attend to the children in the home.

Bhava-5 * Karkata-Kadaga * Cancera-Khepra

Chandra * Moon: the sheltering parent rules a svabhava of Surya the Radiant Genius

Romance, Creativity, Children, Performance Art, Authorship, authenticity, Politics, Poetry

Theatre of caretaking, sheltering, parenting

performance art of nurturing, home-building, emotional manipulation of family relationships

Sympathetic, nourishing, sheltering Chandra activates bhava-5; therefore, Meena is fundamentally child- oriented and loyal to the development of children's highest creativity and charisma.

Dedicated to displays of radiant intelligence, such as theatre, games, political campaigns, individuality, literary and artistic performance, expressions of genius and speculative thought.

May defend and protect [Chandra] any creative artist or charismatic individual, even a politician who has harmed others. If Chandra is afflicted, emotionally based authorship or authenticity issues may arise.

Individual Creativity * Chandra

  • will inevitably fluctuate.

  • Naturally, whichever bhava is ruled by Professor Chandra the Lord of tides and flows will fluctuate.

  • One may undergo numerous cycles of ebb and flow in the areas of children, political power, And creative performance, throughout life.

  • If Chandra is strong, one's ability to channel divine intelligence may be truly brilliant, but one's ability to express this brilliance will nevertheless be subject to emotional cycles of pull-back and surge .


  • Meena indriya-lagna natives tend to be born to mothers who are intelligently focused on their children, particularly with an eye to developing the child's talent in performing arts.

  • The mother tends to be proud, intelligent, And politically engaged.

  • She may be an actress, a politician, a speculator, a brilliant independent-minded teacher, or a literary genius. Her child/ren are her greatest creative expression.

Romance and Children

  • Fluctuating, romantic mind with a natural affinity for children. Emotional satisfaction from the creative expressions of coaching, guiding, parenting, authoring, etc.

  • Needs emotional attention And praise for one's nurturing abilities .

  • Enjoys adventure, speculation and politics - particularly the politics of women and literary treatment of matters of home and family .

  • Attracted to the coach/mentor/teacher/guru role in local or regional positions. Likes to teach gifted students, close to home.

Chandra is a highly impressionable graha.

  • If Chandra = yuti a strong career graha, one's career may provide more satisfaction than children.

  • If Chandra is oppressed by Shani or agitated by Kuja/Rahu, then matters of children, romance, speculation, theatre and politics may reflect Chandra's condition.


Simha = Roga-bhava-6

Bhava-6 * Simha-Leya * Leo

Surya * Sun indicates creative intelligence

Professor Surya activates a svabhava of Professor Budha the complainer, accuser, gossiper, arguer.


Enemies, Debt, Usury, Illness, Livestock and domesticated animals, Pets, Servants, relatives of the mother (particularly her siblings)

Simha * 6th from Meena * 6th-from-Chandra-Meena

  • Conflict and resentment with the Father * Surya

  • political gossip

Simha = 6th-from- meena. The most intense problems are often due to royal entitlements, individual appropriation of authority, solar behaviors.

Uniqueness, individual creativity, playing of games, and access to divine intelligence may be criminalized (6).

Royal and celebrity personalities as well as father-figures [Simha] may become adversarial to the well-being of the native. Political gossip and accusations can feel like chronic liabilities.

Meena males may prefer to assume the privileges of religious authority roles thus there is some natural dislike of political figures.

Ego Confidence

Meena folk * imaginative, clairvoyant beings who may have planned an incarnational script featuring disappointment and distress (6) from a scene-stealing, egocentric, self-referential father.

Typically, a strained relationship with the father * Professor Surya.

Frustrations and disagreements with similar father-figures continue into adulthood with male bosses and self-appointed male authority figures.

  • If Surya is unpleasantly strong, the father may be boastful or have some type of false charisma hiding his inner jealousy toward the child.

  • If Chandra occupies Meena, the native is much beloved by one's mother which stimulates the jealousy of the father.

Self-centered politicians and solipsistic dramatists are natural adversaries to the All-One cetacean-nation guiding worldview of Meena.

Father may be jealous of attention paid to the native and may (depending on graha in 6) try to steal (6) credit which should accrue to the native . The father may attempt to subjugate the native child by contributing a voice of deprecation, belittlement (6) and enforcement of servitude.

Meena indriya-lagna personal narrative develops a script featuring lifelong ego-conflicts based on a perceived lack of adequate recognition (Surya * rogesha-6 ) from male figures including bosses, political superiors, creative directors, husbands of the female, elder brothers and uncles.

The script rolls out a repeating victimization [being eaten] theme of chronic resentment toward selfish, insensitive men.

Lack of adequate recognition can range from simple invisibility to extreme intimidation or slavery, premised on the Surya-figures assertion that the native belongs in the service class due to lack of intelligence [Surya] which the male has deviously appropriated for himself. The father may have been one's overseer or slave-master in a parallel life .

Carl Jung called this dilemma an ego complex or a father complex. Like most karmic situations in the nativity, it improves with consciousness and time.

Health: Heart and Spine

Heart and spine can become the physical stress points during those times when Simha is temporarily afflicted. A qualified Ayurvedic physician can help to rebalance your health in case of discomfort.

Because Professor Surya + vidya-pati-5 = individual expressions of Divine Light via personal genius, one's public charisma = charm = somewhat conflicted (6) in nature. One may be perceived as delightfully (Simha * bright light) charming at times yet villianized (6) as an ego-intensive diva or attention-stealer (6) at other times.

Meena is often confused by the inconsistency of public response to one's brilliant creativity and glowing charm. Should there be bright and confident graha in Simha (Surya or Guru or Mangala) the situation can be indeed perplexing.

Jyotisha would identify the cause of it = the awkward angle created by glittering fixed regal Simha governing the naturally impressionable and mutable bhava-6 of servitude and accusations. The stressful potential is reduced if there are no graha in Simha.

Unconscious expressions of frustration, resentment, and complaint (6) attend the adult behavior when in conflict with self-important [Simha] male energy, particularly in high-drama situations where a needy ego-membrane (Surya rogesha-6 ) may inadvertently steal (6) credit belonging to the service delivered by others (6).

The workplace (6) can become stressful scene, according to the dramatic roles of male superiors. Ancient and often subconscious resentments along with negative expectations of male behavior may cause the native to experience denigrating servitude even at the highest levels of corporate or government appointment.

Meena natives will generally have an easier time in life working (6) without an external boss, independently employed as self-boss even if that choice leads to lesser income. Once the subconscious pattern of negative expectations based on childhood mistreatment by the Father can rise into consciousness, the native may develop brilliant skills in workplace politicking and management of attention-hungry male figures.

However, the role of the 'male diva' [Surya] will always be somewhat problematic (6) even if it can be reduced to a minor annoyance.

Bhava -7 * Kanya-Parthya * Virgo

Budha -Mercury the story-teller rules svabhava of Shukra the Designer

Marriage contract * constantly re-balanced and re-negotiated via a conversational, informational exchanging style of interaction. The partners talk frequently unless the teachings of Professor Budha are subject to prolonged repetition of the key structural elements of the learning pathway (which are in reality multiple opportunities for accepting of gifts of understanding) Usually, via constrictive drishti. Spouse may be immature, concerned with illnesses, or compulsively organizing if Professor Budha's mode of expression is constricted. Generally however, one is youthful in attitude and appearance, and a skilled, helpful family detail manager.

Contracts, agreements, legal discussions, all types of advising are helped by Budha's communicative fluency. Divorce if necessary is argued extensively with much detail. Often pragmatic, alternative arrangements such as additional partnerships can avoid the unpleasantness of divorce.

Marriage is part of the larger family homelife, often involving one's or spouse's parents. This marriage is not just two people in their own bubble; they are conversing and planning always with their parents, esp. mother. Generally, an intellectualized, friendly view of relationships; sexually and verbally fluent.

Badhaka -sthana *harming-houses Badhaka -sthana * Kanya

Badhesha = Professor Budha

dwisva * common lagna who are often the accommodating type, often experience some polarizing catalysis from the 7th-from agents: mate spouse, business-partner, attorney-counselor, adviser, mirrorer, peer colleague, etc.

~~ Bhrigu Sutram Ch. 2 4 Shloka 11

"If Gemini or Virgo, Mercury's Navamsha, be descending,

the husband will be learned, clever and skillful."

~~BPHS Ch. 80, Shloka 22-25

If at woman's birth, the 7th bhava or the setting Navamsha be that of Mercury,

her husband will be very learned and clever.

Bhava -8 * Tula-Vanika * Libra

Professor Bright Beautiful Bhrigu the Balancer rules svabhava of neutral Professor Kuja

Sudden, forced changes; catastrophic upheavals; Joint assets of marriage, pooled monies; secret matters; surgery and therapeutic healing, taboos, taxes, tantra in-laws; speech and values of the spouse

Shukra activates 8th and 8th-from-8th (3) from Meena indriya-lagna. Overall Meena nativities have the capacity to provide dangerous, threatening conditions for women [Shukra].

Few Meena Feminine Nativities are able to enjoy consistent conditions of equity, harmony, or justice [Shukra] due to the animosity of Surya rogesha-6 which expresses as hostility from narcissistic, political, charismatic, applause-hungry male figures. However, the situation for males may not be much easier in matters of accusation, gossip, innuendo, pollution, and servitude featuring the same type of regally authoritative male figures. Meena are generally best to steer clear of bright-ego, politics, creative performance, and entertainment environments - see bhava-6 Simha.

Contribution of spouse toward joint assets of marriage tends to support material conditions of luxury (Laxmi-Shukra) within the union. Meena is able to exist in harmonious relationship to secret information, confidences, undisclosed forces, mysteries and hidden liaisons.

Generally Meena enjoys some amount of material inheritance, but this pleasure may be cancelled if either Shani or Ketu occupies bhava-8. Meena physical fleshbody often is blessed with rejuvenating beautification [Shukra] such as healing massage, cosmetic surgeries, and other transformative loveliness.

Bhava -9 * Vṛścika-Thriketta * Scorpionis

Kuja * Mars warrior-competitor

Professor Mangala co-rules Vṛścika along with the scattering, dissociative Professor Ketu

Motivating Mangala activates a svabhava of friend Guru the Priest

Principles of Philosophical understanding;

the High Temple; University;

High-Priesthood; pontiff, proselyte, sacerdotal

Guru; Professor;

Sacred Wisdom

Father-figure; Pitri, patrons, patronage;

doctrinal instruction and paradigm of belief

human perception of Divine Law

  • Temples of Sacred wisdom,

  • preachers, pontiffs, and professors,

  • father-figures, dogma and doctrine,

  • children and grandchildren

  • mountaintop celebration of Divine Light

9th-from-Meena = Vṛścika. For Meena nativities, the most privileged, and wise incarnations are framed as a male priestly indoctrinator. Meena nativities expect and are designed to experience a penetrating, destroy-and-rebirth male energy in environments of theoretical and doctrinal belief (9).

Naturally, Mangala and Ketu must be suitably positioned to direct one into some species of the masculine priesthood. Female incarnations may find their way into more dominating, masculine divinity-channeling roles such as Mother Superior or head witch.

Strongly tantrik, psychic, intuitively exploratory bent to their religious life. Can undertake rigorous initiations. Depending on Kuja's condition, may prefer a military-religious style, such as Jesuit vocation.

A comfortable place for theologians and others who must argue the case for divine behavior in a competitively intellectual academic setting such as a university or papal court. Favors the priesthood, thrives in an exclusively or predominantly male environment. Suited to paramilitary discipline but unless Ketu's empowerment overwhelms Mangala's natural sex drive, This Learning Pathway may is rarely suited to celibacy. Holy vows often require some compromise due to penetrating nature of Kuja and also Ketu's disregard for contracts and promises.

Tantric view of religious beliefs and convictions. Occult capabilities. Can be a breathtakingly accurate healer if their own meditation is honest and authentic (which will depend on character of Mercury and Moon). Capable teacher of adult and adolescent males; flourishes in university and monastic culture. May be a gifted teaching psychiatrist, exegetical theologian, forensic scientist, detective, occultist - but must teach within their profession, and be able to understand their profession as a priesthood.

For Meena indriya-lagna Nativity, presuming that Professor Mangala is fairly well disposed, periods of dhanapati-2+Dharmesha-9 Mangala are able to generate considerable wealth via family-of-origin hoarded assets and knowledge-values, as well as via the higher philosophical education and world travel.

Bhava -10 * Dhanus-Haya * Sagittarius

Professor Guru * Jupiter The Preacher rules svabhava of Professor Shani the Rule-Enforcer

Public dignity is generally favorable under Professor Guru's auspicious influence. Optimistic about gaining public support for his ventures. Respectable, responsible moral leader, citizen and parent.

Very favorable for professional career. Benefits of charitable acts in parallel lives funnel directly into Guru's two bhava = bhava-1 for physical appearance and bhava-10 for career. Blessed with abundance. Wants to help build a better society. Often succeeds.


Bhava -11 * Makara-Draco * Capricorn

Professor Shani * Saturn the Bureaucrat activates 11 which is a svabhava of Shani

Co-ruler of bhava-11 is Professor Rahu the Networker

Slow and steady methods toward goal achievement and economic earnings. Meena succeeds via own diligent work and effort [Shani] PLUS working with exotic peoples or foreign governments [Rahu]. Both elements Shani and Rahu must be present to optimize the social network and thus maximize the earnings.

Solid work ethic but relatively few friends. Such friendships as there are tend to be very long-lasting due to Shani's characteristic longevity. Most socializing is pragmatically connected to professional leadership and social responsibilities. Meena invests in community and social networks.

Seeks the company (11) of high-position agents of the social order, regulators and leaders [Makara]. Those of top social rank and downstream responsibility, enforcers of orderly environments, law-givers, leaders are the desired friendships but an overly plebian approach is not adequate. Friends too much have a Rahu barrier-bending, taboo-twisting or risk-taking character.

Meena prefers highly regulated, orderly, and status-confirming social activities, such as membership in conventionally recognized communities and among distinguished leaders.

General Effect on Friendship Networks Professor Shani as Vriddhi-pati-11 favors friendships with government officials, top executives, and authority figures.

Meena indriya-lagna counts mainly conservative and status-conscious person within one' social network. One connects socially to those who have the material means to assist one in reaching one's material goals.

Most likely friends are members of one's own immediate culture, authority figures such as the boss, government officials, and other conservative, well-established personalities.

if rogesha-6 in 11:

Presence of rogesha-6 Surya in 11 can indicate one who becomes famous and admired Yet, Bitterly isolated through self-righteous intolerance toward the peccadillos of friends.

Bhava -12 * Kumbha-Ghata * Aquarius

Professor Shani and His co-ruler Rahu the Networkers rules svabhava of Professor Guru-Meditator

Shani's scientific, regulated, conservative viewpoint shapes the experience of dream interpretation, meditation, and communication across the bridge to the ancestors.

The bhava of meditation, dreams and inner sanctuary = quiet and sober under Professor Shani's rulership. Yet, as always with Kumbha, the influence of Rahu generates extreme passion to push the envelope and extraordinary results may develop.

Sleep, meditation and imaginative pursuits when permitted are structured and disciplined, Yet, the channel to communicator with spirits is wide open, and tremendous genius may be transmitted from those on the Other Side. the native may be permanently sleep deprived yet privileged to download extraordinary abilities during sleep.

Foreign travel also may be required in some restricted, rule-driven way which then takes a turn for the extreme due to Rahu.

For example one may vacation in a foreign land only to suddenly discover that one's own land refuses re-entry, and the sojourn lasts a lifetime (Tesla).

If foreign sojourns occur, they are part of an overall networking campaign to meet people or spirits who have important conceptual meaning.

  • At a lower level, one may become an economic refugee.

Those enemies of the marriage who are one's private bedroom companions, as always indicated by the ruler-of-12 and graha within vyaya bhava, tend to be elders with scientific, systems engineering, or social programming interests. They may be ideologues or social organizers.

Alternatively, and more frequently, the strongest enemy of the marriage is the combined force of the voices of the ancestors; one's spiritual directors on the astral plane; or the Muse.

Meena has great compassion for those whose identity has been dissolved by circumstances beyond one's control, refugees, the stateless and landless; the disenfranchised. One possesses a strong imagination for designing conceptual social schemes - political, industrial, or scientific -- which may benefit humanity.

Oregon Chinook Salmon *


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