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Bhava * Amsha * Rashi

Guna of Lagna

  1. Sthira * Thira = fixed * unmovable

  2. Chara = moveable * cardinal

  3. Ubhaya * Dviswa = dual * common

Guna [skt] = qualities [Eng]

Guna = Rajasic = creative, initiating Force

Chara = Energy can Move

Origination, begin-cycle

Chara * Cardinal = moveable

ruled by Brahma

  1. Mesha * Arietis

  2. Karkata * Cancer

  3. Thula * Libretis

  4. Makara * Capricornus

Sattvic = peaceful Force

Energy is localized, holds in place, not moving yet

adjusts to environmental conditions

Stasis, mid-cycle

Ubhaya * Dviswa * Dwisvabhava = Dual * Common

ruled by Vishnu

  1. Mithuna * Gemini

  2. Kanya * Virgo

  3. Dhanushya * Sagittarius

  4. Meena - Antya * Piscetis

Guna = Tamasic = destroy-and-rebirth Force


Energy deeply concentrated in place, too much of one thing is followed by

stagnation followed by forced change, end-cycle

Sthira * Thira * Fixed = ruled by Shiva

  1. Vrishabha * Taurus

  2. Singha * Leonis

  3. Vrizchika - Kita * Scorpionis

  4. Kumbha - Ghata * Aquarius Aquila


chara-change = Graha-specific

Although the energy does have permission to move in a Chara-rashi, the velocity of the movement is determined by the nature of the graha.

For example, uttama- Shani-Thula does move forward, but in His movement Professor Shani is constricted by the regulating structures of lawful social order such as government rules, programs and policies. Shani in the chara rashi of Thula advances (chara) the cause of social justice (Thula).

Necessarily for Shani-Thula, the pace of chara-change is relatively slow due to Shani's requirement to maintain an orderly stepwise process.

Yet when Shani (society) occupies Thula either natally or temporarily via samchara, expect measurable progress (chara) in matters of Thula such as contracts, agreements, arrangements, and all matters of the law-court.

By contrast, divinely confident Surya suffers in nichha- Thula. Surya's attempt to originate (chara) new alliances (Thula) may be vitally energetic.

Yet, in Thula's two-ness environment, the unique and intensely egocentric one-ness of Professor Surya is inappropriate to a partnered undertaking.

Longer term human-to-human parity balance can be growth-challenging to sustain.

Characteristically for Surya-Thula, the pace of chara-change can be blindingly fast, However, the if the fast pace may lead to to rapid turnover in contractual relationships.

A positive results may include capability to produce rapid and skillful negotiation, deals, bargains, promises and also to maintain trusts even when the promise-giver is unreliable or flawed.

Surya-Thula-1 diplomatic messaging by

Surya-Thula-8 business deal-maker


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