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nakshatra - navamsha


AUM som somaya namah

AUM hreem shreem chandraya namah

OM shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah

Soul Recognition within relationships

Nakshatra of the

navamsha lagna

;a.k.a. Svamsha


Tibetan Bronze - Collection of American Museum of Natural History, New York

Nakshatra of the navamsha lagna describes one's own psycho-emotional self-image. This soul level of self-image requires validation in reciprocal, psychically intimate relationships.

Etheric-body energy exchange or"First Impression"

All relationships between humans are intimate in the sense that when one human meets another human, However, briefly, an etheric-body information exchange. The exchange is based on the pre-existing subconscious memories which each person retains from their past-life relationship.

  • The conscious or semi-conscious experience of the etheric-body energy exchange is one of"pattern recognition" .

  • One has the sense - either acute or vague, depending on intensity of the relationship - of"interest" . One is "interested" in this other person. The other person seems to possess some quality or information which one needs to absorb or identify.

  • The nature of the exchange can be positively nourishing and friendly, or negatively harmful - even frightening.

Regardless of the emotional value or psychic charge on the exchange, the feeling one experiences at the moment of the etheric transaction is "interest" or engagement with some qualities of the other person.

Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner Staying Connected * p 120 and following for a clear description of the // interest // experiencer.

Mutual Soul Recognition - for a moment or for a lifetime

The experience of mutual soul recognition may be continuous throughout the lifetime (as with a beloved parent) or intensely for several decades (as with a beloved partner) or quite temporarily (as with a brief encounter). Whether short or long duration, the native feels significant"interest" when the soul-to-soul matching recognition takes place.

  • The moment of first recognition is the // psychic hit // or // first impression // hat one has of the other person.

  • In the case of one's birth mother, this moment = intense and permanent bond which develops in utero and is magically sealed as the infant looks into one's mother's eyes.

of course, this is the best possible outcome of the core soul-recognition relationship. The mother-child essential bond like any other type of soul recognition may suffer pre-incarnationally planned destruction or delayr.

Unconditional Love

Mother-child relationships provide the only natural expression of unconditional love in human life. In the Jyotisha charts, a strong bond should be present between graha in the mother's nativity and the Nakshatra on the child's Svamsha .

  • Other essential human love bonding such as marriage and certain guru-sisya relationships will also display similar connections.

  • The real-world experience signified by the Jyotisha matching is the rather ineffable but deeply nourishing effect of having one's deeply private image of one's own"higher self" , better self, closer-to-God self be recognized and approved by the other person.

Normally this is quite natural for the mother, who has no trouble realizing the divine nature of her child. Yet, it is rather remarkable and precious when an intensely engaging, deeply nourishing and validating recognition arises outside the mother-child relationshipr.

Falling in Love

This experience is often called"falling in love" .

  • If the"falling in love" experience can be stabilized into its next level which is a the management of"being in love" , then the native will be blessed to have entered a soul-validating relationship of some good duration.

Psychic Impressions from animals, minerals, or other items

The moment of etheric exchange or"interest" generates the"first impression" which may be strong or weak, hot or cold, bright or gloomy, attractive or repulsive.

Such a"first impression"also occurs in meetings between humans and animals of all species, and between humans and plants. Much less so between humans and members of the mineral kingdom.

  • Yet, as most 'sensitives' will confirm, particular crystalline structures in the mineral kingdom do have strong pulses which enter one's etheric field rather vividly on first encounter.

  • Indeed rocks, gems, and other inanimate structures do hold memories, and sensitive clairvoyants can detect the images of those memories by permitting an etheric exchange between the memories stored in a photo or a piece of clothing.

  • Discussing the matter of a photo or a piece of clothing as a carrier of soul-image may seem frivolous or distant to one seeking to enter a beneficial intimate relationship, but these inanimate items which carry key information about the native are worthy of consideration.

  • As one scans the field of possible life partners, consider how the Other is signaling who they are, how they desire to be seen. Does the Other's social posturing seem awkward or even fraudulent?

Is there a psychic 'gap' between the real person as you sense them, versus their ornamentation, style of dress, and decorum? Are they trying to be someone they're really not? Lifestyle in smooth harmony with their basic personality?

  • Your first impression is valid. This type of"first impression" is familiar practice; humans use it daily.

Guidance toward validating the partner's higher (or preferred) self

Examine the Nakshatra of the Svamsha to determine how the native sees one's best self, highest self, closest-to-the-divine self. Find in this Nakshatra key to validating one's partner, whether in business or marriage.

  • In an existing relationship, discover ways to confirm and support one's partner even if the partner seems to be anxiously blocking the smooth flow of the relationship.

  • When seeking a new relationship, consider whether it is indeed one's preference or permission to validate the prospective partner's profile.

  • In particular, consider that malefic graha occupying the Svamsha may make it difficult or impossible for the native to receive the soul validation they are seeking. Be careful of psychic aggression from malefic graha in the Svamsha .

For one's own self, examine and learn to nourish one's higher calling . Self-validation is one of the most powerful spiritual practicesr.

Who do you think you are?

Nakshatra of the navamsha lagna is probably the most spiritually important of all the Nakshatra points.

All the Graha in all of their varga placements and all of the lagna etc. do reside in their own Nakshatra, and each of those significations will reveal one more piece of the pre-incarnationally planned jig-saw puzzle if one should have the time to contemplate all of that detail! Yet this one simple piece = nakshatra of Svamsha = surprisingly revealing.

  • One of the fastest and most essential Jyotisha evaluations which can be done before a reading = identification of the Nakshatra of the Svamsha = navamsha lagna

  • This Nakshatra describes not only how one behaves emotionally in partnership, what their core expectations often contradict what the native believes one is doing, or should be doing in partnership. Most importantly the actual behaviors their self-image in relationship is based on.

The"Svamsha" Nakshatra profiles the psycho-emotional model of the"good partner's actions " or"correct interaction" which the native is following (consciously or not) in relationship.


  • [Punarvasu - Yamaka] = navamsha lagna is committed to express the vital instincts of Aditi the Great Mother. acting out the nurturing,"gardening" , developing, fertile model of Punarvasu within one's partner role. If the partnership suppresses or denies the native 's maternal style of growing things (whether children, plants, or businesses), then the native must leave.

  • Chitra - Spica = Svamsha is committed to acting out the splendid, brilliant, attractive, competitive, successful model of Chitra within one's partner role. If the partner in marriage or business no longer finds the native"brilliant"and"successful" , the native will leave.

  • Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva = Svamsha is committed to acting out the model of great success through building large networks of alliances which drives the self-image of Uttarāṣāḍha. If the partnership blocks or fails to support the native 's model of self as a builder of large organizations , the native will need to leave.

When something happens to disturb the native 's ability to act out this model , one's deep sense of spiritual direction is invalidated and the native feels that something is terribly wrong. The native will probably feel the need to abandon a partnership which consistently blocks one's ability to act out the soul-model for proper and nourishing partnering behavior, rather than abandon their model.

Malefics in the Nakshatra of Svamsha will always cause polarizing catalysis along the path of native's pursuit of their programmed ideal.

  • The implications are greater than simply marriage however. All of life's experiences occur on the basis of relationships.

  • One approaches life's relationships from a somewhat fixed psycho-emotional position, already fortified with a battery of needs and pre-programmed responses (based in childhood and previous lives, for those with clairvoyant ability to see parallel lives ...) The Nakshatra rising on navamsha lagna will give insight into what that fixed position is.

  • Mainly it is a sorting device. One can only choose relationships and experiences which meet the needs and expectations of that Nakshatra .

Many of the native 's experiences in life will be subtly regulated by the soul-level of memory-driven need indicated by the total condition of the navamsha, particularly the rising Nakshatra r.

Nakshatra of Shani

Socio-materially compatible with friends of Shani ::

(for emotional compatibility, compare nakshatra of natal Chandra)

Nakshatra of Shani (structural and regulated, best)

Nakshatra of Shukra (materialistic and sensual, compatible match)

Nakshatra of Budha n (OK, but can be annoying)

Socio-materially neutral toward neutrals of Shani

Nakshatra of Brihaspati (Guru accepts all, including Shani's law)

Socio-materially incompatible with non-friends of Shani :

(for emotional compatibility, compare nakshatra of natal Chandra)

Nakshatra of Surya (too unique)

Nakshatra of Chandra (cloyingly needy)

Nakshatra of Mangala (threatening)

Nakshatra of Rahu or Ketu (irregular, arrhythmic, individual instincts disregard the social law )

Soul-recognition within relationships

hunger to validate the Higher Self

The type of recognition and validation that one's partner needs from one; what the partner needs one to see and appreciate..

[Aśvini - Dasra]



I am the Asvins, gods of the dawn, bringers of health and well-being.

I am energetic, fresh, adolescent, cheerful, yet I am mainly an observer. I like teamwork, being paired, twinning, running, new beginnings, and detached awareness of my environment. I celebrate birth, health, pairing, and wandering instincts of wild horses.

Twin with me.

[Bharani - Yamya]



I am Yama, god of Death.

I crave sensual pleasure and I carry a heavy burden. I am a curator of treasuries, including the precious values of Nature. I need to feel respected for the weighty importance and financial value of my work. I collect seeds and preserve stocks. I like to accumulate valuable goods and conserved knowledge.

Work and accumulate treasures with me.

Kṛttikā - Pleyades



I am Agni , god of fire and heat.

I am heat-cooker, eater and nourisher, driven by the need for food and life power. I eat and radiate self-righteous strength; I am a dramatic force and I cast a bright light upon all who know me. I need to feel that I am at the center of your attention. From hot food I take energy and gain power to do my life's brilliant work. I nourish and empower those who keep me in the center of their vision.

I am critical and I will burn up all obstacles which bar my path. I tolerate no blocks to empowerment and strength. Life is good and rewarding; when I am nourished, my expectations are fulfilled.

Eat and be righteous with me.

Rohiṇī - Aldebaran



I am Brahma, the breath of the universe.

I need nurturing and seek sexual union with one whose brilliance I can reflect. I wish to nourish all the world's desire for loving pleasure, fulfillment, and delight. I am lush, fertile, and enchanting -- but I can be terribly jealous, so please love only me.

I know no limits, I overflow and penetrate into every space of the world. I am the wish-fulfilling cow, bringing sweet milk of gifts and fine ornaments to all who can know me. I reward your soothing glance with abundant fertility, beauty, and love.

Desire me.




I am Soma, lord of the plants.

I move like a deer, in family groups, foraging and sensing through the world of living presence. I am very social and always alert to the energy around me, the life forces and kingdoms of nature.

I like to entertain and travel in groups, and to share in the experience of others. I often lead my herd to far and exciting places; eating, mating, and delighting along the way. I am instinctive, sensitive to the feelings of others yet ultimately dominating, and have a powerful sense of smell.

Experience with me.

[Arudra - Betelgeuze]



I am Rudra , god of the Wilds .

I am a wild animal and a fresh young plant., driven by instinct to absolute fear and absolute love. I am hunting, devouring, competing, surviving. I am a natural body, strong and direct.

I am, surging with Life Force,

I will use the means at my disposal, whatever is available in my environment, to propel myself to greater levels of control.

I am fiercely protective of my young, intensely sexual in season, and utterly honest. I live by sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. I am loyal to my pack. I am dedicated, reactive, responsive, impulsive, alert, and aware.

Sense me.

[Punarvasu - Yamaka]



I am Aditi the Great Mother and gardener.

I am wise, nurturing, skillful, expansive, developing, growing, evoking, carefully fertilizing, encouraging, inclusive, and maturing. I broadly shelter delicate leaves and extend water to dry roots.

I know the cycles of time and the phases of development. I feel the spirit adapting itself and growing through its given form. I nourish and protect the life force as it takes birth, grows, and dies away, and is reborn.

Support me.

Pushya - Sidhya



I am Brihaspati, god of religious ceremony.

Matters of correct belief and the celebration of truth are very important to me. I crave the respect and admiration of those who share my values and convictions. I am steady, conservative, a pillar of strength in my organization. I take the teachings seriously. I live by the letter of the law, and I preach to the spirit of the law.

I am highly sensitive to prestige and position. I wear the garments and hold the scepter of an elder, one admired and invested, a dignitary of senior rank. I am wise, generous, charitable, and inclusive. All are welcome in my circle of belief and holy practice.

Celebrate with me.

Aśleṣa - Naga



I am Naga-Sarpa, lord of the reptiles.

I remember my inner snake, my kundalini channels, my pulsing reptilian core. I am serpentine, mesmerizing, irresistible, entwining. I penetrate slowly and silently, finding my way into your darkest and most private recesses.

I strike suddenly. I evoke your terror; I awaken your fears. I paralyze you: imprisoned in fascination, frozen in trance. I live in a subterranean world of pulsing darkness, swarming and oozing in great nests of slithering mass.

I am subtle, sensual, determined, instinctive, and relentless. I will invade your defenses and tightly bind you.

Embrace me.

Magha - Regulus



I am the Pitris, lords of priesthood.

I am superior, sacerdotal, exalted. I am the highest of high castes. I know the proper words and gestures of prayer; I wear the sacred garments. I speak to the divine on behalf of the people.

I perform the ritual sacrifice; I offer tribute and honor. Even the ruler must abide me. I stand on the highest mountaintop; I deliver commands from the gods. I am authoritative, excellent, executive, ethical, and true.

Respect me.

Pūrvaphalgunī - Yonī



I am the Aditya, Bhaga, lord of fortune . I am the best that life has to offer. I am the sweetest, juiciest, most adorable, most precious, tastiest, most indulgent, most delectable, most sensational person in your life.

I am the finest, most perfect, most delicious fruit. The most exquisite beauty, without peer, without competition.

Indulge your senses with me.

Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman



I am the Aditya, Aryaman, lord of noble friendship.

I collect followers and believers to join me in a great purpose, a celebrated cause. I am the patron of movements for ethical change. Those who join my campaigns and causes find a better, sweeter life. I am red with enthusiasm and healing warmth.

I am bright and independent-minded, a helpful friend and adviser to all. I take the role of counselor and supporter.

Join me in friendship.

Hasta - Savitri



I am the Aditya, Savitri, god of the sunrise and sunset.

The rhythmic movements of my hands express my life force. I am skillfully manipulative, clever, responsive to my physical environment, observant, a fixer, designer, implementer, and nurturer through healing touch.

I need an orderly home and workspace; with a regular routine and steady, predictable calendar. If given the proper support, I can work miracles of design, creation, and repair. I value a strong, steady pace of life.

Pace me.

Chitra - Spica



I am Tvastri, the celestial architect, carpenter and chariot-maker.

I am create wonderful constructions, bringing of pleasure and delight. I sparkle, glitter, and am admired. I am precious, important, desirable, expensive, privileged, glamorous, wonderful, spectacular, praiseworthy, and elegant.

I am valuable, rare, amazing, and receive much attention. I benefit others and like to be shown to the public, but protected. I am the gem of great price.

Compete with me.

Chitra - Spica = Svamsha is committed to acting out the splendid, brilliant, attractive, competitive, successful model of Chitra and must receive soul recognition from the partner for these qualities..

If the partner in marriage or business no longer perceives the native as "brilliant"and"successful" , the native will leave.

Similarly the general environment at home and work must support the Svamsha image of specialness, preciousness, and praiseworthiness. Applause must flow. Else the native must continue searching for this validation in other settings.

Svati - Arcturus



I am Vayu, lord of the winds.

I live free and unencumbered, craving movement and feeling light. I need balance and companionship, but never at the expense of my fundamental freedom to speak my mind and hear my own counsel. I dream of spreading wide my wings, and soaring into the clear free sky.

I will use the means at my disposal, whatever is available in my environment, to propel myself to higher freedoms.

I am permissive, creative, and unconstrained. I circulate among various environments, change appearances, and thrive on new ideas. I am beautiful and move graciously; I appreciate balance in all things.

Circulate with me.

V ishakha - Radha



I am Indra-Agni, god of electrical heat and rain-storms.

I am brilliantly perceptive, competitive, and insightful, with brief crashes of anger. I thrive in a turbulent, over-charged atmosphere, fraught with shocks of sudden truth and high-voltage emotion. My penetrating glare exposes the darkest corners of your thoughts.

I command your immediate attention. I reward you with huge, spectacular, amazing landscapes. I heal you with penetrating awareness, sudden realizations, and the incredible rejuvenating shakti of my touch.

Share the splendor with me.

[Anuradha - Maitreya]



I am Mithra, god of the oath.

I craft treaties among warring and disparate parties. I am a vital, dynamic, and successful negotiator. I am competitive and sometimes ruthless in pursuit of agreement between the warlords. I make contracts, do business, exchange prisoners, arrange tribute, and establish cease-fires.

I bring the healing rains after a violent thunderstorm. I am proud and vital, dedicated to hammering out a suitable term of relationship -- even among those who fundamentally distrust each other. I am a friend and advocate to all who seek my counsel, without prejudice.

Forge an alliance with me.

Jyeṣṭha - Antares



I am Indra, god of war and lord of Svaloka (heaven).

I am messenger for a great army of destructive forces. My instructions have mysterious origins. I have proven seniority, at least within my own mind. I know the correct information with unshakable certainty. I evangelize from occult sources; craft detailed explanations of unseen things; make reports and deliver announcements from the battlefield of terrible cycles of destruction and rebirth.

I am a dark angel of destruction and rebirth.

Follow my instructions.

Mula - Nirṛti


I am Nirriti, Alaksmi, the goddess of destruction.

I am a survivor of crisis and catastrophe. I challenge the limits of endurance. I push my senses into the realm of the divine empowerment, enduring constant threats to fragile human life. I flourish in a spirit of profound transformation. I relinquish control, as my life force is nearly extinguished, again and again. Yet from the core, from my root, I carry on.

I show courage, stamina, and forbearance under dangerous and extraordinary circumstances. I am steady and strong in my root.

Find the tantrik core with me.

Pūrvāṣāḍhā - Apah



I am the Vasu, Apah, god of watery atmosphere .

I am the most pleasurable nourishment and medium of all sensual life. I seek to connect, to shared a common moist sweetness with others, to be absorbed into the greater mind of my people, to merge into the ocean of shared feeling and experience. Water is the universal medium.

Flow and absorb an ocean of pleasure with me.

Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva



I am Vishvadevata, director of the universe.

I am brilliantly autocratic, sovereign, and confident in my designs. I rule many groups and classes of people arranged into broadly layered and interlocked networks of association.

I am a the divine king of kings. I reside at the top of the hierarchy.

Come bask in my light.

Śrāvaṇa - Hari



I am Vishnu, the Maintainer.

I am a master of listening, a curator of sound and word. I attend many spoken rituals and I take holy teachings, but I am also very careful to maintain my public reputation.

I like to be noticed at religious lectures and I work hard to ensure that I am always well spoken of. My speech is clear and well considered. My hearing is sensitive, alert, and acutely correct.

Join me in a well-reputed life.

Dhaniṣṭha - Delphinus -Vasu



I am the Asta-Vasu, the Bright Ones delivering abundance.

I hear the drum beat pulsing through my body, urging me to complex footwork, moving ever upward toward the glorious summit of the gods. I crave to mingle with the elite group at the top. I love music and dancing, performance arts and raising my family's social status.

I hear those ancient rhythms, driving my feet toward higher and higher levels of financial well-being and privilege, pushing my body and soul toward achievement through steady ascent.

Climb toward elite life with me.




I am Varuna , god of the celestial waters.

I am restless and curious, generator of an electrical network, traveling far in my mind, intuitive and ingenious, surging and sparking with for catapulting myself to higher vistas.

I need to leap out. I seek sudden upward extension by spreading scientific and philosophical ideas into systematically connected networks.

I will use the means at my disposal, whatever is available in my environment, to propel myself to greater connectivity with all beings.

I envision great upward movements for the large assemblies of people, for cities, for the global and galactic community. For myself, I

Spread the vision with me.

Purvabhadra - Pegasus



I am Aja-eka-pada, the sure-footed one .

I climb toward my personal goals with optimism, dedication and persistence. I press upward and forward. I find secure holdings along my rocky path, now stopping, now testing, now finding a new foothold. I exude single-minded determination, faith, and grace. I have a powerful instinct to follow the path to heaven.

The routes I choose may seem unusual. Those who are strong and confident may choose to follow me. The summit of my accomplishments is the perspective I have gained from climbing to high altitude. I get to some very elevated places, from which vantage point I see the gates of heaven.

Be dedicated with me.

[Uttarabhadra - Andromeda]



I am Ahir-budhnaya, god of Foundations and the underworld.

I am the lord of those blessings achieved later along the path by means of age, work, discipline, and austerities. I have been chosen, and I am firmly established in my gratitude. I rest on a solid foundation, in the deepest atmosphere, sensitive to the greater structure of lawful currents which move beneath the surface of experience. Here I guard my wisdom-earnings.

I require a quiet environment, and I work in a way that may seem mysterious to those who do not see the deeper structures of the larger system. I understand that part of the law requires me to use my gifts to help others.

Be established with me.

Revatī - Pushana -



I am Pushan, the conductor, god of the Path.

I help people to find their destiny, to find one another, to travel safely, to find their herds, to pass-over safely to the other side. I help the herds to find green grasses and waters. I guide the ferry boat across the misty waters toward its dock upon the other shore. I show the way across that great bridge from the material plane to the astral plane, from purgatory into heaven. I guide you to the unchanging truth, to the healing life source. I know the Way.

Travel the path with me.


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