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Tula indriya-lagna Friendly and Non-Friendly Domain Rulerships

  1. Surya
  2. Chandra
  3. Kuja
  4. Budha
  5. Guru
  6. Shukra
  7. Shani
  8. [Rahu]

  9. [Ketu]


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

OM sri ram dasrathaye namah

OM tatva niranjnaya tarakaramaya namaha

NavaGraha AdhiPati


OM sham shanaishcharaye namah


Rulership Portfolio

measured from

lagna * ligne * line of



Thauli - Thula - Thulam

Zugos - Juka - Yugya

Vanika - Vaṇija - Baṇija





with Sacred Jewels general recommendation for Tula nativities



Shani = bandesha-4 + vidya-pati-5

  • measured from Tula indriya-lagna o r from Tula-Chandra

    partner-effects from Thula navamsha

Shani = parenting, schooling, root-culture (4) + children, intelligence, speculation, games (5)

Vimshottari periods of Shani require skillful management of scarce resources.

However [Yogakaraka] Shani bhukti for Tula-1 also produce abundant social-validation compensation due to advances in formal education (4) and recognized expressions of creative genius intelligence (5).

Periods of Shani lord of Time and Scarcity = never fun. Yet Shani bhukti of any length = structured and responsible on the material plane. Thula natives will successfully complete schooling and earn a diploma. Children are born under auspice of the vidya-pati-5 and every rule of proper child-raising will be applied to their care.

For Tula-1, the chain of nine Shani bhukti which can occur from birth to death will leave a legacy of lasting legitimations including educational diploma, license to practice a profession, scholarly performances, well-structured speculative ventures, political empowerments earned by accepting responsible duties, and lawful production of well-raised childrenr.

  • Even as yogakaraka, Shani does not lose His responsible, structuring, slow, delaying, hard-working, disciplined, austere, and time-regulated character.

  • Yogakaraka Shani releases His favorable results only very slowly , after the native has completed substantial education (4) and learned to discipline the intelligence (5) to produce true confidence in the divine will .

  • Shani is a harsh ruler for Putra Bhava, bhava-5, a svabhava of Shani's enemy Surya.


For Tula-born, Shani-Kumbha 5 is a yogakaraka ruler of 4-5 who gives slow accomplishment in political environments via patience, repetition, and neutrality. However, shani-5 does not enjoy gameplaying financial speculation, excessive amusement, or intellectual boasting.

He must work diligently to impose order upon

bhava-5 celebrity, entertainment, romantic idealism, games, drama

One may expect to experience many failures and setbacks on the road to substantial material achievements in education and sheltering ( 4) and creative arts or political empowerment(5).

Success in public life during Shani bhukti in particular and throughout life in general for Tula-1 = due less to what happens in the Tula nativity, and more to what doesn't happen.

For Tula indriya-lagna, Shani, the dark force of ignorance and unnamed fears, does His work through the agency of cultural education (indoctrination and licensing systems) (4) and intelligence (5), Shani's results give discipline and structure, not oppression and slavery. Whatever domain Shani occupies, Shanaicarya can bring the security of bhava-4 and the creativity of bhava-5 along with Him.

The lord of bhava-5 is especially beneficial. If the worst threat to human happiness is indeed doubt, the lord of bhava-5 which brings confidence is the antidote to life's worst distress.

Shani = [Yogakaraka] for Tula indriya-lagna, conferring both cultural education (4) and individual intelligence (5)

Shani provides the lifetime discipline to shape, polish, and perfect the process.

For Tula indriya-lagna, results in matters of bandhusthāna and putra bhava are slowed and socially responsible with numerous delays and setbacks.

Typical for scarcity-Shani , the number of children is normally limited due to the significant public duties of the native . Although parenting (4) is satisfying it is also obligatory in nature.

The scholarly (5) native becomes a lifelong learner or chronic student who remains in pre-incarnationally planned bondage to studies, working always as a student or a teacher in some capacity. (For example: professional mentor, educational advisor, literary agent, numerous instructional-guidance roles.)

Thula makes plenty of mistakes in life, perhaps even even more than average for an intelligent human being.

However Yogakaraka Shani compensates for deficiencies in personal intelligence "content" by imposing the conceptual structure from educational "form" , and as a result one may actually learn from one's mistakes.

This single trait is responsible for the extraordinary number of Tula indriya-lagna nativities in positions of executive power and authority in the world.

QUOTATION from d. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 116

Sacred Jewels for Shani - Blue Sapphire * Nilam for Tula indriya-lagna

" For the Libra Ascendant,

  • Saturn rules the 4th and the 5th houses and is, therefore, a Yogakaraka planet.

  • Venus, the lord of this Ascendant is also a friend of Saturn.

  • Consequently, the native of this Ascendant will enjoy very beneficial results by wearing a Blue Sapphire.

  • The wearing of a Blue Sapphire during the major period of Saturn will prove very advantageous.

The good effects of the Blue Sapphire will be fortified if

  • it is worn along with Diamond, the gem stone of Venus, the lord of this Ascendant

  • and Emerald the gem stone of Mercury, the lord of the 9th house."


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