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AUM som somaya namah

AUM hreem shreem chandraya namah

OM shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah

Nakshatra Attributes

table of degree range + auspicious activities + English name + Symbol + bhapa regent + Gana + Tibetan name

adapted from Das

table of Caste - Direction - Goal - Quality - Shakti

adapted from Andrew Foss * Shri Jyoti Star

Nakshatra * Asterism, Bhasanta

Ruling Planet

Degree Range and Body Pari

(on the body of Kala- purusha )

Auspicious actions during Moon's transit through this Nakshatra

English translation


protective Deity * bhapa * bheza Ruler / devata


1. Aśvini (Aśvini, Azvattha, Dasradevataa)


00:00 - 13:20 Mesha = Top of the Foot of kalapurusha Travel, taking medicine, making ornaments, beginning lessons, beginning architectural studies, buying or selling or starting a journey via elephants or other vehicles. [BPHS] possessed of horses, consisting of horses Horse head Aśvini Kumaras Heavenly / Deva Takar - Goddess a Denma,

The Equine or Shining Daughter.


2. Bharani = Yameza


13:20-26:40 Mesha = Sole of Foot of Kalapurusha Performing rash actions, doing cruel things, competition, things related to poison digging wells, things related to agriculture, things related to fire. [BPHS] bearing, maintaining Vagina [pudendum muliebre] / elephant Yama Human / Manushya Dranye - Goddess Gekmo, the Dancer
3. Krittika = Hautabhuja


26:40 Mesha 10:00 Vrishabha = Head of Kalapurusha Rash actions, accepting fire (Brahmin ritual), competing, hot discussions (debates), working with metals. [BPHS] cutter; scissors Razor Agni Demonic / Rakshasa Mindruk - God Madrukpa" He who has six mothers," youngest son of Mahadeva.
4. Rohini = Rauhina


10:00 - 23:20 Vrishabha = Fore-head of Kalapurusha Performing action to improve health, marriage, collecting money, construction of religious or government buildings or installing religious objects, all auspicious purposes, first wearing of ornaments. [BPHS] Red. Also,"to grow" . Chariot Praja-pati,Brahma Human / Manushya Narme - Goddess Dalwe Lhadenma, The peaceful goddess, rules five star-gods in the form of a chariot. Connected with Kyegyu Dakpo, The Lord of all beings, or Brahma.
5. Mrigashira = Mirashira, Mrigashirsha, Enaziras, Invaka, Indubha


23:20 Vrishabha - 06:40 Mithuna = Eyebrows of Kalapurusha Marriage, Brahmin receiving sacred thread, travel, construction of temples or other religious buildings or installing holy objects therein, laying foundation stones, braking ground. [BPHS] Deer's head Deer head

(a group of lotuses)

Chandra Heavenly / Deva Go - the stag-headed.
6. Arudra = Aridra, Arudra


06:40 - 20:00 Mithuna =

Eyes of Kalapurushaa

Fighting, tying or binding with rope, controlling enemies, dealing with poison, things relating to fire, exorcising spirits, having first lessons. [BPHS] Moist, damp, wet, dew - fresh, not dry, succulent, green Human head Rudra Human / Manushya Lak - Dragshul Chen, The ferocious; Magpon Dra, The Hostile general; Goddess Nagmo, The Black.
7. Punarvasu Yaamaka 20:00 Mithuna - 03:20 Kataka =

Nose of Kalapurushaa

Doing things to improve health, performing remedies, travel, making ornaments, laying foundation stones, starting fasts, construction or repair of vehicles, beginning agriculture, having first lessons. [BPHS] Of Kalapurusha

" restoring goods " ; commencement of financial well-being

Archer's Bow Aditi (Surya/Sun) Heavenly / Deva Nabso: Goddess Jinme Lhamo, Godess of Gifts.
8. Pushya = Sidhya, Tishya


03:20 - 16:40 Kataka = Face of Kalapurusha Doing things to improve health, performing festivals or remedies, good for all auspicious purposes except marriage. [BPHS] " nourishment" ; the blossom or flower the uppermost or best of anything; Flower / sheep Brihaspati [Guru/Jupiter]

priest of the Gods - brings rituals for prosperity, and structured learning

Heavenly / Deva Gyal - Goddess sinjema Jordenma" she who satisfies, she who harmonizes."
9. Aśleṣa (Ahidaivata, Ahideva, Bhujamgabha, Bhaujamga, Uraga)


16:40 - 30:00 Kataka = Ears of Kalapurushaa Fierce competition, things relating to serpents, as in serpent puja, things relating to poison, rash actions, starting a business, money exchange. [BPHS] Embrace / entanglement

" serpent asterism"

Serpent Sarpas (Snake that became a God)

hypnotizing, poisoning, destruction of the victim

Demonic / Rakshasa Kak - goddess Dengchen Lhamo, Dragon-tailed goddes
10. Magha


00:00 - 13:20 Simha = Lips/Chin of Kalapurusha Honoring the deceased, activities concerning water, marriage, wars, and other hazardous undertakings. [BPHS] A gift, reward, bounty; wealth, power Palanquin The Pitris (Fathers) Demonic / Rakshasa Chu - Lord of the 8 bonds, the poet; a Chen The great horse
11. Purva Phalguni


13:20 - 26:40 Simha =

Right Hand of Kalapurushaa

Bondage (ensnaring) and other cruel deeds, construction, warlike acts, deception[BPHS] Purva= front-side, former


Front legs of cot Bhaga Human / Manushya Dre - Tau, Ta Chung, The little horse; sokye, Lake-born, Lotus
12. Uttara Phalguni (Aryaman, Bhagadaivata, Yonidevataa )


26:40 Simha - 10:00 Kanya = Left Hand of Kalapurusha Marriage, sacred ceremonies, Brahmin rituals, taking vows, wearing ornaments, starting house construction, house entering ceremony, ribbon cutting [BPHS] Uttara= back-side. latter

fruits; conferring conjugal felicity

Back legs of cot Aryaman Human / Manushya Nakshatra Wo - Trawo, Multicolor; Chimo, Grandmother; Nyime, Lhadenmo, Lady of the Sun
13. Hasta


10:00 - 23:20 Kanya = Fingers of the hand (a closed hand) of Kalapurusha ravel, beginning of learning, marriage, wearing new clothes and ornaments, starting a house, installation of essential objects. [BPHS] holding in or by the hand Palm Savita (of the famous poem, Savitri) Heavenly / Deva Mezhi - Chama, Messenger; Rigje, knowledge
14. Chitra (citra)


23:20 Kanya - 06:40 Tula = Neck of Kalapurusha Applying remedies, actions to improve health, architectural actions of a mechanical nature, auspicious performances connected with architecture, first wearing or ornaments and clothes, sacred ceremonies, as in thread ceremony for Brahmins, agriculture. [BPHS] conspicuous, excellent, distinguished; bright, clear, bright-colored; bright-sounding; variegated, spotted, speckled; agitated; having many varieties; strange, wonderful Pearl vashtri Demonic * Rakshasa Nakpa, The Black; Janakpa, black bird
15. Svatika


06:40 - 20:00 Tula = Chest of Kalapurusha Construction of religious buildings, auspicious activities, sowing seeds, warfare, making tools or weapons. [BPHS] Sapphire Vayu Heavenly / Deva Sari - Goddess Lunggi Lhamo, Goddess of the Wind; Lunggi, Mighty Lord of the Wind; Namthong Gong, High Celestial Vision
16. Radha = Vishaka = Indraagni)


20:00 Tula- 03:20 Vṛścika = Breasts of Kalapurushaa Activities relating to house or land, making ornaments, architecture (sculpture, construction) making chariots and other vehicles, taking medicine. [BPHS] Radha = prosperity, success, gift, favor; lightning;

(branched / forked)

potter's wheel Indra-agni Demonic / Rakshasa Saga - Goddess Wangpo Denma, She who has power; Namthong Og, Lower Celestial vision
17. Anu-raadha = Maitra Nakshatra


03:20 - 16:40 Vṛścika - Stomach of Kalapurusha Weddings, beginning vows, travel, ascending new elephants and horses (entering new vehicles or driving for the first time), all auspicious acts both movable and immovable. [BPHS] following Radha; causing welfare, happiness Umbrella Mitra ( The Divine Friend) Heavenly / Deva Lhatsam - lakpa, The Hand; Dzawo Lha, The Friendly God
18. Jyeṣṭha


16:40 - 30:00 Vṛścika - Right Torso of Kalapurusha Facing one's foes directly, performing actions for subduing one's competitors, apologies, metallurgy, architecture, heating oil and other things. [BPHS] most excellent, pre-eminent, first, chief. best, greatest; best in speech; more excellent than; the eldest brother Umbrella Indra Demonic / Rakshasa Nrön - Dubu, Bracelet; Lha Wangden, Divine Might
19. Mula = Moola)


00:00 - 13:20 Dhanus = Left Torso of Kalapurusha Making parks and gardens, beginning war, treaties and breaking treaties, digging wells tanks or ponds, agriculture. [BPHS] Root crouching lion Nirriti (Goddess of destruction)

Nirriti = Alakshmi = denial of Lakshmi (abundance and prosperity) = Kali = negative effect of time

Demonic / Rakshasa Nub - Tsawa, root; Sokpa,Vitality
20. Ashadha


13:20 - 26:40 Dhanus = Back - Dorsal of Kalapurusha Digging wells tanks or ponds, agriculture, making religious objects, releasing from bondage, forgiving others, cruel deeds, cutting trees. [BPHS] former - victorious one front of square Apah Human / Manushya Chutö - Higher water, measure of water
21. Uttarāṣāḍha


26:40 Dhanus - 10:00 Makara = Waist of Kalapurusha Establishing or embellishing home or land, entering houses, sowing seeds. [BPHS] latter - victorious one back of square Vishva Human / Manushya Chume - Phul, Natsok, Perfect, Accomplished
22. Śrāvaṇa Hari


10:00 - 23:20 Makara= Genitals of Kalapurusha Installations (as in installing a new appliance), establishing a home, sacred ceremonies, performing remedies, improving health, and other auspicious actions. [BPHS] streaming, flowing, flowing off; causing to flow, shedding; premature abortion; sweat, perspiration; urine;

(Ear / listener)

Vishnu Heavenly / Deva Drokhin - Trokje, God of the Wind or Sun; Jizhin, Ngag Nyenpa, Pleasant-voiced
23. Dhaniṣṭha = Zravishthaa, Bhutinidhaana


23:20 Makara - 06:40 Kumbha = Anus of Kalapurusha tonsure ceremony (hair cutting), sacred ceremonies, warfare ascending new elephants, horses or vehicles, preparing a garden plot. [BPHS] very swift, very rich,"receptacle of prosperity" drum The Vasu = deities ; of abundance = esp. Basudaibata = wealth-giver of jewels, precious articles, gold, + Demonic / Rakshasa Möndre - Thobden, he who attains; Drog Tö, high friend.
24. Sadachbia = Shatavisakhya, Shata-taraka


06:40 - 20:00 Kumbha = Right Thigh of Kalapurusha Making chariots and water borne vehicles, ascending new elephants, horses or vehicles, house and land rites (especially dealing with contracts), warfare actions involving silver or bamboo. [BPHS] 1000 healers; 1000 stars flower Varuna ( God of the cosmic waters) Demonic / Rakshasa Möndru - Goddess Chü Lhamo, Goddess of the Water; Drokme, Lower Friend
25. Purva - bhadra


20:00 Kumbha - 03:20 Meena = Left Thigh of Kalapurusha Architectural activities, hazardous undertakings, cutting, farming business, buying buffalo, camels or other livestock, buying, making or installing water machines. [ BPHS ]

front-side of Good / Beautiful Feet

bhadra= blessed, auspicious, fortunate, prosperous, happy, good, gracious, friendly, kind, excellent, fair, beautiful, lovely, pleasant, dear, skillful...

Ajaikapada - Aja Ekapada

(the one-footed serpent; celestial form of Agni / sacred fire)

Human / Manushya Trumtö - Goddess Ri Lhamö, Goddess of the mountains; Nema, Goddess of the Place; Palang Kang, Bull' s Foot
26. Uttara - bhadra


03:20 - 16:40 Meena = Lower Legs = Calves of Kalapurusha Marriage, making vows, installing sacred objects, beginning houses, anointing, christening. [BPHS]

back-side of Good / Beautiful Feet

Ahir budhnaya

(benefic serpent who brings the rain; serpent of the depths of the Atmosphere)

Human / Manushya Trume - Trülching, Snake Net
27. Revati


16:40 - 30:00 Meena = Abdominal Cavity = Groin of Kalapurusha Building houses, making jewelry, constructing religious buildings, marriage, making vows. [BPHS]

The financial wealthy ones; the shining ones.

(Applied to the cows and the waters.)


Pushan (keeper of Cows of the Gods)

Heavenly / Deva Namdru - Shepa Gyeje, He who makes knowledge grow; Goddess Sowe Lhamo, She Who Heals
28. [Abhi-jita] intercalary nakshatra of Kala-purusha intercalary nakshatra victorious

Name Caste Direction Aim Quality Shakti
Aśvini - Dasra Merchant South Dharma Light Healing
Bharani - Yamuna Outcast West Artha Fierce Removing
Kṛttikā - Pleyades Brahmin North Kama Mixed Burning
Rohiṇī - Aldebaran Shudra East Moksha Fixed Growing
Mrigashiras - Invaka Farmer South Moksha Soft Enjoying
Arudra - Betelgeuze Butcher West Kama Sharp Achieving
Punarvasu-Aditya Merchant North Artha Mutable Revitalizing
Pushya - Sidhya Warrior East Dharma Light Sanctifying
Aśleṣa - Naga Outcast South Dharma Sharp Destroying
Magha - Regulus Shudra West Artha Fierce Dying
Pūrvaphalgunī - Yonī Brahmin North Kama Fierce Procreating
Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman Warrior East Moksha Fixed Prospering
Hasta - Savitra Merchant South Moksha Light Gaining
Chitra - Spica Farmer West Kama Soft Creating
Svati - Arcturus Butcher North Artha Mutable Transforming
Viśākha - Rādhā Outcast East Dharma Mixed Harvesting
Anuradha - Maitra Shudra South Dharma Soft Abundance
Jyeṣṭha -Kita Farmer West Artha Sharp Heroism
Mula - Nirṛti Butcher North Kama Sharp Clearing
Pūrvāṣāḍhā - Apah Brahmin East Moksha Fierce Invigorating
Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva Warrior South Moksha Fixed Victory
Śrāvaṇa - Hari Outcast North Artha Mutable Connecting
Dhaniṣṭha - Delphinus Farmer East Dharma Mutable Joining
Sadachbia - Varuna Butcher South Dharma Mutable Healing
Purvabhadra - Pegasus Brahmin West Artha Fierce Upraising
Uttarabhadra - Andromeda Warrior North Kama Fixed Stabilizing
Revatī - Pushana Shudra East Moksha Soft Nourishing