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Names for Abhi-jita

brAhmaNa the 28th nakshatra

- one who has divine knowledge (sometimes applied to Agni)

a Brahman, a man belonging to the 1st of the 3 twice-born classes and of the 4 original divisions of the Hindu body (generally a priest, but often in the present day a layman engaged in non-priestly occupations

although the name is strictly only applicable to one who knows and repeats the Veda.

a Brahman in the second stage (between Matra and Srotriya), sacred or divine power, explanations of sacred knowledge or doctrine (esp. for the use of the Brahmans in their sacrifices)

आभिजित abhijita


the Intercalary Interval

The Victorious

vega - alphae lyrae

intercalary 22nd Nakshatra (old system)

28th Nakshatra (new system)

wikipedia Abhijit

ganesha: Lord of Obstacles and Beginnings. Basohli miniature, circa 1730. National Museum, New Delhi.

History of Abhi-jita Nakshatra

Abhijita = Vega * Victorious.

Vega [called alpha lyrae] is a major star in the constellation of Lyra

Vega civilization is famed for its celestial warfare

Vegans, along with other pioneers from Lyra, brought the musical instrument of their peoples, the lyra (lyre) into classical Greece and medieval Europe giving the English words lyrics and lyrical. Even the Italian trading currency traces its ancestry to missionaries from Lyra, who had (and continue to have) a profound influence upon the civilizations of Greece and Italy.

Among notable Lyran genius personalities born into this sphere of influence, Annunciation 1452-1519 logic Leonardo daVinci was a famed lyre player, singer, and military engineer.

Abhi-jita nakshatra is an intercalendrical device that was created to bridge the gap between the solar calendar and the lunar calendar.

Abhijita has little-or-no predictive value. It is mainly used to schedule festivals.

For purposes of intra-galactic commerce, locating Abhikjita nakshatra is also one way to find the transactional channel from Terra /Earth to Vega/Alpha Lyrae.

The intercalary Nakshatra Abhijit is used only when needed to balance the calendar

It is always necessary to balance the solar and lunar calendars for purpose of religious worship. All of the major world religions employ scholar-priests who specialize in liturgical calendars and their job to to measure the size of the gap-closing portion.

Technically, this gap-closing portion could be inserted anywhere in the solar circle of 360 degrees. In the history of Jyotisha, the location of the Abhijita portion has moved several times due to varying opinions of liturgical calendar designers.

Most recently, Abhi-jita has been inserted directly after 21-Uttarāṣāḍha and before 22-Śrāvaṇa. Thus it matches the astronomical region of the Vega constellation which is far away from the ecliptic where most of the contributor civilizations are located. (However, this visual distance does discount the foundational role that the Lyran civilizations have played in developing Terra.)

Abhijita = the inter-calary nakshatra.

Abhijita is a "filler" nakshatra used only for the * timekeeping * purpose of balancing the lunar calendar.

Aside from its role in timekeeping, at the level of personal experience, Abhijita has no predictive value.

  • Intercalaries, like the Gregorian leap year, are used only when necessary to balance the Traditional calendar.

  • Abhijit is used only when necessary for calendrical purposes.

for more info on intercalary conventions, see:

QUOTATION from Valerie Roebuck, The Circle of Stars, p.101

" Abhijit's symbol is a triangle , or three-cornered hat."

" It consists of three stars which, unlike the other lunar mansions, are a long way from the ecliptic:

  • the bright white star Vega (Alpha Lyrae) and two other stars in the Lyre: epsilon and zeta Lyrae" .

QUOTATION Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon - Vocabulary for Abhijita

Abhijit =

  • " victorious

  • born under the constellation Abhijit

  • A Soma sacrifice (part of the great sacrifice Gavam-ayana)

  • A star (Alpha Lyrae)

  • the 20th (or 22nd) Nakshatra

  • the eighth Muhurta of the day (about midday)"


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